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Alright, another story in the diaper dimension.
One of the main goals is for my writing to be 'fun', and when I quickly wrote a few chapters of Recessive last week and this week, I was very happy with the results.

Most of my stories involve "borrowing" ideas from other authors, this one is no different. Since this one is pretty blatant, I want to give credit where it’s due. The concept of Maturosis and a recessive Betweener gene belongs to Personalias, which I hope he doesn't mind me using for this story. I also give a little nod to his story "Unfair".
This was written in a hurry, so there might be some mistakes in here somewhere. I hope to get a chapter out per week, but we'll see how that turns out.
As always, thanks for reading.

*All characters are over 18*

*Now with Maturosis spelled correctly*
Recessive 1

“Come on, mom! I do not have Maturosis.”

As a Tweener, Kaleb was fighting for his life, this was exactly the kind of thing that could put him in diapers. He hated saying what he shouldn’t even have to say; but this wasn’t the first time he had to stand up for his adulthood, and hopefully, it wouldn’t be the last.

A letter from the school counselor started this latest brouhaha.

In a few typed paragraphs, the Amazon counselor claimed that his behavior wasn’t up to snuff. It mentioned that Kaleb had been forgetful with his assignments, that he was apathetic, appeared bored, slept in class, and it brought notice to the nightmare that was his most recent report card.

The school wanted to see some ‘changes’.

In fact, the head counselor herself thought that he needed some cognitive behavioral testing; which would never happen to his Amazon stepsister.

Now, Kaleb was doing battle against his family in the living room. The small space between the pair of couches, flat screen TV, and his father's oversized fluffy comfy chair became 'No man's land'. Kaleb sat in the Big recliner, dwarfed by the navy blue padding, doing his best to defend his honor against his stepmother and stepsister.

Debbie was on her feet, the letter from the school still in her Amazon hands, and there was a stern tightness in her voice.

“Your father works seven days a week to put food on the table, and you can’t even be asked to pay attention in class. What’s your problem, Kaleb?”

“Maybe he has Maturosis?” added his sweet stepsister.

Layla sat on the couch opposite Kaleb and his chair, and she had her Little Parenting class textbook opened and cradled in her loving Amazon arms. This Maturosis train of thought was all her fault, and she knew it and loved it.

“I said that I do not have Maturosis!” Kaleb repeated himself, louder and slower this time.

“How would you know?” Layla said to him and her mother. “Are you taking a Little Parenting class like I am? Oh, I forgot, it’s a class only for Amazons, which means you're too little to attend. So sowwie, Kay-Kay.”

How he hated that pet name his stepsister gave him - ‘Kay-Kay’.

“It’s not Kaleb’s fault,” added his stepmom with just a smidge of derision. “It’s in his genes, you can’t fault him for who he is - that’s Unfair.”

Yes. His genes. From the day he was born, it was always about his inferior genetic make up. It turns out that his father’s family had a recessive ‘Betweener’ gene that had revealed itself with his birth. Thus, Kaleb was shorter, dumber, and more childish compared to everyone else in life. His mere existence seemed to have shamed his family, and Kaleb believed it was why his mom and dad split up in the first place.

His real Amazon mom wanted to baby him, and his Big dad pretended he didn’t exist, working long hours and always out of town on business. Then his dad got remarried to Debbie, and that’s when these kinds of battles began.

Kaleb knew these conflicts by heart, always having to prove that he was just as good as his Amazon counterparts. He had expected, and experienced, this kind of talk from other Amazons, but to have it in his house was something else entirely. Still, it shouldn’t have surprised him that it had come down to this; his stepsister being who she was, the same with his stepmom - but it was Layla who was spearheading this latest attack.

There was trouble between him and his stepsister from the get-go: Layla being an almost perfect Amazon, Kaleb being a shorter than average Betweener, and both seniors in high school but on opposite ends of the popularity spectrum and the honor roll.
It didn’t help matters that Layla was hyper intelligent and had a carnivorous brain that never slept and always schemed. His stepsister was sleek and stacked, blonde and pretty, and the head cheerleader of the varsity squad.

Meanwhile, Kaleb made so-so grades, had dark shaggy hair, wore too many black t-shirts, played video games and kept to himself, which was now suddenly a crime according to Layla’s textbook.

“My book says that sufferers of Maturosis exhibit the following behaviors: antisocial tendencies such as keeping to themselves, too much talking, not enough talking, too much reading, a disinterest in books, television watching, unable to finish a show… the same with being single, unemployed and without any high school diploma.”

“Put a big check next to that one.” Debbie, his stepmom, loomed over his step-sis like a brooding gargoyle wearing mascara. “He hides in that room playing those childish games - almost like a Little.”

“Yeah,” echoed Layla, “almost like a Little.”

“Come on, Debbie!” Kaleb cringed from the insinuation.

“Kaleb, for the last time, call me ‘mom’,” his stepmom warned him with a snap and a raised finger. “I’ve earned the right after dealing with you all summer, just wait until your father hears of this letter.”

After putting him in his place, Debbie leaned over the couch to get a better look at the book. Then she casted a second sharp glance at Kaleb as if he was interrupting something important - and not fighting for his life.

His stepmother had a pretty face for an overbearing Amazon; that is, when she wasn’t scowling at or threatening him. Debbie had a youthful appearance, a brightness in her complexion, and she kept in good shape, so he couldn't blame his dad for marrying her. It was just that his blonde, decently attractive stepmother had a singular goal in mind when it came to Kaleb; one that more aligned with that of his real mom.

“Disrespect towards authority is another sign of Maturosis,” continued Layla. “It says here that the inability to appropriately recognize mother figures and properly interact with older Amazons reveals an innate desire for punishment. Very Maturosis, indeed.”

A wild feeling soaked the room, a moist sponge full of potential energy, just waiting to be squeezed. Layla was getting giddy from this excitement, happily kicking her feet in the air. Her cheerful face matched her red and white cheerleading uniform fresh from the pep rally after school. One of her life goals was getting Kaleb put in diapers, which wasn’t some mind reading thing or a product of more insinuation, she had told him to his face… many times.

“I do respect you Deb.. I mean, mom…” Kaleb pleaded his case to his oversized audience with fists clenched. “It’s just that this textbook is just painting Tweeners with a broad brush, it doesn’t mean that I’m sick with anything, you’ve got to believe me.”

“We do believe you,” said Debbie, “it’s the only reason you’re not in diapers, yet.”

“Not in diapers, yet?” questioned Kaleb, his face felt tight and cheek muscles twitched under his eyes. “What have I done to be put in diapers? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!”

Kaleb felt like he got his point across, but as soon as he settled himself back into the oversized chair, Layla flipped back a few pages in that damn book of hers. Then she pointed to a page that was probably dutifully highlighted from beginning to end.

“Actually, we read about this issue a few chapters ago. Littles are experts at hiding their potty accidents, they could be having accidents daily without being caught, and no one would be the wiser. It’s more common than we think.”

Debbie smiled and patted her daughter on the shoulder.

“I love this new school of yours,” said his stepmom. “I’d have to admit that I was against sending you to a mixed school, but I’ll say that I stand corrected.”

The two women were loving this special moment they shared. Layla beamed up at her mother, and her mom smiled down fondly — all Amazon through and through. They both looked the same and talked the same, with Layla being a younger, more ‘cheerleading’ kind of clone. As if this Amazonian apple didn’t fall far from the tree, if it even fell at all.

“Thanks mom! I had my doubts as well, but they’re letting us work with the Littles at the school. And guess what! I changed my first Little diaper today!”

“Oh! Congratulations Layla!” Debbie was hopping in place as she hugged her daughter. “You’re going to have to tell me everything? What was it like?”

“What was it like?” Layla giggled, this day was going as perfectly for her as if she dreamed it. “It was stinky, that’s what it was like.”

Stepmom crossed her arms and pushed her lips together like she was about to kiss a frog.

“Uh-oh. Did some little Little think themselves too big for protection?”

“Yeah…” Layla nodded excitedly, “and she had the audacity to want to be a cheerleader as well. I mean, it’s not safe. That’s what we all tried to tell her, she was too Little to be one of us.”

“You’re right,” said Debbie. “It isn’t safe to have a Little wandering around a Big school with no one to help her. I’m so proud of you for protecting that Little, and she proved herself to be a pants-pooper as well. You probably caught her before things got out of control, she’s going to be thankful when she comes to terms with her condition.”

“I doubt that…” mumbled Kaleb.

His stepmom spun to face him. “What did you say?”

As hard as this all was, Kaleb tried to explain himself to an insane giantess without triggering her overbearing, often malicious, mothering instinct.

“You’ve ruined her life, now she’s in diapers, and she’s stuck in them!”

“We didn’t ruin anything,” countered Layla, who said every word to her mother’s approval. “The cheerleaders helped her deal with her condition. So what are we supposed to do with a Little with a potty problem? Just let Callie go messy in her panties?”

“No! Nope! No way I believe that!” decried Kaleb. “This Callie girl probably didn’t have potty problems until the cheerleaders made her poop herself.”
Layla disagreed with a sharp shake of her head, sending her tight ponytail swaying from side to side. His stepsister flipped forward a couple of pages, grabbed her mom's attention, and pointed at a passage in the book without saying a word. After following her daughter’s finger, Debbie clutched the gaudy pearls around her neck and slowly nodded.

Oh, man. This wasn’t good at all.

Kaleb mockingly wiggled his head like his stepsister. “What does it say in your stupid book?”

“It says that those suffering from Maturosis have an ‘affinity’ towards other victims. Top doctors say that this over-indulgent empathy is yet another symptom. If a Little, or Betweener, exhibits anger, frustration, or undue sympathy towards a Little that clearly needs diapers, it could mean that those big emotions are really meaning something else.”

“Like what?” he asked without thinking first.

“If a Little… or in this case - a Betweener - displays these kinds of emotions it may be masking…”

Layla held up for a moment, to let the tension build, biting her pink lips and looking between her mom and her book.

“I may be masking what?” questioned Kaleb.


Kaleb squinted at his step sister in disbelief, as if she said the stupidest thing he’d ever heard, and it was the stupidest thing he’d ever heard - but it was also one of the most dangerous.

“Me? Wanted to be treated like a baby? That’s absurd… it’s ridiculous… there’s no proof, only silly um… insinuation! Give me a fair shake to prove it to you. I deserve the benefit of the doubt.”

“You’re absolutely right, Kay-Kay.”

“I am?” Kaleb stared blankly at his Big stepsister.

“You do deserve the benefit of the doubt,” continued Layla. “Our teacher says that just because a non-Amazon exhibits one or all behaviors, doesn’t mean they have Maturosis. This isn’t some kind of catch all condition. Sometimes, but not often, there are a few misdiagnoses that go undiscovered.”

Kaleb glared down at his sneakers, letting his heart sink to new depths. Imagine being misdiagnosed with something as sinister as Maturosis. That would be like serving a life sentence in a plastic prison, when you were innocent every single day.

“That’s why they made the Cushioning test,” Layla explained to the room. “It’s a psychological remedy that can bring out the worst symptoms of Maturosis without the headache of constant surveillance.”

“I’ve never heard of this Cushioning test,” Debbie grouched as she folded her arms. “It must be something new, they make everything so difficult these days. Back in my day, if we saw a baby we put a diaper on her, it was that simple. And now we have tests.”

“Oh, mom. Don’t be so old fashioned. We live in an age of science and kindness, not like how it used to be, that was just being cruel to Littles. Now we help them, not hurt or condemn them.”

“I guess you’re right,” sighed Debbie. "What does it say about bad grades, or any other signs in the behavior of a Betweener?"

They’re sick, established Kaleb, in his head of course. They were absolutely bonkers, completely bat-crap crazy, and he needed to get out of that room. He rose from the chair to go back to his bedroom, if he was careful, they wouldn’t say anything.

“Where are you going, Kay-Kay?” Layla flashed her violent blue eyes at him. “We’re not done yet.”

“Oh, I thought you guys were finished,” he stuttered and took a step back. “Listen, I’ve got some homework to do, so… if you don’t mind…”

Layla smiled. “I’ve got some homework, too.”

“And…?” Kaleb noticed that she was staring at him hungrily.

“And I need the help of my little bro!”
Layla clapped her hands together enthusiastically, which was alarming to say the least; but Kaleb said nothing, dead behind the eyes, keenly noticing his smiling stepmom and aware of his squealing stepsister. There was no getting out of this, he had better chances of flapping his arms and flying out the window.
"Does this homework have anything to do with those bags you brought home?" asked Debbie, with a gleam in the eye.

“Maybe.." offered Layla. "What do you say, Kay-Kay? Wanna be my helper?”

“Help you do what?” Kaleb shrugged his shoulders. “I’m going to need a few more details before I say anything.”

“Well, today we got a special assignment from Little Parenting class. We’ve got to perform a practice Cushioning test over the weekend. Most of my friends are planning to work with Littles, they were going as a group to a daycare, but I thought it would be easier if Kaleb helped me. Mom, I’m so swamped at school, especially with the big dance coming up. I figured if the school wants him to do some 'testing', and I need to perform some 'testing', I can be the one to help Kaleb."
"That's so nice of you to think of helping your stepbrother. You are growing into a fine young lady - and you are very busy.”

His stepmom then turned his way.

“You should help out your sister, Kaleb. It may ‘help’ you in the long run."
"Help me do what?" he asked his stepmom.
Debbie reviewed the letter a third and a fourth time before explaining.

"The only places that offer these kinds of cognitive tests are at Little Procurement Centers, and they're not going to give you a fair shake if you fail them. Trust your stepmom on this one."
He trusted her on this one, 100%. That still didn't mean that he had to do whatever Layla wanted, and his stepsister never did anything that was good for him without it later turning bad for him. At least she was predictable in that manner.
“Wait a sec.." Kaleb turned to the two women. "You’re actually going to make me do this baby test?”

“The school says that you need it,” answered Debbie with a shrug.

“Why are you believing the stupid school counselor instead of me?” Kaleb continued to fight for his rights. “You know how stupid that is? This is all so… so… stupid!”

Layla smirked. “Yeah, it is stupid isn’t it.”

Kaleb was surprised to find that his stepsister agreed with him a second time, twice in one day like a broken clock.

“Um.. it’s just that I’m not so sure I want to do that ‘Cushering’ test. Those things are designed to make Littles fail and turn them into babies. No way I’m doing that, I’m not THAT stupid.”

“You’re just afraid that you won’t pass it,” said Layla matter of factly.

“No, I’m not afraid of the test,” insisted Kaleb. “I just told you that the test is rigged against Littles…”

“But you’re not a Little,” replied Layla. “It won’t be rigged against you. It’s just homework, Kay-Kay.”

The way she was so right all the time was infuriating. He could feel the change in the room as his internal workings were beginning to budge, as he tried plant his feet into the carpet before he lost more ground.

“It’s still a big ‘No!’ for me. I gain nothing from being your Guinea pig, not an ‘oinking’ thing.”

“Guinea pigs don’t ‘oink’!” Layla groaned to her mother. “My stepbrother is a complete moron.”
His stepmom butted in, "I don't think you have much of a choice, Kaleb."
"I do have a choice, I'm not going to do any of these tests, no matter how many letters the school sends. And another thing, you can kiss my sweet not-diapered butt."
Kaleb turned to show his jean clad bottom to the two Amazon women, adding insult to insult, and driving his point home. They were not making him do any kind of test. 
But that's where he was wrong. Before Kaleb knew what was happening, Debbie jumped into the fray, literally.

For a woman in her middle age, she certainly closed the gap between easy chair and couch in a hurry. His stepmom pulled him to his feet by the forearm, in a tight grip he’d never break. Still, he tried. After a couple of quick escape attempts, Kaleb accepted his fate, letting his arm hang loosely from his stepmom’s clenched fist, while glaring as hard as he could at the much larger woman.

When he had stopped squirming, Debbie pulled him closer to her in a menacing way, she was a giant spider and he was in her web. The size differential had to be driven home, and she spiked it deep.
His stepmom addressed Layla with a biting, callous tone.

“What does it say in your book about not helping their sisters?”

“Nothing good,” replied Layla, as she tried to stifle another smile.

“That’s what I thought,” Debbie said to Layla.

“Now, as for you,” his stepmom turned her attention to him. “You need a nice slice of humble pie, so I’m going to check your pants. Maybe if you’re good, I’ll let you have another chance at making the right choice, or there could be a spanking in order. Then I'll take you to the Little Center, and you can do all of your testing with a red bottom."

Kaleb gulped. That spike was driven straight into his heart.

“Turn around and face your sister, Kaleb.”

He didn’t have to be told twice, shuffling his feet towards Layla. His stepmom kept a firm hand at his back as he turned away from her, and her hold on his arm slackened to give him another chance to do it right.

Like the constant battles for adulthood, this was not his first pants check; not from Debbie, not from others, and hopefully, it wouldn’t be his last. However, he wasn’t too concerned. Kaleb kept a clean ship, with a well-squabbed poop deck.

On the couch, Layla coyly played with a pen held between her lips. The stupid textbook was still opened on her lap, but her piercing eyes were all on Kaleb and his ‘pants check’. This day was going as swimmingly as possible for Layla, and she wasn't afraid to show her stepbrother how much she enjoyed his petulant child treatment.
Debbie reached around the front of his pants to undo the button of his jeans, then with the other hand she yanked them down mid thigh. Kaleb fought the urge to fall to the carpet as his pants fell, but his anxiety-locked knees held him upright. Behind him, his stepmom adjusted the waistband of his gray boxer briefs, before sliding a pair of crooked fingers into the fabric and pulling them back to take a peek at his cheeks.
"All clean," Debbie announced to the surprise of no one.
The whole song and dance was less about potty training and more about humility. His winning strategy was to try to maintain some bit of dignity on the other side. That was his goal, at least. Kaleb would have to exude some level of over-confidence if he planned on playing this off as just another battle; there was a war to win.
"Duh! I told you that I don't have Maturosis. You guys are pretty off the mark, don’t you think? Same with the school and their letter, they're wrong and you both know it.”

Kaleb hastily pulled his pants to his hips, and redid the button, and things were almost back to normal.
"If we're wrong, then you should do the test," observed Layla. "I still don't know why you won't help me with my homework."
"Fine. Fine. I'll do that test, but you two will have to give up something in return."
"Oh!” Debbie exclaimed. “I love it when they try to make deals.”
"Mom, let's hear him out." Layla slid her book aside before crossing her legs. Boy, her skirt was short. Kaleb could almost see a hint of red bloomers in the provided shadows. "I need him to willing and able to help me, I can't just force him over my knee to make him behave. This is science, remember? There's no room for error."
"Alright, then." Debbie let him go, and Kaleb rubbed at the spot where her claws dug into him. "What do you want from us?"
Kaleb held his breath before speaking. He made sure that his arm still worked; it did, same with his rapidly beating heart and his burgeoning sense of finality. If there was going to be a showdown, and he would be the one to set the terms. This was the best way to silence his family and take care of the funny business from that Amazon school counselor.
"If I pass the test, then you two have to leave me alone. No more bullying. No more pants checking. No more Kay-Kay. No more… whatever else you guys do, like saying that I'd look cute dressed like a Little."
Both women guffawed with a capital 'G'.
"Alright, alright." Layla put aside her smile to give him the room. "Is that all? What if you 'fail'? It is a possibility."
"If he fails, he gets treated like a Little with Maturosis," interrupted Debbie, altogether quiet and harsh. "That is what the test is all about, isn’t it? I’ve had my own questions about his adulthood that I wouldn’t mind having answered.”
His stepmom was right about the test, wrong about his adulthood. The Cushioning test was for Littles who needed diapers. So what? Kaleb was a Betweener who didn't need diapers. Even if he did shoddily on Layla's Cushioning test, there was still a good chance that he'd pass the stupid thing, and then he'd be left alone for the rest of his days. No more bothering him about video games, or girlfriends, or his height, or anything and everything that made his life a constant battle. If this was going to end one way or another, it might as well be here and now, and at his own decision making.
Kaleb stared down the two women. "Deal."
The two Amazons could barely let the ink dry before sealing him to his fate, as Layla spoke for the both of them.

"Deal... Now let's get started."

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On 3/20/2023 at 12:25 PM, Guilend said:

He should have made his step sister take it with him lol. Good story


On 3/22/2023 at 8:18 PM, BabySofia said:

Guilend is right, she should also take it... Hope to see more of this! 


