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The fact is most people don't want to even think about adult diapers and such. Sure, it would've been fine if it were just mentioned in passing, but I've devoted entire chapters just to Julia's diapers! You may find this hard to believe, but most people think diapers are rather disgusting. I know, crazy right? And a lot of people think fetishes (aside from the ones they're into of course) are also repulsive. Now you start talking about a diaper fetish and you've got a real problem. I mean, I can't imagine how my parents or my brothers would react if they knew I was writing about diapering grown women!

I agree that this universe is really cool and would certainly be capable of standing on its own without the ABDL elements. And maybe someday I will write a different story set in this world with the intention of publishing it. And if that happens then this story; and the origins of my great accomplishment, will be our little secret. ;)

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Author’s Note: I didn't really have a setting in mind when I started this story. And since I don't think the exact location really matters I'm just going to set it in the fictional city of Marion; an urban metropolis like any other. This, and any other names I use, are fictitious and are not meant to represent any real places or people.


Chapter XI


“What do you mean Margot is dead?” The Warden of Marion stood more than twice the size of the cowering demon in front of him, but to the poor spirit tasked with delivering this bad news it felt more like ten times the size. “I'm sorry, my Lord. She was killed with an angelic blade.”

  “And the Lord of Sorcery?”


  No sooner had the word escaped the lowly demon’s mouth than the Warden sent him flying into a nearby tree with one swing of his scaly, powerful hand.

  “How could this happen?” he roared at the terrified messenger. “There are no Warrior Angels in this region! They don't even have a foothold in my domain!”

  “It was no angel, my Lord,” he hesitated before finishing that statement, fearing that it would send the Warden into a blind frenzy, “It was an Angel Hunter!” He covered his head with his arms, expecting another crushing blow. This was a part of his job. He would deliver messages from one prince to another. If the news was bad he would simply have to bare the fury of the prince he was sent to. It was a sort of unwritten code between princes and messengers, and it was why Messenger was such a loathed position; usually assigned to demons who royally screwed something up.

  I could crush him in an instant, the Warden thought. But he would have a hard time flying back to his prince with broken wings. So instead he firmly gripped the messenger by the biceps and lifted him up to eye level. The terror on the poor creature's face was quite satisfying. “An Angel Hunter in my kingdom? And I am just now hearing about it?”

  “I'm sorry, my Lord!”

  “And who is this Angel Hunter’s host?”

  “A woman named Julia Belle!”

  “Belle…” Suddenly recognition spread across his face, “As in the seed of Jonathan Belle?”

  “I-I-I don't know, sir. It could be?”

  The Warden threw him into another tree, “Take this message back to your prince: I want to know everything there is to know about Julia Belle. I want his best Spies watching her at all times. And I want you to report back to me with new information every twelve hours. No! Make it six hours!”

  “Y-Yes my Lord!”

  “You are dismissed.”

  The Messenger flew off like a bat out of… well, you know. Leaving the Warden alone with his thoughts.

  So the old thorn in my side has returned. After such a long hiatus why did she have to show up now? I sense heaven's hand in this! The timing is too perfect to be a coincidence. If we're not careful she could ruin…

  What am I thinking? This angel is nothing more than a pest to be squashed under foot. She may have posed a threat a hundred years ago, but the methods of our warfare have changed drastically since then. The age of the sword has long passed. A lone Warrior can do nothing against us now. Never since before the Cataclysm have we held the world so firmly in our grasp. A solitary rouge demon can pose no threat to me.

  “Go ahead, Angel Hunter. Make your noise; fight your battles. You will fall just like your brethren before you. And I will laugh as you descend back into hell!”





  The haze clouding my mind might as well have been cement wall blocking all logical thought. This is why I don't take naps. I'm not really a morning person, but waking up from a nap is worse to me than waking up at five in the morning.

  “Luc? Is anybody here?”

  Julia? She sounds panicked. “Huh? Yeah, hang on,” I say groggily. According to the clock it's almost three in the afternoon. A fact corroborated by the bright daylight streaming in through the window and stabbing my eyes with fiery lasers.

  I shamble into the living room. Julia is still on the couch and nothing is on fire. What was so urgent? “All right, what's the matter?”

