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Forum Database Errors

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Dear Admins,

While not wanting to submit myself to tyranical scrutiny (I'm kidding), recently I've been experiencing numerous database "Driver" and 404 errors ("Index not Found"), trying to access the forums.

Not sure if anyone else has experienced this or if it is a backup related thing but it seems to be happening more frequently. Any reason for this?

Forum pages always seem to come back after 10-15 minutes but it still seems odd and as always I'm just curious to the weird error.

All the Best!

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I also have noticed this usually earlier in the morning, today at about 8:30ish East coast time. I have noticed it though in the last few days a couple of times. Not sure what the deal is, but like you said, the site comes back in at least a half hour. I know yesterday I was in the middle of replying to a topic and the site "hung" again. You can get to the outside shell, and even sometimes the chat, but not the forums. I would assume it's on the server side, doing some kind of maintainence. Guess time will tell.

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So that means that If I wnat to make any snotty, untrue or other demeaning remarks I have to do it soon?

How could you subject me to such an indignity? I am cruhsed: Do you hear me C R U S H E D

All I can say is: Chrisses: foiled again

I only had one database failure and that was today

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Still not fixed- it happened here today :( Since it's a temporary thing that 'fixes' itself I'd say wait till you've got plenty of time to do whatever it needs so the 'fix' wil be permanant and whole ;) SBS isn't the day to do this in a 'half-fast' manner just to get back to the game quicker :lol:


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