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  1. I dont often actually indulge in actually nappies. Once every few months when if feel the urge and can financially justify it. Last night i got my sample pack of Abu preschools. I padded myself up for bed, and relaxed with one of my retro preschool dvds (a bit of classic mr. Men.) When finally turned over, listening to some 'rain song' on my kindle like always, i found myself in state i only get into when i experiment with self hypnotises or meditation. I wasnt a sleep, but my breathing became extremely regular. A sort of trance like state. After awhile i realised id forgotten my dum-dum and my elmo plushie, i did something ive never done before. I started sucking on my thumb. It was rhythmic and involuntary..... Strange, but very relaxing..... Has this happened to anybody else????
  2. My first memory is my dad putting me in a nappy for bed. 1983 (i guess.), i actually know the exact day and time it was though. Because i remember on the tv in the background the uk soap, coronation street had gone off and current affairs show world in action had started. Which puts it at 8:00pm on a monday night. My dad made me get a fresh nappy from the pack in the cupboard under the sink. I toddled back into the living room and stood in front of him as he sat on the sofa. He pulled by pyjama bottoms down and held the nappy in front of him, unfurled. As he tried to get me to walk towards it for a standing change, i peed into it. After id finished he got up to ge another one. This time he had me lay on the carpet for another change, in a more tradtional style. Kneeling in front of me a putting the nappy one me. Then he stood me up and raised my pyjama bottoms over the nappy, giving a swat on my backside as a signel for me to get up to bed. I remember the padding on my behind as i tackled the stairs crawling up them using both my hands and feet.....
  3. Im surprised nobody has make a adult size version of a traditional toddlers potty.....
  4. I spend the first 19 years with obsessive nappy lover/ little tendency, Which only mellowed when i realized i was trans.....
  5. My collection of, what is known, in the uk as retro or cult kids tv is shaping nicely. In Britain we have a rich heritage of classic pre-school tv from the 60's/ 70's/ 80's/ 90's. I pick up, secondhand, whatever i can cheap on dvd. So far, i have...... Mr. Men, rainbow, cholton, danger mouse, duckula, jamie and his magic torch, button moon, paddington, the herb, portland bill, moschops, perishers, camberwick green, willo the wisp....
  6. Im currently watching a rather splendid dvd. In the uk, there is sometimes a trend towards retro/cult kids dvds. Dvds that have one or two episodes of six or so old uk kids tv shows from the 70's/80's. The one ive been watching is excellent. Two discs, with five old shows. Paddington bear, portland bill, mosschops, perishers, and the herbs.... And there is anywhere between five and twelve episodes for each. Its worth it for the Paddingtons alone.....
  7. Scratch that....i was replying to the wrong story..
  8. Sometimes it changes over time. Personally, it used to be a sexual fetish. But its mellowed over time.....
  9. In my neck of the woods, a little girls vagina is called their 'Minnie'. I believe its short for 'minnie moo'.
  10. But thats what taxes are there for, to pay for the things people actually need. You have no problem paying for the police of fire department, do you? You might never need those services. But you dont mind paying for them, because its nice that their there. Just in case. Medical care should be excatly the same....
  11. I noticed they've started selling ABU 'lavenders'. A type ive never heard of before. Anyone else tried them?
  12. He we go. The penultimate chapter.... Chapter 5:A trip out. Matt could hear the patter of rain. He look up at lucy, her features blured, as he truddled alone. The only barrier between him and her was the thin, yet waterproof, plastic of the rain cover on his pram. The rain made a tap tap sound on the cover. Matt supposed this was 'his' pram. Although, hed never seen it before. He laid back, swaddled in the fleecy blacket from his cot, Bundled in a quilty jumpsuit, Mistrer duck under his arm, and a dummy in his mouth. There was something oddly cosy about the rain, the rain cover was only a slight barrier protecting him from the elements and yet it was doing its job. Being close to the rain, while being protected. The thought about Lucy, pushing the pram on the other side. Wrapped in a big coat, and scarf. Why was she bothering to slog through this downpour? She had had her mind set on a quite afternoon in, just mother and baby. They she got that phonecall. Matt had not known what the call was about, but it seem quite tense. Suddenly, hed been wrapped up in an extra layer of clothing and plonked down into his new pram. After a while the pram stop trundling, but matt had no idea where he was. He was getting cranky. Lucy soon removed the raincover. Matt noticed some of the light had gone out of her eyes. She had a grim look in her face. He was promptly lifter from his pram, and settled on to lucys lap. Matt soon realised where he was, it was the food hall of the local shopping centre Before they had left, Matt had witnessed lucy take a boob out of her bra. She had produced A kind of suction deviced and used it to express so milk from her breast into a babies bottle. With the teat firmly placed into matts mouth, he soon found himself suckling once again. He could still smell her perfume as she clung onto him, an anxioius look on her face. Lost in his feeding, matt never noticed the plump middle aged woman taking a seat oppersite the pair. 'Hello, child' began the woman. 'Are you well?' 'Yes, mammy.' Replied lucy. 'How did you find me?' 'It wasnt easy'. Admitted Lucy's mother 'but your name was on the deed pole of your new house'. 'Whos baby is that?' Lucys mother continued. 'Mine' lucy replied firmly. She tightened her grip on matt. Lucys mother's eyes narrowed. 'Thats not possible. We both know that'. 'Hes mine!' Repeated lucy. 'I met the kindest, most gentle man in the world. We has sex for nine months. And now i have this baby.' Lucy's mother sighed. 'Why did your grandmother have to teach you her arts?' And 'why did you have to defy my instruction? Comeback home. Please Mark! Turn back into a man, and come back home!!!!'
