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  1. It probably had some role, as it was my favorite show while I was slowly developing my ABDL side, but there were much larger factors going on as well
  2. Fontaine

    Acceptance from general public

    We would need at least a couple more sexual revolutions to occur before wide acceptance is attained. So probably 200 years minimum if I had to guess.
  3. Fontaine

    Are you loyal?

    I have a favorite but I've wanted to branch out since I haven't used ABU since their relaunch and so I do t know how their quality is. I think I'd be scared to switch since I know the capacity of the current
  4. Fontaine

    Explain Your Screen Name

    Fontaine was about as an innocuous name I could think of since I wanted to hide my identity as much as possible and I've never been a huge fan of the "diaper X" or "Baby Y" names that other users prefer. The name itself is derived from Frank Fontaine, a character from the video game Bioshock
  5. Fontaine

    Shaving For Guys

    I don't shave at all. Never was part of the experience for me and I find shaving a hassle anyway
  6. Fontaine

    Favorite diaper brand

    Bellisomos have been mine of choice but I haven't tried anything by ABU since their remodel/relaunch thing and have been tempted to order from them
  7. Of course, but people make stupid mistakes or some just don't care about the consequences. I always wonder how their lives are affected either negatively or positively by their various Tumblrs or what have you
  8. Fontaine

    New mummy help

    I'm going to third the "Sit-Down-And-Talk" line.
  9. Exhibitionism has always been a thing. Hell, even though I would never do it, I can't say that part of me wouldn't want to do something like that either.
  10. Fontaine

    My fianc

    I think you really need to talk to her about this. Tell her how you feel that she has been sending mixed messages and being inconsistent. Tell her that it's tearing you up inside and you can't get a handle on what she truly wants. Consider going to see a councilor of some kind
  11. On the topic of updates, I'm amazed you can keep up with the pace. You seem to write 2500 words per chapter and for me, that can take up several hours of my day not including time it takes to proof read and edit.
  12. I've been thinking about something Opal said. How is it that Littles end up as pets here? It doesn't seem to be a normal thing and perhaps Littles are turned into pets through some means, either getting caught or because of some form of punishment.
  13. 57 minutes ago, bbykimmy said: Wow, I'm surprised this is the favorite.