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  1. I'll admit, I was down on you for trying to get me to look at the ancillaries but you are an excellent writer. You seem to already have a plan and direction if not already pre-written the series. I am intrigued.
  2. Please neverdry, actually stick with this story this time and finish it... I'm kinda over being burned by getting attached to your settings or in Jody's case, the character.
  3. Really? No idea? I mean... this is Daily Diapers still, right?
  4. Is she actually an ABDL?
  5. diaper dimension

    I would like to see a little time spent on Melissa. Maybe not three full chapters worth. Maybe just one more? Get a sense of Janice and Melissa and build up a little more to the reunion. We already knew it was coming but I think for future reads where we will skip past other comments, it would help with pacing a little more to spend some time with Jan and Mel
  6. never dry, please don't let this die... please.
  7. diaper dimension

    Oh no, Oh my God, please! This is the single most refreshing and new story in the DD aside from Chasing Emily. The direction you've chosen is amazing. People love to just treat this as porn writing but by taking this direction, you've turned this into something truly transcendent and that is amazing. Good on you.
  8. can you go back and do this for part one? I would like to read both parts in their intended order.
  9. This is pretty awesome. Sci-fi ABDL stories normally don't excite me, but it's toned down enough that I can enjoy the sci-fi parts when they arise and enjoy the story itself.
  10. As I said on the storyforum, I'm already fully expecting Reila's comeuppance and I'm not too interested in her character's arc. It will be sweet and I will savour it but I like the more subtle progression or regression of Sonja's character. It's not too obvious where she's going and by default, she captures my attention more readily. Having read it on this site though, I have learned to appreciate Reila a little more. What I read there was good setup for what was, and is, to come.
  11. Everyone is concerned with Reila. Sonja is the one I want in diapers xD She's arguably just as immature as Reila and she could use some perspective and re-learn what being a parent means first hand.
  12. Who else but you would be responsible for this WB xD Well played.
  13. I wasn't aware of a critique corner really but if there is one, I guess I'll mostly be posting there.
  14. I ask you then... what is the point of posting a story on a public forum if the only responses that can be given are positive? Write it for yourself and don't post it online or post it on a blog. No one has to find your blog and those that do are coming for your story-telling anyway. On a public forum, open to anyone, you can't really complain. ABDL fiction, while made for a more singular purpose (that being, to get one's rocks off) can still be considered art if the creator puts in the effort. We all want stories like "Jody's new Job" and by offering criticism to people, it ought to encourage them to improve. Allowing people to fester in their mistakes only makes them worse over time. Even more than that, why would you want to lie to people? If you're saying don't respond to bad stories, that's over half the forum taking up server space, collecting dust.
  15. Dude... It's been months. Why would you get me excited like that? =.= Just let it die. If he comes back to this story, he comes back, if not, he doesn't.