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  1. I think you really need to talk to her about this. Tell her how you feel that she has been sending mixed messages and being inconsistent. Tell her that it's tearing you up inside and you can't get a handle on what she truly wants. Consider going to see a councilor of some kind
  2. On the topic of updates, I'm amazed you can keep up with the pace. You seem to write 2500 words per chapter and for me, that can take up several hours of my day not including time it takes to proof read and edit. I've been trying to get a feel for what I could do when I actually post something but by these metrics I could probably only post something once every 3 days.
  3. I've been thinking about something Opal said. How is it that Littles end up as pets here? It doesn't seem to be a normal thing and perhaps Littles are turned into pets through some means, either getting caught or because of some form of punishment.
  4. I wouldn't say I'm a fan, not any more then i would say I was a fan of Joffery Baratheon, but I do love a good complex villain. Hating is easy. and I've never been the one to do the easy thing when the harder thing is more interesting
  5. Ok, time for my full thoughts. I'm just going to go chapter by chapter. Chapter 32 I was really preparing myself for something dark here considering you gave future warnings about Chapter 33. What I got was an interesting perspective into the lives of the other Amazons who take care of the Littles in Catalon. It really comes across as a group of people who don't know what they are doing most of the time. I wonder though how that can happen considering most Littles have no problem communicating with Amazons (at least until the latter prevents them from communicating). To put it another way, I wonder what kind of propaganda is fed to these people that make them want to actively be cruel to other people. Chapter 33 Ok, so this was the big one and it starts off fairly innocuous. Being made into a Kitty while bad, didn't seem to be a permanent thing. All i was thinking while reading the initial paragraphs was hoping Kimmy remained as demure and non-threatening as possible to avoid further punishment. What I wasn't expecting was a full on kidnapping situation. That left me a bit thunderstruck but not in a bad way. This is really the chapter that makes me wonder how the people of Catalon have devalued Littles to such an extraordinary extent. Chapter 34 I love this chapter. Just going to go out on a limb and say that this is probably one of my favorite you've written. The drama here is taken to new heights, there is a sense of wonder and danger all the while making me seriously think about the characters in the narrative. I thought I'd hate Bella and especially Opal but I wonder in many ways if they are not also victims in their own right (mostly the latter). It creates this weird situation where I hate and pity Opal more but like Bella but feel less sympathetic towards her. I think you captured something wonderful here that many authors either fail to do or never attempt, and that is to make dynamic characters that don't easily fit into a traditional black-white morality system. Its the sort of thing that makes us uncomfortable because we might feel sympathy for an awful person or see similarities within ourselves and have to wonder what our own prejudices are. It is more then just writing on a page or screen, it's art.
  6. Blerd Flerd Wyrd! I won't be able to post my full thoughts until tomorrow and I have soooooooo many.
  7. Obligatory: Everything is Awesome. I'm away from home atm so I can't go into my usual diatribe
  8. Bambino Bellisimo is my go to currently but it's price point is making me think of ordering something different when the time comes.
  9. Of course, but it does make me wonder what they think of others. This chapter did give me some insight into that I've been thinking a lot about it from a story telling perspective especially in relation to your other chapters. Someone brought up Stockholme Syndrome earlier and I do believe that can be problematic for a story like this. You do avoid this pitfall in a number of ways though, like the idea that they are essentially dead in their old world which seems to preclude any chance of escape. Also, since the world isn't built for them (in the sense that they aren't the dominant species so to speak), Littles really only have 2 possible options: live in a world that doesn't care about them and somehow make it on their own or allow an Amazon to adopt them. Even in a universe where Amazons care about Littles, it would be dangerous if they were left unattended and so having a caring Amazon parent seems like the ideal for all parties involved. I might have waxed a bit more thoughtfully then anyone really intended to think about it but I think thats why I love your stories so much. It isn't just a kinder story, it's also feels more real to me which helps in getting me to a little head space as well. I think i've said that before but I also have a tendency to ramble out all my thoughts so my apologies if this seems pointlessly verbose. Honestly, short of spending time with my own Mommy/Wife, reading these stories have been the highlight of my last two weeks. Keep up the good work
  10. Mostly here, the ABDL subreddit and various people's Tumblr for Art, pictures etc. Still haven't found a good site for videos though. Probably because most "good" ones are behind a pay wall.
  11. Yikes! What a wicked place that would allow drugging of a little just as a matter of daily life. I wonder if they treat their actual pets this badly
  12. No I don't think so. I totally believe that this is the right move to do. I only made a comment because the story has been so light and gentle so far that a dark turn really makes it stand out. I mean that is the point right? I hope i didn't come across as discouraging >__< I've read so many stories where it either turns dark very quickly or just starts off that way. When stories do, the dark feels incredibly benign because that is just the norm that the author establishes. When a story pulls off gentle and loving in such a way like yours does, the dark turn matters all the more. It feels more real. It feels earned and it feels dangerous like it always probably should. It's the sign of a good author I hope I made sense.
  13. Thanks for the encouragement And also thanks for the nightmare fuel in that last chapter
  14. The idea of an ABDL Amazon actually appealed to me in a big way. I think in some ways it is even more tragic for them then it is for us as they can appreciate the intelligence that Littles have in their own dimension and the question of "why not me" looms larger. As always I love the way you tell your story and would love to see more background on tertiary characters as I too tend to create elaborate back stories in my head to draw from when I need a better understanding how a character reacts to any given situation. Honestly I've had a story on my head ever since you began writing this but kinda scared to actually put pen to paper so to speak xD
  15. I'm actually slightly kicking myself for not seeing it