  “I thought I was alone.”

  Seriously? She got me out of bed for that? Talk about clingy. “I would never leave you here alone without at least leaving a note.” God, is this what real parents go through when they have a baby? I shall have to remember to call my mom later and tell her I love her. But first I need coffee to clear the fog/cement wall out of my mind.

  “You weren't asleep were you?” she asked timidly.

  “As a matter of fact I was.”


  Don't say it! Don't you dare say-

  “I'm sorry.”

  “Julia,” I say with the tone of a parent who's had just about enough back talk from their child, “if you apologize one more time I'm going to throw you over my knee and give you a spanking!”

  She didn't respond. Which is good, because I don't know if I could follow up on that threat. I mean, physically I could; she can't exactly fight back. But I’m not a violent person. I've never even thought about giving someone a spanking! Sure, I know some people are turned on by that kind of thing, but I never really saw the appeal. Why would you want to physically harm someone you love? What's so sexy about being beaten by your partner?

  One sip of my coffee is all it takes to clear the grogginess out of my mind, making room for the fresh guilt I've earned for snapping at Julia again. Give you a spanking? Where did that even come from? And she probably thinks I'd do it! Ugh! Why do I keep letting my petty annoyances get the better of me? I'm supposed to be her tower of strength right now. I'm all she's got.

  Well, no use delaying the inevitable. I walk over and sit down on the coffee table, “I'm sorry for snapping at you Julia. I had no right to be angry. If anyone deserves a spanking it's me.” I hope she realizes that last part was a joke and not some sexual proposition. She giggled. Good, she got the joke. “I haven't been under one-tenth the stress you have. So from this point on I'm going to be Mr. Perfect for you. Never raising my voice; never lashing out at you; just loving and caring all the time. How's that sound?”

  She smiled, “Don't make a girl a promise you can't keep.”

  Of course she was right. There's no way I could keep a promise like that. “Yeah, maybe I did lay it on a little heavy.”

  She reached out and grabbed my hand, “But you're certain welcome to try.”

  “Deal.” I said, and I did intend to try. Starting now, “Do you need a change?”

  Her body was covered with a blanket so I couldn't tell. She let go of my hand and felt her diaper through the blanket. The look on her face was all the confirmation I needed. “I'll go get a diaper.”




Across the street a murder of crow sat perched on a telephone wire. And among their numbers was a solitary demon masquerading as one of the flock. Even the trained angelic eye would have a hard time picking him out, that's why his master picked him to observe the human girl and report back any information that could be useful. He was told an Angel Hunter would be lurking nearby, and indeed he saw her several times. She thought she was being sneaky, but she obviously underestimated her foes.

  You cannot avoid my eye, Angel Hunter! I see everything. I am the wind! I am the sky! You can crawl around in the shadows if you want, but I will still find you!

  And who is this girl? She is no Warrior. She is weak of body, mind, and soul. Even by human standards! Not the host I would expect an Angel Hunter to choose. The Man, on the other hand, seems like a much better candidate! Perhaps the Master got the facts wrong? No. We have several witnesses to the Angel Hunter fighting our brethren from within the girl. So why bring her here? What part does this Lucas Granger play in her game? He's not on any Danger Lists: He poses no threat to us. Why would the Angel trust her host to a nobody like him? It is either a bold strategy or an act of desperation. And given the current state of the girl would guess the latter. I don't see why the Master doesn't just send in some Warriors to dispatch the Angel Hunter while her host is so weak. But it is not my role to judge the Master’s orders, only to follow them. And my orders are to watch and report. So that is exactly what I'll do.

  I just hope the Master knows what he's doing.

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Well done man. It's intriguing and engaging. I'm just enjoying the shit outa your stuff!

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Enjoying this tale,  it's got lots of interesting stuff going on, looking forward to finding out more when you've got more time to post :)

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Chapter XII


After her diaper change she asked me if I'd help her to stand up, which I was more than happy to do. Finally! I thought to myself, We can get your mobility back and I can stop with all this baby stuff. Although I am getting pretty adept at changing her diapers if I do say so myself. However, my hopes were a little premature as she could only stand for about a second before falling back down on her diapered ass. Much to her frustration.

