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  1. Andrea And Alex 04

  2. Amanda Seyfried Twitter Diaper Pic

    How can we judge "pretty girl" when tne pic only shows her backside? It appears the diaper is a size or two too big?
  3. 6000!

    72+ hours & still counting.
  4. Advice On Deadbeat Landlord

    Now I'm even more confused. Bettypooh posted at 12:17PM on the 5th. You, (BBB,) posted at 9:26PM. I posted at 5:25AM on the 6th. By the time I saw yours, it appeared you were replying to Bettypooh's post. Is it safe to assume Kio wrote something (that 'didn't make sense') after Betty's post, then deleted it before I saw it? OK, this doesn't make a lot of sense either. Most, if not all, states have laws against landlords entering their tenants' properties and/or apartments without a 24 hour (written[?]) notice except in cases of emergency. It appears your landlord violated this law, if your state has it, and he can be taken to court over it. Uhmmm, how did he get in? Again, landlords can only enter for emergencies. Who or what is your "staff," and how does she play a role in this? Many states have "tenants rights" groups that address and help those that are having problems like yours. Likewise, many cities have "rental compliance departments" and officers to enforce the laws. It would serve you well to look up the ones in your city & state. As stated above, do not move out! You would probably lose any rights to get repairs, recover damages, and/or deposit. Your landlord needs to be educated on the laws, although, (I have been through it,) I have to agree that a size 10 boot up his azz might better drive the point home. If you have to get a lawyer, make sure it is one who specializes in tenant/landlord law. In my case, I didn't vett the lawyer handling my case and it cost me thousands. Again, as above, look into putting the rent into escrow until problems are resolved and/or making a deal that what you spend on repairs is credited against the rent.
  5. I Painted A Picture.... ^_^

    Likies too!
  6. Advice On Deadbeat Landlord

    None of what?
  7. 6000!

    24+ hours and not a quack out of him.
  8. Wsnt Help

    Strange.... people are calling the OP a spammer, yet he does have 27 posts under his belt. I don't recall if I've read any of them, but I will give him the benifit of doubt that it is a serious post, just a bit scrambled. When I get time I will try to look up his previous posts, or someone else can and report. Strange, part II... last post above was made 2 May 2013 at 11:36 PM and the OP was last on here on 2 May 2013 at 11:59 PM, yet has chosen not to answer, or missed this thread, at that time. OP, please clarify.
  9. Hello Again Friends

    Welcome back! Missed you. From this and your 'rant' post, I'm glad to see you're doing better.
  10. I Hate England

    Midwestern USA, and those pictures are hundreds of feet above sea level. AFAIK they are also 10-40 feet above the nearest river/lake, but when heavy rains and/or Spring melting/runoff happens, areas thought to be 'high & dry' can and do flood. Granted, there are places like New Orleans that are at or below sea/river/lake levels and when the levee fails they flood, but that is lower mid-USA and another story.
  11. My G/F Knows!

    Congratulations on how everything is going. I don't have much to add to the topic other than I wish both of you the best! Two things I want to mention are disclosure and inspection. You should get a full disclosure not only what the sellor knows about the house & property that could be a problem, (unseen, like city water or potable well and sewer or septic, if septic, does land perk OK?) but periphial potentials such as neighbors. People have bought downwind from (dairy) farms, major manure smell, then try to shut the farmer down. Same for gun ranges, golf courses w/stray balls hitting house, nearby airports and being in flight path, and nearby rail lines w/horns sounding at all hours, etc, I think you get the idea. Do your own research too. Although this seems to be an "as is, fixer upper" deal, I would still suggest putting "Pending an inspection by a certified home inspector" in the purchase offer. An inspector can sometimes find flaws no one knew about and could be a deal breaker or get price reduced. The $125-$200 cost is well worth it.
  12. Happy St. Patricks Day (March 17Th)

    I'm part Irish and my real last name is Irish, but that's beside the point other than to be able to tell Irish jokes. Two Irish fishermen were out on the ocean fishing when one of them snagged a 'lantern.' He rubbed it and out popped a genie saying "I will grant you each one wish." Well, one wished the genie would turn the oceans into a big endless supply of Guiness beer. 'Poof' done. The other one nearly exploded, stating, "Damn you Paddy, now we'll have to pee in the boat." An Irishman goes into a bar and orders the bartender to set him up with 24 shots of his best Irish Whiskey. He downs them in record time and turns to leave. The bartender asks how could you do that. The patron replies "it's easy if you had what I have." The concerned bartender replies. "what do you have?" The patron replies, "25 cents." Yea, both groaners, but I did find them funny. I have more archived on my computer, but I will have to find them, so that's the best I can do today.
  13. ?please, Incontinence Diapers,please?

    What Al said! I'll let others address it if they wish, but I find several points in your post odd and/or confusing, including your no mention of age. I did find age as 41 in youir profile... stranger still that you don't have money or the scripts. Oh yea, as many have commented in other "freebies wanted," threads, you don't have any track record here for any of us to know who you are or if 'we' should deal with you.
  14. So, So, So New

    Welcome! Read, learn, and feel free to ask questions here. You appear to have good communication and openess with him, very good start.
  15. Mommy From Michigan :)

    Welcome neighbor! Enjoy, learn, & share. (You're just N of me.)