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  1. I wasn't aware of a story contest, actually.
  2. This isn't an exact rule, but rather advice: Don't make too many, but make sure to enforce the ones you actually have. From what little experience I have, too many rules just gets frustrating and stressful to keep track of, and if you don't enforce or at least acknowledge when they are broken, then you might as well not have them.
  3. I'm sure this isn't a problem unique to myself, but I wanted to share my frustrations anyways because... Well, it's a forum. That's kind of what forums are for, right? So, I should start by saying that I'm mostly content in life right now. I've got a good job, good friends, a good place to live. I almost feel guilty complaining, simply because outside of this, there's not that much in my life to really complain about. With that being said, though... Right now, when I look at my future, I am just having a hard time seeing that future being with someone else, and that thought really frustrates me. I've already got more than a few problems in the love-life department. I don't know that many girls. I don't know how to meet new people, either. I'm awkward, and am just enough on the autism spectrum that it completely screws up any ability I might otherwise have to at least be able to tell what other people think of me. (Also I can't remember names and faces very well, which lemme tell you, it's a pain in the ass when it comes to trying to make a good impression with new people.) I don't think I'm terrible in the looks department, and my personality isn't entirely repulsive, (apparently, since I have actual friends and acquaintances and everything,) but the fact of the matter is, I can count the number of first dates I've had on a single hand, I can count the number of second dates on a thumb, and I've never made it to number three. And on top of all of that, I've got an embarrassing and specific fetish that most people will either laugh at or be disgusted by. Unless I absolutely hit the jackpot, so to speak, I just can't see myself finding someone who would be happy to have me. It's not like I truly need kinky sex to be happy with a relationship, of course, but without it I think it'll always just seem like something's missing. Eventually, I'll either have to lie to my partner or tell the truth and probably screw things up. The other option is to try to find someone who shares my fetish to begin with, but this has as many problems. Meeting people in real life is something I already suck at, and online dating hasn't really panned out. (Any site that caters specifically to fetishes either seems completely inactive, caters mostly to people looking for a purely sexual/kinky relationship, or is trying to exploit people like to me for money. Oh, and are about 90% populated by guys, which isn't exactly to my taste.) I've tried going to one munch, but I mostly felt awkward the whole time, and didn't really have much in common with anyone there. (Also, there was nobody even remotely my age, which is also a problem.) All in all, it's... Like I said, frustrating. I guess it's a forum, so I should end this in a question... But I really don't have one that isn't obvious or sarcastic. So... Yeah.
  4. The title... Pretty much says it all, really. I'm not set on any specifics. I prefer to play characters who end up diapered against their will for one reason or another, but I'm not set on any particular story or set up. I am a little pedantic about the story/plot that we write making at least some level of logical sense, even if it's a little tenuous. I'd rather have handwaved explanations and acknowledgement than simply straight-up ignoring plotholes and ignoring any semblance of continuity. I'm in this for the story and the fun of writing as much as the kink, so I also want someone who can actually hold their own in the writing department as well. If I'm doing all of the action and your posts are just responses to whatever I'm writing, then I'm going to get bored quickly. (If I want to write a diaper fiction story on my own, I'll just up and do that.) If you're interested, PM me or just respond to this thread, and we can come up with something.
  5. It was originally written as a sequel, yes. I decided not to really mention it, though, since (other than the obvious thematic and plot similarities,) they don't really influence one another. It's less a "Star Wars V" sequel and more of a "Die Hard 2". (That is, the exact same story, but with circumstances tweaked and a larger scale.)
  6. This is just a short halloween piece I wrote with the help of FlamingCreeper. Yes, it's late. (Actually, I started on it over a year ago, planning on getting it done for THAT Halloween, so it's actually very late.) Enjoy! “You have got to be kidding me!” “You’re the one who asked me to pick the costumes. Besides, don’t you think it’ll help with… Y’know...” “Shut up.” “Woah there, don’t shoot the messenger.” Katie shook her head, glancing again at the costume in the bag she was holding, and then back at Sarah, and then back in the bag. And then back at Sarah. “I’m not wearing it,” Katie insisted, planting her feet. “If you say so,” Sarah said, shrugging like she didn’t much care. “But it’s the only one I’ve got for you, and my costume won’t make much sense if you don’t wear yours.” Katie ground her teeth, but she already knew she’d eventually say yes. The protestations and resistance were purely for show at this point, but she felt a stickler to formality. She’d say no, Sarah would say yes, they’d end up coming up with some compromise that usually ended with Sarah buying them both fast food afterwards. It’s how Sarah had gotten Katie to go water skiing, it’s how Katie had ended up banned from Denny’s, and it’s why they’d ended up at the midnight release of Blood Slashers VII a few weeks earlier. Which, incidentally, was how Sarah had found out about Katie’s issue with scary movies. She had told herself that it wouldn’t be a problem this time, then Sarah had offered to buy jumbo sodas with the popcorn, Katie had said yes, and twenty minutes in they were both behind the theater as Katie tried to dry her soaking wet pants with some napkins and dodging funny looks from passerbies. It was a problem Katie had been dealing with ever since she was out of training pants: She was really easy to scare, and her ‘Fight-or-Flight’ instinct tended very heavily towards the ‘Piss yourself and run’ end of the spectrum. While she’d mostly been able to manage it in everyday life, (With the exception of a year in Junior High where the school bully had figured out Katie’s problem and taken the chance to jump-scare her at every opportunity,) scary movies and halloween both inevitably ended in soaked jeans and an extra load of laundry. Sarah had ultimately been pretty understanding, even if she was a bit bummed at missing the rest of the movie. Katie had no idea why a twenty-four year old college honors student only a couple semesters from graduating spent so much time hanging out with a C-average highschool student who was probably going to graduate into a job at Walmart. Even simply standing next to one another, they were opposites: Sarah was at least six feet tall, full-chested, had gorgeous brown curls of hair, and the kind of looks that would turn heads and cause teenage boys to regret wearing sweatpants. Katie, meanwhile, was tiny, barely tall enough to ride the rollercoasters at a fair, had stiff blonde hair that would only cooperate with a dozen ties, and freckles that refused to go away as she neared drinking age. In comparison to Sarah, she was less ‘Calendar Girl’ and more ‘Coppertone Girl’. Still, Katie wasn’t going to complain: Sarah was, to her, a nigh-unlimited source of car rides and a regular source of free food and fun activities beyond anything her parents could provide. And, as of yesterday, had even offered to ‘Help’ do Katie’s homework, as long as Katie agreed to go out on the town in a tandem halloween costume. A guaranteed “A” and not having to do homework were both great things in Katie’s book, and a free halloween costume and a night on the town in it were gravy on top of the already awesome package. Of course, she hadn’t know at the time that her costume was going to be ‘Really, really stupid looking’. No, wait, that wasn’t the costume, that was just Katie’s description of it. In reality, it was a pretty authentic toddler costume: pink shortalls with bright buttons and snaps on the crotch, a brighter pink onesie, (Katie had mistaken it for a T-shirt at first), ridiculously large lollipop, white Mary Janes for shoes, and (Of course,) a huge white diaper. There was even a tiara. All it was missing was an oversized teddy bear, but that was Sarah’s costume, so all the bases were covered. Obviously, Katie’s problem was with the diaper. Since it’d be covered up by the shortalls, she had tried to protest that it wouldn’t add a thing to the costume’s look, but Sarah had pointed out that they were thick enough to add a pretty obvious bulge around the crotch, and she also noted that the bulk between Katie’s legs would add an authentic toddlerish waddle to her step. Finally, sighing and rolling her eyes, Sarah said, “Jeez, it’s just a halloween costume, it’s not like I’m asking you to wear diapers to school or anything.” “Okay, sure…” Katie said, skeptically. “But… It’s kinda not the coolest halloween costume, y’know?” “Tell you what,” Sarah said. “I got some halloween candy I was going to set out in a bowl when we left. Get dressed, you get first pick of the bowl.” Chewing her lip, Katie considered the offer. It was a little childish, but she was about as much of a ‘Chocoholic’ as you could get. And, on the income of a broke highschool student with no allowance and no job, her access to candy was pretty limited. She could snag some occasionally, but it was hardly a consistently available resource. “Plus, I can promise a bunch more candy later on where we’re going,” Sarah added, grinning. “Oh, what the hell,” Katie said, shrugging and toting the bag to the bathroom so she could get dressed. “This should just take a minute, and you’d better not be lying,” she added, but it was a hollow threat. She wasn’t too mad, and the costume was pretty good looking, if not the most dignified. And besides, Sarah *did* have a point about the added protection that the costume would give; it would be nice not to have to worry about the problems that tended to arise whenever a jerk would jump out from a corner because he thought it’d be