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Found 101 results

  1. Little Giammy

    a new live with aunty Louise

    Maggie was an 8 years little girl, though because her shortness and her behavior as a very spoiled child it would have never been said. She had red and very curly hear styled in two twin tails and two deep green eyes in a face sprayed of freckles. It was very terrible for her when her mother decided to abandon her sister Louise for go away with her new boyfriend for leave for whom know where, above all because she didn’t meet her aunt since she was just two years old, and she didn’t know anything about her. Now she was sitting under the porch of her aunt's house, very fear a sad with only a suitcase with some clothes, two red eyes for the cry, a letter of her mother pinned to her short skirt and a pair of very wet panties.  (I'd like interpret little Maggie's part. Don't write two words answers but please be descriptive)
  2. jan241989

    agreement (open)

    This role play is about a adult girl who has agreed to become a baby for a couple that can not have any children.
  3. I was planning on publishing this as my second novel on Amazon, but it doesn't feel finished, and I can't figure where to go with it. Hopefully, some of you will enjoy it. *** Do I Have To? by nautybaby "Do I really have to?" "I really think you should." "But I don't want to." "We've been over this." "But I don't need them." "Last night and the laundry I've been doing lately says otherwise." "It won't happen again. I promise." "I've heard that before." "It's not fair!" "Fair or not, I won't have you ruining my friend's bed." "No!" I shouted. "You can't make me." "David!" she said sharply without raising her voice. "That's enough. I think we both know I can make you. Now, get your butt on that bed, and keep your voice down. That is unless you want Sharon to hear you getting a spanking on top of the tantrum you've been throwing." "You wouldn't," I blanched. "Try me." I looked into her steely eyes and slowly made my way to the bed. I lay down and gave her a pleading look. She simply grabbed the waist of my pajamas and began to tug. I gave in and lifted my bottom, allowing her to pull them down. She reached into my suitcase and pulled out the object of my dread. She had shown me the diapers before we left, but no matter how many times I saw them, I never got over just how big and thick they actually were. "Lift." I did and fought the urge to cry. She made short work of securing the diaper around my waist. She put the pajama bottoms back in my suitcase and locked it. "If you behave yourself, you can have those back in the morning." "You don't mean …" "We'll see. Now, get in bed." That was the end of a conversation that had been going on all day. Conversation, humph. Argument more like. It started when we were packing for the trip. I thought we were about ready when she brought out the package of diapers. "Are those what I think they are?" "Isn't that obvious?" "What do you have those for?" "Seriously?" "You don't expect me to wear those?" "I certainly do." "No way." "Yes way." "I won't." "You will. Now, hurry up. We're already late," she said, loading a number of the diapers into the case. "I don't need them. I've only had a couple of problems." "It started out as a couple of problems. It's gotten to be almost every night." "Yeah, almost. See, it's getting better." "I'm not going to wear them." "You are going to wear them, and that's final. Now, get dressed." She said all this so matter-of-factly that it made my blood boil. I stomped over to the suitcase and started taking the diapers out. I felt a sharp sting in my right bottom cheek. I shot up straight and turned around. "You will put those back, unless you want some more." Her eyes were hard. "No," I said with more confidence than I felt. "David, put those back right now, or so help me …" I stood my ground, hoping my trembling didn't show. "Is that really the way you want to play it? Have it your way." I thought I had won the battle. That feeling lasted only a second before pain erupted from my ear. She spun me around by it and threw me face down on the bed. There was a knee in my back and slaps were raining down on my underpants. "Stop. Stop!" "Are you going to pack your diapers and stop fussing?" "No!" "Fine. If that's the way you want it." "No!" I screamed, as my underwear was yanked down. After that, my words got less and less comprehensible until I was simply blubbering. Still not dressed, my belt was in handy reach to her. She put it to good use—good from her perspective anyway. "Are you ready to do as you are told?" "Yes," I sobbed. "Good. Finish packing and get dressed. We're leaving in five minutes. Don't make me have to 'encourage' you. And you can start with the diapers. I'll be back for the case in just a minute. It had better be ready." I hastily repacked the diapers and the rest of my clothes. True to her word, she was soon back, and after checking to see that I had indeed packed the diapers, she locked the case and took it downstairs. That left me a few minutes alone to nurse my bruised pride and bottom while I finished dressing. I found her behind the wheel of the car, waiting to get on the road. I climbed in the other side and sulked. We couldn't have been on the road for more than five minutes before I started restating my position about why I shouldn't have to wear diapers. She didn't argue with me. She listened in silence. I felt encouraged that I was making my point, my reasoning becoming more shrill the longer I went on. I found I was repeating myself, and she had yet to utter a word. My tirade petered out. After a minute of silence, she quietly asked, "Are you finished?" "Um, yeah, I guess." "Good. You've had your say. Now, I'm going to have mine. Like it or not, you have a problem. I've been extremely patient about it. I've even been the one to clean up after you. It's not going away. It's getting worse. We are going to be staying with my friend. I do not want you embarrassing me or yourself by wetting her bed. You are going to wear those diapers, and you are going to stop fussing about it. If you insist on being a big baby about it, I can treat you like one. That includes pulling this car over, spanking you again, and putting you in one of those diapers for the rest of the trip. I'm already not happy with you. Would you like to try your luck?" "No." "Good." The trip was mostly silent aside from some tunes softly playing on the radio. I stared out the window, opting to table the discussion for the time being. Occasionally, she nudged me and told me to stay awake, unless I wanted to put a diaper on and take a nap. Eventually, I faced forward, so she could see I was awake, and pouted. If I had been eight or ten or even twelve, I suppose these events would be understandable. But I was not twelve, and the woman driving was not my mommy. I was thirty-two, and she was my wife. When we arrived, Kathy, my wife, and Sharon hugged and air kissed like long-lost sisters. Sure, we lived far enough apart that they didn't see each other often, but they were on the phone at least once a week. I shook my head and got the bags. "Sorry we're late," Kathy said. "Packing took a bit longer than I expected." I had the impression that comment was aimed at me, but I ignored it. "Don't worry about it. It's just so good to see you. I know how it can be. You should try it with a baby sometime. I still can't believe the amount of stuff I had to get ready for Phil to take Abby for the week." I tried to picture Sharon's ex taking care of a baby on his own. I don't know if I found the images more funny or frightening. Oh well, maybe one of his girlfriends will help him out. "Yes," Kathy mused. "Packing for a baby can be a lot of work." I was sure that was directed at me. Again, I chose to ignore it. "Come on inside. Dinner's almost ready. Dave, you can take those right upstairs, first door on the right. You know the spot." When I came downstairs, Kathy asked, "Did you wash your hands?" I didn't like the way they both giggled. "Yes, I washed my hands," I replied irritably. "Don't be grumpy. I was just asking." Dinner was a long drawn out affair. Kathy and Sharon went on and on about this one and that one. I was mostly ignored, which suited me fine. I didn't have the slightest interest in whoever and whatever they were talking about. Mainly, I just picked at my food and drank more than my share of wine. During a lull, Sharon turned to me, "So, Dave, what's new and exciting with you these days?" "Nothing much," I mumbled. "Don't mind him," Kathy interjected. "I think he's just overtired from the trip. I'm sure he didn't mean to be rude." Her accusing tone was not lost on me. "Sorry. I guess I am a little tired." "I think we better get you into bed then." "Why, Kathy!" Sharon exclaimed. "I meant to sleep, you sex fiend," she laughed. "Come on, Davey, upstairs." Whether it was the trip or the wine, I was tired. I bade Sharon goodnight and climbed the stairs ahead of Kathy. "You go potty, then meet me in the bedroom," she said. Not thinking, I did as instructed. When I got to the bedroom, I saw her laying out the diaper on the bed. That's where you came in. Kathy had me tucked in and started to leave to room. "Where are you going? Aren't you coming to bed?" "Not just yet. Sharon and I have more to talk about, and there's most of a bottle of wine it would be a shame to waste. You go to sleep, and I'll be up in a while. I lay there for a time, replaying the day in my head. If I hadn't been tired and buzzed, I might have been more upset. Every now and again, I would hear their raucous laughter. I did my best not to believe they were talking about my sleeping attire. My thoughts turned to how I got into this mess in the first place. It started about month before. I had gotten a new boss, and it wasn't going well. Nothing seemed to please him. There was always something wrong, and no matter how small the problem was, he acted like it was the end of civilization as we know it. The harder I tried to anticipate what was wanted, the farther my attempts were from what he had in mind. I tried to get clearer instructions, but that only seemed to make him madder. It was really taking a toll on me and, no doubt, on Kathy. I was a nervous wreck. I couldn't set work aside at the end of the day. All I could think of was what the next confrontation was going to be about. I was distracted and short tempered. Even my dreams were filled with anxieties about everything that had happened and visions of what might be ahead. When I was able to sleep at all, it wasn't good. After a week of mostly sleepless nights, I found myself shaken awake by Kathy. I was completely disoriented and not hearing what she was saying. I don't know how many times she repeated it before it finally sank in. "David, wake up. You wet the bed." "What?" "You wet the bed." I rolled toward her, and it dawned on me. I wet the bed. That's right. She said that. Still only half awake, all I could say was, "I'm sorry." Kathy told me to go to the bathroom and clean up, and she would take care of the bed. Still to fuzzy to think, I did as she told me. My wet pajamas cooled quickly as I went. I stripped off and sat on the toilet, trying to clear my head. By the time I was awake enough to push out the little pee I had left and get washed up. I was deeply embarrassed by what I had done. I almost wanted to stay in the bathroom just to avoid having to look at Kathy. When I did come out, she was smoothing out towels over the wet spot. I almost went back in. "Good, you're finally back. Help me get the clean sheets on. Maybe we can still get some sleep before we have to get up." I picked up the bottom sheet and shook it out. She signaled she was ready, and I fluffed it over the bed. The two of us made short work of remaking the bed, and I thought Kathy was being really good about the situation. "Did you make sure to go peepee while you were in there?" So much for that. "Yes," I said, a bit more harshly than I intended. "Don't get snippy with me. I'm not the reason we're changing sheets in the middle of the night." "Sorry," I said, and I meant it. "Me too. Let's go back to bed, and we'll forget all about it. Okay?" "Okay," I said and hugged her tight. "I love you, and I am sorry." "I love you too. Now, go to sleep. Morning's going to come awfully early." That was easier said than done. I don't know how Kathy managed it. I lay there listening to her breathing, wondering how I could have wet myself and worrying that I might do it again. I think I drifted off just before the alarm went off. Work the next day was miserable. Besides the usual grief from my boss, my eyes were burning, and my head was pounding all day. By the time I got home, I was an exhausted wreck. After pushing my dinner around the plate for a while, I told Kathy I was going to bed. "I think that's a good idea. You had a rough night, and you look awful." "Thanks a lot." "You know what I mean. Go on. I'll clean up here. Don't forget to use the potty before you go night-night." "Not funny!" "Oh, come on. You know I'm joking. You may as well laugh as cry. It was just a one-time thing. Go get some rest, and I'm sure you'll feel better in the morning." I nodded and followed her advice, even stopping to "use the potty" on the way. Totally wiped out, I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Not that it brought much rest. My dreams were the now usual of instant replays and anxious fantasies I had suffered for days. "Wake up, David," I heard, before I felt the shaking. "David, wake up." Once I realized it was Kathy, and not my mother trying to get me up for school, I sat bolt upright, panicking that I had done it again. "I'm sorry," I blurted out. "I didn't mean to. I couldn't help it." "It's alright, Dave," she said soothingly. "You didn't do anything. You didn't, did you? You were just having a bad dream. But as long as you're up, you may as well use the potty, just to be safe." I apologized and kissed her, and then decided a pee might be a good idea at that. There was a small wet spot on my pajama pants, but the bed was dry. I didn't mention it, and if Kathy noticed, she was kind enough to let it pass. Having limited my fluids all day, I don't know where it all came from. I did know I feel a lot better when I climbed back into bed. I slept better that night and felt more like my old self in the morning. That lasted for about an hour after I got to work. Then it was what had come to be business as usual. It was a particularly bad day. I was pushed and pulled in so many directions, I was beginning to doubt the sky was blue. If I had been thinking clearly, I probably would have guessed it was going to happen again. Kathy was again supportive and more patient than I felt I deserved. Again she got us cleaned up and back to sleep in short order. I had a few good days, with no nighttime problems, even though things were just as bad, if not worse at work. I was starting to feel confident when it happened a third time. I was so frustrated I wanted to scream, and I think Kathy knew it. Once back in bed, she held me and whispered reassuring things until I went to sleep. The pattern continued, and I ended up having five wet nights in two weeks. After the last of those, Kathy sat me down in the morning. "Dave, this … um … problem you've been having is not getting better. I think you should see somebody about it." The thought of telling my doctor and friend, George Simmons, that I was wetting the bed filled me with dread. "That's not really necessary. I'm sure it will stop on its own. It's not that big a deal." "Says the man who's not washing the sheets. You're right. It may be nothing serious, but then again it might be. And, frankly, I'm getting tired of being woken up in the middle of the night and having to clean up after you. Get on that phone and make an appointment, or I'll do it for you." "Alright, alright, I'll call." I was greatly relieved when George's office told me they couldn't fit me in for at least two weeks. I begged off making an appointment, telling them that I was just feeling a little under the weather, and it would probably pass before they could see me. Kathy was not happy but understood it was not my fault, and she let the matter drop. Or so I thought. That afternoon, I got a call from her telling me to meet her at Dr. MacPherson's office at 4:30. Having to tell my boss I needed to leave early while avoiding the reason was not a pleasant conversation to say the least. I was happy just to get out of there when the time came. At least, I was until I was on the way and started thinking about what was going to happen at the appointment. Margaret MacPherson had been my doctor growing up. Her general practice had served all my family, and Kathy became her patient shortly after we were married. After college, when I had some voice in the matter, I insisted that seeing a female doctor was uncomfortable, and that's when I came under George's care. I was not looking forward to going back to her. Dr. MacPherson—I never could bring myself to call her anything else—literally knew me inside and out. She had seen me through all my childhood illnesses, broken bones, acne, and everything else. To me, she would always be Dr. MacPherson. Kathy, on the other hand, having come to her later in life, always call her Margaret. They had become fast friends, and Dr. MacPherson was almost a surrogate mother to Kathy. Kathy and I were called back shortly after I arrived. We were shown into a room where Dr. MacPherson was waiting for us. "Kathy, how wonderful to see you! And Davey, just look at you, so grown up!" With her rosy cheeks, halo of white hair, and the soft Glasgow burr that never left her, it was impossible to be upset by her comment. She was everybody's favorite grandmother. "Hello, Dr. MacPherson. It's nice to see you again." "And you too, dear. How is your mother? I miss seeing her since she moved away." "She's well, thank you. I'll tell her you were asking after her." "Oh, yes, do. So, what brings you in today?" I sat there trying to think of some way to tell her why I was there. I could feel my face getting redder and redder. Still, no words would come out. Finally, Kathy just took over. "Davey," she said, using the same boyhood nickname, "has been having some problems keeping the bed dry at night." There it was, right out on the table. "Oh! Is your wee problem back, dear?" the doctor asked gently. She placed her hand on top of mine reassuringly, but couldn't avoid a small titter at her unintended pun. I'm sure Kathy had thought she was trying to be discrete about the issue, but it felt more like a mother trying to be gentle about a child's potty training setbacks. My mother had used almost those same words many years before. "Back?" Kathy asked. "Oh my, yes, dear," she said without regard for my embarrassment. "Davey was quite the little waterworks when he was a boy, weren't you, Davey. I wondered for a long time if we would ever get him out of nappies." It finally dawned on her that this was extremely uncomfortable for me. I am sure that face was bright red. I could feel heat radiating from the blush. "But that was a long time ago, wasn't it dear? What seems to be the problem?" Without hesitation, Kathy began describing my symptoms as if I weren't in the room or too small to speak for myself. "He doesn't seem to be sleeping well. He's constantly tossing and turning, and he's always still tired when he wakes up. He's been distant and irritable, and every few days, he wets the bed." "Oh, I'm so sorry. What seems to be the problem, Davey? Is something bothering you?" With some prompting and a great deal of prodding, I told the whole story about what was going on at work. Kathy knew or guessed some of it, but I did not want to let on just how bad it really was. Once they got me to open up, it all came pouring out. The exhaustion and that day's fight with the boss caught up with me, and I was sobbing by the time I finished the tale. I was calming down before I realized Kathy had pulled my head to her shoulder, and she was stroking my hair and shushing me gently. Dr. MacPherson's face was a mix of sympathy and anger. "It's just like that teacher you had all over again. Och, that woman! I'd still like to get my hands on her." She told the story of Mrs. Hannity, my fourth grade teacher. She was nearing retirement and had a grandson who was a spoiled rotten little hellion. I had the misfortune of bearing him a striking resemblance, and she took out all complaints about him on me. I resented her accusations but came to half-believe that I was as bad as she made out. I fell into depressed and listless state, and my grades suffered. My mother asked me what was wrong, and I tried to tell her about my issues with the teacher and how unfair she was. My mother, of course, took the teacher's side and told me I had to stop being lazy and work harder, which is one of the things Mrs. Hannity accused me of. It all came to a head one day when I turned in a half-completed homework assignment. I had fallen asleep over the paper and didn't have time to finish it before school. Mrs. Hannity went on a tirade the likes of which I had never seen, not only about the homework but about the messy state of my desk and anything else she could think of. When she dumped my desk over onto the floor, I was so shocked and scared, I wet my pants. That stopped her ranting but infuriated her all the more. She went silent and the color rose in her face. She grabbed my ear and dragged me to the office. She told them she would not suffer a baby like me in her class. I sobbed and sobbed while the secretary called my mother. I was still in tears, shivering in my wet pants when she arrived. The ride home was no better, as she went on and on about how ashamed she was to have a boy my age wetting his pants in school, how I was going to have to apologize to everyone involved, and how was she ever going to be able to show her face again. I ran into the house, crying my eyes out. I stripped out of my wet clothes and threw myself on my bed and bawled my eyes out. It was all so unfair. I must have cried myself to sleep, because my mother was gently trying to rouse me. She appeared considerably calmer and asked me what had happened. I told her the whole story in lurid detail. The more I told her, the angrier she got but not at me. She took me in her arms and told me how sorry she was. When we had both settled down, she told me to wash up and get dressed. We were going back to the school. I begged her not to make me go. She told me not to worry about it, I would not have be in Mrs. Hannity's class ever again, if she had anything to say about it. I followed with great reluctance as she strode into the office. "I want to see the principal. Now!" I had never seen my mother so forceful, not with adults anyway. I don't think the secretary had either, because we were shown into Mr. Mellon's office almost immediately. My mother really gave him an earful about all that had done on. I was mostly ignored except to fill in some blanks and details. Mr. Mellon promised an investigation and said I'd be put into Miss Sanderson's class for the duration. For the year, my mother insisted and got her way. I don't know the full extent of what happened. I did have to tell the story one more time to some people I didn't know. Shortly after that, Mrs. Hannity "got sick," and we heard she was taking an early retirement. I felt and did better in Miss Sanderson's class. I think I even developed a little crush on her. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done. From the day of the incident until a long time after, I had nightmares about it and started wetting the bed. Today, we would call it post-traumatic stress disorder, but not back then, especially not with children. My mother was patient for a time, but it was short-lived. She took me to Dr. MacPherson, who recognized the problem and was sympathetic to both of us and assured us it would pass in time. There was little she could do, however, and her only recommendation was "night nappies," as she put it, until I got over it. Despite my protests and promises not to let it happen again, my mother agreed there was no other option. She insisted that she was as embarrassed about it as I was, but I didn't think that was possible. That was the first of many night my mother put me in a diaper. It did not come without an argument and a couple of slaps on my behind. The nightmares eventually stopped but the wetting didn't. I was in middle school before I was reliably dry and the diapers were a thing of the past. Nevertheless, my mother kept a waterproof cover on my bed through high school, "just in case." Now, here I was again, facing the same problem for much the same reasons. Dr. MacPherson was again sympathetic and reassuring, but her solution was the same. She prescribed some antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication, but until I could deal with the stressors, I could expect more wet nights. The best thing was to start wearing nappies to keep the bed dry and allow us both a decent night's sleep. She recommended we get them from a medical supply store, as the ones to be found in supermarkets and pharmacies were virtually useless. She recommended a shop that could also fill my prescriptions. "Don't worry, dear," she comforted me. "I'm sure you'll get over it, and you'll be all dry in no time, just like before." Knowing how long that "before" lasted, I was not reassured. Kathy thanked Dr. MacPherson for both of us and promised to call her to have lunch soon. Dr. MacPherson bade us goodbye and made me promise to send her regards to my mother. Kathy drove us to the medical store. I begged her not to make me wear diapers. It was like reliving the argument with my mother all those years ago. Kathy would have none of it and insisted I go inside with her. There, she handed over the prescription and proceeded to ask the lady about "nighttime protection." She lady asked a lot of, to my mind, unnecessary and intrusive questions. Kathy went into lurid detail about the problems I was having and how heavily I wet. She insisted we should buy a whole case of their most absorbent product, saying she would take back any unopened packages if things cleared up in a short time, but the case lot was far more economical if the problem persisted. Kathy agreed, and I had to carry a huge box of all too conspicuously labeled "adult briefs" to the car. I took up the argument again at bedtime. It was just like been ten years old all over again, me begging and promising to wet anymore, Kathy reasoning that I couldn't make that promise, and she wanted a good night's sleep. It all got rather heated until Kathy gave me a couple of swats on the behind and told me that was enough. I was again the little boy at the mercy of his mother. I lay down and let her put the dreaded thing on. Memories flooded back as she raised the thick padding between my legs. I was weeping when she fastened the last tape and gave the front a pat. I lay awake for a time, feeling sorry for myself, but the drugs kicked in, and I soon drifted off. I'm pretty sure I had nightmares again, mixed up visions of my boss and Mrs. Hannity. I panicked when Kathy shook me awake. I quickly felt for the felt for the wet spot and blurted out that I didn't wet the bed. Kathy told it was just time to get up, and I realized there was sunlight coming in the window. I was relieved until Kathy gave my crotch a squeeze. We both knew in an instant that I had not had a dry night. Not dry at all, I realized when I stood and the diaper sagged between my legs. It was with a good deal of depression that I took it off and had my shower, and I still had work to look forward to. It was hard to think of anything else that day, and my boss was no better than usual. The only thing that got me through was the thought that I would be leaving for vacation that afternoon. I had used some accumulated sick time to take the extra half-day off for the drive to Sharon's house. I was happy to leave the office and my boss behind. Those were my thoughts as I drifted off. Soon enough, I felt Kathy climb in next to me. She curled up against my back, and I felt her hand work around to the front. She squeezed my crotch, and I thought she was up to something good. Then I heard her whisper. "You'll last till morning." Whereupon, she rolled over. I was too much asleep to fully comprehend what she meant. There must have been a part of me that did understand, as I slept fitfully after that. I have vague recollections of dreams wherein I was being scolded by my mother for wetting my pants … again. When I felt Kathy shaking me awake, I didn't feel much more rested than when I went to sleep. To top it off, my head was pounding. "Good thing we put that on you. I hope that satisfies you that I know what I'm doing, and we won't have a problem again tonight." I felt the squish when I rolled over, as well as a pounding in my skull. I couldn't bear to look at her, but I managed to mumble a dejected, "No." She reached down and undid the tapes. I tried to help, but she just swatted my hands away. "Why don't you go take a shower? I'm sure it will make you feel better. There's coffee waiting when you're done." She handed me my pajama pants, and I took her up on her advice. The shower did help. I felt almost human when I got out. If only that guy would lay off the drums. Not ready for the rigors of getting dressed, I returned to my pajamas and a robe and went downstairs. Coffee, lots of it, finished the job. By the time I had had something to eat, I was moderately ready to face the day. "Okay," Kathy said. "Get dressed. We're going shopping." I groaned, showing none of the enthusiasm she had. "Shopping? Really? Do I have to go? I'm still tired, and my head hurts." I admit it. I was whining. "Yes, you have to go. You're not going to just waste the day or get into who knows what kind of trouble. Besides, it's your own fault your head hurts. Now, upstairs; scoot." "You know," Sharon intervened. "He does still look a little green behind the gills." That made me like Sharon a little more. Kathy looked me over. "Hmm, maybe. We'll discuss it while he gets dressed. Let's go." Kathy shut the bedroom door, and I turned to her. "Don't make me go. You know I'll be useless and bored, and I really don't feel all that well." "You do look a little under the weather," she conceded. "Though I don't know why you should be rewarded for tying one on last night." "It's not a reward. Trust me, I'm being punished for last night. Please let me stay here. You two will have a lot more fun without me." "You're probably right at that. But I'm not so sure about leaving you here alone. If you're as tired as you say you are, you'll probably take a nap, and that risks Sharon's furniture. No, you'll just have to come along." "Please, honey, I'll stay awake, I promise. Besides, I never have problems during the day." "That's because you don't sleep in the day. I think it's best you come along." "Aww! Please don't make me. Nothing will happen; I promise." I gave her my best puppy dog eyes. "Well," she considered, "I suppose there might be one way." "Yes! Yes! Whatever you say. Just don't make me go with you." "You're sure now? It really means that much for you to stay here?" "Yes! Absolutely. I'll do it." "Alright, but you insisted. There's no turning back now. Go potty, and we'll get your diaper on." "What!" "That's the deal. You said you are too tired to go, and I can't trust you to stay awake or not wet in your sleep. If you stay home, I want you in a diaper. That way I can feel safe if you do take a nap." "But I said I'd stay awake. I have work I can do. That'll keep me awake." "We're on vacation. You shouldn't be working. Besides, we both know how well you stay on task without someone to watch you. No, diapers or shopping; it's your choice." I was torn. It was bad enough having to wear them at night, but at least I could ignore them then. On the other hand, department stores, fitting rooms, girl talk. "Fine. You win." And I went across to the bathroom. The diaper was already laid out when I got back. Condemned to my fate, I took off my clothes and lay down. Kathy efficiently diapered me. "Wait a second. What if I have to pee?" "That should be obvious." "But I'll be awake." "This was your idea." "It was not my idea! It was yours." "Alright, maybe the idea was, but it was your choice, and it's been made. We're not wasting that diaper, just because you didn't think it through." She appeared to be thinking of something. She reached in her purse and pulled out a marker. Before I knew what she was up to, she was marking her initials over the intersections of the tapes and the plastic. "That'll make sure you don't try taking it off as soon as I'm out the door. If you do, I'll know, and you'll get that spanking, Sharon or no Sharon." She got thoughtful again, and then she threw me for a loop. She pulled out another diaper. "What are you going to do with that?" I asked, shocked. "I'm going to double diaper you. I don't know how long we'll be out, and I can't take a chance of your leaking. The two should hold all your peepees. Up." It was obvious I was not going to win here. I let her put it on me. She used her long fingernails to poke a few holes in the inner one before taping up the outer. She repeated the trick with the marker. She gave the whole package as couple of satisfied pats. "There, all snug and safe and ready for your day. Now, since you claim you are not feeling well, I expect you to take it easy. Nap if you can. I want you feeling better, so we can do things together the rest of our stay." "Okay," I sighed. "Don't take that tone. You got what you wanted." I hadn't but didn't argue the point. "Get dressed and come say goodbye to Sharon and me." Kathy left the room, and I stood up to dress. The bulk between my legs was incredible. A bowlegged waddle was all I could manage. I tried to put on some khakis, but it wasn't happening. I resigned myself to putting my pajamas back on and threw on my robe. Stairs aren't easy when you can't put your knees together. I had to take them one at a time, and each one was accompanied by a distinct rustling I really hoped only I could hear. I stood as still as I could by the door and let the ladies come to me for a quick kiss and hug goodbye. Kathy surreptitiously patted my bottom and told me to be a good boy. I'm sure I jumped. I only hoped Sharon didn't notice, but her smile didn't make me optimistic. I watched them drive away and wondered what I was going to do with myself. It was difficult to walk normally, and the crinkling, exceptionally loud to my ears, was distracting. I did have some work I could do, but I wasn't enthused by the prospect. I got out my laptop anyway and set up at the kitchen table. After getting a cup of coffee and checking my email, all junk, I opened my work project. I stared at for fifteen minutes or so before closing it down again. I was on vacation and in no mood to work. Actually, I wasn't in the mood for much of anything. The double thick diaper kept me focused on my problems and my plight. I figured, or hoped anyway, that I was not alone. Surely there were other men this happened to. Maybe there was some advice on how to handle the situation, preferably advice that did not rely on diapers. If I could show Kathy some alternative, maybe she would relent. The internet was not coming to my rescue. Oh, there was some consolation in finding out that I was not the only adult who experienced bedwetting problems. Most of the information indicated that they were stress related and would eventually pass along with the stressors. There were other causes that were, quite frankly, kind of scary. I would have to consider seeing a doctor. Not my regular doctor. I thought I would die if I had to tell George about this problem. The shock for me, though, was not the number of people who had the problem but the number who seemed to revel in it and the number who didn't have it but wanted to. The number of stories, true, fictional, or mixed, was staggering. Most seemed to fantasies, or mostly so. That of itself was cause for thought. The number of those where the problem was dealt with by the sufferers wife, girlfriend or mother enforcing the use of diapers was frightening. Apparently, I was not alone, either in diapers or in being spanked. At least some of the stories had to contain some truth. While I was reading, my morning coffee was catching up with me. I made a vow that I would wait it out and show Kathy my wearing diapers was ridiculous, at least during the day. I was not quite so confident about nighttime. Unfortunately, the amount of coffee I drink, and the effects it has on my bladder, made me doubt my resolve pretty quickly. I held on for as long as I could, but after a couple of painful spasms and a look at how little time had gone by, I knew I couldn't take it. The flood that followed was mind-blowing. As hard as it is to admit, the relief, after fighting the urge for so long, was almost orgasmic. That is until the reality of the situation began to sink in. I was sitting there in a soaking wet diaper, a grown man wallowing in his own pee. I could feel the wetness all around me, and I was sure that I had to have leaked. I stood up and checked the chair, bone dry. I checked out the diaper as best I could. Except for a few small spots between my legs, where I remembered Kathy poking holes, it showed no sign of what I did. I felt disgusted with myself but relieved I hadn't flooded the kitchen. Under Kathy's implicit threat and my implicit promise, I knew I was stuck in this situation until they got back. I could only hope it wouldn't be too long and that Kathy would give me some warning of their return. It was going to be bad enough facing her, having wet myself. The idea that Sharon might notice was unthinkable. Having no way out of my predicament without making Kathy more mad at me, I went back to my research. I decided to concentrate on how people like me felt about the situation. "People like me," there was a strange thought. Only hours before, I would have considered identifying a community of adults in diapers crazy. As expected, I found embarrassment, depression, and a fair amount of self-loathing. I did not expect to find so many people who gave every impression that they enjoyed being in diapers. I certainly never expected to find that group that referred to themselves as Adult Babies, people who actively sought out the opportunity to relive the experience of being toddlers or even younger. I found the pictures rather disconcerting. Was that where I was headed? It was inevitable that I would have to pee again while I surfed away. The need was less pronounced, and the hour was getting later. Again, I tried to hold off. I hadn't lasted very long when the other effect coffee has started to hit me. I was not going to give into that one, but holding that back made the pressure on my bladder worse. Eventually, it came down to a choice of the lesser of two evils. I was already wet, so the decision to wet some more was not difficult. The feeling was not as intense as before, but I did feel a lot better, and the other urge seemed to abate. I was hungry now, and made myself some lunch, just a quick sandwich and some juice. More coffee seemed like a bad idea. Eating took my mind off my troubles for the moment. It also made me sleepy. I felt that a nap might not be such a bad idea after all and went upstairs to lie down. I guess I didn't realize how tired I was, as I was rather disoriented when I heard Sharon's bright announcement that they were home. I rolled over with a squish. I knew without looking that I had wet in my sleep, and the diaper was considerably fuller than when I came upstairs. I also realized my other problem was coming back with a vengeance. There was a deep rumble in my gut that would need attention and soon. I was trying to shake off the cobwebs and figure out what to do when I heard footsteps on the staircase. That made me panic, which didn't help my situation any. The door swung open, and there was Kathy, thankfully alone. "What's the matter," she asked, concerned. "I … uh … hi," I said. "You must have needed that nap," she said, walking over to the bed. "Any problems while we were gone?" "Um … no … not really. Now that your home can I take this … thing off?" "Yes, I think so. Just let me make sure you were a good boy and didn't mess with it." Before I could stop her she had the covers pulled back. I made a grab for my pajama bottoms, but she sharply slapped my hands. She wrestled the pants down while I begged her not to. "Oh my god! It's a good thing I put you in two. You're soaked." "Uh … yeah … you were gone a long time. Now please let me take this off. I have to go." "I can't imagine you have anything left in you." "Not that, the other." "Oh! Does my little boy have to go poopy?" she asked with a little too much relish. "Please, Kathy. This is hard enough." "Aww. Is it hard to hold it? Do you want to make a boom-boom in your diaper?" "Kathy, enough. Just let me up." I was getting desperate. "Don't get snippy with me, Mr. Soggybottom. Go on, if you have to go so bad." She got out of the way, and I leapt from the bed. I made for the bathroom and fell flat on my face. My pants were still around mid-thigh. The fall distracted, and I pooped a little. Please don't let it smell, I hoped. Kathy was at my side in a second, helping me to my feet. She pulled up my pants and gave my bottom a pat. I started for the door. "Not so fast. Come back here." "Kathy, I really need to …" "Here. Now," she said, pointing at the floor in front of her. I clenched my cheeks and went to the spot. "Turn around." I knew arguing about it was not going to get me anywhere. I did as I was told and hoped against hope that what I knew was coming wouldn't. It did. She pulled back the waistbands of my pajamas and diapers and looked down the back. "I don't believe it. You did. You filthy little boy." She grabbed my ear and started dragging me toward the bathroom. That painful shock and sudden unbalance caused me to drop more into the seat of my pants. I felt sick. Kathy slammed the bathroom door behind us. "Really? Really? You actually pooped your pants. Unbelievable. What have you got to say for yourself?" I tried to come up with an explanation. My mouth moved, but nothing came out. Kathy gave an exasperated sigh. "Get those pajamas off." I did and turned to put them on a hook. "Did you go more?" She felt the back of my pants. "You did, didn't you? I can't believe you. Lie down." I squatted down slowly, trying to minimize the additional mess this was going to make. "Is everything alright in there?" Sharon was at the door! In that position, it was all too much for me. Whatever was left in my bladder and bowels found its way into my pants. It was all I could do to hold back the tears. "Yes, I guess so," Kathy sighed. "Just a little emergency we need to take care of." "Nothing serious, I hope." "Nothing a bath won't fix." "A bath?" Silence. "Oh. Well, never mind. Come down when you're ready. I'll start dinner." "Alright, stinker. Let's get you cleaned up." She started the bath running. That's when tears started. Thoroughly ashamed, I lay down and let Kathy untape the diapers. "Oh, God!" she choked. "Why did you do that in your pants? Why didn't you just take it off?" "You told me I couldn't!" "I know didn't, but I didn't mean you should …" She rubbed her temples and took a deep breath. "Okay. I guess this is partly my fault. I could have thought it through better and been clearer with you, but only partly. You're having some difficulties with your bladder, and I understand the reasons for that. It's okay. I just put you in a diaper to protect you and Sharon's furniture. But you are certainly old enough to know you shouldn't poop your pants, no matter what I said. I can't believe you did that." She sighed and dumped the poop in the toilet. "Just get in the shower. I'm getting a headache and can't talk about this now." I got in and let the stink and humiliation wash off of me. Clean and smelling better, I was feeling somewhat better when I got out. Then I noticed the diapers were gone. What had Kathy done with them? I didn't know what I would have done with them, but they had to go somewhere. What if Sharon saw them? My head was spinning and my heart was pounding when I got dressed and went downstairs. Sharon didn't say anything when I entered the kitchen, but her sympathetic smile was all I needed to know the cat was out of the bag. Avoiding eye contact, I mumbled hello and took a seat at the table. I spent the remainder of the evening trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. Despite knowing a diaper was in my future, I was almost looking forward to going to bed. When Kathy suggested I take my meds and make an early night of it, I had no objections. "Meds? Are you sick, Dave?" "No," Kathy explained for me. "Dave's been really stressed out at work, and the doctor just gave him something to get over the hump." "Oh, is that why he's …" She stopped short. "Well, I just hope you start feeling better real soon." "Thanks. Goodnight." I went upstairs with Kathy close behind. She closed the door behind us, and I turned on her. "How could you tell her?" I said sharply, keeping my voice low. "How could I not? I had to get rid of that diaper, and she was right there. There was no avoiding it." "But she … How can I face … I can't …" My frustration mounted as I tried to speak. Grasping for words, my emotions got the best of me, and my eyes filled with tears. "I want to go home." I sank down on the bed and cried. With my face in my hands, I sobbed, "Why? Why? Why? I can't do this anymore. I can't take it. I just want to die." Kathy grabbed my head and forced me to look at her. "Don't you ever say that! I love you. I don't want to live without you. You are not to even think like that, do you understand me? If you ever say anything like that again, I swear, I'll spank you so hard …" She sat down and took me in her arms. She was crying too. "We'll get through this, together. Just don't ever think about leaving me like that. I love you so much." We sat like that for a long time, holding each other and letting it all out. I was drained and hardly noticed when Kathy began to undress me. Filled with love for her I started to caress her. "No, honey. I think we are both too tired for that tonight. Let's get your diaper on. It's been a rough day all around." Disappointed but with no strength to object, I let her dress me. She got me a glass of water to take my meds, and she tucked me into bed. She held me until I went to sleep. I don't remember her leaving, but I sort of noticed her getting back in. I rolled over and snuggled close to her. I was wet again the next morning but felt more rested. I was alone. There was a stack of clothes on the bed with a plastic bag and a note on top. "Get dressed and come down stairs. You can put your diaper in the bag and bring that with you." I put the wet diaper in the bag, had a quick wash and got dressed. I wasn't looking forward to carrying the object of my shame downstairs, but I and it couldn't stay there forever. Sharon and Kathy were having coffee in the kitchen. I tried to dispose of the package as discretely as possible, but I think I only managed to draw more attention to myself. "Honey, sit down. We need to talk about something." Here we go, I thought. This wasn't going to be good. Sharon brought me a cup of coffee. That helped some. "Sweetheart, I know you are really uncomfortable about all this, but I think we have to acknowledge the elephant in the room. We are all aware that you are going to have to wear diapers to bed for a while. There, I said it. Diapers, diapers, diapers. Pretending that you don't is making us all uncomfortable. Sharon understands, and so do I. It's not your fault; it's just the way things are right now. Your trying to hide from the fact is just creating more stress you don't need. So, as of now, we are going to stop walking on eggshells and simply accept your diapers as a fact of life. Among ourselves, we'll speak openly about them if needed, and we won't make a big deal about disposing of them. That will save us all a lot of worry and trouble." I just stared into my coffee cup. I did not want to look at anyone, especially Sharon. I was fine pretending. Having to acknowledge the problem to someone else was not something I wanted to do. "It's okay, Dave," Sharon said. "I know the pressure you are under, and I understand how you feel." "How could you?" "I see this all the time in my work. People come in all the time feeling overwhelmed by it all. They feel the whole world wants something of them they can't give. They feel powerless to change the situation or fight back. They react in all kinds of ways. All too many of them turn to drugs or alcohol, and that only makes things worse. All things considered, a little thing like bedwetting is not so bad." "That's easy for you to say. You're not the one who has to wear …" "Diapers. You can say it. You're not weak or lazy or whatever else you are telling yourself to bring you down. It's a stress reaction, nothing more. From what Kathy tells me about your boss, I'm proud of you for not turning to something self-destructive. You just need to find a way to deal with the stress, to let it go, to feel empowered. You feel helpless, and I'm sure you think the diapers prove it. On the contrary, by wearing them, you are taking control of the situation by the best means possible. By wearing them, you're getting rest; Kathy's getting rest; the bed is staying clean and dry. The way I figure it, you've taken a big first step in getting better." "Thanks, I guess." I didn't really feel any better. "Dave," Kathy said, "I think there's something else you should consider. There's no rush, especially as we are on vacation; so take as much time as you need. I think you should really think about quitting your job." "I can't just quit." "Not so fast, hear me out. Your boss is a bully. I'm sure he'll be found out eventually, but in the meantime, your life there is going to be miserable. I don't think you can really get better, if you stay there. You might learn to live with it, but at what cost? We've been doing alright. We don't actually need both our salaries. With a little bit of trimming, we can live on what I make. If it takes you a while to find something else, we'll make do. And I bet you could always get some work on a consulting basis. I'm not saying you have to quit, but it's an option, and you'll have my support. Just think it over." "I can't just let you support me," I protested. "You'd support me, if I had to quit, wouldn't you?" "That's different." "Why? Because you're a man? Look at the calendar. It's not the 1950s anymore. We're partners. We support each other, no matter what. If you never took another job and just stayed home and took care of the house, you'd still be supporting me. That's what we do. We have each other's back." "But I'd feel so …" "For a while, maybe," Sharon interjected, "but you'll get over that. I had a patient who went through much the same thing. He felt bad about it for a while, but once he got used to it, he loved being a househusband. He felt like he was making a real contribution. He was able to do things he never had time for. He makes a little money on the side from his hobbies. He's very happy. He says some of his friends tell him in private that they envy him." "I don't know …" "Just think about it. Take all the time you need," Kathy said. "A day, a week, a month, whatever you need, but think about it seriously. I think it would be good for you, but it's your decision. Whatever you decide, I'm behind you, but please, please, do consider it." "Alright," I said, as much to end the conversation as anything. "Good, it's settled." I didn't think it was settled at all but let it go. "Now, Sharon tells me there's an exhibition downtown that's right up your alley. Finish your coffee, and let's go." The exhibition was as good as advertised. I don't know about the girls, but I had a good time. Model trains aren't everybody's cup of tea. Kathy knew my fascination, even though I hadn't had a set since I was a kid. I think she was bored after the first ten minutes, but she let me have the run of the gawk over them. She and Sharon feigned interest when I explained all about the different scales and old rail lines. They smiled and nodded, and then let me run off to the next display while they hung about to talk. The rest of week was taken up with various activities. Some I enjoyed more than others, none as much as the trains. It was all a good distraction from my troubles and had me worn out by evening. Between the activity and the meds, I was getting some much needed rest. When I woke up dry on Friday morning, I thought I was turning a corner. Kathy praised me, which actually made me feel a little worse, but I took it in the spirit it was intended and didn't say anything. That night, it was decided, we would stay in for movies and margaritas. I took it easy, because I didn't know how the alcohol would react with my meds. Kathy made up for it, drinking the rest of my share as well as her own. She was pretty toasted by the end of the evening. She knocked over her glass and cut here finger picking up broken pieces. I thought we might have to take her to the emergency room, but we got the bleeding stopped pretty quickly. "Geez, that hurts," she slurred. "Um, Sharon? I'm not sure I can take care of Davey like this. Would you mind?" "What!" Sharon and I said in unison. "This really hurts, and I'm not sure I can work the tapes." "I can do it myself." "I don't know that you can, and neither do you. You've never done it before, and it has to be harder to put one on yourself than someone else. I don't want you leaking all over the place by putting it on wrong, and I'm sure Sharon doesn't either." I looked to Sharon for support, but she had an amused grin on her face. She was actually warming to the idea. "You're right, Kathy. A diaper isn't much good if it leaks all over. Sure, I'll help out. I'm sure Davey won't mind." "But …" "It's not like she hasn't seen one before," Kathy said, anticipating my protest. "And it's just this one time. I'll be better tomorrow. You two go on upstairs. I'll clean up down here." "Just put everything in the sink. You shouldn't get that finger wet. Come on, Davey. Auntie Sharon will get you ready for night-night." "That's right," Kathy laughed. "You be a good boy for Auntie Sharon." I didn't like being treated like a little boy, but I wrote it off to their inebriation. I took Sharon's outstretched hand and followed her upstairs. She went right to work getting a diaper laid out for me. I stood there unsure I could go through with it. "Take off your pants, silly. We can't do anything with those on. Here, let Auntie help." Before I could react, she was undoing my pants and pushing them down. "Why, Davey! I'm flattered, but what would your mommy say?" I was deeply embarrassed by my tumescent state, but her reaction to only made it worse. I started to apologize, but Sharon cut me off. "Don't worry about it. Little boys are always doing that when they get their diapers changed. Now, let's get those clothes off, so we can get you all wrapped up. We wouldn't want any accidents, would we?" Sharon was obviously more drunk than I thought. I hoped she, at least, wouldn't remember this in the morning. I told myself to just get through it, and finished undressing. I lay down on the open diaper and looked away, waiting for this to be over. "Oh, it looks like baby is getting a bit of a rash, I'd better get some powder for that." She started to leave but tuned right around folded the front of the diaper up over me. "Just in case. You never know with boys." She was gone for a few minutes, which was enough for me to subside a little. She had just walked in the door when we heard a thud on the stairs. "Whoopsies," we heard between giggles. "You alright out there?" Sharon asked. "Yeah, fine. Be right up." There was another, smaller thump followed by more giggles. "Right up." Sharon shook her head, smiling, and got back to work. She drew back the diaper and sprinkled the powder, quite a lot in my opinion. That brought me back to my previous state. She started to smooth it, and I whimpered. Kathy chose that moment to walk in the door. "Davey, you naughty boy! I should spank you for that." "Don't spank him. He just a little sweet on his Auntie Sharon, aren't you, baby? Besides, you know how boys are. Remember when we used to babysit my cousins?" "Yes," Kathy laughed. "Roger especially. Did he get that from his father? Your aunt is a lucky woman." "So she says." All this talk was not helping my situation, neither was the fact that Sharon was still rubbing in the powder. Kathy sat down next to me. "Is that true, baby? Do you have a little crush on Auntie Sharon? Do you like it when she rubs you down there? Oops! I guess you do!" "Oh, dear. I guess we'll have to start over. I'll go get a washcloth." Sharon wen to the bathroom, while I wished I could have died right there. "I wearing diapers has an upside after all," Kathy giggled. I just hoped she would feel the same way when she was sober. Sharon returned with a wet washcloth and with much greater efficiency had me cleaned up, powdered and diapered in no time. I got up to put on my pajamas and take my meds. Kathy was lying back and moaning a little. "What about you, girlfriend? Are you going to be alright, or does Auntie Sharon need to put a diaper on you too? You don't look so good." "No. I'm a big girl," Kathy slurred. "Okay, but if you're wet in the morning, you'll be the one getting the spanking." That image had me stirring again. I helped Sharon undress Kathy and get her into the bed. Sharon kissed my cheek and told me not to worry. We were all friends and more than a little drunk. I knew that wasn't true of me but recognized it was her way of saying the episode was nothing more than a little harmless fun. We said goodnight, and I climbed in next to Kathy. I don't know if my dreams were more disturbing or exciting. I do know I wasn't anxious for them to end. I had visions of Kathy squirming across Sharon's lap when I realized those sounds weren't in my head. I turned to see Kathy gone and a good size wet spot in her place. I stumbled across the hall to find my dream a reality. Kathy was sprawled face down across Sharon's lap, pleading with Sharon to stop. Her obviously wet panties lay at her feet. "I told you, you should have worn a diaper last night," Sharon said as she landed a slap to Kathy's already glowing behind. "Remember those parties in college. You should know better than to drink that much." I shook my head, not believing what I was seeing. Sharon took notice of my presence. "Good morning, Davey. You see what happens to little girls who don't listen to Auntie?" "Oh no! Dave! Go away. Please." "Quiet," Sharon said with another slap. "And don't think it can't happen to little boys either. Well, young lady, have you learned your lesson yet?" "Alright, go get cleaned up, and bring those sheets down to be washed." Kathy scrambled off Sharon's lap and fairly ran from the room, avoiding eye contact with me. I could hear her sniffling in the bathroom. "You clean up too," Sharon instructed. "I'll start breakfast." That brought my attention to the diaper hanging low on my hips. I wasn't making as much progress as I had thought. I passed Kathy in the bathroom door. She still wouldn't look at me. She must have worked fast, because by the time I was clean and fresh, the bed was stripped and she was nowhere in sight. I got dressed and found her in the kitchen helping with breakfast. She gave me a sheepish "good morning." I hugged her and gave her a kiss that was far more than perfunctory. That seemed to brighten her spirits. We all sat down to breakfast as if nothing had happened. I really wanted to know more about what I saw this morning but figured that wasn't the time to ask. It would keep and was probably none of my business anyway. We tidied up the dishes slowly, none of us wishing the visit to end. It was with no small amount of sadness that Kathy and I packed our things and said our goodbyes. We all promised to not wait so long till the next time, and for a change, I meant it. Despite the diapers and the embarrassment that went with them, I had a really good time. We drove in silence for quite some time. I was lost in my thoughts. There was a lot that happened that week and a lot to think about. Mostly though, I thought about what I had witnessed that morning. