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  1. I tried an ABU Little Pawz for the first time last night. I woke up 30 minutes before my alarm to a wet patch on my bed pad. I assumed these would be identical to ABU Space and I was right. They leak in all the same places. To be fair, it's probably not a defect in the diapers themselves, just the way they fit my body.
  2. I stopped limiting my fluid intake a while back, once I accepted the only difference it made was to the volume and concentration of urine. I still love the fit and feel of Abena, but some nights they just can't cut it. If you've never tried them, Better Dry is almost equivalent to Confidry 24/7.
  3. I must have slept on my back all night last night. My Abena M4 was saturated in the back, but not too bad up front. Of course, it leaked out the legs and soaked the liner in my plastic pants. It nearly leaked out the top of the back. I don't normally wear Abena at night anymore - I had to switch to something heavier (Better Dry), but ran out. My new batch arrives today...
  4. No, that's not Wil Wheaton. He wouldn't have been born yet when that kid was in the ad.
  5. In my house, nothing is hidden, but everything is out of sight.. I keep a few diapers, a bed pad and plastic pants in my nightstand. The main supply is in my "man cave". It's such a mess in there that the diapers probably aren't noticeable. My wife washes my plastic pants and puts them in my nightstand. She is also the one at home when my diaper shipments arrive. My mother and one of my sisters (and her boyfriend) know that I wet the bed. My sister only found out a few weeks ago. I was staying with her during a family emergency, sleeping on her couch and had to tell her. She gets up early, and the chances of me kicking off the covers and exposing my diaper are high.
  6. That's so funny, I felt the same way when reading the introductions. They felt artificial and forced.
  7. I wonder if they wore cloth diapers? It would be pretty ironic (and hypocritical) if Greenpeace protestors wore disposables.
  8. If I saw someone squatting like a toddler filling their diaper, I would think that they are doing it on purpose. Truly incontinent people are very self-aware and wouldn't put themselves on display like that. Also, if you have no control of your bowels, there is no need to squat, it just comes out on its own.
  9. I just came back from an emergency trip to the USA. My carry on was almost all diapers and I didn't have any problems with TSA. I didn't wear a diaper through security, though, instead changing on the other side. The only issue I had was with the stall doors in Atlanta. The gaps between the frame and door are big enough so that anyone leaning against the wall to change a diaper can be seen. Also, I have to give a shout out to Virgin Atlantic. It was my first time flying with them, and their Premium Economy is outstanding!
  10. When I was deployed to Qatar and working 12-hour shifts, 6 days a week, I would get a 60 minute massage on my day off. I would usually fall asleep when the masseuse was working on my back. It was the best few minutes of sleep I got the whole time I was there.
  11. I have been going to an osteopath for about 2 years. I wore "protective underwear" since day one, but recently started wearing a regular diaper. I told her in advance that I was bladder incontinent, and it has never been a problem. I also know that I am not her only incontinent patient, but I do seem to be the only one who wears diapers. She has to roll the waistband down a bit sometimes, or expose a portion of my thigh and diaper (I wear shorts over it). She is very professional about it and sometimes diapers come up in our conversations. Its a lot like mental health therapy, talking to someone else about diapers, but its never the focus of the treatment.
  12. I drank a lot of juice last night, and must have really flooded my ABU Space while sleeping. Right after I got up, I was in the kitchen making coffee, and I felt a few drips on my leg. I waddled off to get changed and found that the terry liner in my plastic pants was soaked. ABU Space usually only leak if I sit down before changing in the morning.
  13. It means smoke in German. I didn't think that was a bad word.
  14. Do you take any drugs or drink? I take oxycontin for my back, and that can make it nearly impossible to climax. Alcohol, as we all should know can cause erectile and orgasmic dysfunction.