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Found 6 results

  1. Creations for messing

    I am curious to see what this community has made for messing and simulating a mess. I want to see what tools you all have made to help you mess and fake a mess. Loaders and anything else that you all can recommend to get, make, or use. I'm interested to see what you all have in mind.
  2. Like many on here, I started out pooping in my underwear when I was young.
  3. Abena Abri-Flex Changes 2015

    Below is the announcement from Abena on their upcoming changes to Abri-Flex pull-on line: Dear Valued Customer, We are pleased to announce the launch of the NEW Abri-Flex Premium line of adult diapers: a much thinner and softer product, resulting in a more discreet diaper. This line still features the high absorption and breathability that Abena products are known for, and includes the following added benefits: 3D DualCore® technology, with increased absorption in the center of the core and no bulkiness to the front and back Extra long spreading layer where the whole core absorbs urine faster High side barriers, which minimize the risk of leakage and allow for more freedom of movement More elastic threads resulting in a tighter, more flexible fit; perfect for the active user A thinner, more discreet product with the same unrivalled performance We anticipate the line being available in mid-December and have included pricing (attached). Please note that the NEW Abri-Flex Premium will eventually replace the current Abri-Flex line, most likely in mid-2015. At that time, the current Abri-Flex line will be discontinued.
  4. Today I got a pack of Medline's pink FitRight Super protective underwear. My expectations were relatively low because as we all know, adult pull ups generally suck. I only wear the Abena Abri-Flex Premium L3 pull ups so I don't have a whole lot to compare these to but I'll do my best to give a little review of them. My first impression of these pull ups is that they are THIN. The absorbency is rated as heavy so I expected something at least close to the thickness of Abena L3s but nope, only about half as thick. The pad part is just slightly narrower in the crotch than the Abenas but where the pad widens a bit towards the top on the Abena, the FitRight does not so it offers less coverage. The side panels also don't cover as much as the Abena. The waistband goes up just as high, but does not cover much at the bottom...basically my butt cheeks, aside from what was covered by the pad part, were bare which felt pretty weird. Being much thinner and a bit narrower, the FitRights are obviously a lot less bulky between the legs and are virtually undetectable under clothes, even pants that fit a bit tight. They do have a rather loose fit and I felt the need to wear underwear over them to keep them held close to my body. Might have been better if I ordered a size down. The cloth-like cover of the FitRight has more of a papery feel than the Abenas. It is a bit crinkly as you you it on, but once on and covered by clothes, I couldn't hear any crinkling at all. Between the quietness and the thinness, they are VERY discreet, if that is important to you. Given the size of the pull up I didn't expect much as far as absorbency went but I tested them out anyways and was pretty surprised. They held several good wettings without leaking. They swell up a lot and feel very squishy. Even with the pad completely soaked from front to back, there was no press-out leakage when I sat down and in the several hours I wore it I did not notice any weeping through the cloth-like cover which I do experience with the Abenas. The first one I tried, I just dribbled and let out a occasional small spurts over a period of several hours. The second one, I did two good wettings in but each time I let it out slowly to give it time to absorb and wick.. Not sure how well it would hold up to a flood, but I'll give that a try next time. I definitely would not use this as an overnight diaper, especially if you move a lot or sleep in any position besides flat on your back or stomach, because of the loose fit and narrower pad. If you're a heavy wetter or like to flood, this probably isn't the diaper for you, but if you just have light leakage or dribble slowly, it's not bad. Personally, I'm not incontinent and don't wet the bed. I wear for fun. My main reason for trying these is because they're pink. I'm more adult kid than AB and wanted something closer in looks to a girls Pull Up. Being pink, with no wetness indicators or institutional designs, they come close, so for me I think they'll be more fun for age play than the Abenas. I'd still like to see an adult pull up styled like a kids Pull Up, Goodnite, or Underjam but for now I think these will do.
  5. Ever wonder what it would look like to wear over 250 pairs of underwear at once? This woman did it (breaking the world record) to raise awareness for a fantastic organization called Days for Girls. This organization provides sustainable menstrual solutions for girls around the world. You can check it out at http://DaysforGirls.org Every Girl. Everywhere. Period. Creating a more dignified, free and educated world through access to lasting feminine hygiene solutions. Every woman by 2022.
  6. Panties And Tee shirt

    From the album Baby June's "Unmentionables"

    For times when a diaper is not being worn, here are some panties and a tee shirt. Although they should be kept "out of sight; out of mind," here's a discreet peek of what's worn under a dress or skirt. Panties are made of soft flannel; tee shirt is made of baby rib knit, a lightweight and stretchy fabric.