funny. Figuring out how to put on the diaper proved to be a challenge. Katie had initially thought she’d simply have to pull it on and move a couple tapes into place, but upon taking her pants off, pulling her panties down around her ankles, and removing the rectangular piece of white plastic padding she quickly saw that it wouldn’t be so easy. Unfolding it, she had to inspect it from a couple angles pull at the velcro tapes a few different times before she puzzled out the best way to put it on. It was probably an odd sight, a highschool senior crouching half-naked on the tile bathroom floor, inspecting a diaper like it was a piece of alien technology, but it wasn’t like anyone was watching her. Pulling the back of the diaper between her legs and up towards the small of her back, she held it in place with her left hand while using her right to fold the diaper up between her legs. Holding it there, she realized the problem: With one hand holding the back of the diaper in place and the other holding the front, she had no way to secure the tapes in place without the diaper falling out of place. Blushing, she said to herself, “Right…” and sat down before laying back on the bathroom floor. With gravity now handling the task of keeping the diaper secured in place, she was able to tug one of the right tabs into place, then one of the left, then the remaining one on both sides. It was a snug fit around the waist and a little loose around the crotch, but altogether not too much of an issue. In comparison to the undergarments, the rest of the costume was a breeze to put on. The onesie was basically just a T-shirt with buttons on the bottom, and the shortalls weren’t really a challenge to put on either. The tiara fit well, setting on her head comfortably. The shoes and socks proved slightly difficult, but only because kneeling down to reach them was a little awkward what with all the unfamiliar bulk between her legs. With all that said and done, though, she withdrew the dinner-plate sized lollipop from the bag and toddled to the bathroom door, managing to walk in a relatively straight line even with her legs splayed out in a wide V shape from the diaper. Stepping out into the living room, she was just about to ask how she looked when she saw Sarah in full costume, wearing what could only be described as a slutty teddy bear. Whiskers drawn on her face with surprisingly good makeup, ears on a hairpiece, a top which exposed most of her midriff, brown minishorts with a little tail sewn to the back, and gloves with fake ‘Claws’ glued to the fingernails. Katie put her hand to her mouth and started giggling, to Sarah’s apparent displeasure. “What?” Sarah demanded, frowning. “It’s, heh, nothing,” Katie smirked. “You just look a little silly. What, they ran out of costumes so you slapped something together with clothes from Strippers ‘R Us?” Rolling her eyes, Sarah said, “Well it’s not like your clothes are costume-store apparel either, they had ‘em in your size in the kids section at Target. Besides, it’s not like I’d let you be the only one in a silly costume.” Grinning as she looked Katie up and down, she added, “You look pretty adorable, by the way.” Blushing, Katie stammered, “Yeah, well- shut up. You promised candy.” Shaking her head and smiling, Sarah nodded. “In a bowl in the kitchen. Take all you want, but don’t get greedy. Wouldn’t want you to get a tummy ache.” “I’m eighteen, I don’t get ‘Tummy Aches’,” Katie replied, scowling and heading into the kitchen. She spotted the bowl of hand-wrapped chocolates almost immediately, little fudge-like cubes in plastic cellophane held on with twist ties. Grabbing one, unwrapping it, and popping it in her mouth, Katie’s eyes went wide. It was really, really good. “Did you make these yourself?” She asked, the hand-wrapped nature being a bit of a tip off. “Yeah,” Sarah called back from the other room. “Don’t go too overboard, now.” “Weren’t you worried some parent would freak out about razorblades or whatever?” Katie asked, groaning at the comment about eating too much candy. She was an adult, she could have however much she damn well pleased. Purely out of spite and not because it was delicious, she shoved another six pieces in her mouth and stuffed a few more in her pocket, turning just as Sarah walked into the kitchen to catch her with a mouth full of the fudgey chocolate. “Well, I know most of the people in the building, so it’s not like-” Sarah started, before she saw Katie’s bulging cheeks and stopped, smiling warmly. “You left some for the kids, right?” She asked. Katie nodded, rolling her eyes again and chewing a bit so she could eventually swallow and reply. “Yeah, well, it’s really good.” “Thanks,” Sarah said, shrugging. “I found the recipe on Google. You ready to get going? Wouldn’t want to miss the festivities.” Thinking, Katie tried to remember if she’d forgotten anything. She didn’t really need to use the bathroom, and she didn’t feel like taking off the costume for a real-quick pee break, so that wasn’t an issue. She was going to leave her purse and phone at Sarah’s apartment, so no issues there. She had the extra candy in her pocket, so that wasn’t going to be a problem. “Yeah, I’m ready,” she agreed, smiling. “Can I drive?” “You can’t even reach the pedals,” Sarah smirked. “And nobody drives Apollo but me.” “I still think that’s a stupid name for a car,” Katie said, less because she thought it was true and more because she was feeling petulant about Sarah’s teasing - She knew she was short, she didn’t need anyone to remind her. It felt condescending, and in the most literal sense of the word. “Better not let him hear that,” Sarah said, either missing or ignoring Katie’s petulance. “Apollo doesn’t take any guff. C’mon, let’s go, we’ll miss out on the candy.” As the headed to the door, Katie noticed Sarah was forgetting to bring the bowl of candy along to set outside for the kids. She almost commented, before realizing that if Sarah forgot to set it out, there’d be a ton left over, which meant more for her. Awesome. Popping another of the fudge cubes in her mouth, she sighed contentedly. This was going to be a kickass Halloween. … “Wai- This’s wha’ you were talkin’ abou’?” Katie asked, swallowing the last piece of candy she’d pocketed and glancing across the road at the lineup of houses where little kids were running from door to door to elicit the giving of sugary goodness. “I know you said free candy, but Trick-or-Treating? Aren’t we a little old for that?” “C’mon, it’ll be fun!” Sarah protested lightly, killing the engine to her car. “Besides, you don’t exactly look your age, especially in that getup. I’m sure you could pass for Trick-or-Treating age, and if anyone asks I’m just your escort. Don’t worry, there’s a party later tonight, I just thought we could have a little fun and show off our costumes here first.” Katie chewed her lip for a second, weakly offering, “I didn’t bring a bag for candy.” Rolling her eyes, Sarah said, “There’s one in the glove box. You think I’d forget something like that?” Peeking in the glove box, Katie found a pink canvas bag with a bright orange Jack-O-Lantern decorating the front. There was a side pocket that bulged with something in it, probably Sarah’s phone and maybe a snack or something, it didn’t matter and Katie wasn’t all too interested in finding out.“Oh,” she said, smirking. “Well… I guess, since we’re already here, we could go up to a few houses.” “Awesome,” Sarah smiled, popping her door open and standing up, stretching her arms a bit and making the tiny top she wore stretch across her chest. “Jeez,” Katie commented, as she looked at the houses, trying to pick which one to start at. “Are you trying to cause a traffic accident or just make all the parents on the block hate you?” “What? I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Sarah replied innocently. “Any house is good, a buncha people in this neighborhood give out whole candy bars, none of that ‘Fun size’ crap.” “You really planned this all out, huh?” Katie asked, picking a house at random and striking out across the street towards it. Shaking her head, Sarah said, “Nah, I just know a few people in the area. A buddy of mine lives a few houses down.” Making it to the front walk that led up to the first of the houses, Katie faltered. “Are you sure about this?” “Sure,” Sarah said, nodding. “What’s the worst that could happen?” Katie had a few worst-case scenarios in mind, but none of them seemed all too plausible, so she simply gave Sarah what she hoped was a careless smile and toddled up the front walk, selling the hell out of her ‘Toddler in a diaper’ costume what with one hand holding a bag for candy and the other holding the giant lollipop. “Wait!” Sarah added, quickly catching up. “You should hold my hand, since I’m supposed to be your teddy bear. You get better candy if your costume is cuter. I’ll carry your candy bag.” Thinking about it, Katie passed over the candy bag without too much complaint, except to say, “Sure, but if you eat any of my candy I’ll throw a tantrum.” “I promise not to touch it,” Sarah said, “Y’know, since you’d throw a tantrum otherwise. No other reason.” And then they were at the door, and before Katie could think about backing out, Sarah was knocking on the door with the hand that held the candy bag, and within a couple seconds an older lady holding a big bowl of full-sized Snickers opened it. “Well hello!” She said sweetly, smiling down at Katie. Blushing for a moment, Katie almost reached out for the bowl of candy before she remembered that she was supposed to say something. “H-hi,” she said, suddenly feeling more than a little self-conscious about her costume. “You’re supposed to say ‘Trick-or-Treat, silly!” Sarah said encouragingly, squeezing Katie’s hand. “R-right!” Katie said, blushing more at having forgotten. “Trick-or-treat…” “Your costume is simply adorable,” the woman said, passing out one of the Snickers bars and putting it in the bag that Sarah was holding out. Then, looking disapprovingly at Sarah’s costume, the woman added pointedly, “It’s nice to know that some girls still have a little modesty.” “Thank you,” Katie put in quickly, trying not to smirk too much, before turning to head back down the little path they had come up. The moment she heard the door shut behind them, she burst out into giggles. “I told you this’d be fun,” Sarah reminded, and then they were on to the next house. Again, Katie got compliments on her ‘Adorable’ costume, this time getting a handful of bite-sized candies rather than a single full-sized bar. By