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  1. I just wish that they made the underwear part just a little bit bigger. They kinda remind me of the boxers that were smaller than the regular Goodnites.
  2. I agree rusty pins and Spokane Girl. Doesn't look good.
  3. It's interesting, but I have not seen any other photos of these, except on adisc.org.
  4. I'm definitely a DL, and not into AB's. I'm also into crushing the taboo of diapers as babyish.
  5. I really like the Abu Preschool plastic version.
  6. Those high prices just to change a diaper, is just plain Weird!
  7. I agree as well. Listen to your end customers a lot more than stock holders. This goes for everything.
  8. I wish for more product testings. This should always be paramount above "cute" designs. There is no reason for Underjams side panels to disenergrate like the way they do. Also Goodnites needs to expand its purpose towards older kids & mid teens. Nobody wants to wear Depends. Heck, Not even us!
  9. I remember that their L/XL was also smaller than the regular Goodnites.
  10. Thank you for the update diaperguy85.
  11. I do agree that potty training is very important, but I also believe that kids and even adults should treat diapers as not a big deal.
  12. The problem is that kids with disabilities may want to use Goodnites, and I'm sure they don't want to use Depends. Goodnites are more cheerful, and besides Depends are not all that great.
  13. While designs are good, it's kinda sad that other important areas get ignored, like keeping kids dry, Also the fact that KC wants to kick older kids to their lame Depends line, when Goodnites was originally focused on older kids and teens.
  14. Does anyone know if the Easy ups have better stronger side panels? If so, P&G should replace Underjams side panels.
  15. Although I probably need to loose some weight, I hope that I can fit in Goodnites forever. On a side note, it bothers me that Goodnites seems to cater strongly towards younger kids, whereas they were originally for older kids and teens.