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Anyone use Goodnites here.....?

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I used to be able to squeeze into the XL's. They were okay. They do not compare to a real diaper, but, I'll tell you this - they're better than the Depends pull-ups they sell to adults. I could also put a Pampers Cruiser size 6 or 7 into a Goodnites, with a lightly perforated shell, and that combo would last me a morning if used judiciously, whereas a Depends with tabs might throw in the towel after one wetting. But all of that is playing around - if you want to leave your house for a few hours and not have to worry about leaks, wear a real diaper. Most products on the ABDL radar are an order of magnitude better. 

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Sooooooo, alright, it depends what you mean by "good".  What are you looking for?  Cuteness, comfort, fit, something to just reinforce your little side discreetly, or something to actually use when you need to go?

I heard about these newer sized XL goodnights and decided to see how they fit and, surprisingly they fit me super good....which honestly kinda blew me away. 

They are soft and comfy and, especially compared to the adult pull-ups available (granny panties ick...not cute), super cute. 

As far as actually using them, yes you can.  What you can't do though is just like, open the floodgates.  They, for one, are not made for a grown up sized bladder and for two, are made for kinda trickling into, not letting everything go at once.  So if you just walk around and have "little accidents" from time to time, yeah they do alright.  Otherwise, you'll have a leak, so be aware of that.

Also consider that I am a girl, so my experience may differ from a boy's due to anatomy.

That being said, I love them and they are going into my undie rotation.

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19 hours ago, Mixymagic said:

heard about these newer sized XL goodnights and decided to see how they fit and, surprisingly they fit me super good....which honestly kinda blew me away. 

They really are quite generously sized. I'm definitely at the pudgy end of the adult male middle-aged body range, and they fit me, granted, at the ragged edge of their capabilities. They also have padding going all the way around, whereas most other pull-ups that can be bought in stores (Depends, Tena) are sort of stretchy disposable underwear with an oversized sanitary pad sewn into them. You have to go to a medical supplier to get an adult pull-up that is built like a Goodnight - Abena etc. 

That said, their use for me would be strictly recreational - they cannot be compared to a real diaper in terms of capacity or reliability. 

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I pretty much agree with @Little Sherri. They are better than store bought adult products, but they can't hold what a real diaper will. If I had minor urinary incontinence, I would definitely use these over the adult stuff in stores.


They are surprisingly stretchy and fit decently on my somewhat chubby adult frame.

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