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  1. Diaper Masterbation

    I often use just rubber or plastic pants. Pre cum makes a great lubricant. wow what a feeling when I cum
  2. Love your pink diaper cover

  3. 02 feeding from Aunty Yvonne

    Really hot!!!
  4. well, when I was in nursery school some of the kids were being diapered and had rubber pants put on them. I was jealous of not having rubber pants to wear. I started wetting the bed. I asked my mother to buy me some rubber pants and diaper so I could wear. I know she thought it unusual but she did by me one pair. I wet the bed until I was 12 but always wearing my rubber pants and a cloth diaper which was pinned on. I guess that made sense as she bought me more as time went along. In the summer I stayed with a friend for a month in the country and wore my diaper and rubber pants there as well. My friend was told I wet the bed and his parents did not want to change the sheets. Sometimes I would wet my pants while playing outside. Sometime after I was 12 I had put on my rubber pants without the diaper and rubbed myself. It was strange to me how hard I got and after rubbing a little I felt a sensation that I never had experienced before. I had my first orgasm in those rubber pants. After that I used them that way. After I started going with a girl I stopped. Later on and after being married I got the urge. Found the aol chat room and became an addict talking with others and buying rubber and plastic baby pants. She found my supplies one day and I told her about my fetish. We got divorced and I still love to wear. It has been since the late 50s sincve I started. I love the feeling and erotic experience when I put on.
  5. Abena001

    HOT really HOT, would love to play and kiss
  6. Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    I am wearing Angle Fluff countore with pins, Covered by sanpon baby prints
  7. Abena003

    love the plastic, me tooooooooooooooooo 
  8. Your Plastic Wishlist?

    Yes a rubber diaper, In large size, also 5 inch diaper pins show they show under the plastic pants
  9. Any Other Sissies Into Rp?

    I love dressing up wearing my sissy things. RP would be fun and excviting
  10. Comco Snap On

    I am wearing snapons from COMCO right now. Love the elastic around the legs , these fit very nicely over my cloth pinned on diaper.Wish they had them in prints and colors beside blue and pink. Love pink Rhumba panties
  11. Kins Rubber Panties

    I do too. They are so soft. My first experience was in a pair of rubber pants in the late 50's oh how I wish I had that pair right now. But at least I have 5 pairs. Signed Adult Baby Rubber Pants.
  12. Rhumbas

    me too, I love the lacy look, mine are pink with white lacy ruffles
  13. diapered sissybaby in mask

    love you outfits would love to spend time with you
  14. Plastic Pants .............Yes Or No

    I love to go bare with pants only but also wear cloth pinned on diapers that are very thick.
  15. Plastic Pants .............Yes Or No

    Yes I love to wear my rubber and plastic pants, they excite me always