  13. Chapter 4: the morning after. Matthew stirred in the cold light of the early morning. He was disoriented, unsure of where he was. The early light of the morning had not yet vanquished the shadows. Three things were apparent to him. Firstly there was clearly something in his mouth. It was lazily hanging out to the side, but it was definitely there. Is was rubber, and for some inexplicable reason it reminded him of Lucy and was of great comfort to him. Secondly, there was something above him, blocking him or shielding him. Like some sort of canopy. To be fair, given the way is life had changed over the past twleve or so hours, he had expected to awake surrounded by wooden bars. This confused him Thirdly, he seemed to surrounded by verious kinds of fuzzy softness. He was wrapped, maybe swaddled by a fleecy material. And some kind of extra fuzziness under his arm. His legs spayed, the bulk of his nappy resting between them. Its was something he was still not yet used to. Still he was remakably warm. Warm and confortable. His legs relaxed and has he did so, he felt an extra layer of warmth spread between his legs. Is nappy felt heavier and began to get clammy. With this a natural impuse came over matt. An urge to scream at the top of his lugs, the strange rubber item finally falling from his mouth. After only a moment, a small table lamp is illuminated. I only a few moments, the opening of the whatever that had become his bed was filled with the presence of the only women he ever loved. A women he should, by any logical reason to have nothing but anger and hate. If anything his love for Lucy had only grown over the past evening. Lucy loomed down over matthew, seeing him for the first time since she put him in his basinette. The basinette was of white wicker construction and one a wooden stand. It was lined with the finest frilly blue linen fabric. Lucy had kept it as close to her side of the bed a humaly possible.and put matthew down for the night in it, dummy in his mouth, fluffy stuffed little yellow chick under his arm, and swaddled in a fleecy blue blanket. 'Morining, sweetie.' Cooed lucy, as she picked up her newly reborn baby boy. 'Are you awake, sunbeam?'. Still swaddled in his blanket, matthew is craddled in lucys arms. Getting better sense of his surroundings, matt started to feel greatful that he was still sleeping in the master bedroom. After all he could have been exiled to some nursery in the cold back bedroom. Lucys slips back into bed with her small charge, held in a warm tight cuddle and wrapped in Lucy's bedsheets. Lucy seemed unconcerned by the moistened state of his nappy. Instead, she had another idea in mind. Slowly she unbuttoned the front of the think flannelet nightie she wore on cold nights, and produced a means of succtince for her baby. This time, matthews mouth activaly sought out her tender nipple. Lucy sat back in bed enjoying both the cuddles and the rhythmic suckling. After a twenty minutes of nuzzling and snuggling, lucy takes matt securely in her arm and took him downstairs to the living room. Once more the changing mat is laid on the living room floor. Once more Matt, in his soggy nappy, onesie, and socks, is laid on the soft foam matt. He couldn't take is eyes of Lucy's face as she beamed down. She looked beside herself with happiness. Even having to undone the poppers on Matt's onesie a taking care of his wet nappy couldnt change that. This was much the same as last night. Matts legs held aloft as Lucy makes efficent work of wiping is bum and crotch. This time thought, there was a liberal covering of baby powder to his little tail and ball. He also noticed a little pile of baby clothes beside the matt. 'Almost done, honey' informed Lucy, as she opened the flaps on the clean nappy. She only raised on leg this time, which was enough to take the other leg and bottom clean of the matt. It was a genuine pleasure, as Matt felt his bottom lowered into into the gusset of the soft and fluffy nappy. Lucy began to tickle matt under his chine and armpit, which made Matt giggle. Then the nappy is bought up once more between his legs, and fastened into place. Raised up onto a seated positon, lucy worked a t-shirt over matt. Making sure to feed his arms through the armholes. And then she got him into a spiffing set of shortalls, the a primary red fire truck on the bib and red poppers up the inseem of matthews legs. Matt was kept laid on the mat for awhile, as lucy got up and went to the kitchen. But lucy, ever the responsible mother, made she she was brief and the matthew was always in view. She came back with a pot of something, a spoon, and a peice of fabric. Lifted, eventually from the matt and place on her lap. Making sure her arms embraced matthews body, keeping him secure. She worked the fabric around his chin and velcroed it round the back of his neck. Lucy, homemaker, produced a pot of homemade baby food. It was oatmeal, with apple and banana. Scooping a decent quanity onto the rubber spoon. Lucy, accompanied by an airplane noise, make her best effort at getting it in matts mouth. Matts toothless mouth, was a somewhat lazy apparatus for feeding at best. Lucy would often have to scrape chucks of it from his mouth and chin, before making another attempt to get it into his mouth. Matt enjoyed this though. Especially sitting on his mothers knee, rather then at a high chair. Soon the bowl was empty. Dressed and fed, it was now lucys turn to get ready for the day. She digged out another item matt had never seen before. Like a soft plush ring, Lucy called it a 'nest'. Soon Matt was back on the floor and safe in its confines. Matt was left to his own devices, as lucy busied herself with getting ready for the day. As mat stared at the swirling bright colours on the childrens tv channel that lucy had left on, matt could her the sink been run in the bathroom. Eventually, lucy returned fully dressed. She smelt of a perfume of her own creation. She usually kept it a bottle that had a art-deco look to it. It was ornate, and had a rubber bulb kind of device attrached. On the homemade label it just said "for her". Lucy picked matt up, and cradled him in her arms. They both stared out of the bay window. The autumn sky was grery and the wind whiped furiously through the trees. " hows about we just stay in today, punpkin?" Suggested lucy. Then the phone rang......
  14. Thats okay. Ive got most of chapter four in the can. I feel myself waining on the project. Im always the same. I obbsess during the planning, and loose interest in the execution.... I must push myself....
  15. Id like nappies r us to stock rearz safaris.....