  “Ugh! Why is this so hard?” she lamented.

  “Relax. You'll get your legs back eventually. At least you have most of the use of your arms again.” I tell her trying to cheer her up a little.

  “What did I even do to myself?” At first I thought she was speaking rhetorically, but the she asks the question I've been dreading, “Luc, earlier you were trying to tell me how I got here…”


  “Please, just tell me what happened!” she was practically begging me. The Angel Hunter’s warning about Julia not being ready to hear the truth flashed through my mind. But I can't just keep stringing her along, and I can't lie to her. “You really want the truth?”


  I took a deep breath, “You were brought here by a demon who possessed you and sapped your body dry. It then told me to look after you until you were better.” There. Just like ripping off a bandage.

  She just looked at the floor, not saying anything. But she's not screaming or thrashing around, so that's a good sign. I sat down next to her on the couch. “I know it's a lot to process. I don't even understand it myself. But it's the truth.” I just sat there, giving her time to sort out her feelings. I can't imagine what must be going through her head right now.

  We sat in silence for a good five minutes before she finally spoke up. “So what's going to happen to me?”

  Good question. “I'm not sure.”

  “Is that Thing gonna take me away again? Use me for… Whatever, and leave me paralyzed in someone else's bed?” her voice was full of fear. And for good reason. God, I hadn't even thought about that! What if… What if I never see Julia again?

  Then I was reminded of Angel Hunter’s parting words to me: Our fates are bound together. Me, Julia, and you as well.

  “No. I think I'm somehow a part of this too.”

  “What makes you say that?”

  “She told me.”

  “She?” I couldn't tell for sure, but I thought I detected a hint of jealousy in her voice.

  “The Demon; It's Female. Or maybe it just likes to appear as a woman, I'm not sure.”

  “So you've seen this, this, She-Thing? Talked to it?”

  “Uh, yeah. She just kinda shows up out of the blue when you're not around to tell me things.”

  She thought about that for a minute. “So earlier when I was in bed and I felt something trying to smother me, that was her?

  Oh yeah. Forgot about that, “She was just making sure you didn't make any noise while I dealt with the Witch Hunter.”

  “The what?”

  I decided it best to just start from the beginning. I told her about when the Demon first showed up. I told her about her little pep talk in the laundry room. It wasn't until I got to the part about the Witch Hunter that I realized I had to explain why the officer knew me. So I backed up to explain my little adventure in Margot’s apartment. Suddenly she stopped me,

  “Wait! Was this a woman in her thirties with dark hair?”

  The expression on my face gave a nearly audible Yes.

  She broke down and started weeping into her hands. I was too confused to try to console her. How could Julia possibly know that woman? She answered the question through her tears before I could ask it.

  “I think I killed that woman!” then she went back to crying.

  Angel Hunter. She did this! She killed some poor defenseless woman using Julia’s body. I thought she said she only hunts demons? Why did I believe her? She's been playing me for a fool this whole time! That Demon is nothing but a killer and I've been having friendly conversations with it!

  I put my arm around Julia and held her tight. “This is the Demon's fault, not yours. You haven't done anything wrong. You weren't in control-”

  “You don't understand!” she said, “I killed her! I drove a sword through her heart and a bunch of… Black…” she didn't finish that sentence but instead dissolved into bitter weeping. The pain and anguish radiating off of her was almost palpable. I found myself almost shedding a few tears just from being near her. Then a thought struck me:

  “Wait, you said you stabbed her with a sword? The woman downstairs died of a heart attack. There was no blood or anything!”

  Through her sobs she managed to acknowledge that she'd heard me, “W-What?”

  “Margot died of a heart attack, Julia!” I never thought I'd say something like that with such joy!

  But she just continued to cry. Why wasn't she relieved? Is this what Angel Hunter meant when she said Julia wasn't ready to hear the truth? No. That was just another ploy by the Demon to keep us on a short leash.




  I told that foolish man that Julia wasn't ready to hear the truth. Leave it to a human to disregard sage advice from an being who has existed since the beginning of time. I'll have to act quickly if I hope to salvage this.




