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Happy Endings Pocket Cloth Diapers

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I was browsing Amazon when I came across a brand of cloth diapers called "Happy Endings", and I saw that they had some cute pocket diapers.  Then I saw they had some labelled for "Teen/Adult" use.  Now, I always get anxious when I see a diaper that can be for both teen and adult use.  I wanted to see why it was for both, in the event this was one of "those" companies that were selling products with a "creepy" factor.  After looking at their website and finding out why it was for both teens and adults, I determined that there was no creepy factor.  This cloth diaper can be made shorter in length to accommodate someone about the size of a teen.  With that being said, I will move on to my thoughts.

This is a pocket style diaper, just like the babies today are being put in.  The adult sizes come in two styles, one with snap closure and one with velcro closure.  Each diaper comes with one insert when you buy it.  My personal thoughts are that the snap style is shorter than the velcro style, and comes a bit short.  As far as comfort goes, both of them are slim, comfortable, and fairly absorbent with the insert that comes with it.  Finally, the customer service is top notch!  I ended up having to send an email about an issue with the site and a coupon.  They got back to me promptly and had fixed the issue.  Also, when my order arrived, it was short one of the diapers.  However, there was a note about the reason why (something about managing stock between sales and the website), and included a free gift.  About a week later, the missing diaper arrived in the mail! 

To sum it up: Not creepy, great quality, comfortable, adorable prints, great customer service!  If you wanted to look at getting pocket-style cloth diapers, I would give them a shot.  Also, order from the web site, not Amazon.

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i bought a plain white happy endings a few months ago (along with four pairs of baby pants trainers), and its probably going to be the only one i get. i found the coverage on it to be very minimal. maybe its just me, but i'm not interested in low-rise diapers. can't really speak to the absorbency since i can't wet my training pants because i don't have a washing machine and would have to launder them publicly, but it seems like there would be a significant chance of leakage.

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