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  1. Cooshie Tooshiez Cooshie Tooshiez is the main distributor of Rearz Diapers in the USA, and now offers Dotty the Pony! You can't find these prints in full packages anywhere else in the USA. With Free Discreet Shipping and sweet ABDL accessories, you can trust your shopping experience will be fun and secure! Watch for the new Boompa Diaper this Spring. Give them a try today and Save! Use coupon code "prints10" this will give 10% off regular priced items and is good through Feb 4, 2017 Look for our brand ambassador on Tumblr and Twitter "Superadorablenes" http://www.cooshietooshiez.com/
  2. [raises hand]
  3. Back when people could add their own forums, this one was created by someone (though we had a similar forum (Diaper Lovers) already. Yesterday i was making some forum changes (Reviews area) and did a little overall housecleaning and noticed this forum was down there and seeing use, so I moved it where it belongs. Diaper Lovers also belongs in the Lifestyle area, so I moved it as well now, and made ADL a subforum of it. Trying to streamline the home view a little as we have so many forums.
  4. Win of these adult-sized pacifiers. To enter: Like this post and reply with a comment on why you like being here! Open to those 18 and over anywhere in the world. Ends 12/10/2016. Value of prize: 8.99 - Odds vary based on number of entries. Prize supplied by Mikey. A new study says most people stop reading fine print after the first few lines, which is why I feel confident calling you a stinky-poo.
  5. I really love the new training pants from Rearz! I got the pirate pair, and they are thick and soft. Thicker than I expected, with a nice wide absorbent pad that goes nearly waistband to waistband. Wide crotch for a comfortable fit, and soft covered elastic bands. My favorite thing about them is that the fun pirate print is totally a pattern a Mom would buy to get her little boy to give underpants a try, but the thick padding is there cuz Mommy knows I'm not really ready for big boy pants. Absorbency is great for a trainer. I fell asleep in one yesterday, and it absorbed a good amount of nap-wetting, and aided by a pair of plastic panties over them my bed and pants stayed dry tho my trainer was quite wet. http://rearz.ca/product_info.php?products_id=1809
  6. In the old days of the internet, when I first started posting to boards using a banana to simulate pooping without the mess and smell was all the rage. I don't hear about it much these days... so I'm wondering, have you ever done it?
  7. Diaper Drawer is your new one-stop shop for all things ABDL! Shop a wide selection of thick and thirsty printed and plain diapers, plus fun accessories and free stickers or booster pads with any order. Fast and discreet shipping in the US and Canada. Don't forget to enter our monthly coloring contest for a chance to win a $50 gift card. http://www.diaperdrawer.com/
  8. When rabbits are mad they stomp their feet (not unlike some littles we know, lol) Usually it means he wants fresh water, or a treat... but one thing that ALWAYS pisses him off is if I turn off a cartoon before it is over! I tend to turn on Adult Swim for some Family Guy or Bob's Burgers before I fall asleep, but if I get too sleepy and switch off the TV in the middle of an episode he throws a fit!
  9. When did you first return to diapers?
  10. I would say they run just a little large, so if you are right between two sizes, go for the smaller. Doesn't shrink much.
  11. adorable!
  12. Chat server is down, that's on Invision's end, so have to wait on them.
  13. Dear DailyDiapers members, We'd like to announce a special offer for DailyDiapers readers. Today our friends at a new website - www.BambinoDiapers.com - launched their website, which will have a Grand Opening on March 1. If you head to their website right now and sign up to be notified of their launch, they'll send you a coupon good for $5 a purchase of their new ABDL-friendly diaper. We've seen this diaper, and we know that you'll be happy.... We'll let Bambino tell you the rest - go there now and sign up!
  14. What do you or your little like?
  15. Nope, we don't use Mongo and have backups
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  17. Let's hear them! Why are there no Wal-Marts in Iraq?
  18. Sometime this week - Probably Wednesday we will begin a "forced" beta of a new chat room platform (Babble, which you can access now from the tab on the menu bar. or at http://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/babble/) What is a Forced Beta? We will be closing the current chat room during this beta test so that all users will take part in testing the new chat room. Why are we doing this? We have been notified that the developer of this forum package (Invision) will be discontinuing the chat service in early 2017. As they host the chat server that means we WILL lose the chat room completely and will need to find a new chat provider. They recommended a service (CometChat) but after talking to them and testing them we have found them not to be a good fit for us. A second provider was briefly tested last week, but they too failed to meet our needs. This third trial we have high hopes for as several members of the admin team have played with it and feel it's the best one we have seen yet, so we want to open it up to the membership for comments and a real-world test. How can I help? Simple, use the new room (http://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/babble/) and tell us what you think? This helps us get feedback on user experience on different computers and devices. Our only ask is that you feedback be on the new service, or alternatives you are aware of. "I like the old chat room better" is not helpful since that will not be an option for us.
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  20. Yeppers! https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=TFDGLGAENZ5EJ or sent to [email protected]
  21. This one should work anywhere as it's a page on our site: http://dailydiapers.com/content/donate.html
  22. Wishing everyone a safe, happy and healthy start to 2017
  23. In my case: Staying in, thickly diapered, with sparkling apple juice and a movie
  24. Got it, thanks!
  25. @Christine Daryleanne You can use this link to set any amount and pay by card: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=TFDGLGAENZ5EJ