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  1. So I was able to get a can of the Angel of Mine air freshener. It is not quite that "Pampers" scent, but it does have a very strong baby powder scent. I only sprayed a little a few hours ago, and it is still quite strong. I do like the smell, but it isn't quite "Pampers". I found the Dreft scent to be more (but also not quite) reminiscent of Pampers.
  2. I would be very interested to read this. I've considered a microvalve type design, slightly larger than the bore of a 20fr catheter. This could be inserted into the catheter just distal to the bladder opening, reducing the deadspace filled with urine. It could also be used in a stent type design to maintain the 'fill/empty' cycle. The valve would need to approximate normal resistance levels, though; too much and one then has residual urine and potential ureter regurgitation.
  3. I will be going to Dollar Tree tomorrow to pick up a can and give it a whirl. I do have the Secret antiperspirant, and it is close for both the spray and the stick deodorant; but they are not good for absorption at all and all leave an residue. I used to saturate some paper towels and hang them in my closet, but it the scent would wear off quickly. When doing the same with Dreft, the scent lasts much, much longer (I'm at nearly a month now with one changing pad - and it my whole room picks up the scent from just the one pad hanging in the closet).
  4. I have gotten one 'success', though not quite the familiar Pampers or Luvs scent. P&G makes Dreft, too; and I bought some detergent and their scent booster. The liquid detergent still has a nice scent, but the scent boosters is very powerful. Anyway, I took the scent boosters, added a teaspoon to 1 cup of warm water, and allowed to dissolve. I used this in a spray bottle on my bed, back of my car, etc.
  5. Does anyone have a good source for malecot catheters that are both long and made of pure silicone? I would settle for the latter, since going to modify anyway; but the silicone is a must have - the latex catheters cause a lot of irritation. On that note, I have almost a full box of 16fr silicone catheters I won't use - any thoughts on whether these would be okay to advertise on DD?
  6. That's a shame... On Amazon, their detergent got a lot of great reviews - including mention of the scent. I wonder if it is both the Infant (Stage 1) and the Toddler (Stage 2) detergent, or just one or the other? Oh, good idea!! Is this Amazon link the same scent you mentioned? (www.amazon.com/Mistolin-Baby-28-Oz/dp/B0058JRB0K) Have you used it? What did you think?
  7. I'm out of the country again... Hoping to be home all summer but need to see if my contract is extended.
  8. I was thinking lately of how much I remember Pampers and Luvs scents, and how they are different from what I remember in the 70's and 80's. I recall Luvs having a more medicinal scent at the time, nothing at all like they smell now; but Pampers I recall is similar to their original scent (or my memory is just skewed). I have used Dreft scent booster and Dreft odor eliminator to try to recreate the scent in some small way, but it just isn't quite the same. I would like to try Dreft laundry detergent, but haven't gotten around to it yet (I need to use up about 200 loads worth of Tide first, lol). What other products are out that have a scent close to Pampers or Luvs diapers? It seems a strange thing to attach to, but really it isn't. Odor memory is pretty deeply ingrained in our psyche...
  9. This would have been better to post on April 1st...
  10. I recall there used to be a commercial with a show-tunes sound to it, "you'll find it on eBaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy"...
  11. I got my last deliveries of Dry 24/7 in February; thankfully, no problems thus far..
  12. The NorthShore Supreme diapers are my go-to diaper, though I often switch back and forth between these and Dry 24/7 (depending on shipping and other factors). I like the Supreme's because of the fit, though I wish they were just a tad taller (maybe an inch or two). I saw they have a new pullup though. I think I might try these, would enjoy finding a pullup that goes through the night. In all my years, we didn't have Huggies Pullups or Goodnights when I was a kid, but since adult pullups came out I never did find one that won't leak when I am sleeping. Actually, every diaper brand I've ever tried leaks on the sides and I have to put bed protection down too.
  13. Very pleased with the Dry 24/7 and have been for a while. They are my go to, though I switch back and forth between these and NorthShore Supreme (they fit differently, but seem equally absorbent).
  14. diaper dimension

    Going to Lazarus this thread, but just noticed something... I was never put into StayDry as a 70's baby, but I think Pampers would have been used. However, the reddit on StayDry panties is interesting - it seems they think it is Will Wheaton as the advertising model. Not so sure, were these ads still made in the 70's?
  15. There are stores in the US that will sell without a prescription; cheaper option then buying and importing, no? It depends on the state where they are located, though. For instance, Illinois does not require a prescription for Foley catheters... I can find a few stores if anyone is interested. I think Allegro is one I used to use.