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. "Kathy? Remember what you said about elephants in the room?" "Yes," she sighed. "What happened this morning?" It took her a long time to answer. She tried to get me to drop it, but I kept bringing it back up. "You're not going to let this go are you? Alright, fine." You know Sharon was my sorority sister, right? Well, she was actually my big sister, a sophomore assigned to show a pledge the ropes and generally look after her. One of the things she did for me was to introduce me around. She was really popular and got invited to a lot of parties, and because she did, I did. It was at one of those parties that I got introduced to alcohol. I never drank in high school, and I avoided it the first couple of parties I went to. But it had been a rough week, and I gave in when somebody stuck a cup in my hand. At first, I didn't realize there was alcohol in it. It just seemed like a really sweet punch with a funny aftertaste. I was well into my second one before I knew I was getting buzzed. It felt good. I wanted more. I kept drinking. About the time, I felt like I might have had too much, Sharon found me. She told me it was time to go back to the house. I don't think I would have made it without her. I'm sure I threw up at least once on the way. I don't really remember getting back to the house and her dumping me on the bed. I do remember waking up the next morning. Sharon was shaking my leg, telling me to get up. I never knew sunlight could be so painful. It tasted like something died in my mouth, and somebody was beating my head with a hammer. I begged Sharon to let me die in peace. Instead, she pulled off my blankets. I was suddenly very cold. "Oh, geez. Get up. We need to get this stuff in the wash." "Huh?" "Get up. You peed the bed." "What?" "You peed the bed. Get up." "Oh my god. No!" I started bawling. "Oh, come on. It's not that big a deal. Half the girls here did the same thing the first time they got drunk." "You?" "Me? No." "Great," I said dejectedly. "Listen, get yourself cleaned up, take some aspirin, have some coffee and toast, and then we can talk about it. Okay?" "Okay." The shower made me feel a little better. I hadn't really learned to drink coffee yet, but the toast helped some. I found Sharon back in my room. She had stripped the bed for me and turned my fan toward the mattress. I had found the rubberized fabric of the mattress strange when I first moved in. Now, I understood why the sorority used them. It was somewhat comforting to know I wasn't the only one, but I still felt ashamed. Sharon hugged me and told me not to worry about it. I was the first, and I wouldn't be the last. It happens to everyone. "It didn't happen to you." "Okay, maybe not everyone, but I've had my share of nights worshipping the porcelain god." The image of Sharon with her head in the toilet did make me chuckle and a little less embarrassed. "I swear, I'm never going to drink again." "Don't make promises you can't keep. You just have to learn to pace yourself. You have to watch those fruity drinks. They go down really easy, and before you know it, you've already had too many. You don't have to stop drinking, if you don't want to. Just be careful." "Alright." I took my wet things down to the laundry room. I couldn't avoid passing some of the other girls. Most gave me sympathetic smiles, a kind of been there done that look. I was careful at the next few parties I went to. I did drink some, but I went slow and never let it get beyond a mild buzz. That ended after midterms. I felt so relieved to have made it over that hurdle, I let myself go. Sharon took me aside and told me I should ease up. I told her I was fine and bumped into a wall. She told me to remember what happened the last time. I waved her off. It was a good thing the party was at the sorority house, or I never would have made it home. As it was, Sharon found me the next morning on the floor of the bathroom. There was vomit in my hair and around the toilet bowl, and I was lying in a puddle of pee. Sharon got me on my feet and into the shower. She didn't bother with my clothes. That first burst of water was a real shock, and I thought my head would explode, and really hope that it would. As the water warmed, I started to feel human again. I got undressed and washed the assorted fluids of me. Sharon was waiting for with a towel. "Thank you," I said, drying off. "I feel awful. Never again." "You said that before. You should feel awful. You were really pounding them last night. You deserve that hangover. But listen, drinking like that isn't good for you; in fact, it's dangerous. Even if the alcohol doesn't kill you, you can do all kinds of crazy things to get hurt or let someone hurt you. And it sure isn't any fun for me, having to clean up after you." "I know. I'm sorry." "Yeah, yeah, save it. You're sorry, because you head hurts. But if you did anything to hurt the house while you were like that, it would be my ass on the line too. I'm responsible for you." "I didn't know. I'm sorry." "Well, just think about it. And think about what would happen if you got in real trouble. What if you got called in front of the dean?" I paled. "Oh my god. My mom would have my butt. I would be able to sit down for a month." "Your mom still spanks you." "Well, she did last year, when I came home an hour after curfew. She might." "Maybe that's what you deserve." Her face was passive. I couldn't tell if she meant it. "You're kidding right?" "Get drunk like that again, and we'll see." I was really good for the rest of the semester. I didn't let myself get more than a little tipsy. I did my work. My grades were good. I felt really good about myself. I had long forgotten that conversation in the shower. The end of term was my undoing. The night after finals, everyone was celebrating, including me. We had a grand old time. I again woke up with a horrible hangout and a wet bed. I was balling up the sheets when Sharon came to check on me. "You did it again, didn't you? I told you to slow down, didn't I? But do you listen? No. 'I'm fine, Sharon.' 'Go away, Sharon.' 'Mind your own business, Sharon.' And look at you now, wet sheets and pissy pants. Remember what I said after midterms?" "What? What are you talking about?" "I told you what would happen, if you go this drunk again." I tried to remember, but the pounding in my head made it hard. "I told you deserved spanking then, and you'd get one the next time. This is the next time." "You can't be serious." "Oh, I'm very serious." Sharon grabbed my wrist, sat down on the bed and hauled me across her lap. A softball player, she was really strong, far stronger than me. I didn't stand a chance. "Sharon, no!" I screamed, as she whisked my panties down. She didn't say a word as she lit up my ass. I screamed and squirmed and begged, but she didn't let up until I was limp and bawling. She stood me up and held me while I cried myself out. I told her I was sorry, and I really meant it. "It's okay. It's all over now. Just don't let it happen again, or you'll get more of the same." She tilted my head up and looked into my eyes. "I love you, Kathy. I want you to be safe." She kissed me, not a kiss, kiss, but more than a peck. Then she left me to take care of my laundry and pack for the holidays. It was a long, thoughtful, and uncomfortable bus ride home. "Wow," was all I could think of. After digesting it for a bit, I could help asking, "Did it ever happen again?" "The idea turns you on, doesn't it? Pervert," she chuckled. "If you must know, it did, but I'm not going into gory details." "What about that kiss? Was there more than that?" Kathy blushed and remained silent. I waited. "Okay, yes, we … experimented, nothing serious. I decided I preferred men … mostly." I filed that away. "What about Sharon?" "She's more of an omnivore," Kathy said smiling. "But that's all you're getting. Have you thought about what we talked about? Your job?" "Some. I haven't made any decisions." "Okay." The rest of the trip was idle chitchat and discussion of things we should do before the weekend was out. Although I had two more wet nights, I returned to work on Monday feeling better … for about ten minutes. That's how long it took for my boss to start in on me. He actually had the gall to berate me for taking the week off, time I had earned. That was the last straw. I spent my lunch hour writing up a formal complaint and delivering it to Human Resources. I told them, if they didn't do something about him, they could have my notice, and if they didn't want that, I'd take the sick and vacation pay I had coming, and they could have their job. The rest of the afternoon was a flurry of meetings and discussions about me and my boss. Some of them got pretty heated. A review of my work showed that I was doing my job and doing it well. In the end, though, I was low man on the totem pole, and it was decided we would all be better off, if I applied my skills elsewhere. I was given a letter of recommendation and promised my back pay would be mailed at the next payroll date. For someone who, for all practical purposes, just got canned, I felt great when I cleaned out my desk. Kathy got concerned when she came home and saw the box with my possessions by the door. "What happened?" "I got fired," I said brightly. "Well, 'mutual separation' is what they wrote down in the file." I gave her a blow by blow description of what happened that day with full color commentary. I may have embellished my part a little. "Dave, I'm so proud of you. You did the right thing. I just wish that son of a bitch got what was coming to him." "Not my problem anymore. His file is flagged. He'll get his someday. In the meantime and for the foreseeable future, you have yourself a little housemaid." "Don't give me ideas. You might look good in a French maid's uniform. I'm just glad you are out of there. Let's go. I'm taking you out to dinner." "Shouldn't we be watching our pennies? I am out of a job now." "We will, but tonight, we celebrate. This is a new beginning." And we did, a great meal, some nice wine, and it didn't end there. We practically ran up to the bedroom, clothes flying as we went. It was the most passionate we had been in quite a while. Afterward, Kathy got me diapered and curled up next to me. "So what are you going to do with yourself, now that you have all this time on your hands?" "I don't know. I have really had a chance to think about it." "You should, you know. Idle hands and all that." "I'm sure I'll think of something." "I hope so. Little boys left on their own can get into all sorts of mischief." She was rubbing the front of my diaper. "I'll be fine." "I hope so. We wouldn't want Mommy to have to spank, would we?" I chuckled. "Would we?" The question wasn't rhetorical. "No." "No, what?" "No … Mommy?" "That's right," she said, rubbing me harder. "You need to be a good boy for Mommy, or Mommy will spank." I moaned, getting my second wind. "Maybe I should get a babysitter to keep you out of trouble. Maybe Auntie Sharon would be available. She could make sure you're a good boy and change you when you are wet. I know you like that. But Auntie Sharon spanks hard; so you'd better be good." That was it. The diaper came off for round two. I was barely awake when Kathy re-diapered me and kissed me goodnight. The first week as a stay at home husband was great. I cooked, which I enjoyed but nave had time for. I did some minor repairs that I had been putting off for a while. I cleaned the house and did the grocery shopping. I didn't enjoy those so much, but they had to be done and weren't as bad as I imagined. Most of all, Kathy was really happy with me and lavished me with praise. The second week was not as good. It was harder to find things to do. Kathy noticed and brought my attention to some things that needed taking care of. By the third week, I was really starting to get bored. Kathy and I were doing some gardening that weekend, when Mrs. Travers, our neighbor across the street came over, a sweet older lady. I never talked to her much, but she and Kathy were friends. She took Kathy aside, but couldn't help overhearing their conversation. "I noticed David's been home a lot lately. Is everything alright." "Oh, yes. He's taking some time off, maybe thinking of a second career." "I was just concerned, the economy being the way it is and everything." "No need to worry. We're fine." "Well, if there is anything you need …" "Same here. I'm sure Dave would be happy to help you out, if you need anything." "Well, there are a few odd jobs I need done. I'd pay him, of course." "Nonsense. What are neighbors for? Dave, come here a minute. Mrs. "Oh, that's all right." "Dave, Travers needs your help. You'll do that, won't you?" "Sure." "What is it you need, Mavis?" "Well, I have a leaky faucet, and the gutters need tending." "No trouble at all Mrs. Travers," I said. "Is tomorrow okay?" "That would be fine, dear, if it's not too much trouble." "No trouble at all. Ten o'clock?" "That sounds fine. Thank you so much." "It's settled then," Kathy said sealing the deal. "He'll be over at ten sharp. You remember to be a good boy for Mrs. Travers, Dave." Mrs. Travers thanked us again but gave us awkward look as she went back to her house. "You didn't need to say that." "I was just having some fun. Can't you take a joke?" I kissed Kathy goodbye the next morning, and she reminded me to be a good boy and be at Mrs. Travers' house at ten. I was there right on time, toolbox and ladder in hand. I decided to start with the gutters, before the day got too hot. They were worse than I imagined, and it took till past noon to get them cleared out. Mrs. Travers insisted on feeding my lunch. The leaky faucet turned out to be a nightmare. It was an old fixture in the guest bath. I don't think anyone had worked on it since before I was born. There was a slow but steady drip that, judging by the calcium deposits on the fixture, had been going on for a long time. It was a chore just turning the shutoff valve and getting the handle off the valve, but when I tried to take out the stem to change the washer, the whole thing snapped. I informed Mrs. Travers and told her I would buy her new hardware. After a bit of an argument, I accepted that she would pay, I insisted on doing the installation. We went to the hardware store together, so she could pick out what she wanted. On the ride she told me all about her children and grandchildren, including the fact that the middle one was still wetting the bed. I set to work on updating the sink. I soon wished that I hadn't offered my assistance. Every nut was frozen. Nothing was easy to reach. The room was so tiny, I couldn't even lie down comfortably to work. As is so often the case with plumbing, I was swearing at it under my breath. Then the wrench slipped. I hit my hand hard against a pipe. I sat up to grab it and bashed my head on the sink. I was loudly cursing a blue streak when Mrs. Travers came to check on me. I was seeing stars and didn't resist when she helped me up. She led me to the kitchen and fixed an icepack for my head. She tended to my wounded hand, applying a Scooby-Doo Band-Aid. "Sorry, dear, that's all I have. I keep them for the grandkids." The room was still spinning when Kathy came over to check on me. I had no idea it had gotten so late. She gasped when she saw me. "It's just a bump on the head, dear, but I think you'd better take him home. He's had a rough day. I'll just call a plumber to finish." "No. I can do it myself." "David, be quiet. Mavis, I'm sorry he was so much trouble for you." "Oh, no trouble. I've tended to more than one skinned knee and bruised ego. But such language!" "David, apologize to Mrs. Travers, right now." "Sorry." "I'm sorry, Mavis. It won't happen again. But please, don't waste your money on a plumber. David will come back tomorrow and finish the job." She turned to me. "And he will watch his language, won't you?" "Yes, ma'am." I meant that for Mrs. Travers, but I don't think either of them took it that way. "Good. I'm sorry. He is usually much better behaved. Please let him come back." "Alright," she said reluctantly. "If it means that much to him. But it's no trouble to get a plumber." "I won't hear of it. David will be back first thing in the morning to finish what he started, and he'll be on his best behavior. If he's not, please tell me. Now, I'd better get him home and put him to bed." I handed back the icepack and stood to leave. "I'm sorry Mrs. Travers, and thank you for lunch." "It's alright, dear. Get some rest, and you'll feel better in the morning." Kathy took care of the goodbyes, and Mrs. Travers walked us to the door. I hoped when wasn't watching as Kathy gave me an earful crossing the street and landed a couple of hard swats on the seat of my pants. She took me straight upstairs. She got a diaper out and set it on the bed. She got her hairbrush and put it on top. She started undressing me and gave me a real dressing down. "I'm ashamed of you, talking that way in front of a sweet old lady. What were you thinking?" "I'm sorry. I hit my head and it really hurt." "That's no excuse. You should know better. I have a good mind to wash your mouth out with soap." "You can't do that!" "Try me. If I ever hear something like that again, that's just what I'll do. As for right now, you're getting a good spanking to help you remember." "What? You can't." "You know very well I can. And unless you want me to use your belt on you, you'll get across my lap right now." I remembered the bite of the belt and chose to follow her instructions. She didn't start easy, and she accompanied her task with nonstop scolding. But that was nothing compared to when she start in with the brush. I wouldn't have been surprised if Mrs. Travers hurt my cries from across the street. When I was bawling, Kathy told me to get up and marched me to the corner. "You stay there and think about what you did." I kept my face wedged in the corner, not wanting to incur any more of her wrath. I could hear her milling about the room, muttering. Then there was silence. "David, why is your underwear wet?" "What!" "You heard me. Why is your underwear wet?" "What? I didn't." She turned me around and held them where I could see. They were clearly damp. "Did you or did you not wet your pants?" "I don't know." "Of course, you know! Look at these!" "I guess, maybe a little. I don't remember. Maybe when I hit my head?" "That's no excuse. You can't go around wetting your pants during the day. It's bad enough you do that at night." "You said you didn't mind." "You know what I mean. But daytime accidents are a different story. Do you need to be in diapers all the time? Do need to hire a babysitter? Maybe Mrs. Travers would like the job." "I'm sorry," I cried. "It won't happen again." "It had better not, or I'll have to rethink leaving you home alone. Lie down. You're going to bed right now." "I have to go to the bathroom." "Then go. At least, you remember some of your potty training." I lay in bed thinking about what Kathy said. She wouldn't make me wear diapers in the daytime. It was just that I hit my head. But she did it before. That didn't work out well. Seriously, she couldn't really get a babysitter. I didn't know what to think. Between conking myself and what followed, I was exhausted and didn't last long. I had strange and fitful dreams. I was soaked the next morning. Kathy was laying out clothes when I came back from the shower. "Put these on." She handed me something I didn't recognize. "What are these?" "Training pants." I turned the puffy object over in my hands. "I'm not wearing those." "Yes, you are, unless you'd prefer to wear a diaper. Of course, you'll have to bring a spare, incase Mrs. Travers needs to change you." "You wouldn't." "Would you like to discuss it with Mr. Hairbrush?" "No." "Then get dressed. You have work to do." The disposable underwear wasn't as thick or noisy as a diaper, but I still felt very conspicuous. I was feeling very contrite when Kathy rang Mrs. Travers' doorbell. "Good morning, Mavis. I brought David over to finish his work. He's going to be on his best behavior today and not give you any more trouble. If he does, I'd appreciate it if you told me. And if he needs it, you have my permission to spank him." "I'm sure that won't be necessary, dear," she said with a nervous laugh, no doubt hoping that was a joke. I knew it was and blushed hotly. "Be a good boy, David. I'll see you tonight. And no swearing." It took me all day and another trip to the hardware store for new shutoff valves, but I finally got the sink done. I even managed to keep from swearing out loud. I did end up quietly crying at one point from holding it in. When it was all done, I was quite proud of myself, and Mrs. Travers was pleased. I was finishing the snack she made me, when Kathy came to take me home. "How was he today, Mavis?" "Good as gold, dear. Good as gold. I don't know what you said to him, but it did the trick. And such a good job he did. The new faucets are just beautiful." "I'm so glad to hear that. David, say thank you to Mrs. Travers." "Thank you," I mumbled, my mouth filled with cookie. "David, don't talk with your mouth full." "It's alright, dear. He deserves his reward. If I could borrow him again, I might have some other jobs for him to do?" "Anytime, Mavis. Anytime. I'm happy to have him here where somebody can keep an eye on him. But now I think it's time I get him home and fed, unless he's spoiled his appetite with your cookies." "I only had two," I complained. I saw Mrs. Travers hold up three fingers. "Well, we'll see if we can get some real food in him anyway. David, finish your milk; it's time to go." I downed the half full glass and wiped my mouth with my sleeve. I thanked Mrs. Travers for the cookies, and we headed home. Kathy told me she was proud of me for being a good boy. That made me feel good. But, she warned me, she expected no more bad behavior reports. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. Then she stuck her hands down the front of my pants. "Just checking. Seems a little damp down there. Drop 'em." "I didn't. I swear." "You'd better now swear. Now, let's see those training pants." She unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants to my feet. She pulled the disposable underwear—I preferred the euphemism—inside out and down where she could get a good look. "Hmm. Definitely a little damp, but maybe it's just sweat. You could do a better job wiping though." She pulled them back up and went to make dinner. I was left standing with my pants at my ankles, wondering what just happened. The evening was business as usual. At bedtime, she said her little boy deserved a reward for being so good all day. I got it too, and how. Kathy had another pair of training pants out the next day. "Why do I have to wear these? I stayed dry yesterday." "I think you know why." "No, why?" "Because Mommy says so." She wrapped her arms around me and gave my bottom a squeeze. "And little boys who do what Mommy says get rewarded." She gave me a smack. "And you know what happens to little boys who don't." I quickly put on the paper pants. "Good boy. Get dressed. Mommy has to go to work." I tidied up around the house and puttered in the garden a little. I couldn't help but think about the night before and what Kathy implied that morning. I went to the store and bought a roast, hoping a nice dinner would earn me another of her rewards. With dinner in the oven, I was at a loss for what to do. I sat down to watch some TV and was soon asleep, dreaming of "Mommy." "Oh, David!" I sat straight up. "Get up, quick." I stood up, and that's when I felt it. The training pants were leaking. "Go change. I'll take care of this." I could hear the disappointment and frustration in her voice. I came back to find her laying towel over the cushion. I told her I was sorry. "It wasn't too bad. I think I got it in time. Let's just eat. It smells wonderful." It was good, if I do say so myself. Kathy's praise for it was effusive. Then she turned serious. "David, what we going to do? I know you can't help your bedwetting, and that's alright. It really is, and we're dealing with it. But what are going to do about this wetting in the daytime? It's obvious the training pants aren't up to the job." "I'm sorry. I wasn't even planning on going to sleep." "That's my point. If you're going to drop off like that, you could end up ruining the furniture." "I'll just stay awake. That's all." "You didn't today." "But now I know I have to." "David, I don't want to deprive you of your sleep. If you need a nap, you should be able to take one." "I could put a diaper on myself," I suggested. "Yes, I do think we need to teach you to do that. But that's only going to help if you know you are going to sleep. What about days like today, when you just drop off?" "I don't know." "I think there's only solution that's really practical." I didn't like the sound of that. "You're just going to have to have a nap every day. That way, you won't just be nodding off unprotected." "But I don't need a nap every day." "I'm sorry, but I don't see any way around it. Unless you prefer I get a sitter who can make sure you stay awake of gets you diapered?" "No, I don't want that." "Then you'll just have to start taking naps. Do the dishes, and we'll see if we can teach you how to put on a diaper by yourself. And use the potty. We don't need any accidents in the middle of the lesson." That was it; the discussion was closed. I met her upstairs when the dishes were done. She had several diapers stacked up on the bed. "Why so many?" "It might take you a few tries to get it on right, and the tapes on these don't take repositioning well. If you mess up, we'll have to start from scratch. Here, let me help you get undressed." She kissed me while she unbuttoned my shirt. I thought we'd get to the instructions part later, and it showed. No such luck. "Okay. The first thing is to unfold the diaper and lay it out like this." "I could have guessed that." "Don't get smart; just listen. Now you lie down on top. You know how to do that already. Well, go on; I can't very well teach you this while you're standing up. Good. Now, lift your bottom and take the bottom two tapes. That's it. Now, move the diaper so the tapes are at the bend in your hips. No, a little higher. Let me feel. That's it. Good boy. Put your bottom down. Now, pull the front up and put the tapes on, snug as you can without stretching anything. Don't let the diaper move, or you'll have to start again. No, no, don't pull the front over so far; keep it centered. That's it. Good job. Now, tuck in all of the side flaps. That's right; we don't want those sticking out. Now, we do the top tapes, nice and snug. Very good! Stand up and let me check you. My goodness, you did so good, and on your first try! We'll just tuck these parts under to make sure nothing gets out. There, all ready for bed." I don't what the all the fuss was about. It's not like it was brain surgery. Still, she managed to make me feel proud of myself. I reached to undo the tapes. "What are you doing?" she asked. "I'm taking it off." "Why? It's on there so nice." "It's early, and I'm not sleepy." "Well, there's no sense in wasting it. If you take it off, we'll just have to throw it away. Just leave it on. Mommy will make it worthwhile," she teased. "Really?" I said hopefully. "Uh huh," she said, unbuttoning her blouse. "Okay." She knew what I liked. She didn't often let me spend much time with her titties, but that night, she let me suck and play with them to my heart's content. Meanwhile, she pleasured herself. "Oh, baby!" she cried out after her third orgasm. "You make Mommy feel so good." She brought my face to hers and kissed me deeply. I was looking forward to the main event. "We'll have to let you nurse more often. That was fantastic. Are you ready to go night-night or do you want to watch some television." "Aren't we going to … you know?" "Baby, what did I say about wasting diapers? That's not coming off until morning, unless you need a change before. So what's if going to be, bed or TV?" I would have wet myself if I could have, but the state she had me in prevented it. "TV, I guess," I said with a pout. "Aw, don't be that way. If you're a good boy, maybe Mommy will let you nurse some more before bed." That cheered me a little. We put on our nightclothes and went downstairs. Even though Kathy picked out a movie that would appeal more to me than to her, I was still a bit sullen. Kathy noticed. "What's the matter, sweetie? Do you still want Mommy's titty? Come here, baby." She had me lie down with my shoulders in her lap. She supported my head with her arm, braced by the arm of the sofa. She pushed her nightgown out of the way. "Be gentle. Mommy's still tender from before." It wasn't what I really wanted, but it was still nice. I had seen the movie several times before. I could see it in my head just from the dialogue. Kathy was idly rubbing my chest and belly. It was very relaxing. I felt a twinge in my bladder and figure, what the heck; it wasn't like she was going to let me go to the bathroom anyway. It took some effort, but I did manage to overcome my resistance and let the liquid flow. Kathy must have notice a change in me. She stuck her had inside my pajama pants and squeezed my diaper. "Good boy," she murmured, and she continued to rub down there. I was actually getting turned on. I was starting to squirm, trying to get a little more pressure on the front to the diaper. My suckling became more passionate, and I reached up to play with the other breast. I felt a slap on my padded behind. "Mommy said 'gentle.' If you can't be nice, I'm going to put you to bed." That brought about a definite pout from me. "Don't be like that; you were told. Let's get you turned around and you can have the other side for a while, but be nice." "Okay," I sighed." "What was that?" Yes … Mommy." "That's better. You just nurse nicely while we finish the movie. Then Mommy will get you tucked in." I was more on my side this time, and Kathy rubbed my back and bottom. I think I must have drifted off, because Kathy was telling me it was time for bed. I got my bearings and sat up. I didn't think I had been that wet when we switched breasts. Kathy took my hand and led me upstairs. She took off my pajama pants and said she was right; I would need a change before bed. She laid me down and untaped the used but not soggy garment. I asked to use the bathroom. "Really? I wouldn't think you had any more in you right now." "For … the other." "Oh, yes, of course. Go make poopies, and then we'll get you set for night-night." She patted my naked bottom as I went. She didn't really have to put it that way, I thought. I wasn't gone long, but she had a new diaper laid out, as well as some powder. "What's that for?" I asked, pointing at the powder. "It will make you more comfortable, and it will make you smell nice." "It'll make me smell like a baby." "Exactly, is there anything that smells better than a freshly changed baby? Beside, at the moment, you are acting like one. You may as well smell the part." "You know I can't help it. It's the stress. And those pill make me so sleepy, I don't know …" "That's not what I meant. You've been cranky and moody all night. Lie down, so Mommy can get your dipee on." I lay down, but not without telling her I didn't appreciate the baby talk. "You liked it well enough when we were playing here a while ago." She took a wet wipe and ran it up my butt crack. "And if this is the kind of job you do wiping yourself, maybe you one. Does Mommy have to help you when you make a stinky in the potty?" "Kathy!" I complained. "Okay, okay, I'm kidding … for now, but make sure you do a better job in the future. If I'm going to have to clean your poopy bottom anyway, I may as well keep you in diapers full time." I gasped. "Relax. I didn't say I was going to do it. I just haven't ruled out the possibility," she said with a grin that was either playful or threatening. I couldn't tell which. She powdered nicely, but I was disappointed that she stopped when I started to stir. She finished the rest of the process efficiently and soon had me tucked in. She got in beside me and had me face her. "Unless we run into some problems, here are the rules from now on. I want you to lie down every afternoon around one o'clock. A little bit earlier, a little bit later, doesn't matter, as long as it's not past two. Whatever you might be planning that would take longer than that can wait until after you rest. I want you in a diaper when you lie down. You showed me you can do it yourself, and I feel better knowing you are protected. If you wet while you are napping, go ahead and put your pull-ups back on. If you don't, I want you to keep the diaper on until you use it; that way it's not wasted, and I know you aren't cheating. If you don't sleep at naptime, I want you in a diaper until I get home. I can't have you falling asleep without one on. If you have to change once or twice before I get back, that's okay, but no wasting. If I find you aren't taking your naps or you are running around without a diaper when you should have one on, Mommy will spank, understand?" I nodded, wide eyed. For some reason, I was getting aroused. "Say, 'yes, Mommy.'" "Yes, Mommy." "Good boy. And remember, good boys who do what Mommy says get rewards." She kissed me. "Night-night, baby." "Night-night, Mommy," I yawned. I started to plan out my day for tomorrow, but I was off to dreamland. I had finished mowing the lawn, and working on pulling some weeds, when I heard a car pull into the driveway. I wasn't pulling weeds anymore. I was pushing trucks around a sandbox. "Mommy!" I yelled. "There's my little man," Kathy beamed. But her face turned cold. "Davey, just look at you." I looked down. My hands were filthy, and there was sad stuck to the wet front of my little shorts. I looked up surprised. "David, did you take your nap today?" "I wasn't sleepy." "Where's your diaper?" "I forgot," I said sheepishly. "You forgot? What was the last thing I said to you before I left?" "Um …" "I said I wanted you to go down for a nap at one o'clock and to make sure you put your diaper on." "I didn't know it was so late." "Is that so? Did you not know you need to go potty either? "I …" "Davey, I'm very disappointed in you. Get in the house this instant." I ran in the house and was almost through the kitchen. "Stop right there, mister. Take off those filthy clothes. You're not going track sand all through the house." I didn't want to. Getting undressed in the kitchen meant I would have to walk right past the picture window to get upstairs. "But …" "No buts," she said, striding over and pulling my shirt right over my head. She made quick work of my sandals and shorts and left me standing in a drooping pull-up. She shook her head and started pulling it down. She gasped when she saw a small, firm poop inside. She got it off me and balled it up "David, you naughty, naughty boy. Get up stairs right now. You need a bath." She turned me around and planted a stinging slap on my damp bottom. I ran up the stairs, no longer caring if I was seen. Kathy was not far behind. "Sit on the potty and try to go poopy." She started the bath and added some sweet-smelling bubbles. "Honestly, I thought you were a big boy. I thought I could trust you. Did you go?" I shook my head. I was getting teary, because she was mad at me. "Get in the tub. This discussion isn't over, but you're just too filthy to deal with at the moment." I jumped in the tub, hoping compliance would earn me a few points. She scrubbed me from head to toe. "I have no idea how one little boy can get so dirty? How did you get sand in there?" I didn't know either, and I felt bad I was making work for her. She was hardly gentle, and I was glad when she finished. She dried me just as roughly, then ordered me into the bedroom. "What have you got to say for yourself?" she demanded. "I'm sorry." "I'm sorry is not an excuse. Did you deliberately disobey me, or are you too much of a baby to leave on your own. I think I'm going to have to have Mrs. Travers come over and watch you during the day." "I don't need a babysitter," I whined. "I'm a big boy." "Then you are a naughty, disobedient boy, and I know just how to deal with that," she said, snatching up her hairbrush and hauling down across her lap. "I told you what would happen, if you didn't listen to Mommy. You have no one to blame but yourself." "Mommy, no!" My bottom was quickly ablaze. I was screaming out apologies and promising to be good. I was bawling my eyes out and shaking. No, I wasn't shaking. I was being shaken. "David, David, Wake up." I shouted something incoherent. I looked around. It was dark. I saw Kathy. I threw my arms around her. "I'm sorry, Mommy. I'm sorry! I won't wet my pants again. I'll take my nap. I'll wear my diapers. Don't spank me. I'm sorry!" I sobbed and sobbed. Mommy … Kathy held and shushed me. "There, there, baby, it's all over now. It was just a bad dream. Mommy loves you. You're Mommy's good boy; yes, you are. Let's get you changed, so we can go back to sleep." I was soaked, but Kathy took care of it like it was nothing. She made such short work of it, I didn't even become fully conscious. I just followed her instructions, lifting up when she asked, and I was soon dry and nuzzling her. "No, baby. Mommy's sore. Try to go back to sleep. Mommy will see about buying you a baba and a binky tomorrow." That thought didn't register enough to consciously think about it, but it did sink in enough that I dreamt of nursing from a giant bottle. My thumb was wrinkled when I woke up. The night must have been harder on me than I realized. I had no trouble putting on a diaper and taking a nap the next day or the day after. Kathy made me show her the used diapers when she saw I was wearing pull-ups. She praised me for being a good boy. The day after that, try as I might, I just couldn't fall asleep. I went ahead and wet the diaper, so I could show Kathy I hadn't wasted it, but then I put on a pull-up and went about the rest of my afternoon. We sat down to watch TV after dinner. I was nodding off before the first commercial. "David?" "Hmm?" I asked groggily. "David, did you have a nap today?" "Mm-mm," I acknowledged. "Is that a no?" I nodded. "Then where's your diaper?" "Used it." "I know that, but why don't you have one on now?" "Don' need one." "That's not the rule, and you know it. Get up. You're going to bed right now." "Wanna stay up with you." "Nothing doing. You get upstairs right now, unless you want to go to bed with a sore bottom." That woke me up. "But it's early," I whined. "David, I'm warning you or the last time." "Okay, I'm going," I huffed and all but stomped out of the room. "And use the potty. I'll be up in a minute to put your diaper on." I did as I was told; I did have to go. Kathy came in and laid out a diaper while I was getting undressed. Before I knew it, she had me squared away and tucked in. Seemingly out of nowhere, she stuck bottle in my mouth. "Leave that there. I bought it as a joke, but maybe it's appropriate after all. You know the rules, David. It was very naughty of you to break them. I feel like you lied to me. I'm very disappointed in you." That stirred up memories of my nightmare. "We will talk about this in the morning. In the meantime, dink your baba and go to sleep. I expect it to be empty when I come to bed. I'm very upset with you right now." I was upset too, as much with myself as being made to drink from a baby's bottle. Still, I was tired and didn't last long. I woke up briefly to find the bottle being replaced in my mouth and held there. The next this I remember was Kathy's waking me to get changed and "have a talk." I came back from the bathroom to time a diaper waiting on the bed. Kathy was sitting next to it, hairbrush in hand. I immediately protested. "I get it. I'm sorry. If I don't take a nap, I'll wear a diaper till you say so. You don't have to do this." "You'll get it alright. And I do have to do this, because it seems the only time you listen to me is when you're face down over my lap. Get over here now." I reluctantly went and climbed into position. She did waste any time in starting to warm my seat "You deliberately disobeyed my, and then you pretended like you took a nap. You thought you were real smart, didn't you? Thought you could fool me into thinking you took a nap, didn't you? What do you think would have happened if you fell asleep before I got home? I'll tell you what would have happened; you would have wet your pants and made a royal mess, that's what. You are a naughty, naughty, little boy. Lying to Mommy, Mommy is so angry with you. Are you going to make me have to hire a sitter for you? Is that what I have to do, because Mommy's little boy can't be trusted?" "No! Please, don't! I'll be good. I promise!" She stopped spanking. "Alright, fine, I'll give you one more chance. Get up, and let's get your diaper on. You are in diapers all day, and I do mean all day. I'm going to call you from time to time, and you had better be wearing your diaper, because you are going to send me a picture to prove it, and if you aren't wearing one, or it takes longer than I think it should for you to send it, you won't sit down for a week, and I will find you that sitter. Do I make myself clear?" "Yes." "Excuse me?" "Yes, Mommy. Yes." "Good. Now, get your nose in that corner." She left for a few minutes. "I set up your computer with the webcam on, and I set an alarm. Don't you dare move until the alarm goes off. I may not be able to watch you all the time, but you won't know when I do. So you'd better be on your best behavior and do exactly as Mommy says, understood?" "Yes, Mommy," I said dejectedly. "I do love you, baby, but you have to be a good boy and do what Mommy says, okay?" "Okay." "That's my good boy." She kissed and hugged me. "Okay, nose back in the corner, and don't move till the alarm goes off. Remember, Mommy's watching." She turned me around and patted my behind. I was left with my thoughts. I hoped not for too long. That hope didn't last. With no frame of reference but my own world, which was defined by the two walls I got to stare at, the seconds ticked slowly. I got to dwell on why I was standing there. Because Mommy, I mean Kathy, was mean. No she wasn't; I did this to myself. Why couldn't I have handled things better? I could have stood up to my boss. I could have gone to HR sooner. I could have quit. Why didn't I? Because I was afraid. What good would that have done? I'd have just been out of a job sooner. Why did I have to start that again? And why wasn't it stopping. I got rid of the stress. I quit. But I still couldn't keep dry. It's no wonder Kathy treated me like a baby. Why did she do that? Why won't she, when I was in diapers every night. Some Man. But it was kind of nice. It felt good to be snuggled. It felt really good to be suckled. She was actually being really nice … when she wasn't spanking me. Why did she have to do that? And why didn't I stop her? What was I supposed to do, hit her back? I couldn't do that. And it's not like I didn't bring them on myself. I didn't listen. Why should I have to listen? I'm a grown man. But I was acting like a little boy. A little boy who can't keep his pants dry. And so it went on until the alarm chimed. Less than a minute later, Kathy called. "You stayed in the corner the whole time. Good boy. I knew you could listen when you wanted to. The webcam is still on. Show me your diaper." I positioned myself and the camera so she could look. "Still dry. Good. I have to get back to work now. I'll call and check on you a little later. Be a good boy for Mommy, and get your chores done. I'll talk to you before naptime. I love you, sweetie. Bye-bye." She hung up before could get a word in. There was nothing for it but to get on with my day. I wasn't very hungry, but coffee was welcome. I puttered around, taking care of what I had to, making the bed, doing the laundry and dishes. I wet myself a little; there didn't seem any point in holding it. Kathy called around eleven. "Hi, baby. How's your day going? Are you being a good boy?" "Yes, Mommy. I'm almost done with my chores." "That's my good baby. Speaking of which. Send me a picture of your diaper." I snapped a pic and sent it to her. "Just a little wet. You'll be fine till nap time. Mommy needs to get back to work. I want you to find some more things to do around the house. You're still on punishment; so no TV or computer till Mommy says so. But make sure the webcam is facing the bed. I may want to check in on you during your nap. Be a good boy. I love you, baby. I'll talk to you later." Now facing a day of boredom, I looked for things to do. I vacuumed the carpets and washed the floors. That kept me busy until lunchtime. I had a sandwich and a soda. By that time, I was looking forward to a change. When the phone rang, I thought it was Kathy. "Hi, Mom …" "David, it's Mrs. Travers across the street. Could you come help me, please?" "I'd be happy to Mrs. Travers, but right now isn't a very good time. May later this afternoon?" It was getting close to one o'clock, and Kathy was going to want me in bed. "I'm sorry, David. It really can't wait. The toilet it backing up, and I can't stop it. Please help." She sounded desperate. I was torn over what to do. "David, are you there?" "Yes," I said stupidly, coming out of my head. "Yes, Mrs. Travers. Let me just grab some tools, and I'll be right over." "Thank you, David. You're a lifesaver." The first order of business was to call Kathy. I needed to tell her what was going on. Her cell went straight to voicemail. I didn't want to just leave a message; so I called her office. "Ms. Henderson's office. May I help you?" "Ho, Mandy. It's David." "Oh, hi, David. I hear you're taking some time off. That must be so great. I wish I could do that." "Mandy," I broke in. "I need to speak to Kathy. Could you put me through please?" "I'm sorry I can't. She's in a meeting, and she said no interruptions, unless it's life and death. It's not, is it?" "No … um … just have her call me, will you?" "Sure thing. Is everything alright?" "Um … fine. You have her call. Thanks." I put on my baggiest sweats and hoped they'd hide what was under them. I threw my snake, a plunger, some wrenches, and a couple of kinds of pliers in a duffle and headed across the street. Mrs. Travers. "David, hurry, hurry. It's getting worse!" I followed the sound of running water until I saw it. How did she let it get this far? The bathroom was flooded, and it was flowing out into the hallway. I stuck my phone in a pocket of the duffel and set the bag down in a spot near the door that was still dry. "Get me all the towels you can. Clean, dirty, doesn't matter. Quick!" She brought me a couple of kitchen towels. "No, bath towels. The bigger the better. And as many as you can carry." This time, she understood. I tossed the m around the room, and they were saturated as soon as they hit the floor. "Have you got more?" She nodded. "Get them. All of them." I squatted beside the toilet and tried to turn the shutoff valve. Nothing. I grabbed a pair of channel locks from my bag and tried to muscle the knob again. Before the valve finally budged, I was afraid the strain would make me poop my pants. I did pee them a little. Thank heaven that didn't happen. I was making some headway, when my phone rang. I had to get the water off; so I ignored it. Was it really necessary to put so many threads on these stupid valves? The phone rang again. Again, I ignored it. I could hear the flow slowing. I was getting close. Like the sink, this valve was long unused and heavily corroded. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to turn that last little bit without breaking it off. The phone was ringing again. "Mrs. Travers! Could you answer my phone for me? I kind of have my hands full." I could see her looking at it like it was a snake in her hand. "Just slide your finger up the screen. That's it. And hit the button that says 'Answer.'" "David, where the hell are you," I could hear Kathy's voice all the way across the room. "You're not in your bed, and I've been calling and calling. What is going …" "Kathy, dear." Mrs. Travers found her voice and near shouted. "It's Mavis. David can't talk right now…. No, he's fine. It's my toilet. It was flooding the house. David was godsend, coming over to fix it…. Is he what? Well, yes, he is. There was quite a lot of water on the floor…. Oh…. Oh my …" I didn't hear any more. Mrs. Travers had wandered down the hall. I still needed to get the water shut down. The valve finally did close, and I shouted for Mrs. Travers to let her know. Nothing. I threw the soggy towels into the bathtub and used the last couple of dry ones to make a relatively dry spot to work. I took the lid off the tank to see why it was running like that. The arm on the old ball float had corroded right off. Always when there's a clog, I thought to myself. I got my snake to start working on the clog. It didn't go very far. It hit an obstruction almost immediately. Whatever it was, it was hard. I pulled the snake out, and a fair amount of toilet paper came with it. I went back it and hit the object again. I tried to dislodge it with the snake, but it wouldn't move forward, and I couldn't get the spring to snag it. There was nothing for it but to do it manually. I pushed up my sleeve, knelt down, and plunged my hand into the cold water. I tried really hard not to think about where my hand was or what it might find. I pulled out more toilet paper and gagged a little. In again, I felt the object. There was more paper around it, but I able to get my fingers around it. It was wedge in pretty tight, but it broke free, and the water in the bowl quickly went down. I swished off the paper and found a toy car. "I found the problem," I shouted. No reply. Where did she go? "Mrs. Travers?" I yelled. "I'm going to have to go to the hardware store. You need a new float valve." "You got it fixed. Thank heaven." I must have jumped a foot. I wasn't expecting her to be right there. "Almost," I said, trying to get my heart back where it belonged. "I'm going to need some parts." "Dear, oh dear, look at you. You're soaked to the skin. Come with me. I have some dry things you can change into." "That's okay. I can just run home." "Nonsense. You'll catch your death. Come." She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bedroom. I stopped short, when I got to the door. There on the bed were some my clothes, and sitting right on top was a diaper. I almost didn't hear Mrs. Travers speaking. "Kathy told me about your little problem, dear. I'm so sorry. And I'm sorry about taking you away from your nap. How about we get you in to something dry? Then you can have a snack and a little lie down before you go to the store." Before I knew it, Mrs. Travers pulled my sweats to my feet. "Mrs. Travers!" I shouted. "My, you are soaked to the skin, aren't you? Don't worry. We'll have you fixed up in a jiffy." She was guiding me toward the bed and pushing me down. "What's that you have in your hand? Oh, Matthew, that boy! You can keep that, if you want, Davey. Matthew won't be getting it back. But let's give it a wash first. We know where it's been." She gingerly took the car and set it aside. Then she reached for the tapes on my diaper. "Mrs. Travers, no! I mean, I can do this myself." "No need to fret, dear. Mr. Travers had the same problem toward the end. I'm an old hand at this." "But …" "It's the least I can do, dear. And I told Kathy I'd take good care of you this afternoon. Just lie still, and we'll have you nice and dry in no time." I tried to squirm and push her hands away. She slapped mine. "We'll have none of that nonsense. Kathy gave me permission to spank you the last time you were here. Don't make me have to do it." I looked at her wide-eyed. She gave me a look that said not to tempt her. I closed my eyes and tried to pretend I was someplace, anyplace else. That didn't work very well, since I had to lift while she got everything adjusted. She did make short work of it after that, and she was pulling my shoes, socks and sweats off my feet. I sat there dumbfounded, as she changed my shirt, put socks on my and had me step into my pants. "There," she said, satisfied, "all dry. Come on down to the kitchen. You can have some cookies and a nice glass of milk." She thanked me profusely while I ate. She made very good cookies. I reached for another. "Uh-uh," he said, as she took away the plates. "What would Kathy say, if I spoiled your appetite? Finish your milk, and we'll put you down for a nice little nap." "But I need to go to the hardware …" She cut me off, wiping my face with a damp cloth. "Plenty of time for that after your nap. I promised Kathy, and there won't be any more discussion about it. Come along." She took my hand and led me to a different bedroom, one she obviously kept for the grandkids. There was a wide assortment of toys and cartoon bedding. Whether very young, a bit old, girl or boy, whoever stayed in this room would feel comfortable and loved. Mrs. Travers pulled back the covers on the twin bed and told me to get in. I reluctantly did as she asked and immediately noticed the crackle of a waterproof cover. She tucked me in and, out of habit, pulled up a side rail. She tittered realizing what she had done. "Oh, well, better safe than sorry." She kissed my forehead. "You have a nice sleep, and when you get up, maybe Nana Mavis will let you have that cookie. Sleep tight, Davey." With that she was gone. What had I gotten myself into? I wanted to talk to Kathy, but I didn't know where my phone was, and she probably arranged this anyway. How was I going to look Mrs. Travers in the face after today? And what might she tell the other neighbors? I needed to get out of this predicament. I needed to get over this stupid wetting problem and find a new job. At least I'd be away from home more. I yawned. The morning was catching up with me. A little nap wouldn't hurt, and I was kind of stuck for now anyway. "Wakey, wakey," Mrs. Travers sang cheerily. "Time to get up." "Huh?" I tried to get my bearings. Why was I in a child's room? Oh yeah. "Did you have a nice nap?" she asked, letting down the rail. She shocked me by sticking her fingers in the waistband of my diaper. "Not too wet. You should be fine till your Mommy gets home." "I need to get to the store." I needed to get out of there. "That will have to wait. I talked to Kathy, and she should be here soon. You can finish up tomorrow. How about that cookie? It will be our little secret." It turned out not to be a secret. I was biting into a second one, when Kathy came in. For some reason, I felt guilty. "How was he for you today, Mavis? I know how he can be when there's plumbing involved." "A perfect angel, Kathy. Weren't you, Davey? He's just having a little snack as a reward for coming to my rescue." "I'm glad to hear that. I just hope he hasn't spoiled his dinner. A growing boy can't live on milk and cookies." "I expect he'll be fine. I'm sure he worked up quite an appetite." "Well, we'd best be off. I'll send him over in the morning to finish up. You don't mind watching him, do you?" "Not at all dear. He's my good little helper." "Thank you, Mavis. Come on, Dave. Let's go make some supper." "Oh, Davey, don't forget your car. It's all clean now. He can have it, can't he, Kathy?" "Of course. What do you say, David?" "Thank you Mrs. Travers." I didn't need to be reminded, for gosh sake. "You're welcome, Davey. Maybe tomorrow, we can make some cookies together?" She winked. "Yes, thank you, Mavis. We'll talk to you tomorrow." Kathy took me by the hand and led me home. "That was very nice of you, helping Mrs. Travers like that. I was so worried, when I couldn't find you." "I did call." "I know. I should have checked my messages first. That's my fault. Do you like your toy?" "What? Oh, yeah, I guess," I said, setting it down. "It was very nice of Mrs. Travers to give it to you." "I know. But can you stop talking to me like I'm a child?" "I'm just saying it was nice." "But you told me to say thank you, and you're talking about my working over there like your dropping me off at daycare." "Still a bit cranky after your nap." "I'm not cranky! And I don't need naps. I'm not a baby, damn it." "Don't take that tone with me. And no more potty mouth, unless you want it washed out. How's your diaper holding out, by the way?" "It's fine. Why did you make me wear it all day anyway? Now Mrs. Travers knows, and she'll probably tell everybody. It's not like I don't have enough problems. I don't have a job anymore, and I can't stop wetting the bed, and now everybody's gonna think I'm a big baby, just like you and Mrs. Travers do. It's not fair!" Tears were running down my face. "Why does it have to be like this?" Kathy took me in her arms, and I sobbed. It was all too much. I felt a warm wetness gather around my bottom, and I cried all the harder. "Shh. Shh. I know, baby. I know. It's all overwhelming, isn't it? It's going to be okay. I promise. I had a long talk with Mrs. Travers this afternoon. I explained the whole thing, and she understands. She just wants to help, and she won't tell a soul; I promise. I don't want you to worry about a thing. I know you're not a baby. But you've been through a lot lately, and I want to take care of you. I want you to let all the hurt go. I think that bully of a boss did more damage than you realize. And trying to put up a brave front and hide what it was doing only made it worse. I think you need to let go of everything and let me handle things for a while. Can you be a big, brave boy and trust Mommy to look after you until you're better?" I nodded. "That's my little man. You just let Mommy be in charge for a while, and she'll make it all better. You just be Mommy's little helper, and don't worry about the mean people anymore. You can help Mrs. Travers too. She needs lots of help now that he husband is gone. She doesn't mind that you are having potty problems and more than Mommy does. We know that even big boys have trouble with the potty sometimes. You just do what we ask, and we'll take care of the rest. Can you do that for me, baby? Will you do that for Mommy?" "I guess." I was emotionally drained. I couldn't fight it anymore. "Promise me, baby. Promise me you'll listen to Mommy and Mrs. Travers and let us take care of you." "I promise." "I promise, what?" "I'll listen." "Listen to who, baby?" "Mommy and Nana Mavis." I sat up at hearing that name come out of my mouth. Kathy looked shocked, but her surprise quickly turned into a smile. "That's right, baby. Mommy and Nana will take good care of you. Are you hungry?" I was caught off guard by the question, but I was, in fact. I nodded. Kathy squeezed the front of my diaper. "Then let's get you fed, but first somebody needs a change." Kathy took me upstairs, then made a detour into the bathroom. When she was down to the diaper, she asked if I had made poopies that day. I hadn't. "Sit on the potty, and try to make a boom-boom for Mommy. I'll be right back." I was getting ready to wipe when she came back … naked. She turned on the shower. She took the paper from my hand and told me to stand up. "Good job! Turn around." She bent me over and wiped me. "Okay, get in the shower. You've been playing with toilet water all day and not the good kind. Mommy needs to clean you up." It was nice showering together. It had been a long time since we did that. All that soaping and scrubbing led to other things, and we had to start over. We basked in the afterglow under the water. "I'm confused. One minute, you're wiping me like I'm three years old, the next you're …" I grinned and pulled her closer. "You may need a mommy right now, but you are still my husband, and don't you forget it. I haven't. But now it's time to get the baby dressed and fed. Get out, and Mommy will dry you." I had the best night's sleep in many weeks, wet but restful. Kathy woke me lovingly, and she was laying out my clothes when I came back from the shower. "No diaper?" "Of course not, sweetie. Your punishment is over. It's back to the regular rules. You'll wear your training pants until naptime, unless you'd rather a diaper. It's okay if you do." "No, training pants are good. But what about Mrs. Travers? What if she notices a difference? How am I going to explain why I was wearing a diaper yesterday but not today?" "Don't worry, baby? Mommy already talked to Nana, and she knows all about it. That's the other reason you can go back to wearing training pants. Nana will be there to make sure you don't fall asleep without your diaper on." "Does that mean I have to go back to wearing diapers when I get finished with her bathroom?" "I expect you'll be busy with her all day. We'll just see how it goes. Okay, sweetie?" "Okay," I agreed reluctantly. "Don't pout, honey. You're going to have lots of fun with Nana. I promise." I went to my workshop and got a tubing cutter. I was going to replace that old shutoff valve as well as the float. Kathy was waiting by the door with an overnight bag. "What's that?" I asked. "Just some extra supplies, you never know." We went out, and I started to turn toward the car. "No, baby, this way. Nana will take you to the store." Mrs. Travers was waiting for us. The door opened as we approached. "Why, hello, Davey," she said, a little too brightly. "All ready to get to work?" "Yes, ma'am." "Oh, don't be so glum. You did the hard part yesterday, didn't you? You're such a good helper. You'll have it all fixed in no tie, won't you?" "Yes, ma'am." "Now, now. No need to be so formal. We're good friends now, aren't we? What did we agree my name was?" I hadn't agreed to anything, but I knew what was expected. "Nana Mavis." "That's right!" she beamed. "And Nana's going to take very good care of you. And if you're a very good boy, Nana has a big surprise for you later. Won't that be fun?" I looked at Kathy, hoping she would intervene on my behalf. Instead she gave me a small not and a look that said go along with it. "Yes, Nana." "That's my good boy. Come in. come in. Have you had breakfast yet? Nana can't have you working on an empty stomach." "I'm sorry, Mavis. I didn't have time to feed him this morning. I really am running late." "That's alright, dear. He can eat with Nana. I'm just sorry you can't join us." "Me too, but I do have to run. Here's his bag. It should have anything you might need. David, you be a good boy for Nana today, and I'll see you after work. Thank you again, Mavis." Kathy kissed both me and Nana … Mrs. Travers on the cheek and took her leave. "Well, Davey, we've got a big day ahead of us. I think that calls for pancakes. How about you?" I nodded enthusiastically. "Then have a seat. They'll be coming right up. But first, maybe you should go potty." I blushed and mumbled, "I don't have to right now." "I think you should try anyway. For Nana?" "Alright." I headed off to the sill working guest bath. "That's a good boy. Don't forget to flush and wash your hands." I don't know what Kathy told her, but Mrs. Travers was taking to her role as Nana more enthusiastically than I was comfortable with. I suppose it wasn't hurting anyone, maybe my pride a little bit. On the other hand, she was being really nice. It's not every day I get someone to make pancakes for me, and bacon from the smell of it. I made an honest effort of it, but I didn't have to go. I flushed and washed anyway. "Just in time. I have your plate all ready for you." I half expected it to be already cut up. Instead, she had poured one large and two small circles of batter, making the shape of a famous mouse. I had to smile at that. She set the plate down in front of me, tucked a napkin into my shirt, and kissed me on the forehead. "Be careful with the syrup. Use both hands." That annoyed me a little, but I bit my tongue and used both hands. I don't know if using only one would have made any difference, but the syrup did pour faster than expected, and my pancake was fairly swimming in it. "Oh, somebody has a sweet tooth," she said, setting a large glass of milk in front of me. "Eat up, there's plenty more where that came from." "May I have some coffee, Nana?" "Coffee? Are you sure? Oh, heavens, of course. But drink your milk too. It's good for you." She made excellent pancakes, light, crispy around the edges. I had seconds and bacon and thirds. I had to soak up all that syrup after all. I was stuffed. "Such a good eater," she said, astonished. "Aren't you going to have some?" "Oh, no, dear," I had something earlier. Is your tummy full? Would you like something else?" "No, thank you. I couldn't eat another bite. It was delicious." "You're welcome, sweetheart. It's nice to cook for someone again. I suppose you'll be wanting to go to the hardware store?" "After that meal, not so much. But I do need to get some things to finish fixing the toilet." "I'll go freshen up and then we can go. Do you need to use the potty?" "No, Nana," I sighed. "I'm fine." "Okay," she said uncertainly and went about her business. I poured myself another half cup of coffee. I was wondering what was taking so long, when she came back with her hair a little spruced up and a touch of light make up. "You're sure you don't want to use the potty before we go?" "Yes, Nana," I said, rolling my eyes. "Watch your tone, young man. Alright let's go." Before long, we were back, and I set right to work. I had the old shutoff replaced and the main water turned back on. The corroded float mostly out, when I wished I had used the toilet before starting. I was close to finished; so I forged on. All parts attached and feeling tight, I opened the shutoff and promptly got sprayed in the face. I turned off the water and had another go at the loose fitting. That did it, tight as a drum. I closed the door and christened the job. I noticed that the training pants were more than a little damp. I flushed and watched all the parts work as they should. I put away my tools and wiped everything down. Proud of myself, I opened the door and shouted, "Nana! I'm done!" "Nice job, Davey! I'm so proud of you. Thank you so much. It's beautiful! Come along. I have a nice lunch and a big piece of cake with your name on it." Lunch was grilled cheese and tomato soup. Again, she stuck the napkin in my shirt. She wasn't kidding about the cake. It was a two layer yellow cake with gobs of homemade chocolate buttercream and enormous. It