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  1. Got a Fetlife? Post it here!

    good to see so many people multinetworking.
  2. Dodot nappies in the UK

    I can't tell what language that is but from what I read online, dodot is a joint partnership with P&G(makers of pampers) and a couple European companies. Dodot is basically European pampers.
  3. Got a Fetlife? Post it here!

  4. Should I throw it all away or not? HELP

    Don't toss it. I am at the tail end of my first purge but I didn't throw anything away, just kept till i felt like partaking again. glad I didsn't throw anything away.
  5. This guy clearly has left the realm of fetishism and has entered the realm of debilitating disorder. I think he should be forced into counseling rather than be sent to prison. He doesnt seem to grasp how to properly behave in public. I don't think he is guilty of anything other than harrassment and to make the claim of child pornography simply because his fetish is assinine. the prosecution needs to provide evidence that there is potential of said behavior.
  6. Minions!

    The Monarch, ahhh I miss that show.
  7. Will This Work

    don't pee while laying on your side would be first recommendation.
  8. Are Abs/dls Attracted To Strong, Assertive Women?

    I prefer an intelligent and laid back woman, however since I am useless at repairs or at fixing things in general, having a gf/wife who is a bit of a grease monkey.
  9. Adult Babyz And The Law- Plz Respond!

    also depends if your state is "right to work" or "at will"
  10. Diapered At Church

    I don't personally wear to church as I don't find it appropriate for me to do so. I wear to work on occasion though.
  11. A Quote That I Saw On My Non-Abdl Fb That Is Fitting For A Lot Of Us I Bet!

    i like it.
  12. Diaper Bondage

    not really into the cross dressing but otherwise sounds entertaining
  13. Weird Question

    my first thiught was "Weird question for a diaper fetish site...." I am sure several folks here are familiar with her work.
  14. Whats Your Favorite Outfit When Diapered

    diaper and a t-shirt whenever feasible