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Girls Goodnites L/Xl

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I decided to help out all you other curious diaper loving boys and girls by writing a review of Huggies girls GoodNites L/XL.


They fit really nice on the hips. Nice and tight. I'm a 32" waist and I managed to get 11 of them on tonight, so if you like a lot of padding you can do it with these diapers.


The butterfly's on my diaper are cute and I really like it. For all you guys who think you can't pull off a girl's diaper, you'd be wrong.


These diapers hold wettings really well. I got three decent wettings in them without any leaks.


I never messed these diapers but there's enough room in the butt that I'm sure you could get a good load in them no problem.

So that's my little review of my experience with these GoodNites. Hope it helps.

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Hiee everyone...

I totally love both Goodnites for girls in L-XL as well as Underjams for Girls in'tha same size range. Some pro's and cons of each:

For the record, I'm 145 pounds, 28 inch waist and slender build...

Goodnites- The fit is really good, and the design & graphics are totally cute. The stretchy sides hold up really well for extended day wear. I wear them to work pretty much every day, and generally use the potty rather than peeing in them (too dangerous). They are great for multiple up and downs of peeing (I always pee sitting down, so I'm not dealing with urinals). The only probby I have with them is that they seem'ta leak around the leg openings...'specially overnight. They also don't seem'ta hold quite as much pee as Underjams do, so I generally add 1 to 2 kotex overnight pads to keep leaks down.

Underjams- I totally love these, and would wear them exclusively, but the sides are way too delicate for multiple up and downs during'tha day. Even as an overnight diaper, the sides are pretty much gone by morning - which can be a probby if you pee a lot during'tha night (I do, and am'ma heavy wetter).

My best solution right now is to put 2 kotex overnights inside the Underjams, then put a Goodnites over that. This seems'ta hold me til morning...

I'd love'ta hear from others 'bout their experiences...

Hope this helps


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My wife and I think of these as no more than a novelty. They look really cute, but if you even think about wetting them, you are inviting a leak.

However, the look and feel are so much like real pull-ups that they are second to none, when it comes to appearance.

Wear either one of them if you want to look cute, just don't have an "accident" in public or everyone around you might now when it leaks.

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I have an actual review in this site's "reviews" section for both of these products, but to sum things up...


I've worn both the L/XL size for boys and for girls, and I can honestly say that these are my favorite diapers of choice. If I'm at home, they're discreet enough that nobody in my family will know that I'm wearing them, and the L/XL size fits me perfectly. I personally find that the "for boys" style fits me better than the "for girls" style does, but your mileage may vary. I also love wearing these diapers outside of the house. I've mentioned my issue with public restrooms many times, and when I was in college, Goodnites were a godsend. My only regret is not having the guts to try them until the beginning of my junior year; I could've used them several times as a freshman and a sophomore. In my field of study and my line of work, there are many occasions where I may not have access to a bathroom for several hours, or may not be able to get up and take a bathroom break when I need to go. I can completely empty my bladder into Goodnites without having to worry about them leaking. I'd definitely recommend Goodnites to anyone who was looking for a discreet diaper and wasn't overweight. Please note that this review refers to styles from 2009 and earlier; I haven't had a chance to try the new 2010 Goodnites yet.


I bought one package of the L/XL size for girls, and I don't think I'll be buying these again. I realize that Underjams are for children, but they're cut much smaller than Goodnites; I'm sure that this has been a problem for some children as well as adults. The second major issue I have is with the side panels; if you so much as touch them with your finger nails, they'll tear. I could wear a single pair of Goodnites for a whole day (24 hours) and the sides would just be beginning to wear out. In contrast, the sides to Underjams will wear out after about two or three hours. This is shoddy construction, and to me, it totally kills the product. I also didn't find Underjams to be any more or less absorbent than Goodnites. In my opinion, they're a mediocre product, and I expect much better from P&G.

I should point out that I didn't try Underjams for boys; my experience with the ones for girls made me want to use up the package that I had purchased to open (I do have a collection of sealed diapers as well as diapers that I use,) and go back to Goodnites, which is exactly what I did. At some point I'd like to try generic overnight diapers that are similar to Goodnites to see if they're better than Underjams.

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thanks for all your help guys. finally went to the store today and bought a pack of the girls goodnights today. they're great. I'm on my second one of the night :). anyway, thanks again

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For those who have worn GoodNites L/XL what is the maximum waist size they will fit. I like to try a pair they are written in weight and age but nothing about waist size. So for those who have a pair like to know the approximate size when you stretch it out.

