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The Domination of Man - COMPLETE!

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In an alternate world where female domination of cosiety is complete and men are forced into a submissive role Jack is trying to find his way. The eighteen-year-old was soon to go back to school and that means needing to get supplies. Even a simple trip to the mall can be fraught with humiliation....


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The Domination of Man

By Elfy

The world had changed a lot by the year 2060 but not in the way many people thought it might. All the usual issues remained in the world but a new and unexpected problem had quickly risen to the top of the agenda all over the globe. The changes were most evident at meetings of the UN or other international organisations, if you scanned the images you would find something seemed different but it might take a few moments to work out what.

A long-term scientific study involving the top minds around the world had made a startling discovery which fundamentally changed how the world worked. They found that males were developing slower than female people in the same age range and in the same place. Physically, emotionally and mentally male people were falling increasingly far behind. It started a debate that raged on and on, it almost ended up tearing society apart. The difference between the two genders quickly widened.

The scientists urged calm and told people that males should avoid stress and anxiety as much as possible because it seemed to make the situation worse. Women took the advice to heart and a small group of them started to make sure their boys didn’t get stressed wherever possible. They started at the very beginning and refused to toilet train their children, the idea being that males should have as little as possible to think and worry about. It started small but quickly started growing as it got more and more attention. These mothers were helped by studies that showed that these boys were indeed performing a little better than their toilet trained classmates, though they were still at a significant disadvantage compared to girls.

Men don’t like being told they are inferior but eventually it became nearly impossible to deny what the scientists had insisted was true. Society changed rapidly and irreversibly, what had been a patriarchal society started to shift to a matriarchal one. It was like a snowball, as soon as the changes started to happen they snowballed out of control.

In America it started with the overdue election of a female president. She was elected on a platform of recognising the scientific studies and promising to alter the world for the better. It got significant support and it was followed by Congress and Senate elections that produced big female majorities. Both sides of the house endorsed the studies and were prepared to make changes.

As women started wielding more and more influence and power they started to change laws and strategies. For the most part these changes didn’t cause much problem but a very controversial strategy was adopted and publicised by the female administration that a lot of people didn’t like. When it became clear that boys who weren’t toilet trained were performing better the president decided to actively advise more parents to go this route.

Time went by and more studies were conducted which only reinforced previous results and even suggested going further to change society. Men were forced into increasingly subservient roles in society and women took the roles that men were forced to vacate.

Once it was estimated that around fifty-per-cent of the male population was either not toilet trained or had females who wished they weren’t it seemed fitting for the government to pass laws reinforcing this. There were a steady stream of laws that aimed to marginalise males including laws that made it a requirement for all males to wear protection when in public. From birth to death many men would feel no underwear except for diapers.

There was the expected backlash from the few men who had any control but it was easily silenced and overpowered. The truth was that by this stage most males had come to accept this position, or at the very least they had their resistance whittled down.

Society had essentially flipped around from a century earlier. With all the laws in place and society accepting that men were inferior to women it became harder for males to get jobs. With women becoming the main breadwinners more and more men were staying at home to look after children, prepare the meals and clean the house.

The law forcing males into diapers had come into force right as summer was starting and now a whole slew of students who had never had to wear diapers to school previously were preparing for the embarrassment that was coming.

Jack was one of these students. At eighteen-years-old he had never been forced to wear diapers until the law made it an absolute requirement. Jack had grown up in a society of female domination and he was used to it, his younger sister was considered his superior despite only just starting her freshman year of school. From the moment she had been born she was treated as more of a grown-up than Jack. The fourteen-year-old girl, Alice, always got her way.

When the law had first been passed Jack had hated the very idea of diapers. He had seen many other men and boys forced to wear them and they always looked so embarrassed and ashamed. Jack spent three weeks refusing to leave the house before he started going stir crazy. Eventually he had been forced to go to Sarah, his mother, to ask for diapers so that he could go outside. It had been the most embarrassing moment in his life up to that moment.

Three weeks after that first diaper Jack was now sat in the backseat of the family car with the now familiar padding wrapped around his crotch. His mother and sister occupied the front two seats and they were just pulling into the shopping mall parking lot, they were grabbing supplies for school along with a lot of other families.

Jack stared out the window as he watched hundreds of stationary cars passing by. When the family had finally found a spot Jack was the last to step out. He looked around nervously and was still not at all comfortable with being outside in the diaper.

“We have plenty to get.” Sarah said as she started glancing down a shopping list, “Jack requires a lot of new things for the new year.”

Jack winced as he walked around the car to where his sister and mother stood. The thick padding of his diaper forced his legs further apart and he was still not used to it. He was grateful though, at least he was dry because he was very aware that wet or messy diapers made it a lot harder to walk. He knew his opinion didn’t matter so he remained quiet and followed his family into the mall.

“Mom, some of my friends are already here.” Alice said shortly after walking inside and checking her phone, “Did you want to give me some money and I’ll go off and do my own thing?”

“You know I usually wouldn’t mind but I want you with me today so we make sure we don’t miss anything that you need.” Sarah replied.

Jack stood silently. He had friends here as well but he knew better than to ask to go off and see them. Despite being older than Alice he was never allowed to go somewhere without female supervision, few males were allowed such privileges these days.

“Can I at least see them after we’re done?” Alice asked with the merest hint of annoyance.

“Of course.” Sarah replied, “Now come on, we have a lot to get.”

Jack looked around as he walked through the mall. He had seen videos and pictures of life before the changes to society and although much remained the same a lot had changed. There were far fewer male orientated stores. Males with disposable income were few and far between so even the shops selling male clothes or equipment were more catered to attract the eyes of the women who would be spending the money. It was not unlike how toy shops sold their wares to kids but had to convince the adults to pay.

Jack saw men doing all the menial jobs whilst women in suits walked around with phones clutched to their heads and briefcases in their hands. As Jack looked around he saw a boy who had to have been around his sister’s age standing next to a woman on a bench. This person who Jack assumed was the boy’s mother sniffed the air around her for a second before leaning over to her son. Jack watched the child’s face wince as his mother pressed the back of his shorts against his body. Shortly afterwards the woman stood up looking slightly annoyed and escorted the boy towards the restrooms.

“Jack, how’s your diaper?” Sarah asked loudly.

The question made Jack blush and Alice giggle. It may have been common to see diapered boys and men everywhere but Alice found Jack’s embarrassment particularly funny. The worst part for Jack was that he couldn’t respond to his sister, to do so would only invite punishment.

“It’s… Fine.” Jack replied.

“You know what I mean…” Sarah sighed in exasperation, “Do you need a change?”

“No.” Jack replied quickly but firmly.

As Jack followed his snickering sister into a stationary store he remembered back to before he had been forced to wear diapers. It already felt like so long ago, he never realised he had taken boxer shorts for granted until he watched his drawer of them get replaced with disposable diapers.

Asking for those first few diaper changes was difficult as well. Jack had eventually been forced to relent and wet his diaper for the first time, he went downstairs as soon as he was finished and stood in front of his mother and sister. He tried to be as dignified as possible but when asking for a diaper change there is only so much you can do.

By the time Jack was following his family around the mall he had gone through a lot of diapers. Even though the law technically said he only had to wear diapers in public he found he was often kept in them at home as well, he didn’t like it but he had no option but to acquiesce.

“Alice, you just need the standard school things.” Sarah said as she looked at her list, “Pens, pencils and all that stuff.”

“What about Jack?” Alice asked. Jack didn’t like how much of an interest she was taking in this new situation.

“He needs a bunch of stuff.” Sarah replied, “We’ll get his specialty things and then sort the standard stuff out afterwards.”

Jack followed his mother and sister through to the back of the store. There were a lot of students of all ages hanging around this area, most of them looked embarrassed to be seen in this situation as their female companions measured them and picked out the clothing they needed. Jack could see that some of the males were very obviously padded whilst others were much more subtle, Jack wondered how obvious his own diaper was underneath his pants.

“Damn, I knew I forgot something before we left.” Sarah said as she looked around, “I need to take your measurements.”

“OK?” Jack replied, “You can just do that here, right?”

“Yes but I want to make sure I get it right.” Sarah said, “I’m going to need you to get undressed.”

“Undressed!?” Jack exclaimed as he felt a sudden chill go down his spine, “Can’t you measure over my clothes? Please, I don’t mind if the clothes are a little big, don’t make me get naked.”

Jack’s desperate pleading was quiet but it couldn’t help but be overheard by some of the people around them in this busy area. Jack could see guys looking at him with pity but no one dared to speak up, the males were all far too cowed to argue. Jack felt himself tearing up a little, he kicked the floor nervously. No one else was having to get stripped down and many women seemed happy to do measurements over the clothes.

“No one else has to take their clothes off…” Jack continued in a whining voice that didn’t seem to match his eighteen-year-old body.

“Jack, are you talking back to me?” Sarah said crossly.

Jack was in a lose-lose situation. He had his mom standing over him with warning flashing in her eyes and his sister stood behind her smirking as she enjoyed the embarrassment her brother was forced to go through. Alice had taken to the matriarchal society like a fish to water, she truly believed she was superior to all men and it showed.

Jack let out a low whine as he slowly lifted his t-shirt over his head. When his head emerged out of the bottom of the shirt his face was bright red. Jack was thin and not particularly strong, he didn’t particularly like showing his body off like this and he put his arms across his chest to try and protect his modesty. When he looked down he could clearly see the papery waistband of his diaper poking above his pants.

“Come on Jack, we don’t have all day.” Sarah said crossly.

Jack looked around the room again and saw many people were looking his way. He closed his eyes tightly and grabbed his waistband, he slowly pulled it down revealing the plain white diaper underneath. He tried to tell himself that all the boys here were diapered but it didn’t help much when his one was the only one visible.

Jack was made to lift his arms out to the side as his mother leaned forward and started measuring him. Jack was ordered to keep his eyes forward which meant he was looking at Alice whose superior smirk didn’t help him feel any better about the situation. He could feel that his bladder was full but there was no way he was going to wet himself when everyone could see his diaper like this.

As Jack stood as still as possible with his arms out like a scarecrow he looked at the other people around the crowded area. He could see women walking around with piles of clothes and female employees running around everywhere trying to fulfil everyone’s orders. Jack didn’t know what clothes he had to get, males weren’t generally told anything more than they absolutely needed to know even if it affected them.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Jack istaken to the mall to get a new uniform for school. He tried to keep his head down but his sister seems determined to annoy him. When their mother has to excuse herself to the bathroom Alice is left annoyed. Jack soon finds himself alone which is never a good thing for a male in this matriarchal society.


This story has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and with a $5 a month pledge you can see all my updates a week before anyone else. For $10 a month you can get early access plus access to THIRTY-TWO stories that only my patrons get to see.

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Jack idly wondered what it would be like to be in the position of one of the women. It had to be better than this, he cursed his genetics for making him a boy.

“Alright, put your clothes on.” Sarah said as she turned away and noted the measurements down, “Remind me again… What size diaper do you wear?”

“Medium.” Jack practically whispered through his shame as he quickly pulled his pants up and put his shirt back on. He felt sure his mom knew exactly what size he wore but she enjoyed her superiority just as much as Alice did.

“Wait here whilst I pay for these clothes.” Sarah said, “Alice, look after your brother.”

Jack’s face was bright red as his sister walked across the room to stand next to her brother. It may sound strange but it was very important someone stayed with Jack because if some females came along and thought he was on his own he would likely be marched to the security station where they would put out an announcement for Jack’s guardians to come get him. It wasn’t unknown for some more independently minded males to reject female authority altogether, when they were found alone they were often sent for re-education. If they failed to comply they would be arrested for breaking the numerous female dominance laws.

Jack didn’t know what he was getting but he was sure he wouldn’t like it. He could see some of the things other parents were holding and none of it looked appealing, most of the apparel had zips or snaps at the crotch designed for easy diaper checking. Jack shuddered just thinking about it, school started tomorrow and he would have to face all his old friends in his diaper, it didn’t really help knowing they would all be padded too.

“Exciting, isn’t it?” Alice said as she nudged her brother in the side, “Back to school tomorrow. You’ll get a whole new set of people to change you.”

“Just… Don’t.” Jack whispered. He didn’t have the power or confidence to really argue but he really didn’t want to hear about the next day.

“Careful, you wouldn’t want me to tell mom you didn’t listen to me, would you?” Alice replied confidently.

Jack shuddered. The last time he had dared raise his sister’s ire she had immediately snitched on him to their mother. Jack still remembered the bare bottom spanking he had received, almost subconsciously his hands went round to cover his butt.

The school never had a uniform in the past but it seemed like that was changing. Whilst the girls would be allowed to wear whatever they wanted the boys would have matching clothes, even Jack in his final year would be expected to comply.

Whilst Jack and Alice waited for their mother to come back the young man decided there would be no better time to finally relax her bladder. He leaned back against the wall and tried to look cool and calm as he relaxed his muscles and soon felt heat spreading around his crotch. He stared off into the middle distance as he wet himself freely, this was something that was becoming sadly familiar. The first time had been really had both emotionally and physically but it was remarkable how quickly he adjusted to the new way of things.

It took several minutes for Sarah to return to her children but when she did she had several bags in her hands. She motioned for Jack and Alice to follow her back out to the main part of the store where they bought the more usual school supplies. As Jack walked around he felt the freshly warmed diaper rubbing against his thighs, it was hard to ignore the diaper at the best of times but after a fresh wetting it was even harder to ignore.

Compared to some of the people Jack saw he had it quite good. Some males were in a much worse position than he was and that was on display as they started walking around the mall some more. There were some men and boys that walked around with onesies over their diapers and little else, they all looked suitably ashamed. Jack even saw some with pacifiers in their mouths or being pushed in strollers. Some women had taken the rule changes to the extreme and decided their males were to never grow up, Jack shuddered as he considered such a fate.

The shopping trip continued after the school supply shopping and Jack held his mother’s hand as he was led around the mall. Sarah took her two charges through some more general clothing stores as well as a small supermarket. The women were in no rush to do their shopping and Jack was just taken for the ride.

It was on their way to the food court for some lunch that Jack felt his bladder aching again. He didn’t even break his step as he wet himself and soaked the already wet diaper between his legs, he shuddered a little but tried not to let it be known what he was doing. Jack almost felt like a naughty toddler as he reinforced the diaper training he was inadvertently going through.

As Jack walked through the mall he felt the hot urine get soaked up by the padding. It tickled him as it ran against his skin and he had to pause to adjust his diaper.

“I’m guessing someone’s diaper is no longer dry.” Sarah said with an air of resignation when Jack reached down to move the warm plastic of his diaper.

Jack blushed and started walking again. When the laws had first been imposed he had argued back when his mom made him feel bad about using his diaper, that didn’t last long when he was punished with spankings and corner time every time he complained.

“Tell your congresswomen and senators to toughen up lax laws on males!” Shouted a woman who was leading a group of other women holding picket signs and a megaphone.

Jack looked over and saw a sight that he had seen a few times before. There was a group called “Females First” that believed the laws regarding male subservience didn’t go far enough. Jack looked at them as he walked past, he saw a couple of very sad looking males in nothing but clearly wet diapers attached to leashes and tied to the table in front of the women. Fortunately for males across the country they were relatively few in number. The extremists wanted males to lose all their rights and privileges.

When the family had reached the food court Jack and Alice sat at a table in front of a burger place whilst Sarah went up and ordered. Jack took a deep breath as he sat down and felt the thick padding underneath him squeeze up against his body, it seemed like there was nothing he could do that didn’t remind him of his diapers.

“Here we go…” Sarah came back to the table with a tray full of food.

Alice put down the phone she had been texting on to take a burger and fries whilst Sarah took the same meal. Jack reached forwards to take his own meal, rather than a regular burger and fries like the women he had a box covered in cartoons. Inside was a small container of fries and some chicken nuggets, Jack sighed as he looked at the females’ meals with envy.

This was known as a “Boy’s Meal” and it was similar to a kids one. In truth they were almost exactly the same except the portions were very slightly larger. Jack started eating quietly whilst his mother and sister chatted about things he had no interest in.

Jack’s diaper was starting to get uncomfortable and as much as he dreaded being checked in public he really hoped he could be changed soon. Technically he could ask for a diaper change but that would be more humiliation than he could handle on an already difficult day, he knew his mom would check him sooner or later. He sucked down his sugar-free soda as he waited for the others to finish their meals.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom and then we can head home.” Sarah said as she gathered her things, “Alice, please stay with your brother.”

Sarah walked away from the table leaving Jack alone with his younger sister. As Alice looked down at her phone disinterestedly Jack felt a sudden feeling of pressure deep within his bowels. He recognised the feeling and shuddered as he considered what was coming, maybe he could wait till they got home. He hoped so at least, he really didn’t want to fill his diaper in the middle of the mall.

“I need to go.” Alice said suddenly breaking the silence and Jack’s thoughts.

“Go? You can’t!” Jack said quickly as his eyes opened wide.

“I have to.” Alice was already starting to stand up, “Jane broke up with her boyfriend and then Emma called her a…”

Jack stopped listening but shook his head. He wasn’t allowed to be left alone and Alice disobeying their mother seemed very out of character for her.

“You need to stay here to watch me!” Jack whined.

“You’ll be fine. I’ll be back in a couple of minutes before mom gets back, I just need to go see my friend over on the other side of the mall.”

“But…” Jack was powerless to stop his younger sister from doing what she wanted. He watched her start walking away as the pressure on his bowels grew slightly, how much this was his need for the bathroom and how much was caused by his nerves he was unsure about.

Jack’s protestations were ignored as Alice turned away from the table and hurried off. He was left alone and immediately felt very vulnerable, he looked around at all the people near him before looking down at the table again. He hoped either his sister or mother would be back soon, he wasn’t used to being alone.

It didn’t take long for people at other tables to notice the single male. Jack tried to keep to himself and ignore the looks but it was very difficult since he felt so self-conscious. Another rumble inside Jack’s belly made him wince slightly, he looked over towards the bathrooms but still didn’t see his mom. His foot started tapping against the floor in nervousness.

Jack was just about to stand up and walk over to the female toilets as much to give himself something to do as anything else. He barely even lifted off the seat before he was suddenly stopped by a large hand on his shoulder.

“Everything OK, Champ?” A deep female voice said from behind Jack.

Jack turned around and saw a security guard looking down at him. She was at least a foot taller than him and he immediately felt cowed by her. This security guard had her hair tightly tied back in a bun and her make-up seemed to give her face a hard edge, she was smiling but not in a friendly way, it seemed more of a professional courtesy. Jack noted just how strong she looked.

