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Found 37 results

  1. im frank or frankie im new to the whole ABDL scene. dont think im a adult baby just a diaper lover. ordered my self a few diapers for an experiment. any advice for the new guy?
  2. Hello! I am new here and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Rhys I am 27 I have been a DL/AB for a little over 15 years now. my urges to wear diapers and all of this all started when I was 12 that is at least as far back as I can remember, the type/brands of diapers I like are ABU Cushies they are my favourite and anything with pretty pictures on it >////< I also don't mind going simple as well. just plain white diapers or with one front panel with pictures, items that I have I really don't have that much, I would like to have more but it can be a bit difficult. I guess its time to talk a bit about me.... >///< so going back on how long I been an AB/DL, even though I have been in the AB/DL community for a long time, I really haven't interacted much with the community itself I don't have any friends that are abdl and I don't know anyone who's in abdl, that is in real life that is. I just sort of kept to myself over the years, and I am trying to get out and find more friends and people in the community. ok so a little bit about me I am a bit shy nervous around new people, very caring and understanding person love to help anyone I can, as for hobbies video game I am very much a gamer >////< I used to draw but don't do it so much anymore. I really ejoin just spending time with friends and chat about what we like and just chill. And this may be a bit Obvious but I really really ejoin wetting my diaper >\\\\< as well as messy diaper are great too..... >\\\\\\\< as well as I am very much into humiliation and embarrassment.... >\\< I have one brother and two sisters they are all old then me and live away. I live in East Sussex in a town called Seaford. It's near to Brighton in the UK So that it's for me. I can't wait to get to know all of you I am really looking forward to it. I hope I can make some friends here. Feel free to reply to this with any questions or if you just want to chat. ( just as a side note sorry about all the bad spelling and punctuation I'm dyslexic) Thanks you for reading
  3. Hi my name is Rhys and I am 27 I am looking for ABDL friends to chat too and going on some playdates and Hangout with, I live in the UK in East Sussex in a town called Seaford/Brighton, and would be willing to meet up, I have a few items like diapers pacifiers onesies but not a lot of it. but will happily share if needed, I am also looking for a mummy or Daddy/caregiver to look after a shy and timid baby and who is easily embarrassed, just looking to make some friends or a mummy and daddy to enjoy this interest with, you can contact me by email - [email protected] or just reply to this.
  4. Hello, This is my first time using this site, so sorry if I get some of the stuff wrong or anything like that, not looking to cause drama or upset, just want to get to know some like-minded people in the region I live and share my ABDL side with them. With that out of the way, Hi! My name is Krazy, I am a 30+ male Adult Baby and I live in the Midlands. I live with a very caring and loving mummy, we are engaged and have our own house. We are very openminded and enjoy our own take on the ABDL scene, probably with somethings most of you enjoy, some you do not and some you may not have considered. I expect there are some sides of it I can learn from you too! We have a wide collection of baby items and I live as an AB pretty much 100% of the time I am outside of work, even in public. It is something we work hard to keep secret and just between the two of us. So why make an account here then? I am very lucky to have a full time mummy who looks after me and embraces the lifestyle and all that is associated with it, but I keep wishing I had some ABDL friends who I could talk to, share with and maybe even meet up in real life with as well. Sorry to seem sexist here, but I have my reasons and I don't really want to go into them with a bunch of strangers on the internet, no offence to anyone, it's just very personal, but I am only looking for AB girls (biologically female from birth) to build up a friendship with. I have nothing against guy, trans people or anyone really, it's just my preference is all. Also I am not looking for any kind of romantic or sexual contact, like I said, I am lucky enough to get all of that from my fiancée-mummy. I have plenty to share and am open to other peoples opinions and views, so if you are a female ABDL or similar from the Midlands UK, or surrounding regions, and you fancy getting to know an experienced and friendly guy without any risk of romantic desire or sexual intention, then please contact me here and say hi, I would really love to hear from you. -Krazy
  5. Hi all. I'm a abdl in Southampton and I would really like to get to know if there are anyone else like me around my area. I would love to get to know more people that loves to ware and use there nappys as well. But I would also really love a daddy or a big brother someone who could look after baby a little and have fun with I'm very open minded and like to get to know people and making friends. Hope to hear from you soon BabySparkster
  6. Hiya! My name's Caelly and I'm a 21 year old transgender ABDL from Edinburgh, Scotland. I've been ABDL since I was 12 and have been wearing diapers for years. It's my 21st Birthday today and I'm celebrating the best way possible: double diapered in a onesie and skirt sitting in bed eating birthday cake with my hands and drinking Dr. Pepper from a sippy cup (I'm truly an adult now :P). Movies are my life. I study them at uni and go see at least two movies a week at the cinema (it helps to wear diapers, no bathroom trips so no missing scenes). Happy to be here to chat with so many cool ABDLs and others :) Feel free to reply if you wanna know more.
