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  1. Has any one tried the new Molicare Slip Briefs, Maxi that took over the molicare super plus. I went to order my normal case of molicare super plus just to find out they got replaced. I hope the new ones have the soft plastic like the old ones.
  2. my diapers correspond with weather the colder it is the thicker. The warmer the thinner. I guess in the winter it easier to hide a thick diaper to.
  3. so it makes me wonder if the us patent if for the name or what. or if they even have a patent.
  4. I think i found where abuniverse gets there diapers from. I wish i did not have to order a truck load. https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Whole-Day-use-All-Over-Printed_60163467125.html
  5. Omg that was me today lucky no smell or mess out the sides My tranquility ATN got it. I never had that problem till after back surgery (spinal cord damage).
  6. I wish i would have know about this place when i was out in Vegas for a week in Oct.
  7. I was in Vegas for 3 day a few moths ago. i had to go threw the x ray never had a prob with diapers. my bitch was the hotel maids that clean my room when i told them not to. I think they went threw my bags but lucky for me i had my money hidden in a folded bambino diaper. I keep the diaper at the bottom of the bags in case TSA whats to look, or in my case the maids.
  8. I wear in public all the time and in the last 20 years never once had a person look at me funny even back in the day of the super loud crinkly attends.
  9. That is not much that is only like 7 or so cases. sounds like you need bigger closet. lol
  10. I would say 90% of the diaper out are have the 4 tape tabs. Getting them all in the right place some days can be a pain. I can change faster with the two large tape tabs. but the price point needs to come down.
  11. I am not in to the AB But i like the new Cushies V2 They have the single Tape and they hold a lot.
  12. yes in mich if your low income and u can get medicaid then u can get cheep diapers if your doctor writes a prescription for diapers.
  13. you can get them off line. lots of places off line lots of place ship in plain box. Don't worry I think every one has gone threw that the scared to buy bit. It no different then buying baby diapers, pad or tampons. if you get them local just find a time or place your friends don't hang out at.
  14. I have had 4 cases of them in large and sad that they are not made any more. They are the best day time summer diaper. The cloth sides keep from sweating as bad with center of diaper plastic outer and soft cloth inside.
  15. I have been hide my diapers from kid for a while he is 10 now. I have a deadbolt on bedroom door. and my diapers are in my closet so they are not out in the open. I wear boxers over my diaper so its not seen. but, every one in a while i get why do you sound weird. I just say i am not sure. and change the subject. The wife keeps telling me i need to sit down and enplane it to him. But kids that age have big mouths and tell all even if they don't mean to.