“Y-Yes.” Jack stuttered in response to her question.

A problem Jack had struggled with most of his life was his difficulty to talk to people who were superior to him. Talking to his sister and mother was hard enough but talking to females in position of authority was next to impossible. He found himself stuttering as he couldn’t get the words from his brain to his mouth.

“Are you lost?” The security guard asked as she looked around for any nearby female who seemed like she might know this man, “My name is Kelly. What’s yours?”

Jack was very aware that the tall woman was talking to him as if he was just a baby. He wanted to speak up and say that his mom or sister would be back soon but he just stood there like a shy toddler in a diaper that was soaked and in real need of changing.

“Let’s get you to the security booth.” Kelly said finally, “Put out a call for your family.”

Jack’s hand was taken by the security guard and he was taken out of the food court area. He looked behind him at where he had been sitting just a minute ago, he looked towards the bathroom but his mom still wasn’t coming out. Jack felt scared and panicky as he was taken through the crowds and away from the safety of his family. He didn’t spend a lot of time away from his family except for school, he always felt vulnerable when away from them. Jack really wanted to say this wasn’t necessary but he knew he was just a small child in the eyes of the guard, his words didn’t mean much to her.

“What’s your name, Champ?” Kelly asked as they approached the security station.

“Jack Chamberlain.” Jack replied shortly.

As Jack opened his mouth he simultaneously felt the pressure on his bowels increase. He was now getting to the point where the pressure wasn’t going away between cramps, it was just getting higher and higher. He bit his bottom lip as he imagined what was soon to happen, he was fairly certain he wouldn’t be able to hold it until he got home. If he was lucky maybe he could hold it till his mom collected him and they were out in the open air, it might at least hold off the embarrassment till they were in the car or something.

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Jack is "lost" at the mall and has been taken in by the security guard until he is claimed. His body betrays him and he is left feeling humiliated as he has to wait to be picked up. All he can hope for is that he doesn't get punished for wondering off.


This story has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and with a $5 a month pledge you can see all my updates a week before anyone else. For $10 a month you can get early access plus access to THIRTY-TWO stories that only my patrons get to see.

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“Who are you with, Jack?” Kelly asked as the security booth came into sight.

“My mom and sister.” Jack managed to say as he was marched through the crowds to the small kiosk.

Jack was very embarrassed about all this but his greater priority was stopping himself from messing his diaper. He looked around hoping to see Alice but she wasn’t anywhere in sight, Jack sighed as the door to the kiosk was opened and he was led inside. The security guard let go of Jack’s wrist and went across the small room to sit at the table.

“You… You don’t need to do this…” Jack muttered when he saw Kelly reaching for the radio, “I’m fine just wai-”

“What’s you mom’s name?” Kelly interrupted.

“Sarah.” Jack replied sulkily. He felt a heavy gurgle in his intestines and the pressure on his rear end suddenly increased dramatically, “She’s in the bathroom though. My sister’s name is Alice.”

As Kelly leaned forwards and pressed the button turning on the PA system Jack started entering the last desperate moments of trying to keep his pants clean. Sweat was forming on Jack’s forehead and he was tapping his foot desperately, he had one hand on his tummy and the other on his butt as he tried to stop the inevitable. He twisted his head desperately as he tried to find some kind of saviour but all he saw was the four walls of the security kiosk, he couldn’t stop what was about to happen. Jack was going to disgrace himself and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

“This is a customer announcement. We have a lost little boy called Jack Chamberlain at the security kiosk across from the food court. Could Alice or Sarah please come to collect him? Thank you.”

Jack winced at the embarrassing announcement and wanted to argue that he wasn’t a “little boy” but he was too distracted by his incoming humiliation. It finally became too much for him and as Kelly put the microphone down the eighteen-year-old finally lost control.

Jack’s body betrayed him and he felt compelled to stick his padded rear out behind him. He closed his eyes and scrunched up his face as he felt the pressure in his bowels forcing his sphincter open. Jack couldn’t have stopped what was happening now no matter what he did, he let out a high-pitched whine of despair as his body pushed down on the mass in his bowels.

It felt like someone had unplugged a sewage pipe as a rush of hot poop pushed out of Jack’s body and straight into the diaper where it spread in every direction. The poop kept coming and Jack felt it creeping up and down as it spread to find more room in the soaked diaper. Jack let out a moan as he pinched the first lump of crap off only to find more coming.

The smell didn’t take too long to become noticeable as the diaper seemed to struggle with everything being put into it. The stench of a fresh bowel movement soon rose from the diaper and hit Jack in the nose causing him to grimace even as he continued pushing the poop out of his body. The air soon started to stink and he was sure that Kelly would be able to smell his mess very soon.

A second big push forced more poop out. Coming out as a soft log it quickly his the back of the diaper where it was smeared in every direction, it coiled as his body forced it out. He felt like his diaper and the back of his pants were bulging out, he imagined the comical cartoon characters with ridiculously oversized diapers and imagined he looked like one of them.

“Oh lord, someone’s making a stinky for their mommy, aren’t they?” Kelly’s voice echoed in the otherwise quiet kiosk and she held her nose whilst smiling patronisingly.

Jack couldn’t stop now and one last push forced the remnants of his bowel’s contents into the swampy diaper. Just to put the cherry on top of his humiliation he let his bladder go and felt a hot stream of piss soak into the front of the padding. The full diaper hung low and Jack closed his eyes in humiliation, he wanted the ground to open up and swallow him.

The smell was almost unbearable in the small space and when Jack heard the spray of an aerosol can he opened his eyes to see Kelly using an air freshener.

“This happens sometimes.” Kelly said when she saw Jack looking her way, “Lost males get scared when they’re alone and end up making stinkies.”

Jack wanted to yell at the security guard and to tell her none of this was necessary. He wanted to scream about how unfair the laws were and that he was being forced to humiliate himself by people like Kelly. He wanted nothing more than to go off about society but he couldn’t and didn’t. Jack sniffed back the tears that threatening to form and got a fresh whiff of his bowel movement. The smell was offensive even to Jack who could only imagine how it must smell for others.

“Well, I’m not changing that.” Kelly said as she turned on a fan on her desk, “You’ll have to wait for one of your females.”

Jack let out a little whine as he slowly straightened himself up. His diaper stuck to his backside with the poop within acting almost like a glue, it was extremely uncomfortable but not nearly as bad as the smell that was poisoning the air. It was clear that Kelly was impatient to get rid of the man now stinking up her office.

Jack’s diaper felt very heavy now. He could feel it wanting to hang low thanks to all the weight he had put into it, he was thankful that the tapes on these diapers were of a very high quality.

It felt like an age of Jack standing completely still in his stinky state before there was a knock on the door. Jack stepped back as Kelly stood up and walked over, she seemed as keen as Jack was to get the stinky man out of the room. She opened the door expecting to see a woman, instead she saw a teenage girl.

“I think you have my brother?” Alice asked.

“This little stinker?” Kelly pulled Jack in front of her.

“Ugh, yeah…” Alice looked disgusted as Jack stepped out of the security office.

“Keep a closer eye on him next time.” Kelly advised, “You know they need looking after constantly.”

Jack felt his face going even redder as they talked about him as if he was an infant. He would’ve loved to have argued back but considering the huge load he had just squeezed into his diaper he decided it probably wasn’t the best idea.

Alice nodded her head and took Jack’s hand to lead him back towards the food court. Jack noticed that his younger sister looked nervous and he understood why. She had been tasked with looking after him but had walked away, if their mom found out what she had done she would be in a lot of trouble.

“You stink so bad.” Alice said as she pulled her brother back to where they had been earlier.

Jack looked around awkwardly as he was pulled through the crowds. He could see some people turning their heads his way as he passed, he knew they must all be able to smell what he had done, a fresh wave of shame washed over him.

“If mom asks you say nothing.” Alice hissed as they reached their seats and sat down, “You were here the whole time.”

“She must’ve heard the announcement over the loud speakers.” Jack argued. He hesitated to sit down.

“I don’t care.” Alice replied, “You tell her we were here the whole time if she asks… And sit down for goodness sake.”

Jack hesitantly lowered himself into his seat. As his diaper pressed against the seat he felt the crap within getting squashed against his body, he winced as he put all his weight down. When he was finally settled he looked up to see Alice looking at him with disgust. After a few seconds she returned to her phone but exaggeratedly waved her hand in front of her face. Jack thought she was just trying to make him feel worse but he had to admit he was stinking the food court up. The smell must clearly be spreading as well because nearby people were moving table to get away from him.

The two siblings got back to the table just in time as Sarah appeared out of the bathroom shortly afterwards. She made a beeline for the table her son and daughter were sitting at but she was smiling, she didn’t seem to know about anything that had happened whilst she had been in the bathroom.

“Smells like someone’s left a surprise for me.” Sarah said when she reached the table, “Honestly, couldn’t you have done that before I went to the bathroom?”

Jack looked down at the table and shrugged. He didn’t really think about whether he needed to poop until it became a strong urge, he guessed if he really thought about it he should’ve known he needed to go before Sarah had left the table. Now that it was in his head he didn’t know why he hadn’t just got the inevitable messing out of the way so he could get a quick change.

“Well, I’m not getting into the queue for the changing room. It’s huge.” Sarah said as she picked up her bags, “We can sort the change out at home.”

“Y-You’re going to leave me in this diaper?” Jack stuttered, “But I need a change!”

“Well you’ll have to wait until you get home.” Sarah stated. The matter was clearly not up for discussion.

“He’s going to stink the car up.” Alice muttered.

“Come on, let’s go.” Sarah said with finality.

Jack stood back up and reached around to pull the sticky rear of his diaper away from his body. Whilst he became a little more comfortable without the diaper sticking to him he only increased the stench that seemed to be surrounding him.

Jack watched his sister open a gap between herself and the rest of the family as his mother grabbed his hand to lead him back through the mall. Jack could feel the contents of his diaper rubbing against him and he was forced into a waddle to stop the worst of it. He felt horrible and knew he smelled worse, every time he looked around he saw people looking his way, it felt like everyone in the world knew what he had done.

The family emerged into the sunshine and Jack was at least thankful that the breeze blew away some of the smell he was leaving behind him. He could imagine a cartoon-like trail of stink cloud coming out of his diaper and following him towards the car.

As soon as the car was unlocked Jack gratefully stepped inside. He sat down and felt the muddy diaper underneath him squeeze against his body, it wasn’t comfortable but at least he was out of the public eye. Jack had to wait in the car whilst his mom and sister put the shopping away, it didn’t take long for the smell of his accident to catch up with him and start filling the confined space.

Sarah and Alice stepped into the front seats of the car and immediately turned the air conditioning on to maximum. The windows came down and Alice was practically hanging out of it as they reversed out of the parking space. Jack just sat quietly and tried to pretend that the horrible smell and situation was being caused by someone other than him. It was difficult to do since every pothole pushed the diaper into his body again.

There was little talking on the journey home and Jack was very happy about that. He was counting down the streets he had to pass through before he could finally get his diaper taken care of. By the time the car pulled up in their driveway the two women practically dived out the car as fast as they could. Both of them looked disgusted with the eighteen-year-old who sheepishly clambered out of the car a few seconds later.

“Jack, go straight up to your bedroom.” Sarah said as Jack closed the door, “Alice, help me with the shopping.”

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  • 2 weeks later...

Jack continues to struggle with his place in the world. After a diaper change he is left to confront the horrifying prospect of returning to school...


This story has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and with a $5 a month pledge you can see all my updates a week before anyone else. For $10 a month you can get early access plus access to THIRTY-TWO stories that only my patrons get to see.

If you are interested please consider giving my Patreon page a look :)



Jack didn’t need to be told twice and he waddled through the door as soon as he could. He walked up the stairs and passed photos of the family from the past as he went. At the bottom of the stairs was a photograph of him as a baby with his parents. His mother was holding him with his dad at the side, they were both smiling brightly.

As Jack ascended the stairs the photos gradually changed. The next one was at one of Jack’s early birthdays and as he sat behind a big cake with his smiling mother he could see his father in the background cleaning the kitchen. The third photo showed Sarah holding the newly born Alice with Jack standing to the side. Jack’s father wasn’t in the frame, although he still lived at home back then he was rarely free from chores long enough to be with the kids.

The penultimate photo on the stairs showed a five-year-old Alice pointing her fingers and giving orders to Jack. Jack, ten-years-old at the time, was stood next to his father and cleaning the house. Jack still remembered how angry and upset his father had been that this was happening, it was one of the few times he remembered seeing his dad genuinely talk back to his mom. He didn’t want Jack to have the same life he did.

The final photograph right at the top of the stairs was the most recent having been taken just a couple of years beforehand. It showed Sarah and Alice both smiling at the camera whilst Jack was off to the side. Jack’s father was gone by this point, he had found it increasingly difficult to follow the ever more severe laws and had rebelled. Of course rebelling did no good for males and he had been kicked out of the house, it was the last Jack had seen of him. Male parents rarely had rights to see their children. The last thing Jack heard was that his father had been taken in by another woman who was even harsher than Sarah had been.

Jack went straight to his bedroom and opened the window. Jack’s bedroom was typical for boys his age but was unrecognisable from ones before the laws started to get strict. His bed was against one wall on the far side of the room, it was slightly unusual in that it had some small bars that could be raised and lowered on the sides not against a wall. It wasn’t a full crib but the bars were designed to stop a young child rolling out of bed.

A large changing table was against one of the other walls. This was a new development and not one Jack was fond of. Before the law requiring males to wear diapers whilst in public there had been no changing table, diapers were kept in his closet only as a disciplinary threat. When the law was passed it took only two days for Jack’s mom to buy and set up his changing table.

Despite being eighteen-years-old Jack didn’t have many adult activities to keep him occupied. There were a lot of toys on the floor and they varied from stuff for babies to stuff for teenagers, he also had a computer though it was obviously age restricted so he didn’t see anything his mom didn’t want him to see.

Jack stood next to the window that looked out over the font of the house. He didn’t have to wait long before Sarah came up the stairs and walked into his room without knocking. She patted the changing table as she pulled out the baby wipes and placed them on the edge. Jack waddled over and awkwardly climbed on to his changing table, he still wasn’t used to diaper changes.

“Let’s finally sort this stinky baby out.” Sarah said with a sigh.

“I’m not a baby.” Jack muttered in reply.

“Of course not…” Sarah grinned but shook her head.

The tapes had done an admirable job of holding the diaper up but it was now opened up to reveal the horrors within. Jack looked away with blushing cheeks as the smell suddenly grew so much worse, even Sarah turned away briefly whilst coughing theatrically.

“What have you been eating!?” Sarah exclaimed as she turned back to her son.

Jack didn’t respond. He just tried not to cry as his mom took some baby wipes and started cleaning his messy rear end. The wiping seemed to never end. Jack’s poop had spread everywhere and now it was taking what felt like an age to get rid of it all. He jumped every time the cold wipes brushed against his testicles and penis, Sarah seemed to have no reaction to cleaning the genitals.

When Sarah was finally done wiping up her adult son she dropped the wipes into the diaper and balled it up for disposal. She started immediately pulling a new diaper out from under the table causing Jack to sit up whilst still naked from the waist down.

“Oh, Mom…” Jack whined, “Can I just wear normal underwear at home?”

“I don’t know…” Sarah seemed unsure about giving Jack the responsibility of grown up underpants.

“Please!” Jack clasped his hands together, “I promise I’ll be good!”

“Well, alright.” Sarah said as she placed the diaper back under the table, “But I will hold you to that. Any time I have to tell you off it will come with diapers.”

“Deal!” Jack was more than happy to accept those terms. He would’ve accepted anything if it meant he got to wear regular clothes.

Sarah nodded her head and picked up the dirty diaper before leaving the room. Despite everything that had happened Jack jumped down from the table feeling like he was a real winner. He practically skipped to his chest of drawers and pulled on a regular pair of boxer shorts, next to the diaper it felt extremely liberating.

Jack sat down in front of his computer and took a deep breath. Finally feeling like he was through the worst of the day he logged on and played some games to forget that the next day would be his most trying one yet.


Jack woke up the next morning with the butterflies already fluttering around his insides. He never liked to go back to school at the best of times but he was sure this last year would be the worst. With the strict laws governing males Jack would be heading to school in diapers for the first time.

Sitting up and stretching caused Jack some small relief before he got up to go to the shower. He was still wearing his pyjamas, he liked to spend as much time as possible in these comfortable clothes. As he walked down the landing towards the bathroom his sister’s bedroom door opened. He was ahead of her and about to step through the door when he was stopped.

“I’m first.” Alice called out causing Jack to stop in his tracks.

“But I’m-” Jack started to say.

“Mom!” The teenage girl shouted the moment Jack didn’t follow her command.

Jack put his hands out to try and make his sister be quiet but it was already too late. Jack’s mother’s bedroom door opened up and Sarah, already dressed for the day, walked out between the two siblings.

“What’s all the noise about?” Sarah asked with a face of annoyance.

“Alice is...” Jack started.

“Jack isn’t letting me into the bathroom!” Alice exclaimed angrily.

“Jack? Is this true?” Sarah asked as the imperious woman switched her gaze from Alice to Jack.

“Well, yes but…” Jack was interrupted yet again.

“Alice, go take your shower.” Sarah said straight away, “Jack, you can wait for your turn.”

Jack had to bite his tongue so hard he thought he might draw blood. He watched his fourteen-year-old sister saunter past in her pink dressing gown, her smile made Jack’s blood boil. Jack took a breath and leaned against the banister, he would have no choice but to stand and wait before being let into the washroom.

“You should know better than that.” Sarah said with disappointment, “Your bus will be coming in half an hour, I’ll be back in twenty minutes to put your diaper on.”

“I can do that myself.” Jack said with more than a little bitterness.

“You know you have to let females do that for you.” Sarah replied condescendingly, “You might as well get used to it.”

Jack sighed and waited for the shower. Sarah had gone downstairs to make breakfast leaving Jack alone and waiting to wash himself. After ten minutes he started losing his patience, his mom would be back soon to diaper him and he still hadn’t even got into the bathroom. He needed the toilet as much as he needed to shower but Alice was taking as much time as she wanted.

When there was only five minutes left until Jack’s mom was due to return Jack banged on the bathroom door impatiently. There was no answer. Jack waited a few seconds before banging on the door again.

“Alice?” Jack called out.