  She's been playing games with us this whole time. Every word out of that Hell Spawn’s mouth has been a manipulation. I hate her with every fiber of my being!

  “Julia, I swear, if it's the last thing I do-”

  “Before you make any rash oaths I believe we should have a few words.”

  I'm not a violent man. But upon seeing our tormentor appear in the flesh I was overtaken by a primal rage the likes of which I've never experienced before. I jumped to my feet and threw all my weight into a punch aimed at the demon’s head. I didn't care how stupid it was, at the moment I was seeing nothing but red. I felt like I could've knocked down a building with my bare hands if it meant protecting Julia. Unfortunately my fist passed right through the Demon and my momentum sent me on a collision course with the floor. But as I was falling a hand grabbed me by the back of my shirt and yanked me back and threw me onto the couch. Before I could get back to my feet the Demon’s spectral hand passed through my chest. My muscles locked, and an icy pain spread through my body as if I'd been hooked to an IV filled with liquid nitrogen. I was completely paralyzed.

  “A bold move. But force will not get rid of me. You will both listen to what I have to say.”

  She removed her hand from my chest and the pain instantly ceased. I gasped for breath as the Demon simply took a seat on the coffee table facing us. In my rage I hadn't heard Julia scream at the sight of her demon, but now I saw her cowering on the edge of the couch, shielding her eyes from the horror sitting barely three feet away from her.

  “I told you she wasn't ready to hear the truth.”

  “Yeah, you told me a lot of things!”

  “And just what do you mean by that?”

  “You said you didn't kill anyone last night. So why does Julia remember stabbing someone with a sword?”

  “I never said I did not kill anyone. You asked if I had killed the thirty fictitious victims the Officer claimed I had. And I told you the truth that I had not.”


  She turned her attention towards Julia. “Julia I want you to look at me.”

  She vigorously shook her head. By now she was hyperventilating. The Angel Hunter, if that is her real name, reached out to touch Julia. I tried to grab the Demon's arm like I had earlier, but my hand phased through her again and she quickly pinned me back into my seat. She didn't paralyze me like before but she did give me a stern look that very clearly conveyed the message that she was in control. Ugh, I hate this!

  She reached for Julia again and when her hand touched Julia’s arm she spoke in a calm, motherly tone, “You need to calm down child. Your body cannot handle this much stress.” miraculously Julia’s breathing slowed to normal levels and she looked at Angel Hunter without fear; Without any emotion really. She actually looked kinda stoned. It was my guess that Angel Hunter used some kind of calming spell or something on Julia. “I'm not here to hurt either one of you.”

  “Why should we believe anything you say? You've done nothing but lie to us since this whole thing began!” I settled in my mind that, no matter the consequences, I wasn't going to take any more of her bullshit. You hear that, demon? I defy you!

  “Lies? I have never lied to you. I have been selective in the truths I tell you, but I gave you the reason for that already.”

  “A half-truth is no better than a lie! You're just manipulating us with every word you say!”

  “And humans do not?”

  “Huh? No, don't change the subject-”

  “You speak boldly, but you do not know what you say. Up until now you have been taking this all extremely well. But now you are giving in to your irrational nature and lashing out at me. Tell me: if you're not going to listen to reason, just what are you planning to do?”

  “I…” Damn. What am I planning to do? “I'm going to find a way to get rid of you and free Julia.”

  “A seemingly noble gesture. But answer me this: how many lives are you willing to sacrifice to ‘save’ Julia? A dozen? A hundred? A thousand?”

  “What the hell are you talking about? Sacrificing lives? What is that supposed to mean?”

  “You seem to forget my purpose: to hunt the demons that wish to kill, steal, and destroy everything they touch. Only last night I stopped a man from committing suicide by slaying the demons that were driving him. I halted a gang rape and banished the spirits of lust that possessed the poor souls to commit such a crime. And as for the woman downstairs, she was a demonic priestess who has wrought terrible havoc in the spirit realm as well as on earth. She was so thoroughly corrupted that when I banished the demons controlling her she died as well.”

  Really? Wait, no! Stop letting her deceive you! “You don't expect me to believe any of that do you?”

  “You are letting your emotions cloud your judgement.”

