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  1. I have been going to an osteopath for about 2 years. I wore "protective underwear" since day one, but recently started wearing a regular diaper. I told her in advance that I was bladder incontinent, and it has never been a problem. I also know that I am not her only incontinent patient, but I do seem to be the only one who wears diapers. She has to roll the waistband down a bit sometimes, or expose a portion of my thigh and diaper (I wear shorts over it). She is very professional about it and sometimes diapers come up in our conversations. Its a lot like mental health therapy, talking to someone else about diapers, but its never the focus of the treatment.
  2. I drank a lot of juice last night, and must have really flooded my ABU Space while sleeping. Right after I got up, I was in the kitchen making coffee, and I felt a few drips on my leg. I waddled off to get changed and found that the terry liner in my plastic pants was soaked. ABU Space usually only leak if I sit down before changing in the morning.
  3. It means smoke in German. I didn't think that was a bad word.
  4. Do you take any drugs or drink? I take oxycontin for my back, and that can make it nearly impossible to climax. Alcohol, as we all should know can cause erectile and orgasmic dysfunction.
  5. Can you masturbate to orgasm?
  6. I had a job with a guaranteed pension - I retired from that 5 years ago and stayed working full-time. Now that pension goes toward paying off my mortgage as quickly as possible. I also started putting 10-15% of my pay into IRAs when I was 30. It was a late start, but built up very quickly. I've never messed around with stocks, only mutual fund IRAs. The returns weren't very high, but much better than any bank - I think I averaged 5% per year. Now my plan is to fully retire, or at least drop down to part time work at 55.
  7. When I first started having nighttime accidents a few years ago, alcohol was the primary trigger. Any time I had more than one drink , I wet the bed. My wife would make sure I brought "drinking diapers" with me whenever we went on holiday. I pretty much gave up drinking, but the bedwetting eventually got worse. Now I wet the bed every night regardless.
  8. For overnight use, I use a terry lined plastic pant. That way, if my diaper leaks, the plastic keeps it contained while the terry cloth soaks it up.
  9. Welcome, Napdiaplov! Nice to see more UK members - I'm in East Anglia. If you don't already know it, nappiesrus.co.uk is a great source for ABDL nappies.
  10. I have only ever bought these. Three bottles have lasted me about 6 years so far... Powder fresh smells like baby powder, Diaper fresh smells a lot like vintage Pampers. Sybils Sotre (Ebay)
  11. "That's a lot of dung!" I loved that commercial.
  12. I like to try many different brands, so my preference changes often. For daytime use, Boots Staydry pull-ons or Tena Slip Maxi Active Fit For nighttime, Abena M4, Crinklz, Better Dry or ABU Space, depending on how much I drink. Since it's the Christmas season, I also have my last remaining Buntewindel Christmas diapers.
  13. I pledged CA$ 75, but it didn't get funded in the end. Oh well...
  14. I think it was Douglas, or something else starting with a D. That scene creeped me out a little, I think they went too far to expose the Goodnite.
  15. Personally, I wouldn't wear Tykables in hospital. My hat is off to you if you do, though... The last time I stayed overnight in hospital, I brought Abena and Tena with me. The nurses said that was a good idea, as their diapers were terrible.