Thanks for the comments. I'm not sure Layla is going to take the Cushioning test, she's more of a predator than a prey in this story. However, I'm still writing and don't really have a 'for sure' ending. Anything can happen.

Thanks for reading.


Recessive 2
"This is a day one Cushioning test bag that the school gave me. It has all that we need to do the first set of tests.”
Layla slapped the side of the canvas bag a couple of times as she explained everything to her captured audience. Kaleb being the more captured of the two; Debbie could be better described as an 'enraptured' audience.
His stepmom was on the edge of her seat, which was in the kitchen, at the table where they all ate breakfast. A cheap candelabra light hung overhead, just beyond the table were white-paned windows to their backyard, and a four paneled door that led to the driveway. Kaleb sat tall in his booster, an extra chair that brought him to the proper height so he could actually use the Amazon table like the rest of the family.
The large bag on the table was rectangular in shape, shale gray in color, and boring to eyes. It had a group of large pockets on the side, some were locked tight with a shiny zipper, others were held by Velcro with a soft neon design to dash in a little flavor.
“It looks like a diaper bag,” Kaleb grumbled to no one in particular.
“That’s because it is like a diaper bag,” beamed Layla. “There are diapers in here, does that scare you, Kay-Kay?”
“Not really.” He tried to pass the lie off, but the other women saw right through him.
“As I said before we sat down,” continued the blonde cheerleader. “There is a process to follow, and it’s important that we don’t deviate from our instructions - that might affect his score.”
“My score?” Kaleb rose in his booster. “What score?”
His stepsister pulled out a thin instruction manual on see-through paper and prepared to read him his rights, at least as far as this experiment went.
“Your Cushioning test score, you silly goose. There are multiple scenarios that you have to pass, then we add up the score and we see what’s what. Try to pay better attention.”
“I just thought I would have to go without pooping myself,” complained Kaleb, he felt hotter in his cheeks. “I didn’t know there would be some kind of score.”
“Well, now you know.” Layla then picked up her instructions, before giving him a second look. “Do you have any more questions before we get started?”
His stepmom loudly cleared her throat, attention-seeking in a way only a middle aged woman could manage.
Since she had been so quiet, he’d almost forgotten that his stepmom was even there. Debbie picked at the long shoulder harness of the testing bag with a tired look on her face. Kaleb immediately knew what was giving her the blues — Debbie wanted in on the action. There was a party going on next door, and she wanted to be invited before she crashed it anyways.
“What can I do to help?” Debbie meekly asked her daughter. “I’m happy to give you a hand in any way, since it’s for school and all.”
“I wasn’t planning on keeping you out,”
Layla explained to her mother. “Actually, I’m in need of an assistant and could use some help dressing Kay-Kay, and you have more experience than I do. If you want to help, you’ll have to read the procedures and keep an eye out for certain behaviors. Does that sound like something you’d want to do?”
The job offer seemed to do the trick of pulling Debbie out of the dumps, but their tone made Kaleb extra wary of a conspiracy. It was now two against one, and the odds were stacked in their favor, Big time.
“Let’s begin by getting Kaleb dressed,” Layla said with a grin. “Then we can get started on our tests.”
“I’m already dressed,” corrected Kaleb, he shifted back in his seat so fast that he almost toppled over.
“No, you’re not.” Layla indicated to the instruction manual. “Throughout the testing environment you’ll be wearing detection and protection, also called a ‘DP’ for short. It’s standard Cushioning test procedure to be padded through the process, I thought you already knew this.”
Kaleb pressed his shoe into the ground to prove a point.
“I don’t know anything about this test, and I didn’t agree to wearing a diaper.”
Layla softened her expression, as if she wanted to drag him into helping her without all of the kicking and screaming. Even Kaleb hoped it wouldn't come down to that.
“I’m sorry for the confusion, but you’re not going to be in a diaper. You’re going to be in something more like a pull-up. There are no tapes, only padding for detection. This is an experiment, Kay-Kay, not a fashion show.”
Kaleb probably should’ve asked more questions before signing the metaphorical dotted line.
“Anything else I should know? Any poison I’ll have to drink? Swords that I'll have to swallow? Are you going to hit me in the head with something heavy?”
“Kay-Kay, you’re stressing out too much," Layla tried once again to put aside his objections. "The Cushioning test is all about science, and not about getting back at you. I just want to do it right - which means all you have to do is follow directions. Think of this experience as a slow ride, just roll with the punches, and don’t rock the boat. Let us dress you, run our experiments, then we will be done and out of your cute messy hair. Remember, you have to do what we ask - otherwise, that will negatively affect your test. You agreed to take part, now let us do our part, and it will all be over, one way or another.”
Her words were met by pronounced silence, as Kaleb knew better than to protest. He had agreed to this experiment, and he’d see it through to the other side like every other battle. And the looming threat of the Little Procurement Center was real. However, that ‘one way or another’ hung about the end of the conversation like an unwelcome guest, and he couldn’t quite shake it from his mind.
“Alright, mom.” Layla handed over a sheet of instructions. “Go someplace private and read your instructions while I get everything ready.”
Debbie sharply rose to attention, all that was missing was a proper salute. She snagged the paper of instructions and was already reading it as she marched across the living room and into the main bedroom.
That left only the two of them. The pair of step siblings glared at one another, both trying to vie for supremacy. Layla maintained eye contact as she ripped open the sorta-diaper-bag by the velcro, and loudly zipping free some of the contents of the side pouches onto the table in bunches.
Kaleb tried to make sense of it all, but couldn’t make head or tails from the various electronics, tightly wound wires, and tiny computers that she pulled free from the bag. To his pleasant surprise, nothing too babyish had been pulled free. All he saw were plastic electrodes and the like, no bottles, no pacifiers, and no diapers.
That’s when Layla peered deep into the bag and returned with a disheartening smile.
“Alright, first question for Kay-Kay: Choo-Choo Trains, Safari Animals, Little Monsters, or Diaper Dinos?”
“What was that?“ he shook his head and looked her in the eyes. “I don’t think that I understand.”
“Your detector-protector design, Kay-Kay. The DP’s are decorated like Little underwear to help the testing Littles stay calm. I thought you’d like a choice in the matter, but don’t worry, this doesn’t affect your point total.”
Kaleb grimaced. “I don’t really care.”
“Then we can go with the pink princesses!" Layla said with way too much scientific glee.
“No! Not that!” Kaleb shouted across the table.
“Then you do care,” quipped Layla, she handled something crinkly inside the bag as she asked a second time. “Trains, Safari, Monsters, or Dinosaurs?”
What fantastic choices! Not. It was like picking the method of his own execution. These were totally going to be embarrassing diaper designs, or other whacky baby motifs. He shouldn’t even be doing this; however, he then thought about the alternative: The Little Procurement Center. At the Little Center, there would be no choice. He imagined what it would be like in the dystopian adoption agency. It had to be a dark place, a scary place. Kaleb imagined that there would be nothing but incandescent lights, bland hallways and bland ceilings - but cute diapers made for a Betweener. So he decided to go with the first ones: Trains. Why not? The others sounded just as bad as the next.
Kaleb cleared his throat. “Trains…”
His stepsister winked at him. “Choo-choo, Kay-Kay.”
Layla pulled out a small DP that had a big ‘B’ for Betweener on the backside of the waistline. The pull-up was decorated almost like a toddler’s with a line of animals in train cars along the crotch. A brown bear with a blue hat was the engineer, while a kitten, a puppy, and a baby elephant rode in the cars that followed. All had big eyes, smiling faces and wore nothing but silly hats and fluffy diapers.
“That…” Kaleb had a hard time getting his words out. “Looks like a diaper. Like a real diaper.”
“It does, doesn’t it!” Layla turned the DP to herself to get a better look. “It’s made by the same companies that make Little diapers, so I had to ask my teacher for Betweener sizes. And it’s soo cute! It has a baby elephant in a caboose on the caboose!”
“Alright,” Kaleb said as he reached for the not-a-diaper, “let’s get it over with.”
However, Layla stopped him mid-reach, and she shook her head.
“We have to wait for mom to do the dressing, it's a part of the rules. So let’s get you all hooked up to the wave-readers while we wait for her to come back.”
Layla rose from the table with a handful of Cushioning technology. She moved behind him with a half dozen of the sticky electrodes, then she was running over his skin with a lavender scented wet wipe. Kaleb wondered if it was the same kind of wipe for a messy bottom, that was a thought best reserved for ‘never’. For some reason, his skin burned where the wipe went, and he felt the sticky electrodes deep in his soul.
“There we go,” she said softly, as she stuck the final sticker to his temple. “Now we can see what’s going on in your sweet, Tweener brain.”
“What even are these things?” he scrambled to look straight above his head. “What do they do?”
“They’re wave readers, Kay-Kay, designed to pick up on the brain waves of the Beta-alpha-beta-upsilon scale. You just need to know that all of your thoughts are being measured now, so no more stress, right?”
Kaleb wasn’t so sure. “Right…”
“I picked up on your sarcasm,” Layla indicated with a palm size screen. “What’s taking my mom so long?”
They both looked to the closed door to the main bedroom which was on the other side of the living room. For a family of Bigs, Kaleb’s home wasn’t very big at all. There was a kitchen connected to a table area, a living room next to his parent’s bedroom. A long hallway shot out from the living room, where there was his parent’s study, Layla’s room, Kaleb’s room; and finally, the bathroom Kaleb shared with Layla.
The singular bathroom was a source of fun conflicts every morning before school.
“I know,” Layla said to break the silence. “Why don’t we do a bit of word association to test out the equipment?”
Kaleb watched her warily. “Is this going to be for a grade?”
“Of course it is… Kay-Kay.”
“You know how much I hate it when you call me Kay-Kay!”
“I do now!” she said as she showed him a screen he couldn’t understand. “Your Beta-Alpha-Beta-Upsilon levels just spiked like crazy.”
“What’s that mean?” Kaleb tried not to panic, but he felt so out of his league.
“It means that you have a childish reaction to certain stimuli, no big deal. As I said, you’re not going to do well if you stress out about every little detail during the test.”
As he thought about not even thinking about babyish things, the door to his stepmother’s room shot open.
Debbie waltzed in wearing the most ridiculous and motherly navy and white polka-dot dress and pristine white apron. He’d never seen anything like that in her wardrobe; it looked exactly like an Amazon monster-mother from his nightmares.
When she got to the table, Debbie did a little spin so they could see the entire disaster.
“What do you think, Layla?” asked Debbie with only one answer in mind.
“It’s certainly a lot, mom.”
“Well, the instructions said…” Debbie covered her mouth as not to reveal a secret.
Layla glared at her. “The instructions were supposed to be read in private for a reason, mom.”
After giving her mom a long disapproving look, Layla pulled out a separate computer tablet and began logging in some kind of username and password. Meanwhile, Debbie took an opportunity to ruffle up Kaleb’s shaggy hair, fully knowing how he felt about that kind of “bad touch”. Nothing he wanted mattered anymore, he would sit and take it, and hope that the Beta-Theta wave-thingies didn’t turn him into a baby.
“What did I miss?” Debbie asked the two of them, then her face changed when she caught sight of the Train DPer.

“OMG! That is soo precious! Is that what I get to dress him in? Does it have a wetness indicator? Or am I going to have to check for dry pants and a clean bottom?”
“It’s a detector-protector mom,” explained Layla with a huff. “It connects to the main computer like the electrodes, but if you want to do some checking, knock yourself out. In fact, it might be good in revealing some inner details for our wave readers.”
“Gotcha!” Debbie said with a wink. “He going to look too cute.”
The kitchen table was now officially home to a science experiment. There were many different wires attached to different computers invisibly attached to the eyeballs of his Big stepsister. Kaleb took a deep breath and tried to think of something else, something she couldn’t read as childish - but that was just like not thinking about the cutesy DP that rested not-so-innocently on the solid faux oak.
“Alright, we look good to go. Time for word association…”
“Um… Layla?” Debbie successfully grabbed the attention from her daughter. “Don’t we want to get him padded and protected before we start? I know that you’re the boss and everything…”
“You know what?” Layla grinned at her mother. “You’re so right, mom. Take off his big boy clothes and get him in his DP.”
Kaleb felt the blood drain from his face. “This is totally going to suck… isn’t it?”
He mournfully watched his stepmom take the choo-choo train pull-up from the table and beckon him to stand up from his booster seat. There was no reason to put up a fight, it would probably count against him anyways. Instead, Kaleb kept awareness of his inner most thoughts, he didn’t want to turn the inevitable into some kind of big deal. He would give them nothing to register on the computers, just make his overzealous Amazonian stepmom happy for once.
Debbie asked, “Standing or laying down?”
“Standing,” answered Layla, “for this one.”
Kaleb sighed.
Since his own mind was going to be used against him, it was super important to keep his thoughts under control. So he thought about other things, good things, like not being called ‘Kay-Kay’ ever again. That fantasy was nice, but the reality was his stepmom was undressing his bottom half in front of his same age stepsister.
Debbie first pulled his pants free, then helped him step out of his jeans, before she carelessly tossed them aside. With a pair of Big hands, she fished into the waistband of his boxer briefs, and they were down to his ankles as well.
The de-pantsing wasn’t as mortifying as most would expect - he was used to being in the hands of Amazons. This was all a part of a process, a means to an end. Kaleb grabbed the side of the table to maintain his balance and use it to cover up his nakedness. He just stared at the screen Layla had shown him earlier, the one with the Beta-alpha-beta-upsilon display, hoping that it didn’t read anything bad.
But he couldn’t read it at all, Amazon technology was all so confusing for him.
“Let’s just slide these up your wittle leggies.” Debbie traveled the DP from his ankles to his backside. “Now we have a protected wittle bottom in our wittle boy.”
“Alright…” Kaleb slid away from her, she was acting pretty weird.
Kaleb tried not to look down at the train- riding baby animals or squeeze his thighs together because of the crinkling. He tried not to think about the strange baby talk or the way the padded underwear smelled like a real baby’s diaper. Or think about how the elastic felt against his lower back, or how the pull-up tightly hugged his butt, thighs and legs. He tried and tried and tried and failed, all the while, the indicator thingy was climbing and changing colors from green to yellow then red.
Just like a good scientist, Layla had her shifty eyes on the display as well, chuckling softly to herself while logging data into the tablet with both hands.
“He looks sooo cute!” Debbie squealed from behind him. “I want to gobble him up like he’s made of sugar. Just look at the sweet elephant on his backside, I’ve got to take a picture of this and send it to your father.”
“No pictures,” Kaleb said through gritted teeth. “There will be no pictures.”
Now that they’d had their fun and put him in a pull-up, it was time to cover back up. He spotted his blue jeans in a pile just a few steps away, so Kaleb thought it smart to sneak them over this DP thing, and spare himself further humiliation.

Unfortunately, Debbie had other ideas, barring his way with her toned Pilates-strong arms.
“Those are against the rules, young man.”
Kaleb fought an urge to cry. “Why can’t I put on pants?”
“The rules are rules, Kay-Kay.” Layla slid the tablet aside and brought the paper rules to her face. “The test subject’s detector-protector must be visible at all times. This way, the researchers can see all aspects of the DP and make observations accordingly. Make sure the test subject does not attempt to disable, adjust, or change the detector-protector, that would forfeit their accumulated score, disqualifying the applicant from passing the Cushioning test.”
“In regular words, please?” Kaleb felt himself melting into the table as he leaned against it for support.
“Touch your DP, and you will fail. From now on, mom and I will be in charge of your ‘underwear’. Is there a problem with that?”
Kaleb unconsciously ran his fingers across the padded front of his detector-protector.
“I guess not…”
“Now, let’s sit you down in your booster, and we can do a word association test.”
His stepmom lifted him from the tile floor and into his childish booster seat. Kaleb felt like he was three years old…
Nope, Kaleb did not feel like he was three years old, the wave readers were watching him on the inside. He had to control every single thought; otherwise, they would win, and he’d never let them win. So he tried to think about everything non-baby, this was the strategy going forward. Super easy. So easy a teenage Tweener could do it.
“Remember to answer as quickly as possible, and speak clearly because the verbal section is recorded for later research. So when I say a word, you say the first that comes to mind. Kay-Kay, you know the drill. Let me know when you’re ready.”
Kaleb bit at his lower lip and nodded to his stepsister. Just don’t think like a baby. Super easy.
“Mommy.” “Mother.”
“Happy.” “Sad.”
“Empty.” “Full.”
See? Easy. Super easy. All he had to do was give a mature response, he’d be on the other side of this test in no time.
“Milk.” “Cow.”
“Daddy.” “Father.”
“Sleepy.” “Nap.”
One of the previously silent machines on the table made a quick beep and a green light appeared on its side. What the heck was that about? Was he actually getting them wrong?
“Teddy bear.” “Umm…”
There it was again.
“What the heck, Layla?” exclaimed Kaleb.
Even his protests counted against him, he was helpless to the relentless questions that picked at his brain.
“Barn.” “Animals.”
“Water.” “Fire.”
“Clean.” “Mop.”
“Rubber.” “Nipple.”
Dang it! What was his problem? His internal voice was giving him a dressing down normally reserved for his stepfamily. Just don’t think of anything ‘baby’, Kaleb! Why couldn’t he think of anything besides diapers, and bottles, and onesies, and mommies?
Kaleb was going out of his mind, or was he worried about what was going on his mind? He was shook and shaken, his test results spinning and spiraling around the drain, surely he was going down into the dank sewer never to return, and the questions kept coming. More and more words, overwhelming him with their simplicity.
“Walk.” “Run.”
“Safe.” “Hiding.”
“Dirty.” “Diaper.”
Beeeeep. Beeeep.

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On 3/27/2023 at 9:31 AM, Guilend said:

Maybe the mother needs to take the test. I swear she's going crazy and not even thinking lol. Good story

Yeah, the motherly Amazons in my diaper dimension stories have a tendency to be a bit histrionic. They bounce from exaggerated emotion to the next, it helps them justify their bad behavior. Also, keep in mind, Debbie is following a set of instructions dictating  how she dresses and acts.

Amazons are master manipulators, they will wear the appropriate mask to get what they want, and it’s not their fault, it’s in their genes.

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Thanks for the positive comments! And thanks for reading.


Recessive 3

Alone time.

That’s what Kaleb needed most.

After his Amazon stepmother and stepsister let him go — reminding him that he wasn’t allowed on the furniture, (a new rule, and an annoying one at that) — Kaleb stepped lightly into the living room, doing his best to not crinkle, since the sound effect sent shivers up his spine every time he did. He used a spare throw blanket from over the couch to cover his pull-up, or DP, or whatever, and dropped into a spot on the floor while his mind raced without direction.

Kaleb had to get to some conclusions, and quickly.

It's important to evaluate where one is at in the midst of a struggle. Kaleb could hardly tell if he was at ‘square one’, or ‘square zero’, or ‘square negative one’. All of that was up for debate; however, he was pretty certain that he 100% in square ‘Big trouble’.

The electronic wave readers were still stuck to his temples, and a thicker kind of babyish underwear on his Betweener bottom, but he’d have to learn to get used to them as the weekend moved forward. Yes, the entire weekend; that’s how long the test was going to take, according to Layla, so he’d barely scratched the surface of this iceberg.

Kaleb didn’t know what to think about his performance so far. He recognized that Layla was happy, and if she was happy, things were probably going bad for him. A long time ago, he concluded that he was not smarter than his stepsister. In fact, Kaleb never claimed to be smarter than Layla, he just wanted to prove that he wasn’t Little material.

He thought it would be prudent to name victory conditions. He’d have to keep his pants dry, of course. A clean bottom and sound mind were a perfect counter to the DP and electrodes. There was still a clear path towards victory. However, there were two outcomes for every conflict, and it was also equally important to ascribe to what ‘losing’ would look like: the mental image of a thickly diapered and pacified Kaleb thundered through his brain.

Okay… no more thinking, thinking was bad. He should have never agreed to being a non-oinking pig for this Cushioning test, and now he was stuck in a padded pull-up and hiding in his own living room.

Layla sauntered across the carpet like she was queen of the world.

“Good news, Kay-Kay.”


“You did good on the word association test,” explained Layla.

“I did?” Kaleb looked up at his towering sister. “I thought I did bad… That thing was beeping like for every other word…”

“You’re stressing out again,” warned Layla with a kind voice. “If you try too hard, you’re going to mess yourself up.”

