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  1. Like I said I'm happy with what's currently available. I'm not sure how functional an AB/DL pull-up would be in terms of handling the weight with a high capacity core. I already have problems with magnificos not staying snug enough and leaking due to the elastic sides. This whole thread is hypothetical anyways. However, If something were ever produced I would give them a try regardless of price.
  2. I think overall we are pretty fortunate with the current offerings tailored to our community. Though I too would also like to see an adult sized pull-up come to market.
  3. I'd say bulk up and wear when it's convenient. The fact is there will be times when wearing will just get in the way. You say you'd like to keep it a secret so be smart and pick and choose when you wear.
  4. I honestly have no clue. I just know that I like them and accepted that they are just part of who I am. One option nobody has considered......
  5. "Damn you penis, you're getting in my way!" Said no guy ever. Unless you're a kid still living at home without access to proper sized diapers I don't see how you could not be content with all the adult sized offerings available today. You owe your dick an apology.
  6. I'm 6', 205lbs with a 32-33"waist and an athletic build and can squeeze in a pair. The newer Goodnites stretch better than the old ones from a few years back. They still ride a little low on the hips thought, so plumbers crack is a possibility.
  7. 2016 KTM 1190 Adventure R.
  8. Nice, have fun.
  9. Did you take delivery yet?
  10. A bit odd, but you can put a flashlight flush against the diaper and once that beam hits a wet area it will light up the wet surrounding areas. Not sure how practical it is, just something I figured out one day. It could come in handy if you're using AB style diapers with no wetness indicators. You'll be able to tell wet vs dry clear as day.
  11. I tried another one today and had much better results. I taped top to bottom and for whatever reason it allowed a much snugger fit. I also made sure the lower tapes were even with the top basically mimicking one large tape and it seemed to solve most of the issues I'm having. I still had to use care and technique to fill up that last bit of the rear of the diaper without making a mess but overall it was a much more enjoyable experience.
  12. I guess. Are you orientating the tapes differently than I am? Are you having to use any caution while using them?
  13. Plastic backed with a cloth like hook and loop landing area and elastic sides.
  14. My Teddy and Bellissimo's have no problems. The Magnifico's are just too much of a hassle unless you're ready to do some laundry. This was the best performer of the 8 or 9 I've used. Only minimal leaking thanks to tactical wetting techniques. Fresh and not so fresh.
  15. I honestly don't care for them. I have yet to successfully use one to capacity without making a mess. I also have concistent problems with the lower tabs folding in half or coming off on one side. The elastic sides were a cool concept but they just don't provide the snug fit needed to keep you from leaking. I order a case, once I use them up I doubt I'll ever feel the need to order more. If I'm paying a premium I expect a diaper to perform well without me having to go into crazy positions to channel my pee to prevent leaks.