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  1. Ani babbled softly to his mema. Tony watched his mommy with his youngest baby.
  2. "No I'm not" Tony's glowing turned into a blush
  3. Tony loved any praise his mommy gave him. He glowed slightly after what his mommy said.
  4. Tony began to smile again. "We'll stay for another day" He said as he kissed his mommy's cheeks.
  5. Max was as happy as he could be. "Life isn't the same without you around" Tony softly whined.
  6. Max cooed softly before kissing his mommy repeatedly. "I was thinking it was time for me and the family to head back home, but I really hate the idea of leaving you" Tony told his mommy. He and his family have been there for the passed for weeks since Anakin came home from the hospital.
  7. "This" Max giggled as he continued cuddle his mommy. "Would you believe I just wanted to see you?" Tony asked. Anakin cooed softly from his mema's kiss. He was enjoying her attention.
  8. Max giggled happily. Tony took Anakin to see his mom.
  9. "Love you mommy" Max said lovingly.
  10. Max just hopped back into his mommy's lap. He was in need of cuddling. Since his mommy had been pregnant, she wasn't able to really cuddle with Max all that often.
  11. "Pull ups kay" Max said back happily.
  12. Amy had a horrible nightmare. It was about her original abusive father.
  13. Billy cooed softly, but started to sneeze again.
  14. "I can watch him if you like Thalia" Geoff stated.
  15. Tai cooed softly as he nuzzled his mommy. Haru waddled back to his sister with a sadden look on his face.