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  1. Bags are sent in Amazon boxes. Sometimes case orders they just send the original box
  2. Cooshie Tooshiez Cooshie Tooshiez is the main distributor of Rearz Diapers in the USA, and now offers Dotty the Pony! You can't find these prints in full packages anywhere else in the USA. With Free Discreet Shipping and sweet ABDL accessories, you can trust your shopping experience will be fun and secure! Watch for the new Boompa Diaper this Spring. Give them a try today and Save! Use coupon code "prints10" this will give 10% off regular priced items and is good through Feb 4, 2017 Look for our brand ambassador on Tumblr and Twitter "Superadorablenes" http://www.cooshietooshiez.com/
  3. Back when people could add their own forums, this one was created by someone (though we had a similar forum (Diaper Lovers) already. Yesterday i was making some forum changes (Reviews area) and did a little overall housecleaning and noticed this forum was down there and seeing use, so I moved it where it belongs. Diaper Lovers also belongs in the Lifestyle area, so I moved it as well now, and made ADL a subforum of it. Trying to streamline the home view a little as we have so many forums.
  4. When rabbits are mad they stomp their feet (not unlike some littles we know, lol) Usually it means he wants fresh water, or a treat... but one thing that ALWAYS pisses him off is if I turn off a cartoon before it is over! I tend to turn on Adult Swim for some Family Guy or Bob's Burgers before I fall asleep, but if I get too sleepy and switch off the TV in the middle of an episode he throws a fit!
  5. I would say they run just a little large, so if you are right between two sizes, go for the smaller. Doesn't shrink much.
  6. adorable!
  7. Chat server is down, that's on Invision's end, so have to wait on them.
  8. Nope, we don't use Mongo and have backups
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  10. I really love the new training pants from Rearz! I got the pirate pair, and they are thick and soft. Thicker than I expected, with a nice wide absorbent pad that goes nearly waistband to waistband. Wide crotch for a comfortable fit, and soft covered elastic bands. My favorite thing about them is that the fun pirate print is totally a pattern a Mom would buy to get her little boy to give underpants a try, but the thick padding is there cuz Mommy knows I'm not really ready for big boy pants. Absorbency is great for a trainer. I fell asleep in one yesterday, and it absorbed a good amount of nap-wetting, and aided by a pair of plastic panties over them my bed and pants stayed dry tho my trainer was quite wet. http://rearz.ca/product_info.php?products_id=1809
  11. What do you or your little like?
  12. Yeppers! https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=TFDGLGAENZ5EJ or sent to [email protected]
  13. This one should work anywhere as it's a page on our site: http://dailydiapers.com/content/donate.html
  14. In my case: Staying in, thickly diapered, with sparkling apple juice and a movie