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Found 26 results

  1. Hello from Wiltshire

    Hi Everyone, I've posted an introduction on the main Newbie Nursery, but I also wanted to get in touch here in the UK board to introduce myself and to explain why I've joined. My interests in nappies and the desire to be looked after like a baby began at a very early age, and it's a feeling that's never gone away. Indeed, the older I get, the stronger it seems to become! It's always been something I've had to keep hidden, and, sometimes, it feels like that puts a barrier between me and my friends and loved ones. It's like there's this huge area of my life and personality, one which occupies a lot of my thought, that the people closest to me know nothing about. I realise that I can't talk to them about it, but that can make being an adult baby a rather lonely experience, and so I wanted to join the forum here to reach out to others who I can talk to about this, make some new friends and find out how others connect to their fellow adult babies. Of course, it would be wonderful to find a mummy to look after me, or a women with whom I could form a relationship and least feel able to be honest about all of this, but that really isn't what's given me the impetus to sign up here and write this post. I'm looking to find people to talk to and to be able to open up about my inner life as an adult baby. What would everyone's advice be on how to go about making connections within the UK ab/dl community? Is this forum the best place to start, or are there others that I should also join? What about more general fetish sites? Do any of those have enough adult babies on to be interesting? I'd be grateful for any hints and tips. I'd be interested in going along to any social gatherings or meet ups too. I'm quite nervous about that, as I'm generally quite a shy person, but excited by the prospect of being in the company of people who understand. Sorry, this post has gone on a bit longer than I intended! If anyone does have any information about how best to make contact with others in our community, or wants to talk on here, then I'd be thrilled to hear from you. Stay happy in your nappy! With lots of cuddles, Baby R
  2. Hello from Little Me

    Hello DailyDaipers Community! I've been a frequent visitor to this site over the years, but now I realise that the time is right for me to be more social with this aspect of my life, and I thought this would be the best place to start. I love being a baby, and I try my best to take care of my little side, but I find it can be quite lonely being an adult baby; it's not the sort of thing that can be easily shared with friends and family, so I wanted to join with the wider AB/DL community to find a place to openly express who I really am. Looking forward to making new online friends here. With admiration and love, Baby Richie
  3. UK Based Shops and nappies

    Hi there I am hoping people can tell me the some of the best online retailers for nappies in the uk I have used the cuddlz nappies (like these: http://www.cuddlz.com/cuddlz-all-over-printed-adult-nappies-diapers-size-medium/) in the past but they don't hold as much as I would like so I always end up using a pampers with cuts in the outer layer as a stuffer but this makes it quite bulky which is ok when at home and I am wearing my dungarees so they are well hidden but not so good with regular clothing, but I digress. Ideally I am looking for something like the pampers I use just bigger with the moisture absorbing crystals but I don't know which nappies have them, so I am looking for recommendations Many thanks
  4. Hi. Looking for a daddy to look after me.
  5. ABDLs in Suffolk?

    I'm relatively new to ABDL, and looking to meet other people with the same interest in and around Suffolk. It gets pretty lonely not knowing any other ABDLs.
  6. Boots Archive UK

    In the UK we have an annual Heritage Open Days weekend in September and you can tour buildings and sometimes factories that aren't normally open to the public. I tried Boots of Nottingham as a hunch (makers of Brumas plastic pants and many other nappy delights), and yes they do seem to have some kind of tour / open day. They don't make much of interest now, but what caught my eye is that you can have a tour of their archives. Its the sort of thing where you maybe chat to someone on the day and arrange a further visit / maybe even online access on another occasion
  7. UK AB/DL/Cub meetups?