the third house, Katie was starting to get the hang of walking with the diaper shifting awkwardly between her legs, feeling a bit loose and saggy but ultimately soft and altogether not that big of a deal. If anyone had noticed, they hadn’t said anything, except perhaps in one of the comments about how cute and ‘authentic’ her costume looked. Moving on to the fourth house, Katie was surprised to find she was really enjoying herself in spite of their childish choice of activity. It was an older house, with little lights on the side of the front walk, and a single halloween decoration in the form of an uncarved pumpkin sitting by the door, next to a bowl of candy with a sign that said, “Take one, or you’ll be sooOOoorry! Muahahah!” “Yeah, right,” Katie said to Sarah, smirking as she grabbed a handful and then two of the candy, tossing it in the bag. “I dunno,” Sarah said, glancing around. “Seems a bit rude to take that much candy just for yourself, you’re gonna get plenty tonight anyways.” Rolling her eyes, Katie shook her head. “Serves ‘em right for trusting kids to follow the honor system. If I didn’t take a whole bunch, someone else would. Besides, I’m leaving most of the bowl. You ready?” She turned, ready to walk down the stairs and move on to the next- “BOO!” A sinister figure with no face, cloaked all in black and wielding some kind of sick knife lept at the two of them, making Katie’s heart stop in fear. This wasn’t some Trick-or-Treating kid, it was some lunatic who thought he’d use the holiday as an excuse to get in some movie-worthy slashing of innocent victims. Screaming at the top of her lungs, Katie wrenched her hand free of Sarah’s grip and threw her arms up in a defensive gesture, hoping that this pathetic attempt to protect herself would at least slow down their attacker. Her bladder gave way, but that didn’t matter; they were about to die! She almost fell backwards entirely, except they were close enough to the house still that it just meant rocking back a little and leaning against the door of the house as she shrieked, her life flashing in front of her eyes as she- “Woah, woah, easy there!” Their attacker said, stepping back and dropping his knife, holding one hand out in a pacifying gesture as he used his other hand to pull the mask back from his face. He was maybe nineteen, with sharp features and a shock of black hair, looking thin, maybe even looking a little scrawny. “Just a costume, don’t worry.” Realizing that the insane lunatic slasher that had come after her and Sarah wasn’t insanely slashing anyone, Katie lowered her arms slightly and blushed, embarrassment sweeping over her as she realized it was just some guy in a costume trying to scare them. She blushed further as she felt the rush of hot urine flowing out of her, realizing that she was having another accident, and pretty soon everyone would see, and start laughing, and- Making a confused face, she looked down, before realization hit her. Instead of feeling the usual trickle of pee running down her legs and in her clothes, it stopped cold when it hit her diaper, instead soaking into the padding and leaving the accident totally undetectable to the outside world. It was actually a little reassuring, while Katie was having an accident, nobody else could tell. She made a little ‘Meep’ noise, looking up to Sarah and then at the sheepishly apologetic guy wearing most of a black costume and looking more than a little confused. Sarah stepped in finally, filling the silence. “Sorry, she scares easily,” she explained, giving Katie a calming look. “Not your fault.” Standing back, the guy sighed in relief. “Still, I feel kinda bad. She can keep all the extra candy she took, call it my… apology…” Giving Katie an odd look, he leaned in and whispered something inaudible to Sarah. Nodding, Sarah just changed the subject and asked, “So you’re scaring anyone who takes more than a piece of candy?” “Yup,” he replied, grinning. “Putting a little fear of the honor system in kids, teach ‘em not to take more than their fair share. Here, by the way, you dropped your tiara,” he added, bending and grabbing the plastic crown for Katie. She accepted it, cheeks red, and placed it back on her head. “Well,” Sarah said, taking Katie’s hand back. “Don’t worry, I think our little trooper learned her lesson, didn’t you, Katie?” Blushing again, Katie collected her wits so that she could respond, “Um… Er...” Laughing, the guy said, “It’s no problem. Now, I’d get hidden again, but I think about the whole neighborhood saw me after all the screaming, so I’ll probably just start giving out candy like a normal boring person. G-great costume, by the way,” he added, laughing nervously as he finally took in Sarah’s costume. “You really pull of the barely - Er, bare- The bear costume looks good.” Giggling, Sarah said thanks and then tugged on Katie’s hand before leading her away, back to the sidewalk and a little ways down before stopping and turning to her. “Are you okay, Katie?” She asked, actually sounding a little concerned. “Y-yeah,” Katie said, nodding unsteadily. “Sorry about that, I know it was stupid, but-” “It’s not stupid, you just get scared easily,” Sarah interrupted, reassuringly. “It wasn’t your fault.” Face brightening, Katie added, “B-but you were right, the diaper worked. I, uh… y’know, but nobody could tell!” Sarah ‘Hmmm’ed for a second, before she said, “Uh… Katie?” Feeling her heart sink, Katie asked, “What? Could you, like, hear it or something?” “No…” Sarah said, shaking her head. “You… I don’t think you put the diaper on right.” “What? What do you-” Katie looked down between her legs, and to her horror saw two very large crescent-shaped wet patches which outlined the edge of the diaper, creating a very distinct mark where the bulk ended and the fabric began. Had Sarah been able to see her face, it would have been as red as a cherry lollipop. Feeling mortified, Katie said, “So, when he whispered to you-” “He asked me if you actually needed diapers, and if it wasn’t just supposed to be part of the costume,” Sarah confirmed. Katie took that in for a second, before realizing something and scowling. “And you nodded?!” she demanded, angrily. “What was I supposed to say?” Sarah countered hotly. “‘No, normally she pisses her pants without a diaper on?’” Katie came back angrily, feeling more than a little sensitive on the issue. “No- But- Well- Fuck you!” She immediately regretted saying the words, knowing that Sarah was just trying to make the best of a bad situation, and it definitely hadn’t deserved that kind of lashing out. “S-sorry!” She added quickly, but the damage was already done. Glaring, Sarah stood up and, holding tightly onto Katie’s hand, pulled her along the sidewalk without a word in response. Katie tried to dig her heels in, but with her legs awkwardly spread, and with Sarah already being a taller, stronger woman to begin with, she didn’t have any real way of slowing their progress down the sidewalk. “I- I’m sorry!” Katie stammered quickly, guilt and a little cautious fear creeping into her voice, not knowing what Sarah was planning. They weren’t headed back to Sarah’s car, but that didn’t rule out many other unpleasant things Sarah could be planning. Katie trusted Sarah, but she didn’t like being dragged helplessly along the sidewalk towards an unknown destination in an unfamiliar neighborhood. “I- I didn’t mean it! Please, don’t be mad- Where are we going?” She added, as Sarah turned them down the next front walk, towards a brightly painted house with lots of decorations out front and a group of second graders herded by a disheveled-looking babysitter walking away from the door. Katie noticed - with some annoyance - that at least one of the second graders was as tall as she was. “Lemme go, Sarah!” Knocking on the door twice, Sarah ignored Katie’s stammering and smiled brightly as a mother answered the door, two little girls around her knees dressed up in pink and blue princess dresses. “Hi!” Sarah said, beaming brightly. “It seems my little Katie here went and had an accident and her diaper couldn’t quite handle it, I don’t suppose we could use your bathroom to get her all cleaned up?” Katie froze, knowing that her cheeks must have been tomato-red with how much she was suddenly blushing as Sarah spoke so openly about her accident. Sure, it was pretty obvious to anyone close enough to see the big wet marks around the diaper’s leg cuffs, but that didn’t mean Sarah had to go around announcing it to everyone! Smiling knowingly, the mother at the door looked from Sarah to Katie, then back up to Sarah. “Of course,” she said, “It’s just through here. Come in!” “Thank you,” Sarah said, gripping Katie’s hand tightly and dragging her inside as the two tiny girls giggled. “It’s so nice to see sisters spending time with each other around the holidays,” the mother commented, apparently assuming that Sarah and Katie were related. Leaning in and adding more quietly, (though not so quietly that Katie couldn’t here,) “Though… isn’t she a little old for diapers? I know parents are starting their kids off late nowadays, but she looks like she could almost pass for a teenager with the right clothes!” “Hey!” Katie started, before Sarah cut her off. “She’s just struggling a little with making it,” Sarah explained. “‘Mom’ didn’t want to rush her, and she throws such a fit when we try and get her to start wearing training pants.” “I had the same problem with Molly here,” the mom said, smiling as she held open the bathroom door. “A little time over my knee cleared that up right quick. If I can suggest, well… Katie, was it?” Sarah nodded before Katie could respond. “You might try that with her, a little old-fashioned discipline can go a long ways.” Glancing down at Katie and back up to the mom, Sarah raised an eyebrow and said, “I might suggest that to, eh, ‘Mom’. Who knows,” she gave Katie a significant glance as she added this part, “It might even teach her a few manners while we’re at it.” “Well, good luck cleaning her up, take all the time you need,” the mother said, laughing graciously as Sarah closed the bathroom door, leaving her and Katie alone. A few seconds of silence went by, Katie’s sputtering reduced to a quiet blush, and Sarah looked her up and down before sighing. “Strip,” she ordered, setting down the bag of candy on the bathroom countertop and beginning to go through the side pocket. “Wh-what?” Katie choked, a little taken aback. “I need to clean your clothes before any stains set in,” Sarah said, retrieving a Resolve® Stain Stick (Sold at any grocery near you! “When you need to get the tough stains out!