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  1. Musing about living incontinent

    Wow!!! 24/9/365... I've only ever been able to do 24/7/365... LOL Okay, I'm going to show myself out now...
  2. This auction is pretty big... It is one large lot, 125 diapers in total, from the 1970's through the early 2000's. They include Luvs, Huggies, Pampers, Benetton, and a few others. I haven't seen an auction quite like this online in a while, though I often see people selling individual diapers, such as the ones I'm selling, for $10 to $50 each (well, they are trying to sell them, anyway). This is going to be my last diaper auction... I'd actually bought and sold a lot in the early 2000's, and then sold a bunch a few years back, but I kept some just as my own collection. I did make one listing a few months back, but pulled it when I realized I didn't have what I thought I have (and I do stand-by my statements). This is the last of my collection. Anyway, this auction is now live on eBay. I've also posted a bunch of photos on Imgur so folks can get a better idea of what is in the lot. With regards to the photos, please feel free to download then, if you would like to. The "buy-it-now" is just a hope... If it goes there, great; if not, C'est la vie. The reserve price is 10% of the BIN. I'm currently working in Orlando, and will ship these from here. If anyone is local, I can meet you in person and hand over, saving you any shipping fee's. eBay and PayPal may still require that you pay those, however, in order to check out. If so, then I'll just refund the shipping when you pick them up. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.
  3. Best baby wipes

    If you can find them, Chubs are great... I can only find them in the Middle East, though; I don't know if there are any US distributors anymore.
  4. Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    By design, the Spanner is removable by the patient; it has a retrieval line which will deflate the balloon when pulled, and then it can be withdrawn with that line. Furthermore, the external urinary sphincter is the muscle that gives voluntary control; stenting the internal sphincter does nothing to cause incontinence. It is an involuntary muscle, which will open automatically when a person needs to urinate (and this is the feeling we get when we need to go). Something here isn't holding water...
  5. If you are on antipsychotic medications, then chances are you need to be on them, at least until / unless the conditions that required their use are controlled in another fashion. Please keep in mind, by the way, that in any cases of mental or psychiatric illness, these are disturbances of chemical balance - not a disturbance in a persons character. That persons character can still be gauged, however, in how committed they are to maintaining therapy. Keep your strength and dignity, stay on therapy - discuss with your team what options there may be to either modify or change the medications and seek out a better side-effect profile... Of an interesting note, many antipsychotic medications list 'urinary incontinence' ("UI")as a symptom of their use; and while the medication you mentioned in another thread didn't list this during clinical trials and pre-marketing research, there are reports in the literature of an increase in UI in for those taking the medication (estimated to be between 0.1% and 1.0%). Getting to 24/7 use, and even achieving UI, is a goal for many of us. You are not alone in that regard. I don't know, if I were in your shoes, if I would keep my desires from my care team - especially from my Psychiatrist, but I understand that reporting this would likely further complicate your situation. Nevertheless, I don't know if I would, but it is your decision to make. I wish you well, mate. It is a very tough road you're on and I can only imagine the difficulties you face. Cheers
  6. You "just took therapy online"? What the heck does that even mean? What do you think that even is, a one-hour online video course? If you are not a troll, and have a medical condition that requires the use of incontinence pads, then how are you going to lose your family? Seriously, who does that? On the other hand, if you like to wear diapers and would be considered a "diaper lover", then just hide it like the rest of us do... It is really none of your family's business, frankly. But I digress... There I am giving the benefit of the doubt. In reality, you've repeated the same sensational claim several times, provided no substantiation of that claim, and reiterated the claim as a defense when someone called you out on it. Hmm... So, I think you are a troll, and unless you are willing to actually discuss what is going on, using proper English and proper grammar, and not giving cryptic responses, then perhaps someone here can offer (more) advice to you on how to cope. On the other hand, if you are a troll, then kindly go find someplace else to peddle your crazy, cause we're all topped up here, thanks!
  7. Diapers Suck!

