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The best solution is doing to be related to the amount of urine involved and the time between changes so use that as a starting point to choose by.

NorthShore has the best pull-up style disposable diaper, but even they are not great protection. There are also boosters which can be used to extend wear-time with any diaper, and they can be fitted/removed with one hand. The best tape-on disposables can last as much as 8+ hours so perhaps your friend can arrange to use those when assistance is available. They can be put on with one hand but it's very tough to get a decent fit that way.

Cloth is probably a better long-term option but it requires a separate diaper cover which might be a hassle here, but it could also prove to be the best solution. There's a higher initial cost and laundering to consider but in the long run they're at least as economical as disposables and perhaps cheaper. They do have the advantage of not relying on an order come in in on time so once you've for a stock of them that worry is gone.

I'd do a trial with disposables first to determine both what capacity is needed and how well your friend can handle changes before jumping into cloth with it's expense. Once you get the details worked out the best solution becomes much more obvious.


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