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  1. Was hitting up the new episode of Zero punctuation, with Yahtzee drilling into Sonic Mania. In his usual fashion he depicts game covers as characters giving them their own hands and feet, and this instance a diaper. though what is clearly a Bambino Bellissimo.
  2. Power Prayer

    Nice Piece Rose!
  3. 4ab.me Update

    I think she could've done a little better job going on the back story of the magnificos. As they held an art contest for the designs, which was won be Wen, a prominent furry ABDL artist.
  4. Boy story board

    Necroing this thread a bit. XD Had anyone found more stories? I know a few Had been added over time. linking my Album
  5. Diaper boy art with my OC

    OC = Original Character.
  6. Probably all of my Diaper Boy pics I've had made so far..
  7. Diaper boy art with my OC

    New picture Added, Diaper Shopping added to the Album!
  8. Diaper boy pics

    Pics made for me by a friend for my OC Andy as a model for a brand of Pampers meant for Big boys!
  9. I've made a diaper mod for Skyrim

    Odd that you didn't add the ABU Super Dry Kids to the Diaper Roster.
  10. AB/DL Games/Game mods?

    Linking Lucia's Skyrim Diaper Mod http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2766-diaper-lovers-skyrim/ and the Fallout 4 conversion http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3177-diaper-lovers-fallout-4/
  11. Lol I guess it makes sense for someone to be Bartman, since Bart wore diapers up until he was 5

  12. Huggies CC Diapers

    That's actually a pretty clever name for a diaper for bigger kids
  13. Diaper boy art with my OC

  14. AB/DL Games/Game mods?

    reviving this old thread. But a long while ago I managed to get the diaper mod working for Sims 3, but in the end it isn't worth it, just a simple re-texturing of underwear. suppose it just a pipe dream really that a good Diaper based experience can happen in a game.
  15. Diaper boy art with my OC

    any thoughts, or comments?