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  1. I understand you want to leave the site but I really really like your stories, especially Jodi's new job...it just scratches a particular itch for age regression stories in which i have yet to see many other do as well as you do. Please consider posting the rest of the Jodi's New Job story here or at least somewhere...maybe you could post it on Deviantart or Tumblr or hell I'd even pay for it. Please don't leave forever. Don't want another awesome writer gone forever.

  2. Neverdy, I am posting this to you. I also posted it the board. I fell you are 100% right to stop wriring stories for this group, there are some that turned against you. I have many stories that have children in them and have objected unless it was something being done that was not lawfull.

  3. neverdry

    Rearz Inspire+ Incontrol L10

    I live about 35 minutes from Rearz. The inspire-incontrol is the same as the Safari diaper without the print. No question that it is the thickest most absorbent diaper I have ever tried. I believe they will be in Dec 18-20.
  4. http://www.therecord.com/news-story/4236584-cloth-diaper-business-is-booming/
  5. Great story PPP. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to more stories in the future.
  6. neverdry

    Great Sleeping Arrangement

    No. I don't think it was a statement, just there was no reason for her to have to sleep on one. The plastic cover was not a quiet one. It rustled pretty good.
  7. neverdry

    Great Sleeping Arrangement

    I slept in the top bunk. I was in diapers the entire trip. If you look closely at the picture, mommy had my night diaper out ready for me.
  8. neverdry

    Great Sleeping Arrangement

    No, they did not. No one has ever said anything.
  9. Went away on a short vacation with some other couples. The house we rented had three bedrooms. My wife/mommy and I got this room. Both beds also had plastic covers protecting the mattress. My wife took hers off but left mine on. Not that I really needed it.
  10. neverdry

    Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    Just went to get some M4's but they were out. So I had to get L4's. Just put one on and loving them. Much more comfortable then the M4. I think I found a new size for me.
  11. neverdry

    The Brat In The Hat - Part 10 Posted 10/01

    Another hit. Keep them coming PPP.
  12. neverdry

    The Brat In The Hat - Part 10 Posted 10/01

    Another great chapter. Thanks PPP.
  13. neverdry

    The Brat In The Hat - Part 10 Posted 10/01

    One of your best PPP.
  14. neverdry

    The Brat In The Hat - Part 10 Posted 10/01

    Love love love it. Keep up the great work.
  15. neverdry

    The Brat In The Hat - Part 10 Posted 10/01

    So glad you are writing another story. Yours are the best.