™”) and a small cloth. “I’d use the flaps to change you, but since I need to clean you up anyways it’ll be easier if you just stripped out of those clothes.” “I… uh…” Her face maintaining the blush she’d been wearing for the past ten minutes or so, Katie realized that Sarah was making a decent argument. “Right… Turn around?” Rolling her eyes, Sarah pointed out, “I’m about to change your diaper, Katie.” “Er… right,” Katie said, nodding a bit and unbuttoning the straps on the shortalls, letting them fall to the ground and trying to tug them off, getting them all stuck on her shoes. Laughing nervously, she crouched to pull of the Mary Jane’s, but with the abnormal bulk between her legs and the extra weight sagging there, not to mention the normal difficulty of bending over and trying to untie her shoes with the shortalls around her ankles, she immediately tumbled backwards and landed on her butt with a quiet ‘squish’. “What- Here, just let me do it,” Sarah said, exasperated, as she set aside a fresh diaper and a small box of wipes she had produced from the candy bag. Crouching down in front of the now-sitting Katie, she gently untied the laces of her shoes, pulled them off along with the lacy socks beneath before finally pulling the shortalls away from around Katie’s ankles. “I… I’ve got it,” Katie protested, but Sarah was already ignoring her as she moved up to the pink onesie, undoing the crotch snaps and then carefully pulling it over Katie’s head, making sure to be careful with the stained patches as she pulled it off her. Taking both the onesie and the shortalls, Sarah stood and grabbed the stain stick, rubbing it liberally on the crescent-shaped stains before setting both the stick and the clothes aside, grabbing the diaper and wipes, and turning back to Katie. “Lie back,” she ordered, and Katie obeyed immediately, not wanting to get in any more trouble with her friend. “And listen up, okay?” Sarah grabbed the tapes on the poorly-put-on diaper and ripping them away, pulling the whole diaper away and leaving Katie totally naked except for her bra. “I’m not going to put up with you lashing out at me over something that’s not my fault. I like you, you’re a good kid,” she added, as she started cleaning Katie thoroughly with the baby wipes, “But that doesn’t mean I’m okay with your yelling at me whenever you’re in a pissy mood. Lift up your bottom,” she added, making Katie blink for a second as she realized she was being given an instruction. She obeyed, pushing up with her legs and letting Sarah slide a fresh diaper in place, taping it snugly and with seemingly practiced deftness. “I don’t mean to threaten, but you saw how easy it was for me to humiliate you if you start thinking I’m your verbal punching bag. I’m just trying to be nice here, so don’t throw it back in my face. Got it?” Katie nodded, feeling like an idiot for yelling earlier. Sarah had been nothing but nice, it was totally uncalled for, and now Katie had gone and piss her off for no real reason. She was also almost startled to realize that she’d been changed into a fresh diaper; Sarah had cleaned her up so efficiently and with so little emphasis that her scolding had completely taken precedent, and the changing process that otherwise would have been mortifying ended up simply being a side note. “Good,” Sarah said, smiling. “Now, I’m going to run some cold water of these stains and then wring ‘em out, just wait by for a moment and then we’ll get back to free candy.” “Sure,” Katie said, walking over to the side of the room and leaning against the wall, waiting quietly. A few silent moments went by, and then Katie felt a little gurgling in her gut. It wasn’t much, but it let her know a bathroom would be needed at some point in the near future. “Uh… Sarah?” She mumbled, crossing her legs and looking at her toes, avoiding eye contact. “Hm?” Sarah asked, looking up from the sink and over at Katie. “I, uh, need to use the bathroom,” Katie said, her blush returning already. Rolling her eyes, Sarah said, “You wet your diaper five minutes ago, and if you really needed to go you should have spoken up when I was cleaning you up. You’re a big girl, you can hold it for a bit, I’m not throwing away a perfectly good diaper we might need later if someone else yells ‘Boo’ at you. Besides, I only packed one spare and by the time we drove to my apartment and back, trick or treat will be over so just suck it up.” Katie gulped, not wanting to upset Sarah any more than she had already. “Er… right, okay,” she said. It was just a little bit of pressure, nothing major; she could hold it all evening if she had to. “Good,” Sarah said, as she held up the damp but clean shortalls in one hand and the onesie in the other. “Well, they’ll need a little bit of time to get totally dry, but it’s not all that cold out, so you should be fine. Raise your arms,” she instructed. “Wait, why?” Katie asked, obeying nonetheless. Sarah pulled the onesie over her, quickly buttoning the crotch and making sure it snapped in properly. “Sarah, I can dress myse-” “Step into these,” Sarah said, ignoring Katie and holding out the shortalls. “I- Fine,” Katie agreed, deciding it was easier not to argue. She stepped in, and Katie pulled the shoulder straps into place, buckled them, and then buckled the crotch snaps as well. She didn’t even ask before sliding Katie’s shoes over her feet and tying them neatly. “All ready to go,” Sarah announced, getting to her feet and brushing off her bear-themed lingerie…costume. “I’m not mad, Katie, just don’t take that attitude with me again, ‘kay?” “Sure,” Katie said, nodding, grateful that the situation was pretty much over and they’d be back to free candy in a minute or two. “Sorry…” “No problem,” Sarah insisted, shrugging. With a chuckle, she threw in, “I didn’t have to give you a spanking this time, so it’s all good.” Blushing for the millionth time, Katie said, “Don’t even joke about that!” “Who says I’m joking?” Sarah smirked as she pushed open the bathroom door. “Ma’am? I got her all cleaned up, thanks for letting us use your bathroom.” Looking over from the door where she was giving candy to a handful of kids, the mother smiled. “Of course, any time,” she said, before crouching down to look Katie in the eyes. “And let’s not forget the occasion. Would you like some candy?” Katie hesitated, but then ruefully nodded, avoiding eye contact with the mother. “What do you say, Katie?” Sarah asked. “Uh… Please?” Katie asked, unsure. Sarah laughed. “No, that’s not it,” she said. After a second, she fed Katie her line, saying, “Trick…” Katie blinked. “Oh, uh, trick or treat.” “That’s a good girl,” The mother said, reaching into a bowl and handing Katie a Baby Ruth bar, though it was only fun size. Katie tried to smile, though she still felt so embarrassed that she was sure the expression looked more awkward than friendly or grateful. The mother gestured to her children. “You two have a nice night. I’m about to set out a bowl and take these two out, so maybe we’ll run into you.” “Maybe, but we’re going to head to a different neighborhood pretty soon,” Sarah said, taking the candy from Katie and putting it in the bag. “Have a nice night, ma’am.” They turned to leave, Katie’s hand still in Sarah’s, the younger girl waddling behind her friend. “Are we really going to a different neighborhood?” Katie asked skeptically, once they were out of earshot. “I mean, free candy, woo, but I thought you had other plans in mind.” “I mean, technically,” Sarah commented. “The party we are going to IS in a different neighborhood. Let’s hit a few more houses, then we’ll get back to my car and head over there.” “Sure,” Katie said. “Where’s the party?” “Big thing on campus,” Sarah said. “Pretty much everyone will be there. Might be a few parties, actually, but they’re all in about the same place, so it all works out as one big one.” “I might need to use the bathroom once we get there,” Katie commented, the gurgling in her gut reminding her that this would be an issue in the next hour or so. Blushing, she added, “Since the, eh, diapers don’t come off, do you have any more in your car? Or can we head back to your place?” “Campus is in the opposite direction,” Sarah mused. “But I think I know where we could get some. Don’t worry about it, I’ll make sure you’re all taken care of. Shall we get moving?” They started working their way back towards Sarah’s car, hitting up houses on the way to get a little more candy before leaving. By the time they were seated, with music pumping through Sarah’s speaker system and the engine rumbling as they got onto the street, Katie’s costume had completely dried, and she’d all but forgotten about the diaper between her legs. “You hungry?” Sarah asked as they drove, and Katie nodded. “Where too? There’s a few good places on the way.” “You pick,” Katie said, not feeling picky. Sarah did, and soon they were clogging their arteries with greasy burgers and enjoying super-sized sodas while driving along to the party. “Be careful,” Sarah commented, passing Katie some napkins to prevent ketchup from dripping. “Right, my costume,” Katie mumbled over a bite of food. “No, my car,” Sarah pointed out. “I don’t want you staining the upholstery.” “Right,” Katie replied, making sure she hadn’t made too much of a mess. They had to park the car a half mile off campus. The crowd wasn’t all too big that far out, but cars were lining the streets, and Sarah wasn’t about to drive into the thick of things just to find out that there was nowhere to park, and she was stuck unable to pull out. She stopped the car, they got out, and started their stroll towards the party. It wasn't long before they encountered the party crowd. Passing between what looked to be a dormitory and a classroom building, Sarah and Katie found themselves in a large central yard surrounded by college students wearing every conceivable costume. Of course, due to the unusually warm weather, many of the students costumes were scant and left little to the imagination. By comparison, Sarah's costume actually didn't seem all that bad up against the young woman dressed up as a present and to her right a man in a tiny swimsuit. At the far end of the yard was a large stage, upon which creepy music was blasted out from the speakers. Around the yard, tables were set up with red cups, presumably for the older students. And, of course, there were signs everywhere announcing the costume contest later in the evening. "Let's see… I think it was… This way?” Sarah said, talking aloud to