was all I could do to finish it. I didn't object the big glass of milk she gave me, even though I would have preferred coffee, and I didn't really need to use two hands, as she insisted. I thanked her with all my heart and said I would be on my way. "Oh, no, David. I have something I want you to do after your nap. Come up stairs and lie down. Nana has a big surprise for you when you get up." "I really should be …" "Now, David, you've been so good all day. Don't start giving Nana trouble now. I told your Mommy I would put you don after lunch, and that's what we're going to do." She took my hand and led me back to the grandkids' room. I think she would have dragged me, if I had put up any resistance. She put the bag Kathy had brought on the bed and pulled out pajamas and a diaper. She did a double take and took something else out of the bag. She turned around and wagged Kathy's hairbrush at me. "Don't make me use this," she warned and put it back. "Let's get you changed, and you'll have a nice nap and be all rested for your surprise." She came over and started unbuttoning my shirt. I backed away. She asked if she needed to get the hairbrush. I let her undress me. If I wasn't nervous before, I certainly was when she had me down to the pull-up. She started to take it down and stopped half way. "Oh, David, when did that happen? I told you, you should have used the potty before we went to the store. You have to tell Nana when you have to go. Oh, well, I guess that's why we have you in trainers. At least your pants stayed dry. But let's get your diaper and jammies on, so you can go beddy-bye." I was soon tucked in and sulking. "Don't be that way, sweetheart. Nana's not mad. Accidents happen. But I want you to promise me, you'll tell Nana the next time, okay?" "Okay," I sighed. "That's Nana's good boy." She pulled the blankets up under my chin and kissed me on the forehead. "Sweet dreams, Honeybunch. You have a good rest, and then nana has something really special for you. Ni-night." She shut the door and left me to wonder what it might be. Tucked in and toasty, with a full tummy, I didn't last long. Nana jostled me awake. I knew from the shadows, I had been out for a while. "Wake up, sleepyhead. Time to get up. If you sleep any longer, your Mommy will never get you down at bedtime. Do you want to see what Nana has for you?" I nodded, curious. "Good. Let's just have a check then. Oo, I think Nana shouldn't give you so much milk before naptime. No worries, that's what it's there for." She got the bag and pulled out a diaper and a pair of training pants. She seemed to weigh her options for a moment ad put the diaper back. "We'll try these again, but you have to tell nana when you need to use the potty, understand?" "Yes, Nana," I said, blushing. "Good boy." She got me changed and was pulling me the hand again. She had the biggest grin on her face. She took me down to the basement. I wondered what she wanted to show me. I had been down there earlier to turn off the main water line and hadn't noticed anything unusual. She turned me off to the left and opened a door. Before me lay the most elaborate train set I had ever seen outside and exhibition like the one we went to at Sharon's house. It wasn't nearly as big, of course, but still. It had everything, tracks wining all over the place, tunnels, trestles, crossing gates, people and animals. I stood there with my mouth hanging open. "Do you like it?" "Do I like it? It's beautiful!" "It was Harold's. He made it for our boys, but he could never get them interested in it. They just wanted to crash the trains. When they discovered girls, even Harold didn't play with it anymore. He never had the heart to get rid of it. I guess he always kept hope. It's been sitting down here all these years." "That's terrible. Something like this should be loved." "It was. It was, but not for a long time. Would you like to play with it?" "Would I? Do you mean it? That would be awesome! Are you sure it's okay? I mean …" "Yes, sweetheart, I mean it. It would do my heart good to know it wasn't down here just gathering dust. I think it would make Harold very happy too." There was a tear in her eye. "Oh, Nana, thank you!" I hugged her so tight. I think I might have lifted her off the floor. I gave her a great big kiss on the cheek and looked back over the display. I approached the layout with reverence, lightly touching it, following the track with my eyes. I found the controls and studied them carefully. I wanted to be sure of what each one did before I went any further. I never laid my hands on anything like this. I was lost in its intricacies when I made the first tentative turn of the transformer knob. An engine came to life and slowly started to move. I felt something placed on my head, then a hug from behind and a kiss on my cheek. I could take my eyes off the train, but I'm sure I felt a little wetness there. I was lost in wonder. I carefully tried each control, only for a second at first, just to make sure it did what I thought it would. After a while, I had two trains going and track switches working. I was thrilled, and I had barely scratched the surface of what it all could do. "Davey, you're Mommy's here." I almost whined for five more minutes. I really wanted to keep playing. Instead, I called back, dejectedly, "Okay." I carefully shut everything down, reversing the order in which I started them. When I stood up, a shiver ran through me. There was wetness on the backs of my thighs. I froze. How was I going to get out of there without them seeing? "David, come on," Kathy called. "It's time to go home and leave Nana in peace." "Coming," I lied. Now she was waiting at the top of the stairs. Was there a back door to this place? "Now, David. Don't make me come down there." There was nothing else for it. I slowly climbed the steps. There may as well have been a gallows at the top. "David! What have you done? I'm ashamed of you. Apologize this instant!" "I'm sorry, Nana." I meant it too. "You and I are going to have a talk about this when I get you home. I'm so sorry, Mavis." "It's alright, dear. I shouldn't have left him alone for so long. I should have known better after this morning." "This morning? You wet your pants twice in the same day? What am I going to do with you?" "Don't be too hard on him, Kathy. It wasn't that bad. I'm sure he couldn't help it. I really should have made him sit on the potty more." "It's not your fault, Mavis. There's no excuse for his wetting himself in the day time. He should know when he needs to go potty, shouldn't you? If he doesn't, well we'll deal with it. But I think he was just being lazy and not wanting to stop playing. Get your bag and thank Nana. We're going home." "Thank you, Nana, for everything, especially for letting me play with the trains. That was so awesome." "You're welcome, sweetheart. You can play with them anytime you want, as long as your Mommy says it's alright." She took the hat off my head and handed it to Nana. "Thank you, Mavis, but I think he's lost his engineer's license for a while. We'll see if he earns it back. I'll call you later." She pushed me out the door and scolded me all the way across the street and into the house. "Go upstairs, take off your clothes, and sit on the potty. Don't move until I tell you. I'll come up when I'm calm enough to deal with you." I don't know how long I was left to sit there, long enough for my legs to fall asleep. Kathy was calmer when she came in but still visibly upset. She picked up the saturated training pants. "For heaven's sake, David, what is wrong with you? I thought by now, you'd be getting better, but your just getting worse. I so want to spank you right now, but I don't trust myself to do it. Do you have any idea how much you embarrassed me? I've tried to be patient with you, but it's wearing pretty thin. I know you need a mommy right now, and I'm trying really hard to be that for you. I even told you, you could wear diapers all the time, if that's what you wanted. You said you didn't need them. You said you wanted training pants. You wanted to be a big boy. Then you go pissing your pants, not once but twice, the second time, so much you leaked. Well, mister, you listen to me, and you listen good. You want to piss your pants like a baby? Fine. You've got the whole weekend. You're going back into diapers right now, and you can piss and shit yourself to your heart's content. On Monday, if, and I mean if, I think you've learned your lesson, and you still want them, I'll consider letting you have your training pants back. But that's only going to if Nana will help with your toilet training. You'll sit on the potty on a schedule, you'll be supervised, your pants will be checked, and if you wet yourself, your going to be spanked, put back in diapers, and we'll start all over again the next time one of us is available to try and teach you to be a big boy. And don't think I'm going to be grounded just because you are being a baby. I have shopping to do this weekend, and you'll be coming with me, diaper bag and all. Do I make myself clear?" I had long since started crying. I sobbed, "I'm sorry." "I didn't ask if you were sorry. I said, do I make myself clear." "Yes, Mommy. Crystal." "Good. Get up and go in the bedroom. I need to get a diaper on you. You can clean up this mess afterward." "I can't," I wailed. "Are you defying me? After what you've done? Why the hell not?" "My legs are a sleep." "Then I guess you'll just have to crawl like the baby you are acting like." I slid off the toilet and onto my knees. At first, I could hardly move my legs. Then the blood started to flow back into them, and that was much worse. Pins and needles only begins to describe the electric burning that flared with every movement. Kathy slapped my behind, and I screamed. Halfway to the bedroom, enough feeling had returned that I tried to stand. Kathy told me to stay where I was; she would let me know when I was allowed to walk again. I crawled up on the bed Lay back to be diapered. Kathy told me to roll over. I was sure she was going to take the belt to me, and I started bawling. Instead of fire on my bottom, I felt cold stickiness. She was slathering me with Desitin. It felt like she was using enough for three of me. I heard the rustling of diapers and saw two of them laid open next to me. She told me to roll over, and she applied a layer just as thick to the front. She covered me in a cloud of baby powder. It took her several wet wipes to get her hands reasonably clean. She taped up the double diaper and looked dissatisfied. She went away and came back with a role of clear packing tape. She told me to stand, and she wrapped the tape around me three times. "That ought to hold you. Get in bed. From what I heard, you had more than enough to eat today. If you're quiet, and I feel like it, I might bring you a bottle later. I do not want to hear a peep out of you. Understand?" "Yes, Mommy," I squeaked. She looked down at me for a long time. Finally, she sat down on the bed. She brushed the tears from my cheeks and the hair away from my forehead. "Sweetheart, I love you. I really do. I know that has all been hard on you. The thing is, this is all hard on me too. Shh. It's okay. I can deal with it, but you have to deal with it too. You have to decide what is going on and how you are going to handle it. What's happening isn't working. If anything, the situation is getting worse. I need you to think really hard about this. Do you think there is something wrong with you that you are losing control of your bodily functions, something physically wrong? If you do, I'll call Margaret on Monday. We'll get all the tests and specialists we need to make you better." I started to speak, but she put a finger over my lips and shushed me gently. "Don't answer now. I want you to think hard about that over the weekend. I don't know how your body feels inside. Margaret didn't find anything wrong with you before, and I don't think there is now. But you can tell me in a couple of days, after you think about it. As for me, I feel like you are trying to live in two worlds at the same time. A part of you wants to be a little boy and be taken care of. A part of you wants to be a big strong man. Both of those things are fine. But I think trying to both is hurting you. I think it's causing problems for me. I think you have to choose. If you can't handle the responsibility of keeping your pants dry, or just don't want it, you have to tell me. There are things we … I can do to prevent it from being a problem. It would mean some big changes for both of us, but we can deal with it, I promise. But you can't go around just wetting your pants, like you did today. That hurts us both, and it hurt Nana. It's all forgiven now, but you need to make some decisions. "You need to decide if there's something physically wrong with you and if not, which world you want to live in. Do you want to be a grown up, or do you need to be a little boy for now? I want you to take your time and really think about this. It's very important, and you should not make your decision quickly. I want you to take your time, and I won't ask for listen to your answer until Monday. I'm not going to push you in any direction, and I'll respect any decision you make. But I think, and I hope you agree, that what you did today was not the right way to handle what's happening, and that it deserves some consequences." I was sniffling, but I nodded. "Good. So, until Monday morning, you are going to be in diapers. You will use them when you need to, and you will do what I say. You can learn just what it's like to be Mommy's baby and whether that's right for you. Do not ask to be let out before we discuss your decision. I am not going to change my mind. And if you think this is easy for me, think about what changing one of your dirty diapers is like for me. Now, I want you to get some sleep. It's been a trying day for both of us." She stood up, tucked me in, and kissed me on the forehead. "I love you, my baby-husband, no matter what." She turned out the light and left the room. I tried to think about what she said, but it was just too much, and I drifted off into a less than peaceful sleep. I felt Kathy curl up against me, and I slept better after that. I was suddenly cold and flailing for the blankets. "Wake up, sleepyhead," Kathy sang merrily. I was still in a fog. "Let's check that dipee. Oh, yes, all wet. Let's get you changed." She was cutting through the tape she had wrapped around me before I could fully comprehend where I was, let alone what she was doing. I was more or less awake by the time she taped up the fresh diaper. She told me to put on some pants and come downstairs for breakfast. I was greeted by a spread of pancakes and sausage. This was not unheard of on a Saturday morning, but it was usually me cooking it. I sat down and Kathy placed a mug of steaming coffee in front of me. I looked at her curiously. "Yes, I know what I said last night about your being Mommy's baby this weekend, but I don't think we have to go overboard. You do need to wear and use your diapers, and you have to do as I tell you, but I'm not going to make you drink from bottles or talk baby talk … unless you want to, that is. Oh, and unless we go out in public, you will call me Mommy, okay? I don't have any plans to go anywhere, but you never know. And public does not include Nana's house." I figured I could live with that, and I was already tucking into my pancakes anyway; so I nodded. "Oh fay." "Don't talk with your mouth full. Then it's agreed." I'm not ashamed to admit I was stuffed when I finally put down my fork after my third helping. Okay, maybe a little ashamed, but it was really good. Kathy had long since finished and was tidying up. She brought a wet cloth when she came for my plate. "I know I said you wouldn't have to use a bottle, but maybe a bid might have been in order." I looked down and saw a number of places where syrup had dripped on my shirt. I blushed. Kathy chuckled and wiped them off. Then she wiped my face and my hands. She said I could do the dishes. I thanked her, sarcastically, for the privilege, and she gave me a warning look. I laughed. She checked my diaper, which deflated me a little, even though it was dry, and I took up the task. I don't mind washing dishes, especially when it's not many and somebody did the cooking. The rest of the day was mostly uneventful, other than the diaper checks and changes, our normal Saturday routine. The first was a little traumatic. I felt the urge to pee coming on while I was washing up from breakfast. All the coffee I drank wanted out, but I didn't want to just stand there and wet myself. Kathy noticed my little dance at the sink. She told me I may as well get it over with, because the diaper wasn't coming off until I needed a change. I did manage to hold off until I finished and got out of her sight, but by that time, I was desperate and it all came out in a rush, and I ended up with a very noticeable leak. Kathy just shook her head with an "I told you so" expression when I went to her but said nothing more about it when she changed me. After that, I didn't resist so much. Sunday was shaping up to be more of the same. Kathy reminded me over breakfast, just cereal and coffee, that I had a big decision to make the next day and asked whether I had thought about it. I told her I had—I'd thought of little else—but hadn't made any decisions. I puttered around the house and spent some time on the computer. Kathy spent a lot of time on the phone. Then we realized we hadn't anything in the fridge to make for dinner. Somebody was going to have to go to the store. Kathy told me to put on something decent; sweats and a t-shirt were not her idea of appropriate shopping attire. "Do I have to go?" "Of course, you have to go. I can't leave a baby home alone." "Can't I stay with Nana?" "No, we've been imposing on her enough. Just get dressed, and stop whining." "But I don't want to go out like this." "You are going out. No one is going to notice. The only question is whether you are going to go with a sore bottom, because I'm this far from spanking you." "Okay. Okay. I'll go." Kathy was right. Despite the fact that grabbing something for dinner turned into a major shopping trip, nobody seemed to notice my condition. All in all, there were no problems, at least until we were on the way home. That's when not pooping for the last couple of days decided to catch up with me. I was really trying to hold out until Monday, when I was sure I could get Kathy to let me use the toilet. No such luck. We were barely out of the grocery store parking lot when the first cramp hit me, hard. I passed some gas and felt better. Kathy cracked her window, and I apologized. A few blocks later, it happened again. It wasn't long before the cramps started coming in waves. I was holding my own, but now I had to pee. I was very uncomfortable and starting to sweat. The last wave passed about the time we pulled in the driveway, and I felt I was home free, if you'll pardon the expression. I got out of the car, and another cramp hit me so hard I nearly doubled over. I clamped down hard on my back door but forgot about my bladder. I started to pee. Shaken, I tried to stop that and lost control of my bowels. I was standing in the driveway, filling my pants front and back. I was mortified and scanning the neighborhood to see who might be watching. Kathy rushed me into the house. She took me straight to the bathroom and got my shoes and pants off. No damage was done. She asked me if I was finished, and I admitted I wasn't sure. She told me to stay there; she would unload the car. In the eternity that followed, it turned out to be the right thing to do; I wasn't finished. My diaper was a saggy mess by the time Kathy returned. She held me for a long time and shushed away my attempts to apologize. She had me lie on the floor, and she started a bath. She toughed her way through removing the diaper and a cursory cleaning. She told me to soak while she put the groceries away. I think I was starting to doze when she came back and began washing me. The bath was a tender time, and she acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary. I felt better, and Kathy showed me that dirty diapers or not, she was still interested in me as a husband. I was very content, and probably could have used another bath, by the time she was putting a new diaper on me. The evening passed quietly. Kathy asked me if I might wasn't a bottle before bedtime. I told her that depended on what was in it. She smiled and told me to stay put. She came back a few minutes later with a bottle filled with wine. A baby bottle is not the best way to drink wine. It's really too much at one time, especially when one is being encouraged to drink it all up. The nipple doesn't do anything to improve the flavor. But lying with your head in the lap of your lover while getting quickly inebriated certainly makes up for it. I slept very well that night. Morning came way too early for me. The sun was barely up, and I was having a nice dream. "Get up, honey." I moaned and pulled the covers over my head. Kathy pulled them back down. "It's decision day, and I have to be at work in a couple of hours. Let's get you changed." Kathy had me sorted quickly and let me have enough coffee to bring the world into focus before starting our discussion. "Sweetheart, it's time," she started. She seemed as hesitant as I felt. "I guess the first question, and the one that kept me up a lot over the last few days, is: do you feel like something is wrong with your body? I mean with your accident yesterday, I have been really worried." "No," I assured her. "I was just hoping I could make it till today. I didn't want to do that in the diaper. If I had been able to use the bathroom, it wouldn't have been a problem." "So you held your poopies in until you had a big accident in your diaper anyway." "I guess." "Not very mature, was it?" "I suppose not." "So, you feel like you are healthy? Nothing wrong?" "I don't think so." "Well, that's a relief. The bedwetting is one thing. There are lots of reasons that can happen, and we'll get to the bottom of it eventually. But it doesn't explain your daytime accidents. Are you sure there's nothing going on inside?" "Yes, I'm fine." "Then why have you been peeing your pants? Can you feel when you need to go?" "Yes." "Does it hurt to go? Are you having a hard time going? Can't you hold it?" "No, no, and no. I'm fine, really." "Then why are you wetting your pants?" She didn't seem concerned anymore, more irritated. "I don't know." "Are you just trying to get my attention? Do you feel like I'm neglecting you?" "No, of course not." "Then what is it? Are you just being lazy?" "I … I don't know." "David, we both know that you can't go around wetting your pants all the time." "It's not all the time." "Don't interrupt. The way I see it, you are just being irresponsible. Like I told you before, if you don't want the responsibility, or if you don't want it, there are ways I can handle it. But if you want to be a big boy, you have to get a grip on this and stop wetting and pooping your pants right now. You've had all weekend to think about this. There are two choices left. You can be a responsible grown up, or you can be a little boy. So, what's it going to be?" "What happens if I choose to be a grown up?" "I'll expect you to act like a grown up. You look for a new job. Until you find one, you'll be expected to take care of the house. And I will not tolerate wet or poopy pants. There will be consequences, if that happens. That might be spanking you the first few times, but I will not put up with it indefinitely." "You'd leave me?" I asked, visibly scared that she might. "I'm not saying that. I don't plan to; I don't want to. I just can't say it's out of the question. I guess it depends on how hard you push me." "Please, please don't. I don't want to lose you. What about the other choice? What if I was a little boy?" "Sweetheart, I don't want to lose you either. I love you, no matter what you decide. But to answer your question, little boys are different. They can't be expected to be responsible all the time. Little boys have accidents in their pants. That's why they can't wear big boy undies. Mommies understand this. But little boys who wet themselves can't really be trusted to change themselves when they need to, can they? That means that they can't be left alone. They need to be watched to make sure they get changed regularly and don't get diaper rash, which means you'll have to stay with Nana while I'm at work. We have already discussed this, and it's all decided. On the other hand, because you can't expect too much from little boys, they get to play a lot more. Sure, they'll have some chores, but not like a grown up." "You mean I'd have to wear diapers all the time? Could I maybe be a little boy and still wear regular underpants?" "Sweetie, we discussed this. I think it's this half in, half out attitude that is causing your problems. I think that, for right now, you need to be a little boy, that it would be good for you, and that it's what you really want too. But I also think you are fighting it, trying to act like a grownup sometimes and not others. I think you are being pulled between what you want and need, on the one hand, and what you think you should be doing, on the other. I think it's that tension that's causing a lot of your problems. For your own sake, if not for mine, you need to pick one or the other, because not choosing is hurting both of us." "But I don't want to wear diapers all the time." "Don't whine, honey. I've thought about this a lot. I think it would be a lot easier if you did, but if you really don't want to, we can try you in training pants during the day. Nighttime is non-negotiable for now; so is naptime. But understand, your wearing training pants comes with a lot more responsibility for everyone. For you, that would mean telling me or Nana when you have to go potty. No, you cannot just go by yourself. Nana and I will each decide whether you need to be supervised, but I want you to tell us when you have to go, so we can keep track. Nana and I would also be telling you, from time to time, that we want you to sit on the potty and try. You said you are not sick; so there should be no excuses for having accidents in your training pants. If you do, Nana and I will each decide whether it deserves a spanking. I've already given her permission to spank you for this or any other disobedience. You do not want to find out what will happen if you give her any trouble about it. If you have two accidents in one day, you'll go back to diapers until I decide you are ready to try again. If you can live with those rules and promise to try really hard, we'll try you in training pants for the time being. Nana and I will also decide whether you should be in diapers, if we have to take you somewhere, and there won't be any arguments, understand?" "Yes." She look at me expectantly. "Mommy." "Alright. That's one way to go. Your other choice would be to just wear diapers all the time. You wouldn't have to worry about when you had to go potty. We'll check you and change you when you need it. If you want to make poopies in the potty, you can tell us. Let's face it; changing your dirty diapers is not fun. You don't have to, but you can. But we'll decide whether it's convenient to put you on the potty; so no whining. We may still tell you to try making peepee in the potty, but you are not to ask. If this is the way you want to go, I want you to relax and not be concerned about keeping your pants dry. Let us worry about them. No one will make a fuss over a wet or dirty diaper; that's what they are there for. You can play or do your chores and not worry about wetting your pants. "So you have a couple of choices to make, and I need you to make them now. There are no wrong answers here. I love you and will support you whatever you decide. I want you to do what you think is best for you. First, do you want to try being a grownup, or do you want to be a little boy?" I tumbled the alternatives in my brain. I had been completing it all weekend, but didn't have this new information to work with. Kathy waited patiently, but I caught her checking her watch. "Little boy," I finally gave in. "I really think that's for the best. So, diapers or training pants?" "Can we do training pants, please?" I whined. "Are you sure? You know the consequences, if you start having accidents." I hesitated, asking myself whether I was making the right decision. "Uh huh." "Alright then. You had fair warning; so you had better not abuse the privilege. Now, I need to get to work. Let's check your diaper." She came around and put her hand on the front. "Still dry. That's fine. Just tell Nana when you need the potty, and she'll put you in your training pants. Now, go get dressed, or I'm going to be late." "I don't get them now?" "I told you before, I'm not wasting perfectly good diapers. Now, go get dressed, or would you prefer to discuss it over my lap." "I'm going." I sighed. By the time I was back downstairs, Kathy was waiting by the door with, what I could only assume, was my diaper bag. She took me by the hand and led me across the street. Nana opened the door as we approached. "There he is," she sang. "That was a very grown up decision you made. But the last one for a while, hmm? We're going to have lots of fun together while you get all better, okay?" I found myself shyly nodding my head and trying to slip behind Kathy. Kathy defended me, saying, "I guess he's feeling a little shy this morning. Here's his diaper bag. He can help you bring more supplies over after he gets settled in, but that should hold you for now. He still has his diaper on from this morning, but we're going to try him in training pants for a while. We've discussed the rules. He can have his pull-ups after goes potty. I guess that's it for now. I think we discussed everything over the weekend, but if you run into any difficulties, you have my cell." She kissed my cheek. "Be good for Nana. I don't want any bad reports. I love you, sweetie. Have fun today." She took my hand from hers and gave it to Nana. Then she was off. Nana raised my hand and waved it for me. When Kathy's car was headed down the road, Nana took me inside. She asked me if I wanted something to eat. I told her I ate already. She filled a sippy cup with apple juice anyway. "Why don't you just take that and go play with your trains. We can talk when you're a little more awake, okay?" I was relieved to be off the hook for a while, and welcomed the chance to be alone with my thoughts. I nodded and headed for the basement. Nana called after me. "Don't forget to come find me when you have to go potty." That caused me to stop and cringe for a second. I guess that was enough acknowledgment for Nana, because she said no more. I blushed and continued on my way. I had planned on brooding over my new life, but once I got started with the trains, all other thoughts left my head. Sometime later, a voice invaded my play. "Davey," it sang. "Davey?" "David! Stop that train." Nana was standing at my shoulder. I cut the power and the train slowed to stop. "You answer when Nana calls you, young man. You've been down here quite a while. I think you had better take a break and sit on the potty, don't you?" Now that she mentioned it, I did, more than I realized. "Uh huh." "Come on then. I'll get you some more juice too." I practically ran up the stairs to the bathroom. She shouted after me to slow down. I was in the bathroom trying to get my pants down when she caught up with me. It was difficult to do while dancing. "Let's get that diaper off." She pushed my hands away and undid the tapes herself. She pulled it from between my legs and pushed me back to sit. A stream hit the water almost immediately. "Just in time, I see. Well, almost in time." There was a small, but not inconsequential wet spot on the diaper. I was mortified. "That's alright. I shouldn't have let you stay done there so long. We won't mention this, okay." I nodded gratefully. "Stay there, and I'll be right back with some dry pants." She wasn't gone long but long enough for me to berate myself for not paying more attention to my bladder. I told her I could dress myself, but she insisted on helping. She suggested we take care of a few chores before lunch. These included going to my house to bring over more supplies. I said I didn't think we needed so many pairs of training pants, and I begged her not to bring the diapers. "Better safe than sorry. Besides, you'll need them for your naps." I didn't plan on taking any naps, but it seemed pointless to argue with her. So I trudged back across the street with a big cardboard box of what would be my underwear for the foreseeable future. It was lunchtime, and Nana fixed us sandwiches. I was pleased she didn't try to make me wear a bib, but she did insist I use the sippy cup. Afterward, she had more chores for us. True to her word, she frequently asked me if I needed to use the potty, several times insisting that I try. I couldn't tell whether she was smiling or smirking when I produced. Late in the afternoon she suggested I watch TV until my mommy got home. I was happy to oblige. I must have nodded off, because Nana was pulling down my pants. "Shh. Calm down, sweetheart. You're very tired, and I think we should get a diaper on you, just in case." "I'll stay awake, I promise." "Don't worry, honey. It's okay you don't want to take a nap. Nana will feel much better though, if we put your diaper on. Do you want to use the potty first?" I shook my head. There was no arguing with her. "Alright; if you're sure. We'll just put this on, and you can rest." Safely wrapped up, she let me return to my movie. I didn't see the end. The sun was much lower when I heard Kathy's voice. "I hope he wasn't any trouble today." "Nothing serious dear. I left him to play too long this morning. He mostly made it in the potty. That was my fault, and you shouldn't say anything about it. Otherwise, he was a very good boy, hardly any fuss. He might be a little wet now. He didn't want to use the potty before I put him down for his nap." I stretched, making it known that I was awake and giving me an opportunity to check my pants. I was disappointed to find Nana was right. I was a little wet. "Hi, baby," Kathy beamed, sitting down next to me. "Did you have fun with Nana today?" Other than the trains, I wouldn't have called it fun, but it wasn't bad. "Uh huh." "And were you a good boy for Nana?" I looked up at Mrs. Travers; she was smiling back at me. "Yes, Mommy. I was good." "He sure was. He helped me a lot," Nana praised. I nodded in agreement. "That's my good boy." Kathy hugged me. "But now it's time to get you home and fed. Thank Nana." "Thank you, Nana," I said automatically. I pushed back the blanket she must have covered me with and stood up. Kathy felt my crotch and appeared to come to some decision. She picked up the diaper bag and kissed Nana on the cheek. "Yes, thank you, Mavis. I don't know what I'd do without you. Say bye-bye, Davey." "Bye-bye, Nana. See you tomorrow." "Think nothing of it, Kathy. It's my pleasure. Bye-bye, sweetheart. Maybe we'll make cookies tomorrow. How does that sound?" My face lit up. "Don't get him thinking about cookies. I need to get dinner in him. Thanks again. I'll see you in the morning." Kathy took me home and immediately started to take things out for dinner. I tried to help, but she insisted I sit down and tell her about my day. I did and watched her cook while feeling bad that she had worked all day and was now working again. I told her I was going to wash up and use the potty. I couldn't stop calling it that. "It's alright, honey. Just use your diaper. It's already damp, and I'm going to have to change you for bedtime anyway." I sulked back to the bathroom. I wet myself while washing my hands. Dinner was up to Kathy's usual standards. I would have made a pig of myself, if she'd have let me. She left the washing up to me, which alleviated my guilt. Kathy came back as I was drying the last dish. "Okay, baby, bath time." "Already? I don't want to go to bed yet." "I didn't say you had to go to bed, but if you're getting cranky, maybe you should." "No. Sorry." "That's better. Come on then." Bath time was fun. Kathy had picked up some bath toys. It took some encouragement on her part for me to try them out. After pushing a boat around tentatively, she left me alone. Without an audience, it was easier for me to try playing. I was really getting into it when she came back. I didn't want to stop, but she said I was already pruning up, and she needed to get me clean. Her ministrations were fun too. Dried and back in the bedroom, I saw a large cloth diaper on the bed. "Where did that come from?" "I picked those up today," she said, as if she were talking about a new pair of socks. "The lady at the store said they were much more effective for nighttime, especially for side sleepers. She told me they are very comfortable too." I wasn't at all sure about this. Arguing with Kathy is rarely productive, but maybe I could distract her. "But it's still early. I'm not ready to go to bed yet." "It's not that early. You'll be going to bed soon. You may as well get ready now." "But what if I need to pee?" "Well, we'll just have to take it off. Anyway, you just went, and it's not like it wouldn't be the first wet diaper you slept in, would it?" "I guess." "Then lay your butt down, so I can get your diaper on, and we can watch TV for a while. Or would you prefer I give you a spanking and put you to bed right now?" I made the only sensible decision. Instead of closing the diaper up right away, Kathy started smearing sticky, white paste on my bottom. "The clerk said it's important to protect against diaper rash when using cloth." Lots of powder followed. Kathy's rubbing everything in overcame any displeasure I had with the experience. All too son, Kathy brought the front of the diaper up and pinned it in place. She threaded plastic pants over my feet and had me stand up. The cloth diaper—or diapers I should say; there were obviously several—felt entirely different, the plastic pants even more so. The diaper was pleasantly soft, although it inhibited my movements, much like the double disposables had. The plastic pants were scratchy around the openings. They came up well onto my abdomen and ballooned out. They were somewhat stiff and made a soft, almost crackly sound when I moved. I caught sight of myself in Kathy's chevalier mirror. Let's be clear; there is nothing mature looking about a man in an adult diaper, except perhaps the knowledge that old people wear them. However, there is something vaguely clinical about them, and under the right clothes, they are relative discrete. On the other hand, a thick cloth diaper covered by billowing plastic pants is nothing short of infantile. It would take a lot to overcome the impression that the wearer is a big baby who can't control himself. I stared at my reflection for a long time, pondering what I was becoming. "I think you look adorable," Kathy said, hugging me from behind. "Here, let's put your jammies on, and then we can go watch some TV, okay?" I tore my eyes away from the mirror and let Kathy dress me. I was still stunned and had no will to resist. As I walked down the stairs, I felt I was moving as I looked, like a baby. The swaying of my hips and the rustling of the plastic pants confirmed with each step the road I was on. "What's the matter, baby?" Kathy asked when she saw my tears. "That," I said, pointing at the mirror. "That's what's the matter. I'm turning into a baby. What's wrong with me?" "Oh, honey, there's nothing wrong with you. You're still my big strong man. It's just that you're my adorable little baby too. And I love you so much!" "How can you love me like … this?" "Sweetie, sweetie, I love you like this, or any other way. This is what you need right now. There's nothing wrong with it. You're having a bit of rough patch right now, and we are dealing with it the best way we know how. You're just feeling vulnerable, and that's okay. In fact, it's more than okay; it's attractive." "You find this attractive?" "Yes, I do. You may not realize it, but you have been far more open than you have been in a really long time. I feel I am able to get closer to you than I can remember. You are letting me in on your feelings, where you have been hiding them for years. It feels good to be needed. If what you are wearing helps with all that, I'm more than okay with it. Truth be told, I find the fact that I'm 'in charge' of some things very sexy." As if to prove the point, she snuggled closer and rubbed the front of my pants. She placed my hand on her own crotch, which was noticeably hot and damp. "I love you, baby, and I always will. Now, how about a smile for Mommy? Can you do that? Would you like Mommy's titty? Would that make you feel better?" Let's just say I was feeling much better by the time we went to sleep. Over the next several weeks, after some trial and error, we settled into a routine. Kathy would drop me off at Nana's house. I would have breakfast and some time to wake up with the paper or internet. There's be some chores to do before lunch. Afterward, I would be put down for a nap. At first, I fought this, but after getting spankings from both Nana and Kathy, I stopped resisting. After my nap, I'd help nana with whatever she wanted to do. Sometimes, it was chores; other times, it was baking or shopping. Then, I had playtime; that usually meant the trains. The reason I disliked the naps, and why I fought them the way I did, was that Nana and Kathy insisted that I be diapered, just in case. That wouldn't have been so bad, but they also insisted that throwing away a dry diaper was just wasteful. I did not get my training pants back until I was wet. I think that contributed to my increasingly frequent naptime wettings. I mostly enjoyed my time with Nana. She was sweet, always made me feel special, and often gave me treats. I was starting to put on weight. The downside was her approach to "toilet training" me. She made me try to use the potty far more frequently than necessary. I wouldn't have minded so much, but it always seemed to be at an inopportune moment, and she insisted on taking me and helping me with my pants. I told her I could just go myself, but she would have none of it. She said she had to make sure I hadn't had an accident and that I did something in the toilet. If I didn't produce, the look of disappointment on her face was deeply disheartening. If several attempts did not result in anything, she would make be sit there until something happened. She would get very cross and tell me she was not going to let me wet my pants just because I was too lazy or obstinate to use the potty like a big boy. My protests that she was just making me try too often, and that I always made when I asked to use the potty, fell on deaf ears. This poor timing came to a head one day when I was laying with the trains. I had been very wet after my nap, and nana made me use the potty a couple of times while doing my chores. I didn't need to go when she took me up a while into my playtime. About fifteen minutes after she let me go downstairs, I started to feel the urge. I was sure she would be back to get me soon, as that had become the pattern. She didn't, and I continued play as my bladder became more insistent. I was getting toward the point of desperation when I went to find Nana and tell I needed the potty. I found her on the phone. I stood and watched her until she took notice of me. She excused herself and covered the mouthpiece. She asked me what I wanted, and I told her of my need. "I just took you a few minutes ago." "I didn't need to go then." "If that's true, you shouldn't need to go that badly now. I'll be with you when I'm off the phone. Go play." "Sorry, about that," she said into the receiver. "I'm watching the neighbor's boy, and he wanted my attention. ... He says he needs to go potty, but I just took him five minutes ago. … No, no, I'm sure he can hold it for a couple of minutes. He needs to learn that he can't just go the moment he feels like it. … You, boys are always more difficult to train. … Ha, ha, ha, yes, men too. Davey, go play. I'll be with you as soon as I'm off the phone." I ducked back downstairs, muttering to myself that it had been a lot more than five minutes, and she should have just let me go by myself. I tried to play some more, but my need was growing stronger. A few minutes later, I was back upstairs and making gestures to indicate that time was of the essence. She wasn't paying attention. "Nana," I whispered. Nothing. "Nana," I said a little louder. "Nana," I whined, louder still and fearful I would be heard over the phone. "Davey, don't interrupt. I told you I would be right with you. If you can't behave yourself, you can go stand in the corner. Go on, march." Her look left no doubt that she was serious. I stomped my foot and went to the corner the indicated. "I'm sorry. You were saying?" Her conversation went on and on. It wasn't long before I was clutching myself and shifting from foot to foot. "What? Yours too? I guess you had better be going. Goodbye, Debbie. Give my love to Tony." She must have been talking to her daughter-in-law. She hung up the phone and walked up behind me. She gave a hard swat to my behind. That was more than I could take, and a large squirt erupted into my training pants. "David, I'm very disappointed in you. Don't you know it's rude to interrupt when someone is on the phone? I bet you don't interrupt your Mommy when she's on the phone, do you?" "No," I conceded. "But …" "But nothing. Whatever it was could have waited. I told you I wasn't going to be long." "But I had to go potty," I whined. "You're a big boy, you can hold it for a couple of minutes, can't you?" "Yeah," I said tentatively. "Let's get you to the potty then," she sighed. Once in the bathroom, I started to undo my pants. I was really hoping she would go away. Instead, she brushed my hands away and took over. "David! How could you? You said you could hold it. I thought you were a big boy." "I am. I can. But … you spanked me." "That little slap on the tushy? That's your excuse? Well, we'll just see about that. I'll show you what a real spanking is, after you finish on the potty. If there's anything left, that is." She pushed me down firmly onto the seat and, much to my embarrassment, pushed my pee down between my legs for me. She would usually leave me alone to do my business, but not this time. She hovered, glaring at me and tapping her foot. I forced myself to overcome my bladder shyness and peed a still considerable amount. I felt the rumblings of a bowel movement coming on, but with Nana standing there, it wasn't going to happen. When she decided it was done, grabbed my wrist, pulled me up, flushed the toilet, and dragged me to her room with my pants still around my ankles. She grabbed a hairbrush off her dresser and sat down on her bed. I was over her knees in a trice. She put the hairbrush to work right away and had me blubbering out excuses, apologies, and promises before I could think. She kept up a steady barrage of scolding. "I just can't believe it, a big boy like you, interrupting me on the phone, peeing his pants, blaming it on one little slap, can't wait a couple of minutes to use the potty. I've known toddlers better behaved. Just wait till your Mommy hears about this. I'm sure she won't be happy. I can tell you this. You' won't be wetting your pants again in my house, not today. You're going right back into diapers where you belong." I'm not sure those were her exact words, but they were the gist of it. I'm not even sure she heard my protests that I tried, and she was a lot longer than a couple of minutes on the phone. I hadn't realized she stopped when she made me stand up and dragged me to the room I napped in. She pushed me down on the bed and got a diaper out. My blazing behind was wrapped up before I knew, and she was telling me I would be staying in bed the rest of the afternoon. "And if I hear one peep out of you, you'll think that spanking was playing pat-a-cake." She left me sobbing, while she muttered about the earful my mommy was going to get later. I willed myself to sleep, anything to avoid thoughts of what Mommy was going to say when she got there. I felt a gentle shaking of my shoulder, drawing me back to the land of the living. I was grateful to escape my troubled dreams, but when I saw Mommy sitting beside me, my eyes began to fill with tears again. I opened my mouth to beg her forgiveness, but she placed a finger over my lips. "Not now, sweetie. We'll talk about it when we get home." She helped me to sit up and put on some pants. "Let's get you home and fed, and we'll have a nice long talk, okay?" She didn't seem mad. That worried me. It wasn't like Kathy to restrain her feelings, and when she did, it usually resulted in a real blowout. She took my hand and led me downstairs. I followed with trepidation. Nana was waiting. She appeared considerably calmer too. I didn't understand, but I was not unhappy when she gave me a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek, with promises to see me tomorrow. Kathy was crossing the street leisurely, but my stress level went up with every step closer to our house. I was sure she would lower the boom as soon as we were behind closed doors. Instead, she pulled me into an embrace and rocked me. Without letting go, she made a quick diaper check and announced I would be fine until after supper. She took me into the kitchen and had me sit, while she prepared our meal. I asked if I could help, but she wouldn't hear of it. It was a simple supper, which I would have enjoyed more if I hadn't been waiting for the other shoe to drop. "Sweetie, about what happened at Nana's today," she began. Here it comes, I thought. "Nana wanted me to apologize for her getting so upset with you. After she put you down and had time to think, she realized that she really was talking for a long time, and she should have listened to you and taken you to the potty sooner." "If she'd just let me go by myself …" "Shh. It's okay. We know you are having trouble making it to the potty in time, and we shouldn't keep you waiting." "But I can," I protested. "Honey, are your pants wet now?" Without thinking, I put my hands to my crotch, and blushed when I felt the squish. "Come here, baby." I stood and walked around to her. She unbuttoned my pants and pushed them down. She squeezed the front of my diaper and looked at me. "Sweetie, you are more wet than when I got you up from your nap. Did you know that?" I didn't, and I felt another cry coming on. "There, there, sweetheart. Don't worry. Mommy's not mad. I know you can't help it. I think you're worrying about keeping your pants dry is getting to be too much for you. You're just not ready yet." "I am," I whined. "No, honey, I don't think so. That's why Mommy got you some new diapers today. They're cloth and have Velcro. You'll be able to feel if you wet them, and Nana will be able to get them off in a hurry if she has to. I don't want you to worry about making it to the potty in time. Nana will take you when she thinks you should try, but if you wet your diaper, nobody is going to be mad. No more spankings for wet pants, doesn't that sound good?" Something in her logic felt wrong, but I found myself nodding in agreement. "We can try potty training again after a while, but for right now, I want you to relax and not think about it, okay? You just play and help Nana and Mommy when we ask. Will you do that for Mommy?" Kathy was being so nice about the whole thing, I just sniffled and nodded my ascent. She stood up and drew me into a hug that I could have stayed in forever. "Let's get you a nice tubby and then you can go night-night, okay?"
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    This role play is about a little girl who is named anna. Who travels back in time to the 1950's from the year 2018 and has to adapt.
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    Anna shuffled around the piles of books lining the walls and shelves. "Introduction to Wicca," "Witchcraft", "Malleus Maleficarum,"- all themed to match the odd little shop, full of incense and stones, skulls and bones. A lot of nonsense, as far as Anna was concerned."Can I help you find something," the clerk asked. She had long, ragged dark hair that blended into her black clothes, and wore dozens of metal pendants.Anna looked at her. "Yes, its said online you sold journals here?"The woman smiled. "Yes, of a type. Here, let me show you."She bent over and opened up a drawer. Inside were leather bound books with brightly coloured titles. "Travel," "New Worlds", "Karma," "Spirit." Anna tried not to roll her eyes at the hipster names the journals always had. She had picked up the hobby of writing daily a few months ago, and had since gone through a few such books, though they were ususally from more normal book stores."Thanks, I'll take er... Karma," she said.The woman smiled again. "Good choice. But be warned, with great power, comes great responsibility. Karma strikes both ways." "Thanks uncle Ben. Now how do I pay?"Anna was outside the store a moment later."Hey there sweetheart," a deep voice said.Anna stopped and turned around to see a blond haired and a medium build. She shuddered. "Ugg, I told you to leave me alone Ryan.""Awww sweetie why so upset? I'm just wanna be friends with my little girl." He put a hand on her shoulder.She knocked it off. "No, your a pervert. Leave me alone or I'll call the cops?""And what? I'll deny it. 'Sides, you sure loved it when we were dating.""We went on two dates then I found out you were already sleeping with someone." That had been one of the worst episodes of her life. He seemed so friendly when they first met, then got worse once they were out. At the second date another woman came in screaming wanting to know why she was out with her boyfriend. "You still loved it." He grabbed her by the waist and leaned in close. "Awww, whats wrong? Need a kiss?" He began to make kissy faces at her."LET ME GO!" she screamed, and slapped him.He laughed. "Fiesty. Alright, I can see its your time of the month. I'll come back next week.""Asshole!"He winked, and as he passed by her, he reached around her and spanked her hard."Hey! How dare you... What are you..." He only laughed as she screamed after him.Anna stopped her foot. The horrible, awful man! She had just gotten over him too.She breathed heavily to calm herself. This is why she started writing in the first place. She got out the journal and began writing."Today, Ryan grabbed me. I wish someone would do the same to him. I want someone bigger to him to come up and call him a little girl. Grab him, call him demeaning names, kiss him and spank him and make him feel as awful as he makes others feel."She felt better having just written it. She began to walk back down the sidewalk toward her home. It was a cool day, but the sun was out, and she was enjoying the weather while it lasted.She heard a yelp coming from across the street. She looked across it to see Ryan, with his eyes wide open, staring at a man a head taller then him."Whats the matter sweetheart? I just want to be friends with my little girl," the man said in a gruff voice."What? I'm, not... LET ME GO! Hey!"The giant man picked Ryan up and kissed him on the cheek. "Wow, feisty," he said. "Must be your time of the month. I'll come back next week." He spanked Ryan hard enough to make him shout, then walked away, leaving a stunned Ryan staring after him.Anna couldn't believe her eyes. Had she made that happen? It couldn't be.But... could that just be a coincidence? She had never seen a man that size before, and she had never seen Ryan mistaken for a girl. The entire scenario was weird... aside from Ryan, who would behave like that to a random stranger in public? They weren't even at a bar or anything.She had to test it. Ryan was walking quickly. She opened the book."Ryan will trip... now."As she wrote it, a rock appeared under Ryan's foot, and he stumbled to the ground. He kicked the rock angrily, and began to get back up. How far could she push it?"He will trip again, and his pants will tear and fall. Underneath he will have pink underwear. He won't be able to hold his pants up."As he was getting up, he stumbled again. His pants opened and fell to his knees."God dammit!" he said. His anger turned to shock when he saw his underwear- pink, small, and lacy, they so clashed with what he normally wore that he seemed unable to beleive they were there. From the distance, Anna wasn't certain if they were just briefs or actual female panties. "Where did these come from?" He said, and reached down to cover them."Ryan will step on a rake and it will fly up and hit him."A rake, seemingly out of no where, smacked into his face."He will turn around and there will be another one there, then another, and another," she wrote, taking a line from the Simpsons.She burst out laughing as Ryan repeatedly hit himself in the head and stumbled backwards. "This is impossible," she said, looking at the book. However, she saw it in front of her. It had to be true.She noticed another woman behind Ryan giggling, and Ryan turned to her red faced and tried to rush down the road, but stumbled with his pants around his legs and fell to the ground. That gave Anna another idea."A crowd of people notice, including Ryan's friends, and begin laughing and commenting on his underwear."Ryan attracted a crowd as he walked down the street, struggling to hold his pants up. "Ryan will fall, end up stuck with his butt in the air, and get spanked."She burst out laughing harder as she saw exactly that unfold. She looked down at the book."This is going to be fun," she said to herself.Anna was soon in her apartment alternating between pacing and dancing. She had found a magic book somehow. She was able to control... what, exactly? Almost anything, it seemed. What should she do? How did the magic work? It said Karma, so it made sense she could get revenge... wait, was that what karma was? Could she give herself things.She thought for a moment. "I might as well try," she told herself."I want a million dollars," she wrote, and waited. She looked around, expecting to see money somewhere, but nothing happened. She had a thought. She sat at her computer, turned it on, and checked her bank account. Her eyes went wide.There, in plain black and white, was the number "$1,000,000," written exactly like that."I want another million." Before her eyes, the number doubled. She screamed in delight. She stood up and fell to her bed, clutching the book to her chest and laughing.How could this be real? Should she check back at the store? No, she thought. If they found out it was real, they might want it back. She studied the book. It was hers."I don't want to have to go to work for the next month."Her phone buzzed. She picked it up. "Hello Anna. The product you created at work the other day paid of well, and we decided to give you the next month off. I know it seems an odd decision, but for some reason it feels right. -Albert Herald."She leaned back in her chair laughing. Her mind swarmed with thoughts of what she was going to do. A new house? A pool?She looked at the title. "Karma." What did that mean? Was it just a random title? The first thing made sense, Ryan had it coming, but the others?She smiled to herself. The primary motivation must be to give people their comeuppance, she decided. But it wouldn't hurt to give herself some things along the way. After all, how could she have enough time to do her new job unless she had money?She opened the book and began to write. "Tomorrow, Ryan will..."...Ryan woke up the next day shaking. He had a rough night full of humiliating dreams. He had been repeatedly mistaken for a girl, left naked in public, grabbed and harassed... It was all from that odd incident on the sidewalk. What could it mean?He got up, showered, and began to get ready for work. He dried off, looked in the mirror, and gasped.Had his hair gotten longer? It was touching his shoulders! He had never grown it out that far before but there it was. Some kind of bizarre hair only growth spurt?Confused, he shook his head, went to his closet and began to get dressed. He made sure he had normal underwear this time, along with his regular jeans and shirt. He packed a bag with the shirt he had to wear in the cafe he worked at, ate breakfast quickly, and left. As he exited the door he noticed something. He hadn't shaved that morning, but his face was smoother then it ever had been....Anna was standing across the street from his door. She saw him walking out, and confirmed to herself that everything had worked. Longer hair, clean shaven, and ready for a new game.She began to write....A woman was walking toward Ryan. She was one of a few people he had passed, but she definitely stood out. He had to do a double take when he saw her.She was tall, well built, and with long blond hair. However, it wasn't her appearance that caught Ryan's attention, but her clothes. She was dressed head to two in in one of the most eye catching outfits he had seen. Her dress was a vibrant pink, with frilled bands going over her shoulders and a skirt that flared out to the sides, ending half way down her thighs. A white shit was under her dress, but rather then just cover her up more, it drew more attention, with ruffled shoulder cuffs and a heard shaped hole over her chest. Below her skirt long white stockings that were tied at her knees with red bows and shinning, healed shoes. Finally, her hair was tied into pigtails with heart shaped bows.Ryan tried to place the dress. Was she cosplaying as an anime character? Was this a lolita dress? Had she come from a comic con?His thoughts were interrupted as she stopped close in front of him, noticed a coin on the ground, and bent to pick it up. Her skirt flared up, exposing ruffled lacy underwear. Ryan couldn't control himself, he took his phone out and, while she was looking away, took a picture.She stood up when the flash went off. Ryan cursed himself for forgetting."What was that? she said.Ryan decided to keep going, hoping confidence would win. "Just admiring your underwear, sweetheart. Almost pretty enough to touch.""Excuse me?" she said."Well you were bending over and your pretty ass was out, so i figured I'd snap a picture. Such a cute little girl like you needs to be remembered." He reached out to hold her shoulder, and she knocked his hand away."I'm taller then you, shrimp. Don't test me," she said."Ok ok, don't get feisty. I'm sorry sweetheart." He began walking passed her.She rolled her eyes and continued on. Ryan kept watching as she passed, and saw her skirt bouncing, exposing more of her thighs with each step, stopping just short of her underwear. Almost instinctively, he reached over and pinched her beneath her skirt, then started walking as quickly as he cloud.He stopped walking as he was pulled backward. With speed that shocked Ryan, she grabbed his wrist and yanked him back. "That does it!" she shouted. "I am dressed for a display of the costumes at the store I design at. Its my JOB, not permission to grab me." She began twisting his wrist backward until he shouted."I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" he screamed, tears forming."Oh no you are not, not yet. Lets she how you like it," she turned his wrist again, this time leaving him bent over a wooden bench with his hand behind his back. She reached foward and undid his belt."What are you doing?""First I'm going to show you how it feels to have your underwear exposed and grabbed in public. Then I am going to do what someone should have done to you years ago."She pulled down his pants. Ryan saw a flash and noticed as crowd of people taking pictures of his underwear."Nice panties bro!" someone shouted, and Ryan looked back to once again see his underwear replaced, this time with silken white panties decorated with little red hearts."How!? Those aren't mine!" he said."Yeah right," said the woman who had grabbed him. "Almost pretty enough to touch, eh?" She reached down and pinched both cheeks until he yelped."Now, to make sure you've learned you're lesson..." She reached her hand up into the hair, palm down.Ryan's eyes went wide. She was about to deliver a spanking, and not a light one. Here? Now? How could this be happening to him? He struggled but couldn't break her grasp. "No, please don't," he begged."Don't what?" she asked, savouring the moment."Don't spank me," he replied."Awww does the the little boy not want spankings? Too bad," she brought her hand down with immense force on Ryan's exposed underwear, and he shouted. She began spanking him again and again as the crowd watching grew and laughed. The loud smacks echoed down the street, and Ryan noticed more and more people coming to see.Why would no one step in? Ryan thought. It felt so wrong.Soon tears were forming in his eyes, and he began to sob from both the humiliation and pain. She kept spanking him as he shouted."Please, enough, I'm sorry," he said.She stopped. Ryan thought he was free, then he groaned as he felt her take his belt out of its loops."No, not that.""Yes, that." She lifted the belt up and hit him hard. He screamed and would have fallen if she didn't put her knee under him to hold him up. She began to talk as she spanked, punctuating each word with a loud, hard whack. "WHAT. PEOPLE. WEAR. ISN"T. PERMISSION. TO. GRAB. THEM. YOU. WILL. NOT. DO. THAT. AGAIN. UNDERSTOOD?""Yes!" he shouted."Now what do you say?""I'm sorry," he whined."Good," she helped him stand up. She pointed down the street in the direction he had been heading. "Now, you are going to keep walking that direction with your pants around your knees so everyone can see what happens to naughty little boys in panties who can't keep their hands to themselves." She handed him his belt. "You may put this on when you are passed the corner and out of my sight. If you don't listen, you'll get another round. Understood?""But... but..."She spanked him hard again. "UNDERSTOOD?""OW! Yes!""Then go!"Ryan began to waddle, pants around his knees keeping him from running. He sobbed and tried to ignore the jeers and cat calls from the people who he passed. He felt more then one reach out and grab him as he want.Finally he rounded the corner, pulled his pants up, and started running as he pulled his belt on. He ran as fast as he could, trying to stop crying, until he was sure he was passed anyone who had seen, then kept running.He stumbled. Got up, and started running again. He wobbled. He felt as if he was walking on a rope.He looked down, and he shouted in shock.The reason he was having trouble running was easy to see. Why it had happened was impossible for him to figure out.He was wearing a dress. Not just any dress, but the one the girl had been wearing. Same skirt, same socks, even had his now bizarrely long hair tied in the same pigtails. He had stumbled due to the heels now on his feet.There was a store beside him with a display window, and he looked at his reflection in it. With his outfit, his hair, and apparently a bra under the dress, he might have mistaken himself for a girl. It even seemed like his legs had been shaven, and he was wearing make up.He yelped. Someone had just grabbed him under his skirt. "Nice underwear, sweetie."He whined. "How is this happening?" he asked....Anna broke out laughing at Ryan's appearance. She couldn't have designed a better outfit if she tried. It really looked more like a costume then actual clothes. He could pass as someone cosplaying an anime character.Ryan walked along the side walk, head down, and stumbling slightly in his heels. His face was blushing as red as the bows in his hair- and, Anna thought to herself, as red as his recently spanked bottom in its pretty panties.Anna wasn't quite down yet. She began writing and watching.Ryan attracted a crowed for the second time in two days. This time, however, instead of it just being people pointing and laughing- and there was plenty of that- she mixed in a crowd of men who suddenly decided Ryan was the prettiest girl they had ever seen...."I love your dress! Its so pretty" the giant man said as he reached out."Let me go!" Ryan squealed, then yelped and covered his mouth, frighted by how high his voice had suddenly gotten."Aww sweetie, why? I'm sure a cute girl like you could use a hug."Ryan began to run, but the heels made him stumble and he fell... right over the lap of another man sitting at a bus stop. He felt his skirts fly up, and reached down to cover his panties as people cheered and laughed behind him. He felt hands grab his now exposed cheeks, and someone commented that 'she' must have gotten a spanking."Hellos sweetheart," the man whose lap he was now over said. "What pretty undies! Thanks for showing them to me! You want to hang out later?" He patted Ryans bottom."No!" Ryan said. He pushed himself up, straitened, and tried to turn over until he was sitting. He paused a moment, and realized he had just sat down in the stranger's lap."Aww honey," the man said, and wrapped an arm around Ryan."No!" he said, and began to push up. He finally made it, and began running.He did his best to ignore the crowds as he did. Most seemed to think he was a girl with a flamboyant sense of style, which he guessed was for the best. He could do without the catcalling, however.He made it to the cafe. He breathed, straitened his skirt, and looked at his watch. His eyes went wide. 10:30 it read, he was two and a half hours late. "How..." he said.THe door opened. It was Mr. McLaughlin, his boss. He sighed."Ryan, what are you doing?""I uhh..." Ryan hadn't stopped to think of an explanation, and was surprised that Mr. McLaughlin recognized him."Look, what you do in your private time is your own business, I don't mind, no matter how... strange. However, you have been late far too many times, and I can't have you working like that.""What?! But!""No butts. Did you even bring your work clothes?"Ryan gulped. "I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do? Anyway I can make up for it?"He sighed and rolled his eyes. He put a hand on his chin and thought. Suddenly he smiled. "Give me a second."He went back into the store and returned a minute later he returned followed by two people. One was carrying a tray of samples, the other a stand."What..." "We are going to start a new program. People your age like this sort of thing, right? Cosplay, anime characters, cute outfits.""I mean, some do..." Ryan tried to think if he actually knew someone who talked about it.He handed Ryan a teddy bear. "You are going to be our new mascot to appeal to a new group! You are going to stand here in your cute outfits... and I'm sure we'll find more... flirt with anyone going by and offer free samples of our newest teas.""What!? I can't do that! You want me here in public dressed like this?!""Yes. Cute cross dressed boys are thing online for some reason. You are going to be ours. Think of it- "The Sissy Cafe!" Its new branding we've been considering, and you will be our first server! With any luck, people might think your a girl, or won't care. Now, be sure to smile!" He waved his arms around as the two people who came with him set up the stand. It was a small stage with a banner reading "sissy service."He went in, then stopped. "Oh, another thing. People will flirt with you, some might want kisses or get handsy... are you alright with that?"Ryan was far from alright with it. However, he felt he didn't have a choice, and inwardly he felt compelled to say yes. There weren't many other jobs he could do inside the cafe, dressed as he was, and he couldn't afford not to get paid. "I... I guess so...""Good. It will be part of our marketing. Be sure to offer kisses!"He went back in, leaving a dumbfounded Ryan outside. He wanted to run, or to hide. However, with the wide windows and cameras, he knew his mangers would see if he wasn't doing his job.He had begun to attract a crowd again. He always seemed to do that now. He turned to face them. "Uh... do you want some tea... or a kiss?"...Anna savored every moment of the discussion. Ryan had bragged before about taking from the till, and now was being punished at his job. That was DEFINITELY karma.But she wasn't done yet. Ryan had always said she was a LITTLE girl, not just a girl. She'd show him how 'little' he could feel. The teddy bear was just a beginning, she had her own ideas of what he might look good in. She began to write. "As he's heading home, Ryan will get lost, and feel his bladder beginning to ache..." This story currently is mainly focused on sissy kink, but ABDL will come up a lot more, with a heavy focus on messy diapers and embarrassment. (even more so then usual for me)
