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  1. babymikeyus

    More than she expected

    i would like to see her explore her baby side
  2. hi there cle-venger I was wondering I know it ended up in the completed section but I was wondering the wy yo left it off if you planned on continueing your story the cruise at all it was one of my favorite stories and the way it seemed to be going with her contacting the cruise company for a total reversal and beong told she would basically have to start all over had me wondering if it was gonna continue

    1. babymikeyus


      any idea if you were gonna continue it


  3. babymikeyus

    Craig's List Mommy

    hope you can find the original story and looking forward to the continuation
  4. babymikeyus

    Amazon Diapers

    I buy tranquility atn larges by the case on amazon and pay 62 dollars for 72 diapers their good on absorbency and my new choice in diapers as I prefer plastic backed diapers
  5. hi there am an adult baby from lansing looking for some baby friends or a possiable mommy close to lansing anyone interested let me know
  6. a friend of mine on facebook posted these I swear more and more miley is an adult baby
  7. babymikeyus

    who would want one of these to play in during the winter

    that is what our diapers are for babylock
  8. who would love to wear one of these while playing outside during the winter
  9. babymikeyus

    Anyone From Michigan?

    lansing Michigan here
  10. babymikeyus

    Melissa Gets Her Bottom Changed

    i hate to agree but I think this really good story is dead
  11. babymikeyus

    [DD] Christmas Contest

  12. babymikeyus

    Melissa Gets Her Bottom Changed

    I just reread the whole story and still love it hoping for an update
  13. babymikeyus

    NorthShore Supreme And Air Supreme Diapers

    I got my free samples of the large plastic backed ones and I love them they are thicker then anything ive ever worn and lasted through the night and a first thing in the morning wetting which is a point I always leak and then didn't
  14. babymikeyus

    Michigan Abdl Sleepover

    id love to attend but my job requires me to work every other weekend and that is my weekend on unfortunately
  15. babymikeyus

    Summer struggles updated 9-4

    I hope this story keeps going it started to get really good