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Should diapers also function as chastity belts?

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7 hours ago, NotToBigForDiapers said:

Sorry to here that. My wife finds my diapers a turn off some times, but finds controlling my diapers at times a turn on. What do you do to take care of her needs?

No need to feel sorry for me as I was the one that desired to be in diapers permanently. A concequence of that choice was that my wife was not sexually attracted to a sissy wearing a diaper full of pee pee.  For her the smell of my used diaper is a big factor and I am experiencing the beginning stages of being unpotty trained so the possible lack of control makes her feel I will go pee pee inside of her.

I was permitted penetration on Saturday night which lasted less than 10 seconds.  It was the first time in almost three months.

My wife's sexual needs are met by her ex-boyfriend.  I am the one who always encourages her to do so because honestly it is impossible for me to meet her sexual needs.  Before they got back together sexually my wife was very sexually frustrated which in turn seemed to make her despise diapers more.  She would rarely change my diaper or play the "mommy" role so to speak.  That all changed once her sexual tensions were taken care of by a real man.

Do not get me wrong we do have a lot of sexual intimacy. It's just that for almost all of it my diaper stays where it's at. God gave my wife very sensitive breasts I guess in anticipation to being married to an adult baby. Without a doubt and by her own admission the most sexually fulfilling thing I personally can provide for her is breastfeeding.

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