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  1. curiositykilledthecat

    Got a Fetlife? Post it here!

    good to see so many people multinetworking.
  2. curiositykilledthecat

    Dodot nappies in the UK

    I can't tell what language that is but from what I read online, dodot is a joint partnership with P&G(makers of pampers) and a couple European companies.
  3. curiositykilledthecat

    Got a Fetlife? Post it here!

  4. curiositykilledthecat

    Should I throw it all away or not? HELP

    Don't toss it. I am at the tail end of my first purge but I didn't throw anything away, just kept till i felt like partaking again.
  5. This guy clearly has left the realm of fetishism and has entered the realm of debilitating disorder.
  6. curiositykilledthecat


    The Monarch, ahhh I miss that show.
  7. curiositykilledthecat

    Will This Work

    don't pee while laying on your side would be first recommendation.
  8. curiositykilledthecat

    Are Abs/dls Attracted To Strong, Assertive Women?

    I prefer an intelligent and laid back woman, however since I am useless at repairs or at fixing things in general, having a gf/wife who is a bit of a grease monkey.
  9. curiositykilledthecat

    Adult Babyz And The Law- Plz Respond!

    also depends if your state is "right to work" or "at will"
  10. curiositykilledthecat

    Diapered At Church

    I don't personally wear to church as I don't find it appropriate for me to do so.
  11. curiositykilledthecat

    A Quote That I Saw On My Non-Abdl Fb That Is Fitting For A Lot Of Us I Bet!

    i like it.
  12. curiositykilledthecat

    Diaper Bondage

    not really into the cross dressing but otherwise sounds entertaining
  13. curiositykilledthecat

    Weird Question

    my first thiught was "Weird question for a diaper fetish site...."
  14. curiositykilledthecat

    Whats Your Favorite Outfit When Diapered

    diaper and a t-shirt whenever feasible