herself, dragging Katie through the crowds, stopping every so often to introduce herself and Katie to a friend or group. Many of Sarah's friends seemed nice enough, but many of them were already drunk, and almost all of them were wearing the most ridiculous costumes. After about five minutes of this, Sarah stopped in front of a building with the name "College of Education". Entering the building, Sarah used her identification card to board the elevator and go to the fifth floor, a sticky note by the floor button reading ‘Halloween Childcare’. "I just need to find Megan," Sarah said. “She’s a friend of mine, running the childcare. They should have some spare diapers that we can borrow.” Just then, Katie heard a soft buzzing noise from somewhere around her. She checked her pocket, but remembered she had left her phone at home, as it wouldn't fit in the sown-closed pockets of her costume. Of course, Sarah always had her phone on her, and it was that phone that Sarah was now staring at, a look of confusion crossing her face. "Hello? Yeah, I’m here, but… What? You're kidding, right?" Sarah said, and Katie looked at her in confusion. They were still standing in the brightly lit hallway, a row of doors leading to various classrooms on the floor, and Katie wasn’t sure where they were supposed to go from there. "I'll be right there. Bye." Turning to Katie, she spoke quickly. "Sorry, but I have a friend who needs my help. Head to the childcare room, find Megan, she’ll be able to help you out. I'll be back as soon as I can." With that, Sarah practically ran back into the elevator, leaving Katie all on her own in a foreign environment. "Wait!” Katie said as the elevator door started to shut, but it was too late. "Shit,” Katie swore, thinking for a second before pounding the Elevator button as hard as she could. Without a keycard like Sarah’s, though, the elevator refused to respond, leaving her stranded on the floor with no choice but to look around and find this ‘Megan’ character. Katie hit the elevator door with her fist, said some inappropriate words again at the pain in her hand from doing so, and then decided to start looking around. As far as she could tell, each classroom was exactly the same - A white door, with a number next to it, and a little placard reading what it was for. She tried one door at random, and found that the room was empty, with chairs scattered around and the lights turned off. They flickered and then came on as the automatic sensors detected her, but she shut the door and left anyways. The next door was locked. The third door was, too. The fourth door, she thought she heard motion inside, but it was just a pair of college students making out on the teacher’s desk with such intensity that they didn’t even notice Katie when she entered. The fifth door, she heard a few noises inside, and upon reading the placard she saw that it was a computer science room. Opening the door, she saw a bunch of twenty-something girls and boys all in costume, watching something on a projector. There wasn’t much noise from whatever they were watching, only the sound of footsteps and creaky floorboards as the protagonist walked through an old house. Katie stepped inside the room, glancing around, thinking she could at least ask someone where the child care area was. Suddenly and without warning, though, she heard a terrifying roar. It came from some kind of beast, and though she couldn’t identify it, the sound was plain enough to tell her what she needed to know - It was out for blood. She screamed and spun, trying to see what was coming after her, but all she saw was a loudspeaker that had been sitting behind her, mounted in the corner of the room by the door. She whipped her head around as the lights came on, trying to identify the source of the roar, and as her head started to reason out what had actually happened, she felt a flush rise in her cheeks. “Dammit,” Someone said, clearly annoyed. “Someone want to take this kid back to Megan?” Megan blinked, looking around as she saw the screen - Someone had put the film on mute, but she finally recognized it for what it was. Blood Slashers VII. Of friggin’ course it was. Katie felt someone’s hand take hers, and drag her to her feet. “Come on, kid, let’s get you back to Megan.” He was dressed up as Superman, though the costume didn’t have much effort put into it - A t-shirt, blue pants, and a red towel for a cape. “What?” Katie asked, before putting it together. “Oh, yeah, thanks. I was looking for her.” “Sure you were, princess,” ‘Superman’ said, rolling his eyes and dismissing her as he began leading them down the hallway. Katie frowned, until she remembered that her costume included a tiara and realized it was a joke. “Who brought you, anyways?” “Uh, Sarah,” Katie said, though she thought the question a little odd. “She’ll be back any minute.” “Sarah?” The guy asked. “Not Sarah Sarah, right?” “I only know the one,” Katie said. “Uh-huh,” he replied, skeptically. “How old are you, kid? Ten? Eleven?” Katie rolled her eyes. “Hah-hah, very funny. The costume isn’t that good. I’m seventeen.” “Riiight,” he said, sounding more skeptical than ever. “Sure you are. Here’s the childcare area.” He knocked on a door with another sticky note on it, then pushed it open, revealing a classroom that had been repurposed for the night. Dozens of durable, childish toys scattered the room, and for each one there was a jubilant child, running around, playing, screaming, and generally having a good time. Few were older than four or five, and the only person over ten years old in the room was the tired-looking babysitter watching over all of them. Megan, apparently. She didn’t wear a costume, unless her costume was ‘Tired grad student regretting that she volunteered to babysit’. “Meg,” ‘Superman’ said, getting her attention. “One of your monkeys escaped.” Megan looked up, saw Katie, and frowned. “I haven’t seen her, yet,” she said. “Some parent probably just booted her out of the elevator and told her to come here. What’s your name, kiddo?” “Katie,” Katie said. “But I’m-” “Just a second,” Megan said, interrupting her. “Johnny, spit that out!” She was sidetracked for a moment, wrestling a plastic action figure from a boy who’d been gnawing on it. When she looked back up, she said, “Just leave her here. Thanks.” Superman nodded, then turned to leave, shutting the door behind him. “Just try not to make too much of a mess,” Megan said, stomping over to a pair of squabbling toddlers and pulling them apart, with more force than was necessary. “If you need to go use the potty, let me know and I’ll take you, it’s down the hall.” Katie blinked, reminded of the pressure on her bowels. She felt relieved that she hadn’t lost control when she got scared a few moments prior, but as she walked forward in the room, she realized that she hadn’t gone completely accident free - Her diaper was wet, and she hadn’t even noticed having the accident. “I, uh, can go myself,” Katie said, quickly adding. “If I need to.” “No way, kid,” Megan replied. “Parents would flip out if they found out I was letting kids wander around in the halls by themselves. Adult supervision, one hundred percent of the way.” She glanced over at Katie, and then frowned. “Are you still in training pants?” “It’s part of the costume!” Katie said, quickly. “And I’m not a kid, either, I’m-” “Save it,” Megan said, rolling her eyes. “I don’t care how old you are, I’m still going to have to walk you to the bathroom.” Katie glowered, but didn’t argue. She thought about asking to go use the bathroom anyways, to relieve the growing pressure in her gut, but considered that she would have to take off her diaper to do so, and she didn’t want Megan to discover that she wasn’t just wearing the diaper as a costume, but she’d actually used it. She could wait until Sarah got back. It was also more than a little embarrassing that Megan had mistaken her for an actual child. On account of her height, Katie was used to people mistaking her for being younger than she was, but with the costume and all, she apparently was passing for a genuine child whether she wanted to or not. She’d left her phone and ID at Sarah’s apartment, meaning she had no way of proving her maturity either. Sitting down and sighing, Katie started to wait. And wait. Aaaaand wait. It felt like an eternity had gone by, but looking at the clock on the wall, Katie saw that it had only been about ten minutes. Megan was ignoring her, and in fact ignoring any kid who wasn’t actively causing a scene. The other kids - That is, the kids, since Katie wasn’t one - also ignored her unless one of their toys bounced, rolled, or was thrown near her. Finally, Katie got fed up enough that she decided she was going to go get Sarah herself. It was a simple enough plan - go find someone who wasn’t Megan, ask to borrow their phone, and call Sarah. If that failed, then find the stairs and go out that way. She’d have to find her eventually, and even if she didn’t, Katie couldn’t stand sitting around in a daycare any longer. Getting to her feet, Katie walked over to the door, reaching for the handle to- “And just where do you think you’re going, young lady?” Megan asked, her tone sharp. “No way. Sit your butt back down.” “I’m leaving,” Katie said, matter-of-factly. “You can’t stop me?” Megan, apparently, didn’t care for that. “I am going to count to three, Carol,” she said. Apparently she’d forgotten Katie’s name, which wasn’t a surprise when there were thirty or more kids running around. “Sit back down. One.” Katie grabbed the handle of the door. Megan never finished counting to three. Crossing the room, she grabbed Katie’s hand and pulled it away sharply. “You aren’t going anywhere, kid,” she said. “Let go!” Katie complained, trying and failing to jerk away. “Not unless you stop misbehaving,” Megan said, her tone more sharp and angry than a good nanny’s should have been. “Fuck off!” Katie said, hoping to shock the babysitter with a bit of language. Technically, her plan worked. Megan’s face twisted in annoyance and anger, and half a dozen nearby kids all turned in surprise to watch what was going to happen. Megan was done with scolding. Dragging Katie by the arm, she pulled her over to the nearest folding chair, sat down, and drug Katie across her lap. “What the- Hey!” Katie protested, still incapable of jerking away. “Lemme go! I’m sorry!” “That,” Megan said, pinning Katie over her knee. “Is no way for a girl to speak!” And, with that, she brought her hand down on Katie’s backside. It didn’t hurt, very much. For all her