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  1. Abdl in Iowa

    hey i just got your message and i am wondering where do you live but do you have skype or kik
  2. Abdl in Iowa

    hey i am in iowa city, but i am about an hour and fifteen minutes from des moines i just was wondering if you would like to chat as well but if you have kik my username is babyderek1990 or we can chat here if you want hope to hear from you soon
  3. animeiowa anime convention in coralville iowa anyone going

    yep i am going again why are you planning to go
  4. Anybody going to animeiowa? If so I would like to meet up if you want to of course Hope to hear from you
  5. i'm wide awake but feeling sad cuz i miss my daddy

  6. looking for a precious little one

    hi are you still looking for a lil one cuz my ab daddy left me so would you be my daddy
  7. hi

    Welcome to the forum my name is kio nice to meet you daddy'sgirl21
  8. Midwest ABDL party

    I would like a party that i don't have to travel too far to meet others like me i live in Iowa so if something like this could be set up i would attend it
  9. Broken hearted and sick

  10. I'm back

    I've been off the forum for a while so I thought I would drop in for a short while to see what's been going on
  11. I Found A Daddy

    Hello everyone I found a daddy who cares about me and I am the happiest baby in the world
  12. Lg As A Denomination

    i know i am a little late posting but i suport LG and LB as a denomination. i am a little at heart and I ageplay as a 2 year old so , i would support this and be a Little Boy
  13. diapered and feeling like a baby

  14. What You Going To Be For Halloween?

    i am going to be a soul reaper from the anime bleach. i have the costume and everything
  15. Taking A Break

    Hey everyone I'm sorry if I offended any of you but I am taking a break to deal with the problems in my life and hopefully come back a better person Babykio1990