    is there any known AB/DL/Cub meetups that happen regularly here in the UK? id love to connect with others in person but there seems to be minimal or no information reguarding this subject
  8. Hi, I've posted a few times now, so it seems only right to introduce myself. I'm a Brit, live near London, and have been lurking around this community, with very little interaction, for a very long time. In fact, I remember one of the first things I did when I first had access to the internet when I was about 16 was to search for adult nappies. Until very recently though, I shied away from interacting. I was inspired to post on here by a thread on the Adult Kids board about having accidents growing up. Up until my teens, I suffered from encopresis, and wet the bed, then began to suffer from stress incontinence in my mid-teens, so I've got a hell of a lot of stories about it. Much like my interest in diapers, it's something I've never really spoken to anyone about, and I found it rather cathartic. Over the years I've enjoyed reading many of the stories on this site, and now that I've popped my posting cherry, I hope to be able to contribute some myself. They might not be up to the high standard of some, but I promise they won't fall into the diaper story cliche trap. I'm a bit of a dom, so they'll likely go down that line. Outside of diapers, I'm an absolute geek. I love comics, movies, space (science in general to be honest), tech, and politics. I'm also a big fan of cooking. Anyway, it's a pleasure to be able to introduce myself to you all, and hopefully I'll be sufficiently interesting to make up for my 16 years of lurking.
  9. 124

    From the album Little BlankieLover

  10. 105

    From the album Little BlankieLover

  11. 081

    From the album Little BlankieLover

  12. 063

    From the album Little BlankieLover

  13. 047

    From the album Little BlankieLover

  14. BKN Nappies

    Hi guys, Has anyone tried these new British BKN nappies? Cool
  15. Hi, I am a 24 year old male, looking for just about anyone in the North of the UK to talk to? Preferably a female around my age but having never met another DL I'm open to anything. I'm currently living in Lancaster and am giving up on meeting anyone aroud here?! Anyone else feeling lonely?
  16. Small Asda Diapers

    Bought a 27-pack of Asda Little Angel 6+Extra Large nappies/diapers Turns out they dont fit. So im trying to get my money back by selling them to other furs. My problem with these is that I was too wide, they would fit anyone who is slim/skinny fine. They cost me £7 so would like roughly that back, was wondering if anyone would take either some or the whole lot off my hands? I have no-one else to pass them onto and really dont want to throw them away! Can ship them, but not sure how much it would cost, would depend on your location and the amount that you would like. I would ship to overseas but keep in mind postage would cost more! Please help a DL out :c Im a student so kinda need the money PS obviously the one I tried on i threw away, which leaves 26 up for grabs!
  17. South Devon, Torbay Area

    Hi I'm a DL from Torbay, been a DL for as long as I can remember. I'm Looking to meet other ABDL's in the area.
  18. east yorkshire?

    Hi everyone yeah I noticed this thread (I think thats what you call them) and was wondering if anyone was in my area east yorkshire. I live in Hull and I am DL and LOVE DIAPERS. I am reasonable looking, playful19 year old male student. I was hopping someone I could like to meet for some kind of play date Don't be shy I dunno what would happen I'm up for anything. from just hanging out, going to cinema or having a fun night together (I'm bi so all are welcome ) or if you have any ideas feel free to tell me. so yeah I hope to hear from people
  19. hey pre-warning I have never done made a post before. I feel alone. O.k basically this is just because, currently I started going though with dealing with realising how much I love diaper's and how much of a DL I am. Now this site has helped ALOT! Helping me realise I'm not the only one. HOWEVER so far I feel all diaper lovers lives miles away in america or some other country and the few times I have found people in my country they all lives really far away from me. Also I so far have only found a few males my age on this site. and I'm not asking to meet anyone or anything (not saying I'm against it) I kind of feel alienated away from people like me with my same flinging you know :/ sorry if this post scenes winey and shit just, its being kinda stance and awkward with these new feeling and things I'm getting (with not many people i trust to talk about it with)
  20. CIMG1533 (1024x768)

    From the album Baby nappies

  21. CIMG1532 (1024x768)

    From the album Baby nappies

  22. Save 1/3 off Baby Items at Sainsbury. Includes Pampers Size 6 & Dry Nights. http://www.sainsburys.co.uk/groceries/index.jsp?bmUID=1358117540091
  23. Is it me or is the UK in the middle of a onesie outbreak ! they seem to be everywhere ! Topshop have just extended their range and featured them on their email marketing.
  24. Cuddlz On Uk Tv

    Anybody else see Keith Lemon and Jedward in Cuddlz Diapers on UK tv this week?? :-p
  25. Bambino In Uk?

    Hello, I'm trying to get hold of some Bambino's in the UK (specifically Bellissimo's). Bigbabyfun.com havent had them in stock for ages - and they arent responding to emails, so I dont know if they are still operating. If anyone has some to sell, please PM me. I'll cover any transport costs, obviously. thanks!