“What?” Alice’s voice was only just audible over the sound of the shower.

“Hurry up!” Jack wanted to sound authoritative but he came across more as desperate.

There was no reply from Jack’s teenage sister as he became increasingly anxious to get into the bathroom. He didn’t want to go to school without a wash and he definitely wanted to use the toilet before he was put into his diaper. Jack was feeling desperate and yet still the shower was running without any sign of relenting.

When Jack heard Sarah’s footsteps on the stairs he felt his heart sink. He knew what was coming and he still hadn’t been let into the bathroom, it was too late. Whether Alice was doing it on purpose or not Jack didn’t know but she had definitely screwed him this morning.

“Come on, time to get ready.” Sarah said as she reached the top of the stairs.

“I-I haven’t been able to use the bathroom…” Jack said dispiritedly.

“You should’ve got up earlier then.” Sarah said with a dismissive shake of the head.

Jack sighed and as his shoulders slumped he walked down the landing to his bedroom. He should’ve known that it doesn’t matter what happens, it was always his fault. It certainly couldn’t be Alice’s fault, she was a perfect female angel whilst he was just a dumb male who needed looking after. It was the typical male experience, they were raised knowing all the problems of the world in the past were their fault and that the woman is always right.

Jack stood in front of his changing table. Before he could even turn around to face his mother he felt the woman’s fingers grab his pants and pull them down. He was surprised but this was nothing his mom hadn’t seen plenty of times before. His pyjama top followed the pants and landed on the floor next to him, he clambered up on to the changing table and laid down.

It seemed so stupid to Jack to be lying down on the changing table to be diapered whilst he currently had a full bladder. It was humiliating to know that he was going to wet himself very soon, he would probably be the first boy at the school who was wet and he didn’t know when he would be able to get a change.

As the diaper was pulled and over his crotch Jack looked down and out through the bedroom door to the landing. He saw Alice slowly walking by with a superior smirk as she dried her hair. Jack knew his sister had done this on purpose and now the diaper was taped tightly closed around his waist and his opportunity for the toilet was gone.

“Time to try out some of these new clothes.” Sarah said as she picked up a nearby plastic bag.

Jack hadn’t had a chance to see what he was going to be wearing to school now. He hopped down from the table to see his mother emptying the bag. When Sarah held up what she expected him to wear his eyes opened widely in shock, he had seen these clothes before but he never thought he would have to wear any.

The romper was a light baby blue colour and had the school crest stitched over the heart. The shirt and shorts were attached together and Jack could see snaps on the crotch, he shivered when he realised it was to make diaper changes easier.

“I can’t wear that!” Jack whined, “I’ll look like a…”

“A baby, I know.” Sarah said as she interrupted her son, “But don’t worry. This is the male uniform, all the boys will be dressed in these.”

Despite everything Jack actually felt a little better knowing that every male would have to wear the same clothes but he was still full of dread about what was to come. Jack reluctantly walked forwards and crinkled with each step, he winced as he watched his mom hold out the clothes for him to step into. He grabbed his mother’s shoulders and stepped into the shorts portion before his mom lifted the top part and slipped his arms into the sleeves. The buttons going down the front were closed together leaving Jack encased in his clothes.

Jack looked at the mirror and winced as he saw the romper hugging his body. The outline of the diaper was clearly visible and he felt more like a child just from wearing such an infantile piece of clothing.

When Jack walked around his room he felt the tight romper pulling the diaper close to him. The tightness of the clothing only made his diaper harder to ignore. With bright red cheeks Jack collected his backpack and put it over his back. He had packed it the previous day and the only addition had been his mother putting something in for his gym period, an alternative piece of clothing that he was frankly too scared to look at it.

Jack hung around in his room for as long as he could. The less time he had to spend around his family whilst dressed like this the better. He could feel his bladder complaining but he didn’t want to let go when he was about to be around his friends. It was almost unthinkable that this wasn’t some kind of a horrible nightmare.

“Jack!” Sarah yelled from downstairs a couple of minutes later, “Time to go! You don’t want to miss the bus!”

In truth Jack could think of few things he wanted more than to miss his bus but he knew doing so would result in more punishments and then having to go to school anyway. At eighteen-years-old he was technically an adult but such distinctions didn’t really matter to males these days.

Jack walked out of his room and down the stairs. He cringed when he saw his sister having to fight back laughter, she couldn’t be happier with all this. She was a future “Females First” member in the making.

Jack hurriedly put his shoes on and then took a deep breath as his mother opened the front door. The fresh air felt cool but not cold and Alice was the first one out, the young teenager practically skipped out into the garden without a care in the world. Jack followed Alice outside but was a lot slower in doing so, he couldn’t help worrying that this was all a joke and he would be the only one dressed so ridiculously.

Jack had barely stepped out of the door when it was closed behind him. He felt like his sanctuary had been ripped away and now, with face looking down to the ground, he followed his sister to the bus stop. Jack felt almost naked with just a romper covering his diaper, it was so thin and close to his body that it was easy to forget it was there at all. A small positive was seeing other boys at the bus stop, they were all in the school’s new romper uniform. All the boys looked down at the ground and were clearly embarrassed, Jack joined them and waited for the bus.

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Jack's trip to school turns out to be an eventful one as he finds that the school bus has become a perfect venue for his embarrassment. Things don't go much better when they reach their destination either as he quickly finds out that the school is ready for the boys and their diapers.


This story has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and with a $5 a month pledge you can see all my updates a week before anyone else. For $10 a month you can get early access plus access to THIRTY-TWO stories that only my patrons get to see.

If you are interested please consider giving my Patreon page a look :)



The bus came by only a few minutes later. Jack stepped on last and went straight to the seats he usually sat at with his friends. He couldn’t help but notice everyone’s diapers and he wondered if any of them were wet yet. The boys all looked at each other suspiciously, there was an elephant in the room that no one wanted to talk about.

No one said anything. The girls were all excited to see each other and were hurriedly gossiping about what had happened over the summer whilst the boys sat quietly. None of the males on the bus wanted to start the conversation and if Jack was honest he was glad to be quiet. He was sat next to his best friend, Kevin, who was looking out the window as if it was a television screen showing his favourite show.

The bus journey was only about twenty minutes but after half the journey Jack found his bladder’s complaints getting difficult to ignore. He looked around and wondered if he was really going to be the first one to wet himself. Whether he was first or not he was inevitably going to pee soon.

Jack looked ahead again. He felt so embarrassed in this romper suit and it was made worse by the way the girls stared and laughed. He tried to keep as still and quiet as possible as if that would render him invisible.

With a few minutes left until they were due to arrive at school Jack could no longer restrain his aching bladder. His cheeks went bright red and he felt sure everyone would be able to magically sense what he was doing.

Jack tried to take a breath and act casual. He had a few false starts with relaxing his bladder until he finally felt a trickle leaving his body. The trickle stayed steady but it didn’t seem like he could pee any faster without moving and potentially giving away what he was doing.

The area of Jack’s diaper directly beneath his genitals grew increasingly warm as the urine slowly drained out of him. He looked around and saw people looking at him, girls were watching him as his cheeks grew increasingly red. He was terrified they knew what was happening.

“Oh my God!” A girl Jack didn’t know suddenly shouted as she covered her mouth and caused everyone to look round at her, “He’s shit himself!”

Jack followed the girl’s accusatory finger as the others around her started to laugh. The boy she was pointing at was in the same grade as Jack was and he recognised him from a great many classes. He was currently sitting hunched over with his head in his arms, his body shook slightly and Jack wasn’t sure if he was crying or if it was just the bus.

Jack was still trickling pee into his diaper but with everyone’s attention turned on the other unfortunate male Jack seized the chance to just lift himself off his seat a little. He immediately felt his stream increase and in just a few seconds he was able to finish emptying his bladder. He sat back down and turned to Kevin, he froze in fear as he saw his best friend staring at him. Did he know?

Jack didn’t know if he should say something or not. Just as he opened his mouth to say something he saw Kevin’s head turn to the boy everyone was looking at. Jack sighed and looked that way as well, he wondered how the girl knew he had messed his diaper and the answer hit him in the face a second later.

The horribly earthy scent of a filled diaper wafted through the air and hit Jack hard. Jack immediately recognised it and it was obvious that everyone else did as well. Jack felt bad for the male but there was nothing he could do to help him, the worst part was knowing that he would be in the same position sooner or later. He was very aware that he hadn’t been to the toilet this morning.

Once the smell started spreading it didn’t go away and as Jack faced forwards again the smell seemed to surround him. The whole bus seemed contaminated and despite opening windows it seemed to linger heavily in the air to be inhaled with every breath.

“Poor guy…” Jack said mostly to himself.

Jack looked sideways at Kevin but didn’t get a reply. Jack felt the hot diaper between his legs spreading the wetness throughout the padding. He pulled at his clothes a little but they hugged him well enough that they couldn’t be adjusted much.

The school appeared in the distance and Jack knew that this was only the beginning of what was going to be a very difficult time. He nervously grabbed his bag as he prepared to get off the bus. The real horror of wearing diapers to school was still not settling in for the eighteen-year-old, it still felt more like a dream than reality despite everything that had happened on the bus.

The laughter on the bus subsided even as the girls still made fun of the boy with poopy pants. They catcalled and asked if he wanted them to change him, by the time the bus stopped the poor guy was having to sniff back tears. He was the first one off the bus and he waddled straight through the gates prompting laughter from even more people.

“I know you wet yourself.” Kevin muttered suddenly as everyone started collecting their things.

“I…” Jack was taken by surprise and was about to deny the truth when Kevin continued.

“Don’t worry, I did too.” Kevin continued quietly, “I just wanted you to know that you aren’t the only one.”

“Thanks…” Jack said slowly. He wasn’t sure if that actually made him feel any better at all.

The females got off the bus first and he waited patiently in front of his seat. As Alice walked past she gave her older brother a superior smirk.

“Are you going to use you diaper soon?” Alice asked. She joined all her girlfriends in breaking into laughter as Jack blushed and looked down.

Once the females were off the bus Jack joined the other males in slowly trooping off. There was a little more conversation between the boys but it was still extremely subdued, no one could make eye contact with each other.

Jack stepped out into the sunshine and felt the diaper get pressed up against his body as his clothes stretched on the step down. He looked over to the front of the main school block and saw the teachers lined up, they seemed to be marshalling the students into lines.

The males clumped together into a protective group as if they were zebras looking to avoid attack by predators. Jack was somewhere in the middle and could hear a lot of crinkling from both himself and the other males around him, it was like they all had plastic bags in their pockets.

“Everyone! Line up!” The booming voice of the head teacher, Mrs. Johnson, rang out over the crowds of students, “Girls on my right and boys on my left.”

Mrs. Johnson had been the principal of Jack’s school for many years. She didn’t need preferential laws to get where she was, she was a very stern woman who gained her place on merit long ago. She always seemed to know what was happening in her school and no student would ever look forward to seeing her.

Jack and his herd of males ended up lining up where they were told. Jack shielded his eyes from the sun as everyone waited for all the students of the school to join their respective lines. With his mind feeling idle Jack wondered what happened to the guy who had pooped his diaper on the bus, he wasn’t in the line as far as Jack could see.

“Girls, come inside!” Mrs. Johnson yelled.

Jack watched as all the females were led into the main hall where they often held their assemblies. It was only once the last of the girls had entered the main hall that the boys were allowed to start filing in, the line was moving very slowly. As Jack neared the door he saw a familiar face in the distance. The boy who had filled his pants on the bus was being walked back towards the lines with the school nurse holding his hand.

Jack watched as the boy came back to the line. He was blushing hard and looking at the ground as he passed. It was clear he had just had his messy diaper changed, rather than looking at him with disgust most of the boys felt pity knowing that sooner or later they would be in the same position.

The reason for the slow moving queue became obvious as Jack walked through the doorway into the hall. There were four teachers each checking diapers as students filed in, Jack could see the girls occupying the seats on one side of the hall. Most of the females were looking to the back of the room where the boys were coming in. Every time a boy got pulled to the side to go for a change there was a cheer from the girls, it was just another layer of humiliation.

Jack felt nervous because he was very aware of his own wet diaper. He really didn’t want to get pulled out of the line so publicly, he would much rather be more discreet with his change. He saw his sister amongst the girls and he could only imagine what she would say if he was pulled away.

“Step forward.” A female teacher that Jack didn’t recognise waved him forwards.

Jack nervously walked until he was stopped by the teacher. He was eighteen-years-old and it seemed like the mystery teacher was only a couple of years older, Jack guessed she was straight out of training.

Jack stood frozen in terror as his romper was unbuttoned. He was wet but he was sure the diaper could take more punishment. He knew that he would need to be changed eventually he just prayed it wouldn’t happen right now with the whole school watching.

The teacher stuck her hand into Jack’s romper without saying a word. Jack spread his feet a little and looked away as he felt her hand start to probe the outside of his padding. He knew she could feel his wetness and he closed his eyes as he prayed for her to let him go sit down.

“Please let me go… Please let me go…” Jack muttered repeatedly.

“What was that?” The teacher asked as she looked up from the diaper.

“I… I know I’m wet but please don’t make go change.” Jack whispered desperately. He would never usually talk back to a woman like this but he was truly trying to stave off humiliation in any way he could.

“I’ll be the judge of that.” The teacher said sourly.

Jack wondered what exactly she meant but before he knew what was happening he felt one of her hands on his tummy and the other on his upper back. He felt pressure and was pushed into a bending position, his already flushed face went even redder as the blood rushed to his head. He heard laughter and whistling from the girls as the teacher probed his diapers again. Jack wanted to cry but he tried to stop from embarrassing himself any more than he already was.

“You’re wet but you can wait a while longer.” The teacher said loudly.

Jack winced and knew that everyone in the hall would’ve heard her pronouncement. He quickly buttoned up his romper and walked down the aisle to the next available seat. He felt like the centre of everyone’s attention and wanted the Earth to swallow him whole.

It took a while to get all the males into the room and even once the line was finished they had to wait. Those men and boys forced into diaper changes had to get back before the assembly could start. Jack was sure that by the time the last boy came in that there would be others who would need changes. He himself was starting to feel a rumbling in his tummy that only meant trouble. Having not been allowed to use the toilet before getting on the bus he knew his usual bowel movement would be coming.

Eventually everyone was in the room and the doors to the outside were closed. The general murmuring of the crowd of students stopped when they saw Mrs. Johnson walk on to the stage and up to the podium. The heads of each department sat behind her, they were all female.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Jack learns all about the new rules at school and doesn't like them one bit. That's only one problem he has with a assembly though as the call of nature forces things to get even more embarrassing for the young man.


This story has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and with a $5 a month pledge you can see all my updates a week before anyone else. For $10 a month you can get early access plus access to THIRTY-TWO stories that only my patrons get to see.

If you are interested please consider giving my Patreon page a look :)



“Welcome back, boy and girls.” Mrs. Johnson said as she held up her arms in greeting, “Welcome to a new school year and I’m sure you all know there will be some changes. You’ve already seen the new uniform for the males, I’m sure.”

There was a smattering of laughter from the side the girls were sat on whilst the males remained in surly silence. Mixed in with the usual smell of mostly teenage boys Jack could detect the smell of a freshly messed diaper. It looked like someone had already lost control after the checks but it was impossible to see who it was. Jack realised it might be multiple people, as if on cue his tummy rumbled again. The pressure on his bowels was growing quickly.

“Settle down…” Mrs. Johnson said impatiently, “Due to the new laws we will be introducing some new rules. The first rule is, quite simply, that males must be diapered at all times on school grounds, which goes without saying. The second rule is that they are not to change themselves. If they require a change they are to ask the nearest female member of staff, it is at her discretion when and where the change takes place. Students, male or female, are not to change any of the male’s diapers.”

Jack was trying to listen but it was getting difficult. His tummy was cramping up a bit and he was left squirming in his seat as he tried to ignore what was becoming a very real problem. The guys either side of him were looking annoyed at the way he kept wriggling around.

“The men’s bathrooms have all been renovated into changing rooms. They are locked and require a key to open, the teachers are the only ones with said keys.” Mrs. Johnson continued, “Though the main changing rooms will be at the nurse’s office.”

Jack wasn’t going to win the battle with his body and he felt like he had never needed to poop more than he did right then. He was trembling as he felt his body almost instinctively trying to push the load out, Jack was trying to counter things but it was difficult. The smell of the other boy’s freshly pooped diaper seemed almost enticing to his desperate body.

“There has been a major realignment of curriculums.” Mrs. Johnson said, “Whilst the girls will be given accelerated programs with the aim of preparing them for college the boys will be doing very different things. The boys will no longer be required to learn things beyond what they can comprehend. They will learn the basics with a focus on domestic services. Since it has been deemed extremely unlikely many of the males will make it to college they will instead be taught things more useful to their futures as homemakers.”

Jack could no longer control himself. His body was already on the verge of giving in but the shock of his dumbed down lessons pushed him over the edge. With a moan of defeat Jack felt his ring open up beyond his control, he winced as he felt the soft mud of a bowel movement coming out of his body.

Jack didn’t even need to get off his seat. The soft turds were forcing their way out and were going up towards the small of his back. He felt the warmth creep forwards as well, the hot excrement touched his balls causing him to shiver. He looked around in shock, it felt like such an obvious thing that he was surprised everyone wasn’t staring at him.

Before he had even finished messing himself Jack began to be able to smell what he had done. The stench escaped through all the little gaps between diaper and skin and hit Jack in the face. He blushed and looked out the corner of his eyes at the boys either side of him, they seemed to know what he was doing because they looked disgusted and edged away slightly. It seemed his secret was out and it didn’t take long for everyone in the vicinity to know what he had done.

Jack’s humiliation was already beyond anything he could cope with and with a tearful sniff he grunted and pushed down to completely empty himself. The sudden exiting of even more poop caused a lump to form briefly and Jack thought he was going to be lifted off the chair. His body weight won the battle though and he came down on the mess causing it to rub all over his butt cheeks and upper thighs. He had thoroughly filled his diaper.

“We’ll also be making changing to the sports department.” Mrs. Johnson continued completely unaware of the shame within Jack, “The girls will receive the majority of the funding whilst the boys will only receive their mandatory one hour of physical exercise a week. Furthermore the Thanksgiving foo-”

“That’s bullshit!” A male voice suddenly interrupted the principal’s speech.

