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  1. thanks!
  2. reviving this old thread. But a long while ago I managed to get the diaper mod working for Sims 3, but in the end it isn't worth it, just a simple re-texturing of underwear. suppose it just a pipe dream really that a good Diaper based experience can happen in a game.
  3. any thoughts, or comments?
  4. oh wait, this was the wrong thread. got it mixed up with the other game "fetish dating simulator"
  5. tried this a while ago, didn't really like how the game degrades the player character.
  6. Michelle! Welcome back! Andy comes running to mommy once again! and hugging tight so happy to see her! the fourteen year old boy still quite snug in a big Pampers like the good big baby he was!
  7. I'm an hour outside Minneapolis. but somebody's gonna have to get to know me really well to find out where!
  8. Some pictures featuring my OC Andy drawn by friends
  9. From the album Diaper boy pics

    By http://the-crusader-network.deviantart.com/
  10. From the album Diaper boy pics

    Andy starts his first day at Canterlot High, but the Principals have other ideas and break out the Pampers! Image done by Evil Frenzy on DeviantArt
  11. So what ever happened with that contest they were having for new Diaper prints?
  12. @DKN117 I actually wrote a Negima ABDL fanfic, posted it here as well but not many people read it. But I would choose Toshiro Hitsugaya from Bleach mostly cause it'd be funny to see him have a little side given his position and no nonsense and serious all the time attitude. To see him all pampered up and being takin care of by Matsumoto, a few people have started fanfics on it, but never finished them. And Most definitely Shinji from Eva Here's a pic drawn by my friend ZeeRageMan after I made the suggestion in one of his streams (Full colored version can be found on CushyPen.com )
  13. oh, don't have a phone or anything to use KiK unless it has a desk top application. otherwise though I can be reached don telegram as: Andy Bozu
  14. what is kik?
  15. So I got the Sims 3 (as a gift from someone), and grudgingly put Origin on my PC to run it. now comes the part of modding it, I found one on ADISC but I dunno how to get mods to run on this, I looked up video guides but I'm must not be doing something right. As the mods are either not working and not showing up in the list of available underwear.