His stepsister lowered herself down into a squat and softly touched his hair, maybe with the pretense of adjusting his electrodes. The obvious petting felt nice and soft, almost pleasing, as if she wasn’t trying to destroy him with her homework. 

Whatever her intentions, Kaleb eventually flinched from her touch, bringing about a frown on his stepsister’s face.

Layla watched him as he laid flat on his blanket. “You doing okay in there, Kay?”

“I don’t know,” he answered with a sigh. “I think I bit off more than I can chew.”

Layla adjusted her short cheerleading skirt and laid down on the floor with him, an effort to commiserate with her Betweener brother.

“Admit it, Kay-Kay. You need this test to see what’s what.”

“What is what?” he countered back.

“That maybe you need to hear the results. You’re lazy, you’re bored, you’re always in need of care. It doesn’t bother you when other people do things for you. I mean, that’s why you fail when you’re on your own.”

“Ouch…” Kaleb rubbed his chest right above his heart because that’s where her truths hurt. “I do things on my own all of the time.”

“Really? Really?” Layla repeated herself until her point drove a home in his mind. “What do you by yourself? And don’t give me the typical kid stuff, I’m talking about adult stuff.”

“Like paying taxes, or something?” Kaleb scrunched his face trying to think hard. “I do plenty, I’m just too distracted think of any right now.”

Layla snuck a pinch to the padding of his DP, he shifted his hips away as he scowled at her bad touch.

“I bet you are distracted, cutie. I think you like getting this kind of attention, the mushy kind that makes you all syrupy sweet. Just look at you in your little DP…”

Kaleb groaned. “Just stop it, Layla.”

He knew she would never stop, and just asking probably would make it worse.

“Without making you mad,” she said to him. “Can I say that I appreciate you being a part of my study?”

“No, you can’t say that,” he grumbled back, crossing his arms completely too childishly. “Because you’re totally making me mad. I hate your stupid study, and I wish you guys never tricked me into doing it.”

“No one tricked you into doing anything, this was all your idea,” Layla reminded him.

“Just go away…” Kaleb rolled over, notably away from his stepsister.

He hoped she got the message - there were no friends in family and war, especially when his adulthood was on the line. Maybe if he ignored his stepsister she’d be sucked into a tornado. Kaleb focused on the ceiling fan above, which wasn’t turned on, and looked as dull and dead as he felt.

“Alright, Kay-Kay.” Layla playfully poked him a second time on the bottom, making him crinkle. “I was going to give you a nice hug and take it easy on you, but you always choose the hard way of doing things.”

Then his stepsister rose to her feet, brushing her knees off and staring down at him, raining condescension like a storm cloud.

“Kay-Kay, I think you should listen to me. You make things so difficult sometimes, why don’t you let us make it easier for you?”

“You’re never going to take it easy on me,” corrected Kaleb. “You want to put me in diapers, so I’m not falling for your trap.”

“Don’t you think that is ‘taking it easy’ on you? No one has it easier than a baby Little. They get to lay around and have others care for them. It’s all fun and games, no more grades or jobs. I mean, if you have Maturosis, and you were hurting, or sick, or needing, you’d want help — and I can be that help.”

Kaleb let out a loud groan. This wasn’t going to be ‘easy’, even if he let Layla have her way.

The lifeless blades of the ceiling fan still refused to spin, no matter how hard he willed it with his eyes. It helped him think.

His stepsister was a lot of things; cunning being the one that rose to the top of his list. This Cushioning test was a trap, a guile, a ruse, a disguise, a plan to get him into a diaper and under her thumb once and for all. Kaleb may not have been as smart as Layla, but he was smart enough to see through her lies, especially when she laid it out so plainly.

He punctuated his response as kindly as he could.

“There’s no freaking way that I’ll let you treat me like a Little.”
"Awww… since you put it so kindly," Layla said as she leaned over him. "I should warn you, this next test is going to suck — literally."
He tried discern her intentions. "What are you going to do to me next?”

“You’ll see…” Layla sang as she wandered off, back to where she kept her supplies, and then she was back in the living room with something new.

Curiosity piqued, Kaleb rolled over to see what she had brought from the Cushioning test bag... and it was a bottle, an actual freaking Little baby bottle.

The actual-freaking bottle was cylindrical and plastic with no designs on the side. There were indented grip spots for Little hands indented into the plastic. At the tippy-top, there was a thick rubber nipple with some kind of tiny electronic gadget on the side - it was ridiculous Cushioning technology all over again.

"That's a baby bottle," Kaleb muttered under his breath.
"Good eyes, little bro.”
Layla chuckled as she shook the contents of the plastic bottle. Inside, a soft orange colored juice sloshed against the plastic sides. Kaleb looked at the baby bottle in horror. She wasn't going to make him drink from that was she?

Then he wondered why he even asked himself that stupid question. Of course she was going to make him drink from that baby bottle, it figured into her vindictive science experiment. Whatever the case, he would not drink the contents of that bottle without being forced.
Kaleb pointed out the obvious, "That's totally poisoned."

"No," answered Layla, "it isn’t."
"Yeah... it is.” Kaleb tried to keep his composure. “I'm not a stupid Little, Layla. That's as poisoned as poisoned gets, its poison has more poison inside of it, there is poison inside the poison that’s poisoned. There’s probably more diuretic than juice inside that bottle.”

Layla smirked as she shook the juice from side to side making it swish-swosh. From the looks of it, the ‘scientist’ was trying to stack the deck against him. His stepsis had a way of taunting him without saying a word, which she was doing right now.

“Also, I know that you’d stoop to any level to get me diapered,“ Kaleb continued. “So there’s likely some kind of laxative in there as well. I'm onto you, and you're not going to pull a fast one on me."
"It's not poisoned," Layla said with a good laugh. "Quit being so paranoid, it's going to throw off the wave sensors."
From his spot on the floor, Kaleb thought for a moment. He really tried to see things from his sister's perspective. Perhaps, she wouldn't need to cheat to win; maybe Layla was that confident in her victory and his downfall. Maybe he should give his stepsister something she’d never give him: the benefit of the doubt.

Or he could follow his brain for once, and get certain that the juice was not drinkable.

"If it isn’t poisoned," offered Kaleb, "why don’t you drink it?"

"Only if it makes you feel better, Kay-Kay."
With a few quick twists off the top, Layla brought her mouth to the opened bottle, and actually drank a bit of the juice. Kaleb carefully watched his Amazonian stepsister, making sure she actually gulped down whatever was inside. It certainly looked like she was drinking, but he had to be fully certain it would be safe for him, a clean bottom depended on his due diligence.

"Not like that,” he corrected his smarter stepsister, “use the nipple."

"Oh stop with it Kay-Kay,” Layla said as she finished testing the juice. “I only have a limited number of nipples, I can’t clean them all and still have the time to calculate all of the tests. Plus, I don’t want to have to dock you points for being recalcitrant."

"Recalcitrant?" wondered Kaleb. "What’s that mean?"
Layla shifted the baby bottle from her face, revealing a nasty scowl for a pretty cheerleader.

"It means you're being annoying, Kay-Kay. For once, just do as we ask, that’s all that we want from you. There aren’t any tricks, or sneaky things. It’s a homework assignment, and I need it done right, so I don’t have to do it anymore."

Kaleb glared at his stepsister, unwilling to budge.
His stepmom wandered into the living room, and just happened to break into the awkward stand-off. The battle of the baby bottle was in mid-form, casualties had been taken on both sides, but Debbie didn't seem to care too much about interrupting them, she had another mission in mind.
Debbie cut right to the chase. "Alright, time for a diaper check."
"It's not a diaper," corrected Kaleb, who shifted his pelvis as far away from her as he could. "It's a detector-protector, not a diaper. Tell her to say it right, Layla."
"Alright, mom." Layla feigned enough empathy to care. "Let's do a better job of calling things the right way. Words are just important as how we say them.”
His stepmom seemed pretty miffed about the change of verbage. If it were up to Debbie, he'd just be in a diaper because she had the ultimate power of 'say-so'. In the past, she'd used that power at will, forcing him into all kind of awkward situations. Now she had a set of rules to follow, and his stepmom was going to be as much of a thorn in Layla's side as Kaleb.
Maybe a 'thorn' he could use to play against the wills of his sister.
Debbie gave him a long go-over with a stern expression.
"It looks like a diaper, fits like a diaper, and needs to be checked like a diaper.… so for all shapes and circumstances: it’s a diaper.”
Or maybe not. Thorns were sharp things after all. Kaleb wasn’t going to be the one to correct his stepmom, he knew better than to be a speed bump and get run over.

Debbie was already on her hands and knees, sending a hand to his crotch like a missile. Her hand went up and down the inside of his thighs, cupping the front of his DP, and giving the padding a nice and healthy squeeze. Then she flipped him over onto his side and actually sniffed his caboose.

And the worse part was that there was nothing he could do about the belittlement, because he dumbly signed up for the Cushioning test.
"Thanks, Debbie." Kaleb struggled as she went for another round to double check.
After she returned to full height, Debbie added her hands to her hips as she studied the frowning faces on both her kids.

"What's the problem?"
"Well, we're on the section about suction,” Layla said to her mom. “It’s a very important variable when completing the Cushioning test. Littles have a certain threshold for sucking power, through the new need for bottles and breastfeeding, and fluctuations in those numbers are actually an early indicator for the onset of Maturosis. Surprising, isn’t it?"

"Not really, Layla.” Kaleb pulled his hands behind his head, using them as a pillow. “It’s not that surprising that you'd control the factors that make up Maturosis. That would give you all you need to ruin lives, all of that pseudoscience is just a front for control, and you know it.”
“We're going to ignore you if you’re going to be a brat,” warned Layla.

Kaleb had barely gotten through her insult when his stepmom snapped a finger in his face.

“Quit interrupting your sister, Kaleb. I’m trying to learn something important, and you keep yapping nonsense.”

And Kaleb just gave a shrug from the floor, doing his best impression of a speed bump.

To start the impromptu lesson for her mother, Layla indicated to the side of the bottle’s nipple, where there was some kind of circuit that sent some kind of signal to her tablet. It all had something to do with the Beta-alpha-beta-epsilon thingy, but Kaleb didn’t really pay any attention to what they were saying, because the sleeping ceiling fan still wasn’t moving.

"This device measures how much juice comes out compared to the necessary force of the jaw, cheek, and lips — then it takes those measurements and matches it against a similar ratio of a nursing Little. I need this for my homework, and Kaleb isn't helping, even when he agreed to help."
"I'm not sucking from that baby bottle," insisted Kaleb, they looked so much taller from down here.
"Then you can suck on a pacifier," suggested Debbie with a sharp look. “That would shut you up for a little bit."
"Hmm… We do have a Cushioning pacifier that can do the trick.” Layla tapped at her chin in consideration of the switch. “But passive test is a little bit different than the active test.”

“Passive what? And active what?” Debbie still needed it spelled out for her, and slowly. “You’re going to have to explain that better for me, sweetie. I’m getting a little too old for all that fancy science talk.”

“It’s okay, mom, science is really hard. There are two kinds of suckling: active and passive. Active suckling is when a Little is expecting a liquid in their mouth, like from a bottle or from nursing. During active suckling, their sweet Little lips form a different kind a hold, and their brain waves respond accordingly. Active suckling is for nourishment, and the Passive variety is more for calming and entertaining. Think of the aimless sucking and chewing of a toy, or a thumb in the mouth."
"You're so smart," Debbie praised her daughter.
"I'm not sucking a pacifier," argued Kaleb, who didn't care how smart she sounded. "And I'm not drinking from that bottle, it's been established as poisony poison."
"That's fine, Kay-Kay. I was hoping to get the data from the bottle - but I'd settle for the pacifier-nurse-ratio if I have to, it's all in the name of science. You know that I'm just trying to get another A on my report card. Or you don't know, because you've never got an A on your report card."
The two step-siblings started glowering at each other, making idle threats without words and promises without oaths. Debbie sized up the situation like all good Amazon mothers. Kaleb could see her innerworkings going into overdrive, smoke was practically coming out of her ears as she considered the situation presented in front of her.

Despite Layla's clear headship on the 'experiment', Debbie was the one who ultimately held all of the cards, the true matronly authority of the house. The middle aged stepmother looked over at the bottle then at Kaleb, then she got a strange look on her face - a not so good of a look according to Kaleb. Debbie suddenly had the steely countenance of her conniving daughter, he could see where Layla got it from: the Amazon way of problem solving.
Debbie turned her threatening towards Kaleb, as always.
"If you can't make a choice for yourself, I'll make it for you."
Kaleb attempted to give it some thought. Pacifier or bottle? Poison or humiliation? Pain or suffering? Any kind of choice would count on this Cushioning test, so it wasn't just his pride at stake. These were the kind of choices he'd hate to make on a good day; since it was definitely a bad day, Kaleb took his sweet, Tweener time to make his decision. That's when he made yet another mistake, trying to be clever, and thinking that the Amazons would play fair if he chose not to play their game at all.
"I don't know," Kaleb challenged, "you pick."
His heart sank as Debbie's smile began to stretch to stretch wider and wider. His stepmom had a nice set of white teeth, like rows and rows of them, just like a shark. Amazons have a keen sense of knowing when they had the upper hand, and her hand was so high in the sky that she was touching the clouds, now she planned on bringing it down on Kaleb’s padded backside.
Debbie gave her daughter an affirmative nod. "Let's do both, we can never be too sure of test results unless we do every test."

“What a great idea, mom!” Layla happily agreed.
His stepsister leapt from the living room and jogged to the kitchen to get the pacifier. Meanwhile Kaleb's mouth hung wide open, wondering how he could have possibly been so stupid. He had to learn not to play it 'smart', because it was stupid to play it smart against Bigs.

He managed a good, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

But no one was listening.
All the chess pieces were ready in the living room, small computers and displays traveled from the kitchen table to the coffee table.

They even had him in a babyish position. Kaleb was literally sitting on the lap of his stepmom, her strong arms hooked beneath his neck and behind his knees. It was the exact way she’d rock a baby, and he felt entirely awkward and oversized to be in this position, despite Debbie being a head taller than him.

At their first suggestion, he said he didn't want to drink from the bottle over her lap, but Debbie reminded him that he could be over her lap in a different way: face down and bottom up. Yeah, he was smart enough to get her meaning without a second ask.

“Alright,” Layla said as she presented the bottle full of orange badness to her mom. “I want you to lay him over your lap as he nurses, half the bottle on one side, half on the other - I want varied results to track."
"You heard your sister," Debbie said as she flipped him to his side and brought the bottle to his lips. "Time to start sucking."
Time to start sucking? This afternoon had been sucking since that letter went home from the school, the sucking started before they took off his pants and underwear and made him wear choo-choo pull-ups. There was still more sucking to do, and he'd think about that sucking while he sucked 'obvious orange poison' from a baby bottle. That's when his sucking would start, but that's hardly when 'the sucking' began, that happened when he was born into this life.
Sucking was all he could do.
When Debbie firmly planted the bottle between his lips, he found that his mouth did all of the shaping for him, grabbing at the orange drink with each firm pull. Before this sucking test, Layla had laid out the law: if he didn't try to drink, it'd count against him - Big time.

So Kaleb played along with their science experiment, he'd find a way to pass their test, like the orange juice passed from his mouth to his belly. He wouldn't admit that it tasted sweet, and had a way of taking the edge off this battle inside his mind, where the word 'suck' was used to its completion.

He closed his eyes and pretended to be somewhere else, not his living room that had a ceiling fan that didn't spin, not a place with two Bigs with bad designs on him: in a small canoe in a wide open lake. The waters rocked his boat back and forth, gently swaying in a sweet breeze. The gentle air smelled and tasted... sweet. Sweet like the the orange juice that was in the baby bottle.
"This is too precious," Debbie said as she pulled him from his reverie. "I haven't seen him this relaxed... ever!"
"Even Littles that don’t suffer from Maturosis enjoy getting the 'pampered' treatment," Layla softly explained to her mom in a hushed voice. "I'm not surprised that Kaleb enjoys this kind of touch. He certainly doesn't get it in his dating life, that's for sure. We all crave to be accepted for who we are, and we need to learn to accept Kay-Kay for whomever he is."
There was no way to refute her words, there was a bottle in his mouth, and an ongoing test to make it empty. Even still, Kaleb silently fumed on his stepmom's lap, happy that he was turned to face the boring couch cushions and not his meaner, smarter, and prettier stepsister.

Layla was good at being Layla, and Kaleb sucked at being Kaleb. Ah, ‘suck’.  It wasn't done with him after all.
Debbie gave him a firm tap on the shoulder, telling him it was time to turn over and face the living room. Kaleb did just that, watching the happy faces of his Amazon step-family, and going back to the task at hand, which was finishing this bottle and moving onto the next test in one piece.

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  • direking changed the title to Recessive - Ch. 3

I imagine that the concoction he is drinking, that Layla drank a little bit of, was a premix that was given to her. Chances are she doesn't even know exactly what's in it. Probably was just told it was juice with electrolytes in it or something similar. Even if it was poisoned she might not have had enough to have an accident, just maybe enough to make her need to pee a lot or stomach problems. Though if she's not careful and go instead of holding it for whatever reason then she might have an accident. But that's under the assumption that it was in fact poisoned, which it's a coin toss whither it is or not. There's even the chance that if it is poisoned then the dosage might not even be enough to cause him to have an accident with zero control. Because of his size compared to the intended target size of the test. 

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On 4/4/2023 at 10:31 AM, Guilend said:

I imagine that the concoction he is drinking, that Layla drank a little bit of, was a premix that was given to her. Chances are she doesn't even know exactly what's in it. Probably was just told it was juice with electrolytes in it or something similar. Even if it was poisoned she might not have had enough to have an accident, just maybe enough to make her need to pee a lot or stomach problems. Though if she's not careful and go instead of holding it for whatever reason then she might have an accident. But that's under the assumption that it was in fact poisoned, which it's a coin toss whither it is or not. There's even the chance that if it is poisoned then the dosage might not even be enough to cause him to have an accident with zero control. Because of his size compared to the intended target size of the test. 

Uh-oh. Someone is playing Amazon mind games. Is it poisoned? Or is it just juice? Did Layla do something special, or was she just trying to gain his trust? Only the Amazons know, but I like the way you’re thinking.

On 4/4/2023 at 11:53 AM, keith60 said:

i hope there is more to this story soon 

I’ll try to update once a week, it’s easier for me to maintain quality that way. I’m at around 9 chapters right now. Thanks for your interest.

On 4/10/2023 at 11:26 PM, BaronBrook said:

Very well done. I especially like the line about needing to accept Kay-Kay for whomever he is. Well-delivered!

Normally it’s a good and kind thing to say something nice like that. However, these are Amazons, what they accept out of Kaleb may be different than what he wants. It’s all in the manipulation. Does anyone say what they mean, or mean what they say? It’s hard to tell.

That’s the fun part about writing in the diaper dimension. Part of the appeal is the natural conflict between what the Bigs think the Littles need, and how the Littles try to get out of it. It makes for good stories.

Thanks for reading!


Recessive 4
"This is a one-of-a-kind Cushioning test pacifier."

Layla held up the soother as she awaited ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ that never came.
All three of them were having yet another pow-wow in the kitchen; this time, around the kitchen island rather than sitting at the table. 

Their standing conversation fully exposed Kaleb, and his choo-choo train pull-up, for all to see; but for some strange reason, it didn't feel as shameful as it had before. However, the pantsless-ness made his bare legs feel cold. Maybe they'd let him cover himself up with a blanket while he did some another round of sucking — this time of the pacifier variety.
"I know it looks just like a regular one," continued his stepsister, who owned the floor. "But there is more to this binkie than meets the eyes."
Kaleb and his mother evaluated the pacifier that was held aloft. The heart-shaped mouth guard was baby blue in color, with a whitish nipple that he would have to become familiar with. He noticed that Debbie had an extra twinkle in the eye when she looked at the soother, clearly imagining the pacifier between his lips, 'shutting him up' the way that she always wanted to.
"How long do I have to..." Kaleb waited until he had his words right, "have it in my mouth?"
"About three hours," answered Layla matter-of-factly. "And it cannot be removed during the testing, or it will throw off the entire test, and we'd have to start over from the very beginning."
When he heard the bad news, Kaleb put his face in his hands. It was bad enough that he had to drink orange ‘mystery fluid’, the results of which hadn’t made itself known to him — yet. There were no stomach cramps, and no other internal tingling. Maybe it had a delayed reaction or something.
"It's about passive suckling, Kay-Kay." Layla twirled the pacifier in her hands like a shiny dagger. "You have to grow used to it being in your mouth until you forget that it's there, then you give a little smooch every now and then. This is like the easiest part of the Cushioning test, and you're already a third of the way through the whole thing."
Kaleb nodded along. When Layla was right, she was right. The sun had already begun to set on day one, and he'd managed to do good enough to make it to day two. A pacifier in his mouth in the privacy of his home was just as embarrassing as a wearing a pull-up — he’d survive. Sound logic, same with moving forward with the test. 