  I jump to my feet and shout, “YOU'RE GODDAMNED RIGHT I AM!” I expected her to push me back to the couch, but she just sat there with what I took to be a smug little grin, which only pissed me off more so I continued. “Ever since you showed up you've been using my logic against me! Making me want to trust you! So maybe it's about time I let emotion take the wheel for once. GET OUT!”

  Her grin faded, “You do not know what it is you ask. Many demons have seen us together already. If I leave, they will come. And they will not be nearly so nice as I have been. The two of you wouldn't last a week.”

  That last sentence chilled me to the bone. Other demons? It makes sense that there would be others like her. And that they would have no qualms about hurting or even killing us. As much as I wanted to disregard her threat as a lie, my logical side couldn't shake the feeling that she must be right. The pieces line up.

  We're damned whatever we do.

  “You need not fear damnation with me. Ask yourself this: what if I am telling the truth? If I am lying then you are indeed ‘damned whatever you do.’ but if I am not lying then by serving me you will be serving a noble cause. You will be turning the forces of Darkness against itself. You will be a hero of the shadows.”

  Hero of the Shadows? What is this, an anime? I looked down at Julia, who still had that trance-like look in her eyes. “Has she heard any of this?”

  “Every word. I merely blinded her and steadied her heartbeat.”

  “Well can you take her out of this trance or whatever you have her in?”

  “So you have decided then?”

  “I'm leaving it up to her. If she buys this whole 'Hero of Shadows' story then I'll go along with it. But if she wants you gone then we'll take our chances with the angry horde of demons waiting outside my door. Deal?”

  She thought that over for a moment. “Very well.” she said. She reached over and touched Julia, once again speaking in kind, soft tones, “Alright child. I need you to come back to us.”

  Julia blinked a few times before clarity returned to her mind. She looked at me, then Angel Hunter, then back at me, her breathing starting to quicken. I move in close to Julia and she clings to me for dear life, but I can tell she feels safer by my side. “Okay, Julia,” I began, “You have a choice to make here: You've heard both sides of the issue, so now it's up to you to decide. I'll support you in whatever you choose.”

  “I only hope you understand the gravity of this decision.”

  I pointed my finger at Angel Hunter, “Don't try to sway her!” I warned. Though I don't know how exactly I could back up that warning.

  Julia’s eyes darted about the room, a nervous tic for when she had a tough decision to make, I surmised. Finally she nuzzled her head into my shoulder like a scared child and gave her answer, “Make her go away.”

  I looked back up at Angel Hunter, who did not look happy at all. “Well, you heard the lady. Get lost!” I felt victorious for some reason. We beat her! We defeated the Angel Hunter!

  “You are making a terrible mistake!” she snarled at us.

  “Ah, ah, ah! We made a deal. Now you have to leave. Bye bye!” I gave a little goodbye wave. In the back of my mind something told me I probably shouldn't be so flippant with a demon, but I was too elated to hear that tiny voice. The Angel Hunter stood up, red eyes full of anger. For a moment I had the dread fear that she was going to kill us or something for rejecting her. But all she said was, “I can only hope you live long enough to regret your decision.” Then she disappeared. For a solid minute neither me nor Julia moved or spoke. As if waiting for Angel Hunter to change her mind and rip out our spines or something.

  But that moment never came.



  “I-I think she's gone.”

  “Yeah,” I was reminded once again of the two most beautiful words in the English language: She's Gone. She's really gone! “Julia do you know what this means?”

  “We're free!”

  “You're damn right we are!” I kissed her once again. I know I said I wouldn't, but in the heat of the moment I just couldn't help myself. And once our lips touched I found it impossible to break from her embrace. She began to fall back, pulling me on top of her. With the demon gone it was as if all our inhibitions went with it. She began to fumble with my belt, but I grabbed her wrist and looked at her with a hint of mischief in my eyes, “I have a better idea.”

  I leapt off of Julia and carried her into the bedroom and threw her down on the bed before climbing on top of her. I knew this is what we both wanted, but one tiny part of me wouldn't go on unless I made absolutely sure, “You're sure you want to do thi-” I was cut off when she put her hand to my mouth. “No more talking.” She said before pulling me into another deep, passionate kiss.

