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Night Time Regimen

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Wondering how others may differ when it comes to night time regimen.


My routine is the below



quick nap time while my wife cleans up

bath by my wife and shampoo .  Cleansed with only baby products, soap, wash,shampoo

Placed on the changing mat 

Wiped clean with wipes

Lotioned and powdered to keep me smelling nice

Placed into a clean diaper

Placed into a onesie or not usually my wife preference

Given either a bottle or pacifier  to fall asleep

Then lights turned off for the evening.




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6:15 PM A long bubble bath


About 7:15 PM  laid on the bed; waterproof duvet cover; no changing pad needed, for the iaper


lotion, powder, then



Rubber panties and babydoll


10:30 Time for bed , already wet but the diaper can go for 13 hours before needing change

tucked in with Dolly





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Nothing too fancy for me as I am single.


Diaper and "wind down" time in bed watching TV (Sitcoms, late-night or cartoons; light stuff.) Cup of milk and my bedtime medicine, then electronics off and snuggle-down time.


herb: Your wife sounds amazing! I hope you remember to treat her special too!

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I just enjoy taking a hot shower then putting on a nice warm sleeper, then watch an hour or two of some movie until I can drift off to sleep.

I love warm cozy sleepers, I have been wearing them since I was a teen.

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I don't usually get what I'd consider to be a perfect evening every night, so I'll just lay out the evenings I love the best.

After dinner I play some video games into the early evening.  I have a nice warm bubble bath, with my favorite J&J baby wash (the apple variety).  After drying off completely, I use lavender Aveeno lotion and lavender J&J powder.  I snuggly diaper up into either Molicare or Bambino, with a crotch-snap onesie in black or violet (depending on my mood), then curl up under my sheets with my pet cat and my Nuk 5.

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usually i stay up too late on my computer falling down the rabbit hole that is youtube and the internet, then make lunch for the next day's work. after that i get upstairs and change into my pjs and feed my fish. then bathroom to wash up and such. after that, fix the blankets, turn off the lights and snuggle up with my g/f and drift off to sleep.

my usual diaper routine is after dinner just lounge about watching tv/interwebs in my onesie and already wet diaper from when i got home. have a beer or two while snuggling with my g/f on the couch, she heads up before 11, and i stay up for a bit more. after anywhere from half an hour to 3 hours, i head upstairs to change my onesie for bed and see if i need a fresh diaper (i stuff my diapers with two very thirsty boosters, so i usually don't need a change until next day after breakfast). then i fix the blankets, feed the fish if the light is still on, and then climb into bed and off to dreamland. 

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Right now, I don't have much opportunity for any type of routine since my work schedule and the traveling with it varies so much. 

But, I'm hoping to make some significant changes here in the next couple of months. I plan on having a routine of baths, pjs, books as quiet time (either being read to or just reading something on my own), and then lights out at a reasonable hour. 

I have something planned for the mornings as well. But, alas, still having to wait a few months to start. 


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