faults, Megan at least knew enough not to hit very hard. Nonetheless, a dozen sharp spanks did have the desired effect - Katie’s butt was left stinging a bit, and the embarrassment of being given a spanking in front of three dozen kids all ten years her junior caused a much larger injury to her pride. “Go stand in the corner!” Megan snapped, when she let go of Katie’s arm. “And don’t you dare move until I-” “Megan,” Sarah interrupted, standing in the doorway with a smirk. Megan looked up, surprised. “Sarah!” She said, her face brightening. “Good to see you! What are you doing- Wait, just a minute.” She turned to Katie. “Kid, go stand in the corner.” Then, back to Sarah, she said, “Sorry about that, just showing a little discipline to a kid who needs it.” “Actually, I came up here to get her,” Sarah said. “I can’t stay to talk, either, I’m in a bit of a rush.” Megan blinked. “Oh,” she said. “Right, okay, sure. Come up later? I need someone to keep me from losing my mind up here.” “If I have the time,” Sarah said. “I know how troublesome looking after babies can be.” She winked, and then walked over to Katie and helped her up. “Let’s go, K,” she said, walking her towards the door. Katie blushed, all too happy to be leaving. “Way ahead of you,” she said. When they got out the door, she added, “What a bitch.” “Katie,” Sarah admonished. Then, her voice softened, and she added, “Okay, what happened?” “Uh… I told her to fuck off,” Katie admitted. “Katie!” Sarah snapped. “No wonder! You completely deserved that.” Katie glowered some more. “Whatever,” she muttered. “Hey, can we stop by a bathroom?” “In a bit,” Sarah said. “First we have to get to the costume contest; we’re already super late. You should have gone while you were waiting! Did you get a couple new diapers, at least?” “Um… No,” Katie admitted. “You had, like, fifteen minutes!” Sarah said, exasperated. “What were you doing that whole time, sitting on your butt?” Katie blushed. “Well…” Sarah rolled her eyes. “Let’s get to the costume contest.” It was an elevator ride, a short walk, and then a slightly longer sprint across a field to make it to the costume contest before it got started. Even so, they arrived after a couple costumed couples had gone up, and it took some negotiation from Sarah to get them in the group of people to be judged. From there, it was a wait in a line, watching as tandem costumes walked up onto a stage, said hello, explained their costumes, and waiting on the applause-o-meter to determine their score. One couple dressed as Mario and Peach, which Sarah scoffed at as being cliche. Another, went as a haggard-looking woman carrying an axe and towing a rotary telephone, and her boyfriend strung up in a spool of christmas lights. One couple went as a child and a bleeding gorilla, which got massive applause from one drunk frat bro in the front of the audience, and awkward silence from everyone else. As they waited, Katie was feeling the pressure in her bowels continue to build, growing and growing to night-unbearable levels. “Sarah,” she whispered. “I need to go use the bathroom right away.” “We’re almost up,” Sarah whispered back. “Just wait like five more minutes. Or use your diaper, nobody will notice.” “They’ll notice this!” Katie hissed back, and Sarah blinked at that. “Oh,” she said. “Well… Yeah, just hold it then.” More couples and pairs shuffled forward in line, some of them funny, some of them impressive, most of them receiving more-than-generous applause from the crowd. Katie honestly doubted that they were going to win, no matter how accurate her costume looked or how slutty Sarah’s did, after seeing how many costumes went by. Their pairing was cute, but not particularly eye catching or interesting compared to some of the others. Finally, though, it was their turn to march onstage. Sarah gripped Katie’s hand tightly and led her up, though Katie wondered if she should have been the one leading them, since she was supposed to be the girl and Sarah was supposed to be her teddy. Either way, they made it to the microphone, and Sarah started to speak. “Hi,” she said. “I’m Sarah. Some of you know me, I think.” Cheers went up from her friends in the crowd, and she smiled. “This is Katie!” She added, holding up Katie’s hand. More cheers. Katie frowned as she surveyed the crowd. Something was… Wrong, but she couldn’t put her finger on why. Those who knew Sarah were watching with obvious anticipation, as though waiting for something to happen. “Sarah, let’s just say what we are dressed as and go,” Katie whispered, feeling uncomfortable. “So, this is my last year before I graduate,” Sarah continued, ignoring Katie. A few people cheered, and she waited for them to die down before continuing. “It’s great, I know! But that does mean that this is going to be the last year I get to take part in a halloween party like this.” This time, boos and sounds of disappointment from the audience. “Of course, I wanted to go out with a bang.” Katie frowned, her discomfort growing more pronounced, both with the situation at hand and with the gurgling pressure in her bowels. She tried to pull away, but Sarah’s grip on her hand was ironclad. “Right, right, our costumes,” Sarah said, as though she’d forgotten. “As you might be able to tell, Katie here is a baby, and I’m her teddy bear. I know it’s not the most intricate costume design you’ve seen all night, but I still think we deserve to win for a couple reasons. For one, well, the costumes look great. I don’t mean to gloat, I’m just telling it like it is, my costume look great.” She grinned, turning from side to side to show off what she was wearing - Or, rather, how little she was actually wearing. This got more cheers from the crowd, mostly from the men. “There’s another reason, though,” Sarah continued. “Authenticity. I don’t mean to be rude to anyone else’s costumes, but nobody can put one over on Katie here. She’s about the most authentic baby you’re ever going to see.” Katie’s eyes widened as she realized where Sarah was going with this, and she tried again - and failed - to break away from Sarah. Sarah, for her part, ignored Katie and kept going. “You want to know how convincing her costume is? She went trick-or-treating and nobody noticed. She had to sit and wait in childcare for me to come get her because she couldn’t convince the babysitter that she really was all grown up. And hey, she’s made certain that the diapers she’s wearing aren’t for show, either. I’m *apparently* not the only one who enjoys an authentic costume.” This got laughs from the audience, though Katie hoped that most of them would think Sarah was joking. Apparently, Sarah had the same thought, because she followed up with, “I’m not kidding, guys. I had to change her an hour ago, and she’s already wet. Aren’t you, Katie?” Katie’s eyes widened further, and she shouted, “Let me go!” Making an obvious effort to get away from Sarah, who was easily holding her in place. Katie looked out at the crowd, some of whom looked a little confused or concerned, but most either weren’t paying attention or didn’t care. “Sorry, guys, she’s got a bit of stage fright now that we’re up here,” Sarah apologized, looking back at Katie, and speaking in a cooing voice to her. “But, be honest for the nice people. Did you or didn’t you wet your diapee, Katie?” More laughs. Katie shook her head. “No!” She said, putting her other hand on Sarah’s and trying doubly hard to break away. For whatever reason, though, Sarah barely noticed. Even with their size difference, Katie was sure that Sarah should at least have been struggling, but she wasn’t. “Really?” Sarah asked, reaching down with the hand she had holding the microphone. Katie tried to stop her, but Sarah brushed her aside easily, unbuckling both her shortalls and onesie in short order to display her yellowed, sagging diaper to the crowd. “Now, I’m sure that diaper was dry when I put it on you, Katie,” she said into the microphone, her tone amused. “Do you mean to tell me that it got wet by magic?” “No!” Katie shouted again, confused and angry, but helpless to get away. More quietly, she asked, “What are you doing?” Sarah leaned in to whisper, holding out the microphone so that it wouldn’t pick up her voice. “That candy at my apartment had a few secret ingredients,” she said. “To make sure you’d be all set for the contest. Don’t worry, the muscle relaxants will wear off in a few hours, and once they’ve done their work the laxatives won’t have any lasting effects either.” Katie blinked, needing a moment to process her words, and then she tried even harder to get away. Someone at the side of the stage tapped their wrist, and Sarah returned to the microphone. “I’m almost done, just give me a sec,” she said, before addressing the crowd. “Of course, we all know that real babies don’t just wet their diapers. Anyone know what else they do?” Someone from the crowd, clearly more than a little drunk, yelled out, “They shit ‘emselves!” Sarah smirked, but nodded. “That’s right,” she said. “And, well, I did strive to make Katie’s costume should be as authentic as possible…” A second ticked by in silent confusion, and Katie wondered what Sarah was doing. Even with the pressure on her bowels - The work of the laxatives she’d been drugged with, she was certain - Katie wasn’t just going to mess the diaper on stage, on purpose. Sarah couldn’t make her, and- An explosion rang out with terrifying volume and Sarah released Katie’s hand, making her shriek and stumble backwards, landing on her padded butt with a damp, squishy ‘Thud’. Her heart ratcheted up to eleven in half a second, terror gripping her as she tried to determine what had- She stopped, realizing too late what had happened. Someone had snuck up behind her with a paper bag full of air, and smashed it right behind her head, making it pop loudly. The noise had scared Katie, and when Katie got scared… She looked between her legs in horror, feeling her body force out the contents of her bowels, filling the seat of her diaper in a matter of second. The diapers, for all their thickness, did nothing to conceal the large bulge or the brown stain that quickly became visible, and after a moment of realization amongst the crowd, laughter broke out. Katie felt a hand grab hers, and Sarah was pulling her to her feet. “I prefer ‘Trick’ to ‘Treat’,” she said, into the microphone, letting go of Katie’s hand so that she could reach behind her and give the back of the full diaper a squeeze, making Katie squeak in discomfort and making the audience laugh further. “Happy Halloween, everyone.”