One of the good things about the Cushioning test was that it gave his Amazon little excuse to punish him; since his participation was punishment enough, and it satisfied their ever-babying Amazonian urges. Living a life in Amazonland made Kaleb grateful for the small things.
"Alright,” he said to the two of them, “let's get this over with."
Sure, he sounded brave, but those flesh colored wave readers on the sides of his head probably picked up a different signal than the one he presented to his stepmom and stepsister.
"I'll make sure to note your good attitude in the results," mused Layla, who was doing her best not to give away her excitement. "Open wide, Kay-Kay. Or should I say choo-choo?”

Layla presented the pacifier to his lips, the white silicone nipple facing his mouth. All he had to do was latch onto the bulb, and the rest would be history, or in this case, science. 

Kaleb opened wide then closed his mouth, lips wrapped around the clean tasting nipple. To his surprise, the Betweener sized bulb depressed his tongue far enough to where he had to struggle and maneuver to talk. He prodded it a bit with his tongue, stabbing at the bulb, maneuvering the pacifier in his mouth until it felt ‘right’. When he went to talk again, he accidentally suckled it, releasing an audible pop to the delight of the room.
"That's one," Layla said with a grin, showing him the counter that she had on her tablet.
This was one Amazon calculation that he could easily figure out, a solid flashing number on a clear display. He gasped and hard-swallowed, popping the paci again in his mouth, and the electric number turned into two.
He pulled the pacifier out to protest. "Hey, that doesn't count!"
"Look what you did, nitwit.” Layla glared at him. “Now we have to start all over, keep the pacifier in your mouth until we finish."
Realizing his mistake, Kaleb apologized and popped the pacifier back into his mouth, but the number on the screen didn't reset. It was stuck at two, he tightened his lips around the sucker, and it turned into a three.
Once again, Layla had to explain the way things worked to her ‘Little’ brother.
"I know what you're thinking, Kay. The number of suckles per hour still counts, even if you have to start over. It sounds like it's cheating, but its designed to discourage you from trying to 'game' the experiment by keeping a continual count between tries. Just keep it your mouth, watch some TV, go use the potty if you haven't, and relax - how many times do I have to tell you this?"
"A lot…" Kaleb mumbled around the pacifier, careful not to trigger the counter.
Layla giggled.

"Go have a good time, and I'll check in on you when it's time to finish the experiment."
Nothing was as interesting on the television as the pacifier between his lips; at least, not to his Amazon stepmom who watched Kaleb more than the screen.

They let him watch tv from the floor, atop a blanket as he laid onto the carpet. It didn't bother him that they wouldn't let him sit in his dad's chair, that was beyond the pale of his concerns at the moment. He kept his thoughts in a positive place, lucid dreaming about that boat on the lake that felt so real at the time, and he counted the seconds until the binkie was pulled free. 

Kaleb didn't have to read Layla's monitor to know that he was hitting this test out of the park, his mouth was as controlled as his thoughts, and the serene scene he conjured while 'not-sucking' was enough to keep him calm.

He had just about declared victory when his stepsister pulled yet another cruel trick.
"Hey, mom?” Layla called out from her room down the hall. "Is it okay if Beckie and Charlotte come over?"
His eyes went wide... Layla had to be kidding, right? No, she was not the kidding type. 

His freaking stepsister was throwing a wrench in this experiment. He was onto Layla. 

She was totally going to humiliate him in front her friends, that's what the three hour limit was all about: Making sure he was doing something extra babyish when her friends came over. Layla could have been lying this whole time, this could be the trap she was setting from earlier this afternoon, the fruition of a scheme long set.
Debbie assessed the situation from her spot on the couch before giving her verdict.
"I don't see why not," said his stepmom. "It's not like it's a school night or anything."
Kaleb spun to his stepmom and pointed to the binkie at his lips, wildly pantomiming his displeasure, trying to bring attention to the fact that he was 'mid-suckle' into an important science experiment. Debbie was so slow on the pick up, or purposely slow, ignoring his mumbling complaints, looking past her stepson to the television.
Layla called out from down the hall a second time.
"Is it okay if they bring Callie, too?"
Mentioning the Little brought a smile to Debbie's face, and real fast. A Little baby in their living room, you might as well ask a kid if he wanted ice cream to go along with his cake. Kaleb slapped a palm to his forehead, this was spiralling out of control and quickly. He didn't want to see Callie, he didn't even want to think about Callie, especially while still within the claws of this Cushioning test.
"I think that'd be great," Debbie shouted back to Layla.
This new development was a trouble torpedo, and it was coming in fast. He could hear the happy tone in Layla's voice as she said something over the phone to her friends.
"Can I go to my room?" he mumbled around the sucker.
"What?" Debbie cudgeled him with a sharp, knowing grin. "Are you afraid the Big girls are going to see your pull-up and pacifier?"
"Yeah, I am… actually," admitted Kaleb.
"Aww... okay, Kay. You can go hide in your room while the Big girls are here, and be a little recluse like always."
Kaleb didn't dwell long enough for Debbie to change her mind, he was up and into his bedroom in no time.

At least his bedroom remained the same, the turbulent afternoon made his space feel like a time capsule, a pre-letter-home environment where things actually made sense. It was like a welcome home parade. The dirty clothes on the floor, the posters on his walls, his computer with his games sat on a desk in a corner — this mess was his mess, a mess of his own making.

After shutting the door behind him, Kaleb settled into his desk sounding out a noisy pull-up crinkle as he sat. He smirked as he tapped his hands in a quick ‘pitter-patter’ against the padding on his crotch. This whole afternoon had been so stupid. He fired up his computer and loaded up a game, and the rest of the Friday evening would go just like ones before, with Kaleb hiding in his room while the world turned outside.

About fifteen minutes into his gaming session, he heard Layla’s cheerleader friends make their entrance. Callie was there, judging by the high pitch squeals that sounded through the thin walls. Although there was a real threat of humiliation in his house, he felt safe in his room. 

And when no one bothered him for the next hour, he felt even safer, almost untouchable. Big mistake.

“Hey! What the heck are you doing?” Layla burst in without even knocking.

From his desk chair, Kaleb managed a nice, “Wha-?” before she was into him.

“You took your pacifier out of your mouth, didn’t you?”

“No.” He crossed his eyes to confirm that it was still in his mouth. “I didn’t take it out.”

“You’re lying again, Kay-Kay. Your score stopped fifteen minutes ago, and it hasn’t started up again. You’re purposely ruining the experiment, and I’m not going to take this laying down. We’re starting the time over, and you’re going to need to be in a place where I can see you.”

“I’m not lying!” exclaimed Kaleb.

“Says the liar!” countered Layla, not her best comeback, but she was angry so he’d let it slide. “You need to come into the living room so we can test this properly.”

This was ridiculous, she looked ridiculous. So Kaleb chuckled at her request, sliding the pacifier to the corner of his mouth like a cigar.

“So… let me get this straight. I need to be in front of your friends to be humiliated in the name of science. Did you think I’d actually believe that crap?”

“It’s my experiment, Kay-Kay.” Layla leaned into the doorframe. “I can always make it worse.”

Kaleb gulped. “How?”

Layla turned to the hallway. “Mom?”

A few seconds later, Debbie arrived at the door in her polka dot dress and apron, there was a new streak of green and orange baby food on the pristine white fabric of her smock, but that’s not what caught his eye. It was the pocket. A side pocket bulging with a thick, white disposable diaper. Hopefully, the diaper was meant for Callie, but Kaleb didn’t have the guts to check for himself. His stepmom wiped her hands down the apron, giving Layla a puzzled look.

“This had better be good,” said Debbie. “I think sweet Callie was finally starting to warm up to me.”

“Kaleb isn’t complying with the Cushioning test,” explained Layla, like a snake. “I think he needs a Little reinforcement, what do you think?”

His stepmother re-read the room with discerning eyes, the letter from the school fresh on her one track Amazon mind.

Debbie asked, “What’s your problem, Kaleb?”

Kaleb gritted his teeth, adding another good suck to the count.

“Layla is cheating the experiment! I’ve been doing this for hours, now it doesn’t count. She said that I took out the pacifier, and I did no such thing!”

It was hard to talk around the thick bulb, which only added to his frustration. He wanted to punch a wall, throw a tantrum, his wave readers picking up on every bit of his anger. In his mind, he could see the green turn to read and spike — just like his rising blood pressure that made his face red.

“You need to calm down, Kay.” Debbie approached him like he was a cornered Little. “This isn’t good for you to be so upset when there’s nothing to be upset about.”

“There’s plenty for me to be upset about!” Kaleb argued at his dumb stepmother who never understood anything. “You’ve put me in a pull-up, you made me suck poison from a bottle, and I’ve had a pacifier in my mouth for almost two hours now. You’re treating me like a Little!”

“No one is treating you like a Little,” Debbie tried to soothe him about his soother. “And no one made you drink poison, what makes you think that way?”

Kaleb mentally stumbled in front of his Amazon family. He paused to rethink his strategy. What made him think that way? They were Amazons, of course they poisoned the bottle.

He raised his voice. “I know it’s going to make me poop my pants!”

And both Amazons laughed like he told a joke.

“I’m being serious!” Kaleb said to them with wild eyes.

Layla rolled her eyes at Kaleb and turned to speak to her mother.

“This is exactly the kind of paranoia that manifests during the beginning stages of Maturosis. That the whole world is to blame for their potty accidents and never taking responsibility for their childish behavior. It’s a textbook case, and I’m glad we’re already testing him.”

He eyed her darkly. “Shut up, Layla.” 

It felt good to get it out, to let out his frustration that had been building all afternoon. Even if he managed to upset his stepmother in the process.

“Don’t talk that way to your sister…” his stepmom snapped at him.

Debbie grew dark and stern, sliding a hand down the of her dress, towards her diaper pouch. Then something stopped her, a fleeing thought or a feeling, something Kaleb couldn’t quite see but knew was there. His Amazon stepmom sat on his messy bed, and motioned for Layla to leave them alone.

“Layla, go check on your friends,” Debbie ordered with a tired voice. “They could use your input with Callie, they are terrible teenage mothers. That Little girl had an onset of diaper rash that I had to treat, and she’s not wetting or messing. That baby is showing all of the signs of bad care, and she hasn’t even been adopted for twenty four hours.”

Layla turned her lips to a smirk, because she knew that the fun was over in this room, so she left to be with her friends. When she was out of the picture Kaleb and his stepmother exchanged a few glances, but he could hardly keep her gaze.

“Kay-Kay?” Debbie said from the corner of his mattress, his stepmom was so big on his small bed.

“What?” he glared at his replacement mother. “What do you want?”

“For you to be happy, healthy, and give me less attitude.”

Debbie looked surprisingly tranquil in the face of this strange evening. Most of the time, she was overzealous, highly emotional, and had a tendency to want to treat him like a misbehaving toddler. This moment was completely different, as she tried to actually connect with Kaleb.

His stepmother asked, “You want my advice?”

‘No’. He wanted to say. ‘No, nope, no way, not even close, even if hell freezes over, and we’re skating on the ice, I’d still never consider your advice’.

However, when an Amazon with a pocket full of available diapers decides to play it cool, it would be wise to follow their lead.

“Sure,” answered Kaleb, glumly.

“I’m worried about you,” Debbie said softly. “Your grades are dropping, you’ve been so moody, and you’re locking yourself in this room for hours… you’re all alone.”

“That has nothing to do with Maturosis,” the boy said around his pacifier.

“Kaleb, honey, I want to believe you, but if all arrows are pointing in the same direction, you eventually have to heed them.”

Of all the cruel things his stepmom did or said to him, those words were the cruelest.

“This has nothing to do with the fact that you’d think I’d be cute as a baby?”

“It has everything to do with you being cute as a baby!” Debbie exclaimed loudly. “That’s the thing with this Maturosis, or whatever: some Littles are happier as babies, and some  Betweeners are more like Littles than they think.”

“I’m nothing like a Little,” Kaleb answered with a frown. “No matter how you dress me or trick me.”
"Listen, I'm not here to battle with you, Kay.” Debbie reached out and smoothed rebellious frizz of hair that stuck out aside his head.
He asked, "Then what are you doing here?"
"Well, since I'm here, I'm thinking that I'd like to get a start on cleaning this room."
"I can do it myself," argued Kaleb.
"You alway say that," answered his stepmom, "but you never do."
Kaleb gave deep thought to what Layla had said to him earlier, how he always had other people do things for him, simple things like cleaning the room seemed to be on that list. 

He took a deep breath and tried to stop his knees from bumping together nervously. 

Life was so hard, sometimes. It was easy to feel panicked and scared. Everyone was on his case all the freaking time, the school and their many Amazon teachers with their report cards and diagnostic tests, and even when they were acting nice, it felt like his stepmom and stepsister were trying to suffocate him. Now, he was choking from the lack of air, or he had forgotten to breathe, because Debbie was there watching him with a strange look on her face.
"What are you looking at?" he grunted around the pacifier.
"You're sucking that binkie, like really hard!" exclaimed Debbie, her hands were pressed to the sides of her cheeks. "And it's so cute!"

He brought his hands to his face to cover his mouth. If she couldn’t see him sucking, she wouldn’t be smiling.
"Stop saying that about me,” mumbled Kaleb with half his face hidden by his hands. “I'm not trying to be cute."

“With that pacifier in your mouth,” Debbie said back. “It’s hard not to notice how Little you look.”

That was the one comment that went too far. Kaleb gripped the binkie with both hands, prying it free from his mouth. He looked at it for a moment in his hands, realizing that he’d just messed up the test for real. If he was going to be a screw up like always, he might as well do it on his terms. Kaleb threw the Cushioning test pacifier against the wall, where it rebounded to a spot in a corner of dirty clothes. If Kaleb had his way, never to be seen again.

His chest was burning as much as his cheeks, this Cushioning test was turning him into a child, and he was tired of having to participate in this clear 'rail-roading' of his spirit. This was the last stop, he'd go to that Little Center... then what? The Little Center would be even worse, totally cold and callous, taking away everything that they suspected wasn't up to their Amazon standards.

Amazon standards, hilarious. For Amazons, their standards started and finished at being an Amazon. There was no fair test, only a feeling like he was being cornered in his safe space.
"You know what I think," Debbie said to the steaming boy. "I think you're throwing a tantrum, and you could use a time out... a time out of this room."
He glowered at her. "You would, wouldn't you.."
"Yes, I would." Debbie met his gaze with an intensity best described as downright scary. "I know a few ways to enforce better behaviors, young man. And I'm not afraid of showing the girls a little bit on how to parent an obstinant child: with a firm hand and a thick diaper."
Kaleb gulped.
"Can I at least not suck on a pacifier while the girls are around?"
"I'm not so sure we will be able to find where you threw it until I give this room a nice clean," said his stepmom with a short laugh. “Besides, we can always continue that part of the test tomorrow.”
A win was a win. He'd take it.
He brushed himself off and got up from the bed before noticing a missing part of his wardrobe.
"Will you at least let me have pants? Come on, Debbie."
"It's mom to you — and absolutely not, you’re in the middle of an experiment." Her tone conveyed that he wasn't going to get those pants. "Get out of this room so I clean it, I can't wait to see the floor again, maybe get something to mask the smell."
With that, he was kicked out of his only safe space in the house. Officially exiled from his room, Kaleb walked slowly down the hall, deep into his tunnel vision, his ever present distress as a quiet murmur in his heart. His mouth felt funny after sucking a paci for over an hour, like he had a phantom bulb between his lips, and a familiar sensation that just was not there.

At the end of the hallway was the empty couch, the blanket he sat on was draped over the edge like a beacon of safety. There was no sounds from the girls in the living room. Maybe he could get to that blanket without being seen and spare himself some unnecessary embarrassment. He slowed his pace and evaluated the silence. Waiting. Watching. Listening.

Two new objects were in his living room. The first was a giant new stroller for Callie parked next to his couch. The stroller was rainbow colored and white, it had a fancy unicorn motif, and looked fresh from the shelves. And on the coffee table, was new item number two: a pretty pink diaper bag the size of an oversized tote. The purse wasn't decorated particularly babyish, but he could tell it was a diaper bag by the way a big fluffy pink diaper stuck out like tongue out of its mouth.
Out of the frying pan and into the fire. More like into the waiting room for a trio of Amazon teens.

This couldn’t happen like this, he had to cover up with something. Quick, what made a good pair of pants? Kaleb scanned the room again and scrambled towards the blanket, jumping in the air and onto the sofa, wrapping it around his lower half. 

He was protected, at least he was for now. He laid down against the tired couch and closed his tired eyes. This was the day that would never end, and it was totally about to get worse... right about... now.
"Hey, there he is! Our sweet Kay-Kay."

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  • direking changed the title to Recessive - Ch. 4

I'm surprised the mother isn't giving the new "mommy" I first hand experience of what I diaper rash feels like. Even here an Amazon should not only see how bad the Little is being treated, but with their own logic to what maturity is, should also see how immature those girls are behaving and treat them as such. In this case with threat of getting them arrested and their baby taken away. 

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On 4/12/2023 at 9:42 AM, Guilend said:

I'm surprised the mother isn't giving the new "mommy" I first hand experience of what I diaper rash feels like. Even here an Amazon should not only see how bad the Little is being treated, but with their own logic to what maturity is, should also see how immature those girls are behaving and treat them as such. In this case with threat of getting them arrested and their baby taken away. 

This is what I like about comments, the good ideas. You make a good point about Debbie letting the bad mommies off of the hook. It will be addressed in later chapters. Don’t worry, they won’t get away with it.

I had a Little bit of fun with this chapter mentioning another one of my stories. :)

As always, thanks for reading.


Recessive 5
The girls were onto him before he could even blink. In no time, the three Amazon seniors surrounded Kaleb; all cheerleaders still dressed in their uniforms, all overly excited, and all gushing sweet words in high octaves. Charlotte, Beckie, and Layla approached him like they would a stray puppy, with gooey mushy baby talk as they rapidly advanced.
"Hey Kay-Kay!"
"There he is!"
"Where have you been hiding?"
Kaleb didn't answer any of their hyperbolic questions, he was concerned about the one more that was hanging from Charlotte's hip.

The 'one more' was a Little girl around his age, dressed like the rest with her own version of a cheerleader’s uniform, but hers was a pint-sized mockery of what the other girls wore. Her matching red and blue onesie had snaps at the crotch and a cute flaring skirt that puffed out over her thick disposable diaper.

This had to be the poor Callie that Layla mentioned earlier that afternoon.

As far as Littles went, Callie was a perfect miniature. She was diminutive, and to the Amazons, delightful. To Kaleb, she was just pacified silent, and looked red faced and overly tired. The Little former cheerleader had the telltale signs that she’d been crying, her eyes were puffy and cheeks were smeared with residual tears. 

Her sadness was hard to look at, and Kaleb fought the urge to turn away every time the two of them made eye contact.

Despite knowing it would count against him on his stupid test, Kaleb felt bad for the babified Little. He tried not to care what the flesh colored wave readers were reading inside of his head. His empathy was genuine, just like his annoyance towards his stepsister and her very pretty and very happy friends.

Layla playfully slugged his shoulder with a closed fist, making it sting.

“How’s everything going for our not-so-Big man?”
"Leave me alone," Kaleb said with a huff, tucking the blanket over his legs in defense of its inevitable take-away. “Keep doing whatever you guys were doing, no need to change your plans because of me.”

His stepsister grinned. “What if you are our plans?”

“How come I’m your plans? I’m just hanging out, not doing anything.” Kaleb fought an oncoming blush, he always turned super sheepish around her friends. “I don’t want to bother you guys… you know?”

“Awww!” Beckie put her hands on her knees leaning into his space with a stupid grin. “You’re not bothering us, quite the opposite.”
“The opposite of me bothering you is you bothering me,” Kaleb questioned her logic with a tight expression. “Are you trying to bother me?”