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    If anyone lives near me I would give them a good spanking
  7. This story is based on an RP called The Little Thief. cute little kokiri girl had asked me to turn their RP into a story. Sadly because of the site glitch a while ago, most of it is sadly gone. Thankfully, cute little kokiri girl was able to give me a rough draft of the story that I was able to turn into this chapter. Full credit to the original story/RP belongs to cute little kokiri girl and Diaper_teen66. Link to there original RP is here if you would like to read whats left of it. https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/51900-the-little-thief/&tab=comments#comment-1065672 The Little Thief chapter one: a little Thief. It was a cold and dark night in the of Fox-Heart. It was 12:30 Am as the dark blue Ford drove down the street with its lights off. The only lights on this street were from the glow of halloween decoration. “Okay Alice, you know what to do right?” Joe asked as he pulled to a stop right out front of one of the houses. “Just get in and unlock the front door. Then search the house for any valuables.” Joe was an average sized man with a balding head. He was in his mid 40’s and had a bad attitude. Just give him a cheap suit and a cigar and he would look just like a used car salesman. “If you find anything heavy, give me a call and well grab it last.” Joe said before he gave the little girl next to him the stink eye. “And remember, don't fuck this up.” This was a routine Alice was familiar with. Joe always gave the same speech and it always ended with Joe telling Alice that if she got caught to pretend she did this alone. Because if Alice told anyone about Joe, he would find her, and make her life a living hell. “T-this is not my first time Joe.” Alice stuttered to Joe. “a-and besides, t-the old bats on v-vacation. How could i f-f-fuck this up?” Before Joe could answer however, Alice grabbed her black bag and jumped out of the car. Alice was 4 feet tall with shoulder length blonde hair tied up into a bun. She was wearing an all-black outfit with a black hat to cover her hair. “Ok joe, i'll call when im done or if i find something.” Alice told Joe “Whatever, just don't fuck this up you little freak.” Joe told her. “This is a big job.” As Joe drove away, Alice flipped him off. ‘Well fuck you to.” Alice whispered to herself. ‘God i hate working with him.’ Alice took a deep breath of the cold air and relaxed a moment before she went to work. She had been scoping out this two story house for the last month. Only one person lived here, a women in her late 30’s, early 40’s. From watching her, Alice learned that the women was going on a 8 day vacation to mexico and left earlier today to the airport. Alice ran to the fence leading to the back yard and saw the lock on the fence. Not like it mattered to Alice as she moved a loose board to reveal a small hole in the fence. This was one of the few perks of being small as she slipped thru the hole with ease. Once she was in the backyard, Alice went up to the glass backdoor. She pulled out her glass cutter and a hole near the handle. Despite her hight, she was able to get the door open with ease. ‘Ok, first unlock the door for a fast getaway and check upstairs first.’ Alice told herself. She quickly unlocked the door and hurried upstairs. Once she was up there she noticed a few doors. She went to the first one and saw that it was just a bathroom. Not what she was looking for. The next was a door that had unicorns on it and a name plack saying Nina. curious, Alice takes a peek into the dark room. While she couldn't see anything inside, Alice could tell it was a kids room and she doughtid anything of value would be in there. The final room at the end of the hall however was just the room Alice was looking for. The woman's bedroom. After flipping on the lights, Alice went to work filling her bag. Unbeknownst to her however, a car pulled up the the house and a older looking woman got out, it was the owner of the house Madeline Tendet. Madeline’s flight to mexico was canceled not once, but twice, and the older women decided she didn't feel like waiting another few hours at the airport for another plain and decided just to cancel her vacation. She can just have a nice staycation she thought. Just stay home and relax. As she went to the door and put the keys in, Madeline was tired and didn't releases the door was already unlocked and slipped inside without making much of a sound. “I'll just get my stuff out of the car tomorrow. Right now i just want to go to sleep.” Madeline told herself as she made her way up the stars. But when she got upstares she noticed her bedroom light was still on. Did she forget to turn them off when she left? Madeline though when she heard something from inside. Someone was in the house! Madeline reached into her bag and pulled out a can of mace and slowly made her way to the bedroom. Alice had already took all the jewelry, some money, and anything else that looked of value. She was standing right next to a nightstand and was looking at a picture of the women she was stealing from holding a little girl in her arms. Alice could feel the knots in her stomach return. She hated doing this. She didn't want to do this, but Alice had to push those thoughts away. Joe will be expecting her soon. Alice grabbed the picture and set it face down so she didn't have to look at it before grabbing a little statue beside the picture. As she picked it up, she relised it was a little heavier than she thought and accidentally dropped it on her foot! “OW! MOTHER FUCKER!” Alice screamed as she dropped her bag and began jumping on one foot while holding her hurt one. Behind Alice, in the doorway, Madeline watched the little girl jump up and down. Madeline was shocked. She was expecting a full grown adult to be robbing her, not a little girl. From the looks of it, Madeline could see Alice was unarmed so she put her mace away and walked into the room and stood behind the little thief. “Well well well now who are you sweetie?” Madeline asked and startled the little thief as Alice let out a quick sreek and spun around. “O-ow shit…” Alice said as she looked up to the owner of the house standing over her.
  8. Samuel is a spolit and rude 10 years old boy, whom his mother can not longer ménage. One afternoon in which he come home during school hours accompanied by a police man, because he was accused of stealing a videogame, his mother decided that it’s too mutch. Then she search someone who give her some advice about how to correct her mistakes in the boy’s education. Some hours after nunny Alexandra responds to their ad proposing a particular educational system. (I'd like play the role of Samuel, I can play nanny Alexandra role too if you want, the role play start with Samuel who is accompanied by a policeman in front of the door of his house. Please don't write short answer but be descriptive)
  9. @YourFNF gave me this idea: "I've had this recurring fantasy about a girl who's mommy owns a tech startup and she's basically treated as a Little by the whole office...." and "Like I picture in one scene she's introduced to a new client who turns out to be daddy with his own little boy and is made to me mess herself.." I gathered from the verbiage that this was more than likely intended to be set in the diaper dimension, but I don't fuck around with that place, so I went a slightly different route. I sincerely hope my attempt is good in your eyes. I had fun writing something that someone else pitched, and will be doing it at least two more times in the near future for ideas from @Wannatripbaby and possibly @foofybabykitten, I say possibly because the idea was given on DA and the names are similar but I don't know for certain if they're the same person. Anyway, no one dies in this one, and there aren't any horrible things, just good old fashioned smut! Enjoy and leave a comment if you feel like it, shoot me a PM with story ideas you'd like to see written, I don't do commissions, so any idea you give me is free and such and such. Take Your Child To Work Day By: RambleLamb "This is stupid." Belinda grumped from the passenger seat of the car. "I don't see why I have to do this, I'm not a kid anymore." she added. Her mother sighed and reached over to gently rub her daughter's shoulder as the girl sat with her arms folded across her chest. "No one said you were a kid, Belle, but like it or not, you are my daughter and the head of the company should set an example by participating in things like this." she said. Belinda sighed, her pout turning into a sneer as she turned to glare at her mother. "Fine, but you are forbidden from calling me "Belle" while we're there." she spat. Her mother removed her hand from her daughter's shoulder. "I don't see what the big deal is, you used to love that nickname." she said, more than a little saddened by her daughter's negative attitude. Belinda scoffed. "Yeah, when I was four and loved Beauty and the Beast, mom." she said. "I'm in college now, not preschool." she added, turning her attention out her window to scowl at the world as it passed her by. Diana felt the anger rise up in her. "I think you mean that you were in college, Belle." she corrected. "Typically when you fail out of all your classes and have to move back to your parent's house they stop considering you a student." she added, hoping to quell her daughter's sour mood with a harsh dose of realism. Over the last two months Belinda had been dealing with the shame of having to move back in with her parents after spending too much time partying and not enough time studying and attending classes while away at college. With nothing but time on her hands as she'd been unable to find work, Belinda had more or less regressed to her teenage self, hanging out around the house and accomplishing next to nothing with her time. Her attitude had also taken a severe nosedive, this morning's tantrum just one of many over the last two months. When she'd gotten into an argument with her parents about her lack of a job, she'd told her mother that, as the owner of the small but quite successful tech startup company, she should just give her a job which brought them back to the subject of her failure at school and her mother pointing out that she wasn't going to give her a job just because she was the owner and Belinda was her daughter. When the subject of the "take your child to work" day came up Belinda had rejected the idea, but Diana was steadfast in her decision and offered to treat it as a day long interview, to see if Belinda could handle being a secretary or personal assistant and if she could she'd be allowed to interview for the position with all the other potential candidates and if she truly was the best for the job then she'd have it. Belinda viewed it as a secret way for her mother to give her a job but make it look like she wasn't doing so because she was Belinda's mother, and finally consented to going to work with her mother for the day. The morning had started off on the wrong foot to begin with, Belinda having neglected to set her alarm the night before as her mother had told her to do, and then whining and complaining about how early it was when her mother had come in to wake her while she was getting herself ready for the day. All of this culminated in Belinda rushing her shower, not bothering to wash her hair, and throwing on her favorite t-shirt and jeans without considering that maybe the fact that she'd picked them up off her bedroom floor, but with them already running behind, her mother begrudgingly said nothing to her daughter as they made their way to the car. "Look, Belle, I know you're having a tough time right now, but if you made a little bit of an effort to present yourself as an adult-" her mother had begun to say before her daughter had turned to face her. "Are you fucking kidding me, mom?! How am I supposed to present myself as an adult when I'm sleeping in my old bedroom and having to answer to you and dad like a fucking child?!" Belinda snapped, her eyes wide with anger and brimming with hot tears of frustration and embarrassment. The car pulled to a stop in the parking garage and Diana squealed to a stop in her spot before getting out of the car and moving to Belinda's side where she threw the door open and reached inside to unbuckle her daughter's seatbelt. "What the fuck are you doing?!" Belinda screamed, the cry ringing out in the parking garage. "Something I should have been doing from the start." Diana responded through gritted teeth as she pulled her daughter from the car by the wrist and yanked her to the front of the car where her latent maternal skills came back in full force as she bent Belinda over the hood and tugged her pants down, sighing when she saw her daughter had failed to put on underwear, and proceeded to deliver a dozen sharp swats to the girl's exposed backside, the cracks echoing off the walls and ceiling quickly joined by the desperate and humiliated cries of her daughter. "Fucking stop, mom, what the fuck?!" Belinda screamed as her pants were pulled down, followed by strings of profanity that rapidly devolved into pleading and further devolved until she was genuinely crying. Diana stopped after she was sure the message had gotten through and righted her daughter before throwing her arms around the girl and hugging her tightly. "I hope you realize that that was for your own good, Belle." she said quietly to her sobbing daughter, feeling the motion of the girl gently rubbing her stinging backside. "I told you not to call me that!" Belle whined between sobs, trying to pull free of her mother. Diana broke her embrace and looked her daughter square in the eyes, the younger and, at the moment, far more vulnerable woman trying to look away but having her chin gripped gently but firmly to hold her gaze in place. "I will call you Belinda when you act like my college aged daughter, until then, I think Belle is a very fitting name, wouldn't you agree, sweetie?" she asked, her tone soft and maternal but only slightly covering the seriousness and authority that she was exerting over her daughter. Belle sniffled. "I'm sorry, please give me another chance!" she pleaded as her tears rolled down her cheeks. Diana bent forward and pulled her daughter's pants up for her, the girl wincing and crying out in pain as the denim rubbed across her reddened backside. "If you can prove to me today that you're ready to be Belinda then I'll forget this ever happened." she said. Belle nodded. "Thank you." she said quietly. "But." Diana added. "If you fail to prove to me that you're ready to be an adult and that you're serious about wanting a job then your father and I are going to have to discuss what we're going to do with you." she said. Belle swallowed hard and nodded again. "I'll show you, I promise." she said. Diana kissed her daughter's forehead and went to the glovebox for some tissues to give the girl. "Dry your eyes and compose yourself and we'll head inside, okay?" she asked. Belle took the tissues and wiped her eyes, blowing her nose a few times before she handed the package of tissues back to her mother before they made their way into the office. Unbeknownst to either woman, Diana's parking space was situated right next to a security camera, and unbeknownst to either woman, said camera and the person watching the cameras had seen the whole show that Diana and her daughter had put on. ************************************************************************ "Belle, this is Patty, she's in charge of making sure everyone that visits gets a badge and finds their way around okay." Diana told her daughter as they stood before a girl that couldn't have been much older than Belle herself, though in comparison, Patty in her smart and professional looking business outfit consisting of a long black skirt and a modest blouse accompanying her high heels whereas Belle looked like she'd just rolled out of bed and was on her way to high school. "It's so nice to finally meet you, Belle!" Patty chirped happily. Belle held her tongue at having this girl use her childish nickname and feigned a smile. "It's nice to meet you too, Patty." she said. "I have to get to my office and check my schedule for the day, but Patty will show you around and get you set up and then I'll come find you so we can start your trial run, okay, sweetie?" Diana asked. Belle nodded and watched her mother depart, thankful that she might be able to salvage some of her adulthood without her around. "Okay, Belle, here's your visitor badge." Patty said as she clipped the laminated badge to Belle's shirt without asking. "That badge will let you into any door that has a blue circle above it." she explained, pointing to the blue circle above the door Belle and her mother had entered through. Belle again feigned a smile. "Thanks, Patty." she said. "Anytime, kiddo!" Patty chirped. "Now, why don't we take a quick tour and then we'll get you set up with the other kids." she said. "Other kids?" Belle asked. Patty nodded. "Oh yeah, we've got about seven of you guys visiting here today!" she said as she started walking away, beginning the previously mentioned tour. "First stop is the restroom, I know my other little tour goers needed that before we really started exploring." she said with a warm smile. Belle rolled her eyes. "I think I'll be fine, Patty." she said. "Why don't you just point me in the direction of my mom's office and I'll hang out there until she's ready for me." she added. Patty's smile faded. "No can do, kiddo, all the kids need to stay in room 1A until their parents come and get them." she said. "I'll take you there now if you don't want the grand tour though." she added, her perky tone replaced by one of fake sincerity as she had already had her fill of her boss's bratty daughter mere minutes after meeting her. "Fine." Belle said simply and followed Patty down the long hall to a boardroom, her eyes widening in disbelief as she saw half a dozen or so children inside playing with various toys. The oldest one in the room didn't look like he was more than twelve while the youngest looked to be about three or four, a distinct bulge beneath the stretchy pants she wore beneath her ladybug print dress. "Nope, no fucking way am I going in there." Belle said bluntly. Patty ignored her and ran her badge over the reader, causing the door to slide open and the full volume within the room to come blaring out. "Have fun, kiddo." she said as she gave Belle a small push into the room just before the door slid closed. Belle turned and banged on the door, reaching for her badge and running it over the reader inside the room, getting a sharp buzz and a red light for her efforts. After five more tries she noticed Patty pointing upward and looked above the door to see a green square rather than a blue circle. "You've got to be fucking kidding me." she said. "You said a swear, I'm telling!" a young boy behind her exclaimed. Belle rolled her eyes and turned around. "Go ahead and tell, you little booger eater!" she shouted, causing many of the kids to gasp and the young boy to begin crying. Belle sighed and moved to him, kneeling down in front of him and putting a hand on his shoulder. "Hey, I'm sorry, buddy, please don't cry." she said, less concerned about the boy and more concerned that her mother would find out she'd already failed their agreement. "Leave me alone!" the boy wailed and shoved her hard in the chest. Given her current position, Belle was almost powerless to keep from falling backward onto her butt, the pain of the impact on her still tender backside bringing a cry of pain and a welling of tears to her eyes. "Jeez, you gonna cry because you got pushed by a kid half your size?" the oldest boy in the room asked with a scoff. Belle wiped her eyes. "Shut up, it just surprised me is all." she said, sounding very much like one of the younger children in the room rather than the adult she actually was. The boy nodded. "Whatever you say, crybaby." he said and turned his attention back to his phone. Belle fumed and got up from the floor, marching over to him and slapping the phone from his hands, sending it tumbling across the floor under the table in the center of the room. The boy stood up from his chair and proved to be nearly a head taller than Belle. "Pick it up." he commanded angrily as he stared her down. Belle felt her face flush as she turned to look for the phone, hoping this boy wasn't the type to hit girls when they made him angry. She lowered herself onto her knees and looked beneath the table, seeing the phone a few feet away in front of her and moving on her hands and knees toward it to reach out and pick it up. The door beeped and Patty entered suddenly, the sound of the beep and the door opening startling Belle and causing her to lift up and bang her head on the table, biting her tongue in the process. Yelping in both surprise and pain, Belle crawled forward the rest of the way and found herself looking up at Patty, meeting the standing woman's eyes and looking down as her face went red. "Well, I'm glad to see you're fitting in with the other children so well, Belle." Patty praised, her tone soft and kind, befitting an adult talking to a child. Belle stood up and glared at Patty, the insinuation that not only was she just like the other children but that she was also playing with them annoying her beyond what she could tolerate without speaking up. "Lithen hewe-" Belle began but abruptly stopped, clamping her hand over her mouth in surprise at the childish lisp she'd developed from biting her tongue. Patty covered her own mouth to stifle a laugh at what she'd just heard. "Yes, Belle? You were saying?" she cooed in mock sincerity. Belle fumed. "Thtop tawking do me wike I'm thum dumb kid!" she yelled. "Listen here, Belle, you will not raise your voice to me like that again, if you want to talk to me you can use your inside voice like a good girl." Patty said condescendingly. Belle growled and started to say something but Patty cast an icy stare her way and she instantly quieted. "I think you should apologize for your little tantrum, Belle." Patty told her. "Not just to me, but to your friends as well." Belle's expression soured and she shook her head. "I'm noth apowogizing thoo thum dumb kidth!" she spat. Patty nodded decisively. "Fine, then you can come with me and have a nice timeout to think about your behavior, young lady." she said as she reached out and took Belle by the hand firmly and began to tug her along behind her. "Hey, lemme go!" Belle squealed and pulled against Patty's iron grip, her shoes still sliding on the carpet of the meeting room as she fought against the stronger woman. Patty had had enough and released her hold of Belle sending the girl tumbling backward into the table, the edge hitting the backs of her thighs causing her to roll onto it and over it to the other side where she fell to the floor square on butt, a blinding white flash of hot pain jolting through her body the instant her spank damaged bottom connected with the unforgiving surface of thinly carpeted concrete. Belle wailed in pain, tears forming in her eyes instantly as they began to cascade down her cheeks. Patty sighed and rolled her eyes. "Good grief, Belle, I've seen toddlers that are less crybaby than you." she chided as she went around the table and stood above the sobbing girl with her legs splayed out in front of her and, looking down disapprovingly for a moment before kneeling down and putting her hands beneath the crying girl's armpits to hoist her to her feet. Belle's thoughts were spinning out of control as she was helped to her feet, she couldn't stop crying no matter how hard she wanted to, the pain in her bottom was almost too much to handle. She felt Patty take her by the hand and shuffled along behind her as she wiped her eyes and continued to cry. "Kids, I need to take care of Belle, but I'll be right back with some snacks for you guys, okay?" Patty said to the group of children after scanning her badge and opening the door. "Are you gonna make Belle take a nap?" one of the younger children asked innocently. "My mommy makes me take a nap when I throw tantrums." the little girl added. Patty looked at Belle thoughtfully and then turned back to the room. "You don't worry about Belle, we'll get her calmed down and then I'll bring her back here so she can apologize for being so disruptive." she explained. "In the meantime, thank you all for being so well behaved." she added before leading Belle from the room. As they walked down the hall Belle found it difficult to walk normally as her bottom throbbed and tingled with every step and she found it easier to walk in short little steps, shuffling her feet to avoid the flashes of pain that came with lifting her feet and bringing them down on the floor. "Someone told me an interesting story about you after I put you in the playroom." Patty said as she pulled Belle down the hall past the many cubicles and offices. "They told me that they saw you get quite a spanking from your mommy in the parking garage this morning." she continued, sure that Belle wasn't likely to engage in conversation as she was still sniffling and choking back sobs. Belle's blood ran cold. "Thumwon thaw dat?!" she lisped in a hushed whisper. Patty nodded. "Saw and recorded." she clarified as they reached her desk and she turned to face Belle. "Now, if you want that video to stay a secret, I think you need to work on doing a much better job of being a good girl for the rest of the time you're here." she said. Belle wanted to fight, but not at the risk of a video of her being spanked by her mother finding its way onto the internet or worse, her own social media pages. "I'wl be good." she said quietly. Patty nodded. "A smart choice, but we'll see if you can actually manage it." she said as she gave Belle's head a gentle pat and took the girl by the hand once again and continued on to the break room where she went to the fridge and pulled out a small stack of plastic containers and handed them to Belle. "You carry those and I'll get the drinks." she said. Belle took the containers and watched Patty grab a plastic bag containing a large bottle of soda, a jug of grape juice, and small pink lunch bag and then went to the cabinet and grabbed a small stack of plastic cups. "Now, when we get back to the playroom you're going to apologize to the other children for being a brat and serve them their snacks and once you've done that you'll sit on the floor like a good girl and eat your snacks, do you understand?" Patty asked. Belle blushed and nodded, completely humiliated but powerless to fight, choosing to agree and obediently follow behind Patty back to the playroom, entering the room after Patty unlocked the door. "Kids, Belle has something she'd like to say to you all." Patty said as the door closed behind them. Belle blushed again and looked down at the floor. "Thowwy fo being a bwat." she said quietly. "What?!" the oldest boy in the room called out as he put a hand to his ear. "Speak up, Belle." Patty commanded as she gave Belle a sharp swat on the behind. Belle yelped and almost dropped the containers in her hands as she jumped in surprise and pain. "Pweath fogib me fo being a bwat!" she squealed. The children nodded and all confirmed they forgave her and Patty smiled and patted Belle on the head. "Good girl, now set those down on the table before you drop them and I'll give you things to take to everyone." she said. Belle flushed and set the containers down on the table and stood silently as she watched Patty open the containers and pull out carrot and celery sticks, apple slices, a chocolate chip cookie to place them in a napkin and hand them to Belle. With the snack portion handed to her, Patty poured some grape juice into one of the plastic cups and handed it to Belle. "Juice goes to the little kids and soda goes to David because he's the oldest." she explained and gave Belle a gentle nudge to get her going. Belle moved to the end of the table in her same shuffling baby steps, watching the juice in the cup slosh around, worrying what Patty would do if she spilled any. "Set it on the table, Belle, little ones need to sit at the table for snack time." Patty told her as she prepared another snack and drink combo for Belle to take upon her return. Belle performed her task over and over until all the younger children were seated at the table with their snacks and juice, David, having come and gotten his own, was seated off in the corner looking at his phone while he ate. With her duties complete, Belle returned to Patty and waited for her own snack and drink and frowned when she was handed a cup of grape juice and led to a seat at the table. "Thith ith whath the withle kidth are having though." Belle protested. Patty nodded. "I think that with the way you've been acting today you're much closer in maturity to them over David." she replied bluntly. "Truth be told, I probably should have given you a sippy cup like Athena." she added, gesturing to the youngest girl in the room as she sucked down her juice from the princess themed pink sippy cup. Belle looked up at Patty with a scowl. "I'm not a baby!" she declared, sounding all too similar to a young child arguing their status to an adult after doing something that proved otherwise. "No?" Patty asked. "So, you haven't been a whiny brat all day? You weren't crawling on the floor when I came in here to get you to help me get the snacks? You haven't cried because you fell down on your bottom?" she asked and leaned in to whisper into Belle's ear. "You didn't get the spanking you obviously deserve and probably need a proper reminder of?" she asked. Belle seethed and shot up from her seat, slamming her hands down on the table in rage thinking Patty would finally understand that she'd had enough of this and was demanding to be treated like the adult woman that she was, but as she brought her hands down onto the table, her juice cup bounced toward her and spilled grape juice onto the bottom of her shirt and down the crotch and leg of her jeans creating a small pool on the gray carpet below. Patty sighed and went to grab several napkins,shoving them into Belle's hand. "Clean up that mess, young lady and then you're coming with me, I've had just about enough of your behavior today." she growled. Belle began wiping off the table and soaking up what she could from the floor before Patty grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to the door. "David, please watch the kids while I handle this." she asked the oldest boy who had a wicked smirk on his face as he watched Belle awkwardly try and cover her stained pants. "Yes, ma'am, take as much time as you need." he said politely. Once through the door, Patty turned to face Belle. "What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?" she asked in exasperation. Belle tried to look away but had her chin grabbed and her gaze guided back to Patty's. "I-" she started to say but was cut off. "Save it!" Patty shouted. "You and I are going straight to your mother to explain what a colossal brat you are." she proclaimed as she roughly grabbed Belle's hand and began to drag her along behind her. "No, pleathe donth!" Belle protested, cursing the fact that her tongue was still swollen from biting it earlier. Patty turned and faced her again. "And why shouldn't I?" she asked. Belle was starting to cry again. "I'm thowwy! Pweathe give me anotha chance, I'wl do anything!" she pleaded. Patty looked at her watch. "It's time for my lunch." she said. "If I use my personal lunch time to take you shopping for clean clothes do you promise to do everything I say and not argue with me no matter what?" she asked. Belle nodded and wiped her tears away. "I promith." she said. "If you do argue with me, for any reason whatsoever I will not only drag you right back here and dump you off in your mother's office, but you'll also get another spanking that will make the one your mother gave you feel like a tickle party." Patty threatened. "Am I understood, little girl?" she asked. Belle nodded again, cringing at being called a little girl and at the thought of being spanked by someone so close to her own age. "Yeth, ma'am." she said sullenly. "Good, then let's go." Patty said as she took Belle by the hand once more and led her to her desk to get her purse and then to the parking garage to her car. ************************************************************************ In the backseat of Patty's car, Belle watched the world outside, wondering why all of this was happening to her, cursing Patty and her mother for treating her like a child and looking disdainfully down at her stained clothes, angry that the table had been so flimsy that it couldn't manage to keep her drink cup on it after a little bang of her hands. Patty drove them in silence to a big box store and pulled into the parking lot before getting out and opening Belle's door for her, the child safety locks preventing her from doing so herself and took the girl by the hand once more. "You don't need to hold my hand." Belle told her, smiling as she realized her tongue had finally returned to normal and was allowing her to speak like an adult again. Patty stopped. "Strike one, Belle." she said coldly as she grabbed a cart from the nearby cart return. "Get in." she said simply. Belle looked at her incredulously but stayed still. "One." Patty said, placing her hands on her hips. Belle furrowed her brow, not understanding until Patty continued. "Two." Patty said. Belle looked at the cart and then to Patty. "You can't be serious." she said. "Two and a half." Patty continued, the look on her face deadly serious. Belle sighed and climbed up and into the cart, gingerly sitting in the large basket area before Patty took hold of the bar in front and nodded to her before pushing the cart forward to the entrance of the store. "From now on, resistance will be met with further reduction of status and privilege, young lady." Patty said. "I can't spank you here in the store, but I can make sure you understand that your actions have consequences." she added as they drove through the sliding doors and into the store. Belle sat glumly in the cart, avoiding looking up to see the face of people they passed, sure that everyone was staring at her, hoping no one was taking pictures of the grown woman riding in the cart like a child. The cart stopped in the Women's section and Patty looked at the clothes on the rack, modest skirts like hers mostly before Belle took notice and sighed. "Can I just have another shirt and jeans?" she asked. Patty grabbed the bar of the cart and moved out of the area and into the Girl's section to look at shirts appropriate for a high school aged girl. "These clothes are so ugly!" Belle moaned. Patty sighed and drove the cart further into the section, looking at more juvenile styles. "Nothing here will even fit me!" Belle whined as she looked around at the clothes on the racks meant for girls on the cusp of tweenhood. Patty looked down at Belle and just shook her head in disappointment as she pushed the cart to the back of the store and down the aisle dedicated to baby supplies. "Where are you taking us?!" Belle asked loudly. Patty stopped the cart and plucked a package from the little peg hook to her right and ripped it open before going to the side of the cart and pushing the item in her hand into Belle's mouth. Belle reached up to pull the pacifier from her mouth but had her hand slapped away by Patty. "If that leaves your mouth before I give you permission to take it out, you'll be standing in front of your mother when we get back to the office with a diaper on over your blistered butt, little girl." she threatened. Belle looked up at her with wide eyes and found only a stern and serious face looking down at her which made her shudder from fear and quietly suck the pacifier. Patty nodded, tossing the opened package into the cart. "I finally found the solution to my noise problem." she said smugly as she returned to the front of the cart and began pushing it again, turning around and driving back to the previous section to look at the juvenile clothing while Belle fumed with her arms folded across her chest. Several items were put into the cart beside her, Belle looking at the bright colors and prints with growing rage as she bit down on the pacifier bulb and glared up at Patty. The item that sent her over the edge was a light yellow pair of footed pajamas with Belle the princess on them, causing the real world Belle to climb over the side of the cart and spit the pacifier out. "This is fucking bullshit, I'm out of here!" she shouted. In one smooth motion Patty had grabbed her arm and dragged her to where the pacifier had landed, picking it up and stuffing it back into Belle's mouth before dragging her off to the restrooms, the errant woman behind her thrashing against the pull futilely as she again spit the pacifier out and was screaming obscenities at the top of her lungs causing everyone they passed to take notice. Patty led them to the women's restroom and shoved the door open with a loud bang before hauling her charge to the counter and bending her over it where she tugged her pants down and began smacking the still red cheeks beneath with all her might and fury. Patty punctuated each of her words with a smack followed by a yelp of pain from Belle. "You." SMACK "Will." SMACK "Learn." SMACK "To." SMACK "Behave." SMACK "And." SMACK "Do." SMACK "As." SMACK "You're." SMACK "Told." SMACK Belle was a blubbering mess by the last blow, her legs shaky as she bawled and lay with her top half limp on the countertop as Patty shook the sting out of her hand and tried to catch her breath. She knelt down and removed Belle's shoes, socks and pants entirely and dragged the girl to the handicapped stall. "I'm going to finish shopping for you, and you're going to stay right here until I'm done and when I come back we're going to get you dressed and take you back to the office." Patty explained as she took the bundle of clothes with her and left the bathroom, throwing the garments in the trashcan outside before making her way back to where she'd left the cart. Belle stood in the stall whimpering and sobbing naked from the waist down and wishing she could just run away or disappear altogether. Her butt was on fire, the sting causing her to wince each time she shifted her weight when the cold tiles became uncomfortable on her bare feet. The door opened again a short time later and Patty made her way to the stall with two bags in hand and a package beneath her arm. "Alright, Belle, unless you want another spanking you'll let me get you dressed without a fuss." she said as she set the bags down and pulled another pacifier from one and held it up in front of Belle. "Take this and put it in your mouth to show me that you're ready to behave." she said simply. Belle took the pacifier and begrudgingly slipped it into her mouth, sucking it sullenly as she watched Patty retrieve several items from the bag and go to the package on the floor. Belle whimpered when she saw the diaper come out of the pack, its pristine white plastic seeming to glow under the florescent lights of the bathroom. Patty took her by the hand and led her to the baby changing station secured to the wall and opened it to let the table down and laid out a plastic mat from one of the bags, patting it to beckon Belle onto it. Belle climbed on, sure that the table would snap off and send her to the floor but as she lay down she found herself looking up at Patty from her new position, not falling and not hearing the breaking of plastic and bolts. Patty went to work wiping Belle's sensitive flesh, dragging the cool wipe over the red bottom of her charge slowly, bringing soft mewling sounds of contentment from the girl. The diaper was unfolded and slid under Belle's bottom before a flurry of powder began to coat her private parts and the diaper was brought up between her legs and taped firmly around her waist. Helping the girl off the table, Patty smiled and allowed herself a chuckle seeing a girl not much younger than her sucking a pacifier with a bulky diaper peeking out below her shirt. Belle checked out mentally after the diapering began, choosing to escape to a place in her mind where none of this was happening to her and she was having fun with her friends or enjoying her adulthood somewhere rather than having a diaper put on her by a woman she'd met only a short time ago in a public restroom while she sucked on a pacifier. "Arms up." Patty commanded suddenly, bringing her out of her blissful world of make believe and back to reality. Belle lifted her arms and had her shirt lifted off her, followed by her bra, the horrible secret of the secret padding within the cups finally revealed, allowing Patty the opportunity at another wave of laughter at her expense when she saw the flatness of her chest and her puffy pink nipples that she covered with her hands. Patty went back to the bags and pulled out the yellow pajamas Belle had lost her cool over before and unzipped them and helped Belle guide her feet into. Belle smirked despite herself, confident that Patty had wasted her money and would find that the pajamas wouldn't fit and she'd have to go find her more age appropriate clothing, but as the pajamas began to slide up her body she became less and less confident she'd see that outcome, and once her arms went into the sleeves and the zipper began to come up, she felt tears start to roll down her cheeks as she her fate was sealed with the zipper stopping below her chin. She felt Patty messing with her hair and knew after the pink ribbons came out that she was affixing her locks into pigtails to maximize her humiliation. "There!" Patty proclaimed as she took Belle by the hand and led her to the mirror, the rustling of her diaper beneath her pajamas faint but unmistakable in the quiet bathroom. Belle began to cry in earnest as she saw herself, the bulge of her diaper beneath her infantile pajamas coupled with her new hairstyle making her look like an overgrown toddler ready for a nap rather than a college aged woman ready for a life of independence. Patty turned Belle to face her and hugged the crying girl, rubbing her back softly. "Shh, it's okay, Belle, I promise to take good care of you." she whispered and gave the girl's crinkly bottom a few gentle pats. Belle found herself feeling comforted by the hug, and despite her resentment and hatred of Patty, found herself wrapping her arms around the woman and hugging her back as she continued to cry and suck her pacifier. Before they left the bathroom, Patty affixed a clip and tether to Belle's pacifier and clipped it to her pajamas. Grabbing the bags and the package of diapers before leading the girl out of the bathroom and back to the car. ************************************************************************ The stares and laughter from the people they'd passed on the way out to the car had turned Belle into a sobbing mess, adding credence to the belief that she was a little girl in desperate need of a nap rather than a grown woman being humiliated against her will. By the time they reached the parking garage of her mother's office, Belle had mostly calmed down, but was nervously sucking her pacifier at the thought of her mother seeing her this way, but the only thing that kept her from panicking was the shred of hope that her mother would be so irate with Patty's treatment of her that she'd fire the girl right then and there and apologize to Belle for her having to endure such abuse. Belle was retrieved from the car and led by the hand once more, forced to carry the open package of diapers in her free hand, into the building and to the room with the kids where she was unceremoniously nudged in. "I'm going to go have a meeting with your mommy, Belle, play nice until I come back." Patty said through the closing door, leaving Belle in the room with a growing assortment of giggles behind her. "Well, she really did handle you, didn't she?" David said as he got up and walked toward her. Belle was sure that David hadn't been so much taller than her when she'd seen him last, but with him standing in front of her now, she felt like she was the child and he was the adult and all she could do was blush and nod as she sucked her pacifier. David reached behind her and patted her bottom, the crinkle of her diaper seeming impossibly loud in the small room. "Wow, she even put a diaper on you, you must really be a baby." he said with a guffaw. The chant of "Baby Belle, Baby Belle, how bad do her diapers smell?" began from nowhere and reached such a fever pitch that Belle didn't even have time to realize she was crying and had slumped down to the floor before she was looking up at David as he towered above her. "Don't cry, baby." he said and knelt down where he proceeded to start tickling her under her armpits and on her sides as she tried to wriggle out of his reach. Belle hated to be tickled, but her peals of laughter did little to convey that as she fell to her back and squirmed against the stronger boy's assault, gasping for air and giggling as she felt her bladder let go into the thick absorbent material of her diaper making her cry out in despair and begin to cry altogether to which David calmly put her pacifier back into her mouth to silence. The door behind her beeped and opened and she looked up, on her back crying and sucking on her pacifier wearing babyish princess footed pajamas and a still swelling diaper beneath to see her mother and Patty looking down at her. "Belinda May Prescott!" her mother exclaimed. "I didn't believe Patty when she told me that you'd wet yourself and had to be taken to the store for new clothes and picked out the most infantile thing you could fit into, but seeing is believing!" she shouted angrily. Belle looked up at Patty and scowled. "She wyin'!" she said with her pacifier still bobbing between her lips. "Get up this instant!" her mother snapped. Belle did as she was told and yelping as she was grabbed by the wrist and pulled to her mother where she found a hand being pressed into the sodden padding of the crotch of her diaper through her pajamas. "It certainly feels like she's telling the truth." her mother said before unzipping Belle's pajamas and exposing the yellowed diaper beneath. "And it definitely looks like she's telling the truth." she added, poking a finger into the leg gather of the diaper and looking at Belle with disappointment and shock. "So, my daughter flunks out of college and decides she'd rather play baby than accept her adult responsibilities, well, I can't say I'm surprised with the way you've been acting lately, but I'm still incredibly disappointed in you, Belle." she added. Belle began to cry again as her pajamas were zipped back up. "I din wan dis, mommy!" she pleaded. "That's quite enough out of you, young lady." her mother said sharply, shooting a gaze at her daughter that probably would have induced another wetting had she not just emptied herself. "Patty, I am so sorry for my daughter's behavior today, I'll make sure you're well compensated for having to play babysitter instead of being able to do your actual job." her mother said. "It was really no trouble, Mrs. Prescott, a little strange, certainly, but no trouble at all." Patty said politely. Belle's mother sighed. "Well, I'll take Belle into my meeting so you can go back to your normal routine." she said, grabbing her daughter's wrist. "Say thank you to Ms. Patricia for taking care of you today." she commanded her daughter. Belle hung her head. "Fank oo fo tagin' cawe'a me, Mish Patwicha." she mumbled quietly around her pacifier. "Anytime, cutie." Patricia said with wink and a knowing smile as she reached out and pinched Belle's cheek. Belle was led down the hall to her mother's office and told to sit quietly on the floor which she did without question and watched as her mother sat behind her desk and organized some papers on her desk before a knock on the door got both of their attentions. Belle looked at the tall man in the suit with the young boy in tow and gave a quizzical look to Belle before her mother went to him and drew his attention. "Mr. Atkins, welcome, and who's this?" her mother asked as she knelt down to greet the boy. "This is my son, Davis." Mr. Atkins said. "It's nice to meet you, Davis, my name is Diana and that's my daughter, Belle." her mother said, shaking the boy's hand politely and gesturing to Belle. Mr. Atkins smiled politely at Belle. "Is she special needs?" he asked, taking a moment to try and find the most tactful way to phrase his question. Her mother shook her head. "No, she's decided that she'd rather be a baby than a grown woman, so a baby she can be." she explained dismissively as she led the pair to her desk and gestured them to the seats in front of it. "Davis, why don't you go play with Belle while daddy has his meeting." Mr. Atkins said with a gentle nudge to his son in the direction of the overgrown toddler on the other side of the room. Belle stewed as she sat on the floor with Davis. Her mother carried on her meeting like nothing was out of the ordinary and Belle found that her diaper had cooled and was now becoming uncomfortable. None of this was fair, she wasn't supposed to be where she was now, she was supposed to be in college having parties and making questionable life choices, not wondering when she'd be let out of her wet diaper! Her mother had known that the diaper was wet before taking her to her office, yet she hadn't even offered her the chance to change out of it, if she was supposed to be a baby why wasn't she being taken care of like one and having her diaper changed? What if she got a rash? The more she thought about it, the more angry she got, and she decided that if her mother and everyone else wanted her to be a baby then they were going to have to deal with taking care of her needs for her. Belle rose from her seated position on the floor and got into a squat, looking at her mother as she talked to Mr. Atkins with as much defiance and rebellion as she could manage in her footed pajamas and pacifier in her mouth, and began to push, her grunting getting the attention of the two adults and of the younger but obviously more mature boy as they all watched her fill her diaper. ***************************One Year Later***************************** "I'm surprised to see you again, Belle, I hope you're going to be better behaved than you were last time you were here." Patty said sweetly. Belle smiled at her and nodded softly. "Yes, Miss. Patricia." she replied politely. "Good!" Patricia declared. Belle's mother handed the large pink bag with Belle's favorite princess emblazoned on the side over to Patty. "She'll be a perfect angel for you, won't you, Belle?" her mother asked as she gave her daughter's hand a gentle but firm squeeze. Belle nodded again. "Yes, mommy, I be good girl." she assured her mother. Patty took the bag and set it on her desk. "Not ready for the potty just yet, Belle?" she asked the girl. Belle shook her head. "No, ma'am, Miss. Patricia." she said sheepishly, the warmth in her diaper only now registering after a year of being denied access to a toilet. "Well, I'm sure you'll be ready some day." Patricia said warmly as she leaned forward and booped the tip of Belle's nose with her finger. Belle's mother scoffed. "With as often as she needs changing, I wouldn't hold my breath." she said. Belle blushed and grabbed for her pacifier where it hung clipped to the strap of her pink corduroy shortalls and put it into her mouth, sucking on it softly to calm herself. Beneath the cartoon sun decal on the bib of her overalls was a purple shirt with Belle the princess on it. The shirt stretched down beneath her overalls and buttoned over her thick diaper, keeping it from sagging as it bulged under the snaps on the inner thighs of her shortalls. On her feet were frilly ankle socks inside pink velcro shoes with Belle the princess smiling on the side of those as well. Patty took the girl's hand gently and picked up the diaper bag from her desk. "Wave bye bye to mommy!" she cooed. Belle waved to her mother and murmured a tiny "bye bye, mommy" through her pacifier before beginning to follow behind Patty. "After all the trouble you gave us last year, your mother decided that it was probably best to open up a daycare center for everyone to bring their children to." Patty explained as she led Belle down a long hall and through a door with a blue circle on it. "Whewe's mah baj?" Belle asked as she toddled behind the older woman. Patty laughed. "Oh, sweetie, babies don't get badges, that's only for grownups." she chided. "Are you a grownup, Belle?" she asked. Belle thought back to the events of the morning, her father coming into her nursery and giving her a bottle of juice to drink while he changed her out of her soaked overnight diaper and got her into a nice dry one and dressed her for the day before putting her in her highchair so she could eat her oatmeal that he spoonfed her. Once her messy bib was removed she was put in her playpen while her mother finished getting ready, she remembered giggling at the cartoons daddy had put on for her and the silly noises her toys made as she played with them. The ride in the carseat had almost put her back to sleep, but she'd seen puppies being walked outside and had prattled on about them to her mommy the remainder of the trip. Now, with her diaper warming once again, without her knowledge or consent, Belle could only shake her head. "You're a baby, aren't you, Belle?" Patty asked as she opened another door and led Belle into the daycare. Belle sucked her pacifier and began to nod as she bent her knees and began to push, filling the seat of her diaper with her morning mess, the bulk straining against the interior of her diaper and finding room to fit only barely as she grunted softly behind her pacifier. As Patty and the daycare worked discussed Belle and openly mocked the adult woman turned diaper filling infant, Belle decided to toddle over to the play area, fell down, and finished her journey on hands and knees thinking how fun it was as she sat down on her squishy bottom that she could go to work with her mommy.
  10. jan241989