All heads in the large room turned to a male who looked to be a couple of years below Jack. Despite the difference in age Jack recognised him as a very gifted athlete in practically any discipline he touched. Jack was a quarterback on the school’s football team and the boy now standing and glaring at Mrs. Johnson was one of the better wide receivers.

Jack was thankful for the distraction even though he was aware he was causing all around him to pinch their noses. For his part, the boy who had stood up look like he realised he had made a big mistake. He tried to sit down but it was already too late, one of the larger teachers walked down the row and pulled him out of his chair. Jack watched with some sympathy as the poor buy was marched away from the room and down a hallway.

“The final rule.” Mrs. Johnson looked very angry and her voice reflected that, “The rules are non-negotiable. Any males caught breaking them will be swiftly and harshly dealt with. You have the same home rooms as last year, you’ll find your schedules there. Dismissed.”

There was a great scraping of chairs as everyone stood up. Jack moved slowly and felt his diaper stick to him, it wasn’t comfortable at all and he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do. Was he supposed to go straight to a member of staff for a change or was he expected to go to registration first?

In the end the general movement of people made his mind up for him. The crowd headed towards the exit of the hall and Jack was too timid to fight against the flow, he would be going to his home room in this messy diaper. It was impossible to avoid touching each other’s diapers in such a melee and a couple of times he felt hands inadvertently pushing against the back of his loaded diaper.

Jack could feel the lumpy mess covering his skin and could do nothing to relieve the itchiness already threatening to overwhelm him. She smell was leaking out of the padding and fouling the air around him. Jack could hear people around him complaining about the smell and he realised there were more than a couple of messy males in the crowd pushing out of the door. The knowledge that he wasn’t the only person to have crapped himself didn’t make him feel much better.

Once out of the hall Jack felt incredibly thankful for the fresh air even if the sunlight and warmth made him feel sticky. The tightly packed crowd dispersed as people headed for their home rooms and Jack walked towards the room he remembered from the previous year. He found that the door to the classroom was open and Jack stepped inside to find half of the students already sitting in there.

“Come on, sit down.” Miss. Thorn said impatiently when Jack lingered by the door.

Jack wasn’t sure what to do. He knew he was supposed to ask for a diaper change but he wasn’t sure if he could bring himself to do that in front of his class. Even as he stood there more students filed past him and into their seats, the girls were renewing friendships whilst the boys sat in silence.

“Have you gone deaf over the summer?” Miss. Thorn was still looking at Jack, “Sit. Down.”

“Miss, I…” Jack stepped closer to the desk and was sure he was leaving a trail of his smell. He was blushing furiously as all the eyes in the room seemed to follow his movements, “I need a diaper change.”

Jack cringed as he spoke and heard giggling from the students closest to the teacher’s desk who heard him. He looked down at the floor in shame as the stern teacher looked at him with contempt.

“You can go before your first lesson.” Miss. Thorn finally said, “Go and sit down.”

“But…” Jack couldn’t believe he was being asked to stay in this diaper even longer.

“Unless you want to be sent for punishment you will do as you are told.” Miss. Thorn wasn’t the sort of teacher to give many warnings and her eyes were flashing danger signs.

Jack turned away from the teacher and walked to the desk he had sat at the previous year. He slowly sunk down into the chair and felt the mushy waste in his diaper squeeze against his body, he had experienced this before but it never got any more pleasant. Jack had to wipe his eyes on his sleeves and sniff back tears as he saw heads turn to look at him. He wished he could just melt away and leave these unfair rules behind him.

The room didn’t take long to fill up and Jack was very aware that everyone was looking at him. There may have been more than one messy diaper in the hall but there was only one in this classroom. Attendance was taken and when everyone had announced they were there schedules were handed out.

Jack wasn’t the only boy to feel annoyed by what was on their schedules. Gone were Math, Science and History lessons, they were replaced by “Food technology”, housekeeping and child rearing. They still had some of their old lessons but they were split roughly fifty-fifty with these new classes aimed at males. It was demeaning to see all hopes of his academic future replaced with meagre domestic chores.

Whilst there was a lot of complaining from the guys who had lost their favourite classes Jack preferred to stay quiet. Right now he didn’t care what classes he had, he just wanted his diaper change. His goal at the moment was to avoid unwanted attention.

The clock seemed to be ticking very slowly and the five minutes Jack had to sit in his diaper felt like five hours. By the time the bell rang he quickly stood up and grabbed his bag, he was the first out of the door as he went straight for the nurse’s office. The nervousness he felt about having to ask for a change was overwhelmed by his disgust at the contents of his diaper.

Jack hastily moved through the halls and out into the open as he crossed to the administrative building. Despite how fast he moved he still wasn’t the first to the office and he found a group of six boys in front of him. He could tell at least two of the others had pooped their diapers like himself.

Despite the queue the boys were called in pretty fast and Jack realised they had more than one nurse working on changes. That was probably for the best considering how many there would be to do. With how many males came to the school Jack didn’t envy the nurses, the number of diapers they must go through made Jack shiver.

“Next!” Came a female voice as the door opened and a blushing boy stepped out to go back to his classes.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Jack's new routine at school is not a fun one. Domestic chores dominate the schedule and he is left feeling increasingly frustrated by it all. Will he be able to keep his cool?


This story has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and with a $5 a month pledge you can see all my updates a week before anyone else. For $10 a month you can get early access plus access to THIRTY-TWO stories that only my patrons get to see.

If you are interested please consider giving my Patreon page a look :)



Jack stepped into the room to see that it had changed massively since the last time he had been in there. The last time he had visited had been in the spring of the last school year after he had suffered an injury in football training. Back then there had been one nurse and a single bed, now there were three beds and four nurses walking around. Two of the beds had males on them in various states of being changed whilst the third was empty. Jack walked over and with the nurse’s help hopped up on to the padded surface.

The nurse was very efficient with the change. Jack had barely even laid down when the snaps on his blue romper were pulled apart. The romper was built in such a way that the cloth around the crotch could be raised to get at the diaper underneath. In some ways this efficient approach to the change made him feel better about it.

There was a very distinctive smell in the nurse’s room that was only somewhat helped by having a window open and the air conditioning going. They did their best to get rid of the smell but it still lingered, the room smelt like a nursery.

Jack’s diaper was opened without the nurse saying a word. The young man blushed mightily as he felt the cool air on his crotch. He jumped slightly when the baby wipes were pressed against his skin and he tried to ignore how much worse the stench got now that the poop was open to the air.

The diaper was pulled away once he was cleaned and replaced with a new one. Jack sighed with relief at having clean underwear again. Such a simple thing brought him so much joy after his time in messy underwear. Small victories meant a lot when in such a position as this.

A new diaper was slipped under Jack’s now clean hips and he was glad when the front was pulled up to give him some modesty. The romper was snapped back closed and no sooner was the change complete than Jack was hurried off the table, the nurses certainly were rushed in trying to keep the male students moving. Even with four people changing diapers it was clear they would struggle to keep up with the demand.

Jack picked up his bag and was walking out when he caught sight of someone walking in as he left. Kevin looked at Jack and gave a half-smile and a shrug before continuing to the nurse who was beckoning him over. Jack watched him go and wondered if he was as messy as Jack had been, maybe he wasn’t messy at all and was just very wet. Jack didn’t plan to hang around to find out, he wanted to give his friend a little privacy. Jack knew he would be mortified if his best friend watched his change.

“Hold on.” The nurse who had changed Jack’s diapers hurried over with a small slip of paper, “Give this to your teacher.”

Jack stepped out of the busy nurse’s station and looked at the paper. It was basically a hall pass excusing him for being late to his lesson because of the need for a diaper change. The little clip art picture of a diaper did nothing to alleviate the shame Jack would feel at having to hand this note to his teacher.

Jack’s schedule showed that his first lesson was Food Technology and it was in a room quite nearby. He hurried along the now quiet hallway to the door, he could hear that the lesson inside had already started. He gently knocked on the door and was beckoned to come in.

The class was exclusively male and none of the students looked happy to be here. The teacher waved Jack over to her desk and he moved across the room with a flourish of crinkles. Jack looked out at all the padded males, it was a surreal atmosphere.

“Take a seat.” The teacher said when she scanned the note.

The room was set up differently from most classrooms. Most classes were full of single desks with the teacher standing in front of the blackboard at the front of the room, this one was basically a large kitchen with multiple copies of each appliance for the boys to practise with.

Jack sat down at a desk with some other guys that he knew only in passing. In front of him was a bunch of ingredients as well as a laminated piece of paper, it seemed they were going to be making a type of chocolate cake in the class.

“My name is Mrs. Williams.” The teacher said as she sat up, “You have been selected for this class because it will help prepare you for your futures. A lot of your time will be spent in kitchens preparing meals for your women so it’s important you learn how to cook.”

Jack was only vaguely listening as he looked around. Everyone looked annoyed to be here, it seemed like no one was particularly happy with this new curriculum designed simply to boost their usefulness for the women in their lives.

The day continued in that vein. Jack was forced into doing lessons designed solely to boost his usefulness for his future wife. He quickly started to miss the more academic lessons of previous years and he found classes on how to best clean a house and DIY to be very boring. The lessons were punctuated by diaper usage and with so many males in one place there was usually someone wetting or messing themselves. It wasn’t unusual for people to quietly ask the teacher for a change whilst everyone else was working. Jack himself managed to wait until lunch time before heading to the nurse’s office for a new diaper.

This turned into the routine for Jack throughout the first few days of school. He would usually try to use the toilet before his mom put him in diapers for the day, sometimes he made it but other times he was beaten to the bathroom by Alice who made sure he wouldn’t get the opportunity of using the toilet. On those days he would mess his diaper either on the bus or soon after arriving at school. The smell of poop often punctuated lessons and it was hard to get away from. It was scary how quickly everyone adjusted to the sights and smells of used diapers.

The boys were mostly subdued and Jack spent most of his time with Kevin who seemed to be having an equally hard time adjusting to all the new rules. They played together on the football team but as yet they hadn’t been made aware of any games or training, they were starting to grow concerned that football was just another thing they had been stripped of.

The only difference to this routine of domestic lessons happened on the afternoon of the first Thursday back at school. It was Jack’s first Gym lesson and he was feeling quite nervous as he lined up outside the classroom with a lot of the other boys. Unlike most of their lessons Gym was going to be a mixture of males and females. The women lined up on one side of the corridor and looked across to the boys with an air of superiority, Jack could hardly blame them for feeling like they were better.

When the boys got to their changing room there was a sense of unease. They were all aware of what they were expected to do but no one wanted to be the first to pull off their romper uniform. Their Gym clothing, rather than the shirt and shorts they were used to, was a onesie in the same colour as their rompers. If they had any less clothing they would be nude except for the ever-present disposable underwear.

“Well, there’s no point in hanging around and getting punished.” Kevin eventually said.

A lot of eyes turned to Kevin including Jack’s and he watched his best friend pull the poppers off his romper. He unzipped the babyish clothing and pulled it away from his body leaving him naked except for his diaper. Jack noticed very quickly that the wetness indicator had at least partially changed colour. The room was virtually silent as Kevin started pulling his onesie over his head.

Jack was the next person to unbutton his romper and expose himself to all his classmates. His diaper was dry after a lunchtime change but he didn’t really expect that to last for long. He pulled his onesie out of his bag and felt a small shiver run down his spine, it certainly didn’t leave a lot of room for imagination.

All the boys were changing now and Jack pulled the onesie down over his head along with Kevin. The cloth hugged his body quite tightly and two flaps hung down between his legs. He reached down and snapped the two flaps together, the elasticated material pulled the diaper up and close to Jack’s body. It felt like he was almost wearing nothing at all.

Jack looked in the mirror at the end of the room. He could see the leg bands of his diaper poking out and no matter how much he tried to tuck them away he couldn’t hide his shameful underwear completely. It looked like most of the males were in the same boat, Jack walked back to Kevin to see him sitting down and looking surly.

“Last year we were playing football with full pads and everything.” Kevin muttered bitterly, “Now we’re reduced to this.”

“It sucks.” Jack concurred, “But what can we do about it?”

“Nothing.” Kevin said darkly, “We’re second class citizens being raised like pets for women.”

Jack didn’t know what to say but was saved from having to reply by a knock on the door.

“Guys, come on!” The voice came from one of the few male teachers in the school, Mr. Grigg, “The girls are waiting.”

Jack joined the group leaving the room. He tried to position himself in the middle so he was less obvious, despite his best efforts he ended up near the front. Jack walked down the small hallway and pushed open the large double doors to the gym hall. He saw the girls wearing their regular gym kit against the wall on the far side. There was a female teacher with them, of course they wouldn’t trust a male to take a class alone.

The laughter from the girls carried across the cavernous hall. The boys were lined up against the wall opposite the girls where they tried to cover up the shame of their padded crotches. Jack looked along the wall at everyone, he felt glad that he was far from the only one looking utterly embarrassed to be in a onesie like this. If the romper had made Jack feel like a toddler then this onesie made him feel like a tiny infant.

“OK, we are going to…” Mr. Grigg stood in the middle of the large room with the female teacher by his side. Before he could really say anything he received an elbow in the side silencing him.

“I’m Mrs. Grigg.” The tall woman said loudly, “Yes, I’m George’s wife.”

There was some laughter from the women on the opposite wall and Jack could see his male teacher blushing. He understood what was happening, Mr. Grigg was publically having his authority stripped away by his wife. Jack felt an instinctive twang of empathy for the cringing man.

“We are going to play dodgeball with a difference.” Mrs. Grigg called out, “George, fetch the balls please, there’s a good boy.”

To more laughter and catcalls from the females Mr. Grigg hurried across to the storage room off to the side of the hall. The poor blushing man was being treated like a dog for his wife who clearly had full control over him. When Mr. Grigg returned it was with a large net bag full of balls, they were a little smaller than basketballs and when Mrs. Grigg bounced one it quickly jumped back into her hands. The balls were all rolled to the girls leaving the boys empty handed.

“Girls, you can throw the balls at the boys.” Mrs. Grigg said loudly. Her voice echoed off the large walls surrounding the students, “Boys, you are to try and dodge. If a ball lands on your side you are to roll it back to the girls.”

“That’s not fair!” A male Jack didn’t know the name of exclaimed.

Mrs. Grigg completely ignored the complaints of the young man. She counted down from three and then blew her whistle causing all the girls to grab the balls and hurry forwards. Jack looked nervously at the other guys around him, he saw that no one really knew what to do.

The first ball came flying through the air and Jack watched as some of the males ducked down suddenly to avoid it. The onesies did little to hide the diapers underneath and when they bent over the padding became even more obvious.

Once the first ball was thrown all Hell broke loose. Jack was having to dodge and duck as balls were hurled across the middle of the room. It started feeling like a battlefield as the males were forced to just try and survive, it was even more galling when a ball landed on the floor in front of Jack and all he could do was gently roll it back to one of his tormentors.

This unfair game continued for fifteen minutes and Jack had taken several hits including one in the face. He was getting frustrated and he wasn’t the only one, he could see several people he knew looking increasingly fed up. He had to admit he was certainly getting his exercise in though, his pulse was racing as he moved this way and that.

When Jack took yet another shot in the face he finally had enough. Despite his timid nature he picked up a ball that was laying on the ground near him and he launched it across the room as hard as he could. The ball flew through the air and smacked one of the females directly in the face. Jack had thrown the ball out of sheer anger but had landed a direct hit, he felt a brief flair up of defiance before it was crushed by horror.

“Jack! Get your butt over here this minute!” Mrs. Grigg looked furious as everyone stopped what they were doing.

Jack had immediately started trembling as he slowly walked towards the teacher. He looked towards Mr. Grigg as if hoping he would step in but as soon as Jack caught his eye he looked down at the ground. As Jack slowly shuffled across the hard wood floor he looked around to see all eyes pointing his way, the men looked sympathetic but the women looked vindictive.

As soon as Jack was within range Mrs. Grigg reached forward and harshly grabbed him. Jack was pulled towards the side of the hall where a small stack of mats created an impromptu seat for the female teacher. Jack was staggering behind Mrs. Grigg and trying to pull free of her but it was no use.

Jack was expecting a talking to or something but he was quickly pulled down and across Mrs. Grigg’s lap. In shock he looked across to where all the students, male and female, were watching him. He wished they’d look away, whatever was about to come he would’ve much preferred it to be in private.

“How dare you disobey me!?” Mrs. Grigg thundered.

Jack was positioned firmly over the teacher’s lap and his legs kicked out uselessly behind him. He was still begging for mercy when he suddenly felt a hand slap against his padded rear. Jack froze in shock, it felt like the air had been sucked out of the room and everything went still. A second spank on his rear quickly brought him back to reality and he winced as a third and then a forth spanking hit his rear.

A few years ago the idea of a teacher hitting a student would’ve been unthinkable. Teachers would get in trouble for even talking to a student the wrong way but ever since the tougher rules on males had been brought in they were always open to corporal punishment.

The spanking didn’t really hurt but it was utterly mortifying. Jack felt his heart hammering and his face flushed as he received the public punishment. When it finally finished he climbed back to his feet and his hands instinctively covered her rear end.

“Now get back to your lesson.” Mrs. Grigg gave Jack a small push in the back to encourage him to go back to his classmates.

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  • 2 weeks later...

We are introduced to Melissa and find out she has her eyes on Jack. Once Jack is used tro his new schedule at school his mom has a surprise for him... and he bumps into Melissa again.


This story has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and with a $5 a month pledge you can see all my updates a week before anyone else. For $10 a month you can get early access plus access to THIRTY-TWO stories that only my patrons get to see.

If you are interested please consider giving my Patreon page a look :)



Jack slowly walked back to the other boys. It felt like a walk of shame as everyone watched him, he kept his eyes down to the ground. As soon as he was back in the position he had been in when the trouble had started a whistle blew to start the “game” again.

As Jack went back to trying to avoid the balls he noticed there was one female student in particular who seemed to target him with every shot. She had a big smile on her face and every time a ball came her way she would throw it towards Jack, she was very accurate as well. Jack knew who she was though he never spoke to her, Melissa was one of the bigger and stronger girls in the class.

Jack knew one thing about Melissa. The girl who was picking on him was the quarterback for the girl’s football team, it would explain her accuracy and power in dodgeball. Jack would’ve liked to get to know her but he had always been painfully shy and since he was now diapered and embarrassed he assumed the woman would want nothing to do with him.

The lesson mercifully ended a little while later and whilst most of the girl’s skipped off happily to get changed the boys generally hung back. They were exhausted after all the effort they had put into the lesson. Jack was joining the rest of the men on the slow walk to the changing room when he suddenly felt a hand grab his padded butt.