“I’m so sowwie, sweetie.” Beckie playfully poked at his face. ”But you’re too cute to leave alone.”

“Well, why don’t you try it,” grouched Kaleb. “I just might like being left alone.”

His stepsister put a hand on his shoulder to put a stop to his Tweener attitude. He had forgotten that he was an experiment, as well as a stupid little brother.

“Somebody needs to remember to be nice and polite to our guests.” Layla pointed a finger next to her head, indicating his electrodes. “You never know who, or what, may be watching.”

That was his stepsister, alright. The conniving way she tapped at her temples was a reminder that he was under ‘wave reader’ mental surveillance. 

Her sudden proximity to his safety blanket made him wary. He had expected Layla to remove his covering at first sight, but to her credit, she let him keep the choo-choo DP under wraps. However, she eyed the blanket with some kind of intent, and kept unusually quiet, which usually meant she was planning something.

The three Amazon girls seemed so tall from his spot on the couch, like mountains in the distance that decided to come closer to show off their majesty.
"We thought you'd never come out of your cave," Layla said to a chorus of giggling and hungry looks. “But I think we’re all happy that you joined us, aren’t we girls?”

“I’m happy,” added Charlotte.

Beckie had to one up her friend. “I’m ecstatic!”

Charlotte had long black hair that ended in thick curls, her tan skin tone was natural, and dark eyes gave her a mysterious, exotic appearance. The high school senior had Little Callie cradled against her side, braced by her wide and oh-so-sumptuous hips. It was hard to believe that the babied Little had been a classmate of all of them until this week, a Little’s downfall can happen so fast.
"Hey, Kay-Kay," Charlotte addressed him with a cool voice. “What's been going on with you?"
"Yeah,” added Beckie. “I heard you were helping Layla with some kind of homework. Is that why you have stickers on your head?”
Beckie looked different than Charlotte, her features were more ‘tomboyish’. Short brunette hair, pixie cut, but strangely still feminine. She had fair skin that seemed so pale compared to Charlotte. Her face had soft features, like a pair of dimples and bright blue eyes and flat nose like a button. 

Beckie was so pretty that she could take his words away. 

All of the Amazons had that ability; for some reason, he struggled to talk to them. Holding conversations with Bigs felt like doing battle, with winners and losers, spaces to gain or lose. Maybe because they were hunting him every time that they spoke, and he could feel them sharpen their knives between every other word.
"Yeah," he mumbled back, "you could say that."
"I think that's so great!" squealed Beckie. "I hope you don't go back into your room, I'd love to have a good talk with you about things. You're so mysterious and interesting, a little broody, but in a cute way."
Kaleb took a glance at his sister, who returned a cheeky shrug back.

Maybe it was just him, but Beckie seemed to be acting just as weird as his stepmom was earlier that evening, when she sat on his bed and tried to actually be nice to him. What was up with that?

Speaking of his stepmom, she came by with a basket of his dirty clothes on a trip to the washing machine. Debbie smiled when she saw Kaleb talking to the girls, as if he could manage to get a date with someone not his size while wearing a pull-up. Fat chance.

Beckie crouched between him and the coffee table so they were looking eye to eye.
"Um.. yes..?" he shrunk in his spot on the couch, there was no escape.
"Did you do something with your hair?" Beckie asked she reached a hand out to pet him. "You look different, in a good way — a very good way.”
"I... didn't do anything different," Kaleb managed to get out as he backed away from her approaching hand.
"It's the baby feeling in the air, Kay-Kay," Layla explained to her confused Tweener brother. "Callie’s got us all hot and bothered from being so stinking cute."
"You can say that again," agreed Charlotte.
"She's so stinking cute!" repeated Layla, just following orders.
"She's also so freaking hungry.” Charlotte let out a loud sigh as she frowned. "She won't eat any of her baby food, so we're just bottle feeding her right now. My Little Callie won’t eat because she’s afraid to dirty her diapers, but she hadn’t even had a single messy today. Is there something wrong with my baby?”

“There’s nothing wrong,” Layla assured her friend, “everyone is adjusting appropriately.”

Charlotte plopped Callie onto the ground, where the Little just looked at the Big world with bigger eyes. Beckie withdrew her attention from Kaleb, drawn in by the magnetic attraction of an already diapered Little. Same with Layla, who ‘goochie-gooed’ at her former classmate with a leering sneer. Everyone had a place except Kaleb, a Tweener’s dilemma.

"I can't find Callie's bottle anywhere," Charlotte said as she rummaged through her tiny pink tote bag. “I could have sworn…”

“Did you take it out of your bag already?” asked Layla.

“No,” answered Charlotte, “at least, I don’t think I did. Why do I suck at this so bad?”

“You don’t ‘suck’ Charlotte,” Layla corrected like a good friend. “That’s what Callie does with her pacifier. Here, let me help.”

The tote diaper purse was now off the table and being dug through by both sets of hands.
Their effort was a futile one, even Kaleb could see that she didn't have a baby bottle in that tiny bag. Maybe Debbie was right about the girls being terrible mothers, which meant Callie was having a terrible time,  hence the tears that were quietly beginning to make her eyes shimmer.

Yeah, that empathy was hitting him pretty hard now. Thinking about her experiences, maybe how they mirrored his experiences, but Callie failed some kind of Cushioning test in her own right, maybe it was her fault? No, nope, nohow. Kaleb had to remind himself that none of this was her fault, it was the fault of the Amazons who couldn't even care for the baby they created.
"It's not here," grumbled Charlotte, who was trying not to let her embarrassment show. “I had already prepared a bottle, but I must have left it at home."
His stepsister tried to make her friend feel better about her motherly ineptitude.
"Don't worry, Charlotte. I have a spare one that I've just cleaned."
Layla went to the kitchen and returned a familiar bottle to the living room, the bottle Kaleb drank from during the active sucking test — the one where he pretended to be on a canoe. Good times.

The room seemed to move in orderly fashion as they prepared to feed Callie. Layla filled the plastic bottle with the same orange juice he drank before, while Charlotte and Beckie played with the bug-eyed Little. Kaleb tried to figure things out as time moved along, he could assume Callie belonged to Charlotte, the black haired cheerleader barely let the newly babied Little out of her arms. 

From his spot on the couch, he watched the Little protest every now and then, with a whiny mew behind her pink pacifier or a flailing slap at her new mom. Callie sure liked to hit the Amazons, and Kaleb couldn’t blame her.

One thing was painfully obvious, Callie was not taking this baby thing very well.

The Little had just thrown another elbow at Charlotte when Kaleb spotted something out of the ordinary. Over to the side, where no one was looking, Layla snuck in some kind of packet of powder into the orange juice.

This was a secret thing. 
A hidden thing. 
Something he was not supposed to notice.

His stepsister peered up to see if anyone was watching, and the two step-siblings locked eyes, both catching each other in the act of something wrong. 

What did he do wrong? 

Kaleb knew he wasn't supposed to see that powder find its way into that bottle. However, being caught didn’t stop Layla from finishing the ‘poisoning’ of the contents of Callie’s drink.

Layla finished emptying the small packet of powder, tapping at the plastic wrapper so that every bit of corrosive dust joined the juice. 

His stepsister quietly approached him, sure to address what he just saw.

Layla had a way of being intimidating just from a look, or a strut, and she was using both as she shook the bottle back and forth to make her powder dissipate. And then she was next to him, and he still wasn’t moving away. Layla leaned into his ear so that only he could hear what she said, breathing hard and slow, using the very air they shared to freeze him in place.
"This will help with her adjustment," Layla whispered softly to him. "There are things that you don't quite understand, Kay-Kay."
"I'm pretty sure I understand this much," Kaleb muttered warily.
Layla disagreed with a sharp look. "No, you don't get it at all."
The enigma that was his stepsister would hardly be solved in that moment, but it did reveal the true picture: Layla was a Big part of Callie's downfall, and not just some spectator on the sideline.

Did Charlotte or Beckie even know of Layla's role in the drama? Who knew?

As far as Callie went, Kaleb had enough problems of his own to handle. His stepsister was the smartest of this bunch, and she was constantly on his butt.
"Keep doing the good work, Charlotte." Layla passed the orange 'poisoned' bottle to her friend. "Things will only get better when everyone understands their place."
Kaleb thought he saw her look his direction after that poignant comment. The simmering heat in her eyes sent shivers down his spine, he had goosebumps outright when mommy Charlotte brought the ‘tampered with’ bottle to Callie’s lips despite the Little’s protests.

“Shhhh! Shhh!” Charlotte tried to soothe her charge as she pulled free the binky and the long string of slobber that trailed behind it. “Baby’s so thirsty that she needs to drink, you haven’t had a wet diaper in all afternoon.”

As soon as her gag was removed, Callie tried to plead her case. The Little was frightened to the point of shaking, fighting the advancing bottle with all that she could, shaking her head from side to side to avoid the oncoming nipple. Her hands, her tiny hands, tried to push Charlotte’s arms away.

“Mommy— please! I’m not thirst— Help—“

In the heat of battle, Callie shifted her mouth away to say something else, but was only met by the bottle and its forceful push between her protesting lips. All that she could do was whimper and drink to the shushing sounds of Charlotte’s soft cooing. Baby Callie was getting every bit of that juice, and there was no choice in the matter.

While Kaleb was distracted by that nightmare scene, he failed to notice Beckie sneak onto the adjacent couch cushion. Now, she was right next to him. Like really right next to him, almost on top of him, smelling of some kind of Amazon flowery perfume. His new friend had a weird look on her face, the same one his stepmom would get when she was about to violate the privacy of his pants-area.

“Hey, Kay-Kay!” Beckie greeted him for the second or third time in five minutes. “How’s it going?”

Kaleb tried not to breathe in the perfume or be swallowed by the girl’s smile, but she was so, so close that all he could do was cower in his couch corner.

Beckie brought a hand under her chin like she was admiring a puppy.

“Your face is so red from you blushing, so cute! There’s some dirt on your cheek, let me rub it away. There. We. Go. I just love that blush, oh yes I do, do, do.”

Her baby talk and his humiliation gave his skin a nice warming glow, but his insides squirmed and his inner voice screamed. On the outside, Kaleb gave her a soft smile before tightening the blanket over his body, using his body weight to keep his cover from fleeing.

“What’s wrong with your little bro?” Charlotte said as she force fed her Little. “He looks like he’s about to pee his pants.”

The girls all focused on Kaleb and giggled, he did not enjoy the Amazon attention.

“He’s had a busy afternoon,” Layla said in a way that hinted something more. “So have we all, right girls?”

Beckie nuzzled closer to Kaleb. “Maybe our evening can be just as ‘busy’.”

On that possessive note, Kaleb scuttled closer to the sofa’s edge, maintaining proper pull-up covering blanket protection the entire way.

“What are you guys going to do?” he asked the room.

“Dunno,” gushed Beckie, “I just want to be around Kay-Kay.”

“I know…” Layla offered to the group. “Let’s watch a movie.”

No one disagreed with Layla, they all knew better.

Within minutes, they had all settled down for a movie. Callie had finished her involuntary bottle feeding, and was locked in her stroller, but she was pacifier free. Kaleb watched her drink down the bottle, every drop was now inside of the Little, and it was a matter of time for the powder to work its magic.

Even without a gag, Callie knew better than to say anything. Her eyes were wide and her breathing rapid and shallow, like a trapped animal of the Little variety. The Amazon girls made popcorn and drinks, and Kaleb actually participated in small talk before it all started. However, Callie was on the forefront of his thoughts, he kept sneaking sideways glances as the diapered Little inside her unicorn stroller.
The movie they watched was one of those stupid ‘Amazon meets Little’ stories. This one was about two Littles at a Holiday party, the boy Little was a some kind of singer and the girl was a fashion model. Kaleb tried to keep paying attention, but the story didn’t make sense at parts, and for a lot of reasons, he had a hard time keeping focused on the screen.

The plot had something to with singing, dancing, brainwashing, fashion-showing, cross dressing, role-reversing, and some rich Amazon woman that wanted to adopt the boy but not the girl, and there was a wise nanny in there as well. 

Nothing about it appealed to Kaleb in the least.

The cheerleaders seemed to enjoy the movie, however. They were all laughing at the jokes, fawning over the cuteness of the Littles, talking excitedly when the walls began to close in on the Little’s adulthood. At the climax, the Little boy peed his pants to be in solidarity with the girl who just pooped herself, and they both were adopted to be brother and sister.

Happy ending. Kinda.

Of course, the real bad guys were the two Betweeners, and they got it pretty rough at the end, even if their downfall happened off camera.

The stupid movie was hardly a distraction from his current situation in the living room.

Kaleb was fully aware of the lion's den his living room had become, and a throw blanket was the only shield he had to fend them away like the whip of a lion tamer. Eventually, the Big cats were going to catch on to his hidden DP, or Layla would just cut to the chase, do the deed herself, and just tell the other girls about his pull-up.

That wasn’t all that was on his mind.

Throughout the movie, Beckie kept grinding closer and closer to him, sliding herself between him and the couch, to the point where he was almost atop her lap. A couple of times, he could have sworn she purposely slid her hands beneath the blanket. He would stop her, then she would softly apologize, but he could tell that she meant to feel him up.

Even more distractions came from poor Little Callie.

Her whimpers and whines were harder to ignore, same with the pleas to be let out and to use the potty.

“Mommy, please can I…”
“I gotta go now, mommy…”

Callie became more insistent as the movie came to an end. When the powder drilled its way through her system, she became more and more desperate and he became more and more sure it would end up in a messy diaper. 

Kaleb knew better than to help, or respond, or intervene. If there was one thing he knew about Layla, it was her ability to set a trap in plain sight. If Kaleb did anything to upset the balance, or help the babied Little, Layla would give the girls someone else to play with.

So in all shapes and circumstances, Kaleb was not only in the lion’s den, he was also dead meat.

When it was over, the Amazon girls talked a bit about the movie. Charlotte tucked away some things into the open diaper bag while the other two girls remained in place. Layla was on the opposite couch, and Beckie sat so close to Kaleb that their outer thighs touched.

“What did you guys think of the movie?” Layla asked her friends.

His stepsister looked his direction, she had an eye on him since the Betweeners got their come-uppings, but Kaleb was smart enough to keep his mouth shut.

“I thought it was great!” Beckie squealed as she tightened her grip on Kaleb. “I heard that they’re working on a sequel, but it might be awhile before its finished.”

Kaleb gently removed her arm from his as delicately as he could manage. 

“How can there be a sequel? That’s totally stupid. The story is finished… just like the Littles.”

“Who knows?” Beckie replied with a shrug. “I just heard it, that’s all.”

“I think that’s stupid,” grumbled Kaleb.

“I think you’re cute,” replied Beckie.

“Well, I just think it’s sweet that the Little boy gave himself to his sister and mommy,” Charlotte said to the group.

Layla nodded in agreement. “That’s true love… sacrifice.”

This time Kaleb couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Despite knowing better, he was driven by his temperament to bad places.

“How was that true love?” Kaleb said with a frown, he used his hands to help him voice his displeasure. “He didn’t even know that girl until that night! Why didn’t he warn her about the chocolate laxative? How did the girl not dodge the screen after doing it before? There are plot holes everywhere.”

“What would Kay-Kay know about true love?” Layla said with her typical harshness. “He’s never even had a girlfriend!”

“He hasn’t?” Beckie squealed from right next to him, before darting a hand under the blanket, and wrapping a manicured claw around his bare leg. “What a sweet and innocent precious boy we have here! We may have to change that — I love ‘changing’ things.”

At that moment, as the cold fingers wrapped around the flesh of his thigh, Kaleb wished for the hundredth time that this night would end.

“Charlotte? I mean, mommy.” Callie leaned out of her stroller to speak, her voice was straining as she held her belly. “I’m soo tired, can we go home now?”

Kaleb immediately caught onto the Little’s ruse, Callie did not want to mess her diaper in front of all of them. Poor Little. The embarrassment would be too much for what was left of her pride.

Whatever Kaleb understood, Charlotte didn’t, dismissing the girl wish a wave of her hand.

“Mommy is busy with her friends, baby. Take a nap in your stroller, they don’t have a crib here.”

Callie winced so hard that Kaleb felt her pain.

The only ‘ap’ she was going to take in that stroller started with a ‘cr’ instead of an ‘n’. And judging by the way her face was turning pink, there wasn’t much time left.

He thought about getting up and leaving the room, maybe that’d help Callie with what was going to happen next. However, if he stood up, the Amazon girls would see him in his train themed pull-up; most notably Beckie, who was strangely all over him like the DP put out some kind of pheromone, one his sense of smell couldn’t quite pick up.

Callie called out again. “Mommy, can I please use the potty?”

“I don’t know,” mocked Charlotte, “can you?”

The Amazon girls just laughed at their trapped Little, while Kaleb sunk lower into the old couch. This was altogether too cruel, and he was an unmoving bystander to every moment of this slow moving train wreck.

Inside the darkness of her covered unicorn stroller, Callie tugged at her restraints, grunting and struggling, desperately murmuring curses, breathing so hard that she was panting — then came even more grunting, very hard grunting, like teeth gnashing and pushing grunting; then a bubbling sound like a heated cauldron came from the inside of her diaper.

Well, his sense of smell certainly picked up that one.

The entire room reacted differently to her messy diaper. Those that failed to hear the explosion, quickly became aware of its aftermath. Inside the unicorn stroller, Callie said nothing, whimpering softly as she continued to ‘bubble’. Kaleb did the normal thing and covered his nose, turning away from the source while hiding under his blanket.

“Smells like someone messed their diaper,” Layla stated the obvious, loud and proud.

“Yeah…” muttered Charlotte as she got up from her spot on the couch to fetch the diaper bag. “Let me get a fresh change and pronto.”

At his side, Beckie sniffed the air around Kaleb. She made a point to lean into his personal space, as if he was the one in need of a change. He didn’t care how pretty she was, this was an insinuation that needed addressing.

He snapped at the Amazon. “What are you doing?”

“Just checking something,” Beckie said innocently.

“Can you back off, or whatever?”

“What’s wrong?” Beckie wondered aloud. “I’ve been so nice to you all night, and you’ve been nothing but a grouchy-bottom.”

“You’re just really close to me,” Kaleb tried to explain would shouldn’t need to be explained.

Beckie got a mischievous look. “What if I like being close to you?”

Oh, man. Kaleb never had a girl look at him like she wanted him for dessert. Beckie lusted for a spoonful of Kay-Kay, and he was unsure what to do about it. The room was suddenly hot, he was breathing hard, and Beckie was breathing heavy.

Off to the side, Kaleb heard Charlotte unsnap the stroller restraints, finally freeing baby Callie in ‘too little, too late’ fashion.

Charlotte asked the room, “Who’s going to help me change the baby?”

Of course, Kaleb was the only one not to volunteer, as the Amazon girls were back into hyper mothering mode. They all clamored for position within their own hierarchy, changing diapers defined their Amazoness as much as pooping them defined Littles. At least Callie’s messy diaper pulled Beckie off his ass, so that was a positive, but it got negative real fast.

“Let’s change her on the coffee table,” Layla led the group just like in cheerleading practice. “We don’t have a changing table in the house.”

Seriously, Layla? The coffee table was right in front of him, meaning that he was going to get a front row seat to a nasty diaper change. This was all a part of some plan, there was no coincidences in Layla’s world, and this had scheming fingerprints all over it.

Seeing what was about to happen, Kaleb decided it was finally time for him to bail. He wrapped the blanket around him like a long skirt, and got up from the couch in a shot — but Layla was already next to him, pressing a firm finger to his shoulder, and pushing him back into place.

“Where are you going, Kay-Kay?” his stepsister growled at him. “You know that blanket stays in the living room, so if you want to leave, it still stays. Your choice.”

“I don’t think you know what choice means,” he replied with a hushed voice.

“I know exactly what choice means,” Layla said coldly. “This is a prime example of choices leading to consequences — stick around and see the consequences of not doing what I want.”

It didn’t take a genius to know she was referring to Callie. It didn’t have to be spelled out, or spread out, like the very chic pink plaid changing pad on the coffee table. A dirty diaper was going to be changed right in front of him as some kind of a warning, and as a humiliating punishment to Callie for some crime past committed.

Layla never needed to explain herself to anyone, if you didn’t get with her program, you ended up like Callie or like himself.

