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  1. bbgirlmichelle

    Anyone from Vancouver BC area?

    We have a very active group in the Vancouver area, we have the monthly munch, monthly play parties and sleepovers every 2 months we also organize 2 camping trips every year.
  2. bbgirlmichelle

    British Columbia Canada

    It's pretty active down here in Vancouver, we have monthly munches (next one is on Tuesday the 19th) and we've just recently started monthly play parties at a wonderful place where they have an AB play space.
  3. bbgirlmichelle

    Diaper Disneyland Trip

    I've done it, daddy and I did 8 days in Disneyland in June 2011 and other Southern California attractions and I was diapered the whole time. The biggest issue I ran into was a nasty friction rash from the diaper rubbing against my legs with all the extra walking we did there. Also remember that the inspect your bag at the gate, so if your embarrassed about them seeing your changes that might be an issue. I didn't have a problem with it and they never said anything. *huggles* michelle
  4. bbgirlmichelle


    Waiting on the Mac version... and time to play
  5. bbgirlmichelle

    Reaaons To Wear Onesie To Bed Wife?

    Possible reasons:
  6. bbgirlmichelle

    Just For Fun: The Diapered Disctricts Of America

    Have you tried the New Jersey Littles Munch?
  7. bbgirlmichelle

    Watch Out!

  8. bbgirlmichelle

    Watch Out!

    Someone put up signs like this at our recreational property, they way "Slow Children Playing", I always say "Well they should hurry up!".
  9. bbgirlmichelle


    I love our soda stream, I just have to be careful with it. To reduce the calories they cut the sugar with sucralose (Splenda) which seems to give me heart palpitations if I have to much. I'm looking for a good source of stevia (preferably) or sugar or HFCS syrups. I did find some nice recipies for making my own Ginger Ale syrup, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet.
  10. bbgirlmichelle

    New Baby Show!

    It's a youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheBabySitcom
  11. bbgirlmichelle

    Vancouver Island?

    Prince George? I'm sorry... But seriously, Daddy and I are in PG for a week every summer to visit family. If you want to meet for coffee or beer the next time we're up let me know.
  12. bbgirlmichelle

    It Is The End Of The World!

    Thanks Sarah, because of your post I actually noticed the Tim Tams with chocolate chocolate and caramel in the store while I was shopping last night and bought some. They're awesome
  13. bbgirlmichelle

    What Do You Guys Drive

    1996 Plymouth Neon - Brilliant Blue with 270,000 KM on it. I love the neon so much, this is the second one I bought. The first one I bought brand new and drove it for 12 years. 1977 Dodge B200 Camperized Van, manufacturing date actually puts it older than me, 120,000 KM. My Neon gets driven all the time, my van is what I use for camping in the summer, and as a backup in case my car breaks down or I need to transport something big. I love both my vehicles and paid less than $1,500 for each of them
  14. bbgirlmichelle

    Bambino Diapers Brand

    Thanks for the heads up, just ordered 2 cases *huggles* Michelle