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daily diapers not showing up on Google.

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For some reason whenever I enter daily diapers or daily diapers forums in the search bar on Google it doesn't pop up. It's like it never existed. Has anyone else experienced this within the last couple of days?

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I don't know what it used to be like, but checking now from my home broadband which I know I have adult access enabled on, and safesearch disabled, nothing comes up on google, nothing even relevant. It also doesn't come up on Bing or DuckDuckGo, but on both of those it does show results for the facebook group, ADISC, diapermates etc.

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I just came to the site via Google because I cleared my history trying to troubleshoot something.  But I searched for 'Daily Diapers Forums' not just 'Daily Diapers' and the first result was the one I needed.  I'm in the United Kingdom if that makes a difference.

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I've  got  the same  problem  I have  trouble  finding  it  . Since  it's been  updated  the other  day  

1 hour ago, ValentinesStuff said:

If you get rid of the space and 's' "dailydiaper" google finds the site.

I've  just  tried  that and  it  still  won't  find  it  

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We've been having trouble with search engines, haven't found the issue yet, but they think all our pages are redirects, which they obviously aren't. Working on a work-around now.

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