  7. Well, I apparently should have checked into this thread sooner. Whoops.
  8. I think if I had tried harder when rewriting the ending, or planned it out from the start, I probably could have made a better sexless finale where she becomes his slave without the problem you mention, or any problems, for that matter. I apoligize for the (pardon the pun) shitty quality of this chapter compared to the others, but it was this or nothing, and I really didn't want to go with 'Nothing'.
  9. Before I get started: This is going to be a long-ish post talking about a couple different topics. I didn't want to spam an already-sparsely-used board with three different threads at once though, so... Yeah. Here goes. First off, some of you might be interested to know that I (Finally!) finished 'Under Lock and Key'. I hem-hawed and delayed that last chapter, and I still think that it turned out kind of... Meh, but I wanted to finish it before moving on to other things, rather than just making it another abandoned project. I'll talk more about that in a moment, though. Second: Are there many stories out there that contain AB/DL fetish content, but where it isn't necessarily the only focus? I'm not talking adding, say, a 'This one stars an action hero' story, or 'This one stars a scientist' story, but instead something like a 'This one stars a scientist, and their work doesn't exist purely to land them in diapers' story. I can think of a couple. Personalias has written a few, namely one which I can't remember the name of, but starred a character who was in limbo. (I think he wrote at least one other, but it's been a long time since I've read his stuff, so I can't remember details.) WBDaddy's 'A Little Legal Issue' is... Sort of another, where the story technically revolved entirely around fetish content, but mostly focused on the legal ramifications of a popular fetish setting, rather than actual playing out the fetishy stuff for large sections. Outside of a few rare exceptions, though, I mostly seem to see stories which revolve purely around the fetish content, with only tangential plots related to non-fetish stuff, if any non-fetish stuff exists at all. Not to say that this is a problem, of course, I'd just like to see a little more variety. Which brings me to another, extremely consistent problem that I see with any fetish story that attempts to have a plot: (Including my own stories.) They can't end well for the hero. The problem is that the reader's desire is not the same as the hero's. Generally, unless it's one of the 'I wanted to try this out, we tried it out, it was fun' variety of stories, the character is regressed, diapered, or otherwise induced into the fetish against their will. I'd say this is true of, oh, 80% of the stories on here. In a traditional story, the hero's goal is to overcome or eliminate the bad thing, and the audience roots for them. Here, though, the audience will be rooting for the hero to fail: We like reading about them wearing diapers, after all, so if they succeed then our fun comes to an end. I've very, very rarely seen this executed well, which is why my favorite stories usually either end with a 'Bad' ending, (That is, the hero loses and ends up in diapers for good at the end,) or don't even try. This is fun, but it is limiting for story plots. Now, to move on from story stuff to talk about my personal issues: I tend to have a problem with writing inconsistently. I'll get a whole bunch done, then peter out on a story and stop caring, or else come up on a hitch that I didn't see coming which kills the project. I haven't yet come up with a perfect solution. With my personal writing, I can usually write around that hitch by backtracking a chapter or two and changing the plot, or just scrapping large chunks of the project and fixing it from the ground up. With stories I post on here, though, I can't do that, because I post a chapter about as soon as I have it written, with very little downtime if any. I also have a problem of motivation: If I'm not getting immediate feedback, I tend to have trouble caring about a project. I'll carry myself on momentum for a while, but if I'm posting chapters daily and not 'Seemingly' having many people read or care, I'll often get frustrated and have the desire to give up until something strikes my fancy, someone reminds me of the project by replying a week or two later, or some other motivation hits me. (Say, I want to finally finish the project so I can move on to other things.) With all this being said... I have an idea that I like. For a story. A story which contains fetish content that is integrally related to the plot, but is not in itself the whole of the plot. It's also a sci-fi action drama, in case that strikes your fancy. I also have a plan to fix my writers block issues, which... May or may not work, since I haven't tried it yet. We'll see. In short, I'm going to get three or four chapters written, hopefully by the end of July. After that, I will start posting one chapter a week, every week, until the story is completely done. I figure, as long as I maintain a buffer, I can take breaks without creating long gaps between posting, I can write as much as I want while enthusiastic, and I won't overload the story with too many posts at once or underwhelm it by going a month without updates. Also, it'll mean regular trickles of feedback (As I always get at least one or two replies when I post a chapter,) which is nice. And if people like this format, and the (I'm hoping) fairly unique styling, I might try this again. But that's a plan for at least a few months down the road, once I have this one written.
  10. Mike stumbled through the door first, fumbling the keys in his hand and almost dropping them as they both tumbled into Jenny’s apartment, barely looking where they were going as they kissed one another. That lasted about two seconds, and then Jenny’s feet lost purchase on her slippery floors and she tumbled to the ground, taking Mike with her. They both landed with a ‘Thud’, Jenny’s landing accompanied by a ‘Squish’ and Mike’s landing accompanied by a “Fuck!” Sitting up, Jenny brushed herself off, used to the sensation of losing her balance after a couple days of trying to waddle around her apartment. Mike got to his feet quickly, pushing the door shut and gesturing to Jenny. “Come on,” he said. “Let’s get you to the bathroom, you must be dying to get out of that thing.” He started walking forward, then turned, raising an eyebrow. “You coming?” He asked, noting that Jenny hadn’t gotten up to follow. “Uh, yeah,” Jenny said, blushing as she rocked forwards onto her forearms and crawling a few feet towards Mike, keeping her sore hands off the ground. Smirking, Mike said, “You’re really in character, huh?” “Well, actually,” Jenny replied, blushing. “The floors are just kinda slippery and, with this much stuff between my legs I can’t really, uh, stand up properly.” Mike’s grin spread across his face, and Jenny cursed herself for telling him that. “Oh, really? Well, in that case, can you go get me a glass of water before we get to the bathroom?” Jenny frowned. “Can we please just get me clean first? I will crawl around for you all you want later, but right now-” “You seem cranky,” Mike interrupted. “Maybe you should take a nap. I can wait.” “Point taken,” Jenny pouted, slowly turning and crawling to the sink. She could almost feel Mike’s stare burning a hole in the back of her onesie as he watched the squish and sway of her padded ass in motion. Dragging herself up to her counter, she took a cup gingerly with two hands, holding it between her wrists since she couldn’t grip it right with her fingers. Turning on the sink, she let the cup fill up, then looked at the ground. “Um, I don’t know how to actually carry this back to you,” she said, frowning. “I need my limbs to walk, and my hands aren’t up to holding duty.” Mike laughed. “Okay, fine, just get your adorable ass back over here.” Jenny set down the full cup, tumbled onto all fours, and crawled back towards Mike “And back to the sink,” Mike said, grinning. “Last time, I promise.” Jenny rolled her eyes, but wheeled around, making sure to wave her backside a little more in the air for Mike’s enjoyment. Doing a lap at the kitchen counter, she spun around and returned to Mike, shuffling her arms and feet in a motion that had become disturbingly practiced over the past couple days. “You are adorable,” Mike said, crouching in front of her so that he only towered above her a little. “And you better get me in that shower twenty minutes ago,” Jenny said. She was, admittedly, enjoying this, but it seemed prudent to keep Mike on point. Mike shrugged. “I dunno,” he said, but he smiled as he said it. “Let’s get to the bathroom.” Jenny crawled ahead of Mike, giving him the chance to admire the view a little longer. The bathroom door was a little ajar, letting her nudge it open with an elbow, and once they were in Mike shut the door with a ‘click’ behind them and turned on the fan. “Now,” Mike said, crouching next to Jenny as rolled onto a kneeling position so that she could get to her feet. “It seems to me, if I’m going to be doing you a favor by giving you permission to get cleaned up, it’s only fair that you do something for me, too.” “Okay…” Jenny said hesitantly, not sure where Mike was going with this. “I assume you have something in mind?” “Yeah,” Mike said, standing back up and unzipping his fly. “I do.” Jenny frowned for a second, then her eyes went wide in realization. “You’re kidding. C’mon, Mike, surely there’s something else I could-” “I could always pull you over a knee and see how you like a spanking instead,” Mike offered, shrugging as he pulled his pants down around his ankles. “And by ‘Instead’ I mean ‘Until you change your mind and decide to say yes.’” Swallowing on a dry mouth, Jenny watched him drop his boxers to the ground and was reminded that that, while Mike at least had been free for a onesome, he’d also been without any real fun for more than a week. She also was reminded that her boyfriend had a fallback career of a pornstar: His cock was rock-hard and, at the moment, standing