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Crinklz & BetterDry In-Stock at NorthShore with Free Shipping thru 12/31/17

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We now have both Crinklz and BetterDry in-stock at NorthShore!

Order at least one bag of either brand to any order through Dec 31. 2017 and receive free standard shipping on your whole order. Coupon code FS17 required. No PO Boxes, Contiguous US Only.

Crinklz and BetterDry are both made by the same company in Europe so the sizing and absorbency is identical. The only difference between the two brands is that Crinklz has colored printed animals and stars on the backsheet and BetterDry is all white.

Based on our own internal testing, these products are very similar in design and absorbency as ConfiDry 24/7. However, BetterDry/Crinklz does seem to dry a little quicker and has taller leak guards...and still has the elastic on front and rear waistbands. Note: Neither Dry 24/7 or Crinklz/BetterDry prevent clumping and wick as well as NorthShore Supreme, although the core is a little larger and the leakguards are taller than NorthShore Supreme as well.

Crinklz: http://www.northshorecare.com/diapers/fitteds1/crinklz-briefs.html

BetterDry: http://www.northshorecare.com/diapers/overnites1/betterdry-briefs.html

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Pretty good price, too.  I ordered a bag of large Crinklz, and because the free shipping and discount for registering, I got 15 diapers for $24.50.

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I would like to point out comparatively speaking, this is a really good deal. Also it's awesome you guys a carrying these because for me it's like a days wait after ordering till it arrives.

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