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Teen Adult Diapers - Cloth Diapers and Plastic Pants

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like Abrera said, if your SN is different on there from the one you have here, please let me know when you add me :)

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My name on fetlife is the same as on here.
Lonely DL who has been searching for diapered friends since the late 1990's...

Why can't society stop giving us a hard time? Why does everyone have to treat us like freaks (or perverts) just because we have a different idea of "comfortable underwear"?

What is so freakin' important about potty training? Toilets waste water with every flush, and holding the bodily wastes inside until a toilet is available allows the body to absorb additional junk that should never be absorbed.



    School Disco Princess XD

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like Abrera said, if your SN is different on there from the one you have here, please let me know when you add me :)

I didn't need to say it really as nobody looked me up XD
Abrera would much prefer it if people didn't try to add her as a friend if they've never even struck up a conversation with her.

The ladyboy has the penis on her forehead, the transex has the penis on her elbow.

Funniest thing I've read all year XD



    Growing up is For suckers!

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I am DominionX18 and am pretty active in my local scene. :)




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I'm omgbanana on fetlife.

FL is currently my favorite fet site of any kind. :] feel free to add me...

<3 Annie

check out my abdl blog? http://misspandapants.tumblr.com/

...and my legit abdl video store:  http://clips4sale.com/studio/74489




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I'm omgbanana on fetlife.

FL is currently my favorite fet site of any kind. :] feel free to add me...

<3 Annie

check out my abdl blog? http://misspandapants.tumblr.com/

...and my legit abdl video store:  http://clips4sale.com/studio/74489




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I'm omgbanana on fetlife.

FL is currently my favorite fet site of any kind. :] feel free to add me...

Agreed! FL does rock!




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I'm omgbanana on fetlife.

FL is currently my favorite fet site of any kind. :] feel free to add me...

Completely agree on this one. Lot of good people on there, and well set up.

Btw, always fun reading through the discussions the lot of you have in the group on there :roflmao:




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On fetlife with the same nick... diapered67.



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I am BoTox there as well. I do not contribute much but I read often. I don't really know many there so knowing some of you are there, that's cool!
No use crying over a leaky diaper!

