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  1. The Cruise (Updated 16 September 2017)

    No sarah i think its gonna be even worse then just being totally incontient just by the way the nanny describes it as resetting to the beginning and never seeing someone as excited by this choice i think the new messages may actually mentally regress her back to the beginning but that it just an opinion by how the nanny worded things
  2. The Cruise (Updated 16 September 2017)

    I dont want to jump to conclusions but i think she needs to listen to her nanny she didnt read the contact or anything and became unpottytrained by the way this cd sounds she may be going way back further then she ever planned
  3. Amazon Diapers

    I buy tranquility atn larges by the case on amazon and pay 62 dollars for 72 diapers their good on absorbency and my new choice in diapers as I prefer plastic backed diapers
  4. The Craig's List Mommy

    I'm so glad to see the story continue please please please don't kill it off yet it's been one of the most interesting stories I've read in a long time I'm really waiting to see if sammie ends up like Robbie now haha I can't wait
  5. The Craig's List Mommy

    Any news on another update i can't wait to see what happens to the spy
  6. The Craig's List Mommy

    I fear sammi getting caught recording the conversation and getting the changing table turned on her but i could be wrong i was glad to see i was right so long ago about robin having been regressed and trying to warm robbie about his fate
  7. hi there am an adult baby from lansing looking for some baby friends or a possiable mommy close to lansing anyone interested let me know
  8. a friend of mine on facebook posted these I swear more and more miley is an adult baby
  9. who would want one of these to play in during the winter

    that is what our diapers are for babylock
  10. who would love to wear one of these while playing outside during the winter
  11. More Trick then Treat (A Halloween Story) "Chapter 1"

    I hope you decide to continue this one I really loved it
  12. Anyone From Michigan?

    lansing Michigan here
  13. Melissa Gets Her Bottom Changed

    i hate to agree but I think this really good story is dead
  14. [DD] Christmas Contest

  15. Melissa Gets Her Bottom Changed

    I just reread the whole story and still love it hoping for an update