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  1. I've got a wacom tablet for my computer, but it doesn't get a lot of use since the computer is really slow. I'm wanting to upgrade it at some point, but don't really know what to upgrade.
  2. Once again, well done. What do you use to draw?
  3. This looks well done. The only thing I'm a little confused about is near the tape on the left side. Is that part supposed to be like an x-ray view showing the character's bottom?
  4. I think I will try them soon. Thanks for the link Mikey.
  5. Yikes. That sounds like an awful experience to go through. Out of curiosity, do you have any issues with lactose? I've known people that were lactose intolerant, and they described eating ice cream, but being miserable afterwards in the bathroom.
  6. I came to this site to hopefully find some relief from my inner demons as far as being a DL. Thanks Mikey for having this wonderful resource available for anyone who would need some help. Also, the photos are nice to look at too.
  7. I don't know if this will mean much to you, but I sincerely wish you the best in getting some help. I would hate to be in the situation you are, and would hope that someone can give you some much needed assistance. Stay strong, and please take any help you can find.
  8. Just scared myself pretty bad. I was dry firing my pistol at bad guys in a movie, and when I was done, I reloaded it to make it ready for defense if need be. Thinking I had the safety on, I pointed it up, squeezed the trigger, and I now have a hole in my ceiling. I feel like such an idiot. Thankfully it didn't go all the way through the roof.

  9. I still have some legos, and want to get more of them. I also have Knex from when I was younger, and these are still fun to play with. I still have my old Game boy and the Color one I had too, but I'm not really remembering much other than that.
  10. I just got a case of Rearz Princess diapers in the other day. It's nice. Only thing that wasn't nice was that they arrived on my porch during a downpour.
  11. I agree with Tara. Take things slowly until your energy levels start to normalize. I wish I could say I worked 2 hours today, since I would have had more time for video games.
  12. I have an issue like this as well. I also can't really talk to people, girls even more so. I always wind up stuttering and stammering, and getting flustered that I can't say what I'm trying to say. I usually know exactly what I want to say in my head, but getting the words to come out in a coherent way is very troublesome. A friend at work says he doesn't notice this when I'm on Xbox Live, but when in person, I am a stuttering mess. It's something I really hate about myself, and don't know how to fix it.
  13. Just finished watching MLP Season 5 episode 18, Crusaders of the Lost Mark. OMG I love this episode! It actually made me feel bad for Diamond Tiara, and I never thought I'd say that. I teared up a little when the CMC got their cutie marks.

  14. Hung out with a buddy of mine on Saturday, and wore my Vinyl Scratch shirt that I recently got. I expected to get a negative reaction from him, but didn't really get a reaction at all. When I told him that I was surprised at the lack of reaction that I've gotten from my MLP shirts, whether good or bad, or even getting weird looks, my friend replied with "That's because MLP is gay." He was telling me that there's a difference between someone who likes the show and a brony, but didn't really elaborate on that. Any ideas on what he might have meant?

  15. Congrats. Hope you all get everything how you like it soon with no problems.