at mouth level to Jenny. “Please?” Jenny asked, remembering the gagging discomfort from last time she’d tried to fit that much of Mike into her mouth. “The more you beg, the more I want myself in your mouth,” Mike replied from above her. Jenny blushed. “Still can’t tempt you with a nice gift certificate?” Mike laughed, looking down at Jenny, his position towering over her a reminder that he stood nearly two feet taller than her. “Jenny, if you ever want my help getting your messy butt clean, you’ll need to suck my dick first. Simple as that. Otherwise, well, have fun crawling around your apartment until your diaper’s so full you can’t fit through doorways.” “I think it’d fall apart before that happened,” Jenny pointed out, staring at the erect penis at attention in front of her. “You really want to test that?” Mike asked. Jenny considered the question, even though she knew it was rhetorical. She thought about the increasingly noticeable sting she was feeling beneath her diaper, the smell that, while she mostly had stopped noticing, no doubt permeated her apartment, and she mostly thought about how she had to go to work tomorrow, and that she was pretty sure she was breaking the corporate dress policy. “It’s your call now, Jenny,” Mike said. “But I’m not even going to consider changing your smelly ass until-” He stopped talking as Jenny leaned forward, lips apart, and took him inside her mouth. He tasted a little sweaty, but Jenny had been smelling her own mess for the better part of a day now, so she barely noticed. She heard him groan in pleasure as she ran her tongue along his shaft, sucking like she was eating a freeze pop. Her mouth was full and his tip was tickling the back of her throat, but when she tried to pull back a few inches, she felt his hand on the back of her head, pulling her forward. It didn’t take long before she felt him spasm and she tasted something hot and salty squirting down the back of her throat. She choked a little at the taste and the sensation, but waited for Mike to finish before pulling away and wiping her mouth on her sleeve, looking up at Mike with a smile. “All your wildest dreams?” She asked, sitting back a bit, then immediately regretting the choice to sit back a bit as it pressed her diapers against her increasingly tender behind. “Oh god I’ve missed you,” Mike replied, leaning back against a wall. “Okay, lie back now, you’ve earned a little cleanup.” Jenny gladly obeyed, lying back and waiting as Mike knelt and fished his keyring from his pants pocket. Moving over to Jenny on his knees, he looked her over, then said, “Spread your legs, sweetie.” “I’ve been waiting a fuckin’ week for you to ask me that,” Jenny replied, obeying immediately. Mike replied by putting a hand to the seat of her diaper and giving it a squeeze, making her squirm a little as the mess in her diaper sloshed around. “What was that for?” “I don’t know the next time I’ll have you in such an adorable predicament, I’m going to enjoy it,” Mike said, unlocking the buttons holding the bottom of the onesie in place and pulling the onesie up a bit so that her diaper was totally uncovered. A moment later, the plastic pants were undone and removed, leaving her triple diapers exposed to the open air, even the outermost one stained brown and totally soaked wet. Mike had to take a step back and gag for a moment, waving a hand in front of his nose. “Geez, honey, what did you eat?” “Um…” Jenny said, blushing. “A whole bag of prunes, apparently?” Mike blinked a couple times, and then grinned. “Getting into character, or you just really wanted to make me happy?” “Read the label wrong,” Jenny explained. “Just get me cleaned up already.” “I don’t suppose you have baby wipes?” “In my bedroom closet, next to the extra diapers” Jenny said, nodding with her head. “I thought you’d want some.” “Remind me why I ever left?” “‘Cause you’d get fired, and then you wouldn’t be able to take me to nice places as a thank you for your birthday gift,” Jenny said, shrugging her shoulders. “Hurry up, okay?” “Lie back and close your eyes, sweetie,” Mike said, turning to leave so he could grab the wipes. When he got back, he made a show of pinching his nose as he slowly untaped each of Jenny’s diapers in turn. As each layer was removed the smell intensified a bit more, and by the time the final diaper was open, Jenny was worried that the neighbors might call the city to report a problem with their sewage. As quickly as he could, Mike got started on the cleanup, wiping Jenny up as thoroughly as possible. He had to run a finger beneath her chastity belt to make sure there was no residue, and it took most of the box of wipes, but she was finally clean and free of padding between her legs. “Are we going back to the bedroom?” Jenny asked, grinning as she stared at the back of her eyelids. It felt great to have her bare ass open to the air for the first time in days. She heard a small rustling noise, and briefly wondered what it was before finishing her question with, “Or would you like to have me right here and now?” There was a pause, and then Mike said, “Who said anything about having you? I said I was getting you cleaned up, that’s all.” Jenny frowned, opening her eyes and looked down. Mike held in his hands an unfolded diaper, and a clean one too, not the dirty ones she’d been wearing. She was confused, and it took her a moment to realize what he had planned. Before she could pull away, he had the diaper underneath her butt, and all four tapes were secured. She scooted herself backwards, but lying on the floor as she was, she couldn’t get up very quickly. Mike didn’t have time to get the locking plastic pants on, so instead he just reached forward, yanking up the back flap of her onesie and locking the two buttons back down in one quick motion. “Come on!” Jenny pouted. “Oooh no,” Mike said, waving a finger in the air and grinning. “I believe you said this key was mine to do with as I please, and I please to keep you all locked up in diapers for a long time, missy. Don’t worry, I’ll let you wear something a little more ladylike when you go to work, but your days of using the potty are going bye-bye, at least until I decide you’ve earned yourself some occasional toilet privileges.” Jenny swallowed, trying to think of something to say. All she could think of was, “Happy birthday?” THE END Author's Note: I'm... Not exactly happy with this ending. It makes Mike a bit more of a dick than I'd originally intended, and it's not as fair or comical as some of my previous works. If I'm being honest, I just wanted to finish it so I could move on to other projects, guilt-free. I didn't think ahead with this one, and if I had, I would have realized that I can't write (And don't enjoy writing) sex scenes. Since this was originally slated to end with the loving couple fucking like rabbits... I redid the ending so I could finish it more quickly. (If you want to know, I originally was going to have Jenny be undressed, they's shower, head to the bedroom, Jenny would get a spanking before being unlocked, they would have sex, and then it would end with Mike locking her back up in chastity and Jenny being happy about it.) All this being said, I do have other plans already in the works, and it's something that I like quite a bit! I intend to talk more about my plans on a different thread, though, so... Watch out for that, I guess. Or don't. I dunno.
  11. Well here's a thread I am glad to see isn't dead. WordSmithAlice, it's funny you mention the Inheritance Cycle, because while my magic is more closely inspired by the Dresden Files, that's definitely one of my favorite magic setups in fiction. Working on this problem, though, I actually got my travel scenes to work very well: My protagonists had a falling out and now the farm girl is completely on her own in the open wilderness. (Well, not completely, but she thinks she is and that's the important thing.) Now I've got a different problem: She's found the people she was looking for - she stumbled across them, really. Now that she's in their midst, I need to decide how to have her broach the subject of 'Hey, so... Those people who gave you a lot of money? I need to track them down so I can have them all arrested'.
  12. Yeah, I hate to say it, but this story is - for the moment - on hiatus until I figure out where to take it. I had planned on having these two bone like rabbits for a couple chapters in increasingly kinky scenarios, but the problem that I'm having is that I can't seem to write any decent smut which I think is worth publishing. It's not dead, but it certainly sleeps.
  13. I went and glanced at the story briefly, though I haven't been around/reading much lately, just to get a sense of things. And, this could be wrong, but I think part of the problem might be where you're choosing to share this. As far as I can tell, there just aren't a lot of Babyfurs here on DD. The Babyfur subforum has maybe one new thread a month. Your audience might just be a poor fit for the material.
  14. Good news! I got a chapter written! It's the first chapter for my secondary plot. I think it's good, but I'd love some feedback if anyone cares to read it. (PM me or something, I still don't want to share it publicly for reasons.)
  15. Okay, this all seems doable. I think my problem, in part, is that I've simply put them in a kind of boring part of my world. They're effectively in Kansas, and now that I'm thinking about it the story would be more interesting if I put them... Well, literally anywhere else, now that I consider it. As for my troubles with my gay character, the setting complicates things. He's one of the people who were kidnapped (The big mass capture that sets off the story,) and his boyfriend would also have been among the kidnapees. However, I haven't decided how progressive this society is, and whether or not their relationship would be socially acceptable, they're still prisoners being forced into slave labor, so it's not like they'll be doing any couples activities. Also, his boyfriend is going to die before the end of the book. Off topic, The Dresden Files is a pretty great series.