    Little girl Laura (open)

    This role play is about a little girl named Laura. Who is adopted by a loving couple who live in a big house.
  11. Gabriel has just broken a winery window and he had dropped a rope to into the house, the window was rather narrow but it was easy for him to go through it thanks his small size; being a little had some advantage after all. He didn’t know if someone was into home but in that case he had taken some countermeasures: He had a gun: It was a toy gun and pressing the trigger a flag with the word “bang” would have come out from the barrel. He had some firecrackers: he pretended some gun shots if it were necessary Some stadium smoke: that would be useful to cover an escape. They were cheap tricks but in the past they worked then he was very confident about them and his ability. He dropped with rope until the floor, and climbed the stairs of the winery getting to the door that opened easily accessing to the living room. He searched small objects that can be carried easily: he finded a silver frame with the photo a smiling old man on the small table. He removed and rested iton the table putting the frame in his backpack. Then he decided to take a ride around the house to see if there are something interesting: he opened a door seeing a giant nursery in the room. “I hope it’s not for a little” he said going to the next room, where he found a laptop on a big double bed. He had to climb hardly to reached it and put in the bag. Then he approached the bedside table and found and next generation smartphone, “today is my lucky day!” he said smiling and putting it in his bag, then opening every drawer where he found some cash. He went to the biggest drawers and with more difficulty opened the first drawer finding some jewelry “it’s fantastic!” he said putting everything in his bag. He decided to do another tour of the house to see if there was something else interesting but he heared the noise of the principal door that closed.
  12. MommyWigglebutt