Jack turned around as the hand squeezed against his diaper. He got a sudden close-up of Melissa who was smiling at him, he was momentarily speechless. She was taller than he was and he didn’t know where to look.

“Good hustle out there.” Melissa said with a smile as she walked off.

Jack watched her go whilst trying to comprehend what had happened. He couldn’t take his eyes off her body but quickly forced himself to look away when Melissa looked over her shoulder. He wasn’t used to talking to girls, especially recently. Jack shook himself out of his daze and walked to the changing rooms with everyone else. The males were generally muttering complaints and comparing bruises like they were sharing their war wounds.

Jack went over to where his bag was and quickly stripped off his onesie. He knew some of the other guys were whispering about him but he was welcomed by Kevin who gave him a small smile.

“That sucked, eh?” Kevin said as he stashed his onesie into his bag.

“Yeah…” Jack replied quietly. It had sucked for him more than most.

“I wouldn’t worry about the…” Kevin was trying to be tactful but it was difficult, “Punishment.”

“Easy for you to say.” Jack replied as he started putting his romper on, “I just can’t wait for this year to be over so we can get out of this school.”

“You things will be better out there in the real world?” Kevin asked.

“I don’t know…” Jack shrugged as he slung his bag over his shoulder, “But they can’t be worse than here.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that.” A guy Jack was only an acquaintance with chimed in, “My older brother was married off as soon as he finished school and every time we visit he looks miserable.”

Jack finished dressing whilst thinking about what the other male had said. He had been focusing on finishing school to get out of this situation but he knew his friends were right. When he finished school it would just give him more time to be given household chores, there would be no rest and in fact would probably be expected to work harder.

School went on in much the same way over the next few weeks. Jack was taught how to sew, clean and cook whilst the girls learned the more academic subjects. The only interruptions to the routine were his regular diaper changes, very often wet and occasionally messy. After the first few days the rules at the school were somewhat amended to reflect the fact that the nurses were rushed off their feet with diaper changes. More nurses were added and although the boys weren’t allowed to change themselves if they went to any of the former male bathrooms they would find fully stocked diaper changing stations with a nurse ready for them.

It was really remarkable how quickly the brain can adapt to new circumstances. After just a couple of weeks the sight of classmates asking to be allowed a diaper change no longer looked strange. Even the sights and smells of messy diapers became normalised. It was never not embarrassing but Jack found himself paying a little less attention to his classmates diaper habits. After a frosty reunion after the summer break Kevin had warmed up again and was almost back to his old self, the only real complaint from him was how football practice for males still hadn’t been announced.

One constant through this period was Melissa. The girl who had spent her first gym lesson focusing on Jack didn’t let up, she didn’t say anything to Jack but she was always focusing on him. Jack was very confused but could do little to prevent himself being picked on.

Jack felt like he was just getting the hang of this new routine when a spanner was thrown into the gears. He had returned home after a fairly typical day of school in a diaper he had wet on the bus on the way home, he looked forward to getting upstairs where he could finally take the diaper off. He always enjoyed a moment of happiness when he pulled the final diaper of the day off and he could sit at home in regular underwear.

“Jack, is that you?” Sarah called out from the kitchen.

“Yes.” Jack replied as he heard his mother putting down whatever she was handling and hurrying out to the hallway.

“I’ve got some great news.” Sarah said with a smile.

Alice was walking in the door now and closed it behind her. She pulled out her headphones as she pushed past Jack on her way to the stairs. She had taken to acting like Jack didn’t exist which was fine for the diapered male who saw this as an improvement over the teasing beforehand.

“I’ve got you a job.” Sarah continued, “A little store just round the corner. I was doing my shopping today and I overheard the owner talking about being shorthanded. One thing led to another and she said she would give you a trial period!”

Jack wasn’t sure what to make of this unexpected news. He dreaded being out of the house any more than he had to but having a job, as a male, wasn’t something to be taken for granted. He wasn’t sure how to reply but forced a smile on to his face. Alice was laughing on her way up the stairs and Jack shot her a look of annoyance.

“Don’t just stand around making the place look untidy.” Sarah finally said, “You have to get ready.”

“R-Ready?” Jack repeated blankly.

“Yes!” Sarah replied with impatience, “You start this evening.”

Jack’s eyes flew wide open. He hadn’t expected that and it would mean he would have to change his plans. He had homework for his cooking class the next day and he was supposed to bake some cookies, he would have to do that after work.

“They said it’s a private establishment and you don’t have to wear diapers but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.” Sarah pursed her lips in thought.

“Oh please!” Jack’s eyes lit up, “I’ll be fine. I promise!”

“Alright, but you’re taking some with you in your backpack just in case.” Sarah said, “Now get upstairs and get changed. I’ll drive you there.”

Jack hurried up the stairs and closed himself into his bedroom. He felt nervous but also excited to have an opportunity to show that he wasn’t as useless as his family thought he was. He pulled off his romper and quickly ripped the diaper off, it was very wet and fell to the floor with a splat. Jack hurriedly grabbed some underwear and regular grown-up clothes that he quickly put on without really caring how he looked, as long as it wasn’t like a baby he would be happy.

As soon as Jack was done he came out of his bedroom and started walking back towards the stairs. He felt strange walking around without thick padding between his legs, he was becoming unfortunately accustomed to the diapers.

“Try not to embarrass yourself.” Alice was leaning around the doorway of her bedroom and smirking at her brother, “And if you DO embarrass yourself make sure to capture it on camera, I can always use some more entertainment.”

Jack did his best to ignore Alice and reached the bottom of the stairs. He put his shoes on as his mom walked into the hallway, she already had her jacket and shoes and was waiting for her son to get ready.

It was a short trip to the grocery store that was apparently offering Jack a job and when the car pulled up outside he saw a lot of people milling around and doing their shopping. It was a medium sized shop and when Jack walked through the front doors alone he saw that all the other staff in view were female.

“The manager is over there.” Sarah said as she pointed towards an older woman currently discussing someone with a cashier, “I’ll be back to pick you up at closing time.”

With that said Sarah turned and walked away leaving Jack stood in the entrance to the store and feeling extremely out of place. Jack looked around as people shopped, some were lone females but most of the women were accompanied by a cowed looking man. Jack bit his lip and felt nervous, he was extremely shy and introducing himself to the woman who was supposed to be his boss was a scary prospect.

Jack walked through the store with shaking legs until he reached the older woman who was still chatting with the cashier. Jack stopped and waited behind the woman awkwardly, he saw the cashier look at him and smirk. Eventually the woman turned around and nearly walked straight into Jack.

“What are you doing standing right behind me like that!?” The woman exclaimed as she backed up a step, “Are you some sort of creep?”

“N-No!” Jack quickly replied as his face reddened beyond his control.

“Then what do you want?” The woman angrily placed her hands on her hips, “You’ve lost your female?”

“I’m… My name…” Jack was stuttering nervously under the woman’s fury.

“Spit it out, boy!” The woman’s frustration was causing the cashier to giggle quietly.

“Jack!” Jack shouted his own name, “My mom said…”

“Jack Chamberlain?” The woman said, “Right, you’re here to work. My name is Mrs. Winters but you will address me as ma’am.”

“Y-Yes, ma’am” Jack replied quickly.

“Follow me.” Mrs. Winters said as she turned around and walked to the back of the store.

Jack did as he was told and stayed close to his new boss. They went through a set of double doors which took them from the well-lit store and into the darker loading bay. A truck was currently parked in the large area, it was full of products that needed to be unloaded. A cold wind blew through the room from the open doors.

“You need to unload this truck before closing time.” Mrs. Winters said, “Take a box out and put it in the correct section against that wall.”

Jack looked to the side of the truck next to the double doors where there were some separated areas with labels for different kinds of things.

“Is anyone else…” Jack trailed off as he saw Mrs. Winters already walking away leaving Jack alone in the bay.

Jack started his work. He walked up the ramp into the back of the truck, picked up a box and then took it to the correct section. It was repetitive, boring and extremely tiring. Jack found his legs and back starting to ache after just a few boxes, he wasn’t very strong after a summer spent at home and a lack of physical activity since. He had been going for about forty-five minutes when he heard the doors open and close, it wasn’t unusual and had happened many times since the work started and it was usually some staff on their way to the break room. Jack was standing in the truck trying to pick up a particularly heavy box when he heard a voice.

“I thought I saw you coming in earlier.” Came a sweet and high-pitched voice.

Jack turned around and did a quick double take. His eyes widened in surprise as he saw Melissa standing at the bottom of the ramp and leaning against the wall. She was smiling as she watched Jack awkwardly turn to face her, one of her hands was idly playing with some strands of her long hair. Jack didn’t say anything as he stood awkwardly still.

“You’re working here then?” Melissa asked rather unnecessarily.

“Y-Yes.” Jack muttered quietly.

“Oh, so you do talk.” Melissa giggled as she stepped up the ramp into the truck, “I was starting to think you were mute. I’ve been trying to get your attention for ages.”

Jack was confused but his heart was beating very quickly. Melissa was getting closer to him and all he could do was stand there looking at her dumbly, he wracked his brain for something smart to say but his mind remained blank.

“That’s OK, I like a quiet guy.” Melissa said as she passed the threshold of the truck. Her voice echoed a little in the confined space.

Jack wondered if the girl who had been picking on him was going to hit him or something. She drew up so close that Jack could smell her perfume, she stood next to him and after a second she acted. Jack jumped as he suddenly felt the woman’s hand on his butt. He felt the hand give a couple of squeezes before letting go.

“You’re mine.” Melissa whispered playfully in Jack’s ear.

Melissa smiled as she released Jack and walked away giving the confused man only a single glance over her shoulder. Jack was so shocked by the sudden encounter that he stood facing the exit of the tuck for a few minutes before recovering and remembering he had a job to do.

As the clock ticked onwards Jack became increasingly pressured by time. He had only unloaded about two-thirds of the produce when he reached the store’s closing time and the end of his shift. He stood at the back of the truck and bit his lip nervously, he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do but that problem was solved when the doors to the store opened and Mrs. Winters stepped into the loading bay.

Jack watched the imperious store owner look at the piles of produce that had been unloaded. Mrs. Winters silently walked up to the back of the truck and saw that there was still a lot of things in there. She clucked her tongue in disappointment.

“Ma’am, I…” Jack started trying to explain that he had simply run out of time.

“I don’t want to hear it.” Mrs. Winters said simply, “The night shift will finish here. Go home, your mother is waiting for you in the parking lot.”

Jack didn’t need telling twice and he dragged his tired body out of the store and to where his mom was waiting for him. Alice wasn’t in the car but Jack still climbed into the backseat, he let out a deep breath as he clipped his seat belt on.

“How was work?” Sarah asked as she pulled out into the road.

“Tiring…” Jack replied simply.

“You’ll get used to it.” Sarah said as she started the journey home, “You’ll be working there after school three nights a week and Saturdays.”

“Great…” Jack didn’t want to work there but he didn’t have the energy to argue. He just wanted to go home and go to bed.

Once the front door was opened Jack didn’t even take his shoes off before he walked up the stairs and dropped on to his bed. He just about pulled off his clothes before dropping off to sleep.

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Jack has no shortage of problems and having the attention of his classmate, Melissa, is pretty high up the list. He doesn't really understand what she wants until she makes her intentions much clearer. Jack has a shift at work which only compounds his problems.


This story has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and with a $5 a month pledge you can see all my updates a week before anyone else. For $10 a month you can get early access plus access to THIRTY-TWO stories that only my patrons get to see.

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Thus a new pattern emerged for Jack. School remained the humiliating environment it had been since the start of the year and work meant he couldn’t rest three evenings a week. No matter how hard he tried he never seemed able to fully unload the trucks and he was constantly distracted by Melissa who used every opportunity she had to come up behind him and grab at his butt.

Jack had barely said a word to Melissa and had no idea how to react to the attention she was giving him. He started to see his classmate in a new light, he was starting to appreciate the curves of her body and the beauty in her face. It had been hard to notice these things when she had been picking on him. She did still pick on Jack at school though which only left him feeling even more confused.

“Mom, can I ask you a question?” Jack asked one night on the drive home from work.

“Of course.” Sarah replied.

“There’s this girl…” Jack knew he was blushing even though the car was dark, “She’s been picking on me and…”

“Ah, I see.” As the car passed a streetlight Jack could see his mother smiling wryly.

“What?” Jack asked defensively.

“She likes you.” Sarah replied quickly.

Jack sat back in his seat. It didn’t make sense how the girl who had been picking on him could possibly like him, if she did like him surely she would be nice to him. Jack’s naïve mind struggled to understand it all.

The next day school was progressing normally until lunch started. Jack was very wet and on his way to the nurse’s office when he felt someone grabbing his arm. He spun around to see Melissa’s grinning face, she pulled him and he followed her into an empty classroom. Jack stumbled to a stop as he was let go by the young woman who was now making sure no one was following them in.

Melissa walked straight up to Jack and stood just an inch away from him. She was slightly taller than the diapered man and her breasts lightly brushed against his romper. He felt his heart beating quickly as he nervously looked at the intimidating female in front of him.

Jack wanted to ask what was going on but, as usual, he found himself unable to say a word. He was expecting her to say something but she simply grabbed the back of his head with her hand and pushed her lips against Jack’s. Jack was shocked as he quite suddenly experienced his first kiss. He didn’t quite know what to do so he stood there awkwardly as Melissa’s soft lips pushed against his. His arms hung awkwardly at his side as Melissa’s free arm wrapped around and rested on Jack’s padded ass.

There was a stirring in Jack’s diaper and despite his awkwardness he could feel his dick reacting to the touching he was receiving. Melissa’s tongue licked against his lips and seemed to be demanding entry into his mouth, as soon as Jack opened his teeth he felt the tongue plunge inside.

Jack meekly stood in place as he was ravished by Melissa who seemed to want to explore every inch of his mouth. When she eventually pulled away Jack was gasping both for breath, he didn’t quite know how to react to the sudden romantic experience. It hadn’t been an unpleasant experience by any means and his fully erect dick reflected that fact. Even Melissa was a little red in the face as she smiled at Jack.

“You need a diaper change.” Melissa stated a little breathlessly as she took a step back. She waved her hand in the air, “I could feel it.”

“I was… I… The nurse’s room…” Jack stuttered as he looked down to the ground submissively. He was still recovering from his first kiss whilst Melissa seemed to be relatively nonplussed.

“We don’t need a nurse.” Melissa whispered.

Jack didn’t understand but he watched as Melissa pushed a few of the nearby desks together. He frowned as he watched her work and when she indicated for Jack to lay down he hesitated. The rules said that it had to be a nurse or a teacher that changed him.

“I’m not sure I’m allowed to…” Jack trailed off as he looked at the door. There were people walking past so close, if one of them were to walk in…

“This isn’t a request.” Melissa’s face took a very stern turn.

“But I’ll need a new diaper.” Jack said suddenly thinking of a great excuse to get out of the situation.

Melissa reached into her bag and pulled out a folded up diaper as well as a packet of baby wipes. Jack stared at the padding in shock. His surprise must’ve shown on his face because Melissa broke into a large grin.

“Where did you get those!?” Jack asked with wide eyes.

“My dad.” Melissa said simply, “He’s always diapered, of course. No one will miss one diaper. Now get over here and get on the desks.”

Jack felt compelled to follow Melissa’s order and he started walking across the room. He knew he was breaking rules but he had spent his entire life following orders from women and when one told him to do something he knew he must do it. It was a confusing situation with Jack feeling like he had two conflicting orders to follow.

Jack looked around at the door again as he laid down. His face was redder than ever and he could feel the heat radiating from his face. He couldn’t believe this was happening and even as he complied with the grinning girl standing by his feet he felt like he might jump up and run away at any moment.

Melissa reached down to the poppers between Jack’s legs and started pulling them apart. The sound echoed off the walls of the otherwise empty classroom. Jack was trembling slightly as the romper’s elastic material caused his clothes to spring up revealing the diaper underneath. Jack knew that both he and Melissa could get in trouble if they were caught but he would certainly face more punishment. It wasn’t fair but then few things were in this society.

Melissa reached for the tapes and pulled them off one by one. When the final tape was pulled away the diaper slackened and thanks to the raging erection Jack still had the padding popped up a little. Jack was cringing as he dared a glance at Melissa to see her smirking, he was surprised to see her cheeks had gone a little rosy as well.

“I’m sor-” Jack started to apologise.

“It’s fine.” Melissa quickly interrupted Jack as she took hold of the top of the loose front of the padding.

Jack closed his eyes and screwed them up tightly as the front of the diaper was lowered between his legs revealing his soaked state to Melissa who was now sizing him up. Jack wanted this change to be over with as soon as possible but Melissa seemed happy to take her time.

Melissa took a handful of wipes and started cleaning Jack. She took her time with it and Jack found himself constantly looking over to the door where anyone could come in at any minute. He didn’t even want to think what would happen if they were caught like this. Jack was still looking at the closed door when it felt like ice suddenly touched his penis, he jumped and looked down to see Melissa wiping at his junk with the wipes. She was smiling but otherwise showed little emotion regarding what she was doing. Jack thought that it seemed like she had plenty of practice doing this.

“I’ve done a bunch of babysitting before.” Melissa said, answering the unasked question, “I’ve done plenty of these changes on boys of all sizes.”

Jack didn’t say anything as Melissa handled his straining tool to make sure it was clean all over. He was doing his best to hold in the moan of pleasure that was threatening to escape his lips. He felt so embarrassed but also more turned on than ever before. He was confused, he wanted the change to end as soon as possible in case they were caught but he also wanted Melissa to keep touching him.

When Melissa pulled her hand away Jack let out an audible sigh of disappointment causing his changer to grin widely. Jack blushed furiously and looked away, he was embarrassed to let the woman know he had enjoyed the touching. He was supposed to hate diapers and everything about them!

“Naughty boy.” Melissa says. She was still smiling but Jack can sense a sterner tone to her voice.

“S-Sorry…” Jack mumbled as if he had any control over the way his body reacted to such stimuli.

The wet diaper was pulled away and balled up by Melissa who opened the new one straight afterwards. Jack was about to lift up his waist to help with the change but Melissa lifted his legs up before he even had a chance. The diaper was slipped underneath him and taped up soon after. Melissa didn’t let Jack up until she had finished closing the poppers of the romper.

