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  1. diapered and b-plug... yes, its's friday

  2. just need a daddy...


  3. humhum... a bit wetty diaper

  4. ...been way too long away from the forums and the lifestyle... it has been there though.

  5. ...just a diaper and a t-shirt...

  6. my birthday today. 3,2years. (32) and ofcourse, diapered.

  7. Any New Yorkers Around?

    still looking.
  8. In A Word...

    happiness, joy, love, comfort, warmthness, bulky, protection from the badbadworld.
  9. oopsie... i pooped my diaper. /me is sucking on "hers" pacifier.

    1. d80-FIN


      ...is well padded again.

  10. Finally Told My Therapist

    ohyeah. i told my ex-theraphist and psychologist too, but they didnt really care about the thing, but when i was in an asylum, i got myself into an examine, whats wrong down there...but nothing really happened after. perhaps my new therapist will be more speakable about the issue.
  11. i would be a bit ashamed if police caught me like this...

    1. d80-FIN


      but i guess nothing to worry about

  12. im just on a diaper and my favourite womens outfit. <3

  13. What Film Did You Watch Last?

    jawbreakers, scarface
  14. What Film Did You Watch Last?

    The Bodyguard.