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    • I'm so excited. I just ordered a new bag of diaper (Rearz Dinosaur Mega) in XL size (because with two booster, it's very tight). and also psyllium but in capsules. Way easier to eat, so it mean I could eat them lot faster, and in bigger quantity to make bigger mess. Can't wait until next week.
    • A yes.  The bedwetter's cabin.  There were 13 of us. I spent 6 summers at a camp in northern CA.  Starting at the age of 8.  At that time I was still peeing the bed nightly so there was really little choice, since a regular cabin would have been a disaster.  All of the beds had full vinyl zippered covers, and just about all of the kids wore some kind of diaper.  I wore pull ups with plastic pants.  Each year most of the kids returned, and by the third year several of the kids I had started with had graduated to the regular cabins.  However, this didn't mean they were reliably dry.  I remember more than one had bedwetting episodes which I think were much more humiliating among regularly dry campers.
    • Microwave (Our Family and friends would make food, and we would eat some, then we would have leftovers:  Mom would say that we need to "Zap it" for a few moments to reheat them, and in order to do that, we would use the microwave)
    • Countess Paule can't believe how large Marie is compared to her and the following words make her realise what must have happened! She must have been turned into a Little!! Into one of those pathetic pamper packers! "No, no, no! This can't be true! I'm supposed to be a strong woman, a Amazon!", she cries out in shock! Squirming and struggling she tries to get away, but she can't resist Marie's strong arms as she is lifted out of the crib. Frustrated about her new powerless form, she is about to throw a tantrum and hit Marie with her little fists ... She raises her arms but then as she is about to went her anger ... Paule realises that she can't hit Marie. Even though she gets humiliated and teased by her, she can't do it. Countess Paule always held Marie in high regards and got strong motherly vibes from her. This may also have influenced her dreams earlier ... In the end Paule tears up and starts to sniffle as her fists sink back down. Nuzzling herself against Marie for comfort instinctively. Not even noticing that she does so while protesting in a weak voice "I don't belong in diapers! I ... I'm not supposed to be a Little!", getting some of her confidence back before giving Marie a angry glare with teary eyes.
    • I'll go anywhere as long as there is a playdate 🙂
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