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Incontinence - Cause, Myths Vs Reality

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     It's been all most 4 years for me.I was Married My wife was ok with it too so were my 2 adult Daughters


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On 30/10/2016 at 7:10 PM, oldwetter66 said:

    since A fall on ice in 2013 I been incontinent I wear 24 7 it is not A lot of fun my family knows it is hard to hide I am 67 years old it sucks


you don't need to me to tell you this, but a lot of people are ashamed by the concept of needing to wear the same type of protection a chonological infant needs. Incontinence can occur for numerous reasons, and at any age. It is usually a symptom of another problem. In your case, I suspect that it could be nerve damage from your fall. As an infant, you didn't care what you wore as it was up to another to take care of you. As a partially trained toddler, when going to bed, it was you who asked your career for a nappy - and in your mind was that it kept you nice and dry overnight. As an adult, what is the difference. Diapers are just padded underware that one either washes once worn, or disposes of same. The stigma of them being a infantile object was created, as a lie, by a parent / career trying to induce their toddler not to need them. Since we, at that age, are very impressionable, the lie we believed. You, as an adult now know better, so please do not feel dishartened by your undergarments... revel in the fact. You are probably the eldest in your family... and as the saying goes ' with age comes great wisdom', so if you so desire, teach the youth around you the benifits of diapers.... and enjoy your life - and the freedom that diapers give you. - never having to queue in lines for public vial bathrooms, never having to leave a film mid way - and the list can go on and on.

Life is there to be lived and enjoyed, not to hide from and regret. Regress if you wish (are you 67 years or 67 weeks old) ... and enjoy your freedom.

At your age, you can get away with a lot... and people will only say - sure he is old, must be what happens when you get old.... If you are worried about smells etc, read my post re activacted charcoal and cod liver oil capsules. Think of the worst thing that could happen - and then arrange it to happen. Once that occurs, you will never ever be afraid of that. Fear in us is healthy, and has only ONE purpose - to be defeated.

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      I all ways try to enjoy life it is the only one we get.I am lucky In A lot of things.Yes I am up set I wet it is hard on me but I do try to live well


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I don't let my incontinence and dependency on nappies bother me. Life is to short.

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