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Slim27    8

So i had a experience the other day that i hope doesnt happen again but thankfully it was a friend that knows i wear. but anyways he came over to hang out and said it smells like piss in my room and realized it was the cloth diapers that i had sitting on the floor under some clothes cause my disposables are in a can with a locking lid i need suggestions if what would be the best thing to use to put my dirty cloth diapers in that will block the smell. Thanks in advance for any suggestions and sorry about the long explanation.

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diaperguy85    38

i saw a vid on youtube that recommends using one of those tall tupperware/tote things that people usually keep dog kibble in. thicker plastic, air-tight (or nearly) lid, and mostly inconspicuous. plus you can put in a scented trash bag and that'l help with odors too. i've had luck with the orange home depot buckets for my spent diapers. i don't snap the lid down entirely, but it does keep the smell down. also i tie them up in the scented trash bags, too. i found the 3-gallon bags are a good size for a couple of smaller diapers, or one really huge and wet diaper. plus they smell like fresh laundry!

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