“Mommy, can you please change me in private?” Callie begged for a clemency that wasn’t coming. “I’ll be really good and eat food… I’ll stop hitting, just please!”

“I don’t know Callie-baby,” Charlotte said with a tight expression. “I think it will be so much easier to do it here, so the other girls can help.”

“I— I — don’t!…”

And the Little silencing pacifier was pushed between her lips, button pressed and nipple expanded — All Layla’s doing.

Callie fought with everything she had as she was laid out before Beckie and Kaleb as a dirty diaper sacrifice. Stubby arms and legs slammed against Charlotte and Layla to no effect. Callie’s curse words, muffled by her pacifier, were only met with more baby talk. Layla held the Little by the wrists, while Charlotte took a spot between her legs, flipping up the baby cheerleading skirt, and using one finger to deftly unsnap the crotch of the red onesie.

“Whew, girl!” Charlotte said to the cackling hens she called friends. “What have you been eating? Stinky baby.”

As they changed her diaper, Kaleb didn’t want to look, or smell, or exist. Beckie excitedly pawed at him, wrapping a Big hand around his like they were going steady. Her interests in Kaleb seemed to correspond with the baby treatment, almost as if what was happening to Callie fed Amazon energy to the hungry living room.

“This is so exciting,” Beckie whispered into his tingling ear. “I just love babies, don’t you?”

Kaleb half-heartedly smiled back and pretended he didn’t understand her meaning — but he did, and he didn’t like it.

The pink disposable diaper was browned at the bottom, thoroughly pooped, and bulging at the butt. To begin the diaper change, Charlotte steadied her hand onto Callie’s exposed belly as she undid the Little proof tapes with the other. 

A soft hush covered the room like a muted fog, tension built as the new mommy unfurled the used diaper; like they all wondered what was inside, and when she pulled down the front of the plastic pamper, the energy of the room spiked in a terrible way.

The stink from her diaper was everywhere, but he had already learned to ignore it, there were other matters at hand. He could see Callie’s face burn red from the shame, or was it the helplessness of being powerless in the hands of the powerful? The answer hardly mattered.

It was Layla who supplied the wet wipes, Charlotte needed a half dozen before she even tugged the spent diaper away. There were sights and smells, fresh babyish scents mixed with the foul, the application of fresh oils and powders would come; the used diaper would be a thing of the past, and it would be replaced with something crinkling and cute, something that appealed to the fetid heart of the Bigs.

Kaleb eventually turned his head away, unable to look any longer, but Beckie had other plans. With a firm grip, she clutched his face from under his chin, forcing him to watch it all play out. Charlotte had Callie’s ankles wrapped in one hand, wiping down her Little bottom with the other.

Beckie grabbed his attention by tightening her grip around his hand.

“I love changing diapers, Kay-Kay. All kinds of diapers.”

All he could do was watch and squirm and hope that the wave readers didn’t pick up on his internal terror, because Layla’s message came to him loud and clear: If I can do this to Callie, imagine what I could do to you.

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  • direking changed the title to Recessive - Ch. 5

I'm actually surprised the Littles mommy bothered to change her. I was expecting her to just put a paci in her mouth and say she'll change her later. I hope that at least Charlotte gets punished for her mistreatment of her new Little. If she couldn't handle being a mommy to a Little then she shouldn't have got one. 

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On 4/19/2023 at 12:58 AM, Guilend said:

I'm actually surprised the Littles mommy bothered to change her. I was expecting her to just put a paci in her mouth and say she'll change her later. I hope that at least Charlotte gets punished for her mistreatment of her new Little. If she couldn't handle being a mommy to a Little then she shouldn't have got one. 

Charlotte’s trying her best to be a good mommy, she’s just very new to it. Maybe we will see what happens when new mommies make too many mistakes.

On 4/19/2023 at 1:09 AM, SGTbaby said:

Poor Callie! And poor Kay-Kay watching his future in front of him…lol

That’s what happens when you have an evil mastermind as a stepsister, she’s the director of this play, and Kay is learning more and more about his role.

Thanks for the comments!

Thanks for reading!


Recessive 6

In ironic fashion, it was his stepmom who saved him.

Yes, the new and improved Debbie was the one to pull the girls out of the living room, providing safe passage for Kaleb to leave. Somehow he had made it through the evening without his Amazon peers noticing his pull-up — a victory in itself. 

There wasn’t much of an argument from the girls, however. They had wanted to hang out in a more ‘private’ location anyways. It seemed that after Callie’s diaper change, they had lost interest in him, as if the invisible sponge had been wrung dry, and Kaleb could not have been more thankful.

Unfortunately, that was the extent of his good news. Before their guests could leave, Layla had come up a silly idea that they should spend the night. Kaleb didn’t need to guess what was going to happen next: They had agreed to a sleepover before he could get up from the couch. His cruddy evening will be an even worse morning, Kaleb was sure of it.

He was now in his parent’s room, since Debbie was still in the process of cleaning his own. Kaleb sat on their Big bed, using a huge comforter to cover his research-based DP while he watched her fold his clean clothes into small piles before putting them in a laundry basket. 

His parent’s bedroom was always Debbie’s domain, as clued by the decorative fluffy pillows, artsy duvets, and the delightful tones of copious candles and sprayable scents straight from the spa. There were family photos on the wall, group shots of three smiling Bigs and their embarrassed Betweener. Damn, he looked so awkward; like an unwanted add-on, an extra thumb with a goofy smile, an unnecessary idiot to a perfect family.

Alright, time to think about something else besides how much he didn’t belong here.

Nothing else came to mind, there were only feelings bouncing around inside his head, the most persistent were his feelings on the room. 

There was something naughty about lounging in his stepmom’s personal space. It was a strange internal sensation, one that tugged at him like he tugged the blanket over his pull-up. It made him think of things: soft things, nurturing things. That diaper change. The bottle feeding canoe dream. All of it gave him the willies, and he couldn’t quite pinpoint why.

While his stepmom worked, Kaleb busied himself by trying to make sure that all of his clothing ended up back in his closet. This was his new priority number one. He’d heard horror stories of total wardrobe ‘switch-a-roos’, and he thought it best to keep an eye on things: especially on Debbie.

As he watched her, he thought about even stranger feelings.

Something about his stepmom was different, something invisible to the eye, like the spongy energy had cast a behavior altering spell that circled the entire household, making everyone act differently. It was magical. It was weird. It hid in the pockets of her apron next to the diapers, it was wrapped in the strands of his stepmom’s long hair, it was behind the toothy smile and roaming hands of Beckie, it was stuck to the sides of his head like the electrodes.

“We need to talk about the girls spending the night.” Debbie neatly placed a folded shirt into the waiting plastic basket. “I don’t want you sneaking off to their room, I don’t want you spying on them, or being a creep.”

“You don’t have to worry about that,” Kaleb said as he leaned forward on the bed. “Trust me, the last place I’d want to be is in the same room as Beckie.”

“Oooh… Beckie is it?” teased Debbie.

Kaleb decided he should do what he learned to do along time ago — keep his mouth shut around his stepmother.

Still, something bothered him about this hastily decided slumber party, like a nagging whisper against the back of his neck; and he couldn’t quite figure it out what the hushed voice was trying to say, so he kept talking.

“Does that mean that Callie is going to spend the night?”

“Yes…” his stepmom raised an eyebrow at the mention of the Little. “She’s with her new mommy - why do you ask?”

“I don’t know,” Kaleb offered with a shrug. “Where is she going to sleep? It’s not like we have a crib or a nursery or anything.”

“In the living room,” answered Debbie, she carefully examined the inside of one of his boxer briefs before adding them to the rest of his clothes. 

“We’re using an old playpen that has the right safety features for Littles. Locks and things so Callie doesn’t get into any trouble. The girls think it’s a little ‘too old’. Charlotte complained about it, even Layla got on my case, but I think it’s going to work perfectly fine. The old pen is not as nice as the new ones, but you’d be surprised at what experience has to offer little ones.”

Kaleb nodded along like he cared.

“So where are Charlotte and Beckie sleeping?”

“They’re going to be with Layla, in her room right across from yours.” Debbie crossed her arms and gave him one of those ‘looks’. “Somebody’s got a lot of questions, what is it that you really want to know? Are you jealous of the attention Callie is getting?”

“No, no.” Kaleb retreated from the insinuation. “I’m just curious… that’s all.”

“Well, it’s getting a bit late for curiosity,” Debbie hummed with a knowing chuckle. “Time for your pajamas, then we can go to bed.”

“Pajamas?” Kaleb couldn’t believe his ears. “What pajamas?”

His stepmom stopped folding his laundry for a moment. “You mean that Layla didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

This wasn’t looking good, not one bit.

“Well, try to remember that these are your sister’s words and not mine…” 

Debbie then cleared her throat, before she pulled out a folded piece of paper from her apron, and recited obvious ‘textbook talk’. 

“During the Cushioning test, it is important to maintain the experiment in every aspect: keeping true to all constants and limit every variable possible, anything that can throw off the score should not even be considered.”

“You sound a lot like Layla,” observed Kaleb. “What are you really trying to get at? I hate the way she sounds like school.”

Debbie appeared pleased at the ‘compliment’ on sounding like her younger clone.

“You’re going to have to wear the detector- protector all night.” Debbie looked him straight in eyes as shared the news with him. “Same with the wave readers.”

So he was going to have to wear the DP all night (he figured that much), and the electrodes on the sides of his head (he also figured). 

His stepmom’s bad news didn’t bother him because he was expecting it to rear its ugly head. That’s the thing with living with Amazons, it kept him on his toes for so long that he was building callouses like a ballerina, or ‘ballerino’, or whatever the boy variety is called.

Then there was the aforementioned pajamas.

“That’s why you’re also going to need to wear Little proof pajamas,” continued Debbie. “So you can’t accidentally tamper with the DP and ruin the …”

“Little proof pajamas!” exclaimed Kaleb.

No, the mental callouses on his figurative toes weren’t thick enough for that garbage.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Kaleb yelled at his stepmom, his words were probably heard through the walls. “I’m not going to fiddle with the stupid test! Why can’t you trust me?”

“There are rules,” answered Debbie jovially. “It’s not that we don’t trust you — it’s the rules. And rules are rules. Did I mention that it’s the rules?”

Why, oh why, why, why did he sign up for this stupid test?

Kaleb slapped himself in the forehead with both hands and raked them slowly down his face. Little proof pajamas were just like Little proof tapes in a diaper, a wearable lock where only Amazons owned the keys. Right now, he was in a DP, his toileting was under his control. He had already gotten up and peed in the oversized toilet twice that afternoon, once before and after their surprise visitors. Just yank them down and do the tinkling, easy as pie. If he wore anything “Little proof”, that liberty was out of his hands, and he would be begging for release just like stroller-strapped baby Callie.

He sniffled a bit, found his backbone, and made himself taller on his stepmother’s bed.

“What if I say that I’m not going to wear them?”

“You don’t have a choice,” Debbie replied matter of factly. “Rules, honey.”

“Well… I don’t care what the rules are, I’m not going to be tricked into putting on anything I can’t take off.”

Kaleb got up from the bed and was on his way to his room, where he’d tuck away for the rest of the night and deal with the consequences for the following morning. Whatever his punishment was, it would would most likely be better than being locked away in a onesie or footie or nightie or whatever scientific cruelty they had planned for him. 

Now, if he could just sneak by Debbie as she finished up the laundry…

“Night time diaper,” Debbie said firmly.

The Diaper-word brought Kaleb to a sudden halt. He obviously didn’t hear her right, so he cocked his head her direction.

“You go out that door,” growled his stepmom, “and you’ll end up in a night time diaper, the very thick kind, with Little proof tapes.”

Kaleb burned hot. “No way…”

His stepmom made eye contact to drive it home, like the final spiking of a railroad tie, it rang in his ears and kept him in place.

“And…” Debbie was really enjoying the her power of him now. “I’ll do it in front of the girls, maybe let Beckie pick out the diaper, she has good taste in Littles.”

Oh, the insinuation. It dripped from every word and thought and collected in a puddle inside his brain. There was a reason Debbie was being so uncharacteristically nice to him, so he’d be nice right back, and be a good little boy. But like all things, the affection was just another lie.

Kaleb asked, “Are you serious?”

“No, silly, I’m not serious,” Debbie said gleefully. “I’m your mommy.”

Everything changed then. He was no longer in control, it had somehow slipped his grasp, and he was just finding out about it.

Suddenly, the white paneled door from the bedroom to the hall felt so far away, same with the safety of his room. The tiny house full of Bigs became bigger as the space became tinier. No, it didn’t make sense, but neither did his agreement to be a part of this Cushioning test. Kaleb closed his eyes and resigned himself back into the hands of the experiment.

Why was he even considering continuing the experiment? There had to be a way out. The self-imprisoning pajamas felt like a step too far — and still, he stood in his spot, and it wasn’t just his stepmom’s well-timed threat that froze his feet to the floor. This spongy magic energy was changing him as well, he no longer wanted to put up any fight, he just wanted it all to be done. 

What was the way Layla said it? “One way or another”. Sheesh, that was dark, but it was how he felt.

Before the Cushioning test, Kaleb would have made a brave stand for his dignity, but he was tired of standing, so he lifelessly flopped to the carpet, waving the white flag before a shot was even fired.

“Fine, fine.” His voice sounded tired and not his own. “Bring on the pajamas.”


“Now, Kay-Kay, it’s very important to answer truthfully,” Layla said as she stifled yet another girly giggle. “How does wearing the pajamas make you feel?”

Kaleb managed a wary expression. “How do you think?”

His stepsister was already dressed for bed, she was still pretty without makeup. Gone was the red cheerleading outfit, replaced by a long gray shirt that hung loose over her body. Also, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Kaleb had tried not to notice, but Amazons were extra-bosomy, so he noticed. There were athletic shorts underneath, short enough to hide under the long shirt and show off a whole lot of leg.

That’s what she got to wear to bed. As for Kaleb, he didn’t get off so easily.

How was he supposed to know that the special research pajamas was actually a monkey footie? Yes, monkey. And footie. 

The body hugging fabric went down his legs and over his feet. The PJs were tan and brown in color, had a hood that went over the head, with a pair of half circle ‘ears’ atop the hood, and a zipper than ran down the back. There were a semi circle of snaps that ran along his inner thighs that he didn’t even want to think about. It even had a cute curly monkey tail on the butt. 

Death was an easier out than these pajamas.

“Use your words, Kay-Kay. We need to cross reference your feelings from the wave readers to study your verbal reciprocity levels, that’s why we’re doing this interview.”

“Are you sure about that?” Kaleb looked at his footie-covered chest, arms and legs. “I thought it was so you could humiliate me and document the results.”

“So you feel… humiliated?” Her searching eyes flashed like sharp teeth. “Why?”

“Why?” Kaleb echoed his stepsis, pointing at his outfit. “I’m dressed like a baby monkey! All that’s missing is the diaper and a banana.”

“All that’s missing is a ‘diaper’?” Layla repeated for clarity’s sake.

“That’s not what I meant!” Kaleb was really burning hot now. “You know that!”

“It’s what you said, Kay-Kay,” Layla replied as she typed furiously on her computer tablet. “I’m just documenting your words and your behavior and your wave readers. You can’t be mad at me for you thinking your thoughts.”

Kaleb got up from the floor where they were both criss-cross applesauce.

“What’s my thinking thoughts have to do with anything?”

“Science is all about data and numbers,” started Layla. “Your numbers… I know shouldn’t even tell you, but since I’m a nice step-sis, I will. Ever since baby Callie came over, your Beta-alpha-beta-upsilon waves have been off the charts. It’s reading like you have Maturosis, Kay-Kay.”

He sighed.
This was totally expected. 100%.

Kaleb took a deep breath, let the air mingle a bit then he let it shoot out of his nose. It was almost calming getting the worst of the news over with; so she wanted him to believe that he had Maturosis — a made up disease brought to life by overzealous, self-righteous Bigs. No big deal.

“I’m sure it does, Layla.”

“You don’t believe me? Well, then, let me show you how well you’re doing on the Cushioning.”

Layla spun the screen around so he could see for himself: Everything, everywhere was in deep crimson, the bar graphs, as well as the pie charts, and there were squiggly lines that exceeded normalized levels. It was all too much for him to look at, so he motioned for Layla to turn the screen away, and she did.

“All I’m saying is that if you were in a Little Center, you’d be in very Big trouble. I’m not cheating the test, Kay-Kay. This is making me concerned for your health.”

“Oh, I’m sure you’re going to lose sleep tonight,” replied Kaleb with mucho sarcasm intended.

Layla exclaimed, “You don’t get it, do you?”

“Get what?” Kaleb didn’t get it.

“What if you really have Maturosis? Have you given thought to that?”

Maturosis? Him? The ‘Maturosis’ hoax was all made up, right? He looked to his stepsister again, she sure didn’t look like she was lying, but Layla was a master manipulator, dishonesty was in her DNA.

Something about what she said bothered him, and it wasn’t anything to do with her tests or his diagnosis. It was something else.

In the provided silence, Kaleb ran a hand over his hood, between his monkey ears, and across his forehead, lightly touching the cloth covered bumps that were the stickied electrodes. Another hand went down his back, touching the curly monkey tail that shot out from his bottom, and sliding up the long zipper that ran from neck to butt. Then there was the metal snap at the back of his neck. That was the Little proof part of the footsie, not only could he not reach it, the folded metal of the snap was too strong for his Tweener fingers.

“Do you remember when this all started?” Kaleb had a gravelly voice that sounded faded and distant. “You were the one that said that you weren’t going to cheat. Did you mean that?”

Layla gently put aside the tablet, and ‘scootched’ closer to Kaleb, her shorts covered butt never leaving the carpet. There was a softness in the way she got closer, an intention to give a hug instead of her usual barbs.

“I’m not cheating, I swear. Maybe you should consider what I just said. It explains so many things about you. About how you struggle at school and making friends, and your crappy love life, your strained relationship with your mom and dad and my mom. I know it’s a lot, but we can work through it all together. Let’s finish taking the test and see what’s what.”

“Do you have any more ‘questions’?” Kaleb tucked his knees to his chest, and yanked back the forming tears with a sharp breath. “I think you need to leave, you got what you came for, didn’t you? You made me feel like garbage, you got your little laughs in, you even made a diaper insinuation. So leave.”

Layla uncrossed her legs as she prepared to leave the floor. 

“Alright, little bro. Just keep in mind what I said about being on your side.”

Kaleb scowled at his stepsister, everything felt hot and poisonous on his insides, acid had been bubbling inside him all night, and he opened his mouth to spit his venom.

“You’ve never been on my side, Layla.”

“Alright..” Layla resigned herself as she rose to her feet. “If that’s what you think, then I’m wasting my time by trying to be nice.”

“Good. Great. Wonderful. You waste my time all of the time. You’re a Grade A time waster. This whole weekend is ruined because of you, and your experiment, and your homework.. and… and…”

Layla didn’t stick around long enough for him to finish. His stepsister let the door to the hall do the talking as it closed behind her, leaving him to rant for an audience of one, to verbally stir the stew of his thoughts over and over again.

After taking a few minutes to collect himself, Kaleb got up to return to his own room. The first thing he saw from the hall was the living room — more importantly, how it had changed.

A giant playpen sat where the coffee table used to be. It was bigger than he imagined. The playpen was a mix of white and pastels, the colors slightly faded from age, a mesh wall separated the inside and outside of the cube. Debbie was right about it being old.

Inside the four walls that went far above her head, Callie stood in a lily white babydoll nighty that stopped just above the belly, showing off a thick pink night time diaper. Her golden hair tied with white ribbon and into tight pigtails that flopped at the sides of her head. In her tiny mouth, there was a small pacifier, different from the one before, one the Little could remove and not the silencing kind.

They both eyed one another in silence.

Kaleb didn’t know why he stopped to look at her — wondering just how, and why, and when, and what. He was still deep in thought. Stupid thoughts.

Maturosis, him? Maturosis, her? Everything came down to what the Amazons thought, or projected onto the Betweeners and Littles.

From her jail-cell playpen, Callie watched him in his brown monkey footie, a puzzled look on her Little face, as he kinda stood just outside the living room. Somehow, she got his attention, because it was elsewhere. Callie motioned him to come closer, both hands grabbing his attention, lulling him closer with her bright eyes.