    Do you like cute spanking implements too?

    I have always had an affinity for cute spanking implements. I love implements that are in pastel colors. I don't like black implements because they remind me of BDSM, which for me is from the adult world. I love spanking someone with a vintage plastic baby clothes hanger. Recently, a friend of mine showed me a sparkly cane that had a Piglet on it. I've never liked the look of canes, but I could use this Piglet cane. I also prefer wooden paddles that are painted in a pastel color with a babyish design. When it comes to spanking implements, what are your preferences? Do you have color preferences too?
  13. I am looking for someone to dom my character and put them in diapers. I have a few scenarios in mind already, but you can suggest some that I didn’t put here if you want. Scenario 1: I am older brother, but I don’t act the part at all. I’m a slob, I barely take care of myself, and I often have accidents. You take initiative and decide to diaper me while our parents are out of town. This leads to humiliation(public diaper changes, etc). Scenario 2: I am your teacher, but I’m not exactly the most mature person you’ve ever met. I’m a brat, I tend to act like a know-it-all, and sometimes I use my position of power to my advantage to blackmail students into behaving. You either make me wet myself or catch me having an accident, and then force me to wear diapers and depend on you to change them...all while not being able to tell anyone without humiliating myself further. The diapering eventually escalated into full-blown babying and semi-public humiliation, and it becomes clear that I have no choice but to quit or risk someone finding out I’m now your baby. Scenario 3: I am a very badly-behaved employee, and you are my boss. You decide that enough is enough after discovering I’ve been forging signatures on important documents and passing my work off on other people, and decide that I need a bit of discipline. Scenario 4: We are roommates, and I don’t do my part at all. I don’t pay my part of the rent or clean up around the house like I’m supposed to, and I always find some way to weasel out of responsibilities you have for me, saddling you with all the work. You get fed-up with my laziness and decide to diaper me, which then leads to full-blown babying and humiliation galore.
  14. This is started from AbabeBill's thread on rubber diapers. Little Christine details using rubber diapers as punishment usually for girls. I wonder what punishments were used basically for one gender and never or rarely for the opposite. My mother would lift my sister's legs up (like when changing a diaper) to spank her. i was not spanked in this position, not to say I didn't get it in other positions but this was not done to me. Later in life the dawn hit. Being a boy, she didn't want hitting my genitals (especially with a paddle or strap). Girl parts are farther out of the way, so not a risk. What knowledge do you have of gender specific punishments?
  15. Angela Bauer

    Recent Anti-Spanking Rants on TV

    As many of you saw on-line and on TV in El Paso, TX on 12 October a mother caught her 14 year-old son joyriding in her BMW. She chased him, pulled him over and spanked him with a belt in public as cars drove by. All that was steamed on Twitter by her adult daughter. All the TV and cable networks showed the Twitter footage. Needless to say media and the public in Western Texas supported the mother. By the same token reaction in other places blamed "Spanking Texas Mom" Liza Martinez. Even Fox network and cable dragged out old anti-spanking rants. Is it true that every kid or teen who got spanked turns out to be violent? Is it possible to raise kids to be responsible adults without ever spanking? When I was growing up both of my parents were strongly anti-spanking. My maternal Granny lived next door and frequently told me, "Angela, what you need is a good hairbrush spanking!" By the time I was almost 14 I had become fascinated by romantic spanking. My youngest Aunt Betsy and her family had just bought the house across the street. Betsy made no secret that she spanked her kids including a girl 6 years younger than me. Several times I saw Betsy spank her daughter and her brother who was 8 years my junior. Then one night Aunt Betsy caught me sneaking home way after curfew. She offered me a deal: She would spank me then or rat me out to my folks. Betsy had no clue about my spanking fascination. Of course I opted to be spanked. She used her hairbrush harder on me than on her kids. I cried and realized I deserved and needed to be spanked as punishment. About a year later my Mom changed her anti-spanking attitude and started spanking me and my younger siblings with a hairbrush. I am sure this made me a more responsible person. Okay, so what do all of you think? https://www.koco.com/article/spanking-your-kids/14476144
  16. 1950potty