Mommie Cheryl

Mommie Cheryl


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Fetlife Little Groups

100% NON-sexual ageplay
abdl playpen
AB/DL and Age Players Over 35
AB/DL Munches
AB/DL Webcams
AB/DLs Who just need some comfort, and people to talk to.
AB/DLs: Fans of ANIME
ABDL Bullshitting Room
ABDL Lovers 4 life
AB Furniture, Clothing, and Toys
adult babies and mommies and daddies
Adult Baby Breastfeeding
Adult Baby SK
Adult Baby/Diaper Lovers/Age players
Adult baby - Diaper Lover
Adult Little Girls and Daddys Who Love Them
Adult littles, item swaps.
A Little Grown-Up: A Hide-Out for Littles Proud of Their Naughtiness
Ageplay Convention
Age play and daddies/mommies
Age Play Safety & Support Network
Age Play: Baby Doll Club
Ageplay Mommys/Daddies and Their little ones
Age Play (or Ageplay if you prefer) Through the Looking-Glass
Age Play Group Leaders
Ageplay on a Budget
Age Play Story Time
Allessandra's babygirl/boy group and for a hopeful munch
Ask a Daddy questions!
Ask a littlegirl a question
Ask Baby Mikey
Baby girls that dont listen.
Babygirl Co-Journaling
Babygirl Funnies
BabyGirls Hideout
Babygirls of Military Daddies
BabyGirls Slumber Party
BabyGirls, Big Sisters and Mommies
Baby Girls No Older Than Three
babygirls who aren't littles
BBW/BHM Adult Babies / Diaper Lovers
Bibs bibs and more bibs
Bipolar Littles
Caregivers Corner-for the Parents/Nannies/Babysitters
Caution !!! Children At Play
Childlike Adult Little Girls and the Daddys Who Love Them
cloth nappies/diapers
Daddy's and BBW babygirls
Dada and Babygirl's Journey
daddys midnight parties
Daddy/daughter Dynamic
Daddy/Daughter Enemas
Daddy/daughters play
Daddy Dominants
Daddy Doms / babygirl submissive (non-ageplay)
Daddy/girl Dynamic in an M/s relationship
Daddy ~ girl Relationships
Daddies, Mommies, boy, and girls - of ALL Genders
Daddy dom/baby girl poly relationships
Daddy Doms / baby girls
Daddy Doms and babygirls
Daddy Mentor's
Daddy's big little girls
Daddy's Candyland
Daddy's Cuddle-chair
Daddy Doms and their Little Submissive Girls
Daddys for midget girls
Daddy's Girl / Princess Submissives
Daddy's lil girls~
Daddy's Little boy
Daddy / Little Girl Dynamic
Daily Diapers
Daycare for ageplay Families
Diaper Bondage
Diaper Humiliation
Diaper Lovers ABDL-Lets Chat and share
Diaper Lovers
Diapered Humor
Diaper School
Diaper Sex
diaper slaves
Diapering & age-play WITHOUT BDSM
Dirty Pullups and Diapers
Desperation and Wetting
Dominant little girls/submissive daddies
Dominant Littles
girls/boys without a Daddy/Mommy
Dominant Male Daddies and their Diapered AB Girls
Hot chicks in diapers
i wana start a group for who ever is into diapering and babying others for fun
I wish I was toddler sized
Infantilism Extreme
Kathykellys Diapers in Utah
Lady K's Nursery
Leather slave gay diaper boys
Littles ageplayers DL/AB into BDSM and not
Little and Lovin' It!
Littles behind the camera
Little Boys, Little Girls, Mommies and Daddies against bullying
Little girls who are Married to their Daddy's.
Little's Clubhouse
Littles-For Littles Only
Littles Playground
Littles Run Wild
Lolita's Toy Box, of ill Repute
love notes to daddy
lyl's Playground and Nursery
Mommies and Sissy Babies
Mommy / Daddy, I'm a "little".....
Mommy/any Dynamics
Mommy Domme and lil boys
Mommy's Playgroup
Ms Charity's Home for Wayward littles/middles
My Pull-ups!!!
Naughty little girls and the Daddies who Discipline them
Neverland for Littles
Nice Daddies
nonsexual Daddy/Daughter roleplayers
Non-Sexual Stories
Only for Daddy
People Who Love Age Play
People who love Daddy and Daughter age play only
Playgroup for Littles
The Proper Care and Keeping of a Little
Proper Daddies and their Little Girls
Protective Daddys (Those of us who check under the bed for monsters)
Regressed Lifestylers
Sadistic Mommy Dommes and the babygirls who love them
Sharing Daddy's Princess with Strangers
Sharing fantasies with Daddy/Babygirl
sissies in plastic pants and diapers
Special Things About Daddy
Story time with Daddy
sub/slave babygirls and Dom daddies
The Littles Clubhouse~Grown Ups Keep Out
The Power of Daddy
Transgender AB/DL
Truckers wearing Diapers
Unpartnered Little Girls
Wet & Messy Diapers
Wet Diaper
Women who wear DEPENDS ADULT DIAPERS and the men who love them
Young Adult Adult Baby/Diaper Lover/Age Players 18-40
Young AB/DLs and Ageplayers (18 to 35)
Young Daddy Figures & the little girls that want them

Around the World:
ABDL Scandinavia
Adult Babies in Auckland New Zealand
Atlantic Canada AB/DL and Age Players
Australian ABs/Mummies/Daddies
Little Aussies
Queensland Age Play - QLD Australia
Melbourne Mummies, Daddies & Babies
Ageplay in South Africa
Infantilism Lisbon
Adult Babies UK
Daddy/little girl UK
UK Cheshire AB/DL and petplay'ers
Sissy Baby Germany
Daddy/baby girls in Ontario
Toronto - Michigan diaper group
Toronto Littles' Play Date (TLPD)
Southern Alberta Adult Baby/Diaper Lovers (AB/DL)
Sydney age play
Ageplay Germany
Ageplay Germany / Deutschland
Daddy/little girl Germany
Adult BabyGirls UK
Swedish ABDL seeking for parents or babysitters
Ontario - Mississauga/GTA diaper
Adult Baby/Diaper Fetish Kingston
Vancouver BC Ageplayers, Littles, ABs & DLs
Winnipeg Daddy Doms and little girls
Essex AB/DL
SO Littles Time
Halifax Daddies and Littles
Adult baby diaper lover scotland
Ageplay France
Brazil: AB/DL - Br
Dutch ageplay
ABDls Edmonton and Area
Hessische DLs
lil girls and Daddy's in Perth
Canadian Ageplay/AB/DL
Adult Baby,Diaper Lovers,Mummys and Daddys Near Bournemouth UK South West Costal UK Welcome
AB/DL Australia
Uk Daddies and lil girls
Ageplay Ireland
Sydney ABDL
Western Australian Nappies
croydon adult babies