And before he knew it, Kaleb stood next to the playpen, and Callie removed her pacifier to whisper to him.

“You’ve got to help me,” Callie said as she eyed Layla’s door back in the hall, her face turned pink as she talked. “Can you undo the latch on the corner of the playpen?”

After following her hand, Kaleb noticed the gray plastic latch that sat on the corner of the cube, something he could totally undo, something he wanted to undo. Was it something he should undo? He didn’t know. 

Kaleb turned to the Little with an eyebrow raised. “Why?”

“Why? Why? You’re that stupid? Because it would help me, that’s why.” 

Callie made her argument sound so simple, and his objections sound so dumb. 

“Listen, you won’t get in trouble, if that’s what you’re worried about. All I need is one little thing, so I don’t have to.. you know.. defecate myself.”

The Little made sense. No one wants to poop themselves, but he wasn’t going to just do what she asked. Kaleb leaned into the railing of the play pen, putting both of his elbows onto the plastic sides. The baby prison was a little big to him as well, up to his head, so he had to stand tall. 

Kaleb took a moment to give the Little another go-over. After having such a rough night, he welcomed the chance to punch down at someone smaller for once.

“You’re still potty trained?” He said with a wry grin. “Not from what I saw earlier. And what about the Little proof tapes?”

Callie made a funny face and did something akin to an eye roll. Then she opened her mouth with a wide yawn, before rubbing her sore jaw, a condition from sucking a pacifier for too long. The Little had a haughty expression he hadn’t seen all night, one that was free from the torture of defeat. She locked eyes with him, confident and assured.

“I’ll worry about the Little proof diaper tapes, you just take care of the lock.”

“It’s still a ‘No’ from me,” said Kaleb.

“I figured…” Callie said with a shrug, then she leveled her gaze. “I guess that’s why they push you around, you’re weak and stupid.”

Kaleb glared at her. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me, monkey-boy. You just do what they tell you. You’re just like a puppet. Or a plaything. Or a goo-goo gaa-gaa baby.”

“Don’t you dare call me that,” he growled at the Little.

Callie eyed him with renewed skepticism, the Little baby rose up to the edge of the play pen, and got in his face, her disposable diaper rustling as she moved.

“Then do something about it,” she said as she traced her tiny fingers over to the corner lock. “Be a Big and do the Big thing, or are you too Little to stand up for yourself?”

Kaleb took a deep breath. This was all so stupid.
He shouldn’t do it.
Why did he want to do it?

This wasn’t worth his time.
Callie wasn’t his circus, and he wasn’t even a monkey — sans pajamas, that is.

And Callie was dead meat anyways. What harm could come from just undoing a plastic latch? So Kaleb squeezed both hands around the plastic latch and did the ‘undoing’.

Click. Click. 

Since it was an old playpen, the worn plastic had a bit more give to it, and his smaller Betweener hands had the strength to give Callie ‘a bathroom break’. That was his good deed of the day, now he could go to bed with a clean conscience.

“This better not get me in trouble,” Kaleb warned the big baby in front of him.

“You’re already in trouble ‘Kay-Kay’,” Callie said darkly. “Because they’re going to do to you what they did to me, monkey-boy.”

Kaleb backed off, even a Little seemed to be dogpiling onto his bad evening. He frowned at the forcibly made baby, as she somehow got the upper hand, and he didn’t like how fast she managed to insult him.

“Hey, I’m only wearing these pajamas for an experiment. I’m nothing like what happened to you. Nothing at all.”

“Experiment?” Callie repeated him, so he could hear himself. “Is that what they said? And you believed them? You must not know much about Amazons, which surprises me, because your sister is the worst.”

“She’s not my sister,” corrected Kaleb, “she’s my stepsister.”

“The distinction won’t matter when she’s your mommy, or her mommy is your mommy. Your family dynamic is pretty weird, so anything can happen. Just listen to me, whatever escape plan you have in your Tweener head won’t be good enough. You should leave and leave now, before it’s too late.”

With a flourish of her tiny hands, Callie indicated to the the thick pink diaper that hung around her waist. The white nightgown didn’t do her any favors, that huge diaper was visible for all to see. There were red hearts between the tapes, and a flowery wetness indicator that was still invisible, Callie kept dry for the time being. Kaleb didn’t know how he knew, diapers and diapering just permeated his home life to the point of blatant understanding.

“You know, Callie-baby,” Kaleb made sure to put extra emphasis on the insinuation. “You’re pretty smart for a Little, just not smart enough I guess.”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” Callie said as she rolled onto her back, and cupped her feet into her hands, into a diaper exposing yoga pose. She looked up at the unmoving ceiling fan as she rested her head on a folded pink bunny blanket. “When the Amazons want to do you in, it really doesn’t matter how smart you are. I guess that was the lesson for me.”

Kaleb found himself unable to come up with a comeback, but he couldn’t, mostly because Callie was so damn right. Every time he tried to be smart, something bad happened. He found himself looking down at his covered monkey feet, ashamed of himself for being put in his place by a Little.

“What’s wrong, Kay-Kay?” Callie giggled as rolled from side to side like a baby. “Are you one of those ‘speak no evil’ monkeys? Or ‘see no evil’? I’ll be honest, you’re kind of oblivious to their designs on you. It’s pretty frightening, actually.”

“I can see why Layla did this to you. You’re pretty annoying. No, very annoying. Totally annoying. Are you done yet, baby Callie?”

“Thanks for undoing the lock,” Callie delivered with a smile. “It saves me a messy diaper.”

“You’re welcome,” muttered Kaleb, he was still chewing on her food for thought. 

Kaleb turned and moped back to his room still deep within his own head. Escape plan? He didn’t even have an escape plan, but neither did Callie by the looks of it. That Little was going nowhere and fast, she was locked in right by thick tapes and plastic hooks, crib bars and car seats, strollers, bouncers, and playpens. Ha! Escape plan… you first, Callie.

He was about to slip into his room when the door to Layla’s opened just a crack.

“Why were you talking to Callie?” Layla asked in a hushed whisper.

“I don’t know,” Kaleb said to the shadow beyond the door frame. “She’s just confused.. that’s all.”

Layla giggled at her stepbrother like he said something funny.

“That’s all? Are you sure about that? You two weren’t comparing diapers or anything? Or potty training tips? Or planning a paci sucking party? Let me give you some sisterly advice: Don’t associate with the babies unless you want to become one, Kay-Kay.”

“You know what?” Kaleb glowered at his stepsister in the shadows. “I really hate you sometimes.”

“You know what?” Layla echoed right back, she had her hooks deep into him. “I love you sometimes… like right now… you look so cute. What did you say before? ‘All that’s missing is a diaper’. I couldn’t agree more, Kay-Kay. See you tomorrow, and try to keep dry tonight, your DP is hyper sensitive to wetness.”

That was the final conversation that he’d have that day, and he ended it with just as sour of a mood as the entire afternoon.

He didn’t even flip on the lights to his room. It smelt clean. Real clean. 

At best guess, his stepmom did a thorough job of it, but he was too tired to care, his bed was a yawning abyss that he wished would swallow him whole.
Kaleb lowered himself into his bed and tried to think about anything and everything that didn’t have to do with Littles, or diapers, or Amazons and Tweeners. He counted sheep. He recited the alphabet backwards. He did his own word association test in his own head, but the internal beeping machine kept him awake long into the night.

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  • direking changed the title to Recessive - Ch. 6
21 minutes ago, direking said:

Charlotte’s trying her best to be a good mommy, she’s just very new to it. Maybe we will see what happens when new mommies make too many mistakes

I hope she makes too many mistakes. She needs to be in that playpen making a big mess in her diaper 

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I'm not sure why they don't get along. His there something that happened that I read it wrong. I never read anywhere where an Amazon big (girl or boy) didn't love each other. 

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On 4/25/2023 at 11:26 AM, Guilend said:

I hope she makes too many mistakes. She needs to be in that playpen making a big mess in her diaper 

I’m going to have to do something to an Amazon before this is all said and done. Now, which one will be the victim?

On 4/25/2023 at 1:30 PM, Eagle0769 said:

I'm not sure why they don't get along. His there something that happened that I read it wrong. I never read anywhere where an Amazon big (girl or boy) didn't love each other. 

At its roots, this is a step-sibling rivalry story that just happens to take place in the Diaper Dimension.

There’s always trouble in family dynamics, sometimes everyone gets along, sometimes not so much. In this case, Kaleb feels like he’s being manipulated by his stepsister in not-so-good ways. He feels like he was tricked into this experiment. He hates the constant insinuation that there’s something wrong with him; that as a Betweener, he’s more like little Callie than a boyfriend for pretty Beckie. Kaleb doesn’t like being mocked, so he says what every family member thinks when they’re being mistreated by those closest to them - “I hate you, sometimes.”

The key word being ‘sometimes’. 

However, his treatment does bring to question whether or not Layla is ever genuine with her offers of kindness. We will see more about her intentions later.

I hope that clears things up a bit, it’s all in the ebbs and flows of a brotherly/sisterly relationship. Sometimes there’s hate. Sometimes there’s love. 

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1 hour ago, direking said:

I’m going to have to do something to an Amazon before this is all said and done. Now, which one will be the victim?

Normally I'd say the new mommy that isn't ready for a Little, but that could make things even worse for the Little in the long run, plus I have a theory on the story. 

Here's my theory. 

The sister is actually jealous of her Betweener stepbrother, he gets to get by on school, play video games and basically not held to as a high standard as she, an Amazon, is held. 

So with the help of her friends, they might not even know what they helped her with if even involved at all, created this elaborate test or stole the equipment, that no matter what happens it will convince her mother to finally demote her stepbrother to a baby so she doesn't have to feel jealous because he'll just be a baby. 

The mother finds out at some point that her teacher has no such test or assignment for her daughter. So the daughter ends up the diapered, breastfed, baby while stepbrother his her big toddler brother in pull ups. Or some variation of her being spanked and diapered. The Betweener will end up in pull ups or diapers regardless because it's a diaper dimension story after all lol

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Great story - was there a sneaky reference to another Diaper Dimension story there with the singer? 🙂

There also seems to be some classic mommy magic in ther air.

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On 4/27/2023 at 2:12 PM, Guilend said:

Normally I'd say the new mommy that isn't ready for a Little, but that could make things even worse for the Little in the long run, plus I have a theory on the story. 

Here's my theory. 

The sister is actually jealous of her Betweener stepbrother, he gets to get by on school, play video games and basically not held to as a high standard as she, an Amazon, is held. 

So with the help of her friends, they might not even know what they helped her with if even involved at all, created this elaborate test or stole the equipment, that no matter what happens it will convince her mother to finally demote her stepbrother to a baby so she doesn't have to feel jealous because he'll just be a baby. 

The mother finds out at some point that her teacher has no such test or assignment for her daughter. So the daughter ends up the diapered, breastfed, baby while stepbrother his her big toddler brother in pull ups. Or some variation of her being spanked and diapered. The Betweener will end up in pull ups or diapers regardless because it's a diaper dimension story after all lol

That's probably a better story idea than this one, honestly. I think you're onto something about the Cushioning Test. Maybe it's a front for something, maybe it's real, maybe it isn't. Maybe an older stepsister is trying to Kay in touch with his inner child, maybe she wants to turn him into a bigger child. All fun and games in the land of Amazons.


On 4/28/2023 at 9:05 PM, D503 said:

Great story - was there a sneaky reference to another Diaper Dimension story there with the singer? 🙂

There also seems to be some classic mommy magic in ther air.

Yeah, they watched a 'movie' of 'The Present(s)', it was fun tying the stories together. As for mommy magic, this story has quite a few mommy characters, nice mommies, too nice mommies, mean mommies, too mean mommies. This chapter is with a mommy that's altogether 'too nice'. Let's see how it plays out.

Thanks for reading and comments!


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Dreams are weird.

Dreams make you think of things, and when you’re busy thinking of things, the thinking things impact your dreams.

That’s the reason Kaleb dreamt what he dreamt. No other reason. The ‘weird’ could all be explained with this kind of logic.

It was easy to tell he was in a dream. The fact that he was his normal-sized teenaged- self sitting in an old elementary school classroom spoke volumes. Same with the drowning sensation of wrongness and impermanence that touched everything around him.

No matter. He was still there in this dreamland, with his teenage-sized knees pressed between the tiny desk and his chest. For some reason, Kaleb wore his old primary school uniform; dark navy blue overalls tight like lederhosen, with a red neck tie, and a white button down shirt. His dark hair well-combed and slicked back, just like the way his real mother used to style it.

A chalkboard sat at the front of the room, with A B C written in talcum white. A few feet away sat a teacher’s desk; organized and neat, full of books to read and papers to grade. To his right, a long row of windows faced the playground outside. Kaleb knew those windows, he knew them very well. It was just like it was back in third grade, where his mind pulled these memories to paint an attempt at reality.

But it was empty.

The playground. The teacher’s desk. Every single desk besides his own. All empty.

So there Kaleb sat, in a tiny desk altogether too small, looking incredibly stupid. That’s when he noticed that his desk was crooked. In front and behind him, and on both sides, there were long lines of perfect desks all in immaculate rows.

This wasn’t good, his orientation needed correction, and Kaleb was just the man for the job.

With some difficulty, Kaleb managed to stand from the desk, evaluating it for a moment, before tugging the desk to the proper spot. As it moved, the desk let out the lovely sound of screeching metal legs against the tile floor.

He then gave it all a second look — still crooked. This time, the desk sat a little too far to the left. So he picked up the desk, hunched over and walked it like a duck, turning it just a hair to the right…

Yep. Too far.

Then he moved it again. And again.

No matter how he tried to straighten his desk, his was never like the others.

Always crooked.
Always wrong.
Always sticking out like a ‘sore thumb’.

It was getting serious now. Kaleb skidded it from side to side, adjusted it front to back, sometimes in small increments, others with wild pushes and pulls, but everything he did made it worse than it was before.

He wanted to scream. He stood up from his desk, preparing to toss it out the window, when he felt a tall presence behind him.

A woman’s voice echoed through the empty room.

“Kaleb, this isn’t right at all. What are we going to do with you?”

Her question was rhetorical, her tone condescending, her words familiar yet distant. Her face remained hidden.

“This might not be the right place for you, let’s go down the hall where you might feel more… let’s say… taken care of.”

Kaleb knew that the Little’s classrooms sat just down the hall, and he knew those well, just like the windows.

That’s how his dream ended.


It was first thing in the morning. A songbird chirped just outside his window, rich yellow sunlight crept in through the plastic blinds just behind his bed. Too early in the AM to say that he got a good night’s sleep, and way too early to think critically or see anything clearly.

His dream was too weird to process, so he was loading this entire reality poorly.

Kaleb had just opened his eyes to the world when it all came crashing down around him. Layla provided his wake up call, yanking him from the bed with both hands, lifting him up in the air by the chest of the monkey footsie.

“What DID you do?“ his stepsister growled as she raised him from his bed.

“What ‘did’ I do?” Kaleb asked right back with a tired voice.

He wasn’t trying to be smart, or stupid, he was totally confused. Kaleb scanned the room with sleepy eyes, trying to find the source of the fire that burned her butt. No flames in sight, but he noticed that they had an audience.

Beckie, in all of her morning glory, stood in the door frame. The other cheerleader was wearing a long t-shirt and short shorts like his stepsister. Happy, unhappy? It was hard to tell, since it was way too early to discern feelings from the face of a teenager. His tired gaze returned to his stepsister, unable to register the moment.

“Did you hear me, Kay-Kay?” Layla continued to dig at him. “Your eyes are open, that means you’re awake. Stop ignoring me.”

That’s where Layla was wrong, his eyes weren’t open, and he was not awake. His monkey hooded head floated back and his eyes rolled back behind their lids. They stayed that way until Layla gave him a nice loving shake, which seemed to do the trick.

“Come on, you Little idiot.” Layla tried to bring his attention to attention.

Kaleb looked about the room; it was clean, totally clean, 100% spotless.

He had to hand it to Debbie, she did a good job straightening up. Where there used to be a pile of dirty clothes, there was now an empty corner. Same with the stack of dirty dishes that collected for months on his bedside table, and all of the miscellaneous trash that was everywhere had been disposed. Even his computer desk was dusted and clutter-free; well, except for yesterday’s Cushioning test pacifier, which sat ominous and alone.

“There you are!” Layla hissed at him. “Tell us what you did, and we might let you off easy.”

Kaleb scratched his monkey-hood covered head, doing his best to figure out the goings on.

“I’m sorry, Layla,“ he said calmly, “but I literally have no clue what you’re talking about.”

“Are you sure of that?” Her bright eyes narrowed, like a bird of prey spotting a mouse on crutches. “Or would you like some time to think of your answer?”

Kaleb slowly nodded. “I’d like more time.. I think.”

Something serious had happened between the moment he fell asleep and thirty seconds ago, when he was awakened by his stepsister the Amazon crane. Kaleb could read it in the room, on the tight faces of the two girls, something was off and in a big way.

“What’s this all about?” he licked his lips, suddenly scared. “Where’s Debbie?”

“Mom’s out with Charlotte…” Layla answered then retightened her grip. “Callie is missing.”

“Oh no.” Kaleb sank lower in her clutches as he deflated.

So this was what it was all about: A missing Little. He was putting it all together now. This shakedown had to do with Callie, but he had nothing to do with…

“Ohhhh no…” he said again, this time with feeling.

His mind flashed back in quick snapshots of the night before. That plastic latch and that conniving Little. The stupid Betweener that undid the aging Little-proof lock. Sometimes his own ignorance gave him surprises, and not good ones, like bad gifts without receipts.

Callie was missing.
The Amazons were upset.

Things were all coming together now, and it was going to be a pretty big problem, especially when they found out he was the one to ‘undo’ the latch. You know, the one which probably set the Little free. And like every other problem in his life, it all added up to this being his fault — his doing, his Little mistake. What will they do to him when they find out? It was just a matter of time, he couldn’t possibly keep this secret for very long.

Layla noticed the subtle change on his face, examining him slowly and surely.

“You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?” his stepsister cocked her head to get a better angle of her stepbrother.

No answer would work in his favor, so he did what was best and kept his mistake to himself. Around him, Kaleb felt the room get hotter, a singular bead of cold sweat slinked down his back, weaving around his vertebrae like a slalom skier. He tried not to look guilty as his feet dangled from the floor.

“I know that you’re holding something back,” Layla continued to press the issue. “If you don’t tell us…”

“Tell you what?” Kaleb felt defiant, it was all he had this bright and early. “I can’t tell you what I don’t know.”

“You do know, my sweet Kay-Kay. Why were you talking to Callie late last night? You know, skulking about when everyone was in bed. What were you scheming?”

“No one was scheming anything,” Kaleb said to his stepsister.

He could tell that she remained unconvinced. Layla scowled as she brought him closer, staring so deeply into his eyes that she could read his insides like a book. And judging by her face, she didn’t even need to get past chapter one to figure him out.

His stepsister turned to Beckie in the doorway, her lips drawn tight.

“Beckie, what do his wave readers say?”

On command, Beckie took a second look at a small device in her hands before answering Layla’s question.

“It says that he’s lying.”

“Lying! Come on!” Kaleb squirmed in the ridiculously strong grip. “I’m not lying! I swear. I swear. I totally swear.”

“Still lying…” Beckie muttered as she watched the incoming data from his electrodes. “Someone ought to do something about this fibbing, it’s unbecoming for a Betweener to tell stories like a Little.”

“Alright, Kay-Kay.” Layla brought him closer to her, all menacing like. “If you want to play with the babies, I can oblige. No pottying until you tell us the truth.”

“Wait! What? Seriously?” Kaleb protested but even he knew he was dead to rights. “That’s not fair, and you know it. Besides, you can’t enforce anything like that, Debbie would never agree.”

Layla just laughed. His Big stepsister had a face she’d make when she was right, not like when she thought she was right - which was all of the time. This was the face she made when she KNEW she was right, and now she was going to let him know.

“Once again, you are wrong on two points: during the Cushioning test the head scientist is in charge, which means I’m in charge, which means I can enforce any potty restrictions that I want. And two, my mom is on my side, not yours. She’s just pretending to be nice to you because you’re almost in diapers. I think she likes the idea of you actually being a baby instead of acting like one all of the time.”

“I don’t act like a…” Kaleb couldn’t bring himself to say it. He began to beg as he kicked his feet in the air. “Please don’t do this to me… I’ll be good… I’ll do anything you want, just let me um.. um.. toilet.”