    Spanking horse - bench

    Has anyone been on a spanking horse or spanking bench? What are your impressions of being on it?
  17. Lisa Visits Her Cousin Pat Fiction by Angela Bauer Inspired by Diaperedboilerman Chapter 1 Pat Visits Me What I am about to share took place during the summer of 2018, when I was eight. My pals usually call me Lisa. When my Mommy uses my full name (Lisa Margaret Wilson) she usually is either holding a hairbrush or sending me to fetch one! That Memorial Day weekend my Cousin Patricia Ann Sullivan (who I call Pat) had visited us with her parents from lunch on Saturday 26 May until after breakfast on Monday 28 May. Although she is also 8 (and 2 months younger than me) her father (Richard Sullivan) is my Mommy’s (Elaine Sullivan Wilson) older brother. They live just far enough away (about 3 hours) that until then I did not know Pat very well. It shocked me the first time I saw that Pat was wearing a very wet diaper. She admitted that she still needed diapers for bed and that her mother insisted she wear a ‘just-in-case’ diaper during the drive on the chance, if she fell asleep, she would wet. Pat did wet that diaper. Perhaps I should have been suspicious when Pat’s mom (Karen Deacon Sullivan) rushed her upstairs soon after they arrived, before I had the chance to introduce myself to Pat. After Pat came downstairs we played some games, during which her skirt rode up enough I could not help seeing that she was wearing ordinary cotton panties. Then something must have happened during lunch. Once again Pat was whisked upstairs by her mom. When she came down Pat was blushing. Her mother (Aunt Elaine) said they needed to go to a large store immediately after we all finished eating. My Dad (Stuart Wilson) said, “There is a Walmart a couple of miles from us and a Target a few miles beyond that.” Pat’s father (Uncle Richard) replied, “I dislike Walmart. Your Target must have opened after I moved away.” My Dad then offered to drive them to Target. My Mommy (Elaine) and Uncle Richard decided to stay at our house to catch up and also so the rest of us could fit into our car. Pat and I sat in back. We chatted easily. At Target Aunt Karen told us she needed to shop in private, so my Dad took Pat and me to the toy department. A several minutes later Dad got a cell call that Aunt Karen had finished at the check-out counter. She had a huge Target bag holding what appeared to be a mysterious nearly square carton or box. My first thought was that for some reason Aunt Karen had just bought a carton of Pampers. The reason I thought that was that until a couple of months after I turned 7, I wet the bed so often my Mommy bought me Size 6 Pampers Swaddlers Overnight diapers which came in similar cartons. The difference was that Mommy tended to buy 2 or 3 cartons of the Pampers at a time, depending on the sale. I almost always had to go with her and she never once put the Pampers cartons inside bags. Maybe Mommy wanted to shame me about wetting. When I was still wetting my bed at age 4, Mommy spanked me a few times in frustration. Daddy eventually stopped Mommy from spanking me for bedwetting or even daytime accidents. Still, when I was naughty whichever parent caught me spanked me. This is still the case. Then came the day I had not wet my Pampers for a week. Mom said that I no longer had to wear a diaper to bed, unless I was sick or I resumed bedwetting. Mom never did remove the waterproof sheet from my bed. She said, “This is just in case of accidents!” For Pat’s stay, Mommy brought a futon to my room. I noticed that before making it up she spread out one of my spare waterproof sheets. That she covered with a bottom sheet. Mommy did not explain and I did not dare ask any questions. I did not know any girl my age that still wet her bed. Maybe I should have been suspicious that Mommy knew more than she was sharing with me about Cousin Pat. Saturday evening when I used the upstairs hall bathroom I noticed a couple of opaque plastic bags in the trash can. When I was younger Mommy put my wet diapers into that trash can, except she never bothered to use even clear plastic bags. I though it odd that Pat had been taken to the guest room by her mom before bed. It was strange that Pat needed help putting on a night dress. Actually a girl our age wearing an old-fashioned long night dress seemed odd. Previously I had only seen those in old movies on TV which my folks watched. Pat and I talked in bed until my Mommy walked in. In front of Pat she said, “Lisa Margaret, if you stay up a minute longer I will spank you very hard. I don’t care if Patricia knows. You know the rules. Now both of you be quiet and get to bed!” What surprised me was that Pat whispered after Mommy closed the door: “Lisa, don’t worry. I still get spanked, too. If you get spanked, almost certainly my Mom or Dad would spank me with my special hairbrush.” “Golly, Pat, do all parents use a hairbrush when they spank,” I whispered back. On Sunday morning it was Aunt Karen who woke us up. I became alert right away. Pat seemed to wake up very slowly. When her mom pulled back the top sheet and blanket, somehow Pat’s nightdress got caught. It rose up beyond her waist, revealing a soaked disposable diaper. Pat blushed, yet said, “Okay, Lisa, now you know. I still wet my bed.” Aunt Karen added, “Actually, Lisa, Patricia has never stopped wetting her bed. I warned your mother about that. I told her that Patricia’s bedwetting should not be a secret within the family.” I said, “Pat, I’m so sorry for you. I won’t ever tell anyone.” Something I noticed about her diaper was that it had two tapes on each side and that it was shiny, without any decoration, un-like my old Pampers. The secret being blown, Aunt Karen removed the wet diaper right in front of me in my room. Then she told her firmly, “Patricia, use the toilet and then meet me in my room so I can diaper you for the day.” Aunt Karen left my room carrying the wet diaper. By then I had changed into a shirt, panties and shorts. There was no objection when I followed them to the guest room. Eventually Pat entered after using the bathroom, without her nightdress, so she was totally naked, saying, “There no longer are any secrets!” Already spread out on the bed was a changing mat similar to the one Mommy had used on me. Spread on it was a Size 6 Target Up and Up Overnight diaper. A traveling-size tub of baby wipes was also on the bed, along with small bottles each of baby powder and lotion. After Pat reclined upon the changing mat, her mom began to clean her with the wipes. I piped up, “While we are sharing secrets, I will tell you that my Mommy diapered me for bed until about a year ago. I still sometimes, about once a month, wet my bed. Mommy does not diaper me, but now when I wet I get spanked for being lazy.” Clearly Aunt Karen was an expert at changing diapers and I told her so. She replied, “Lisa, I’ve had a lot of practice!” Pat was only wearing her dry diaper when she walked back to my room to put on a shirt and shorts for breakfast. Dad had made plans for the entire day. What I noticed as we headed to their van (which had enough seats for all of us) was that Aunt Karen was carrying my old diaper bag, with my old changing mat sticking out from its pocket, just like the old days! At least twice while we were out on Sunday Pat’s diaper was changed. I stopped paying attention because seeing her being diapered brought on weird memories and thoughts. Once while we were driving I asked Pat, “Are you wetting right now?” She boldly answered, “Yes I am. Since Mom diapered me I no longer need to feel pain trying to hold it. Besides I’m not embarrassed being seen in diapers.” Then she leaned over to whisper in my ear, “I really like diapers and I will keep wetting until I get to wear them always!” I asked, “Don’t you get spanked for wetting deliberately?” “My folks don’t know I deliberately wet, especially in bed. I make sure to wet each night. I like being in a wet diaper. My folks only spank me when I really misbehave or get in trouble, and then get paddled, at school,” Pat answered. Before it got so late that Target would be closing, Pat’s mom asked to stop there. She left my old diaper bag in the van. When she returned she was carrying a new and larger diaper bag which was not hidden inside a bag. Sunday night Aunt Karen brought her diaper bag and changing mat to my room. She explained, “I only brought two of your overnight diapers, Patricia. I used one of them after you soaked the only pair of panties you brought, so I had to use one to diaper you for the trip to buy you daytime Up and Up diapers at Target. Let’s hope they do not leak in bed. I’ll get up and check you during the night like I sometimes do at home.” Monday morning Pat was wet a lot but the Target diaper had not leaked. Her mom simply changed it, saying, “We have the rest of the box of Target diapers. I’ll change you before we leave. Maybe that will last until we get home, but if not I can change you in the car.” Before we ate breakfast Uncle Richard had packed their van, except for their new diaper bag. As she hugged me goodbye, Pat said, “I’ll keep on wetting until Mom lets we always wear diapers, even if she spanks me!” Once Pat and her folks left early to be ahead of Memorial Day traffic, I asked, “Mommy, may I return to wearing diapers, like Pat? I mean, I do sometimes wet my bed. Maybe I might wet more often.” “Then you would be a very foolish Young Lady, Liza Margaret Wilson! I will spank you longer and harder each time you wet, day or night. Do I make myself crystal clear?” I meekly answered, “Yes, Ma’am.” Chapter 2 Driving to Visit Pat I decided wearing diapers was not worth a series of serious hard spankings. Despite the pain of holding my pee and the inconvenience of frequently using toilets, I managed to survive until the last few days of June. By then I had exchanged many Tweets with Pat, mostly about the fun and advantages of wearing diapers. Once they got home from the visit with us, Pat never returned to wearing panties. I told her that I was totally jealous. I also told her about the promise of spankings if I wet again. One day (Thursday 28 June) my Mommy (Elaine) told me that we were going to visit Pat and her folks for the Fourth of July. My Dad (Stuart) was taking a week of vacation time so we would leave on Monday, July 2nd and we would stay there for a few of days after the fireworks. On 28 June I accidentally wet my panties and summer dress during lunch. Before I could clean up Mommy spanked my wet derrière hard with the hairbrush. Wow! It hurt way worse to be spanked on my wet bottom! On Sunday, July 1st , I asked Mommy if she would buy diapers just in case I needed to pee while we were driving. Her answer was, “Lisa Margaret Wilson, if you wet for any reason I will spank you immediately. I don’t care who is watching. Then you will sit on your bare spanked backside in your pee. There will be no diapers for you!” So that was that. No just-in-case diapers for me. I pouted but wisely kept my mouth shut. However, I saved room in my suitcase for Mommy’s old diaper bag. I noticed where Mommy put it away after Aunt Karen bought her own diaper bag. Since she did not expect to need it during our trip, Mommy would never know I had brought it. On Monday, July 2nd , we left very early (before 7:30AM) so that we could have lunch with Pat and her family. Not wanting to arrive freshly spanked, I deliberately had not consumed even a sip of water before bed. When I woke up I hardly had any pee for the toilet. During breakfast I drank nothing. I saw that Mommy had a bag for the trip with bottles of water and boxes of juice. Foolishly 45 minutes into the trip I asked Mommy for a box of juice. Then about an hour later I suddenly felt the pain of trying to hold back my pee. I said, loudly, “Daddy, I gotta pee badly!” He replied, “Sweetie, there is a rest stop in about twenty minutes. Can you hold on?” All I could say was, “Daddy, I’ll try my best.” Ten minutes later I yelled, “We must stop. I’m about to pee!” Daddy said, “There’s a Denny’s at the next turn off. We’ll stop there, okay?” Concentrating on controlling my bladder I did not respond. Daddy did stop close to the Denny’s door. Mommy followed as I ran to the ladies’ room. Inside a woman was diapering a girl far older than a toddler. All the stalls were occupied. I could not help it! Right then and there I soaked my panties and even slightly dampened my dress. I was sure Mommy was going to take the hairbrush from her purse and spank me that second. Instead the other mother paused, saying, “Precious, you had an accident! Do you have dry panties? I have wipes you can use to clean up.” Mommy answered for me, “Thank you very much. Unfortunately the suitcase with my daughter’s clothes is at the bottom of the stack in our car. I’ll clean her. I thank you for the wipes, since I have none. She has not worn diapers during the day in years.” The other mother responded, “There is no shame in wearing a diaper when needed. You are welcome to my wipes. I also have both the size 5 this girl needs, plus size 7 for my older daughter Tina, who is in a booth with my husband Brandon. By the way, I’m Alice Trant. This is Amber, who is 6.” Apparently under the circumstances Mommy must have re-thought spanking me and then making me continue the trip on my bare wet derrière. Instead Mommy replied, “Thank you so much, Mrs. Trant. If it is not too much trouble could you clean and diaper Lisa? She’s 8. Frankly I’m out of practice. Besides I need a toilet myself.” Mommy got in line for a stall. As soon as Alice finished Amber (who looked small to be 6) Alice said, “Hi, Lisa, it’s nice to meet you. Sorry about the crowded room.” I thanked Mrs. Trant and she helped me climb up onto the Koala-brand fold-down changing table which was nearly large enough for me. She folded up my dress: “Say Lisa, your dress will dry in just a few minutes.” Gently Mrs. Trant wiped my bottom by lifting my legs and then she wiped my pubic region. I lifted up like I used to do for Mommy so that Mrs. Trant could slide a diaper under me. “Lisa, I doubt you can squeeze into a size 5, but I am sure a size 7 will not be too large. I’m sorry I have no size 6. None of my kids still wear those,” Mrs. Trant explained. By the time Mommy emerged from the stall, Mrs. Trant had diapered me, helped me down and smoothed my dress. She even put my wet panties into a clear baggie after rinsing them. As Mommy approached us Mrs. Trant held out two more size 7 diapers, saying, “Here, take these, you never know, Lisa might have another accident.” Mommy introduced herself, took the proffered diapers and profusely thanked Mrs. Trant. She responded, “Elaine and Lisa, since I have diapered you, both of you please call me Alice, since when I hear ‘Mrs. Trant’ someone is speaking to my mother-in-law!” We walked with Alice and Amber back to their table. Mr. Brandon Trant, their teenage son Brad, Jr. and the other diapered daughter were waiting. Tina Trant, the girl who wears the size 7 diapers, was older than me. She could have been 12 or older. Although small for her age, Tina was wearing vivid pink lipstick. Alice introduced her son and husband. Then she introduced me, “Tina, please meet Lisa Wilson. She’s wearing one of your diapers. The poor thing could not hold out until a toilet was free. This is her mother, Mrs. Elaine Wilson.” I thanked Tina for the use of her diapers: “I had promised my Mommy I would not wet during our trip.” I then exchanged Twitter information with Alice and Tina Trant. Those are folks I want to know forever! Mommy was still holding the two spare Size 7 Pampers in her hand as we left that Denny’s. After we got back into our car, Mommy told Daddy to stop at the supermarket in the next block. She made me enter with her. I assumed Mommy intended to drag me into the ladies’ room and spank the stuffing out of me. Instead she headed to the baby aisle. By luck they had small packs of size 7 Pampers Cruisers. Mom bought one of those and a larger box of size 6 Pampers Swaddlers Overnight, as well as a regular size tub of baby wipes, plus a bottle each of baby powder and lotion. All Mommy said was, “All right, Lisa Margaret Wilson, you win. I’m not even going to scold you. If these diapers work for you during the day, let’s hope they also work for you in bed. If not we’ll borrow some of the fancy bedtime diapers Patricia wears.” No longer fearing spankings for wetting, before I felt pain from holding in my pee, I wet my diaper. Then I wet it twice more before we reached Pat’s home. Chapter 3 Visiting Pat and Her Folks Pat rushed out to greet me with a hug. As she did so I managed to feel her derrière to confirm that she not only was diapered, the one she was wearing was quite wet. For my part I pulled her left hand down to my own derrière: “Yes, Pat, would you believe after all the threats Mommy is not only letting me wear a diaper, she had Daddy stop to buy me a pack of Size 7 Cruisers and a box of Size 6 Swaddlers Overnights. Feel, my diaper is also soaked. Let’s go get changed.” “My Mom (Aunt Karen) taught me how to put on my own diapers. For a couple of weeks it was only during the day. When she was confident she let me diaper up for bed,” Pat blurted. “I can change both of us. Come on up to my room.” Much to my surprise there was a well used over-sized changing table in Pat’s room. She was not in the least embarrassed: “When I did not stop wetting after I outgrew my baby table, my folks bought that to save both of their backs. At home both Mom and Dad used to diaper me for bed. “Now I have gotten used to climbing onto it to change myself.” First I used the step stool to get onto the table. I folded up my dress. Pat un-taped my wet diaper and removed it. She surprised me by using warmed wipes to clean me. Never before had I experienced warmed wipes. I hoped my Mommy will buy a wipe warmer for home soon. Pat proved to be an excellent nanny. She easily diapered me using one of her Target Up and Up Overnight size 6, which she wears as her day diapers. Next Pat changed her own diaper, as if she had been doing so for years. By then my dress was completely dry, with just a slight stain from getting wet. We were called downstairs for lunch. Mommy thanked Pat for diapering me. Pat replied, “Trust me, diapering her was my pleasure.” After lunch we went back to Pat’s room. I changed from my stained dress to a shirt and shorts with tennis shoes and socks, instead of the nicer shoes I had worn during the drive. They have both a badminton court and a pool. Pat and her mom taught me how to play the sport. During our stay we alternated between swimming and badminton. My diaper started to feel heavy after less than 3 hours. I continued to wear it about a half hour longer. Close to 5PM I asked Mommy to change me. Instead she said, “Pat, since you are in practice, I’ll pay you to babysit Lisa. Change her diapers when you think it best. Oh, by the way, just like Lisa’s other babysitters, you have authority to spank her as hard as necessary when she misbehaves. I have our special hairbrush in my purse.” Aunt Karen spoke up, “If you don’t mind, Pat knows where we keep our own special hairbrush. She also knows that hairbrush very well and frequently has to fetch it. However, Pat does not have my permission to spank anyone. “She has a smaller hairbrush to spank her dolls.” Well, that was a load off my head. I would have died being spanked by a girl my age. It was bad enough being spanked by Mommy! Yikes. We went out to dinner, so I changed into a clean dress and wore my good shoes. Pat put several Target diapers into their nearly-new family bag. I clearly remember Pat taking me to the ladies’ room for a change between the entrée and desert while our parents enjoyed their wine. We only had milk that evening as if we were babies. It could have been worse. Mommy could have asked for my milk in a Sippy cup! That ladies’ room had a permanent changing table more than large enough for us. First Pat changed me. A lady Pat did not know walked in just as Pat was diapering herself. The lady exclaimed, “You’re changing your diaper!” Pat responded, “Yes, Ma’am. I have no bladder control. My mother insists I change my own diapers so I am not a burden on anyone else.” I chimed in: “Pat is babysitting me. She just changed my wet diaper. It is in the trash can.” While that lady was in a stall, Pat finished changing. We smoothed down our dresses, washed our hands and got out of there before we became rude to the lady. That was far too much excitement in ladies’ rooms for any single day. Alice and Tina Trant I will Tweet often. I could go a lifetime without communicating with the latest restaurant lady. For the first night Mommy asked Pat to use one of my Size 6 Swaddlers Overnights: “We need to find out how long she can sleep in them before they leak. I will try to order a case of your diapers, Patricia, so they might be waiting when we get home.” Aunt Karen said, “Don’t worry, Elaine. We’ll send you home with a two week supply, at least.” Pat warned me that it would take a lot of practice before I could put those on myself by myself. Aunt Karen would coach Mommy. Pat says it is way easier to tape that kind of diaper on someone else. She wore a long nightdress to bed and loaned me one to wear just for fun. We talked after we turned off the light until Mommy stuck her head in the door telling us to get to sleep unless we both wanted spankings. We obeyed. During the night Pat woke up and checked my diaper. She decided to change it. I did not fully wake up while she was changing my diaper. Immediately I fell back to sleep. At least that answered the question as to wearing the single tab diapers overnight. Mommy would just have to learn to put the larger diapers on me. She would practice during the afternoon of July 3rd. Despite my diaper change during the night, when Aunt Karen woke, us my diaper was really soaked. Pat removed my diaper. We undressed and shared the shower. After we towel dried, Pat put one of her Target Size 6 Up and Up Overnight diapers on me. We went down to breakfast wearing just shirts and diapers. Our fathers had already left to play golf at their country club, where we were scheduled to have dinner that night. Mommy pulled me aside to say, “Remember, I will have your special hairbrush in my purse. Lisa Margaret Wilson, if you embarrass us by misbehaving at the club I’ll spank you very hard in a ladies’ room.” “Mommy, I promise to be on my very best behavior!” was my reply. Pat and I put on shorts and tennis shoes after breakfast and played badminton for a couple of hours. Then Mommy told us to come in, change into dry diapers and dress nicely to go out shopping. That time I changed my own diaper. Pat said I did a neat job. I was thrilled. Aunt Karen drove us to a large infant/ baby/ toddler store which was many minutes from their house. I had never been to that kind of store which was so large. It turned out that store stocked diapers, clothing and such for larger kids and even teens that needed them. What we needed specifically were swim diapers. I’m still not entirely sure about the point of wearing swim diapers. I mean, when we wet, our pee would still get into the pool. Aunt Karen explained that the primary purpose of swim diapers was to prevent poop from getting into the pool. That reminded me I had not made poop that morning. I was starting to get uncomfortable. Mommy said she would take care of my discomfort as soon as we got back to the house. What Mommy did was to give me an enema. We were alone in the bathroom. She told me to remove my (by then) wet diaper. I did that. Then I went over her lap, bottom up, sort of like she was going to spank me. Maybe a spanking is less embarrassing than an enema? I’ve read about the old days when enemas were far worse. Mom has only ever used small disposable Fleet’s enemas on me. She was gentle, so it was not terrible. After just a few minutes I did manage to make a large poop in the toilet. I wiped myself clean and then put on a fresh diaper while Mommy watched. She applauded the way I put on my diaper. By then Pat wanted to swim. She was wearing a washable swim diaper that she already owned, not one we had just bought. Mommy said that because of my recent enema I could not go swimming until after lunch. At least my diaper was not wasted. It was boring watching Mommy, Pat and Aunt Karen swimming. They promised me there would still be water in the pool later that day. We had lunch in a shaded place near the pool which Pat called their “lanai”. It was like a patio with a roof. That seemed like a great idea. After lunch our mothers wanted us to take naps. I did not remember taking a nap before, but I did remember the hairbrush in Mommy’s purse. Pat and I went to her room and took turns using the changing table, which is a great way to put on a fresh diaper. I got to practice with the fancy two-tape night diaper. Eventually Pat put it on me correctly. Once her mom checked that we were in our beds napping, I cheated. Quietly I got up while Pat really was sleeping. I used the free time to Tweet both Alice and Tina, thanking them and telling them I was having a wonderful time with Pat and her parents. I gave them Pat’s home address and Twitter information. When I finished I did get in bed. I really was asleep when Mommy told us we could get up. I had wet more than I expected during my nap. Mommy said it was just as well I was diapered: “Lisa Margaret Wilson, I have decided you will be in diapers all the time until you can stay dry. If you are not dry when school resumes then you will be wearing diapers at school. I doubt you want that sort of teasing.” Silly Mommy had forgotten that two of my classmates have worn diapers to school since pre-school. A teacher’s aide changes them. I was looking forward to being diapered at school as an adventure, not a threat. Taking our naps used the time traditionally wasted between eating and swimming. Honestly I am convinced that Aunt Karen is the youngest person on Earth believing that old chestnut myth. Still, it is her home, her pool, her rules and Momma has a hairbrush in her purse. I’m not stupid and I prefer to sit rather than standing in tears with a fire in my delicate derrière, so I carefully obey enforced rules. Wearing a swim diaper was an experience and a half for me. Probably Pat had brought a couple of them with her while visiting me. I understand the theory, yet I’m not convinced swim diapers are effective. It turned out once in the pool my swim diaper was like any other swim suit, besides a bikini. Mommy says I am years too young for skimpy undies. Diapers are hardly skimpy undies. So I did not get Momma’s objection. I realize I’m not still a toddler. The world accepts babies, even young toddlers, wearing only a diaper in public. After I was 4 I was day dry, so I never faced the public wearing just a diaper. Now I’m a big girl of 8, who really wants the convenience of wearing diapers. I do not dream of dressing like a toddler in public. Once I got used to the swim diaper, I began to enjoy the pool. It was big enough for serious exercise. I intend to beg Daddy to buy us a new house on a large lot so that we can have a pool big enough for serious swimming. We were still in the pool when our fathers came home from the golf course. Mommy did accuse Dad of drinking his lunch at “The Nineteenth Hole” whatever that is. Aunt Karen made some similar snide remark to Uncle Richard. Given that Uncle Richard is my Mommy’s brother, that conversation was getting tense. Much to my surprise the adults finally acted like grown-ups. They knocked off the bickering about too much drinking. It all was hypocritical because both of our Mommies had been sipping Tom Collins since breakfast. I was not so sure any of our parents was sober enough to drive us to the country club for dinner. Like before, Pat and I changed our own diapers. We brushed our hair and helped each other dress. Who knew there was an alternative use for a hairbrush? The question of who would drive was answered when a van turned up with seats for all of us and a sober driver. Pat had put enough diapers into their bag to protect both of us all evening. What surprised me was that after we were dressed, our Mommies called us over and applied pink lipstick to us. I felt like a big girl despite my diaper and I loved that feeling. When we could talk privately Pat shared she felt the same way. Bottom line is that the dinner was just a restaurant dinner. Nothing special happened. Pat and I behaved. Nobody got spanked. We all were safely driven home. It was still earlier than I would have gone to bed at home during summer vacation. Still, when Aunt Karen told us to change, we did so without whining. Neither of us was interested in getting spanked just to stay up an extra half hour. That night I put on one of the fancy bedtime diapers, with some help from Pat. Our parents all came in at the same time to kiss us goodnight. That was so sweet. We waited quietly in the dark until the grown-ups were no longer close to Pat’s room. Then we did get slightly naughty. During the period between being told to nap and Pat actually falling asleep we had talked about a game she had recently played during a sleepover. The looser got spanked. Pat had lost one game during the sleepover. She got to spank a friend and was spanked by another friend. The only people who had ever spanked me were my parents, usually Mommy but occasionally Dad, and a few teachers. I was curious what it would be like to be spanked by another girl. What I proposed was ignoring playing a game and just agree to spank one another. Pat was not sure she could safely get her special hairbrush. She was delighted when I brought out our family diaper bag from my suitcase where I had hidden it. I remembered that in the old days Mommy always kept a hairbrush in a pocket intended for a baby bottle. Sure enough it was still there. Pat carefully peeled back the tapes on our diapers. Fortunately neither of us had peed into them. I went over Pat’s lap first. She was tentative at first. I encouraged her to spank full-force. That was about as hard as Dad ever spanked me with a hairbrush, which he dislikes using. Normally when Dad spanks me he uses his large sturdy hand. Of course Mommy spanks me harder than did Pat. Still I am sure when she starts babysitting, kids will respect her. Her children had better behave, assuming spanking is still legal when Pat becomes a mother! I cried a little. Being spanked by a girl without being punished was fun. I could enjoy playing that game with my gal pals back home. Strangely I did not enjoy spanking Pat. I don’t know why. I did not want to hurt her, yet she genuinely cried. With tingling backsides we put our diapers back on, put on out night dresses and finally went to sleep. The morning of Wednesday, July 4th , was bright and beautiful. Aunt Karen woke us up. Fortunately she did not see our bare derrières. She took our word that our diapers were wet, yet had not leaked. We removed our own diapers, completely undressed and took a communal shower. We towel dried, brushed our hair, day-diapered and dressed for the morning in shirts, shorts and tennis shoes. Breakfast was quick. Our fathers had a later tee time, since they were only going to play 18 holes at the country club. Pat and I played badminton for an hour until our diapers were wet and it was warm enough and late enough to swim. I wore my second swim diaper. It will be handy having those back home. We must have had lunch on The Fourth, but I do not remember any details. We must have been made to take a nap. What we did in the afternoon remains a mystery. The big event for the day was the early evening circus followed by a huge fireworks show at the big local football stadium. It actually was a little circus with a single elephant that was very entertaining. Pat and I took her diaper bag to a ladies’ room to change our diapers between the circus and fireworks. One of our Mommies came with us. I forget which one. It does not matter since nothing special happened then. The fireworks were bright and loud since they were shot off just outside the stadium, which amplified the sound. I do remember on the night of The Fourth I was able to put on my fancy night diaper without any help from Pat. I was so proud when she examined my work. I ran around the house until I found Aunt Karen and Mommy who mutually agreed I had done a good job with my diaper. Both of our diapers were soaked when we were awakened late on Thursday, July 5th. We showered together; towel dried, fixed our hair, diapered up, dressed and had breakfast. After that the day went downhill very fast. It was like ‘to H..L in a hand basket’, just terrible. For the life of me I do not remember what it was that our Mommies accused us of doing wrong. Arguing and pleading was useless. They had not only already decided to punish us; they told us each Mommy would spank the other’s daughter. Aunt Karen and Mommy each had a heavy hairbrush. We were ordered to each carry an armless dining room chair into the family room. They removed our shorts and diapers. Since the hem of our shirts covered part of our butts, both of us were shirtless. We were scolded until each of us was crying softly. Far too soon we were in the classic position of shame, face down over sturdy laps. The scolding continued the entire time during our spankings, yet I did not hear a word. Aunt Karen did not even give me a warm-up. From the first each spank with the hairbrush was full-force. She wasted no energy spanking the upper parts of my buttocks. No, all of the spanks were aimed where my lower buttocks meets my upper thighs. There is a spot on each centerline which is especially sensitive. Aunt Karen knew those spots just as well as did Mommy. Maybe they had compared notes. It is possible that sometime in my life I had received a harder spanking, but trust me, I would have learned a good lesson from Aunt Karen, if I could remember what I had done wrong. Maybe our Mommies were cranky that day and decided to spank us in case we had misbehaved without getting caught? Chapter 4 Lisa Visits Her Cousin Pat Continues Following my super hard bare-bottom hairbrush spanking from Pat’s mom (my Aunt Karen) I am sure other things happened the rest of Thursday, July 5th. All I remember of that day, for sure, is that simultaneously my Mommy was spanking Cousin Pat in the same way, but probably not as hard. I must have been diapered for bed because on Friday morning (July 6) I woke up in one of Pat’s Abena Abri-Form 2 size Extra Small fancy two-tab per side night diapers which was absolutely soaked. Pat and I woke up on our own. Neither of our mothers came to Pat’s room to get us out of bed. We removed our diapers and commented on the marks showing on each other’s delicate derrière. I was still very sore. The surface sting had gone away, but the deep throbbing remained. After completely undressing we walked to the hall bathroom to shower together. Then we towel-dried, fixed our hair and walked back to Pat’s bedroom. I was by then confident as I put on one of her Size 6 Target Up and Up Overnight diapers. It made me proud to diaper myself, like a big girl. Once both of us were diapered, we dressed in shirts and shorts, plus socks and tennis shoes. We walked to the kitchen for breakfast. Both of our mothers were looking super glum. Although it was not yet 8:30AM, our mothers were sipping from tall Tom Collins glasses. I recognized the aroma of gin. Honestly every day I had been at Pat’s home eventually both of our mothers had consumed Tom Collins. Then they would bitch-out our fathers for having drinks after playing golf. There was a pot of warm oatmeal on the stove. Pat and I put bread in the toaster. We poured glasses of milk. We ate the oatmeal with toast. At first neither of our mothers had anything to say to us. Their hair had not been fixed, nor was either wearing any makeup. As Pat and I ate, neither of our mothers sat down. Despite our sore bottoms both of us could sit. Aunt Karen had concentrated on my sensitive spank-spots. I hurt when the front of my chair’s seat rubbed my spank-spots. It looked like Pat also felt her sore spank-spots. We rinsed our oatmeal bowls and milk glasses before putting them into the dishwasher. Our plan was to play badminton until we had waited long enough to swim under Aunt Karen’s stupid rule. Before we could reach the kitchen’s outside door, Mommy stopped us: “Lisa, we are going to Target to buy you a couple of cartons of their Up and Up diapers. “Last night Aunt Karen, your fathers and I decided that from now on neither of you will be hairbrush spanked. We all agree being spanked over the lap is childish. You are now big girls and we must treat you accordingly. “Now we want both of you to put on skirts and nice shoes so we can go shopping. Aunt Karen and I will get dressed. Please be ready in an hour.” Pat asked, “May we play a little badminton before we change? It will hardly take us an hour to put on skirts.” Aunt Karen seemed angry when she said, “Patricia Ann Sullivan, I want none of your smart mouth, today or ever! I do not want you to get dirty or sweaty. After you put on your skirts you may watch TV or play quietly inside. Now scoot!” By then I had wet my diaper twice, I am sure about, and maybe a small third time. I decided to change to start the shopping trip wearing a dry diaper. What Pat said was, “I’m going to change.” Mommy told me our dads had taken our car to play golf at a different country club. We were going shopping in Aunt Karen’s van. My Dad’s car is fine with just the 3 of us, but with a second person in the back seat it feels crowded. I wish Mommy would drive a SUV, but she also prefers a car. Aunt Karen drove directly to Target. All of us went immediately to the baby diaper aisle. The one nearest the entrance had just Pampers products. Of course Aunt Karen knew all the Target brand diapers were on the aisle beyond the Huggies. Mommy saw that the discount required buying three cartons. She did that. The Size 6 Target Up and Up Overnights were a lot less expensive than the Pampers Swaddlers Overnight. Such a deal, considering the Up and Up are as comfy with a bit more capacity. I pushed the shopping cart back to the van and returned it to a cart storage place. When we piled into the car, it was Mommy who said: “We have one more place to shop. Patricia, I am told you know the store. That is where you get your school uniforms.” Pat asked, “Do I need to get my fall uniforms today?” Aunt Karen replied, “No, not today. You might grow before school resumes. However, both of you really need what we will buy you today. All of us adults agreed about this last night.” That school uniform store was back toward the Sullivan home. From the parking lot it looked like a row of different stores, the uniform store being twice as wide as the other stores. Inside there were separate sections for girl’s and boy’s uniforms. There were also a few showcases with other school equipment decorated with various school logos. Beyond the clothing there was an unmarked door. Aunt Karen headed directly there, saying, “I’ve wanted to buy from here for a couple of years!” Inside that fairly small room a distinguished looking man wearing a suit and tie was waiting for Aunt Karen. He introduced himself to Mommy: “I’m Mr. Guyer, Mrs. Wilson. Your sister-in-law called me yesterday. These girls must be Patricia and Lisa. I have no doubt we have exactly what they need very badly.” Mommy asked, “Mr. Guyer, does our local school district use the same ones that you use here?” “No worries, Mrs. Wilson. When she phoned me, Mrs. Sullivan told me where you and Lisa live. I spoke to a Principal there, so I know exactly what you need.” What shocked me was that from drawers Mr. Guyer brought out two slightly different kinds of paddles. One of those was exactly like the paddles used to swat me at my elementary school back home. Clearly Pat recognized a transparent Lexan plastic paddle as the kind used by her school! She appeared as frightened as I felt. Mommy said, “Girls, earlier we told you we had agreed you are too mature to be spanked over the lap like little kids. From now on you will be paddled like big girls. When you enter middle school you will get different paddles. Later when you start high school, you’ll have a more appropriate paddle. Still later you will have sorority paddles. Won’t that be nice?” Aunt Karen asked, “Mr. Guyer, will you show us how to swat our naughty daughters? I should warn you that both of these girls are wearing diapers because they have limited bladder control.” “Mrs. Sullivan, diapers are not a problem. In my middle school a lot of diapered boys and girls misbehave. They still cry from their swats,” Mr. Guyer confided. Both of us were told to bend over with our hands on our knees. This is the same position used at my school. Over my shoulder I saw Mommy being shown how to hold the paddle and where to stand. Mr. Guyer was there behind her. His hands were on her lower arms to guide her movement. Mommy noticed I was sneaking a peek: “Young Lady, eyes front!” From what I could hear Mr. Guyer had Mommy extend the paddle and then move until it reached completely across my delicate derrière. He must have let go of Mommy’s lower arms because after barely tapping me, she gave me a swat. Her first swat was nowhere near as hard as my teachers swat. Mr. Guyer told Mommy to swing faster and harder. The second swat hurt much more. Before each swat I could hear Mr. Guyer say, “Faster and harder, Mrs. Wilson; faster and harder!” My diaper was scant protection. I was already in tears before Mommy swatted me for the 6th time. That swat was about as hard as the average from my public schoolteachers. My Sunday school teachers paddle harder than do my regular teachers. Since Pat had been watching my paddling, I was encouraged to watch hers. Mr. Guyer did not need to give Aunt Karen much instruction. On her own she knew where to stand to swat Pat. As Aunt Karen had done when spanking me, she aimed just below the diaper on each side. Most of each swat must have landed on Pat’s spank spots. She was crying harder than me. Mr. Guyer took our paddles, after putting Post-It notes on each with our full names, and left the back room. Just a few minutes later he returned. Our names had been very neatly and professionally painted on our respective paddles. Mommy and Aunt Karen each paid for their own paddles. We were not allowed to rub our bottoms as we watched the cashier run their credit cards. She told Mommy, “I got your address from your credit card, Mrs. Wilson. We’ll send you information as it becomes available.” When ringing up Aunt Karen, the cashier said, “How nice to see you back, Mrs. Sullivan! I know you are on our mailing list already.” I knew why Aunt Karen was on that mailing list; that was where Pat got her school uniforms. Then I wondered if the uniform store near us also sells paddles? We had to carry our new paddles out in the open while walking to the van, during the drive to Pat’s home and for the walk to the house. Mommy and Aunt Karen each brought in a box of the Target diapers. The maid went out to bring in the third box of diapers. She started to grin when she saw us carrying the paddles. I heard her mutter, “It’s about time!” We trudged upstairs to Pat’s bedroom to sulk and change our diapers. We had both wet a lot while getting our swats. We giggled about wetting. As we talked we admitted always wetting during paddlings at school. I had already told Pat about my classmates who wore diapers to school and that we had a teacher’s aide who changed diapers. Most of the girls wet while getting paddled, so at least in my class it was routine for us to be diapered for the rest of the day. I know the school always phoned Mommy about my paddlings. Mommy told me that in her day Granny’s rule was, “A spanking at school earned her another spanking at home,” even when she was a senior in high school. However, Mommy never used that rule on me. If I kept my school diaper dry for a couple of hours, Mommy removed it so I could pee into a toilet. I would be diapered for bed, as usual, until I became reliably dry in bed. Pat told me virtually the same thing. However, she had no diapered classmates. It was the school nurse who diapered kids who wet during paddlings. Aunt Karen did not spank her for getting paddled at school, but did keep her diapered until bedtime. Then she was changed into her regular bedtime diapers. Just after we were diapered, Mommy opened the door to tell us we should put on our swim diapers to take advantage of the beautiful day. Neither of us had any trouble un-taping our Target diapers to save them for later. We then put on our washable swim diapers. Lunch would be delayed until we all finished swimming. I thought being allowed to swim was very considerate of our mothers. Following our swim we changed from our swim diapers back into our saved Target day diapers while the maid made us all lunch. Lunch was pleasant enough. After lunch Aunt Karen brought a tool box to Pat’s room. She put a screw into the wall beside Pat’s bed. Aunt Karen took a battery-powered drill, put a bit into it and enlarged the paddle’s handle-hole to accept the wall-screw. The paddle would hang there as a reminder for Pat to be a good girl, and to reassure the parents of her friends that Pat’s parents were very strict. Mommy told me a similar screw would be put in my bedroom wall. The difference was that my paddle had a bigger handle hole; there would be no reason to enlarge it. We did not argue about going down for our naps. Our diapers were dry enough we did not need to change them. After our Mommies left us alone, I checked my phone for Tweets. I had some from both Tina and Alice Trant. After I Tweeted back I got into bed. Soon I was asleep. I don’t remember much about Friday after I woke up from my nap, except that Alice Trant had invited us to have Sunday brunch or lunch at their house on the way home. She had also e-mailed Mommy with the invitation. The Trant Family lived in the same city as the famous Denny’s. In the e-mail Alice provided driving directions. Mommy agreed that sounded like a lot of fun. On the drive to visit Pat, Dad had stayed in the car while Mommy used the toilet and Alice diapered me, so Dad had not met any of the Trants. That meal sounded like it would be a lot of fun. Pat and I decided to go to bed early on Friday night. By then I felt very confident about putting on Abena bedtime diapers. Saturday morning (July 7) we woke up before 7AM because we had gone to bed so early. We immediately removed our very wet Abena diapers. Next we pulled our long night dresses up and over our heads, leaving us naked. What we should have done was to go take a shower so we would be refreshed. All night I kept thinking about Pat’s new paddle hanging on her wall, and of the new paddle with my name painted on it stored inside my suitcase. Actually I had suffered through a bad dream of getting unfairly paddled at school and subsequently Mommy breaking her policy by paddling me again once she had driven me home. It turned out Pat had tossed and turned with a similar bad dream. We decided there was only one thing to do, as a result of getting up early: Pat took her paddle from the wall! I put three bath towels down on the carpet. I bent over with my hands on my knees. Pat kept lightly patting my delicate derrière until she found the best place to stand so she could swat my spank spots. She scolded me soundly as she pulled the paddle back. Then she applied a swat every bit as hard as Aunt Karen had done Friday morning at the uniform store. Pat kept on scolding as she applied five more swats, each harder than the last one. My bottom went numb after the fifth swat, because she was hitting me so hard. At least I barely felt the sixth swat. Being paddled on my bare bottom proved the advantage of being padded by a diaper! Just like when I had spanked Pat, my heart was not in paddling her. I scolded and swatted. At least she did not complain I was not swatting hard enough. Post the paddlings we did take our communal shower. We towel dried, put on the Target Up and Up Overnight diapers for the day. We fixed our hair and were putting on shirts and shorts when Aunt Karen opened the door to awaken us. We slipped on socks and tennis shoes to follow her downstairs for breakfast. What I remember about our last full day staying with the Sullivans was that it was fun. There was no scolding or anything like that. My folks took all of us to a swanky restaurant in their city. Pat and I were on our very best behavior. She carried her diaper bag loaded with many Target Up and Up diapers, with wipes, baby lotion, powder and disposal bags. On Sunday morning (July 7) all of us got up quite early. The drive to the Trant’s home was not expected to take over an hour and fifteen minutes that early. In e-mails Mommy exchanged with Alice Trant, she invited the Sullivan Family to join in the brunch. I had introduced Tina Trant to Pat over twitter. Mommy introduced Aunt Karen to Alice via e-mail. Thus we set out after a minimal breakfast in separate vehicles. I rode in the Sullivan van next to Pat in the back seat. My suitcase (with our family diaper bag and my new paddle) was packed in my Dad’s car. So were all of the diapers Mommy had bought for me. Since Uncle Richard routinely drives between his city and the Trant’s city, he led the way. Mommy and Aunt Karen were in communication via cell phone. Both Pat and I were wearing the fancy two-tab overnight diapers. There would be no need for any toilet stop because a daughter needed a toilet! Chapter 5 Brunch with the Trant Family With Uncle Richard at the wheel, we made excellent time. Traffic was very light. Still, trailing us Daddy had no trouble keeping up. His car with Mommy sitting beside him was seldom as much as a half mile behind us. This was Sunday (July 8, 2018). We had left the Sullivan home at 8:30AM, hoping the drive to the Trant Family home would be about an hour and fifteen minutes, with no toilet breaks because my Cousin Pat and I were wearing diapers. Fortunately the invitation from Alice Trant was for brunch or lunch because we pulled up at their place at 9:25AM. This was more like a true Texas-size spread. There was not another house in sight. The home appeared to be on one level, so no stairs. But, it went on and on. Before Uncle Richard set the brakes both of the Trant daughters, little Amber (6) and her older sister Tina (13) were running to greet us. Trailing by several yards was their mother, Alice Trant. I hardly recognized Mrs. Trant since this time she was not carrying a diaper bag. You never forget being diapered as a big girl of 8 by a kindly woman you were seeing for the first time. It was up to me to introduce Cousin Pat as well as her parents Richard and Karen Sullivan. Of course Aunt Karen had been exchanging e-mail with Alice. Pat and I had exchanged a Tweet storm with Tina. We all were hugging when Mommy and Daddy pulled up in the Trant driveway, which was wide enough to be the main street of many cities. Mommy had met Alice while she was diapering me. Seconds later Mr. Brandon Trant and their 15 year-old son Brandon, Jr. (called BJ by his family and friends) ambled out to greet us. Both of them were wearing Western boots well-worn just enough that I knew both of those guys spent quality time on horseback. There was another, and briefer, round of introductions before we all walked to the front entrance. Inside that house proved to be the largest mansion I had ever seen. Tina wanted to show us her room before we started eating. She led us to a wing of bedrooms. Along that wing Tina pointed out BJ’s room on one side and Amber’s room on the opposite side. Tina’s room was next to Amber’s. Her space included: her private bathroom with both a tub and a shower with a wand; a study with a desk and computer, plus an entertainment center; a bedroom with a vanity, bed, a safety rocker and a large changing table. I believe this qualifies as a suite! Her bedroom area was large enough for two additional beds and optionally several sleeping bags. What caught my eye were three hanging diaper stackers on the wall behind the changing table. One stacker held disposables: Size 7 Pampers Cruisers, like her mom had given to me. The surprise was that the other stackers held cloth diapers. Tina did not blush as she explained that her bedtime diaper set consisted of a square gauze outer flat and one or more infant Birdseye prefolds as soakers. I had read about people wearing cloth diapers in the old days, but I had never met anyone who had worn those recently. Tina showed us how her diaper sets were put together. A square diaper was spread out and the front corners were folded toward the center, until it looked like a kite. The infant prefold diapers were stacked where Tina’s crotch would go. Diaper pins held her diaper set together, one on each side. Tina admitted that either her Mom or a nanny changed her diapers, be those cloth or disposable. She said she did not mind wearing diapers 24/7 and being changed. “Mommy is always soothing and cheerful when she diapers me. She only hires nannies that treat me equally well,” Tina said. “Most nights Mommy changes me. If not, it is done by a nanny. “A nanny drives Amber and me to school. She stays there all day to change us as needed. Then she drives us home.” I asked, “What’s it like wearing a gauze diaper? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone wearing those.” Pat spoke up, “Same for me. I’d love to try wearing one!” Tina responded, “Mommy is busy supervising getting brunch ready. I’ll ask Nanny Martinez to change all of us, Okay? She’s only worked for us for six weeks. I really like her and hope she stays for years.” Amber, Pat and I all nodded “Yes!” Tina went to her bedside table to use the intercom: “Nanny, could you change me into a gauze diaper, please?” Amber immediately scampered to her room to get her size gauze diaper and vinyl panties. Nanny Martinez is a beautiful woman, far younger than my Mommy, who is 34. Everyone else I had met with the last name Martinez was of Mexican heritage, yet Nanny was a blue-eyed blonde with very fair skin. Tina said, “My friends Lisa and Pat want to try gauze diapers. Amber is bringing hers. I’d prefer to wear those for the rest of today.” Nanny answered, “Miss Tina, I’ll gladly change Miss Amber and you. I’ll need permission from the parents of Miss Lisa and Miss Pat first, before I diaper them.” She crossed paths with Amber at the door. A couple of minutes later Nanny returned: “Both of your mothers gave me permission. Now, who has the wettest diaper?” We all lifted our skirts so that Nanny could perform diaper checks. It turned out I had wet the most. By then I was used to climbing up onto Pat’s changing table which was the same height as Tina’s but not as well-built. A lot of care had gone into building Tina’s table. As I removed my nice shoes and skirt I told Tina: “I really admire your changing table. Pat has one, but I do not since I’ve only been back in diapers for less than a week. Mommy said we’ll probably buy one because I’ll be in diapers for a long time.” Tina said, “My Daddy built mine when I was younger. Then he built another one for Amber before she was born. Building things is Daddy’s hobby. He’s probably boring both of your fathers right now, showing off his shop.” Pat responded, “I’d like to see your dad’s shop.” Tina answered, “I’m sure Daddy would love to show it to you.” I got up on the table wearing just my shirt, wet Target diaper and socks. Nanny asked me to lie on my back so that she could remove my wet diaper. After she did that Nanny asked me to turn over. She cleaned my bottom with warmed wipes from the top drawer of the changing table. While I was resting on my side in the process of turning face up, Nanny spread out and folded a flat, square gauze diaper. Then she placed a baby prefold onto the folded square diaper. I reclined onto the gauze diaper. Nanny guided my hips to the right position. Seconds later Nanny pulled the diaper snug and pinned it. From another drawer Nanny retrieved a pair of translucent vinyl pull-on panties: “You, Pat and Tina are about the same size. If her panties are too tight, we have the next size larger.” Nanny started working the panties up my legs. When she asked, I lifted my delicate derrière so that she could finish pulling my panties into place. Pat was changed into a gauze diaper next, with the same nurturing love as Nanny had shown me. Next Nanny took the diaper set and panties from little Amber. She seemed happier to be wearing a gauze diaper. Finally Nanny changed Tina, who admitted, “If I had it my way I would only wear gauze diapers, except when I go swimming!” I blurted out, “Tina, until I visited my Cousin Pat I never knew about swim diapers. Before I used their pool my Mommy bought me two swim diapers.” We all redressed. Nanny left us briefly. Upon returning she said, “Brunch is ready. Miss Alice said that BJ was just picked up by his girlfriend’s parents. She wants all of you to just wear your diapers and shirts. Pat and Lisa, your mommas agreed.” Without skirts covering our gauze diapers and vinyl panties we headed to the dining room, except Nanny. Tina explained, “Nanny Martinez prefers to eat in the kitchen when we have guests.” Having spent several days with Pat, to me it seemed natural to just wear a diaper and shirt, like I was still a toddler. The brunch had a vast selection, more than any restaurant I knew about. The dining table was set for the 12 of us, with a stack of plates near the food. A surprising thing was that the two places on either side of Mrs. Trant had 8 ounce baby bottles filled with milk. The two places to the left of one baby bottle had no beverage. All 6 of the adult places had coffee cups. Before we started filling our plates, Alice Trant asked sweetly, “Pat and Lisa, would you prefer bottles or Sippy cups?” I replied, with indignation, “I would prefer a glass of milk.” Momma responded firmly, “Lisa Margaret Wilson, keep a polite civil tongue in your head, unless you want everyone to see me using your new paddle on your naughty backside. “My feeling is that since you want to wear diapers, you should savor life as a baby. Mrs. Trant, my rude daughter will have a baby bottle and she will like it!” Aunt Karen said firmly, “Patricia will have the same. I think she also needs a bib! Mommy added, “Please, a bib for Lisa.” As if she had been expecting that request, Nanny appeared to tie a bib around the neck of all four of us diapered girls. Amber and Tina had to demonstrate to Pat and me how to hold and suckle a baby bottle. Tina said, “I much prefer a bottle to a glass!” Each of us got up from our chairs to select what we liked from the buffet. Once we sat down Pat and me were expected to suckle our baby bottles. I felt I was blushing all the while. On the other hand, Pat appeared as contented suckling her baby bottle as did Tina. She finished her bottle sooner than the rest of us. Seconds later a maid put a fresh full baby bottle in front of Pat and removed the empty one. I suckled as slowly as possible. My bottle still had some milk left when everyone at the table had consumed all the food they wanted. Mommy insisted I empty my baby bottle, again mentioning my paddle. I put the darn nipple back in my mouth and suckled as if the safety of my delicate derrière was at stake. Mommy was curious about the gauze diapers and vinyl panties. Alice Trant offered to show off the nurseries (her exact word!) to all of our parents. Pat and I had to join the visiting crowd. Mr. Trant explained how he built both changing tables. Mrs. Trant said she bought the diaper hangers from a local infant/toddler store. My Dad, who I have never seen build anything, expressed an interest in seeing the Trant workshop. Mrs. Trant stayed behind, with her daughters. Although my experience in professional woodworking shops was non-existent, I was very impressed with all the equipment, benches and hand tools. I remember Mr. Trant saying he was very fond of his Felder sliding table saw. He also was proud of a Festool Kapex bench cross-cut saw. Apparently he likes Festool because he had two of their floor mats. Even after the shop tour, I had barely wet my gauze diaper. Mommy noticed that and the fact I was getting sleepy: “Alice, could Lisa go down for a nap before we hit the road. There is so much more I want to talk about with you. Daddy had noticed a country club quality putting green in the backyard. Mr. Trant suggested they practice putting. He offered to loan putters to Uncle Richard and Daddy. Since we were on the way home, of course Daddy had his golf bag with him. By coincidence Uncle Richard had his golf clubs in their van. They all headed to the back yard. Meanwhile Aunt Karen took a vice-like hold of Pat’s wrist. Mommy held my wrist firmly. Alice Trant led the way to Tina’s nursery. Nanny Martinez appeared, but her boss said, “Have a rest Nanny. I’ll change all of the girls.” Mommy and Aunt Karen watched closely as Amber and Tina were changed. Then Mrs. Trant coached Aunt Karen as she diapered Pat. Finally Mommy changed my gauze diaper with the help of Mrs. Trant. I was lucky that I did not get stuck with a diaper pin. I really liked wetting the gauze diaper and I liked being pinned into the gauze diapers even more than being taped into a disposable. I was hoping I would not have to learn to pin on my diapers in the future. While our diapers were being changed, Mrs. Trant explained that she bought the vinyl panties from Babykins of Canada on-line. She bought the square gauze diapers on-line from AC Diaper Company. However, she said, “For years I’ve bought the Gerber baby Birdseye prefolds from Babies-R-Us. Fortunately I still have several sealed packs. Babies-R-Us just closed all of their stores.” Soon after we were settled for our naps. Tina was in her bed. Pat and I napped on the other two beds. Amber napped in her own room. Her bed had side rails like a crib and she did not have a vanity. She did have a desk and a computer. I must say I went to sleep very quickly. I had a very wet diaper when Mommy woke me despite the fact that she had used two soakers while changing me. Mommy had brought in my diaper bag. After my nap she removed my wet gauze diaper and vinyl panties. I wiped myself and then put on one of my Target size 6 Up and Up Overnight diapers which I was by then wearing as my day diaper. Mommy gave several of those to Mrs. Trant, saying, “They don’t make a size 7 but if these fit Tina, she might like them. They do also make size 5 for Amber.” The time had come for us to depart. Mrs. Trant gave me a warm hug, saying, “I hope to see you often, Lisa.” Then she kissed my cheek. Both Tina and Amber hugged me. Mr. Trant patted my head. I hugged Cousin Pat, Uncle Richard and Aunt Karen. It had been wonderful getting to know all of those people. For the rest of the drive home I sat on the left side of the passenger seat. My diaper bag was riding on the floor in front of the right rear seat. Once we were a couple of miles from the Trant estate, Daddy said he had been invited to play golf with Mr. Trant at their country club. Mommy said that she had been talking to Alice Trant and Aunt Karen about all of our families spending the Labor Day weekend at the Trant’s estate. To me that sounded delightful. Mommy also said that if I wanted to try gauze diapers for bed she would buy them. I told her that would be great! Chapter 6 Lisa’s New Nursery Daddy took his sweet time driving home after the delightful brunch and visit with the Trant Family. We didn’t get home until nearly 4PM on Sunday July 8. 2018. During our Fourth of July weekend Mommy’s attitude about letting me wear diapers had changed dramatically. I was wearing a Target Up and Up Overnight diaper. Instead of begging for a toilet stop I simply wet my diaper when I felt a need to pee. Mommy must have over-done her coffee, because Daddy had to make two potty stops so that she could pee. I just buried my face in a blanket so that I could discreetly grin about those toilet breaks. By the time Daddy parked his car in our driveway I knew I needed to change my diaper very soon. When Mommy opened our front door I dashed past her clutching my suitcase which contained our old family diaper bag that held several of the Target diapers. It did not take me very long to change into a dry Target diaper. I started to change into a shirt and shorts. Mommy came into my room and said very casually, “Lisa, I think tomorrow morning we need to buy you the gauze diapers you want for bed.” Immediately I gave her a huge hug: “Mommy, won’t I need a changing table and a diaper pail?” “That is absolutely true. I’m sure the same store can sell us gauze diapers and the changing table. Of course you’ll need vinyl panties and diaper pins,” Mommy said. “Oh, Mommy, could we also get a wipe warmer?” “Sure, Sweetie, Mrs. Trant told me that cold wipes before bed keep her girls awake a long time. We’ll go to the store early, when they open at 10AM.” Mommy ordered us dinner from our favorite Italian restaurant. When it had been delivered I told Mommy, “Now I really wish I had a baby bottle.” Much to my delight Mommy reached into her purse and withdrew an EvenFlo Pyrex 8 ounce baby bottle like I had used at the Trants: “Sweetie, Mrs. Trant knew you would want a bottle. No worries, tomorrow we’ll buy a dozen of them. We’ll also need bottle brushes, drying racks and a nipple sterilizer.” When Daddy came to the dining room he did not bat an eye seeing me eating my pasta while sucking a baby bottle filled with milk. He just tousled my hair before sitting down across the table from me. Before I came downstairs for dinner I had placed my new paddle on my bed. I returned our old family diaper bag to the place where Mommy had stored it while she was changing into more casual clothes. Eventually after dinner I decided to change my diaper again since I doubted the one I wore during dinner would last until bedtime. Much to my surprise my paddle was not hanging from a screw in the wall. It was still lying on my bed undisturbed. I hurried changing my diaper so much I forgot to put on my shorts before going back downstairs. “Daddy, I thought you were going to put in a screw so my paddle would hang from it where it would be obvious,” I asked shyly. Mommy answered, “Lisa Sweetie, your father and I have decided that you should move into the largest guest room. We want you to have enough room for two spare beds. You will be having sleepovers. “You get to decide how you want your new room to be decorated. That is up to you. Of course the changing table will be in your room, along with a pail for the gauze diapers, a smaller pail for your vinyl panties, a Diaper Genie for disposables and diaper hanging stackers. “When the time comes in a few years we’ll find space for your vanity. Perhaps you’ll be out of diapers by then. “Anyway, once you are set up in your new room you will select the place where your paddle can hang until needed.” The second time Mommy told me it was time I go to bed I obediently went up to my room. At first I was curious if she would paddle me for not rushing to bed. Ultimately I decided not to tempt fate. As Mommy kissed me good night and made sure I was tucked in for the night, she remarked, “I’ve never changed a gauze diaper. We’ll need to figure out what to do until I learn to pin on diapers.” “Mommy, maybe Mrs. Trant could come here to teach you?” “Now, that’s an idea, Sweetie. She is probably busy. There must be somebody nearer to us. I’ll ask at the store tomorrow,” Mommy promised. Very soon I fell asleep. I remember dreaming of baby bottles, baby food and for some reason highchairs. At that time I had no memory of being fed in a highchair, so I had no clue why I dreamed about that. On Monday July 9, I woke up just as there was a little light in the sky before official dawn. My Abena diaper felt to me to be very wet. I did not want to leak, so I got up to change. Thinking back I realize that although my Abena felt very heavy, it actually had a lot of capacity. A Target would actually have been at capacity. My first thought was to go back to bed in a Target diaper before deciding to put on another Abena just to be safe. I was hoping that gauze diapers inside vinyl panties would last me all night. The next thing I knew was Mommy shaking me awake. “I let you sleep until 9:30AM. You looked so peaceful and your diaper is barely wet. Maybe your control has returned?” Mommy asked. “Sorry to disappoint you, Mommy. I woke up at dawn. My diaper was soaked. I did not want to take a chance that a Target diaper would leak in bed!” “Sorry, Sweetie, one Abena looks like every Abena to me. Take your time getting up. I finally reached someone who will help with your cloth diapers, but she cannot meet us at the store until 11:30AM,” Mommy told me. I got up, removed my Abena, took a shower, towel-dried, put on a Target diaper for the day, fixed my hair and finally put on a dress that I wore when I was 6. It was short enough it did not even disguise my diaper. Breakfast was oatmeal and a baby bottle of cold milk. Mommy smiled as she said, “Sweetie, you look so adorable wearing such a short dress and suckling a baby bottle. Would you like a highchair? We’ll have to see if those are made big enough for you.” “Mommy, could we find your diaper bag, just-in-case I need a change while we are shopping?” “Sure, Lisa, give me a minute to find it.” I nearly blurted out “I know where I put it!” before I thought better. Although my paddle was not hanging in plain sight, it was on top of my dresser. I did not want to start the day with a sore derrière. Once I finished breakfast I went to my room to gather diapers I would put into the diaper bag. While Mommy was fetching the diaper bag, once I finished breakfast I went to my room. There I placed a stack of the Target diapers on my bed, along with a couple of the Abena. When the bag arrived I emptied it out. Its travel container only held dried out wipes. At least the baby lotion and powder were okay. The last time Mommy had diapered me at home she had baby wipes, but those could not be found to replenish the travel container. At least the bag’s changing pad was usable. I picked the bag up after loading it to carry it on the shopping trip. At 11:25AM Mommy pulled into a parking spot at the baby store near us. As we got out of the car an attractive tall woman about Mommy’s age rushed to meet us. She introduced herself as Nanny Kirsten Bodding. Mommy introduced herself and then me. Nanny did not react when she saw me carrying a diaper bag. I sort of expected that would shock a professional nanny. “Mrs. Wilson, let me explain my background. As a teenager I did a lot of babysitting, mostly infants and very young children. I decided to go to a college specializing in training preschool teachers and nannies. That is Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, California. “Going there was expensive. My family is hardly rich. I was lucky to get a scholarship. Even while being trained, Pacific Oaks helped me get jobs as assistant nanny or nursery maid. It turned out, in that area, there were many older girls from families able to afford nannies who wanted to be returned to infancy. “To be frank, taking care of those older girls was very interesting and paid well. I worked in the Pasadena area for a couple of years after graduating. I managed to save my money because I always took jobs where I lived in the house. “Then I got homesick. Since I’ve moved back here I’ve taken care of older children and young adults who need diapers, or who like wearing diapers. I do not judge. “Frankly, if you hire me, Lisa will be the youngest person I have diapered since graduation. “Mrs. Wilson, over the phone you shared that you believe in firm discipline and that spanking was your preferred punishment. I was spanked frequently growing up. I have spanked some of those in my care. I know how to spank with my hand, a hairbrush and a school-style paddle. I prefer to reserve spanking as a last resort, except when that is the only punishment the person in my care respects.” Mommy said, “This is all good to know. Lisa has only just reverted to wetting around the clock. It started on a trip slightly over a week ago. Lisa quickly learned how to change her own disposable diapers. “A lady we met while she was changing her youngest daughter told us both of her daughters sleep in gauze diapers. On the way home we had brunch with that lady. Lisa found gauze diapers comfy during a nap. I reached out to you because I’ve never changed gauze diapers. “Oh, by the way, Lisa’s old room is vacant. She is moving to a larger room with space for a proper changing table. We have several more guest rooms. It would be grand if you could live in.” “Of course I’ll gladly teach you how to pin on gauze diapers, Mrs. Wilson. However, I must warn you that I am looking for a long-term position. If such a job becomes available I might have to quit with short notice,” Nanny Bodding admitted. “Please excuse me Nanny Bodding; I do want to just learn to change gauze diapers. I also realize I have many responsibilities in our community. Taking care of Lisa is my primary responsibility. “As she has matured and needed less of my time I have accepted more volunteer assignments. Now I realize I need a full-time, long-term nanny. Even if Lisa does regain full daytime control I still will need a nanny from the end of the school day until she goes to bed. If Lisa still needs day diapers during school, then I will need two nannies,” Mommy said. Nanny Bodding said, “This seems to be a fascinating opportunity. Lisa, I will do my best to take care of you in a friendly way. Just be warned that I can be as strict as your parents need me to be. I prefer to avoid spanking, but when I spank girls of all ages, they cry out their eyes! Therefore I seldom have to spank a given girl very often. You appear to be a sensible girl, so we should get along very well.” We entered the store. The furniture was at the far end. The check-out was next to the parking lot door. Next to that was the diaper bag display. Nanny Bodding asked to hold our diaper bag. “Mrs. Wilson, this bag might have been okay when Lisa was a toddler wearing either disposable diapers or pull-ups. It will not hold very many larger disposables or any gauze diapers. I suggest before we leave purchasing a bigger diaper bag. We’ll think about that as we shop.” A sales woman clearly recognized Nanny Bodding and rushed over. Nanny introduced her to us, but I never did learn the sales woman’s name. There was a selection of large changing tables. Nanny recommended one with both drawers and open shelves which was 6 feet long. While in that section we bought both a traditional diaper pail and a Diaper Genie. We also bought four hanging diaper stackers: one each for the square gauze diapers and the Birdseye prefolds; one each for both the Target and Abena disposables. Mommy told them I wanted a highchair. It turned out I am slender enough to fit into nearly all the baby highchairs. One was modern and somewhat wider than the others, yet at the same price. I was happy with it, so Mommy bought it and a vinyl highchair pad to protect the carpet. My current bed is a standard single. The store had similar beds. We bought two of those beds with folding side rails and a set of rails for my bed. Next we went to the cloth diaper display. I told Nanny that the cloth diapers I had worn Sunday for a nap consisted of one flat square 2-ply gauze diaper and baby Birdseye prefolds. The sales woman took two sizes of prewashed square diapers and three prefolds into a fitting room equipped with a changing table the size we ordered but without the drawers. I removed my shoes and shorts. Nanny stepped in to help me onto the changing surface. She easily removed my wet Target diaper and used warm wipes from a shelf behind the table to clean me. The first square diaper she tried was 24 inches. It barely fit me. The 27 inch square was slightly too large, but easily folded to fit me even if I grew larger. We bought two packs of 10 square diapers and four packs of 10 of the prefolds. Besides the packs of unwashed diapers, the store sold us 3 of the square which were pre-washed and 6 pre-washed prefolds. The vinyl panties Nanny highly recommended are Babykins, made in Canada. I think those are the same as Mrs. Trant uses. We bought a dozen of them in my size and four each of the next smaller and larger size. There was not a huge selection of diaper pins. Nanny recommended sturdy pins with plastic heads. We bought six cards each with four diaper pins. From there we went to buy me EvenFlo baby bottles, plus extra nipples, all being clear silicone Orthodontic Toddler 6+ month. Nanny suggested I should have pacifiers, recommending MAM brand with clear Orthodontic nipples virtually the same as the EvenFlo but without the holes. We bought everything needed to wash, sterilize and dry bottles and nipples. In that same area we bought me a wipe-warmer, which would fit in the top left drawer of the changing table. On the way to check-out Mommy selected several bibs for me. Our final stop was for a larger diaper bag. Nanny asked if I wanted to keep it a secret that I needed a diaper bag. I answered, “Probably I should not show-off my diapers, but I see no reason to keep it a secret that I wet. I’m fine if Mommy likes the largest bag.” Mommy selected a Ginormous Cloth-style diaper bag in Bubble Gum Pink with a matching over-size changing pad and a clutch purse. Nanny said she already owned a similar black clutch, so Mommy picked a seafoam green clutch. Mommy used her credit card to pay for everything. The store owner opened an account for us. All the furniture was in stock in their warehouse and could be delivered quickly. Mommy told him that my new room was being cleared and cleaned. She would phone when they could be delivered and set up. Before we left the owner took us back to see various nursery surveillance systems. Nanny recommended an audio/video system with both a fixed and a portable monitor. That system would be delivered and installed. We made one more stop to pay for the monitor system at check-out. Mom asked Nanny to meet us at a popular family restaurant for lunch. It was very nice. Before we left Nanny took me to the ladies’ room for a dry gauze diaper. They only had a fold-down Koala-Kare changing table which was too short to hold me well. Somehow Nanny made-do so I did not fall. She followed us to our home. Mommy had given Nanny the security code for our auto gate.
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    A debate rages if the mother Liza Martinez over-reacted when her 14 year-old son Aaron took her newest BMW on a joyride in the rain. When the mother found out she phoned her adult daughter, Liza Campero, to see if the BMW was still at home. When told the car was gone, Liza M told her daughter, "Bring me the belt!" Liza C documented most of the incident using her phone to live-tweet to the InterWeb. Subsequently Aaron and both Lizas have appeared on many TV and radio shows. Was this use of a designer belt justified, or effective? Please share your thoughts. Below is a longer on-line posting by Liza Compero talking to be youngest brother Aaron Martinez a few days after the joyride and spanking. Below is a podcast of The Texas Belting Mom, Liza Menendez, and her adult daughter and Tweeter Liza Campero, being interviewed on Buzz Adams in the Morning at a radio station in Midland, Texas on Thursday, 18 October, 2018.
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    wet bottom

    I've read a few times in the past about being spanked with a wet bottom as being extra painful. If you have had this, does it seem worse? And how was it done? After a bath or.../ I have a hard time imagining how it would be done.
  20. CandaK