  And we didn't talk for a long time.


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Thank you all. While I was writing this chapter I was really worried about where it was headed. I knew I couldn't write a sex scene, so I did the next best thing and wrote everything leading up to it & left the rest to the imagination.

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2 hours ago, Wannatripbaby said:

Thank you all. While I was writing this chapter I was really worried about where it was headed. I knew I couldn't write a sex scene, so I did the next best thing and wrote everything leading up to it & left the rest to the imagination.

looks like it worked out well. keep up the great work!

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Just a little update: I've written most of the next chapter, but I've got family staying over the weekend & I probably won't get a chance to sit down and write until they leave on monday. I'm sorry new chapters ate coming out rather slowly. I'm still new to this whole story writing thing & it's becoming hard and harder for me to write lately. Of course the holidays don't help, but that's not an excuse. I can't promise any kind of consistent posting schedule, all I can do is keep you guys updated if I go to long without a chapter.

Thank you for your patience. You guys are the reason I'm doing this (I know that's really cliche, but it's true.):)

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lol no problem man, trust me, I know the hardships of trying to write with a bunch of people and family around. thanks for the update and i hope you have a great holiday 

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don't worry about us! you just have a happy holiday and come back when your ready. we can waite ^,^

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Chapter XIII


  “Angel Hunter is gone?”

  The Messenger had returned to the Warden a few hours early at the behest of his superiors. Normally he would've refused on the ground that the Warden had instructed him to keep a fixed schedule and they couldn't contradict His ruling lest they suffer severe consequences. However, seeing as the message he was ordered to deliver was most certainly good news he was more than eager to deliver it. “Indeed, my Lord. Our Spy saw the Angel Hunter break her bonds with the girl and flea the apartment.”

  “And why would she do that? This must be a trap!”

  The Messenger backed up slightly at the raising of his master’s voice, “Th-th-that’s what we thought as well, sir! Which is why my Prince sent me to ask permission before attacking.”

  The Warden pondered this request. If Angel Hunter really was gone, then the two humans would be vulnerable. Especially the girl. “Very well. I don't want any key players involved in case this is a trap. But beyond that, I leave the matter in the hands of the Prince of Wylton Street. You are dismissed.”

  The Messenger flew off once again, excited to be able to deliver two pieces of good news in one day.





  I rolled over to meet the smiling eyes of my Julia. What is it, my love? My most beautiful darling? My heart’s one and only desire? “Yes?”

  “I think I need a change.”

  I chuckled at the request. I had almost forgotten about her infantile undergarment despite having just re-diapered her after we had sex. Which is a perfectly normal thing to do, of course. “Oh. Yeah, okay.” I begrudgingly pulled myself out of bed and went to fetch her a diaper. I really hope I can do away with these things soon. They sure do put a damper on one's love life.

  I came back with the changing supplies and handed them to Julia. “Here you go.”

  “What? Why are you giving them to me?”

  “I figured since you have most of your mobility back that you could probably handle changing your own diapers from now on.”

  “Oh,” she didn't sound too thrilled about the idea, “I just thought-”

  “What? Did you think I'd be changing your diapers forever? I think if you're well enough to make love you can certainly change your own diaper!”

  “I… I guess…”

  “Good. I'll give you some privacy. Been awhile since you had any of that, eh?” She just continued to look at the objects in her hand as if trying to decipher some secret code. I considered offering to help her one more time, but decided against it. Best to quit cold turkey, I say.

  I went out to the living room and turned on the TV. According to the clock it was about five in the afternoon. The idea that all of this started less than twelve hours ago was mind-boggling. In just half a day my world had been completed flipped upside-down. But now everything was alright again. The Demon was gone, the diapers will soon be gone, Julia should be walking again by the end of the night, everything was coming up daisies it seemed. I walked over to the kitchen and stared out the window. The setting sun bathing Wylton Street and beyond in golden warmth filled me with confidence that all the bad stuff was over now.

  Looking back on all that has happened I can't honestly say it was all bad. It was certainly interesting to say the least. Sure, the diapers were gross, especially the dirty one. But we got through it alright. And now I can honestly say I'm an expert when it comes to diapers. Wait till my sister comes to visit with her baby again! She'll be impressed for sure. Of course, I'd never tell her how I became so proficient at diapering. Not only would that embarrass Julia beyond belief, it would also lead to other questions that I simply cannot answer.

