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  1. Rihanna

    Andrea And Alex 04

  2. Rihanna

    Amanda Seyfried Twitter Diaper Pic

    How can we judge "pretty girl" when tne pic only shows her backside?
  3. Rihanna


    24+ hours and not a quack out of him.
  4. Rihanna

    Advice On Deadbeat Landlord

    Now I'm even more confused.
  5. Rihanna

    I Painted A Picture.... ^_^

    Likies too!
  6. Rihanna

    Advice On Deadbeat Landlord

    None of what?
  7. Rihanna


    24+ hours and not a quack out of him.
  8. Rihanna

    Wsnt Help

    Strange.... people are calling the OP a spammer, yet he does have 27 posts under his belt.
  9. Rihanna

    Hello Again Friends

    Welcome back!
  10. Rihanna

    I Hate England

    Midwestern USA, and those pictures are hundreds of feet above sea level.
  11. Rihanna

    My G/F Knows!

    Congratulations on how everything is going.
  12. Rihanna

    Happy St. Patricks Day (March 17Th)

    I'm part Irish and my real last name is Irish, but that's beside the point other than to be able to tell Irish jokes.
  13. Rihanna

    ?please, Incontinence Diapers,please?

    hi, i live in duluth mn and have urinary incontinence, also i am on disability and cannot afford to buy as many as ai need, i do get help from a wonderful lady at the salvation army. I am not asking for Bambinos or cushies....just what ever anyone can sp-are in large. i am sorry i have nothing to offer in trade, as i am still not'out of the" crib as far as fieneds and family knowing i am a ab...toddler really is how i feel. heehee.
  14. Rihanna

    So, So, So New

  15. Rihanna

    Mommy From Michigan :)

    Welcome neighbor!