Jack took Melissa’s hand when the change was complete and he was pulled to his feet. He was humiliated and wanted some time alone, he hoped Melissa was planning to leave now so he could gather his thoughts. When she leaned in close to him Jack physically winced.

“See you out on the field.” Melissa whispered before turning to leave.

“Huh?” Jack was confused by what she meant.

“Oh, you haven’t heard?” Melissa smiled again, “There’s going to be a boys against girls football game at the end of the week.”

Jack felt his heart hammer a bit faster as Melissa left. The boys hadn’t been told about a football game at all, they hadn’t had any preparation or practice and they were about to face off against some very physically imposing women.

Jack went back to his classes and didn’t let on that anything strange had happened. The last thing he wanted was for word to get out that a classmate had changed his diaper, it was embarrassing and if others heard about it they might want to do the same. Jack didn’t want to put it in people’s heads that anyone could just change him whenever they wanted.

Work continued as well but to Jack’s disappointment it was not going particularly well. No matter how hard or fast Jack worked he never seemed to be able to get his work done and he would be admonished in front of the rest of the staff every time. Maybe even worse than the dressing downs he was receiving was the toilet he was expected to use.

Without diapers Jack had to use the bathroom like anyone else but when he set foot into the male bathroom he found a partially broken down, dirty and smelly space that looked like something out of a post-apocalyptic film. Now that all the males were diapered there was no point in maintaining male bathrooms and Jack found himself avoiding the room at all costs. He did his best not to have to visit the toilets no matter what and thought he might get a disease just by stepping in there.

After a few shifts of failure Jack was moved from unloading the trucks to the front of the store. Jack was shown how to use the cash registers and then left there to do it. He still saw Melissa who spent most of her time either stacking shelves or on the other checkout. He was kept so busy now that he rarely had an opportunity to leave his post, only occasionally did he get breaks.

For the most part there were few problems with Jack on the checkout. He was much better at math than he was at heavy lifting and he had far fewer problems in his new role. It couldn’t last forever though and soon there was an issue.

After wearing diapers for so much of the time Jack’s bladder had weakened a little and with just an hour to go on one of his shifts he started feeling a real need to urinate. He bit his lip as he looked up at the clock and then over to the bathrooms. Even if he could leave his post he wasn’t sure he would ever want to step foot into the male bathroom again. His only option was to hold on until he got home.

The clock seemed to tick by increasingly slowly. The line of customers wasn’t letting up and soon Jack felt himself doing the potty dance. He was squeezing his legs together and twisting to try and stop himself from peeing. He was getting some strange looks and found himself making silly mistakes as he tried to concentrate on his bladder.

“You’ve given me too much change.” An old woman said as she looked at the money Jack had given her.

“What?” Jack asked with an impatience born from desperation.

“I should have $7 in change.” The old woman continued, “You gave me $9.”

“Sorry.” Jack was grimacing as it felt like his bladder was going to burst. He didn’t realise he had already lost this much control, he should’ve been able to hold on a lot better than this.

Jack reached forwards and roughly tried to take some of the money back. His shaking hand hit against the old woman’s hand and the money she was dropped everywhere. The coins clanged against the metal of the checkout and she took a quick step back as Jack looked on with wide eyes.

“Now look what you’ve done!” The old woman exclaimed loudly, “You clumsy fool!”

“I’m… I’m sorry…” Jack stuttered. He was still fighting the battle with his bladder but he felt a sudden and sharp warmth as a small amount of urine squirted out of him. His underpants soaked up what they could but he could feel a warm trail starting to run down one of his legs.

Jack couldn’t believe what was happening as he felt the wet streak growing larger. He knew that if anyone looked at his pants they would see his wet pants. It was a matter of when he would be publicly humiliated, it would be impossible to get out with his dignity intact.

“I want to speak to a manager!” The old woman complained.

Jack was spluttering and stuttering as he tried to stop his bladder from emptying and do his job. He was feeling like he was losing both battles as he tried to calm the woman down and pick up the money she had dropped.

“Is there a problem?” It wasn’t Mrs. Winters’s voice. It was Melissa.

Jack looked up to see Melisa standing next to the old lady, she had a serious expression and had clearly come over to see what all the fuss was about. When Jack looked up at her and straightened up she looked him up and down. Unfortunately for Jack, this last movement proved to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

With a pained whine of exasperation Jack Felt his muscles give way. He was unable to clamp his bladder sphincter closed any longer and he felt a sudden rush of hot urine. Almost immediately it burst out of his body and started running down his legs. He was stood in front of a long line of customers and Melissa as he soaked his pants. The urine was dripping on to the floor and forming a large puddle as the dark wetness spread across his pants.

Jack briefly tried to clamp the end of his dick closed with his hand but that did nothing to help. All he succeeded in doing was covering his hand in piss. He let go of his crotch and let out a loud whine like an animal that knew they had done something wrong.

This was beyond a nightmare for Jack whose face had gone bright red. His blood pressure must have jumped as well because he could feel his heart beat very clearly, it was beating so fast Jack thought it might just burst out of his chest. For a few moments Jack felt like he might faint.

By the time Jack belatedly finished wetting himself he had created a large puddle and there was shocked murmuring from the crowds. Melissa was the only one who hadn’t taken several steps back but she was giggling quite loudly, her hand was raised to her mouth but it was failing to stifle the laughs that seemed to burst out of her.

“Oh for Heaven’s sake.” Mrs. Winters was marching to the front of the store where she could see Jack in all his shame.

Jack started to sob. He felt as helpless and useless as a baby. He didn’t know what to do or where to go, he just stood in his puddle like a puppy who was ashamed of going to the bathroom in the house. He wanted someone, he didn’t care who, to save him from this embarrassment.

“Come on.” Mrs. Winters was careful not to step in the puddle as she reached over and grabbed Jack’s clean hand.

Jack was in no position to resist as he was pulled away from the centre of everyone’s attention. Mrs. Winters moved quickly and Jack stumbled behind her as he tried to keep up. He could feel the pee on his legs already starting to cool as his pants stuck to his skin. Chancing a look back to the checkout area Jack saw the customers getting back to their shopping whilst Melissa stared his way.

“I knew I should have made you wear diapers.” Mrs. Winters said with a disappointed sigh, “Public or private property, it doesn’t matter. You absolutely need to wear them, that much is abundantly clear.”

“I’m sorry, ma’am.” Jack had been apologising a lot recently but he felt like he had a lot to apologise for.

“Yes, well, we know for the future at least.” Mrs. Winters stated dismissively, “Come on, you can wait in the staff room till your mom arrives.”

Jack duly sat in a corner of the break room in his wet clothes as he waited for closing time. Occasionally another member of staff would come into the room for one reason or another and the same scene repeated many times. The female would come in to do whatever she had to do whilst glancing over at Jack before she eventually left leaving the young man hearing her laughter echoing down the hallway. No doubt he would be the story all the staff would be telling their friends about.

Eventually Jack’s mother arrived and Jack hung his head as he walked back through the store and out to the car. He climbed into the backseat without a word but Sarah could clearly see what had happened. Even if she didn’t see it she would certainly smell the stale urine.

“Oh dear.” Was all that Sarah said as if she expected nothing less than her son to embarrass himself like this, “Diapers from now on I think.”

Jack couldn’t really argue his case. He had asked to be allowed to go to work without the padding but after that evening he had clearly proven he needed them. His self-esteem was so low that had his mother not suggested it he would’ve asked for the diapers, he didn’t trust himself more than anyone else seemed to trust him.

When Jack reached home he repeated his walk of shame. Alice was buzzing with questions but Jack just walked sullenly upstairs and into his bedroom. Before he went to sleep that night he did something he hadn’t done before. Instead of just climbing into bed he got up on to his changing table and pulled out one of the diapers. Since he had wet himself at the store he felt like he didn’t deserve to be unpadded, he unfolded the plastic disposable and taped it on to himself before finally going to sleep.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Jack has to go back to school after his embarrassment and would've loved a chance to lay low... unfortunately that isn't going to possible for him. He has a game of football against the girls to play and then afterwards Melissa has something she wants to tell him.


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It felt almost surreal going back to school there next day. Jack was expecting everyone to have heard what had happened and yet Melissa seemed to have kept it all to herself. He was very thankful for her discretion.

After the embarrassment at work Jack had been in diapers full time and he didn’t dare complain about it. After the wetting accident he agreed with the diapers, wetting them was a lot less embarrassing than wetting his pants. It meant that he became even more used to using his diapers whenever he wanted.

On the Friday of that week during afternoon registration Jack and Kevin were informed that they would be playing football against the girl’s team. This wasn’t news to Jack of course but the surprise for them was that the game was to be that very afternoon. The girls had been practicing and had a league they were soon to take part in meanwhile the boys didn’t even know if their team still existed until a couple of hours before their game.

“This is ridiculous!” Kevin raged as they walked towards the changing rooms before the sudden football game, “We haven’t had a chance to prepare or train or anything! How is that fair!?”

“That’s the point.” Jack said back as he adjusted his bag, “It isn’t fair. It’s just training for the girls.”

“Well that’s bullshit!” Kevin said loudly, “We are just as good as they are if giving the proper preparation.”

“Careful…” Jack replied warningly, “If you are heard saying that it might not go well for you.”

“I don’t care!” Kevin raged, “This whole system is a load of crap!”

Jack nodded his head a little but didn’t want to join in the complaining. The last thing he wanted was to have someone hear this and get him in trouble. Kevin wasn’t usually this angry and Jack wondered if his diaper was particularly wet, he knew he got cranky when he was due for a change.

Once in the changing rooms Jack and Kevin went over to their usual spots. They were the last ones to come in and it seemed everyone in the room was equally frustrated. Jack hadn’t even picked up a football since last year and now he was expected to play a competitive game. It might sound like they would be able to physically out power the girl’s team but in reality the girls had trained hard whereas the boys rarely got to do as much physical activity.

Jack’s diaper was a little damp as he pulled off his romper but he could see some people in much worse condition than him. Some were already messy and Jack joined others in wishing they had got changed before coming here.

“I tried!” One of the boys with poopy pants whined when someone finally spoke up, “They said not until after the game.”

Jack wondered where the uniforms were. The pads and uniforms usually hung in the changing rooms waiting for them but today nothing was there. Jack sat on the bench and looked down at his diaper. It was strange how in just a few weeks he felt so much less shame having it on display in the changing room, everyone was diapered and after the first few times seeing it no one paid much attention since none of them could help it.

“Alright everyone, grab a helmet and come on out.” The voice of Mr. Grigg called out. No doubt his wife was right behind him.

“But we don’t have our uniforms…” Said the male closest to the door.

“I know…” Mr. Grigg didn’t sound happy about it either, “Out you come.”

Jack stared at the doorway in shock. Were they really expected to just go out in their diapers? This was insane!

When a shrill whistle blast made everyone jump the boys finally started moving towards the exit of the changing room. Jack found himself at the tail end of the group where he could feel his diaper rubbing against other people, they were so close together that it was impossible to avoid accidentally touching each other’s padding. They seemed like a gaggle of frightened animals as they got as close to each other as they could and walked out towards the football field.

The air outside was still warm but there was a chilly edge to the wind that blew through the field. Jack could see the girls already out on the field throwing balls to each other and practising. They were wearing full uniforms in contrast to the nearly naked boys.

“Alright, line-up. We’ll go straight into the game.” Mrs. Grigg said as soon as she saw the boys. It didn’t look like Jack and his team would even get to warm up.

“This can’t be right.” A male voice from somewhere in the huddle said.

Jack understood the sentiment but knew this was very deliberate. This was just another example of the women asserting their dominance over the men. Jack knew resistance was futile so he didn’t join in the uproar, he just knew he had to get through this and move on with his life.

The girls won the coin toss and elected to have first possession. Jack watched his team’s defence from the bench, this was a far cry from what the team were used to. The boy’s team had been quite famous in the local area and had a storied past including a lot of players who went on to be professionals. Even as the boys were gradually demoted their team still won state championships.

It was only last year, coincidentally the year Jack became starting quarterback, that league football was determined to be too stressful for males and so they were relegated to scrimmages and friendlies. Now it looked like even that had been taken away with the girls taking over the team.

Jack winced as he saw some hard hits out on the field. The girls marched down and scored quite easily and as the boys’ defence left the field he could see that their pride was bruised just as much as their bodies.

The sound of crinkling filled the air and Jack put his helmet on as he took to the field. It felt so strange to be playing football like this and as Jack went down for the first snap he was assaulted by the smell coming from his centre’s diaper.

“Ugh…” Jack groaned.

“Sorry.” The centre sounded really upset and Jack couldn’t help but feel bad for him.

The ball was snapped and Jack took two steps back. He looked up to see an absolute melee. His wide receivers were being tackled to the floor and the people meant to protect him were going down left right and centre, three different girls piled on to the hapless quarterback and he hit the ground hard.

Jack had seen at least half a dozen fouls being committed by the girls but, predictably, they were all ignored. As Jack climbed back to his feet he brushed the grass off of his arms and legs. The centre who had snapped the ball was gingerly getting back up, he tried to pull the messy padding away from his skin but Jack knew from experience that was a forlorn hope.

The team lined up again only for the same results. The offense and defence just went to take turns in getting pummelled by their opposite numbers. By the time the “game” was called to a halt Jack felt like he had been hit by a truck. He was bruised all over and the scoreboard showed that they had lost 84-0.

All of the boys looked in rough shape and the only ones who had been excused for changes were the ones whose diapers were literally falling apart. Jack trooped back into the changing rooms where he quickly put his romper back on. He wanted to be one of the first to go for a diaper change.

Jack joined the small queue outside the nurse’s office and got some looks from some of the other male students. He realised he must look quite the state after all the action on the field.

The line moved slowly until Jack was finally called inside. Jack went to the nearest free table where a hassled looking nurse wasted no time in opening the crotch poppers on the romper. Jack was roughly handled as the nurse grabbed his diaper to check it’s status.

“Have you had a messy diaper today?” The nurse asked brusquely.

“Erm, no.” Jack blushed.

“Do you think you’ll need to before the end of the day?” The nurse continued impatiently.

Jack didn’t know where these questions were coming from but he was hesitant to say anything. This was always embarrassing even without the questions but in truth Jack did think he would make a messy diaper before the end of the day, especially since he was wearing all the time now.

“We have to ask.” The nurse continued when Jack didn’t respond, “The school wants to reduce the number of diapers we use. They don’t want us to change them if they aren’t messy unless it’s an emergency.”

“What about our comfort?” Jack asked quietly, “Doesn’t that matter?”

“Not as much as the money your diapers are costing us.” The nurse replied quickly, “So… If you want a diaper change before the end of school you’re going to have to do your business.”

Jack felt shame rushing through him like a wave. His diaper was very wet and after the action on the field it was very uncomfortable. He really wanted a change but wondered if it was worth it, school would be over in just a couple of hours.

“I haven’t got all day.” The nurse sighed and folded her arms over her chest.

Jack still hadn’t fully made his mind up but when the woman spoke to him so impatiently he felt almost compelled to just do it. The eighteen-year-old bent his knees a little and stuck his pampered butt out behind him. He pushed down with practiced ease and felt poop moving through his lower digestive tract. A fart, muffled by the padding around his waist sounded around the room and was then followed by a sudden rush of small pieces of poop.

It was like someone had just upturned a bucket of mud into the back of Jack’s diaper. The soft faeces flooded the back of the padding like an avalanche and pushed the padding away from his body. Jack grunted as his cheeks turned red, his eyes were closed but he was aware he was being watched as he messed his diaper helplessly.

As Jack pushed again he heard the nurse make a sound of disgust. He could feel air bubbles popping against his skin as the poop was shifted to let in more mess. By the time Jack was done it felt like there was a huge weight in his underwear. Jack could smell what he had done before he had even opened his eyes, the Earthy scent of a fresh bowel movement filled the air.

Jack didn’t get a lot of respite as the nurse lifted him up and placed him on the edge of the changing table. Jack felt himself sink into the poop which spread further around the back and front of his diaper. It was like sinking into quicksand and Jack shuddered at the feeling. The smell suddenly grew much worse very quickly and Jack was confused why for a second until the nurse next to him exclaimed loudly.

“Oh for goodness sake!” The nurse took a giant step back, “We’ve got a containment breach.”

Jack followed her gaze and saw, to his horror, that some of the crap in his diaper had dropped out to the floor. He assumed it must’ve been the squeezing from when he sat down. Jack bit his bottom lip and felt almost like he was going to cry. It can’t have been an isolated incident in the nurse’s room though as another nurse hurried over with a bucket of soapy water and a mop, the small mess was cleaned very quickly.

“I’m… I’m sorry…” Jack gasped through his humiliation.

“It’s fine.” The nurse said though her voice made it sound anything but fine.

Jack laid back on the table and tried to ignore the squishy feeling in his pants and the smell that was so strong it felt like Jack was looking through a haze. As one nurse cleaned the mess Jack had made the other stepped between his legs and lifted his romper up and over his belly. She pulled the tapes off the front of the padding and as the diaper slackened the smell grew even more potent.

The nurse was visibly wincing as she pulled down the front of the diaper and exposed everything within. She started the arduous task of cleaning the messy young man whilst Jack did nothing. Occasionally a student would finish his change and leave the room only for another student to take his place, without fail they would all look over to Jack who had his legs high in the air whilst baby wipes cleaned him up.

The change felt like it took an age before Jack finally had his legs lowered on to a clean and dry diaper. When the front was pulled up and over his crotch he sighed serenely, he had survived another change. The nurse was silent as she popped the romper back together, Jack mumbled another apology but received another swat on his rear to send him on his way out of the nurse’s office. He took his hall pass and walked out the door as quickly as possible.

Jack exited the nurse’s room and breathed in the wonderfully clean and pleasant air of the hallway. He felt banged up and humiliated but he was still ticking, despite every indignity Jack was able to keep on rolling. He just wished for an equality he was sure he would never have.

“Jack. I’ve got something for you.” Melissa’s voice made Jack’s body freeze and his heart race. He turned to look behind him where he saw Melissa leaning nonchalantly against the wall. She barely looked like she had even broken a sweat during their game.

Jack turned to face Melissa like a child about to be told off. His hands rested on the front of his romper over his diaper and he looked down at the floor. He heard Melissa sauntering towards him and he wondered what was going to happen, the illicit diaper change still loomed large in his memory.

“Relax, you’re not in trouble…” Melissa smiled as she approached Jack, “Not yet at least.”

