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  1. Absorin

    Electronic Key Release

    Funny, I just built a PIC-based timer for my padded cell door. Set a time, yank the door shut and I'm in for that time. For safety I did hook it up to my smoke detector.
  2. Absorin

    High Chair

    Don't do that then. Or, better yet, screw the chair legs to the floor.
  3. Funny thing that this thread came up searching for "adisc nazis"... Yes, another one to get banned for "lying about your age". I had no idea this would be reason for a ban. Forever, at that. No reason, no appeal possible. But then again, I suspect they didn't like me from the start. Wrong avatar ("crotch shot" even if it was my diapered butt in a tearproof jumpsuit) then my avatar disappeared (prolly because it now said "AVATAR CENSORED BY MOO BOO"). Then they must have background checked me like the East German Stasi (or Nazis, if you will) and found all kinds of birthdates (mostly 1/1/1970 and 1/1/1980). I guess what's stated above is true: too tightly moderated. And, come to think of it, I'm better off without them. Good. That's off my chest.
  4. No, totally distorted. Guess I'm off to my photo-editor (Gimp). Need to pad 39 pixels...
  5. Been offline for awhile but I noticed at coming back here that apparently the forum software has been updated. Only now my avatar, which is an oblong image, is stretched to make it square. Looks awful. A workaround would be to fill it with blank sides to keep the aspect ratio right but maybe it can be fixed in the forum? Mine's not the only distorted avatar, surely there have been more complaints?
  6. The key to success here indeed is keeping the slits short. I only make them 1 cm (½") long but make many of these small incisions in the inner diaper. About 50 in my case. And also keep the inner diaper your regular size and the outer one size up.
  7. I downloaded the HiDef version off Usenet since I don't have TLC here in Europe. Good show!
  8. Absorin

    Clejuso Handcuffs

    That video is total cheese, they didn't even double lock them. Clejuso's #15 is even heavier... From experience (I own both #13 and #15s) I can attest that they're indeed substantial. Also note that because they're much more rounded than regular, poleeth issue handcuffs (any brand) they're way more comfortable to wear.
  9. Yes. Except when it says "SEGUFIX-Magnetic Keys not included". But they always include locks.
  10. Absorin

    Bondage Gear.

    Your local hardware store is your friend. In any case, if you part with your money.
  11. Pah. Six months uptime. I've had Linux servers with uptimes wrapping around because they would only go to, I don't recall, three years or so. And I now run a 21 TB fileserver, filled for 45% on CentOS 5.5. Only problems I have with it are hardware related because the Areca RAID controller is acting a bit flakey. Other than that, I detest Steve Jobs since I got burned by an Ipod Nano G2 that looked beautiful but had some serious flaws. And would not run Rockbox (at the time). So I run Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on my 24/7 low-power general purpose internet box and win2k, xp and 7 on the several other machines I use for those tasks I don't have a proper Linux app for. On servers I never use Microsoft product. Who needs a GUI on a frikkin' server?!? At work I do administer win03/08 server machines. That is... awkward.
  12. As I always wear plastic pants over my disposables the noise of diapers gets damped. This can be solved by using noisy pants. Herr Weidlich in Germany sells some really nice crackly ones, like this one: Generally, if pants are "glasklar" (clear like glass) they are noisy, like this one: Shipping overseas could be prohibitive, though.
  13. <giggle> I didn't know lilac made a sound In any case, I'm going to get new stock from these excellent diapers. The Germans don't call'em "Das Saugwunder" (the sucking miracle?!?) for nothing!
  14. There simply is no way I can present myself to my girlfriend with stubble on my privates. I use the "normal skin" Veet (the 3 minute variety) with no problems whatsoever. Even keep it on for a bit longer. The box (in Dutch and friggin' Italian?!?!?) sez max 6 minutes. Do my balls and ass crack. Apparently I can tolerate the stuff well.