“You know exactly what you need to do to get your privileges back,” replied Layla, who appeared pleased to gain some ground. “Just tell us the truth about you and Callie, and the potty is all yours — if you can make it. Sometimes, in cases of rapid onset Maturosis, toilet training can disappear in less than twenty four hours. And don’t question me on any of it: it’s in my textbook.”

“Layla… Come on!” Kaleb helped her search for reason, or pity. “I don’t know what I don’t know. There’s no reason to take away my right to use the restroom! It.. It… It will mess up your test!”

“Actually, it’s your test,” Layla deflected his concerns. “And it’s my homework - which means I call the shots, but the results are all on you.”

This new stipulation was the straw that broke the monkey’s back. No toilets meant no options; no clean ships, no well-squabbed poop decks. It was a clear escalation, that much was certain. Now, what would he do about it? Complain? No. There was nothing he could do except tell the truth. But if he told the truth there was nothing he could do about their consequences for him.

Consequences for Amazons meant diapers, that was one thing he did know.

He was certainly in a dilemma, trapped between a hard rock and a padded tooshie. So Kaleb did what he did best, sulk. He felt the tension leave his back as he sulked mid-air, it felt good to give up every now and then.

Kaleb shrugged. “I don’t know what to tell you.”

“You can start telling us the truth, then you can get back to helping yourself,” Layla tapped his cheek with her hand as she gave free advice. “Anyways, Beckie is going to handle your Cushioning test this morning.”

“Her? Really?” Kaleb glowered at his stepsister.

Layla rolled her eyes at him. “Yes, Kay-Kay.”

After taking away his potty privileges, she was just handing him off to her friend. Just great. Very great. Fantastic great. This was the way it was with his stepsister, ignoring his needs while pressuring him to the point where he broke. Kaleb looked at the smiling Amazon in his doorway, and Beckie gave him a stomach sickening little wave.

“Wait!” Kaleb tried one last time. “Why is she doing the test?”

“I’m going to help find Callie,” replied Layla coldly. “After that, I’ll find out just how she escaped, more important - if she had any accomplices. In the meantime, you still need to finish your Cushioning test.”

Kaleb was past the point of arguing about his test. “And why can’t I use the restroom?”

Layla sighed.

“I just told you, Kay-Kay. Don’t make me repeat myself, or I’ll mark it down on your test score.”

“Don’t be so mad, Kay.” Beckie leaned into his room with a devious look. “I can be just as good as your sister in taking care of you.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” Kaleb mumbled as he looked down at the carpet far below.

The two girls glared at him in the silence that followed, expecting Kaleb to say something self-incriminating. Of course, he knew better than to spill the beans. If he told them that he had any part in freeing the Little, they’d turn him into a Little, which meant diapers, pacifiers, onesies and cribs — maybe they would even physically shrink him, the science on that subject was still ‘iffy’.

There was a lot of insinuation from their harsh looks, and Kaleb sure caught most of it.

“Kay-Kay?” his stepsister pulled him away from his thoughts. “Are you sure there isn’t anything you would like to say before the testing begins?”

“You can use the potty if you tell us,” offered Beckie.

The offer was tempting, but he knew they’d just take it away if he said anything. Plus, Callie couldn’t be too far, there was no way she could open the door to get out of their house, she was probably hiding under the couch at this exact moment.

Kaleb looked everywhere but at his Big stepsister and her friend; at the wall, to the floor, scanning the clean desk and lonely pacifier, all good places to keep his eyes while he remained silent. When they stopped interrogating him, he wiggled his dangling feet in the air, indicating that he wanted down, and Layla finally obliged him by dropping him back onto his mattress.

“Alright then!” Layla winked at Beckie in the doorway. “He’s all yours for day two, make sure he gets dressed and has plenty to drink, because he’s going to have a busy day.”

His stepsister tagged out as her friend tagged in, slowly moving in too close and far too personal.

“Hi Kay-Kay!” Beckie beamed with too much cheer for the early hour. “I’ve so been looking forward to this…”


They were in the midst of the crime scene, so to speak. The empty playpen sat in the middle of the room, with a corner of the portable Little prison peeled away like a dog-eared page. It appeared that, even after Kaleb’s ‘undoing’, Callie still had a hard time escaping her mesh-walled confines.

He tried not to stare too long, or look too much, or notice the dozens of Little baby toys that were scattered across the floor. The tinker-toys were mostly uninteresting; pink ponies and half dressed Little dollies, and some sparkling glittery plushies of kittens. Actually, lots of kittens. Some bunnies. Some other pink knick-knacks.

There were also a number of plastic cars, yellow dump trucks, and green trains. Which was weird, because girls didn’t play with those kinds of things. The baby toys shouldn’t have concerned him like they did, but they set the mood like scented candles, and he could practically smell the insinuation in the air.

This place was now baby territory, it was best to not even touch the ground.

Beckie sat on the rainbow colored play mat, each foam tile was decorated by ABCs and 1-2-3s. Kaleb sat atop her oversized lap, as her big Amazon bosom pressed against his back.

He had learned that his attempts at ‘secrecy’ the night before had all been in vain.

Of course, Beckie already knew about the Detector-protector. Of course, she was in the same Little care class as Layla. Of course, Kaleb had to wear the monkey footie while he did his “testing” (air quotes intended).

For the sake of saving time, ‘they’ had decided to combine two tests into one: finishing the much maligned passive suckling pacifier test from the day before, and working on some kind of a memory response game on the tablet in front of him.

The ‘passive sucking’ test pacifier he knew, and he let Beckie slide it in his mouth without a fuss. The binky fit comfortably between his lips, and he unconsciously wrapped around the bulb adding another ‘suck’ to his account. But it didn’t matter in the grand scheme: There was no reason to fight the inevitable.

On the plus side, his ‘cuteness’ made Beckie extra ‘touchy-feely’ on him. She had soft roaming hands with a delightful and delicate touch, and she smelled real good. Like too good. Her perfume was sweet and sticky, as Kaleb was embraced by human candy, and he wasn’t ashamed to breathe it all in.

The cheerleader was pretty, even if she was an Amazon.

Unfortunately, the computer game was kinda lame. It was one of those flip the cards and match the items on the other side kid-games with no graphics and no violence. It wasn’t a coincidence that the items were all babyish: diapers, teddy bears, rattles and the like.

So that’s what Kaleb was doing; playing a game while suckling, all in Beckie’s well-proportioned lap, pretending that this intimate interaction had something to do with science.

Beckie sure enjoyed having him there, she had done just about everything she could to cuddle and coddle him.

By the way, she was bra-less.

Kaleb could feel a pair of pokers among the softness of her breasts. He had decided not tell her that he noticed them, it was polite to keep that secret to himself. Besides, what was he supposed to say? Your perky nipples are distracting me from my video game?

He just kept his mind on the tablet, the rest would work itself out.

Red ball to red ball. Check.
White bottle to white bottle. Check.
Pastel printed diaper to pastel printed diaper. Check.

New high score. Check.

“Wow, Kay!” Beckie exclaimed as she again jostled him on her lap. “You’re good at this.”

“Thanks, Beckie.” Kaleb leaned back against her pillowing chest.

It was a video game; of course he was good at it. Still, the compliment made him a bit rosy around the cheeks. In a life where he managed to do everything wrong, it felt good to do something right for once.

“Hold still,” Beckie said, “I need to check something.”

The Amazon stood the two of them up, lifting Kaleb from beneath his armpits.

Although he was closer in size to Amazons than Littles, Big girls like Beckie had a major advantage in size and strength. Kaleb was familiar with the disparity. His stepmom and stepsister could flip him about like a rag doll, so he assumed that it was the same for Beckie as well.

For once, Kaleb wasn’t wrong, and he was in the air in a flash. With one hand, she undid the pin at the back of his neck before moving onto the zipper, loudly dragging the monkey footie open like it was nothing at all.

Kaleb knew what was coming next, he stood still as her other hand snaked its way into the pajamas, grabbing, tugging, checking his pull-up for any misdeed. It was the usual kind of check; a pair of fingers at the back waistline and a gentle pull to see ‘what’s what’. Beckie also prodded the dry padding of the DP. Clean ship, dry padding, swabbed poop deck, same as always.

“There we go,” Beckie said when she was done. “Are you sure you’re not thirsty?”

Kaleb was certainly thirsty, and he had been wanting something all morning, but he knew her offer was a trap. The more he drank, the more pressure it would put on his bladder — it was simple mathematics, and he was already holding his peace. If he planned on staying one step ahead of the Amazon gang, he was going to have to ride through a dry desert to get to the other side of this weekend.

”No, I’m fine.” Kaleb cleared his throat.

“I don’t think you’re fine,” Beckie giggled. “I think you’re so great.”

Kaleb blushed, he couldn’t help it. “You really mean that?”

“Of course I do,” answered Beckie, as she hugged him tight for the hundredth time that morning. “You’ve been so good and helpful this morning. I hope you keep behaving, we can knock out all of your tests early, and we can do fun things.”

He squinted at the Amazon. “What kind of fun things?”

“Well… finish the test without any fits and you just might find out. In a few minutes, we will have to do something which I’m not sure you’ll like. I’m kinda nervous about it myself, an excited nervous… but…”

Then she trailed off as she just stopped to run a hand through his messy hair.

“You know, Kay, you should really think about styling your hair.”

But Kaleb wasn’t listening to her, he was thinking. Focusing. Doing all the things his Amazon teachers claimed he couldn’t do, and this matching game on the tablet proved his worth, now he was being hit on by a cheerleader, one who wanted him to actually play video games.

Maybe this test thing wouldn’t end terribly for him.

He crossed his legs as he felt the urge to go number one. He’d been holding it all morning, and the need was physically making itself known. He twitched and it made him make a mistake, no high score this time around. He grimaced as he tried to shake away the need to pee. It was growing into more and more of a distraction.

Beckie casted her pretty eyes down at him. “Do you need to go potty?”

“No… I just messed up,” answered Kaleb, as he recrossed his legs, tighter.

“Don’t be mad at yourself for messing up — you’re doing so good.” Beckie stood up from the ground and plopped her Betweener charge onto the foam play mat. “Let’s get you something to drink: juice or milk?”

The fact that she gave him a choice made him uneasy, this drink offer was a trap of some kind. Kaleb was aware that the perpetual paranoia from living with Layla was taking its toll, and the Cushioning test was making him question everything.

“Mmm… Juice, I guess…”

“Juice, it is!” Beckie said happily. “It looks like you’ve mastered that game, we should move onto something harder.”

“Like what?” Kaleb muttered around the pacifier bulb.

“There are other games, but they’re a lot more complex, you know, for Bigger gamers. I’m not sure you can handle games that are that hard, you don’t have the same kind of reflexes normal people do.”

“You’re right,” replied Kaleb. “I don’t. My reflexes are faster than normal people.”

“Alright… Mr. Pro Gamer,” Beckie chuckled. “Then we ought to test Kay’s lightning fast fingers, I’ll ask Layla as soon as she gets back. The harder games are not part of the Cushioning exam, so you don’t need to worry about doing bad on them.”

When he noticed he was sitting on the play mat, Kaleb jumped up from the blanket and flopped onto his dad’s chair. While his family was out and about looking for Callie, he might as well sit on the furniture. He looked at Beckie for some kind of reaction, or condemnation, but none came.

“I can handle any game you throw at me,” Kaleb bragged to the Amazon.

“Is that so, monkey-pants?” Beckie ribbed at him as she prepared a bottle. “You really think you have the reaction time of a Big?”

“In a video game, yes. We’re all the same size on a monitor. I think that’s why I like playing games, the stakes feel more ‘even’ on my computer.”

“I’m glad you enjoy things,” replied Beckie as she shook the orange drink from side to side. “I think we’ve had enough pacifier time, how about you?”

What did she just say? Just take the pacifier out? That would be cheating, or something. It was against the rules, and ‘rules were rules’ as said by his sweet stepmom. Kaleb didn’t even know that it was an option. The teenage Tweener had a tendency to scrunch his face when puzzled, and his face was totally scrunched.

“What about the three hours in a row?“ He had found a way to talk around the smaller bulb, it made his voice sound funny, but it worked. “It’s been like one hour at the most. Listen, I know you’re being nice, but I don’t want to mess this up and have to do this a third time.”

“We have plenty of solid data already, Kay.” Beckie rounded the turn between kitchen and living room with his drink in hand. “I’m pretty sure you fulfilled your single hourly requirement last night. Layla made you keep it in your mouth longer because she thought it was cute. Your sister just likes to mess with you, but you already knew that.”

Kaleb felt his face fall. “You’re kidding, right?”

“Nope, Kay-Kay.” Beckie shook her head. “You just look so cute sucking a binky, it’s just too hard to make you stop.”

Ahhhh! Kaleb screamed on the inside when he heard this confession, all of the sucking was for nothing! No. Not for nothing. Maybe Beckie was lying. Maybe it was all a trap to make him start the whole experiment over. He’d been sucking the stupid pacifier most of the previous night and almost all morning.

Then again, what Beckie had said sounded plausible, especially her thoughts on Layla the lying scientist.

“I hate her sometimes…” he grumbled as he tucked his hands around his sides in a self-hug.

“Come on, Kay, don’t be like that.” Beckie frowned as she cradled the scientific bottle in both hands. “Your sister cares for you. You should hear what Layla says when you’re not around, all good things, great things. And she talks about you a lot, so you shouldn’t be so quick to push her away.”

Quick to push her away? That’s what you do with a snake, you keep it out of biting range.

Why couldn’t other Amazons see what kind of stepsister he had? Layla was a master manipulator of the worst kind. He looked up at the Amazon in front of him, hoping to see any kind of understanding — but none was there.

He didn’t know what to expect from Beckie.

Beckie had a twinkle in the eye that made him give all of his negative reservations about Bigs some extra thought. Maybe he was wrong to judge her in the same way as Layla. Beckie was different. The softness in her features and kindness in her ways lured him into agreement, there was something magnetic about her simplicity. She also had huge boobs, which he used as a headrest for most of the morning. Both good things in his book.

Sure, Beckie was an Amazon like Layla and Debbie — but the short haired cheerleader felt like something else entirely.

Maybe that’s why Kaleb started to let his guard down? Or he was just tired of keeping it up for such a long time. Somehow he knew he was beginning to slip; his surrender was subtle, nothing at all like the magical sponge full of energy, it had no taste or flavor or feeling, it just began to slip away.

“Tell me more about the harder games,” said Kaleb, eager to escape his thoughts about sponges.

“I know one that’s called ‘Diaper Dodger’. It’s super fun to play, but you have to pick the right level, otherwise it’ll be too hard for you.”

“Too hard for me?” Kaleb said confidently. “I’m pretty good at games, you know.”

Beckie plucked him from the soft padding of the lazy boy and carried him to the spot where they were before. “You keep saying that, but I’m not as sure as you are, Kay.”

They were now both on the rainbow colored play mat. Beckie leaned forward and wrapped her arms around him, dragging him back over her lap, this time in a lying position and facing up. Kaleb was admiring the fantastic view of the ‘underboobs’, soaking in the intoxicating candy smells of a woman closer to him than ever before.

While he thought about breasts and video games, Beckie adjusted him over her thighs, preparing a bottle with one hand while the other wrapped around his waist like a seat belt. Kaleb felt snug, and very secure. He wasn’t going to fall out of this lap, no way.

Beckie smiled a wonderful smile. “What would you say to a friendly wager?”

“It depends on what I’m waging,” replied Kaleb.

“I’m sure we can think of something ‘fun’…” Beckie purred as she slipped her delightful hand between his legs.

With a single hand, she deftly unsnapped his crotch snaps of pajamas. They all popped free without a fight. Kaleb was too mesmerized by the sights and smells to stage any resistance. And why should he? This was just another wetness check, like time before and time before that. His stepmom and teachers would do this kind of thing all of the time. But he never felt like ‘this’ when they checked him.

Beckie was pretty thorough with her ‘check’. She traced the outline of his choo-choo train DP with an insistent finger, running her nails softly across the minimal padding, blissfully circling the sensitive skin of his thighs, before sliding her finger harder along the crinkling crease of his ‘poop deck’. Then the pretty cheerleader cupped her hand around his front padding, and she gave him a nice firm squeeze.

She giggled. So did Kaleb. Because her squeeze was not the only thing that was firm.

Beckie cupped his crotch a second time and squeezed out a loud crinkle. “What’s this, Kay?”

Kaleb gave no response. His cheeks burned red and he closed his eyes, he opened his mouth for her to remove the pacifier. He was feeling extra-super sheepish now, and all he could smell was candy, a scent so thick he could taste the sugar on his tongue. He opened his mouth wider to accept the oncoming bottle.

“Alright, here you go, my thirsty little gamer,” Beckie said as she poked at his face with the bottle’s rubbery nipple. “Some nice juice. Yum-yum. Drink it all down, baby.”

Kaleb did what was natural, loosening his lips and accepting the rubber nipple. It was canoe time. Rest time. Comfort time. He let the fantasy fill his head, the candy fill his nose, and the juice fill his belly. This was just like sucking a ‘paci’, but it came with a sugary sweet award for his efforts.

Beckie made the best juice, way better than his stepsister. Plus, Layla’s recipe added a bit of ‘poop-yourself poison’, that powdery stuff worked its way through Callie’s system the night previous. Beckie would never do anything like that, she was so different, so nice, and was actually a trustworthy Amazon.

Then he stopped suckling.
Then he took a hard look around.

Kaleb took a moment to study the baby-ish drink in his mouth before realizing something, something very important, something that had slipped by him without realizing it.

Did he watch Beckie make this drink?
How did he know she wouldn't powder-it-up to move the process along just like Layla?
And why the heck was he drinking from a bottle?
Kaleb shifted his mouth away from the nipple and glared up at Beckie.

“Why am I drinking out of a bottle and not a regular cup?”

In her defense, Beckie tried to play it off nicely, but Kaleb felt like she was trying to pull a fast one.

She smiled at him. “It’s a part of your test, silly.”

“No, it isn’t,” corrected Kaleb, he eyed the Amazon darkly.
Beckie pulled the bottle away from his face, she looked unsure of what to do or say, especially after getting caught in the act of trying to ‘baby’ him.

“Alright… fine... I heard that your mom got to bottle feed you, then I turned super jealous, and I don’t like being super jealous. I just loved cuddling you so much, I just want to take care of you, Kaleb. I mean, I really, really want to take care of you. I want you over my lap sucking from a bottle, and I wanted it now.”

Kaleb gulped.
Unable to move away, or escape, he sank deeper into her, maybe it could suck him in like quicksand.

First things first, he hadn’t expected Beckie to be that kind of Amazon, then again, was there any other kind? Was there something more hidden behind her bubbly personality? Or secret baby-inducing pheromones interlaced with her sweet smelling perfume? Or was her kindness just a ‘front’, like a regression based psychological method of making him pee-pee on himself? The possibilities were endless.
She spoke first. "I'm sorry, I just got caught up in the moment."

“Beckie, I honestly don’t know how to feel about that…”

A crashing sound came from the entryway, followed by the front door to the house slamming into the wall — startling both the Amazon and her charge.

“We‘ve looked everywhere!” Layla said as she kicked off her shoes, Big stepsis took one look at the 'bottle-nursing' scene in the living room and asked, "What the hell are you doing, Beckie?"

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  • direking changed the title to Recessive - Ch. 7

I'm kind of curious of how she got out. I'm guessing he didn't Lach the gate back? I wonder what happens to the new mommy, legally speaking, if they can't find her. I have a feeling she's still in the house, or didn't get far before another Amazon grabbed her. If they do find, will she rat the Tweener out? 

As for Beckie, I'm guessing what she's been doing would've messed up the "test" and I'm betting that the bottle she was going to give him was actually meant for the Little and the three teenagers all knew it had laxatives in it and Beckie was basically try to make him fail his test. It's one thing for a sister to pick on their brother, they usually do not like it at all if someone else is being mean to their brother, even friends. Especially if that friend was trying to sabotage their brother. Yes she would be happy if her brother failed the test, but she wants him to do it on his own without "stacking" the deck from an Amazon's point of view anyway. I have a feeling Debbie won't be happy either. This will not end well for Beckie. If that bottle does have strong laxatives in it, Beckie should be forced to drink it. 

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  • direking changed the title to Recessive - Ch. 15 (8-26-23)

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