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  1. Old Commercials & Little Space

    Hi Rosalie! I wanted to reply as I'm reading "Adult Babies: Psychology and Practices" at the moment, and I'm finding it really helpful! I'm still a little fuzzy on the difference between regressive and age/role players, but I suspect that's because I'm so regressive, that I just assumed age play was the same thing! Yes, it is sad that we live in a world where adult babies can be so misjudged by many people. I hope that one day, and with the help of books like yours, people will understand us better, and not assume the worst about us.
  2. Hello from Wiltshire

    Hi Frankenfurter, I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to respond to your post. I've had some health problems over the last few months which have kept me offline for much of the time, but I'm happy to say I'm on the mend now. Yes, a casual munch seems like a good place to start. I could possibly get to London one Friday evening, but do let me know if the Winchester one starts up again, as I'd be interested in attending that one. Is there a list of AB munches online anywhere? I don't mind a bit of travelling really. Again, so sorry for my delay in replying, and thanks for your advice and the helpful information. BRxx
  3. ABDL pet peeves

    I've been posting a lot in the Newbie Nursery. As I'm still new myself, it feels like that's the place I should be having most of my conversations at the moment, but perhaps I'm overdoing it. I also tend to feel the need to reply to posts in a thread I started. I've never really interacted online before, so apologies if that's the wrong thing to do! Back to the topic, I would say the difficulty of getting hold of ABDL diapers in the UK (not all brands available) is my personal peeve. I just want to try them all!
  4. Old Commercials & Little Space

    It seems this is quite a common experience for many of us! I was starting to get a bit better at acting like I wasn't interested as I got older, or at least, I think I did! I suspect the act still wasn't that convincing! I remember when I first found nappies in large sizes; it was a life-changing experience!
  5. Do you get to wear as often as you would like?

    I don't get to wear as often as I would like too. I wish I could wear more often, but space to store supplies, and opportunities to be alone and certain no-one is going to drop by are few and far between. Don't get me wrong, I like being sociable and I like having people over, but I don't think anyone would want to see me in my nappy and onesie drinking from a bottle! I'd like to be more in balance and spend more time in little space, so that's something I'd like to work on.
  6. I'm a newcomer

    Pleasure to meet you too! I'm new here, and I can tell you this is a great place to be! Enjoy!
  7. hi new guy here

    Welcome Ely! I'm new to this community, and to any kind of social networking to be honest, but I've been AB forever… There's lots of information here about what people like, what works to create 'little headspace' and what doesn't, so I'm sure you'll find the information you need. I guess the only way to see if this is for you is to try it. There's a huge variety within AB/DL and there's a good chance that some if it will appeal to you.
  8. New here

    Welcome Lilly! I'm new here too, but I can assure you that this is a great place to be! I've tried writing a few stories, but they never seem to come out as I hoped they would, so looking forward to reading some of yours and perhaps picking up a few tips! Enjoy your time here!
  9. Old Commercials & Little Space

    Thanks! :-) Yes, I can well understand that this would be a tricky area and I don't want to risk anything unsuitable being posted here. When I started this thread I was just interested to find out about whether other people had similar memories to me about these sorts of commercials, and members have been really generous in contributing their thoughts and experiences, so it would be great to keep this thread open and to keep the discussion going. Thanks again for your help and advice; it's really appreciated!
  10. Old Commercials & Little Space

    Thanks for your message. Yes, that's a very sensible policy; I completely understand. Although that commercial didn't feature any minors, I've removed the link anyway, as I think it's probably best to avoid posting link to videos on this thread, and just keep it to discussion. I hope that's OK with everyone. I'm so sorry if I've offended anyone. I'm new here and still finding my feet, but message received and understood. Thanks again for clarifying.
  11. Hello from Wiltshire

    Thanks so much for the links. It looks interesting, although perhaps pitched at a slightly older play age. Would this be a good place to start though? I wasn't free this weekend, but I hope you had a great time if were able to make it along. Thanks also for the further information about regressive littles and role-play littles. I would say that I long to be a regressive little, but I think this has to start off with role-play as a way to ease myself in to it. I've had that 'full' regressive experience a few times, and it was just wonderful!
  12. Old Commercials & Little Space

    Being a baby IS the greatest thing in the history of ever! I know what you mean though; those commercials always caused such strong emotions in me. I think I liked the commercials because I already knew I wanted to be a baby, but I'm sure they helped to shape some of the specific details around what exactly it means to be treated like a baby though. I'm sure my family must have noticed. I suspect my attempts to hide my embarrassment probably only served to make it all the more obvious and probably meant that they were looking at me! My heart would just skip a beat whenever nappy adverts came on and it's amazing to think how I somehow already knew that I wasn't supposed to be enjoying them… Yes, it really is. There's a pretty good selection on there, but I guess anything dating back to before VCRs were common is going to be very hard to source. Perhaps the manufacturers or advertising companies could be persuaded to upload them? We should also appeal here: If anyone has any commercials on tape that aren't currently on YouTube, it would be great if they could upload them for everyone else to enjoy. I don't think we ever had Kimbies in the UK, but they sound great. Is there any information on them anywhere? I've had a quick look, and I can't find that commercial, but it seems like this one might have been from a similar campaign? EDIT: Link removed. I've just thought… I should have checked first. Is it OK to post links to YouTube here? If not, please just let me know.
  13. Im new

    Welcome Happy Pooper! I'm still very new here, but I just wanted to say hello! This is a great place; I'm loving it so far, and I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun! It's good to meet you, and I love your username.
  14. Putting myself out there for the first time

    It feels great knowing being in contact with others who are in a similar position; thanks for you reply! Thanks so much for your reply; and for the kind offer. I will keep that in mind, as there are often a lot of "issues" in life that are complicated by being AB. I'd great to know that there's people out there helping and supporting the AB/DL community. Thank you!
  15. Old Commercials & Little Space

    I know what you mean! I always liked plastic pants even with disposables, and I still do. Thanks for replying to my first non-introductory post! It's interesting to read about your memories of commercials.