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Just found out BF has diaper fetish

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First off, I just want to say what a wonderful partner you are to your boyfriend that you are not only supportive but willing to engage and understand this side of him.

That being said, if he is having a panic attack at the thought of you seeing him in diapers, then you need to take this easy. Be encouraging of him but let him know that you're ready whenever he is. Maybe he never brings it up again, maybe he tries again to do this with you next weekend... just take it slow and let him set the pace if you're ready but he's not.

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you are an amazing person for being very supportive of him. thats one thing he needs and your loving.

It is very hard for some people in the ABDL community to open to our partner fearing of being rejected, made fun of, and being told by their whole family and friends. It will take time for him to open up to you and show his DL side to you. Let him take baby steps around/to you. Let him wear under his pants around you so he can let you know, "hey i'm taking steps slowly but it's progress." If you have to tell him i'll always love you no matter what, i will never stop loving you. I wish you both the best of luck

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First of all, I would like to say as others have. You have a lot of guts and honor to come here and attempt to find out more for your boyfriend. First find out if this is just comfort, or does it sexually excite him to wear them. If it does sexually excite him, you will need to find some part of this that is exciting for you. Maybe you're a dominant person and will enjoy the power exchange that comes from taking over his diaper wearing. Maybe you're a nurturing partner and will enjoy the closeness that comes from changing him lovingly and caringly.

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