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I would say no more than a 34" waist. Even then, it may stretch over you, but in all likelyhood will not go up as high as you'd want.

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TheoW was absolutely right the good night extra-large girls will just fit of 34 waist. I found them to be very absorbent and a great addition to my wardrobe.

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I know this is an older thread, but I think I'll add my own review to the mix.

Though I'm not sure exactly when, the graphics on GoodNites have been updated.  The feeling of the product has changed as well, and I think there's a little more strength in the new pull ups.  Anyways, lemme get into some boring info before branching into a summary.

About Me: I'm a petite female.  I'm 5ft when standing straight up, and weigh in at about 130lbs.   Weight is an inaccurate number for me, as I have a TON of muscle weight on my person.  The rest of my person is a 24-26in waist, and 36in hips.  I have thicker thighs, so my thigh gap is small/nonexistent.  This gives me a major problem with a lot of big-name diapers, since they have super wide crotches (2x-3x my own gap.)

Wearing: These pull ups are tight and cozy.  I would compare the fit to a pair of women's underwear, though the band sits higher and thicker on the hips due to it being a diaper, not undergarments.  They are only slightly visible above most waistbands, less than an inch.  Since they're designed to look so much like underwear, I've only noticed a small band of violet over my pants, although sometimes my pants do cover it, based on the pants height.  They lay flat along the body unlike a diaper, so there isn't any sort of pouching or bunching around the rear, which is likely intended: They were designed for bedwetters, not heavy/full incontinence issues.  The new GoodNites are made of a slightly thicker material, so I don't accidentally tear through the sides or shred them with slightly chipped/sharp fingernails.  If left dry all day, I've worn them for 24hrs straight, using them like underwear, pulling them on and off.  If I want to wet, I'll use a Pampers as a stuffer and swap that out during the day, changing into a new clean GoodNite after an evening bath and shower.

Design: The design has changed from the older butterfly and flower designs (since I last used them) and changed to a newer  floral owl or butterfly design.  They still have the purple band along the top as they had before.  The only silly thing that held through from the old design, which is a part i don't really care for, is that the back of the diaper is labeled.  I have no idea why, I'd figure with the larger images across the front, it would be obvious to the wearer which side is the front and which side is the back but...the's neither here nor there.  There's also a 'bow' drawn onto the front panels as well.  The front portion of the diaper near the crotch fades to white, though I'm also unsure why that was chosen stylistically.  In theory, that shows if it's wet or dry but...I can't see it when wet.  Perhaps it's a failed attempt at showing a wetness indicator?

Usage: THESE ARE PULL UPS.  I messed them once when I was unwell, and that nearly ended in disaster.  I filled the front and back up completely with a soft, squishy, and near-impossible to clean up mess.  The good news is that it stays inside of the pull up due to the leg bands, but I have a very good feeling that isn't the usual outcome.  If most were to mess a pull up like this, it would likely leak.  As for wetting, I repeat the previous statement: THESE ARE PULL UPS.  They'll take maybe one wetting, and you can't flood them.  If you flood, the sap won't be able to absorb in time, and it'll run straight past the leak guards, down your leg.  I speak from experience.  If you wet slowly, in tiny spurts, or dribbles, you'll be alright, but it's a one and done deal.  If you want to wet again, you'll have to change into a fresh GoodNite.  As mentioned above, I usually opt to tuck a Pampers inside as a stuffer and use/replace that as needed.  For the price of diapers vs pull ups, it makes perfect sense to me.

Other: The perks of using a child/baby diaper is simple to me.  I have sensitive skin, so I'm often worried about coming up with some sort of allergy/skin irritation.  Wet or dry, Goodnites haven't caused any sort of allergic reaction on my skin.  This is a big win for me right off the bat.  They also don't bunch or clump over the day, instead holding up as underwear pretty dang well.



I like them for their purpose.  A 'diaper' that I can keep dry while at work, then wet while at home in small spurts.  In combination with Pampers Size 6, I have a reasonably cost effective diaper that I can buy all the parts of at local stores and supermarkets.  As a bonus, they look adorable, and fit well.  If you're expecting anything other than a pull up, you are going to be extremely dissatisfied, hands down. But if you're looking for a pull up, or your aim is to be a toddler that's learning to use the potty but sometimes has accidents, this will be great, especially if you purposefully make it leak, with either holes or heavy flooding.

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