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  1. Hi I'm New Here

  2. Start A Useless Rumor About The Person Above You

    ^ knows this cause he dressed me
  3. Start A Useless Rumor About The Person Above You

    ^ is not a pedophile
  4. My Observations In The Ab World.

    your a tit. im glad you dont have any younger brothers. diapers is sexual for everyone you prat. its why you wear them. if it was not sexual then you wont wear them. thats like saying sex is not sexual. dumbass
  5. A Boy's Day - Slideshow

    lol is that for real man oh christ
  6. If Any Of You Do This, Fucking Stop It!

  7. The Diaper Files - Part One (bambino Review)

    defently dutch not american but this would be better if it was american
  8. Conversations With Song Titles

    bang bang i shot you down bang bang you hit the ground one go0od way of building you posts score up.
  9. The Diaper Files - Part One (bambino Review)

    dutch accent
  10. Wanking

    what gets me is that some say wearing diapers is not sexual. that is bollocks because if its not sexual then why do it. I like to shoot my cream in my diaper. we all do it and those who deny it are just lying bastards.
  11. Dailydi Reply

    i sent you a e-mail but yet had no reply. guess your e-mail address is not working.
  12. Wanking

    anyone here wank in their nappies
  13. 4-letter Scrabble

  14. Man Escapes Hospital While Wearing Gown, Diaper

    he is a freak
  15. Weird

    i wet my diaper today and my diaper was wet. why