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Pampers Hybrid Inserts

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Has anyone tried the Pampers Hybrid inserts?


Thinking these might be an option for a good insert ... They appear to have a sticky backside, but wondering if they have an impermeable back sheet or if they would allow fluid to flow through?


More info:


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Well, if this isn't frickin amazing!!! A major diaper manufacturer is now making " reuseable diaper covers" with replaceable "inserts" or disposable pads!!!!!

Everything old is new again!!! Pretty soon they will be coming back with plastic pants and cloth diapers!!! .....Pampers of coarse..??

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I bought a box at Target - some stores have them on the shelves. I am a bit disappointed in P&G - they really seem to have missed the mark.

First, these are not nearly as absorbent as a similarly sized Pampers diaper. Secondly, they have an impermeable backsheet; they cannot be doubled up without cutting the backsheet to allow drainage. For use as a booster, I've done this and while they certainly do improve the capacity of the primary diaper, as mentioned, a regular Pampers would do better.

Finally, their cost is bordering the ridiculous. P&G pricing on these, a less capable product, at about 50¢ each, is just excessive.

For comparison, prices for other products (varies on package size, vendor, and market):

  • Pampers Pure Diapers (Size 4).....40¢
  • Pampers Swaddlers (Size 4).........36¢
  • Pampers Baby Dry (Size 4)...........29¢
  • Pampers Cruisers (Size 4).............39¢

@DailyDi is spot on - this product line doesn't seem destined for longevity unless P&G re-imagines their implementation...


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