  7. is there any known AB/DL/Cub meetups that happen regularly here in the UK? id love to connect with others in person but there seems to be minimal or no information reguarding this subject
  8. Heya, Looking to make little connections in Kent in the UK. I'm near Canterbury and hoping to hear from others maybe arrange meets
  9. hiyaa everyone my name is amber ive been wearing for over 10 years now (wow i feel old), i am 24 human years old but im like 1-4 at heart, i mainly wear for comfort i just get peace of mind when i do when i get put into them it help me get into little space , ive recently moved to london so id love to make some friends that are like minded and can cope with my annoying ass, i love gaming and going on photography walks not that i know many good places to go or get to atm. hope i make some new friends here xoxo Amber
  10. Hi, I'm offering a 4XL sized Cuddlz onsie free of charge. It's got a really cute trucks and diggers design and red piping. For the first time in my life, I've managed to shed a few pounds, so this no longer fits me, and I'd like to see it go to a good home it at all possible. I've only worn it three or four times, and it has been washed. I'll offer it on a 'first come, first served' basis. I'd just like the recipient to confirm that they are over 18 (I know it should be a given, but I want to make it clear that this offer is made to adults only) and I'll even pay for the postage. I've also posted this on Fetlife, so I'll just give it to whoever contacts me first through either route. I hope someone can get some use out of it! xx
  11. Hi Everyone, I've posted an introduction on the main Newbie Nursery, but I also wanted to get in touch here in the UK board to introduce myself and to explain why I've joined. My interests in nappies and the desire to be looked after like a baby began at a very early age, and it's a feeling that's never gone away. Indeed, the older I get, the stronger it seems to become! It's always been something I've had to keep hidden, and, sometimes, it feels like that puts a barrier between me and my friends and loved ones. It's like there's this huge area of my life and personality, one which occupies a lot of my thought, that the people closest to me know nothing about. I realise that I can't talk to them about it, but that can make being an adult baby a rather lonely experience, and so I wanted to join the forum here to reach out to others who I can talk to about this, make some new friends and find out how others connect to their fellow adult babies. Of course, it would be wonderful to find a mummy to look after me, or a women with whom I could form a relationship and least feel able to be honest about all of this, but that really isn't what's given me the impetus to sign up here and write this post. I'm looking to find people to talk to and to be able to open up about my inner life as an adult baby. What would everyone's advice be on how to go about making connections within the UK ab/dl community? Is this forum the best place to start, or are there others that I should also join? What about more general fetish sites? Do any of those have enough adult babies on to be interesting? I'd be grateful for any hints and tips. I'd be interested in going along to any social gatherings or meet ups too. I'm quite nervous about that, as I'm generally quite a shy person, but excited by the prospect of being in the company of people who understand. Sorry, this post has gone on a bit longer than I intended! If anyone does have any information about how best to make contact with others in our community, or wants to talk on here, then I'd be thrilled to hear from you. Stay happy in your nappy! With lots of cuddles, Baby R
  12. HI Where can I find cheap Disposable Diapers/Nappies in UK? I am spending £20+ for Diapers/Nappies with Shipping.... I don't work so I can't afford to buy them I have to make a pack of 10 last me a few weeks maybe a month at at time, I'd really like to wear one everyday and not worry about prices. Before you suggest cloth Diapers/Nappies.... Thanks, I've tried and don't really like them, but it seems I might have no choice but to go to cloth instead of disposables. Please Help.... Thank you in advanced. Enjoy the rest of your day xx
  13. I'm relatively new to ABDL, and looking to meet other people with the same interest in and around Suffolk. It gets pretty lonely not knowing any other ABDLs.
  14. Hi my name is George, I'm 24 and I don't quite know what to say. I started off as a diaper lover about 5 years ago, it then started making me feel little. Just looking to make some new friends really as I'm sure most of you are
  15. Hello I'm a 23 year old male from Cheshire area looking for a mummy/daddy. Very open minded anyone on here?
  16. Hi. Looking for a daddy to look after me.
  17. Hello DailyDaipers Community! I've been a frequent visitor to this site over the years, but now I realise that the time is right for me to be more social with this aspect of my life, and I thought this would be the best place to start. I love being a baby, and I try my best to take care of my little side, but I find it can be quite lonely being an adult baby; it's not the sort of thing that can be easily shared with friends and family, so I wanted to join with the wider AB/DL community to find a place to openly express who I really am. Looking forward to making new online friends here. With admiration and love, Baby Richie
  18. Hi there I am hoping people can tell me the some of the best online retailers for nappies in the uk I have used the cuddlz nappies (like these:
  19. Hi, I've posted a few times now, so it seems only right to introduce myself. I'm a Brit, live near London, and have been lurking around this community, with very little interaction, for a very long time. In fact, I remember one of the first things I did when I first had access to the internet when I was about 16 was to search for adult nappies. Until very recently though, I shied away from interacting.
  20. Hi I'm a DL from Torbay, been a DL for as long as I can remember. I'm Looking to meet other ABDL's in the area.