In the States:
Alabama -
Alabama Diaper Loving Guys
Mobile, AL littles munch

Alaska -
Alaska littles and Bigs
Alaska's Matanuska Valley Diaper sissies and chastity maids and diaper wearers

Arizona -
Arizona Adult Baby and Littles League
Arizona Ageplayers
Tucson Ageplay Group

Arkansas -
Daddy's Daughter in the Fort
Arkansas Daddys and Babygirl that submit

California -
Bay Area Ageplay (Age Play) Group
Diapered in California
Los Angeles AB
East Bay Little Munchkins
AgePlay Adventures at the Citadel!!!
South Bay Littles
Central California Littles
Daddys, Mommys, & Littles of the east bay
Central California Diaper lovers and babies
For The Love Of Daddy-So. CA Daddies/Littles

Colorado -
Colorado AB/DLs
Colorado Regressive Ageplay and D/s
Colorado Romper Room
Denver Daddies and Littles

Connecticut -
Connecticut ABDLs

DC -
DC Littles Munch


Florida -
Florida Age Play
Florida Daddies and lilones
Orlando Daddy Masters and babygirls
Panhandle Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers
South Florida Ageplay
space coast,east coast of florida,adult babys,diaper lovers,age players....
A Little Kinky in Florida
Kiddy Korner
Tampa Bay AB/DL singles under 30
LAC Littles
AB/DL's of Fort Myers

Georgia -
Ageplay Atlanta

Idaho -
Boise Ageplay

Illinois -
Chicago Age Players
Illinois Diaper Lovers
ABDL's Of Illinois
Chicago Diaper Babies
CAPCon: The Chicago Ageplay Convention

Indiana -
Babygirls and their Daddies in Indiana
Lafayette IN littles (LIL)
Indy Age Players 18-35
AB/DL tri state Indiana area, MI , IL , OH

Iowa -
adult babys & diaper lovers in Iowa

Kansas -
Kansas AB/DL

Kentucky -
Louisville Littles
Sissy Boys / Adult Babies in Kentucky

Louisiana -
Louisiana Ageplay
New Orleans Littles Play Date

Maine -
Diaper Lovers in Maine

Maryland -
Maryland Adult Babies

Massachusetts -
MA Diaper Lovers
Pioneer Valley Age-Play Munch
Diapered in Boston
Boston Area Age-Players Munch

Michigan -
Michigan Diaper Lovers
lil girls/boys of MI
AB/DL,diaper-sex,mommy's,baby's ONLY IN MICHIGAN

Minnesota -
Minnesota Adult Diaper Enthusiasts
Minnesota/Wisconsin Daddy Dominants/little girls
Twin Cities' Littles
TC MN littles play group

Missouri -
Missouri Daddies and Little Girls
Missouri Diaper Lovers
Saint Louis Adult Baby Community
Stl Littles and Age Play

Nebraska -
AB/DL in Nebraska

New England -
New England Daddy Doms and Little Girls
Ageplayers An AB/DL Of New England Looking For A Daddy
New England AgePlay And Babygirls
New England ABDLs

New Hampshire -
New Hampshire AB/DL Looking for a Daddy

New Jersey -
New Jersey Littles
South Jersey's Ageplay Round-up
New Jersey/New York daddies and adult little girls

New York -
NYC Daddy Doms & Baby Girls
Upstate / Capital NY AB/DL/LGs group
NYC Ageplayers, Littles, ABs, DLs
Rochester, NY AB's, DL's & Every Day Subs
Albany-Capital Region Age Play Munch

North Carolina -
North Carolina Age Players
NC Littles Munch
Poopy NC Inc. Also includes diapers wet and messy
Shy Babygirls and the Daddies that Love Them
A Group for North Carolina,NC,Ab, diaper lovers

Northwest -
Pacific Northwest Area, Bigs and Littles
Pacific NW Adult Babies, who need mommies or daddies!
ABDL Northwest looking for caregivers

Nevada -
Las Vegas ABDL Corner

Ohio -
Ageplay Ohio
Central Ohio Daddy Doms/little girls/baby girls
Little Girls in NE Ohio