  That brings up another issue: How do I explain how Julia and I met? The truth is out of the question. Not that anyone would believe me anyway. I can't say something cliche like I met her in a bar. We'll have to come up with a decent story to tell people.

  “Luc? Can you come here?”

  “Just a second,” Ah, to not be forced to run to her side every time she yells. That's the good stuff.

  I casually strolled into my bedroom to find Julia lying on her back, a new diaper hugging her waist. I knew it was a new one because the old diaper was sitting open on my side of the bed. How romantic.

  “Does this look right to you?” She asked me. I walked over to her side of the bed to inspect her handiwork. One of her tapes was off-center so I went ahead and fixed that for her. I'm a little OC and knowing her diaper was crooked would've bothered me all night. “Looks good to go.”

  “I knew you wouldn't be able to resist fixing that tape.” she said with a sly smile.

  What? “Are you telling me you put that on crooked on purpose just so I would fix it?” she giggled in response. Not good. I need to shut this down right now. “Julia,” I said sternly, “this is not a game. And I'm not playing.”

  Her smile instantly vanished, “w-what?”

  “I want to make it perfectly clear right now that I don't want anything to do with your diapers. It's weird and it's disgusting! I only did it out of necessity and as soon as you can function again I'm throwing the rest of these diapers in the nearest dumpster. No! not the nearest, I want them as far away from me as possible! Maybe I'll drive out of town just to get rid of them!” I wouldn't. That would just be silly. But I needed to make a point. “Do I make myself perfectly clear?”

  She pulled her knees up to her chest and pouted, “I didn't know you felt that way. I'm sorry.”

  Didn't know I felt that way? How else was I supposed to feel? “What, did you think I had some kind of a fetish for this stuff?”

  “I-I-I don't know…” she didn't expound upon that sentence but instead just looked away. And if I wasn't mistaken her face turned a slightly darker shade of red.

  Oh dear God, she has a thing for this stuff! Why me? Out of all the billions of girls who could've been dropped in my lap, why did Julia have to have some weird desire to be babied? I have to handle this delicately if I hope to salvage this disaster.




Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Luc or Julia a young man had entered the apartment directly below them. He hadn't paid for a key; he didn't need one. Indeed if a bystander had been watching it would've looked like the door had simply opened by itself on his approach. Nobody else, including the young man, could see the black, jeweled hand of the Prince of Wylton Street Himself opening the locked door, leading his pawn by an invisible hand.

  Yes, come my puppet! We are going to have so much fun! It's been too long since I've had a good old-fashioned Haunting. There's so rarely a need for it these day. But tonight is MY night! Sure, it would've been a bit easier with Margot or perhaps Landers by my side, but little Johnny here will have to do. I do hope he's up to the task. He's only been with us a few years as a low-level operative. I guess in a way tonight is His night as well! By the time this night is over and he realizes what he’s done he'll either laugh with joy and power or cry out for death. I'm not sure which outcome to hope for. They both sound so pleasant! But now the time has come to prepare the spells. I think I shall start with a few Glyphs of Silence. Don't want their screams drawing too much attention now do we?

  Wylton leaned down and whispered in the Johnny’s ear, “It is time to begin.” And like a trained parrot the boy echoed, “It is time to begin.”



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great chapter, I'm guessing the action is about to come in the next few chapters.

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12 hours ago, redwelch2222 said:

great chapter, I'm guessing the action is about to come in the next few chapters.

I'm not quite sure what's about to happen in the next few chapters. I'm sort of making it up as I go along. :P

Maybe I'll have the next chapter start with Angel Hunter being ambushed by a roaming pack of demons & she just wrecks the whole lot of them.

I've honestly been a bit hesitant to write a fight scene because in my mind Angels & Demons would battle in a fundamentally different way than humans. But I think I need to just sit down and try to write a fight scene and see what happens. Maybe I'll surprise myself. :)

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To all my loyal fans, I would like to wish you a very merry Chri-


(*Door bursts open*)



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