Jack looked up and saw Melissa’s pretty face smiling. Maybe it was Jack’s imagination but it seemed like Melissa was blushing slightly. He was already late for class, he wondered if Melissa cared about being late.

“You’re not hurt, are you?” Melissa asked, “I know football can get tough and I know the padding you were wearing isn’t designed for tackles... Not football tackles at least.”

“I’m fine.” Jack said quietly.

“I’m glad to hear it because you’re coming with me to the prom on Saturday night.” Melissa informed Jack, “I’ll pick you up at around six. Try to look presentable.”

Without another word Melissa started walking away leaving Jack staring at her back. He was in shock, he had never been asked to a dance before. Technically he still hadn’t been asked, he had practically been ordered. Despite everything that had happened recently and with Jack still feeling a bit bruised and battered he started walking to his next class with a smile on his face. Despite it being another pointless lesson on domestic chores he had found a brand new spring in his step.

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To say that the males in this future world are facing inequality is like saying the atomic bomb is a little loud.  What happens when a boy suffers a serious injury on the football field?  Does  Mrs. Grigg shoot him like she might a seriously injured animal.  Like how you soften the insults by bringing Melissa into the picture every now and then.  Know it's fiction but seems a realistic reflection of what many feminists on line would like to see happen.  However, extreme inequality foments revolution since when a group has nothing they have nothing to lose.  Continue to love this story.

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1 hour ago, babycakes said:

To say that the males in this future world are facing inequality is like saying the atomic bomb is a little loud.  What happens when a boy suffers a serious injury on the football field?  Does  Mrs. Grigg shoot him like she might a seriously injured animal.  Like how you soften the insults by bringing Melissa into the picture every now and then.  Know it's fiction but seems a realistic reflection of what many feminists on line would like to see happen.  However, extreme inequality foments revolution since when a group has nothing they have nothing to lose.  Continue to love this story.

I appreciate your comment and I'm glad you are enjoying the story :) I would just like to make sure it's known that I'm NOT trying to make any social commentary with this story. This is just an alternate world where women rule over all, I have a similar story I'm writing with the roles reversed.

I abhor the idea of one gender having an imbalance of power and believe everyone to be equal. This story is set in a dystopian world for sure!

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It's the day of the dance and Jack has every reason to feel nervous. He has no idea what to expect but it turns out there is some embarrassment to come before they even arrive at the dance.


This story has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and with a $5 a month pledge you can see all my updates a week before anyone else. For $10 a month you can get early access plus access to THIRTY-TWO stories that only my patrons get to see.

If you are interested please consider giving my Patreon page a look :)



The next few days were a whirlwind for Jack and he was constantly preoccupied by the upcoming dance. He had told his family when he had got home from school on the day Melissa told him she was taking him to prom and his mother had been ecstatic. It was only when Jack got to his room that he wondered how genuine her happiness was. Maybe she was just happy to be foisting her son on to some other female to look after him. Alice on the other hand was anything but ambiguous.

Alice had always acted superior and enjoyed playing jokes on Jack but now she became even more vicious. Jack found her hounding him in any spare moments as she tried to put him down and make his life harder. It reached the point that the siblings’ mother got involved and told Alice to tone it down.

On the Saturday of the prom Jack awoke to butterflies in his belly and a warmth in his diaper. He had maintained his full time diaper wearing since the incident in the store and was already getting used to it. The embarrassment of the full time wearing was lessened slightly by his mom agreeing to let him change himself whilst at home. It was to his changing table that Jack started walking that morning but his mind was already on Melissa and the prom.

Jack stayed in his room throughout most of the day and played his video games as he waited for Melissa to arrive. He had his smartest shirt and pants laid out on his bed ready to be put on at a moment’s notice, for now he sat on his computer chair naked except for the ever-present padding.

When the doorbell suddenly rang at six o’clock Jack jumped slightly. He hadn’t expected Melissa to be exactly on time but he couldn’t imagine it was anyone else. Jack opened his bedroom door quietly and leaned over the bannister to eavesdrop on the conversation below. He watched Alice walk to the door and cringed, he really hoped she wouldn’t do something stupid.

“Hi, I’m here for Jack.” Melissa said as the door was opened by Alice.

“Right…” Alice stepped back, “You must have terrible taste. No offence but… Jack?”

“Maybe you’ll understand when you’re a bit older.” Melissa said with a smile, “I take it he’s upstairs?”

Jack quickly retreated to his bedroom as he saw Melissa heading for the stairs. He felt his heart hammering and he hurried over to his bed where his clothes were waiting. He had just picked up his pants and pulled them up one leg when the door opened. Melissa stood imperiously in the doorway and smiled as she saw Jack look over his shoulder at her.

“It seems I’ve caught you with your pants down.” Melissa chuckled at her own joke as she stepped into the room and closed the door behind her.

Jack gave a quick smile before standing up straight and facing Melissa. He realised just how good she looked now, whereas he had been ready to wear a reasonably smart shirt and pants he saw that Melissa had gone all out with a dress that emphasised all of her curves. The dress was a bold red which was matched by her lipstick, it was a colour that really suited her. She was carrying a large bag that she dropped on the floor. She hadn’t used too much make-up, she really didn’t need to, and she looked perfect to Jack.

“No, those won’t do.” Melissa said as she stepped forward and grabbed the waistband of Jack’s pants.

“W-What do you mean?” Jack asked with a faltering voice.

“Don’t worry, I brought you something to wear.” Melissa answered. As she pulled off the pants she reached up and felt the diaper which was already damp, “This needs changing too.”

“I’ll get mom…” Jack said quietly.

“Don’t be silly.” Melissa replied authoritatively, “I can do it.”

“You really do-” Jack started but Melissa wasn’t listening. She took his hand and pulled him to the changing table.

Jack climbed up compliantly and laid back with his legs open. Melissa wasted no time in pulling the tapes off the diaper, Jack considered himself lucky it was a private change rather than in a public place like the classroom from before. The memory caused Jack to shiver a little.

The diaper was laid open and Melissa collected some baby wipes to start wiping Jack clean. Jack had the predictable reaction of excitement and he felt his dick twitching slightly. Melissa seemed to only encourage this by concentrating her cleaning efforts on the tool. Jack went a deep red as he felt his excitement increasing, it was just like in the classroom except this time they had more privacy.

“You’re cute when you blush.” Melissa said in little more than a whisper.

Jack wondered if Melissa might actually be planning to keep the pleasure going and he moaned softly as if to encourage it. Melissa smiled as she watched the man squirming beneath her. Jack was just starting to lose himself in the moment when he heard the door suddenly open.

Jack quickly reached down and pulled the now cold front of the diaper up and over his crotch. He looked at the door in shock as he saw his mom looking in. Melissa was as confident as ever as she stepped forwards and held out her hand.

“Hello Miss. Chamberlain, I’m Melissa.” Melissa said with her award winning smile.

“Hi!” Sarah smiled at the guest who was only a little shorter than her, “Alice told me you were here. I’m so happy my little boy has found a nice girl like yourself.”

Jack had been so distracted by this incursion that his dick quickly shrunk back down to normal size. He watched the unfolding scene with shock as he tried to wrap his head around the two separate halves of his live crashing together. He was still only loosely covered up and he wondered what his mom thought of this other woman coming in to change him like this.

“I hope you don’t mind me changing Jack.” Melissa said as she gestured vaguely behind her, “We’re just getting ready for the prom tonight.”

“Be my guest!” Sarah said with a beaming smile, “Don’t feel obligated though, I know what it is like changing these overgrown babies.”

Jack didn’t like the women talking as if he couldn’t understand them and he wished one of them would just come over and finish the change. He resented the treatment but if he was going to be in a diaper he wanted it taped on as soon as possible so he could get dressed.

“Oh, don’t worry about it.” Melissa replied with a chuckle, “I’ve had plenty of practice at home.”

“OK, well, I’ll leave you two to it.” Sarah said with a warm smile, “I’ll give you my number in case he acts up and you want me to come get him.”

“I’m not a baby…” Jack said sulkily. It was just loud enough for the two women to hear him and they both turned to see his cross face and the diaper he was holding to cover himself up.

“Of course not, sweetie.” Jack’s mom said with a shake of the head and a chuckle.

Jack reddened even more as he laid back down and waited for Melissa to return. Once Melissa had Jack’s mom’s phone number she closed the door and came back to the changing table, she had a huge grin on her face that she just couldn’t seem to wipe off.

Jack was glad that Melissa didn’t say anything as she lowered the front of the diaper again. With the cleaning done she pulled the padding away and unfolded a new diaper to slip underneath him. The diaper was taped closed without any further titillation and Jack sighed from disappointment and frustration.

“Now, let’s get you dressed properly.” Melissa said as she gave the diaper a couple of pats that forced the air out.

Jack sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the changing table. He felt the diaper crinkle between his legs as he looked down at the bag Melissa was now opening. She was smiling as she pulled out something that shocked Jack a lot.

“What do you think?” Melissa asked as she held up a coat hanger with clothing hanging from it.

Jack had been expecting the worst. When Melissa said she had something for him to wear he had expected an embarrassing or revealing outfit, to his shock she was actually holding a perfectly normal suit. The shirt was white whilst the pants and jacket were black, it had a little bow tie as well which Jack thought looked a little strange but it was better than anything he could’ve expected.

“I’ve got the whole evening planned.” Melissa said with a smile, “It’s going to be great.”

Jack wasn’t sure what she meant but he had always assumed Melissa was going to plan everything. He hopped off the edge of the table and reached for the suit, unfortunately Melissa had other ideas and she moved the suit out of reach. Jack watched as his girlfriend unhooked the shirt and started putting it on him.

Jack had to meekly stand by as he was dressed by Melissa. She wouldn’t let him help with anything and he felt like a toddler who hadn’t learnt how to dress himself properly. He was pleased with the results though and when he looked into the mirror he couldn’t help but smile, he actually felt like an adult now.

“Very smart.” Melissa said as she walked up behind Jack and wrapped her arms around him, “It’s a rented suit so no leaks or anything, OK?”

Jack nodded his head slowly.

“Good.” Melissa let go and started picking her bag up again, “We should get going. Dad is waiting outside to drive us.”

“You made him wait?” Jack asked as he thought about the poor man just sitting in his car.

“Of course. He was happy to do it.” Melissa said with a wicked smile, “It gets him away from his domestic chores for a bit and I know he just hates doing those.”

Jack could feel a lot of sympathy for Melissa’s father. He hated housework just as much even though he knew that his future would probably involve a lot of it. Jack followed Melissa out of the bedroom and walked down the stairs. Wearing this suit made him feel very grown up, it was a feeling he had long forgotten. He was so used to the rompers at school and the mostly nude time spent at home that having actual clothes on felt extremely weird.

“We’re heading out now.” Melissa said as they reached the bottom of the stairs. Jack’s mother was standing in the hallway, it seemed like she had been waiting for them.

“Oh my, don’t you look handsome!” Sarah gushed as she looked at her son, “My baby looks all grown up.”

“I’m not a baby…” Jack muttered again but nobody was listening.

“Hold on, before you go let me take a picture!” Sarah pulled her phone out of her pocket and started swiping on the screen.

Melissa smiled and grabbed the hand of Jack who looked embarrassed to be in this situation. He wished he could just stay up in his room and ignore the world, he had little interest in the prom. He was interested in spending more time with Melissa though, she was dominating and almost aggressive but Jack found her very alluring.

The picture was quickly taken and the phone was put away. Sarah hurried past the young couple and opened the front door for them. She smiled warmly as Melissa led the way out of the house. Jack could see a large car sitting at the end of the driveway, he didn’t know a great deal about vehicles but it looked like it might be expensive. It was black and in pristine condition, Jack didn’t have to guess who had probably spent hours washing and polishing every inch of the car.

“Dad!” Melissa barked orders like a drill sergeant, “The door.”

Jack saw the man in the front seat get startled. He hadn’t been paying attention but now he climbed out of the car and walked around to the rear seat. Jack saw that he was middle-aged but in good shape, he looked a little haggard and worried as if his small mistake might have big repercussions. He was dressed up just like a chauffeur and Jack could see that he felt embarrassed to be ordered around like this.

The door was opened and Melissa slipped inside. She patted the seat next to her and Jack soon followed, he looked up at Melissa’s dad as he went by but the older man averted his eyes to look at the ground.

“This is going to be a great night.” Melissa said happily as she clipped on her seatbelt.

“What are we going to do?” Jack asked. He had never been to an event like this.

“Dance, socialise and have fun!” Melissa replied easily.

Jack felt Melissa pull him closer and she put her arm around his shoulders whilst resting her feet on the console between the two front seats. Jack saw Melissa’s dad step into the car and look at his daughter’s feet, it was clear that the feet being there bothered him but he didn’t say anything. He simply turned the engine on and begun to drive away from Jack’s house.

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  • 2 weeks later...

It's the night of the prom and to say Jack is nervous would be an understatement. With Melissa leading the way he navigates the night but Jack's dominant girlfriend has a big surprise for the submissive man.


This story has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and with a $5 a month pledge you can see all my updates a week before anyone else. For $10 a month you can get early access plus access to THIRTY-TWO stories that only my patrons get to see.

If you are interested please consider giving my Patreon page a look :)



The drive wasn’t a long one and the car was soon pulling up in front of a medium size hotel that was located quite near the school. There was a lot of activity around the front of the building and Jack could see lots of girls in their finest dresses, some were with males and others weren’t. There were no males on their own here.

Melissa and Jack stepped out of the car and joined the throngs of people. Jack timidly looked around as Melissa guided him to the entrance of the hotel. She showed two tickets to the guard at the door and then walked inside. Jack looked around at the walls which had been decorated by balloons and banners. He could hear music coming from a room towards the back of the corridor and it was towards the noise that Melissa led Jack.

When Jack had been dragged into the main room he took a moment to look around in awe. There were a lot of people around and most were dancing to the music. A table full of snacks and punch was against one wall whilst at the opposite side to the entrance there was a DJ playing music. The room was dark with lots of strobe lighting, they had certainly put a lot of work into making the place look nice.

“Come on!” Melissa pulled on Jack’s sleeve enthusiastically, “Let’s dance!”

“I’ve never actu-” Jack started trying to say he hadn’t danced before but he was cut off by the frantic pulling on his sleeve. It seemed Melissa didn’t care how inexperienced Jack was.

“Just follow my lead.” Melissa said over the music.

Jack felt tremendously self-conscious as he tried to copy Melissa’s moves in the middle of the dance floor. His uncoordinated flailing made Melissa laugh but he did his best to keep up. When he had the opportunity Jack looked around at the rest of the room and the people within it. He felt glad that Melissa had bought a nice set of clothes for him because he saw some other males weren’t quite as lucky. Some of the men were wearing just onesies or other infantile clothing, they looked very out of place in the dancehall.

The evening continued in much the same fashion. Whenever Jack wasn’t dancing he was over at the refreshments table having some snacks. No matter what he did it was always with Melissa. It was as if he was on a leash and he couldn’t be more than ten feet away from the woman. After a couple of hours Jack could feel that his diaper was very wet.

“How much longer are we going to dance for?” Jack asked breathlessly. He felt like he was struggling to stay upright and he was sure his diaper had rubbed his legs raw, “When’s your dad picking us up?”

“He isn’t picking us up.” Melissa replied easily. Mercifully she stopped dancing and took Jack over towards a seating area.

“Then how are we getting home tonight?” Jack asked.

“Tonight? We aren’t going home tonight.” Melissa replied as she poured herself a drink from the nearby table.

Jack was confused. He took the drink Melissa was handing him as he tried to work out what was going on. He was so confused he barely even jumped when Melissa stuck her hand down the front of his pants to prod his diaper and check for wetness.

“I’ve booked us a room in the hotel.” Melissa whispered as she withdrew her hand, “You’re still a virgin, right?”

Jack’s eyes threatened to pop out from his head as he looked at Melissa’s face only inches away from his own. He couldn’t believe his ears, was Melissa really intimating that they were going to have sex or was he misreading the situation? Jack’s less than impressive dick twitched slightly in the warm padding at the thought of some naughty fun. Jack shyly nodded his head and was thankful that the low lighting made his blushing less obvious.

For another hour Jack was forced to endure more dancing. He was sweating quite a bit before Melissa finally grew tired herself. Despite his physical discomfort his mind was firmly on what Melissa had asked him earlier and he found himself constantly thinking about what might be coming. He worried that his family would think he was missing but Melissa informed him that she had asked Sarah in advance and received permission to keep her son out overnight.

People started to leave the dance but Melissa wasn’t finished. She had clearly been having a great time because she stayed and continued to have fun right up until the last people were leaving. Jack had been allowed to go and sit down which he was grateful for, he watched Melissa from afar as she spoke to some of her friends. The women were all laughing and Jack wondered if it was about him, it was easy to be paranoid when you always felt like the centre of attention.

“Come on.” Melissa strode over to Jack. Despite all the dancing and energy she looked as fresh as ever.

Like a soldier receiving a command Jack jumped to his feet and started following Melissa towards the exit to the hall. The corridor outside the dancehall was much cooler and Jack felt relieved to have the colder air cooling down his body. He could see the debris and trash that had been left behind by the partying students, he was shocked to see a discarded old diaper lying open at the bottom of one of the walls and wondered how that had happened.

Jack followed Melissa out into the main reception. As the woman talked to the woman behind the desk to get checked in to their room Jack looked out the window. To his surprise Jack saw Kevin standing meekly next to a woman, neither of them were talking and Jack surmised their evening hadn’t gone too well. When he saw the woman look at Kevin and wave her hand in front of her face he was able to guess what had put such a damper on their evening.

“We’re checked in.” Melissa’s voice came from behind Jack, “Grab the bags and let’s go.”

Jack dutifully picked up the two bags that Melissa had brought with her and carried them over to the elevator. They went up a couple of floors before stepping out and walking down a softly furnished corridor, after all the noise of the evening the silence in this hallway felt almost oppressive.

Jack’s heart was hammering as he realised he was getting closer and closer to getting private time with the woman who scared him as much as she excited him. Melissa stopped outside one of the many identical doors and swiped her card in the reader, a small click announced that the door had been unlocked and Jack lifted the bag into the room.

The hotel room was typical. There was a small bathroom near the door with a closet opposite it, beyond these small spaces the room opened out into an area with a large double bed. A television was on the wall opposite the bed and was currently showing the hotel’s own channel advertising their services. A small table with a couple of chairs was sat under a large window which showed the town outside though there was not much to be seen in the darkness.

