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  1. Diapers4Me

    Diaper Friends in Raleigh NC

    What are you into?
  2. Diapers4Me

    Diaper Friends in Raleigh NC

    Any interest in meeting a DL?
  3. Diapers4Me

    Diaper Friends in Raleigh NC

    Raleigh Diaper lovers....are you out there?
  4. Diapers4Me

    Need Help: Move Or Store Lots Of Diapers

    What kind of diapers are we talking about?
  5. Walgreens.com has Attends on sale and also has 15% off on top of that wiith coupon code 15JUNE. So you can get a case of Large Attends with Waistband shipped with tax for $40! Great deal! Walmart has them for $12.50 per bag every day, but this beats that! 15% off runs through june 22.....
  6. Diapers4Me

    Raleigh Area Dl Fun 5/10-17?

    Any Raleigh area DLs interested in hooking up this weekend?
  7. Diapers4Me

    Am Kanal

    Hot! I love outdoor diaper shots!
  8. Diapers4Me

    Everyone Knows And Its Embarrassing

    Which is why I don't post face pics
  9. Diapers4Me

    Raleigh Area Dl Fun 5/10-17?

    Someday we'll get the NC crew together!!!! Someday.........
  10. Diapers4Me

    Ever Been Caught In A Diaper?

    I was caught changing at the beach. At a very secluded beach, I walked into the dunes to change my soaked diaper, and while in the middle of changing a guy walks by-watching me as I changed....i couldnt stop as I was already pulling the wet diaper out from under me, so pulled up the new diaper as fast as I could. I think he enjoyed his view...but didn't offer to help!
  11. Was surfing through Youtube and this was on the most watch/popular list....is pretty much my wife's reaction too!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lNg8KrNSGU
  12. Diapers4Me

    Raleigh Area Dl Fun 5/10-17?

    Bump....there have to be some dls interested
  13. Diapers4Me


    I'm stuck downtown with no wheels. Diapered and bored!
  14. Diapers4Me


    I'm in town til Wednesday anyone want to play? Am downtown ....
  15. Diapers4Me

    Raleigh Area Dl Fun 5/10-17?

    Anyone available this Wed or Thursday evening? 8/8 or 8/9