    Not really... Several European brands are still the same as they once were; and many American brands have popped up that give any Eurodiaper a run for its money in every way (look up Comfidry, NorthShore, ABUniverse, and Bambino). Canadian branded Rearz is also outstanding... Sadly, many of the mainstream brands have gone to 'cloth-like' backing, but there are other options; and frankly, they've become better than any of the European brands ever were.
  8. My experience with stents

    Lawsuits are one issue, another is legal entanglements with selling what could be construed as unlicensed medical devices. The FDA , at least in the US, could begin civil or even criminal procedures, particularly considering how some people have fared trying to get body modifications done on underground markets (such as those who died or were seriously injured after "butt injections" of silicone. If someone were to make and sell such items anonymously, however, it would be difficult to track them down. Nevertheless, I don't think it would be a good idea to buy such an item, as one does not know the environment in which it was made; and there are organisms that cannot be killed with the use of simple methods (e.g. bleach solutions, heat, alcohol, etc). On the other hand, if a reputable producer of silicone based, um, entertainment devices were to manufacture such a device that could also function as a stent, some of us might be inclined to give it a go...
  9. Yeah... Ditto... Attention seeking and everyone else is buying into it. Hoping a moderator will come in and clean up a bit.
  10. Dude, I'm really pretty easy going, but I have doubts over your sincerity; it appears that you are attention seeking. Take some time before you post any more, read the forum, see how others post and discuss issues. Instead of spraying the forum with several posts of basically the same whine and without providing any definitive substance to your concern. All you've done is cried that you're worried, which is your subject, and then provide really basic, if any, replies when the good kids of DD reply. Seriously, I cry foul on your posts... But please, prove me wrong, I'm man enough to admit if I were...
  11. Molotov Diaper

    Wet diapers, once used, don't really burn well at all... As a matter of fact, a Florida firefighter noticed this after a house fire where the diapers in the trash can were all that survived. He investigated it further and made a fire-suppressant out of the SAP used in baby diapers. It is used to spray on houses and such at risk from wildfires, and it has proved quite effective. Pampering Fires (CNN) Barricade Fire Blocking Gel
  12. Melbourne FL this week

    I'm out there every other week or so... If you're around, drop me a PM and maybe we can grab a coffee at Starbucks.
  13. Nanteen combi super ultra

    I attended the FIME medical trade show in Orlando this week and Nateen had a booth (along with a few other diaper manufacturers). They were discussing their business model and had some samples, which they gave me a few. Likewise, I am not a fan of cloth-backed diapers, especially for day use as they always chafe my legs; although, I can tolerate them for night use (which these are for, anyway). I also didn't like the tapes, which while they hold well, are very narrow and are spaced very close together (heck, make them one tape per side, double the width of the current tapes, and attached to the backsheet by an elastic wing) In any case, they stood up to a very wet night without leaking. I've only used two of the three samples they gave me, but I am fairly impressed. If they made a model with the smooth plastic backing, I'd probably switch, at least for a while, from the Confidry's I usually use at night and give them a proper long-term review (Confidry will usually leak on my from two to four times a month, usually when I'm not as careful with pre-bedtime fluid intake). In speaking with their representative, they are actively looking for US-based distributors. If they came onto the US market, I would absolutely buy a case and give them a go. I'm not a fan of the cloth backing, but their capacity makes up for that; and I figure, based on what they were telling me, they expect the retail cost-per-diaper pricing to be comparable and competitive to US-based products (Depends, Attends, First Quality, etc.).
  14. Men's rompers

    Where did you get your 'facts'? The sagging pants bit has been debunked again, and again, and again... It's simply a laughable falsehood. You can read the points noted on Snopes.com, and while they're not always spot on (particularly with politically themed rumors), this debunking is fairly well written and there are a few sources included. "I got that straight from someone who has served a lot of time ..." is purely a hearsay statement; it is not a statement of fact in the least. While some correctional facilities may have drawstring or elastic waist pants, this wasn't always the case, nor is it all penal facilities. Your statements also raise additional questions... So you've been "... in jail a few times ..."; and with that, do you expect such a statement to raise a dignified and respectable view of your knowledge on the topic? Where you one of those who purposefully sagged your pants hoping to get some?
  15. Vintage Attends; 1985

    Somewhere along in the storyline, Lois is revealed to have done porn when she was a young woman. The character drawn to be her porn partner kind of has a similar look to Stewie; could she have met up with him later and had a brief tryst with him? Hmm.... The world may never know.