Oklahoma -
Ageplay Oklahoma
Oklahoma Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers
Daddy Doms and Babygirls of Tulsa

Oregon -
Diaper Wearers in Oregon

Pennsylvania -
Diaper Lovers in Western PA
Lehigh Valley PA AB/DL Center
Pittsburgh and Western PA ABDLs
Pittsburgh Littles
Littles Corner of PA!!!
The Lancaster County (PA) ABDL Society
Williamsport age play

South Carolina -
South Carolina Adult Baby
South Carolina Ageplay
South Carolina Littles' Group

South Dakota -
South Dakota Diapers

Tennessee -
Tennessee Babygirls
Diaper Lovers of Middle Tennessee
East Tennessee Diaper Wears Convention
Nashville Diaper

Texas -
DFW Area Daddy/Doms and babygirls
Texas AB/DL in the central texas area
Diapered People of DFW/Arlington, TX
Dallas And DFW Ageplay and Diaper Play
Daddy in Texas, Where are the Babies at?
Age Play in Austin & Central TX
East Texas Diapers

Tri-State -
TN, GA, KY Little Girls
Tri-State Diapers - NY, NJ, Conn
AB/DL tri state Indiana area, MI , IL , OH

Utah -
Utah Ageplay

Virginia -
SW Va. abdl Mommies Daddies babbies toddlers and teens
Virginia Age Play
Virginia Age Play: Hampton Roads
Age Play in Central Virginia
Virginia Age Play: Complaints
Diaper Lovers in Virginia
Richmond,Virginia Ageplay

Washington State -
Puget Sound Babys
Puget Sound Littles
Seattle Mommies/Little Girls
Diapered Washingtonians
Seattle Littles Round-up

West Virginia -
appalachian diaper friends abdl

Wisconsin -
Wisconsin Ageplay & AB/DL
Minnesota/Wisconsin Daddy Dominants/little girls

Personals / Classifieds:
ABDL Convention
ABDL Personals AB's, Mommy's, Daddies, DL's post personals here!
adopt a lil one
Adult Baby and Diaper Lover Classifieds!
adult babyies seeking a daddy
Daddy - lil girl/babygirl Personals
Adult Babies seeking a Daddy
seeking adult babies
Ageplay Adoptions for Adult Littles
Adult Babysitting & Diaper Domination Services
AB/DL/Age Play Store and Services
Age-Play Personals
Babygirl Pain Sluts and the Daddies and Mommies Who Love Them
Chubby Littles
Daddy's Under 35 Classifieds
Daddy's Little Darlings
Diaper wearing GIRLS looking for MEN
Horny lil' girls craving a Daddy
Little Girls that Want a Daddy or Have a Daddy 24/7
Love Me Daddy
Looking for Daddys and lil ones in Va
Finding your babygirl online
Mommies ISO BabyGirls and BabyGirls ISO Mommies
Online Adoption: Son or Daughters
Unpartnered Mommies and Daddies
Zorro Daddy's Secret ABDL Library
Sitting Contact Link

Guest_Diapered Jeff_*

Guest_Diapered Jeff_*
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My username is "diaperedjaykay" Posted Image Would like to meet some friends on there.

Edited by Diapered Jeff, 31 August 2012 - 11:53 PM.



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Fantastic list Cheryl! Thanks for sharing! Also in NC is:

Raleigh, NC Adult Baby and Diaper Lover Group
North Carolina Age Players

I'm the same name over there...feel free to add me...especially if you are in North Carolina!!




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Mine is 'NothingWillHappen'

Glad someone started this thread.

Patrick L

Patrick L


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  • Age Play Age:18 months-2 years
I'm diaperdudeonwheels



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I am not on it yet,but i soon will be see ya all there.



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Diapered67 is my user name!!!


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If I remember right the leader of Capcom and Chicago Ageplayers is on the board here. I know him from CAP, and he's an awesome guy.

Guest_Baby Tiana_*

Guest_Baby Tiana_*
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I personally am not a big fan of FetLife. I've been on a couple of times, but I just hate the format and that you can't really chat with people in a room. I prefer this site over it, but that's just me. It's a great site for things things....but like I said, I am more of a DD person. :)

Just my opinion




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I'm muzicman on FL. Drop by and say hi if you care to do so.
I want to start a country music trio of gay guys and call them The Chicksie Dicks.