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  1. i worryed with the same issue, i ordered a fleece spreader romper and worryed the wholes for my thigh would be too small, but it came and it fit perfect. I also ordered a size up to make sure it came big enough,
  2. When I wear a Diaper, I always put 2 Abena Maxi soaker pads in , lay on top of them point my penis down and print the pad over my penis and then diaper up. Nice and SNug and your urine will soak the whole diaper.
  3. Nobody knows?
  4. I saw these diapers on another post and I tryed to figure out what diapers they were, the other post had nudity so i didn't want to post those pictures. anybody help?
  5. Will USPS open my package, When I pick it up from the store?
  6. I posted a few weeks back about buying an outfit from adultbAbyshop, I got my package in today after 3 weeks of no tracking information and instead of them leaving my item at the front office of my apartment they took it back to the USPS store in my city, I dont have a problem with waiting a day to pick my package up, but has anyone ever picked up something ABDL items, clothes,diaper, ect. Do they open the package at all?
  7. Take your pick
  8. Great Addition, I feel a little girl is about to have a new daddy.
  9. That is the old print anyway, you got to remember casey changed how the cushie looks.
  10. i got my tracking yesterday, I am very excited to get my new outfit.
  11. I sent him a email and he told me that tracking numbers are sent by a systememail, I just hasnt sent out yet.
  12. I placed ny order with them last tuesday and i just got an update today saying delivered. I assume it was delivered to the postal service since its being shipped from germany to the united states. Do they not give tracking info out on orders?
  13. Looking for a story I read, Cannot remember where I read it last, A girl goes and has a adult baby photo shoot for her boyfriend of husband, it was for there anniversary or birthday and she gives the pictures to him as a gift. Cant remember the name or where I read it at. I think it was deviantart.
  14. Thank you so much! Was looking for it.
  15. I am looking for a story I read about a girl who meets this guy and they hook up, come to find out the guy is married and his wife regress the girl into her own baby girl.