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Purpose Of Incontinence Forum

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This forum is not for posts about can you make me wet myself. This particular forum is for support, advice, and the sole communication of Incontenint members of this board who want serious conversation.

If you are here to meet someone, post it in 'meeting place'

If you are here to become Incontinent, post it in 'General'

All posts will be moved if they are irrelevant.

- Baby Rosie

-------- Original Post --------

Whaa! Whaa! I want to be incontinent!

Shut up! No, you really really don't!

Diapers aren't bad, I've learned to deal with it, but sometimes I'd like to enjoy a nice hike in the woods without having to pack out dirty diapers, or travel without extra luggage for diapers, or have the option to not sit in a soggy mess cause I didn't have enough diapers on hand.

Ugh, just shut up already! If I see one more thread about wanting to be incontinent, I swear I'm going to toss my cookies!

I do not understand why any one would WONT to become inccontinent

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Holy necro-posting Batman!

This thread died out on 08 October 2009 - 09:50 AM. Was revisited a few times between July & Sept of 2010, with little relevant "new" comments.

Now it shows up again, almost 11 months later with nothing new or informative added. :wtf2: ?

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Hey all. Here are my 2 cents. This thread is not a place for the fantasy seakers. This thread is for honest incontinent people. Not for people trying to become incontinent so they can have an excuse to freely wear diapers and blame it on a medical condition. To me that is what it is.

My heart goes out to all of you that are forced to be in these things due too medical reasons. For the rest of my fellow DL's seriously show some respect.

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Here's my 2 cents, people should dredge up five year old threads just to say "me too."

Since this whole thread started many years ago, the DD has established a separate "Incontinent Desires" forum for those who want to discuss becoming incontinent.

This thread should die.

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Urology Michigan

Hmm perhaps you are right. But the thread has flourished and is continuing to isn't it?

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