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  1. Season 1 episode 8 at the beginning Denzel is talking to Malloy the bear about how the hookers brought out a diaper and he said "whoa, I haven't paid you yet."
  2. I had a great childhood and remember my mom and super affectionate babysitter always making sure I had a fresh diaper, and I can still remember how good it felt to poop in one then having more attention given after filling a big thick plastic diaper. I think part of us misses the attention and wants to relive that feeling that we miss as responsible adults. A friend of mine recently possibly converted a friend of his who had never worn a diaper as an adult before. He said his friend came over and hung out for a while then sometime later he convinced him to give it a try and layed him on his bed and fastened an AB diaper on him. He didn't take it off, and said that he wet and slept in it. They are just very comfortable and I think if there weren't such a stigma attached to it, many more would be wearing them too. Let's keep it a secret though. They're pricey enough and we don't need demand to go up
  3. How much $ >D
  4. This makes me wonder...what if we were cave men? Dirty itchy butts all around!
  5. Didn't know health care insurance would spring for something premium like Abena.
  6. Never messed while I was in public. Don't like to make others smell my crap. It was fun struggling to hold it together until I got back to the crib though. Went out back and made an extreme mess. Up to the waistband front to back. Had to change out of it though because I was going to a friend's house for a day of diapers and t-shirts and bad movies. Awesome day! I had wanted to try those rearz inspire + and when they arrived I found out that I had ordered a medium and I wear a large. My friend's much smaller than me so I gave them to him. I was in a double boosted dry 24/7 that was swollen and had spread just behind my legs but his rearz had only spread between his legs with no boosters. Don't get me wrong, it was super swollen but it was at the halfway point and was probably holding like a liter and a half.
  7. Today I had the ideal mess. Three days without going and started off the day with a bottle of magnesium citrate. It started hitting me about 2 hours later but I went to wash my wife's car. I was camping badly while waiting and sat down to help fight the urge. When I dropped off the car I got in mine and drove home. Even while sitting and driving I was getting close to the point of no control. Once I got to the house I barely made it to the back porch and lit my cigarette when the dam broke and I filled my dry 24/7 up. I realized I wasn't done and relaxed. An equal amount came out and filled it up the back. Keep in mind I'm standing and it still went up the back. I was wearing fairly tight jeans so there wasn't much room for expansion. I sat in a chair to enjoy the mess and when I sat down it squeezed the huge mass up around the waist band in the front of the diaper. Now I realize this this is disgusting to most but at that moment I was in heaven. Didn't have much time to enjoy it though, I was going to an AB friend's place for an afternoon of diapers and t-shirts and bad movies. It's always nice to have someone to share with.
  8. I took some magnesium citrate this morning and it's working it's magic as I sit here typing this waiting for my wife's car to finish being washed. Then I'm going to go get my car washed. Hope I can hold together
  9. Chilli consistency. Like canned chilli.
  10. A. My bulky plastic underwear is my toilet. The party doesn't stop when I leave the garden either. I've become more and more brave recently. I'm a police officer and I've recently started wearing at my part time job. Made an arrest and booked someone last week while wearing a dry 24/7
  11. I won't go indoors in a public place because I don't want to expose others to the smell it creates. Barely holding on until I light up a smoke in the parking lot is good enough for me. One of the things I enjoy is taking a strong laxative while already needing to go and doing the ''can't control my butt hole dance" while waiting for my car to be washed or anything else that takes a long time. One time after being at the point of sphincter spasm, I got home and began to park the car when it was becoming unbearable. My door lock is activated by a key fob on my front door so with hands full, I was trying to unlock the door with my hands full lifting my leg to bring the fob close enough to activate it. It kept beeping and flashing the red light all while I was trying to fight a loosing battle with my sphincter. I finally got in and set down all the stuff I had, stepped out to my back porch and lit a cigarette. As soon as I flicked the lighter the solid part began to come out on its own. Then I relaxed and let it go. It made a huge mess filling the diaper like a water Ballon, removing all wrinkles from the plastic. I sighed in relief but was then surprised by round 2 hitting immediately filling the diaper (a large dry 24/7) all the way up, front to back. I pushed a little and was rewarded by a substantial amount coming out. Then I realized I had been holding my pee so pee I did. I've got to say, dry 247s are pretty awesome. It was a substantial flood but no leaking. Now when I sat and squished it around, that's another story. Super awesome feeling.
  12. Rearz are pretty heavy duty. I flood one about 7-8 times before it starts leaking. If it leaks on you after 3 uses you must pee about a liter at a time.
  13. I wear dry24/7s anywhere I go with just plain clothes over them. Ambient noise cancels out the crinkle and only other ABDLs will be looking for the tell tale tell signs like bulging groin and butt with no discernable but cheeks. Right now I'm wearing molicare's under my uniform as I sit here typing across from my partner. He doesn't know and no one else has noticed all night.
  14. Video games. Wash the car before and do several errands until my laxative kicks in and I have a very bad "accident"
  15. Babies don't simulate their poop. A real AB/DL makes a mess for real! Only reason Chuck Norris will never need diapers is because he doesn't take any shit!