    Brian & Cindy

    This day started like any other. Brian Arb awoke to the ringing of his alarm and the sun peering in through the dormitory window. The honking of cars outside signaled that the world around him was awake too. However, Brian was assured as he saw the day on his phone's calendar: August third. Nothing happening today. Besides, it was Thursday and school hadn't started again.Climbing out of bed, he opened the window to the calming air around him. The morning warmth had already set in, but it was pleasing upon his bare upper body as the sight of the city loomed before him. Today was going to be a good day.The only difference that today brought was a moving van. It wasn't very large, but it was also closed so there was no telling what could be inside. Brian knew that school was starting soon, so he would probably be meeting the owner of its occupants soon enough. He thought that now might be the best time, especially if they needed help with settling in or getting the layout of the town.Grabbing a shirt, Brian descended the stairs and made his way to the parking lot. Sure enough, bending over into the vans open doors was the driver.She stood less than five feet tall, he could tell that. She definitely wouldn't come up to his chest, even if she were standing upright. Besides her height, the first thing that struck him was her natural deep red hair done in pigtails and hanging on either side of her shoulders. It ran down her back, curling softly at the end.Brian could see that her outfit looked very interesting as well. Her shorts were hanging down all the way to her knees and were decorated with a strips of purple and light blue across them. Beneath those, he saw that her socks came up past her knees and were pink, with cat paw prints dotting them cutely. Her top, on the other hand was white, but he could only just make out the tank from this side of her backpack.The pack was much bigger than she had any right to be carrying and looked like it could be full to bursting. The zippers were barely holding on and one or two were actually visibly loosening as he looked on. The neon pink and chartreuse bag was also covered in patches showing a bunch of characters Brian couldn't recognize.Just as he took note of the weight it appeared to be carrying, she stepped back with a box and began to trip. Quick on his feet, Brian moved forward and caught her under each arm and grabbed the box with his hands alleviating the weight tolerably. He breathed a sigh of relief and then addressed the small woman in his arms. "Hi." He didn't quite have his bearings completely as he had just leaped forward and was handling what felt like a minimum of a hundred and fifty pounds, but he was trying to keep his voice stable at least.Glancing upwards to him, the girl looked quite young. Her face still showed signs of baby fat around the tops of her cheeks and her eyes were large and gorgeous spheres of brown speckled with green. Her cute button nose and natural pink lips only proved to enhance her cuteness factor and made Brian blush as he saw her cheeks begin reddening as well."Hiya..." Her voice was soft like a pillow and quiet. She sounded as though she had barely been breathing since her incident."Um, let's get you back up." Brian spoke again, "Can I take some of that for you?"Her expression still remained with her surprised look and her mouth slightly open, but she slowly nodded upwards at him. He leaned down to ground his feet before he set the young girl back onto hers and gently removed the large box from her hands and lifted it over her head. It wasn't heavy, at least not to Brian. but he was also pretty strong.The girl stared up at him like he was a giant. He looked into her car and back at her. "Tell you what, you tell me your dorm number and I'll help you move this all inside. Deal?" She stared at him still, mouth slightly agape, before realizing that he was talking to her."Oh! Uh, sure, I guess. I'm, uh." Brian noticed her grabbing at her pockets and pulling a small paper out of her back pocket. He saw her bag was slipping open again and he could see inside just a bit as she stepped forward away from him. He could tell she had a few coloring books and crayons inside, but not much else. "I'm on the third floor, room 313." She spoke again, only slightly raising her voice."313? We can manage that." Brian replied. He adjusted the box in his arm so that he could carry another and he nodded towards the building. "Lead the way. You're gonna need to open the door before I can get in."They ascended the stairs and brought all of her things to her room. The university provided a bed and desk, so that took care of a few things, but he noticed that she had quite a few boxes in her van. Once they had arrived, he set the boxes gently onto the ground and she pulled her backpack off, only now noticing that her zipper was coming undone. She looked at him quickly, but saw that he was looking away. She swiftly zipped it back shut and pushed it too the side. "Uh!" She started, awkwardly loud suddenly, "I think we should start grabbing the other boxes before we start unpacking." Brian was startled by this sudden outburst, but he stood up slowly and nodded, following behind her.It took several trips to get all of her things into her new dorm but, by the end of it, Brian was happy to help. He always tried to help out if someone needed it and wanted to make sure that she had a good experience in her classes."Well," he said, laying a briefcase down next to her closet, "That's everything. Happy to help out." He turned to look at her to see that she was offering him a twenty dollar bill in her left hand. "What's that for?" He questioned."It's yours. You didn't need to help me, but thanks for getting all my heavy stuff up here." She pushed the money further out towards him, lowering her head and blushing as she did.Brian held up his hands. "Hey, no big deal. I was in the neighborhood. Keep your money.""But, you spent hours helping me! At least let me do something.""Well, how about this." He reached his hand out and held it like he wanted to shake her hand and he smiled broadly. "I'm Brian. Brian Arb."She seemed slightly taken aback by this. She blushed even harder and reached out to grab his hand, putting away her money. "Cindy." She spoke gingerly."Cindy, it's a pleasure to meet you. If you wanna pay me back, then meet me at the coffee shop down the block tomorrow, around eight. Let's just get to know each other and we'll work things out from there." Brian could tell that she was apprehensive and looked a bit skeptical, but she slowly nodded at him. His smile widened. "Great. I'll see you tomorrow then." He left her in her room to start unpacking, thinking back on the whole experience.He was quite happy to have met Cindy. He could tell that she was a shy and a bit on the socially awkward side, but he didn't think anything of it. He just hoped that she would be a friend. He had needed to move a state over for college, so he was a bit short on friends and not many people who he had already spoken to were very genuine. Most freshmen just seemed like they were trying to pretend to be tough or to be more of a presence then they actually were. He admired that Cindy, at least, was shy but didn't feel fake.The next night, Brian showed up to the coffee house around fifteen minutes early. He had on a dark purple polo that hugged his physique and khaki slacks and he was going to make sure to make a good second impression on Cindy. He wasn't sure how she took yesterday, but he wanted her to feel comfortable around him. At least then there would be nothing awkward if they both needed to use their dorms laundry.Cindy walked in a few minutes after him. She had on a baby blue dress that came up to the tops of her knees and a red shrug that wrapped her snugly. Her hands were cover in gloves that matched her shrug as well and her purse was the same color too. Brian was impressed."You look wonderful." He said, walking over to her. She blushed again, as he expected she would by this point."Thanks." She said, shuffling her feet slightly in embarrassment. "You look good too.""Thanks. Let's get something and sit down." He guided her to the counter and they glanced at the menu."I'd like a hot cocoa, please!" Cindy said, her eyes lighting up and her voice raising louder than Brian had heard her speak before. "And whipped cream too!" She rocked back and forth on her heels as she said this.Brian glanced at the cashier and smiled. "I'll have one too then." He began reaching for his wallet, before Cindy grabbed her purse and pulled her money out."You helped me move, so I'll pay." She spoke as if she were trying to sound mature, but she only seemed more childish to him as she said it. He let her pay, anyway. He was happy to just be out.As they sat, they began talking. Brian tried to make sure that he didn’t bring up anything awkward, but he wasn’t quite sure what would make her feel uncomfortable. He soon started to notice a small tick of hers: her tapping her feet to any music that came on.“You a music junkie?” He said. She noticed her foot and pushed both of them underneath her, blushing again. “Hey, I didn’t mean it like that. It’s cute. I don’t mind.”A minute of silence passed between the two of them. He couldn’t interrupt her thinking, but he also felt as the situation grew thicker on them by the second.“...why did you want to do this? You don’t even know me…” Cindy spoke, small and scared, raising her arms to hug her chest.Brian thought he had said something wrong. He held up his hands in defense. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it, I swear. I just-”“No!” She interrupted. “Why are you even here? Why do you care?”He paused, startled, but hurt. “Sorry. “ His voice lowered. “I just don’t like seeing people alone. I thought that you were, well, cute and thought that you might want a friend.” He felt strange. Normally, people wanted to be his friend, but it appeared as if the woman sitting in front of him was so apprehensive about opening it might be a lost cause. “Listen, I understand if you don’t want to be the kid’s friend here, but I’ll always be just down the hall if you need me. And thanks for the cocoa”Brian stood up, feeling slightly defeated, but knew he made his best effort. As he walked past Cindy, he saw her staring at him, and she kept watching as he left. ‘Oh well,’ he thought to himself, ‘I tried. I’ll find someone else.’ He began to walk his way back to his dorm, knowing it would probably still be close to empty. As he reached the second crosswalk, he heard the pitter-patter of feet racing towards him. He turned in time to see Cindy coming up behind him, panting as she reached him. She grabbed at his sleeve and held it as she caught her breath.“Can you take me home? It’s gonna be dark soon.” She said, voice sounding haggard from the run. He nodded down at her and waited for her to finish calming herself.She regained her breath, but the walk still took longer than it should have. Her small legs and quickly tiring herself out took a toll he could see. By the time they returned to their building, she had to lean against it to catch her breath. Brian offered out his arms to her. “I could carry you the rest of the way. It’s three flights of stairs if the elevator is in use or broken.”She glared at him for a few seconds before she relented. She climbed into his grasp and he began to hold her, one arm across her shoulders and down her back, while the other cradled her legs and met his hand at her lower back. The elevator was being repaired anyway so it was probably the safest bet.Brian climbed the stairs to Cindy’s room and helped her get her door open. She was already dozing as they entered, so he just carried her to her bed and helped her get her shoes off. He laid her head down and pulled her blanket over her. She nuzzled into her pillow and slowly pulled her arms and legs closer to herself, smiling slightly as she was almost in the fetal position. Brian left as he saw how comfortable she was and how quickly she was dozing off.He made it back into his dorm and began to mentally unpack everything that had happened tonight. This was his first time actually speaking to her for more than just a few words during the move and he wasn’t sure how to take everything that had happened. The one thing that kept coming back to him was she her last few questions:‘Why did you want to do this? What are you even doing here? Why do you care?”He felt hurt at that. He didn’t mean to make her uncomfortable. It had to be obvious. He wanted to be her friend. Maybe they could be more, but that didn’t matter. He didn’t have anyone here and, from the sound of her voice, she could use someone.The night was a restless for Brian and he noticed the rising sun before he could even get any rest. He could feel the ache of his body from the tossing and turning, but his mind wouldn’t quiet. He was worried for Cindy. If she was upset with him, he would at least try to make it better, once she had time to calm down. Getting up, he made his way to make sure that she was ok.Once, he left his dorm, Brian found that Cindy was still asleep. He could understand. It was early after all so he could wait. He was, however, extremely hungry, so he went to eat.By the time he had returned, he found that her car was no longer in the lot. Brian was upset about this, but he could accept her needing to be out. He wasn’t the owner of her life. He could apologize next time he saw her.Over time, Brian decorated his dorm sparsely. He set up his desk, made sure he had his computer and games properly wired in, and had a microwave and mini fridge to keep any drinks and snacks he needed. He felt comfortable and happy, but he did miss seeing anyone he knew. The only things he knew that anyone else was doing was partying, so he started to try going with them. He went to several new groups and found common interests, but he just wasn’t sure if they were as interested in being friends or just partying.Brian had to wait two weeks to see Cindy again. He always seemed to be on a different schedule than her and, whenever he tried knocking, she was out. He found a few other people to hang out with, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Something kept making him think back to helping her move and helping her back to her dorm.Then school started and Brian decided to put that aside. He had studies and knew he couldn’t keep up with his scholarships if he was distracted by some random girl he never saw or by partying all the time. The others weren’t happy, but he wasn’t gonna let them drag him down. He knew he could rely on himself and he could make real friends if he saw them more often.He was incredibly smart for his age, having gotten into college early on a full ride scholarship for in the field of psychology. He could read people really well if he could just see them. It almost felt second nature to him. ‘Your life is written in every action, every creased shirt, every discolored fingernail.’ He remembered saying that to a bully who told he had gotten expelled for smoking and his parents and school were keen to help him use this to the best of his abilities. He just wanted to make sure that he could help.Brian arrived in class early, cleanly shaven and dressed in his khakis with a red button up shirt, and noticed how much larger the room was then he anticipated. He noticed that all of the desks he had anticipated were gone, replaced with large arm chairs and several chaises longes. On the chalkboard, he read ‘Your seat and partner are yours for the year. Choose carefully.’ As the only one in class at this point he walked around, testing the seats and looking for the one he felt most comfortable in.The professor, Mrs. Harmon, walked in shortly. She was a young, looking no older than twenty-three, and had wild cinnamon brown hair but at her chin. She saw he was the only one in and smiled at him. Brian’s parents had known her when she was younger and they had been friends in the past. She had even babysat him when he was ten until he was fifteen. “Ah, Mr. Arb, a pleasure to see you in my class. I have to say, someone has grown up quite a lot since we last met. How’s the family?”“Fine, Mrs. Harmon,” Brian replied. “They are worried about me being away, but I told them I would be fine as long as you were keeping an eye on me. Mom and Dad haven’t changed much since you last saw them though. How’s your husband doing?”“I...don’t wish to speak of him today. He’s been getting under my skin a lot. I swear, one of these days, he’s going to end up out on his ass if he doesn’t straighten up.” Brian had never seen her get so emotional over anyone. He had known that her and Mr. Harmon had gotten married early, but he assumed that they truly did love each other once they moved. Hearing that she was upset about this made him feel nervous.He began to walk over to her, leaving his bag in the chair he had chosen, and hugged her. She paused for a moment before hugging him back. “Thank you, Brian. I needed that today.” After a minute, they separated and he caught Mrs. Harmon smiling brightly.“Just remember, you will always be Mrs. Harmon to me. I want to make sure that you can be proud of me too. So, let’s get to molding.” Brian made his way back to his seat and the others started to make their way into the room as well. There seemed to be an even divide in gender, he made note of, as they read the board and found seats. A few stayed with friends or significant others, while he saw just as many trying to just find a seat.The class was merely a few minutes from starting and Brian saw that all of the seats were taken, save for the lounge chair beside him. Mrs. Harmon looked in his direction while she scanned the class and looked back at her chart before looking back at him and holding up a single finger. There was only one person left. He got nervous, hoping that it wouldn’t be someone that he would hate.The door opened one last time, only a single minute from classes start time. The red hair was a familiar to him, but he couldn’t quite place it, the way it fell down her back in a braid as she turned to let the door close gently. Brian wasn’t sure who it was as she read the board, scanned the room and made her way to his chair.At first, Brian only saw the sensible red dress she was wearing as she made her way towards him. Then, he began to notice a few smaller details, like her matching wristbands, entwined with baby blue and purple, and her XX hi sneakers that reached her knees and were covered with neon laces. He couldn’t be sure at first if it was her, but he had a suspicion. It was confirmed as she saw him closer and almost gasped.“B-Brian?” Cindy said, in her surprised and quiet voice.Brian’s eyes widened as he realized finally who it was. “Cindy? Good to see you.”Her eyes were wider than any he had ever seen. She was startled to see him again, she could tell, but he wasn’t sure why. It wasn’t like he was stalking her. They went to the same school, so they were bound to meet eventually, but he didn’t imagine that they would be partners, and for the whole year. He didn’t know if his luck was amazing or terrible, but he could only hope that Cindy was at least nice.The teacher gave a short speech, introducing herself and handing out her syllabus, before she started discussing what we were expected to learn. She even discussed the partners. We were together for the entire year and we would both have to pull our weight as much as possible. We were to be studying each other and getting to know each other like we were both going to be the counselor to the other.“Now,” Mrs. Harmon said, winding down from her small lecture. “I want all of you to get to know your partner. I know that some of you don’t know each other, so I want you to at least know their name by the end of the day. I want you to understand that you both must learn the material and each other. The day is yours, but at least do something with your partner before your next class.”Everyone began to go their separate ways, either talking in their small groups or leaving with the partner they had to do something else. Cindy looked at Brian and he looked at her for a few moments before she turned away shyly.“Look,” Brian said, taking the initiative, “I’m sorry if I came off too strong earlier. I don’t really know anyone around here just yet and I was hoping to be your friend. Can you forgive me?”She glanced back at him before looking at the ground, tapping the toes of her shoes together quietly.“I understand you’re apprehensive, but we are partners, so can we at least make sure that we both pass?”At that, Cindy did seem to come to an understanding. She nodded and then looked at Brian calmly. “Ok, Brian. We do have to do this together, so, at least for now, partners.” She reached her hand out and Brian shook hers back before her eyes widened in realization. She quickly reached into her bag and pulled out two suckers. She handed him one that was grape flavoured. “Here.”Brian took it and laughed lightly before putting it to his mouth. ‘At least she is cute.’‘Hey. Writing an essay, need something to eat. Can you grab me some lemon chicken from down the street? I’ll get you something too.’ Brian’s phone lit up. Cindy had messaged him. He smiled, getting up to grab her food.They had been talking for two weeks and she seemed to be opening up to him. He could tell that she didn’t have many friends around here and was very pleased to be there for her. He was happy to have someone closer again too.Their interests were pretty aligned as well. They both loved cheesy movies and energetic music, though his energy could lean more to metal and hers aired on the side of foreign pop. The two also found that they both wanted to get into careers for helping those that were less fortunate. Brian wanted to be a therapist for those of lower income, while Cindy wanted to help developing kids who may have issues. It made him feel like they had a bit more of a connection.Grabbing her food, he made his way back to her dorm. He knocked and waited as she opened the door. The sound of upbeat K-pop was playing as she invited him in for the first time since she had moved in. The walls had trails of pink and yellow lights affixed on them, accompanied by wall supported candle holders and stuffed animals on shelves.Cindy dug into the food Brian brought and he took in all the details.“Cute.” He commented as Cindy looked up from her food. She blushed again, a recurring trend of her reactions to his compliments. “I like it. You shouldn’t think too much on others opinion.”Her head lowered as she bit into her egg roll. “You’re the first to see it.” She said, mouth still partially full.“Hey.” Brian said, raising his voice slightly as he gently bopped her on the nose with his index finger. “Don’t talk with your mouth open. What will your boyfriend say? Sorry, or girlfriend.”Cindy looked up at him through her hair hanging in front of her face. She swallowed her food before speaking. “Don’t got one. Not really that interested in talking to most people.”Brian could understand her there, what with everything he had been through in the last year or so of high school as well as the friends he was partying with before college started. “Don’t worry. If you want someone, I know that you could have them.”Cindy blushed again. “Thanks, Brian.” Her dinner finished, she began to turn back to her essay, but looked at Brian again. “Hey, do you have class tomorrow?” He shook his head no. “I have a long day between classes and I need a few things. Can you get them for me?” She held out her hand and in it was a list and money.Brian looked from her hand to her eyes and smiled. “No problem. Need me to hide the bodies too?”Cindy snorted in laughter, before her face turned tomato red. “Oh gosh. No. they’re in the closet. Don’t go in there.” She smiled back at him. “And you’ll need this to get in while I’m gone.” In her hand this time was a spare key, which Brian took.Granola bars? Check. Ginger ale? Check. Veggie chips? Check. Oreo's? Check. Goldfish crackers? Check. Chocolate syrup and Milk? Double check.Eclectic was definitely a word to describe her snack choices. The few normal items seemed to be countered by something Brian would have found strange for someone her age to be getting. That being said, he had known his parents to love cookies and his papa wouldn’t drink anything save for water and root beer, so it wasn’t a bother.The trip was short and, as Brian had no classes, he finished gathering the items quickly. He almost left but noticed a candy shop near him and decided to surprise her. He gathered a few types of chocolate and a few bottles of ramune flavors.When he arrived back, he put everything away in Cindy’s room. He wanted to look around or wait to say hi, but he wasn’t sure when she would be back. Besides, he had to finish studying.A quick knock on the door alerted Brian to the arrival of a guest and brought his attention to the time. It was getting late and he needed to be getting to bed soon. He turned his music down and opened the door to find Cindy, eyes beaming at him. She looked at him, staring into his eyes, before she jumped into the air and hugged him with her arms wrapped around his neck. He buckled backwards for a second but quickly grabbed himself on the wall.“Thank you.” She whispered into his ear, her voice euphoric. “I really love it. I needed to stock up and I didn’t know who to ask to help me and I knew the mall would be closed before I got here and-”“Hey,” Brian said, rubbing her back, “I got you. Don’t worry. We’re friends, right?”Cindy had an errant tear roll onto his shoulder that he felt he shouldn’t address. “Yeah.” She sighed in relief as she said that. “You wanna come over to my dorm real quick?”He nodded and followed her back to her dorm. Once inside, she pulled out a small plastic container with two cupcakes inside of them. One was obviously chocolate, while the other was vanilla. Over the top of it was a small bow and a tag that read “Happy Birthday” on it. Brian came to a sudden realization.“It’s your birthday?” He nearly shouted, realizing that they left the door open too late. He quickly closed it and turned back to her as she began to giggle.“I kinda didn’t want anyone to know but...you’ve been so sweet to me. I was going to tell you tomorrow, but you really are my closest friend.”Brian walked over to her and hugged gently, making sure not to hurt the package. “Happy Birthday, Cindy. How old are you?”Nuzzling forward into his strong chest, she muttered, “Nineteen.”After Brain set her down, she handed them the vanilla cupcake. Brian had never tasted one as wonderful as that night. The company only helped to make it memorable.The next two weeks of classes saw Brian and Cindy getting closer. They spent plenty of time trying to see each other between classes and they talked every night. The next Friday night, she brought cocoa to him in his room to study and watch movies. Each of them picked out something to show the other.As she had warned might happen, Cindy began to doze partway into the movie he chose for the night. Brian found it cute, especially as she curled up in the chair next to his bed. He wrapped a blanket on her and gently placed a pillow under her head.Getting up to turn the movie off, he grabbed a drink. As he went back to his bed, he noticed a small patch of wetness as he stepped past the chair Cindy was in. Curious, Brian lifted the blanket to find that her sweatpants were soaked across the legs and crotch area.Brian wasn’t sure what to do. He knew about some younger kids wetting themselves in their sleep, but he never thought of someone this close to his age doing that.‘Wait,’ he thought, ‘The diapers...those looked like they could have been her size. And she never wants me to stay at her place late...were those…’He didn’t know what needed to be done about them, but he knew that she needed a change. He grabbed her spare key and went into her room. He didn’t think she would want him snooping around, but he knew that she needed a change.He opened her closet and pulled open the first box her found. In it, was her diapers, along with several containers of wet wipes, two bottles of baby powder, a bottle of lotion, and a large diaper bag. This only confirmed it.Brian grabbed everything he would need, put it inside the bag, and made his way back. As he opened the door, he prepared himself for the change and the talk that he knew was coming. There she was, still asleep in his chair.Slowly, Brian pulled the blanket off of her and set it aside, noticing a small wet patch on it as well. Her pants were still drenched and he could tell that they might leak, when he realized that she didn’t even wake up from this. He couldn’t do this to her. He didn’t know how she would react and it was an invasion of her privacy and trust.Gently shaking her, Cindy began to awaken at Brian’s attempts. Her eyes seemed unfocused as she sleepily smiled at him. “Hey, Brian. What time is it?” She rubbed her eyes, not noticing her predicament.“Um…” Began Brian, awkwardly, “It’s just past midnight. Listen, Cindy, it...uh...looks like you had an accident.”Confused for a moment, Cindy looked at him quizzically before the realization dawned on her. She reached down and felt the damp fabric on her legs as her face began to take on the scarlet hue familiar to her cheeks.“I-It’s ok.” Brian stammered. “I got everything from your room. You can get changed in here. I’ll step outside if you want.”Still flustered, Cindy just tucked her head downwards. She reached to grab the bag, pulling it onto the chair and tightly securing it as her arms intertwined over her chest. Brain turned to leave and left the door just open so that she wouldn’t need to open it, just in case anyone came by this late.The rustling of a plastic diaper and the clicking of the container of wipes filled his ears. He hadn’t heard anything like this in several years. A bit taken aback, he turned his head slightly and noticed that the opening in the doorway didn’t let him see inside. He breathed a sigh of relief, not knowing if he could stop himself with if that temptation were there.The smell of baby powder wafted towards him, gently caressing his nostrils. This smell was slightly familiar, just on the edge of memory. He knew it, but couldn’t place where.Then tapes tearing and being stuck back. This was louder than the other noises and would have been noticed by anyone walking by, but no one did, thankfully.“Ok, come in.” Cindy said again.Stepping back into his room, Brian saw something that he never imagined: the cutest girl ever dressed in a diaper before him with nothing else covering her legs. Cindy was blushing so much that her neck was showing reddening signs.“Wow.” Brian finally spoke. “Uh…” Cindy merely stood there, appearing to try to sink into the floor beneath her. “I...should probably clean the chair.”From his closet, he procured a bottle of fabric cleaner and some towels. As he cleaned, Cindy sat on his bed. When he was finished with the chair and the floor, Brian turned back to her and noticed that she was crying.“Hey, please don’t.” He set his hand on her bare knee as he spoke. “It’s ok. Everyone has an accident every once in a while. I don’t mind, honest.”She looked up at him through her bangs. Her eyes were red and she softly sniffled back a sob. She then put her face into her hands, as if trying to hide. Brian moved his left hand to her shoulder and softly rubbed it. "Don't worry. I understand. You don't need to be embarrassed about it."Slowly Cindy's hands came off of her face. She looked at him like she was relieved, but still hesitant. She nodded at him."Ok. I understand if you are too tired or if everything that has happened was too much, but I still want to be your friend. Do you?" Once again, she nodded. "I'm glad."Brian moved to sit next to her on his bed and she gently moved to lay her head onto his shoulder. She sighed in relief and her breathing calmed. He could tell she was relaxing.“So, what now?” Cindy said.“Well,” Brian Began, “We don’t have class tomorrow. We could watch another movie or we could split.”“I think that, after everything that’s happened, I need to lay down. Maybe we can talk tomorrow.”“I understand. You're gonna need something to wear if you are going back to your room. I'll let you have a pair of shorts or something."Cindy packed everything and went back to her room, both her and Brian feeling exhausted from the night, but with too much on their minds to sleep properly. Eventually, Brian was able to sleep.The next week went by and they barely spoke of the event. The only time it came up was when they were going to spend more time in and Brian told her to remember to make sure to get her ‘night aid’ in case of issues. Cindy was grateful he didn’t say it out loud when people were around.Friday night came again and it was Brian’s birthday. Cindy wanted to make it something special for him, so she offered to make him dinner in the communal kitchen. He agreed.Brian never knew Cindy could cook, but was not going to turn down a free meal. He was excited to see what she could do. When she walked in, he saw her dressed in a way he hadn’t before. She was clothed in a knee length, sleeveless maroon dress. She was stunning.The dish she brought smelled exquisite and he could see she had not skimped on anything. Before him was the most gorgeous steak dinner he had ever seen. The flavours were sublime to him and he was finished before he could realize how quickly he had eaten. Cindy giggled at him. “Hungry?”“Yes, but it was also fantastic.” Brian stated“I’m glad you liked it. Now, what do you want to do?”“I’m low maintenance. I’d be ok to just stay in and watch movies again.”Cindy giggled and blushed. “That sounds lovely.”They both made themselves comfortable again and they were almost halfway in before Brian asked her the big question:“Did you remember to put your diaper on?”Cindy blushed hard and looked at him like a deer in the headlights. “Um...no. I brought them, but I didn’t know what to expect.”“Do you need to change? I can leave again.”Cindy looked down and started playing with her thumbs. “I was, actually, thinking that, maybe, if you wanted to, could you please, uh...diaper me? I can walk you through it.”Now it was Brian’s turn to blush. He was shocked that she would suggest that, but at the same time, he was intrigued. He wanted to do this and that surprised even him. He placed his hand on hers and said, “I can do that.”She smiled and pulled her bag closer, opening it to reveal the supplies inside. Brian reached in and started pulling everything out. Diaper, wipes, lotion, and, lastly, a changing pad. He laid the pad across his floor and patted it, looking up into Cindy’s eyes as he did. She sat down on it and leaned back, making sure to still be able to see and walk him through the process.“Do you want me to remove those?” Brian commented as he lightly pinched the baby blue sweatpants she was wearing. She nodded in affirmation and he slid both the pants and panties off together.Seeing her vagina was not what Brian was expecting. He had never had sex before, but he had seen a lot on the internet, but this was different. She had a small patch of curled, blonde hair over her lips, but nowhere else, nor did she have stubble or any other marks of shaving. She just must not get very much hair.Getting to work, Brian wiped her down gently, trying to make sure that she was completely clean. Cindy looked so relaxed as he continued, appearing like she could drift to sleep at any point during this exchange. He was very happy at how calm she was about this.After her wipe down, the lotion came out. His hands rubbed from her abdomen down to where her thighs met her butt. Unconsciously, he did squeeze a small amount around there, but she didn’t seem to mind. Completely clean and now properly moisturized, the next step was clear.The diaper in his hand was different then the others from before. Though it was in the same size, it was completely purple except on her butt where it had her handwriting on it: Spank me! A smile came to Brian’s face, but he kept at his task, lifting her butt from the pad and sliding the diaper underneath, before lifting the front up and over, taping it snugly onto Cindy, then checking the tabs to make sure there wouldn’t be any leaking.His job done, Brian petted the front of her diaper. Cindy moaned slightly and sat up, smiling brightly and looking very childish. She hugged him and kissed his neck. “Happy Birthday, Daddy!”Taken aback, he pulled away from the hug. “Daddy? Do…” Not very often did it happen that he lost his words, but this was one of the few times in their friendship he had. He looked at her and, slowly, the words came out of his mouth. “Daddy? I c-can do that. I can be your daddy.”Cindy’s cheeks flared a bright red as she hugged him closely, a shy smile covering her face. The embraced lasted almost a minute before they pulled away and sat on Brian’s bed to watch their movie, with her panties and sweats still laying on her floor.Nearly an hour into the second movie, Brian heard Cindy snoring softly. He smiled to himself and began to slide a blanket over her until he noticed that she had wet herself by the feeling of a wet sheet on him. He gently roused her from her sleep, not wanting to be too mad.After cleaning the bed, Brian removed the sheet and sat Cindy in his chair. “Cindy, how come you are so wet? You’re leaking.”Cindy looked sleepily at Brian, now standing over her. “I wet, um, I just after we stopped hugging...and it was a big one. I had to go a lot during the movies too and I must have let it go when I was sleeping…” Her voice trailed off at that and she looked away, her blush nearly maroon on her cheeks.“You should have told me. I can change you. But now you messed up my sheets.” A thought then occurred to him. He wasn’t sure how she would take it, but he wanted to try. He sat back on his unmade bed and patted his lap. “Get your diapered butt over here, little lady.”Cindy’s eyes grew wide and her cheeks flushed. This look was much different from her normal, embarrassed state, she looked like she had seen a ghost. The color came back to her cheeks and she slowly stood up. “Um, that’s ok Brian. I can-”“No Cindy. You wet your diaper and didn’t tell me and you have ‘Spank Me’ written right across your butt in your own handwriting. If you didn’t want me to do this, you wouldn’t have done either of these things.” With that, he patted his lap again. “I know what I’m doing, sweaty. This is for your own good.”Cindy’s head lowered and her chin touched the base of her neck. Her hands clasped in front of her sodden diaper and she slowly inched forward. When she reached Brian, she leaned forward and rested her padded front onto his lap with her tiptoes touching the ground and her upper body hanging loosely off of him. Brian placed his hand onto the spot with her writing and started to rub it.“This is going to hurt me a lot more than it hurts you, but it’s for your own good.” As he said this, he lifted his hand and, when the sentence ended, it came down.The reverberations felt strange travelling up Brian’s arm as he spanked Cindy. He had never done this to anyone before, but he found that he did enjoy it. The way he felt in control made him smile. Even the plastic, slightly loose and squishing from the earlier wetting made him really excited.Tempered were the blows coming down on Cindy, Brian being careful to not hurt her more than a small amount. A bit of fun was fine, but it would be bad if he left any bruising or damage. All he wanted was to play with her and make sure that she wouldn’t do it again.After ten spanks, she was lifted from his lap, the redness on her face spreading down to her chest. She hadn’t been crying or anything, she merely looked like she was embarrassed. Brian stood up and kissed her on the forehead gently.“Daddy has to go take care of the sheets you messed.” He said, pointing to the corner next to his closet, one that no one would see unless they entered the living space of his room. “I want you to stand in the corner and face the wall until I get back.” Patting her butt one last time, he watched her as she took her place, facing the walls, and he went to start his soiled sheets washing.Once the sheets were started, Brian returned to his room. As he closed the door and entered, he found Cindy still facing the wall, but her legs were crossed and she was holding her arms in front of her stomach. Unsure what had changed, he stepped forward.“Cindy? What’s wrong? Are you ok?” He gently placed his arm on her shoulder and turned her to face him. No resistance was offered, but she wasn’t looking him in the face. “I’m sorry. If you want me to, we won’t talk about this and we don’t have-”“NO!” She said, more firmly than any other time he had ever spoken to her. Her blush had receded and she look Brian directly in the eyes. “I just- um...I liked it. A lot, actually. I wanna know if you would like to do that more. I have toys and things and, if you wanted, you could be my daddy more.”Brian was stunned. He had really liked it too and hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it the entire time he was doing laundry. “Oh.” A small pause followed as everything she had said caught up to him. “Yeah. I can do that. Anything for you.”Gently she pressed her face into his chest and the rest of her body slowly followed suit until they were only separated by the small amount of clothing they wore. His arms wrapped around her again, the presence of each other calming.Cindy spoke up again. “I really have to go potty again and I didn’t want you to be mad, so I held it while you were gone. I wanted to ask where you wanted me to go.”Brian laughed, then lifted her up and carried her into the bathroom. Setting her next to the toilet, he removed the soaked garment from her waist and guided her to sit down. He slowly ran his hand over her hair, petting her gently to help relax her, and leaned down to speak as softly as possible. “That’s a good girl. Daddy wants you to be happy and let everything go. Go potty for me, sweaty. Just relax.”The sound of water cascading into the toilet told him that she had relaxed quite a lot, the sounds signaling the relief of her bladder. Cindy sighed as she urinated. Neither one of them had an experience like this before, from either side, but both of them were very happy to be sharing this together.As she finished, she sat back and let out another sigh. She reached for the toilet paper, but she was stopped as she saw Brian holding it. He made sure to wipe her slit carefully to clean any excess before he dropped it into the toilet and flushed it for her.She was lifted again. The next trip they made was back to the living room as the changing mat was being used for the second time that night. Laying her back down, Brian began his work of recleaning her, wiping her down again, lotioning her, and diapering her, this time in her pink, princess themed diaper. Finishing the task, he took the garment and wipes and threw them away, making sure to wash himself afterwards.Cindy was laid back in the bed again, her cheeks slightly red again, but her smile as wide as could be. ‘She is gorgeous.’ Brian thought to himself as he kissed her on the forehead again. “I have to go and take care of the sheets. Don’t stop being cute.” Her blush spread as her knees touched and her hands came up to her chest, but her smile didn’t leave, only being accompanied by an adorable giggle.Brian returned as quickly as he could, having rotated his sheets. He couldn’t contain himself with how this was making him feel really good. It was nice to take care of someone in this way. Nothing felt like this.When he returned, Cindy was asleep again. She looked incredibly happy and peaceful. He pulled a blanket over her to keep her warm and moved into his chair.He began to consider what was going to happen between them. Did he really like her? He thought he did, but he was repetitious of jumping into another hasty relationship. Did she like him? She obviously trusted him, but that didn’t mean that she loved him or anything. What about the ‘Daddy’ thing? Was he ready to be this responsible for her and himself? He barely had any money, only a small amount from his parents each month to help him live.He would have to get a job, which would definitely pull him away from her. They would only see each other during class, maybe weekends or whenever he didn’t work, and when he ate or when he had to be sleeping. Would it really be great for them to be separated like that? Would she even want him if it would mean barely seeing each other until they were out of college?His thoughts were interrupted as Cindy rolled over and looked at him, eyes slowly blinking off the sleep. Her smile widened as she stretched and yawned. “Hey, birthday boy.”Brian looked down at her, cute as ever, and couldn’t help smiling back. “Hey, you. Still dry in there?”“Mmmhm.” She nodded. “I’m fine.”“Good. You still tired? Stay up a bit too late past your bedtime?”Cindy stuck her tongue out at Brian and made a noise as she did. “I am still tired. Maybe I should go back to my room.”“That’s fine. I had a lot of fun today.”Cindy put her pants back on and began putting her stuff into her bags. “It was a dream come true. Thank you.”Brian hugged her as she stood back up. “I had fun too. If you ever need a Daddy again, I’d be happy to oblige.”Cindy blushed again, but less then before, almost like she was enjoying or getting used to it. As she was nearing the door, he spanked her butt once again, a bit softer than when she was on his lap but enough that she could tell it was intentional. She froze for a second, hearing the crinkle and basking in the pressure of his hand. Then, she bent over, pushing her butt out towards him and swaying her hips side to side.Brian pulled back his hand and spanked her again, as hard as he was earlier, five more times across her diapered butt. Each slap coming down only made him want this more. He wanted to be her Daddy. He wanted to be here for her.After the fifth, he kept his hand resting on her and began to rub her butt in small circles. She sighed and held her arms outwards to steady herself against the door. He couldn’t help himself as he saw this as he slowly lent over and kissed her diaper clad butt, eliciting a squeal from Cindy.“What was that about?” She said, blush intensifying.Brian shrugged. “What can I say? You have a wonderful butt. It’s a lot of fun.”Cindy just turned around, giggling again, and left him alone in his room.Another few weeks of classes, social calls, and making sure to spend as much time together as they possibly could followed Brian and Cindy. Brian wanted to do everything with Cindy and she seemed to reciprocate. They were only apart when studying or when their classes conflicted.Brian was conflicted however. He could tell that he didn’t just want to be friends with Cindy like this. He had changed her diaper, spent late nights talking about everything from politics to coffee preference, he’d even listened to her pee as she used the bathroom, but he couldn’t tell what she wanted from this. She liked calling him Daddy, but was that just a game? He had to know.Friday night came again and he was ready. He knew that he had to ask her tonight. If she just wanted a friend, he would accept that and would make sure that she didn’t feel awkward. No pestering, no anger, just friends was fine if that was what was to come.He didn’t want to think about losing her friendship forever. It made him really nervous. If she didn’t like him, could she stand knowing that he liked her? If she didn’t want to be friends, could she even work with him in class?A knock came at his door. He knew it was her. The moment of truth was here. He opened the door and saw the most gorgeous girl in his life again, two bags draped over her shoulders and a third in her hand, the telltale bulge of her diaper in her shorts. As he let her in, the nerves kept climbing and he almost felt like he would explode from the pressure.Cindy set everything on the floor in front of the entertainment center and came back to hug him after the door was closed. He could smell gentle hints lavender and honey on her today. ‘Maybe she has a new soap or lotion on.’ Brian liked it. The scent was calming him as was the feeling of holding her again.“Hey there, Daddy. How are you tonight?” She said, her voice raised in excitement.Brian sighed. “Better now that you are here. Listen, I need to talk to you.” As he said this, he pulled away from her and moved his hands to her shoulders.Cindy looked at him quizzically, cocking her head to the side in the most adorable way he had ever seen. “What’s up? If this is about wetting, don’t worry.” She unbuttoned her jeans and showed off a teal nylon garment over her diaper. “I’m covered, in more ways than one.” She giggled as she finished her statement.Brian smiled. She had become more open with him and it was becoming so cute and easy to share these things, but it wasn’t what he needed right now. “No. I know that you won’t. I just need to ask something about...this.” He took one hand from her shoulder and pointed between the two. “I need to know what you want and what we are.”Cindy still seemed confused. “Us? We’re friends, right? Or do you mean you being my Daddy and me being your little girl?”“No. I mean, kinda. I love having you as my little princess,” she blushed at that, having never heard him call her such before, “but I need to know something else. I...do you want me to be more than your Daddy?”Cindy’s eyes grew at that and her blush, having become less and less prevalent around him suddenly returned. She dropped her head slightly, not daring to look him in the eyes. “UM...what do you mean, Brian?”‘She called me Brian.” He thought. ‘She hardly calls me that anymore.’ The nerves begin to rise again and Brian moves to sit down, motioning for Cindy to do so as well. As they do, Brian continues, facing downwards as the embarrassment takes hold of his words. “I like you.” The sentence came out slowly, as he knew he had to pick his words carefully. “I really like you. These past few months have been very fun and I’m so glad you opened up to me. That being said, I felt that you should know that I actually really want to be more than just your friend. I really want you to know that I think I love you.” With everything said, he raised his head to look her in the eyes.The redness on her face had reached critical levels. She was wide eyed, her smile was gone and she looked stunned. There was no sound between the two of them, save for breathing. Cindy finally spoke up. “I...I...You don’t want to be my Daddy anymore?”“Of course I do. I love it so much.” He quickly responded. “I just want to know if you want to also, you know, date me. Like, go out, see a movie, have a picnic at a beach, that sort of thing. I want to know if you could see us in a relationship.”Cindy still looked at him like she couldn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth. She looked down for a moment and then lifted her head back up smiling while tears were running down her cheeks. “Yes.”Every inch of tension began relieving itself in Brian’s body. He couldn’t help but to lean over to her and hug her. She began to hug him back, a small moan escaping from her lips. “Thank you.” He said, almost crying himself.A sniffle escaped from Cindy as she laughed for a few seconds. “Thank you, Daddy.”Brian squeezed her tightly in his embrace as he began to think about everything that had happened, settling back on their first meeting. He was so happy he offered to help her move in. Now, the best girl in the world was in his arms and wanted to date him. He couldn’t be happier. As he pulled away from her, Cindy leaned back into him, kissing him directly on the lips. He stood corrected.This kiss melted him. He couldn’t believe how good her lips felt and how it felt to be this intimate with her.Slowly, their lips came apart. Their gazes met again. Smiles returned to both of their faces as the realization of what had just happened came to them, both of their faces turning red to match.“My diaper is still showing.” Cindy whispered, eliciting a laugh from Brian. He reached down to her pants and began to try to push the button back in before he was stopped by her hands. “We can always take these off. It’ll be easier to change me.”They both began to take of her pants, Brian working his hands to the back of her hips while Cindy slid down the front side as she stood. It was slower than if one of them was doing it, but they didn’t care. The pants hit the floor and he pulled them off of her legs, leaving her in just a long sleeve pink shirt, her diaper with a heart on the front, and her teal cover.“Does my special little princess need to go potty?” Brian said, his hands sliding up to rest on her thighs and gently rubbing them.Cindy moaned and softly threw her head back. “Yes, Daddy.”“Do you want to use your diaper or the potty?”The blush returned and her hand raised up as she bit her thumb in excitement and embarrassment. “Can I go potty in my diapee, Daddy?”He smiled and kissed her stomach through her shirt. “Of course.”Cindy’s thumb went completely into her mouth as she began to wet herself. The noise of her urine soaking her diaper made Brian smile, knowing how much it made her happy and knowing it meant she would need a changing. The heart on the diaper began to shift its color, but the teal only made it appear to go from grey to a slightly different grey. She finished with a moan as the noises ceased.“Feel better?” He said, patting her diapered butt.Cindy nodded. “Mmmhm.”“Good girl. Now, does my little princess need another diaper on?” She stared down at him, her eyes softening again as she nodded. “Such a good girl, and so big, telling Daddy when she has a messy diaper. Soon you won’t even need them anymore.”“NO!” She whined, playful but firm. “I wanna wear my diapee all the time. I don’t want to grow up.”“Ok, ok. I understand. You can always be my little girl.”She smiled back at him, removing her thumb and sticking her tongue out.“Now that is where I draw the line.” He lifted her up, her squealing and giggling as he did so, before setting her on his lap. She recognized this position and began to shake her butt back and forth.“Daddy wouldn’t hurt me, right?” He could hear the suggestive nature in her voice.“Daddy knows what’s best for her, so he will if she need it.” With that, he pulled down her diaper cover and began to spank her. He was more forceful than last time. She was moaning with each time, enjoying every blow that came down on her padded behind.As the thirtieth smack came down, Brian stopped. Cindy was panting from the ordeal and was smiling broadly. He picked her back up and set her onto the ground as her began to get the changing supplies from her bag.“I think my little princess can get a changing now. Then we can have more playtime.”Cindy smiled up at Brian as he beamed down at her. They were both so happy and they were both ready to start a new chapter of their lives together.