Jack stood awkwardly near the entrance to the room whilst Melissa quickly threw off her shoes. He felt very nervous and didn’t want to make a move unless told to.

“How’s your diaper?” Melissa asked as she perched on the edge of the bed and stretched her legs.

“Wet but not soaked.” Jack replied efficiently.

“Messy?” Melissa continued. She didn’t even look at Jack, her attention was focused on the television that was currently pointing out the benefits of the hotel’s restaurant.

“No…” Jack replied shyly. He felt like he would never get used to such direct questions.

“Good.” Melissa smiled but she still didn’t look at Jack, “Then take your clothes off.”

Jack blinked a few times as if the words Melissa had said were taking a long time to reach his brain. His nervousness had left him frozen to the spot and he was struggling to regain his senses, he just looked at Melissa dumbly.

“Did I stutter?” Melissa finally turned her head to look at Jack.

Jack opened his mouth but didn’t say anything. His face flushed a deep red and he slowly reached up to start undoing his tie, he was going extremely slowly and soon Melissa was rolling her eyes in apparent frustration.

“Strip. Now.” Melissa ordered.

There was a threat that was left unsaid. Melissa didn’t need to say there would be consequences for Jack to know that he should do as he was told. His lips were dry and his heart hammered as his shaking fingers pulled the tie off and started unbuttoning his shirt. He looked down to watch what he was doing but he was very aware that Melissa wasn’t taking her eyes off him.

Inside Jack’s diaper he could feel his penis growing excited with the prospect of what was to come. The way Melissa had asked if he was a virgin definitely gave him an idea of what was coming next. Needless to say Jack was profoundly inexperienced sexually and he didn’t have the first idea about what to do.

Melissa remained absolutely silent until Jack had removed all his clothes with the exception of his diaper. He stood almost to attention like a soldier on the parade ground as Melissa looked him up and down, it was like she was sizing him up before a boxing match or something.

“If you take that diaper off are you going to piss everywhere?” Melissa asked as she reached out and prodded the wet padding.

“I don’t need these.” Jack quickly and forcefully stated.

“Then relax a bit and come over here.” Melissa smiled seductively as she patted the bed beside her.

Jack nervously stepped into the room. The wet padding between her legs forced his legs apart and he was forced into a waddle. The crinkling from the padding was amplified by the silence of the room.

Jack sat down on the edge of the bed and wondered what to do next. It turned out that he didn’t need to worry because shortly after his padded butt touched the soft mattress Melissa stood up and slowly stepped around so that she was in front of the television and smiling down at Jack.

Jack watched with wide eyes as Melissa reached up behind her and pulled down on the zip on her dress. She slipped her shoulders out and then let the dress slowly fall down her body. Jack watched agape as the dress slipped further and further revealing her breasts locked behind a lacy white bra. Jack couldn’t believe he was seeing this, his eyes fixed on the orbs that now kept his attention totally. He felt his penis jump slightly within the confines of the diaper.

The dress slipped further showing her flat tummy that flowed all the way down to where a pair of white panties wrapped around her crotch. As the dress fell down and revealed her long slender legs Jack wondered if he was about to pass out, he had to remind himself to breathe as he stared in awe.

“You’re beautiful!” Jack gasped breathlessly. He had already thought Melissa was pretty but now she seemed so much more than that, she was sexy.

“I know.” Melissa giggled and gave Jack a cheeky wink.

Melissa stepped out of the dress and moved forwards to straddle Jack’s lap. Jack felt her weight on the top of his legs, his padded crotch felt the pressure of Melissa’s body. He looked up just in time to see Melissa lean forward and kiss him. Her tongue forced Jack’s mouth to part and she wasted no time in exploring it.

Jack could feel Melissa leaning further and further forwards until he fell back with Melissa on top of him. He was a willing if inactive participant in what was happening and he passively laid still as he was kissed. He felt Melissa reach with one hand to grab his arm whilst the other supported her weight. Melissa pulled the hand closer to her until Jack suddenly realised he was cupping one of Melissa’s breasts.

For once Jack was glad he didn’t have any control. By allowing Melissa to take control he didn’t have to worry about doing the wrong thing or anything. He could just lay there and be directed however Melissa wanted.

“I’m going to make this a night you’ll never forget.” Melissa whispered as she parted from Jack’s lips.

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The conclusion to Jack's story!

It's a night Jack will never forget. Taken upstairs to a hotel room by Melissa it's time to make him the submissive man Melissa desires.


This story has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and with a $5 a month pledge you can see all my updates a week before anyone else. For $10 a month you can get early access plus access to THIRTY-THREE stories that only my patrons get to see.

If you are interested please consider giving my Patreon page a look :)



Melissa slowly slithered off Jack and rubbed her hands down his body. As Melissa’s hands reached Jack’s diapered crotch she slowly pressed down right over the top of Jack’s throbbing member. His erection was straining so much that he felt like it was trying to break through the wet padding to meet Melissa’s touch.

“Alright, big boy…” Melissa teased as she rubbed the diaper with each word, “Patience. Good things come to those who wait.”

Melissa pulled on the tapes of the diaper and quickly separated them from the front of the diaper. The soggy padding was pulled down between Jack’s legs and his dick poked up in the air, he looked down to see Melissa watching it bob up and down.

Melissa finally stood up and reached behind her back. She unclipped the bra and let it fall off her body. The breasts that had been contained within dropped ever so slightly and the small pink nipples were perky. Jack bit his bottom lip as he attempted to stop himself becoming overexcited.

Melissa slipped off her panties next and Jack saw a naked woman for the first time. He looked down past his crotch and saw Melissa’s forbidden zone. Jack saw the folds of her skin and the promise of great pleasure in between them. The male desires that had been suppressed and hidden his whole life started to peak through, the feminine domination his whole life had been overshadowed by threatened to be cast aside as millions of years of instinct brought up feelings and desires that had lain dormant.

Melissa moved forwards until she was inches from Jack’s body. She hovered right over his crotch, the head of Jack’s penis was already glistening with pre-cum and it tickled the opening to Melissa’s hole. Jack was just about to give in to his body’s desire to thrust up when Melissa stepped back again. Jack let out an audible groan of disappointment.

“I don’t think so.” Melissa said as she stepped away.

Jack lifted himself up on to his elbows and watched the young woman sauntering away from him. Her hips swayed and Jack was mesmerised by her butt. He was desperate to be with Melissa now and the teasing was tortuous.

“I thought we were going to…” Jack started. He couldn’t keep the disappointment out of his voice.

“Have sex?” Melissa finished Jack’s sentence for him.

Jack nodded his head slowly.

“We are.” Melissa smiled, “But I have to get ready.”

Jack wasn’t sure what Melissa meant and was left even more confused when she lifted up one of her bags and placed it on the mattress. Jack watched as Melissa pulled out a small tube that at first glance looked like it might be a tube of toothpaste. When Jack leaned in a little closer he saw that it was lubricant.

The next thing Melissa pulled out was a lot bigger and more confusing. Jack didn’t know what he was looking at except it seemed to have a lot of straps. As the last part of the object was pulled out Jack’s eyes bulged.

A large black phallus shaped object was attached to the straps and Melissa was now dangling it in the air. Jack stared at the plastic member and couldn’t help but compare it with his own. The one dangling from Melissa’s hands was quite a bit bigger than his own.

“What is that!?” Jack exclaimed when he had finally recovered his voice.

“A little toy of mine.” Melissa said casually, “My strap-on. I bought it just for you.”

“Erm… I kind of have one of my own.” Jack awkwardly gestured at his own still rock hard dick.

“I prefer to use mine.” Melissa giggled as she lowered the strap-on to the ground and then stepped her legs through the appropriate gaps and pulled it up, “It’s top of the range. It even as a little vibrating part on the inside that is perfectly placed to get me going. Rubs against me in a way I’ve never been able to do without it.”

Jack watched as the belt-like contraption was lifted into place. Melissa tightened the straps and when she finally let go the large plastic dildo stayed in exactly the right position. She gave it a few taps to make sure it was on tight. She started advancing towards Jack again.

“I… I… I don’t know…” Jack gasped as he stared at the intimidating sex toy. His eyes wouldn’t leave the swaying member.

“If you want to have sex it is my way or the highway.” Melissa said, “I can put my clothes on, change your diaper and then we can go to sleep if that is really what you would prefer.”

Jack was in a supremely awkward place. He really did want to have sex and since the two of them had stripped off he had felt a desire that he had never experienced before, it was like his body was craving the sexual touch of Melissa. On the flipside, he certainly didn’t foresee this large dildo being involved and he had a pretty good idea of where it was intended to go. Maybe it was just part of the fun though. Maybe if Jack just let Melissa do her thing for a bit then he would get a turn. He was so horny that there was only ever going to be one answer.

“We’ll do it your way.” Jack muttered quietly. His cheeks blushed as he looked away from Melissa’s grinning face.

“Great!” Melissa smiled for a second before suddenly turning stern, “Now, suck my cock.”

Jack looked bewildered for a second before Melissa stepped forwards with her strap-on jutting out obscenely in front of her. As the big black dildo got closer Jack automatically followed his orders and opened his mouth. He felt the plastic get inserted and he looked up at Melissa with his mouth filled with the cock.

“Go on.” Melissa encouraged.

Jack did the only thing he could in this situation. He started moving his head back and forth slowly, he felt his tongue slide against the underside as his lips formed a seal on the shaft. He saw Melissa smiling at him and it encouraged him to move faster. He started feeling like he had a duty to pleasure the plastic invading his mouth and he worked hard to please the person it belonged to.

Jack had never done anything like this before and he found it extremely degrading to perform like this. Rather than making him stop though the humiliation seemed to keep him going. As he was used by Melissa he only became more and more desperate to be as useful as possible to her. He didn’t understand why he was reacting like this but all of a sudden it felt like doing whatever Melissa wanted was the most important thing in his life at that moment.

“Lick the head.” Melissa ordered. Her voice sounded a little deeper than usual.

Jack didn’t hesitate. He pulled his head back and circled his tongue around the tip of the pseudo-penis making sure to look up at Melissa as he did so. He was glad he was alone with Melissa, he wouldn’t want anyone seeing him do something this embarrassing. His own cock twitched wildly as if the roles were reversed and he made sure he worked that fake phallus with as much skill as he could.

“Good boy.” Melissa said as she stepped back.

Jack felt the strap-on get pulled out of his mouth and he saw a thin trail of drool going from the end of the plastic cock to his mouth. He quickly wiped it away and licked his lips causing Melissa to giggle. She grabbed the tube of lube and opened it up, she squirted it on to the dildo and then used her hand to make sure the whole surface was covered.

Jack gulped fearfully as Melissa finally balled up the wet diaper that had been opened up earlier. He wasn’t sure what to do but that was apparently fine for Melissa who reached for both his legs and lifted them up and over his face as if he was getting his diaper changed. Jack flailed briefly before feeling a sudden intrusion into his back passage, it wasn’t Melissa’s toy but one of her fingers. He felt his hole getting a coating of the same lube used on the strap-on. It was a very peculiar feeling for a man who had never experimented with anything back there.

“You’re going to need to relax.” Melissa said calmly as she swirled her finger around inside Jack’s ass.

“That’s easy for you to say…” Jack gasped as he tried to stop his muscles from automatically clinching.

The finger was withdrawn and Melissa ordered Jack away from the edge of the bed. He laid on the centre of the mattress with his legs spread wide apart, he felt like a slut about to be used and for all intents and purposes that was exactly what he was. He was in the feminine position waiting to be penetrated. He would never have imagined this is how the night would end up but he wasn’t going to do anything to change it.

Melissa took her place and moved into position. The tip of the plastic dick touched Jack’s entrance and he felt a shiver run through his body. He was trying to stay calm but it was easier said than done when he was about to experience something very alien to him. The plastic tip teased him and he felt his body reacting with a confusing mix of emotions and sensations.

Jack felt Melissa going very slowly and he was grateful for it. At first the tip was just brushed against Jack’s ass but slowly she pushed a little more and more, eventually the tip of the head was worked inside. Despite the slow movement Jack still grunted each time the strap-on was pushed a little further.

Jack’s eyes were wide as he felt the feelings of pressure and fullness that were usually associated with a bowel movement. Melissa was gently cooing encouragement at him and he focused on her soothing words. The longer the dildo was at least partially inside him the less weird it felt and soon Jack seemed to find that he was actually feeling a little pleasure from it. His dick was still rock hard and bobbing on his tummy, he was leaking fluid which formed a small puddle on his belly.

“Hng!” Jack exclaimed as he suddenly felt a more forceful push. He gripped the sheets for a second before he got used to the new feeling.

“That’s the whole head!” Melissa said enthusiastically, “Well done!”

“Only the head!?” Jack gasped. From the feelings of fullness Jack thought it must’ve been the whole thing. Jack’s poor bottom felt like it was stretched as far as it would go.

Melissa moved in and out slowly but she didn’t take the dildo out all the way now. Jack was essentially being fucked as the long black implement was pulled out and then pushed in a little further each time. With his eyes closed he felt a bewildering mix of emotions and sensations. He felt Melissa starting to pick up the pace and despite, or maybe because of, the humiliation of being on the receiving end of this Jack was actually starting to enjoy it more and more.

As Melissa thrusted Jack could feel what he assumed was his prostate getting stimulated. He let out a little moan as he felt his muscles relax to allow the intruder in with ever increasing ease.

“Take it all.” Melissa grunted as she sped up her thrusting. It was clear she was getting a lot of what she needed as she became lost in her passions.

Jack opened his eyes and dared to look down his body. He was shocked to see the strap-on penetrating him so far, it thrust in and out with ease and his cock was swinging in response to Melissa’s movements. He could feel the leather straps at the base of the strap-on against his skin and he realised he was now taking the entire toy in his ass. The submissiveness of the feeling only made him moan harder as he arched his sweaty back off the mattress.

Throwing away all of his inhibitions Jack started pushing back against Melissa creating even greater feelings of ecstasy. Hearing Melissa moan from between his legs made him feel desperate to make the beautiful woman happy no matter what it took. He could feel his whole anal cavity stretching to accommodate the dildo and it felt great. All of a sudden he felt like this hammering couldn’t be hard enough.

Jack found the sensations on his prostate growing stronger as it grew used to this new form of stimulation. He was surprised to feel like he was going to orgasm from this penetration. He reached back with his hands and grabbed the headboard of the bed as Melissa went into overdrive. She was clearly reaching her own peak as well and the way she glistened with sweat made Jack all the hotter.

“I… I think I’m gonna…” Jack gasped as he felt himself passing the point of no return.

Jack pushed against Melissa’s thrusts as hard as he could and he felt his muscles relaxing even more as his body became desperate for more of the strap-on and more of the pleasure. He felt a tension building within himself, it was centred on his crotch and felt buried deep inside. It felt like all the sensations in his body were centring on one spot. His legs trembled as he closed his eyes and felt ready for the explosion. The pleasure just kept growing and growing until it felt like it couldn’t be contained anymore.

“Oh… God…” Jack gasped loudly.

Jack’s dick seemed to explode as he ejaculated all over his tummy. His milky seed spurted out of him like a faucet and he practically screamed from the pleasure, it was totally different to any form of sexual pleasure he had previously felt. The orgasm rolled on and even after a few spurts more of his cum dribbled out and down the length of his shaft. The orgasm kept going though and it took a long time for him to start feeling the come down.

Jack’s screaming seemed enough to push Melissa over the edge as well. As Jack was still in the thrall of his own rolling orgasm he felt Melissa tense up, she let out a loud groan as she thrusted as hard and far as she could.

“I’m gonna cum in you!” Melissa exclaimed as her body started to shudder.

Jack looked up from the mattress as he saw Melissa orgasm violently. He watched and winced slightly as she pushed herself against the strap-on even harder which in turn pushed the dildo even deeper inside Jack’s ass.

Finally, both Melissa and Jack were spent and after a few moments Melissa slowly pulled the strap-on out of Jack. She laid down on the bed gasping after an extremely powerful climax. Jack felt strangely empty now that he wasn’t being stuffed, it was a curious feeling but in the aftermath of his powerful orgasm it was lost.

“You’ll need to shower before you get a new diaper.” Melissa stated quite breathlessly, “But congratulations, you are no longer a virgin.”

Jack slowly sat up and felt a soreness in his ass. He limped his way to the bathroom and shower whilst Melissa started cleaning her equipment in the sink. Jack spent a few minutes in the shower just feeling the water cascade over his body, he had an awful lot to take in. By the time he stepped out and dried himself off Melissa was dressed in her nightclothes with a diaper laid out on the bed.


“I guess I’ll see you at school on Monday.” Jack said as he stood outside the front door of his house.

“You can count on that.” Melissa replied.

Jack was still feeling a little sore after the hammering he had taken the previous night. He looked over Melissa’s shoulder and saw her dad patiently waiting for her to come back. After a few seconds of awkward silence Melissa turned to leave. Jack wondered if that man had any idea what had happened at the hotel the previous night.

“Wait!” Jack called out before he could stop himself.

“What?” Melissa asked as she turned to face Jack again.

“What happens next?” Jack asked, “Are we a thing now? I really enjoyed last night…”

“I did too.” Melissa smiled and started turning away again.

“You didn’t answer my question!” Jack stopped Melissa for a second time, “Are we together? Am I your boyfriend?”

Melissa seemed thoughtful for a moment. She looked around and then back to Jack with a sly smile, she certainly seemed to like to toy with Jack’s feelings.

“I guess you’ll have to wait and see.” Melissa finally said, “See you later, Jack.”

Jack wanted to stop her again but didn’t. He watched her leave and felt more confused than he had before he had said anything at all. As the car pulled away from the curb Melissa gave no hints as to what she was thinking and Jack watched until the car disappeared into the distance.

Almost the moment the car disappeared from sight the front door to the house opened. Jack turned to see his sister standing in the doorway.

“The babysitter just dropped you off?” Alice asked sarcastically.

Jack didn’t say anything. He certainly wasn’t going to tell anyone what had happened in that hotel room and the wait to hear more from Melissa was already killing him. He pushed past Alice and went straight up to his bedroom. He tried to hide the distinct limp he was walking with but knew Alice was watching him.

Once in the safety of his bedroom Jack dropped on to his bed. He couldn’t get Melissa out of his mind and he desperately hoped their shared experience the previous night would be repeated. If he was going to be a submissive male for anyone he wanted it to be no one else than Melissa.

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