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  1. I have a few cloth diapers and they do a great job; but when traveling, without access to laundry, it is impossible. Though I generally prefer disposables anyway, I've found a good cloth diaper to be superior in keeping my bed dry (especially from side leaks).
  2. I also use the Confidry 24/7 for overnight. Though I do still leak through a few times a month (I also keep a Goodnights pad on the bed just in case). My leaking, however, is not due to the diapers failure in capacity - it holds a bunch, I just wet a bunch more (and sometimes I think I may be on my side). I've also occasionally used high-end booster pads in the diaper - and frankly, these have never leaked on me. The cost is more, but not too much more when one considers no need to wake and change (multiple diapers/night) and better rest.
  3. Imagine the possibilities... The YouTube video of such a person might be quite a laugh.
  4. The resulting comments are on OP's poor grammar, but noone answered the question. Snarky grammar police will police grammar snarkily. @Ben21, generally no, it should not hurt. Some may use certain methods to achieve incontinence that, as they are self-harmful and absolutely not advised, may cause pain. Likewise, some people may suffer from interstitial cystitis or other ailments, which can be painful, and can be a factor in incontinence; but this is just that specific disease process. By and large, incontinence is typically a symptom of another disease process. In the majority of cases, it is not painful and those with incontinence may not even be aware when they void.
  5. Is your trip route planned? Or, at the least, certain destinations are definite? If so, you can mail care packages to the hotel, or even to "General Delivery" at the post office, FedEx, or UPS. When I travel, particularly domestic travel, I like to go with carry-on bags only; I can get enough clothes into my carry-on and with the washer/dryer at the hotel, I can keep them clean without issue; but, traveling with diapers often means checking a suitcase full of diapers... However, I've taken to mailing a box to my hotel, when known; or to the nearest USPS offering general delivery services. International travel is a bit more difficult; but in Europe, I will order from Save Express and have them ship to my hotel. The Middle East, Africa, and elsewhere are a bit more problematic, though... There, I have to rely on local purchased diapers or just suck-it-up and check a bag.
  6. "Condescending" means talking down to someone. Asking, "um, did you read it", thus assuming I didn't, is in fact, condescending. I'm so glad I took the time to post something comical to have you come along and piss on the joke. What, exactly, have you positively added to this discussion? You're trying to prove they read it? I don't know, I don't even care if they did. Thanks tons for spoiling the tone of the post.
  7. Yes I did, and you don't need a snarky, condescending tone. You did make an assumption that they really bought "Depends". Some folks call all adult diapers "Depends", just like they call all baby diapers, "Pampers", or all carbonated drinks, "Coke"... In any case, while I did read it, I was laughing pretty hard while reading it, I may have skipped a word or more...
  8. I'd be willing to guess the story is rooted in reality, perhaps embellished for comic effect some. No doubt the package had instructions, though not knowing what brand they actually bought. It doesn't matter, though; I doubt any of them would have taken the time to actually read said instructions... And for the record, instructions or not, how hard is it really to put on a diaper for crying out loud?
  9. First things first, find an instructor who has several different styles of handgun you can shoot. Then go, get some instruction on basic firearms handling and safety, target acquisition, firing under stress, reloading under stress, clearing the weapon and reengaging under stress, etc...... You may not know which firearm to buy now; but with a good instructor, who has a few options for you to learn on, by the end you'll be a safer, more confident shooter and you will have made a decision on which weapon best suites you.
  10. So I was thinking... There are a bunch of references around to a few of the brick-and-mortar stores that are AB/DL aware and sell AB/DL products; but I haven't seen yet any sort of directory or database of them. So I am hoping to create here such a directory... Perhaps we can turn this into a table, including store links and such? Hopefully, there will be enough increased business to these vendors to help them remain in business - I can only imagine they're sales aren't stellar (maybe they get some foot traffic, out of curiosity; but how much of that leads to sustained sales?). Anyway, here are the stores I know about. I've visited some, though not all: I can also upload as a CSV table or a PDF, if permitted... It should be a simple effort to build and maintain a DPF-like or BBIF-like directory of brick-and-mortar stores that carry AB/DL products.
  11. Some idiots decide to take drugs, but also to wear diapers while doing so because they think they will forget to use the bathroom while their high. I will say, the write up of the experience is a good laugh! Best of Craigslist: 10 reasons why you shouldn't take shrooms and wear adult diapers
  12. Well, of course... I don't think I would expect otherwise. It's a little bit cheaper than on their website, I think.
  13. So $50 for four bags of XL ABU Space? I'll take them if they are still available... I would need these mailed to Orlando.
  14. So this begs the question... What about the retrieval line? I've been wondering about this. One thought I had, using a double line for redundancy, was to carefully tuck the retrieval end into the stent and insert it. The line would need to be just long enough to be near the meatus, but concealed within. If the catheter were to migrate inward, the line would remain within the urethra. It could then be (gently and carefully) hooked with a crochet hook and pulled out when needed. The crochet hook end would have to be perfectly rounded and not in any way sharp enough to damage the urethra, of course. This is as a means to fully conceal the stent but ensure there is a retrieval line to remove it when ready... On a separate aspect, @cathdiap... If the stent is causing any level of injury to the tissues, thus resulting in numbness and fecal incontinence, and leaving it in worsens this, are you prepared for permanent full incontinence? (I'm not judging in any way, FWIW... I am just curious if you've reached the stage in your mind where "this is it, come what be"). As always, I quite very much enjoy reading your adventures here. I just re-read the entire thread from the beginning (a useful endeavor, actually). Now even more eager to finally put my own design to the workbench and see how it comes together.
  15. Also, with Disney designs on the front, those are more modern... Not a 'vintage', but someone may want to pay a little more since they are older.